NCT As Teachers

Taeil: The quiet teacher, the one that always follows the rules and make sure his students are the best out of everyone else’s at school. But really, he’s the chillest teacher, when no one’s looking he lets them do whatever they want as long as they’re passing his class.

Hansol: The teacher that looks like he doesn’t know what he’s teaching and really doesn’t. He hates it when his students ask questions because that would mean having to explain. So this class is just him talking the whole time so his student’s don’t have time to ask questions. He tries not to interact with his students but will step in if one of them is failing. 

Johnny: The teacher that everyone wants, he’s flirty, charming and handsome. The girls always try to impress him but he doesn’t get flattered easily. He plays piano for the girl’s choir during their concerts. He’s been seen having lunch with Ten alone often and girl’s envy him to the max.

Yuta: The Japanese teacher that everyone is always awestruck by, his smile cures all and he always gives test retakes, whatever will make his students happy. His class is always fun and energetic and it’s one of those classes that you always look forward to. Kids stop by at lunch sometimes and have lunch there instead because he’s always cooking takoyaki. 

Taeyong: The hot teacher that everyone fails the class for just to see him after school. He’s a decent teacher though, he’s strict and tries his best to teach his students. He gets confused though, when his best students suddenly start failing. But since he’s caring, he takes time out of his outside life to give his students study sessions after school. 

Ten: The Thai teacher who likes to bring his class over to Yuta’s so they can learn Japanese as well. He wants his students to know as many languages as possible, just like him. Even though Johnny doesn’t even teach a language, he always makes sure to stop by everyday.

Jaehyun: The English teacher that replies with “I’ve been in America for 4 years” whenever a student questions his grammar. Comes into class wearing a suit no matter what and girls would do anything just to see his dimpled smile. He’s always with Doyoung and students wonder if they’re rival teachers or friends. 

Doyoung: The teacher that always looks annoyed, it’s rumored that he’s the strictest teacher at school but his students know that he can also be the sweetest. He likes to check up on his students often so they won’t fall behind. He may be strict but it’s all for their own good. 

Mark: Laughter can always be heard from his classroom whenever you walk past. He teaches guitar but when lessons are over, there are always random rap battles in his class, winner gets extra credit and those that can do better than him gets an A on their next assignment. 

Jaemin and Jeno: The two teachers that run the class together, some days you’ll see Jaemin and others you see Jeno. Nonetheless, students always leave their class in a good mood. They’re the kind of teachers that let their students do whatever they want and half the time they’re discussing something off topic.

Donghyuck: The teacher that roast everyone directly or indirectly, it’s all the same to him. His students may seem hurt (and they are) when they get roasted but since he’s one of the best teachers at school they just suck it up. Rumors go around that if you’re in his class you get the best exam scores and those rumors are true. 

Kun: One of the Chinese teachers, whenever you walk into his class you feel 10x better. He’s so handsome everyone did a double take on the first day. His voice is soothing and his students learn best when he sings them Chinese songs. His class is basically choir but with Chinese vocabulary and grammar. 

WinWin: The other Chinese teacher that is super shy around his students even after being around them months. Since he’s very quiet and reserved, the students think there’s something about him they don’t know about. Some think he’s a spy, or maybe even a model. His students though, admire him because although he doesn’t personally connect with them, he makes sure they do well in his class. 

Jisung: The student teacher who’s new to the school and is going through training. All the students find him cute when he’s confused and he’s always seen carrying a pile of folders (but no one knows what for really). He’s always at Taeyong’s side but in the teachers lounge hangs out with Mark, Jaemin, Jeno and Donghyuck. 

I swear to god some of you are so dim when it comes to these bears. Do you think that Harry and Louis set them up in their scenes at all the shows?? No. Clearly they had multiple people helping and caring for the bears and all their supplies.

Does that mean H and L weren’t part of it, not helping with planning it, or ignorant to the fact that the Bears were CLEARLY referencing them?? No!! Stop being fucking idiotic.

I swear to god we already went through this a million fucking times before.

If mattmike the sound guy was the only one behind rbb then he would have been traveling around with him everywhere and to every concert he works at and he would have kept up the rbb and sbb Twitter instead of deactivating it but continuing to keep the handle saved for months. He also wouldn’t have been at certain places outside of the tour like.. Mexico?!!

I’m really not in the mood for people being stupid rn so can you not?

Marauders preference: Holidays

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Your parents are muggles, and are still a bit weirded out by the whole magical world thing, so they’re not massive fans of taking you to get the Hogwarts Express. As a result, it becomes tradition for you to spend the last week or two of the holidays with Remus and his parents. The two of you spend most of that time curled up in his room, reading, telling stories, and just enjoying each other’s company. Your time with Remus is your favourite part of the holidays.

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For you and Sirius, the holidays are all about adventure. Even though he stays with you in the holidays, you two are rarely in your actual house. He drags you all over the place; you two have been to fairs, beaches, concerts, drive-in movies, art galleries, you name it, you two have been there. At the end of the holidays, you have a collection of photos, leaflets, drawings, shells, and random souvenirs from everywhere you two have been.

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You and James have never actually spent a holiday just the two of you. His house seems to naturally attract your whole group of friends during the holidays, so it often becomes a massive sleepover with you, James, Sirius, Remus, and The World’s No.1 Dickhead Peter. The group of you go exploring, spend days sitting in front of the fire, have prank wars and water fights, and just in general act like the happiest bunch of weirdos you’ll ever find

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zenyatta being enamoured with anyone speaking in their first language; likes hearing stories from other countries, he just needs to find someone with enough time on their hands to talk with him. reinhardt chatting with him for hours about german folklore or World of Warcraft games he used to play, lucio talking about concerts he's been to with musicians he loves, satya telling him the jungle book is excruciatingly inaccurate. (mowgli? whats a mowgli?!) storytime with zenyatta.

i’ve sat here with one hand clamped over my mouth and just hissing through my fingers to avoid waking up my apartment building with how loudly i want to scream about how utterly perfect and wonderful this is


130826 It’s been 3 years since I started this account and today is officially my 3 years with ZTAO. I wanted to thank each and everyone of you, my lovely followers who have supported me through this journey. These past three years I have done so many things, I never thought I’d be able to do in one lifetime. I’ve been seriously lucky to have been in ZTAO’s presence multiple times, been able to see his tall handsome features up close (and yes! It’s true he smells like HEAVEN LOL), gone to his concerts & been able to experience his talent live and even gotten my phone signed. I wish someday soon that you all get your chance! The best part of it all… I have made & met so many friends and been to so many new places because of ZTAO and for that I’m truly blessed. Praying and wishing that you guys stay with me for another three years and many many more! Love, Tara ❤️ #huangzitao #zitao #tao #mythreeyearswithztao

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You guys don’t have to keep sending me the pictures, I saw them lmao I’m gonna continue saying this: Jongin has been injured since July + concerts (he even had to miss out on some concerts cuz he couldn’t even dance needles to say walk too) and he only has been walking recently with a foot brace. Krystal has been in Italy from August 1-8 so ?!? The delusional ass kxk shipper even deleted the picture.. Why would she delete it if it’s real? lets all face reality.. They claimed another couple was kxk before and it wasn’t, we’ve went over this let’s stop freaking out about this.

I’ve been listening to Bring Me The Horizon for 4 years now. And. My dad has always tried to stray me from really intense rock music. (in fear that I lose my faith in god)
And. /after 4 years/
He came to my room.
(im listening to Go To Hell for Heaven’s Sake)
And said it was really cool and good music


Word Count: 1 115

Genre: fluff

Warnings: minor swearing


Dan posts a wedding photo to confirm phan, but really, he just wants to share the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him with the world, and so he does just that. The photo reminds him of the day, and he remembers the good - the whole marrying amazingphil thing was pretty good, just saying, the bad - worrying before the ceremony, and the down-right ugly - literally nothing.

A/N sorry for not posting last week, I was sick and tired from Troye’s concert (he was amazing)

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Sunday (More Than)Six

From the Persuasion AU, coming September 10 to an AO3 near you!

“Mr. Fitz,” Jemma said, standing before him.  She looked almost unsure, her hands twisting in the fabric of her skirts and her eyes surprisingly soft. “Was the concert to your liking?”

“It was quite delightful.” Had it been?  Suddenly he couldn’t remember anything about the concert with her standing in front of him.  They stood in silence for a few moments longer, neither willing to move, until Jemma spoke again.

“The weather is quite lovely,” she remarked.

“Unseasonably warm for March,” Fitz said, his tongue suddenly thick in his mouth. “Are you—are you finding Bath to your liking, Miss Simmons?”

“I—More than I had ever imagined.”

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Beside Kwanghee (who is very thin) GD looked muscular and fit, actually quite dense/thick (not fat just substantial) although it looks more so at certain angles like when they sit and eat, you can see GD appears to have quite broad shoulders. He's been looking fitter in concert pictures but seeing it in IC brought it home that he's not quite the tiniest as I keep imagining him but I'm glad he was healthy during the shoot.

Yeah pictures and angles can do a lot. He’s still pretty small imo, but as you said, his shoulders are quite broad and his arms are toned. I find when he wears more fitted t-shirts (like when he first arrived on the episode) flatter his upper body really well :))))

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BB are the ones in charge of MADE not YG... in fact all groups are in charge of their own music, they're the ones who make it so why are you blaming YG????

I’m pretty sure bigbang aren’t in total control of their schedule tho? yg’s milking bigbang out for maximum profit before enlistment starts lol he’s been setting them up for fanmeet after fanmeet and Another chain of concerts and while that’s great for fans in those select areas, that takes away from time in the studio to finalise MADE if any finalising needs to be done at all

Queen - The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (1992)

I remember watching 1992’s Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert when it aired on MTV and loving the performances, only to be disappointed that the VHS release excluded tracks from Def Leppard, Extreme and Robert Plant.  I was hopeful that the DVD release would rectify the exclusions, but unfortunately it didn’t.

In any case, there’s plenty of cool material here and I found myself surprisingly enjoying George Michael’s performance as much as anyone else during the concert!  I think he would have been much better than Adam Lambert, but that’s just my opinion.

May of 2002, greenday and blink-182 are on their pop punk disaster tour. At the show in Hershey stadium there was a highschool kid named Jack Barakat. Blink-182 meant the world to him, this was his first concert and he couldn’t have been happier. During that show Jack realized he wanted to do music and still calls it one of the best nights of his life. August 27, 2016 Jack Barakat and his band of idiots played Hershey stadium with blink-182 and I’ve never been so fucking proud to love a band

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I just love Guy's green jacket it's so pretty and he makes it look even more gorgeous.

I love it too!!!! I love all of his outfits this era!! And he’s been looking amazing the past few concerts too!!!!

last night, mitch took me out on a spontaneous date. we went to this restaurant that was on a boat, and he surprised me with a tiffany necklace. halfway through dinner, he held my hands from across the table, and said, “you know how you love to look at the stars at night, because you think they’re so beautiful? every time you ask me to look at the stars, i always wind up looking at you, because you’re the most beautiful thing the universe has ever created”.

he insisted on paying for dinner (most of the time we just split the bill), which was also really nice of him. after that, we went on a walk around downtown, and walked across one of the pedestrian bridges. halfway across it, we realized we could hear music coming from somewhere (i think there might’ve been a concert somewhere), and he asked me to dance with him. it was twilight, and all the lights on the bridge were on, and all the lights on the skyscrapers were glowing in the background. it was really pretty.

not too long after it was dark, he took me to the planetarium because he had a surprise for me. he fiddled with one of the telescopes for a few minutes, and then he said he had something to show me. he asked me to look through the telescope, and i did. he said, “you see that star? i bought it and named it after you”. LITERALLY WHO DOES THIS. WHO IS THIS FAIRY TALE MAN AND WHAT HAS HE DONE TO MY HUSBAND.

i cried tho. it was the best thing anyone has ever done for me.

i love him so much, it’s stupid.