Saturday Afternoon (Thanks From Kat #13)

@headinfantasy said “Hi! So your stuff is really good! I was wondering if you could do one where they are just enjoying a Saturday afternoon together. those to are never happy enough. I hope you are having a nice weekend! and thank you for offering to do prompts”

First of all, I swear, I’m constantly blushing from all you amazing people. You all are too nice to me. 

Second of all, I decided to throw this prompt into the modern universe, since I’m not sure what kind of Saturday afternoons Jyn and Cassian would get to spend together fighting the Empire. (I also decided to throw my favorite book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, into the mix, because I picture Jyn would also enjoy the book.)


In the two years since Cassian Andor had married the love of his life, he had learned to expect the unexpected. Jyn had been known to make concert tickets for that evening appear on the kitchen counter, or a brand-new car in the garage. Sometimes the melodic notes of opera greeted him as he walked through the door after work; other times it was the heavy smell of Indian spices cooking in the kitchen.

Which is probably why finding Jyn curled into a small ball in a patch of sunshine in the middle of the kitchen’s linoleum floor seemed fairly tame to Cassian. Jyn gave a sleepy smile and half a wave, her eyes still closed, as he entered the room.

“Comfortable?” Cassian teased as he sits down next to her.

“Absolutely,” Jyn smiled. “You know I can never resist sunshine.”

“Sometimes,” Cassian said, gently running his hand over her hair, “I think you’re part cat.”

“You mean that I, over all, despise human being with a vengeance, yet also crave desperate amount of attention, am prove to being extremely picky, and climbing trees is one of my favorite things to do?”

It spoke to their relationship that Cassian knew all of these things – even the absurdity of a grown woman enjoying climbing trees – to be true.

“Don’t forget how you don’t like water, you love ribbons, and that you’re very, very curious.” Cassian pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Which is why I bet you’ll get off the floor to see what I brought home for you.”

Curiosity piqued, Jyn sat up on her elbows, squinting slightly in the sunlight. She glanced at Cassian and then back at his worn leather messenger bag. “Cassian,” she whined, her eyes still on the bag leaning against the table, about ten feet away. “It’s so far.”

Cassian smirked, certain Jyn’s curiosity would win over her comfort. Jyn stared at him, as if she expects him to cave and retrieve the bag for her – which, to be fair, is something he often would do – and Cassian laid back into the same spot of sunshine Jyn had been soaking up, hands behind his head. Jyn waited a few more moments before scoffing and getting up.

(Cassian tried – and mostly failed – to hide his satisfied grin.)

He kept his face neutral as he listens to Jyn shuffling through his bag to pull out a wrapped package. She plopped down next to him on the floor, turning the gift over in her hands, as if examining the crisp green wrapping paper will reveal what exactly is inside.

“It feels heavy,” Jyn observed, “Like a book.”

Again, Cassian struggled to keep his face neutral. “Why don’t you open it and find out?”

At his permission, Jyn pulled at the gold ribbon and tears into the paper. Cassian couldn’t help the smile that breaks out on his face as Jyn gasped slightly at the package’s contents.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” Jyn breathed. “This is my favorite.”

“Which is why it’s such a shame that you lost your copy.”

Years ago, on their first date, he and Jyn had been exchanging basic get-to-know-you questions, favorite food and favorite movie and favorite book. Jyn had explained, with a sort of wistful smile on her face, about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a book her father had gotten her for her sixteenth birthday. She lost her copy somewhere between moving to college and then away after graduation, and even though she had never replaced her copy, Francie Nolan’s story had stayed with her.

Combined with Jyn’s love of antiques, when Cassian saw a copy sitting in the window of a second-hand bookstore, he knew he needed to bring it home to her. The book was gorgeous: the edges were painted in gold, the title embossed on the hardcover in the same color.

Jyn lightly flipped through the pages, as if ensuring the story she knew was still there. After a moment of staring at the cover, she smiled at Cassian. “Thank you. I love it.”

Then she tugged on his hand, pulling him up. “Come on, I’ll read it to you.”

At Jyn’s urging, Cassian settled into the couch, arms securely holding Jyn, his chin resting on her shoulder.

’Serene was a word you could put to Brooklyn, New York. Especially in the summer of 1912…’”

As Jyn unfolded the story of a young girl in New York City, Cassian watched the sun set outside the kitchen window, blissfully content to spend his Saturday lost in his wife’s voice.

Can’t Help It

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Minseok stood in the doorway of your bathroom and watched as you worked to apply the finishing touches to your makeup. He’d spent weeks begging you to accompany him to the company’s Christmas party but now that the time had come, the party was the last place he’d like to be. He’d tried so hard to get you to agree so that the two of you would be able to spend some time, if only a little, together after all of the year-end events and concerts he’d been forced to attend.

However, that plan flew out the window as soon as he made it home.

Minseok wanted to spend the first day that he was home making up for lost time but he’d been unable to get away from even more rehearsals and events. He’d been forced to spend his first night back in town in the studio working on the choreography for a concert when all he really wanted was to be at home with you.

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I Shouldn’t, but I Do

A Shawn Mendes one shot based off the song Don’t Be a Fool by Shawn Mendes.

I had never been in love before, and hadn’t meant to either. It just sort of happened. Shawn and my relationship was complicated. We weren’t technically dating, having decided that it wasn’t fair to either of us to be in an official relationship when Shawn was always away, but at the same time there was definitely some sort of romantic relationship between the two of us. Whenever he was home, we were a couple in every sense of the word except the official one. We took each other on dates, we held hands, we cuddled, we kissed. It was casual affection and honest caring about one another, but it was never supposed to be love. 

When he was home, he took me to his concert in Toronto. I’d been to several already, but I never got used to seeing him in his element. The roar of the fans just around the corner beyond the stage was deafening as Shawn jogged on the spot, grinning at me. 

“Cute hair.” I said. My tone was sarcastic, but I really meant it. He’d ran his hands through it so many times that it was fluffy and messy, but I loved it like that. Shawn laughed and shook it in my face, leaning over. I giggled and laced my hands through it. Shawn’s whole crew knew about our complicated relationship, so he didn’t hesitate to kiss me on his way back up. I laughed against his lips and pulled away. “I’m wearing lipstick, you idiot.” I chastised, rubbing the stain from his bottom lip. Shawn grinned and kissed my thumb.

“I couldn’t help myself.” he said shyly. I rolled my eyes as someone came up and informed Shawn that it was time to go out. Shawn shook away any pre-show jitters and pressed another kiss to the corner of my mouth. “I’ll see you after.” 

“Ok, good luck. I love you.” I blurted, eyes widening quickly when I realized what I’d just said. Surprise fell across Shawn’s face, his mouth opening a little as he tried to form a response. I started to say something- I don’t even know what, an apology? - when the stage manager told Shawn he had to go again, and so finally he did. I watched him change into Shawn Mendes the pop star as he went out on stage. 

He still killed his performance, even though I could tell he was distracted the whole time. He was less friendly with his audience and did the bare minimum. I felt awful. I was stupid in saying that, and now I’d ruined his whole show. The worst part was that I wasn’t lying. I loved him. 

Unable to watch the end of his performance, I went to his dressing room and laid down on the couch there, trying to sort out my thoughts and figure out what to say to Shawn. When he came in later, he jumped a little when he saw me. 

“I thought you left.” he said softly. I sat up and looked at him, chewing the inside of my cheek and shaking my head no. He was sweaty after having just performed, his hair even messier than it was already. He took out his earplugs and put them on the table before stripping off his damp shirt. He slowly killed me as he put on a new shirt, back muscles flexing as he did. 

“So, um.. What I said, before you went on stage.” I started. Shawn went rigid again. 

“Did you mean it?” he asked, not looking at me. When I didn’t reply, he finally met my eye and I nodded, chewing my lip. He glanced down at my lip then back at my eyes. “I thought… I thought we had an understanding, Y/N. This isn’t- wasn’t supposed to be… that.”

“I know, Shawn. I didn’t mean to. I don’t know.” I muttered. Shawn ran his hands through his hair. 

“I’m away for months at a time, Y/N. Months. My life is insane. You shouldn’t… Being in love with each other is just foolish. It would hurt. It already does.” he replied. I stood up.

“Then tell me you don’t feel the same, Shawn. Just look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me anymore, and I’ll go.” I said. Shawn took quick, long strides towards me and cupped my face in his big hands.

“You know I care for you, Y/N. More than I should. But it just… It’s not fair for you. I feel guilty every time I leave you to go off to Japan or Australia and leave you waiting for me. I can’t ask you to do that.” he said. I let out a dry laugh.

“I still have a life outside of you, Shawn. I don’t sit staring at a blank wall waiting for you to come back when you’re not here. I have my own things to do, I have school. This doesn’t mean I don’t miss you terribly. I don’t need you, Shawn, but I want you.” I replied. Shawn dropped his hands and his lips twisted. 

“I want to be with you all day everyday, Y/N. I swear to God. But you deserve someone who will stand by your side all the time. You deserve someone who’s actually around.” He said. I gripped his t-shirt, making him look back at me, and got on my tip-toes to press a kiss to his lips.

“Shawn, I love you. I know you don’t want to hear this, but I do. It happened. You might think I deserve someone better, but there’s nobody else I want. You are the only one. I’ll visit you when I can and I know you’ll do the same for me. You already do. Shawn, I know what I got myself into.” I insisted. Shawn looked down at me hesitantly, pressing his forehead against mine.

“I don’t want you to have anyone else, either.” he said softly. I kissed him again.

“Then let me have you. I love you.” I replied. Shawn closed his eyes and let out an exhale.

“I love you too, Y/N. I shouldn’t, but I do.” 

Idk I feel like when Jackies talk about Jackson being overworked and his dramatic weight loss people tend to think we are doing the most
But Jackson’s condition is very alarming. He acts like everything is okay but it’s not.

Like how many times has it been reported in a fan meet or concert that he looks sick and almost fainting? Like I don’t forget he did not rest after the car accident. His schedule is packed 24/7

So yeah I’m going to be worried about him and complaining that he needs rest.

We know Jackson is a grown ass man but that doesn’t mean we can’t worry about him.

Its just beating a dead horse. I don’t want anything happening to him.

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I have been wrecked by J-Hope. He's sooooo sexy in concert. His fan service is A++. I've been sleeping on him but I'm awake now. Proud #Ho now lolllll. RIP my edges. #BTSINNEWARK


This is Xu Weizhou. He’s 22. Multi-talented. Multi-faceted. In January, he acted in the Chinese web series Addicted. Because of its sudden popularity and subject matter, it was removed from Chinese websites and he was then banned from broadcast, along with his co-star Huang Jingyu.

He has been trying to rebuild his budding career by staging his own concert tour based on his debut album Light, without any traditional promotions. His fans made it a success throughout Asia and China, yet he’s still forbidden from singing the theme songs he wrote for the series in his own country.

In a few short months, he has been through many ups and extreme downs, but he remains the sweetest, brightest, bravest and all-around most awesomest human being. Last month, he became the first Mainland artist to have a sold-out solo concert in Korea. This is him for Dazed & Confused by Kim Tae Hwan.


Dark circles ring his usually beautiful, bright eyes, which are now dull. With the stress of upcoming concerts, he hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks now, which means that he’s been too tired to do much more than try to rest when he gets home. Though resting doesn’t amount to much more than lying in bed with his eyes open.
Determined to help him sleep, you have one last plan to help him, when chamomile tea doesn’t work. While he’s lying back with an arm thrown over his eyes, you start teasingly dragging your nails down his chest under his shirt while you make small marks on his collarbones that can be easily hidden by his makeup artists. He gets plenty of exercise during the day at the gym and in the dance studio, but nothing is as much of an endorphin rush or gets him as tired as a long session with you.
His mouth his open in a drawn out moan as he finally stills inside you, though you can still feel his throbbing shaft and warmth inside you. He rolls onto his side with you still in his arms, eyes closed as his breathing starts to even out. “Love you so much, jagi.” His voice is sleepy and his limbs get heavier as he finally starts to fall asleep, just as you planned.

- Admin J

exo secret admirer! au (pt.1)

A/N: (Requested) This was so different in my head and I didn’t expect it to be so long. So, I’m going to put it in two separate parts! >< I wasn’t sure how to write this it so I turned them into smol drabbles!


It’s been 2 years since he debuted and his life has been hectic ever since. Through all the numerous concerts, fan meets, interviews, and everything else that came with being a top idol, Kyungsoo barely had room to breathe. But don’t get him wrong, he really loves what he does, but sometimes he just needed a break. So whenever he had time off, he goes back to his hometown and visits the bakery he used to go to all the time. The shop owner’s daughter, Kaya, was his classmate in middle and high school. They’ve been good friends for a long time, and they often baked together. At first, he only saw her as a friend, but he slowly fell in love with her charms. However, during the time Kyungsoo was away, she got herself a boyfriend. He was heartbroken when he saw their pictures on her phone, but he didn’t blame her. He never stopped going back to the bakery, because it took away all his anxiety and  stress. Kyungsoo wasn’t sure if it was her warm smile and sweet voice, or the nostalgic aroma of the pastries that they once shared together.


The puppies stared, confused, wagging their tiny tails at the tall man hovering outside the window. He held a black, fluffy, Bichon pup in his right hand. Chanyeol took a deep breath, checked his reflection in the shop’s window, and opened the door to the pet shop he had been coming to for the past few months. The shopkeeper put down the cage she was fixing and ran over to him. “Oh my gosh, how have you been? I’ve missed you so much dear!” she cooed with a big smile. Chanyeol felt his face burn up and he froze in place. His heart wouldn’t calm down and he thought he was faint on the spot. Just then, the shopkeeper took the pup from his hand and hugged him tight. “How’s my little Thoven doing? Has your owner been taking good care of you, little baby?” Chanyeol snapped back into reality as he watched the girl he fell in love with at first sight, cuddling and kissing his little pup, and he bit his lip. “Damn it, Bee Thoven,” he mumbled bitterly.


Loud screams and heavy music clashed as they filled Jongin’s eardrums. He pulled his hood down to his eyes and readjusted his mask back in place. His heart was beating quickly, was it from the shaking in the arena or his own anticipation? Suddenly, the flashing lights turned off simultaneously and only the stage was left illuminated by white lights. The music turned off, the screams stopped, and all Jongin could hear was his breathing and impatient heart. Three girls appeared on stage, greeting the crowd, and were welcomed with countless cheers. Jongin’s face lit up. He has been a fan of SKY since their debut, but they still weren’t that well-known, hence the small venue they were at. Jongin never failed to secure himself a ticket in the pit, and has never missed a concert, unless he had a schedule then. The three girls were all amazing, but Jongin couldn’t keep his eyes off Kisoo, the lead dancer. His eyes sparkled as he followed her movements across the stage, and he’s never felt this way before, even towards the renowned dancers in his own industry. Her charisma, stage presence, and fluid moves had him intoxicated. Jongin longs to be able to dance alongside her, but for now at least, he can only watch from afar.


The sun had just peeked over the horizon and Minseok sat at his table, watching it color the sky orange. Just then, he heard the cafe door open, followed by the tinkling of the bells that hung from the top. And there she was. She went to the counter and placed her order. “Ah, she got an hazelnut macchiato today,” he thought to himself. She always got something different everyday, and Minseok was always curious. She got her order and sat down at her usual spot right next to the windows. They’ve both been frequenting the same cafe for as long as Minseok can remember, but he never dared speak to her. He would just steal some glances and wonder to himself, how can anyone look that good just drinking coffee? He has thought of ways he can talk to her, but the idea of him going over to talk to her didn’t seem realistic. “Hm… maybe I’ll just be a barista here,” he pondered.

killing stalking ch. 15 thoughts

Okay, thoughts thoughts thoughts.

If you’ve managed to read up to ch. 15 and still think that Killing Stalking romanticizes abuse, you’re beyond help and delusional. Full stop. Just putting that out there.

Yoon Bum wants to fucking leave. He wants to get the fuck out. He’s willing to placate Sangwoo as long as necessary in order to get away. 

He thought “Sangwoo is such a nice person” and with Yoon Bum being mentally ill like he is, the smallest kindness of a seemingly perfect person was practically Christ-like to him: Worth of adoration and praise and unconditional love. Obsession. 

But what did he get?  More abuse, more fear, more reasons to hate himself. Shit he likely got from his uncle from what has been implied briefly.

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don't listen - part 4

For how long Mo Guan Shan had loved The Fucking Flowerpots, he’d only seen them in concert once.

And he had been very, very, far away from the stage.

From here, he could see everything.

Well, he could have if Lin had turned the phone away from He Tian.

Which would have been tremendously disappointing.

It went without saying that He Tian was the reason he became a drummer.

His obsession had not been a quiet one.

Shirts, posters, the tattoo… didn’t even begin to cover it.

Frankly, the only way he’d handled meeting him and keeping up a semi-normal conversation was pure shock.

The only way he’d been able to text him that first time had been an excess of alcohol.

Even now, despite how often they talk, seeing his name pop up is still made him incredibly nervous.

He knew it was ridiculous, but it’s a hard thing to adjust to.

So, while he’d been talking to him every day for nearly a month, he still found himself incredibly star struck.

And now, as he watched his idol do exactly what it was he idolized him for, that feeling did not lessen.

His eyes were closed, his body glistened with sweat, he was lost to the world.

The song ended and He Tian leaned down to grab his bottle of water, looking to Lin, his eyes settling on the phone.

He looked almost…embarrassed as he shot Lin the finger, turned back to his instrument.

She turned the phone around, fiddling with a pair of headphones and shouting to be heard.

‘What do you think?’

‘It’s amazing! But it doesn’t seem like he likes it much.’

‘He’s not used to being watched his way. He doesn’t exactly bring people backstage often. Or ever.’


‘I feel like you still have a lot to learn about this man.’

‘I’m going to have to agree with you on that.’

She sat the phone down, propping it up so he could still see her and and crept out onto the stage to talk to him.

He Tian glanced over her shoulder, shaking his head at whatever she was saying.

She nodded in return and left the stage, grabbing the phone and walking off.

The pushed through a door, and turned the phone around.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Taking a break. This is the only time he can’t follow me, and we have a lot to talk about.’

‘Like what?’

She lit a cigarette and sat down on, what looked like, a stack of crates.

‘Like what we’re going to do on Thursday.’

  • Q: What does Mulder order in Starbucks?
  • David: He doesn't like Starbucks.
  • Q: Would he go to a David Duchovny concert?
  • David: Oh, yeah. He loves David Duchovny's concert. He's been to every one.
  • Q: Has he been backstage with you?
  • David: Yeah, he can be a little needy, but...he's been backstage. You know, what? He illegally downloaded the music. He didn't pay for it.
On the subject of chair placement
  • *before auditions*