“y’know what i don’t understand, “ oh there he goes. with digits circling the rim of his glass, the motor on his mouth is already running like crazy. he’s only ever been back for a few hours, this is a new record. “how people can be born, go to school, do that for fifteen, sixteen, some-odd years. they graduate, get a job. then what? live in a nursing home until they die? what kind of life is that. i’m BITTER thinking about it. not me. not i. nope.”

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What do you think about this constant "harry v. louis" ordeal going on all the time? I love Louis more than I love breathing but it still confuses me that people feel the need to bring Harry down to express that. Even on Harry's birthday, people were saying "it's so hard not to hate Harry when I see stuff like this" [i.e. all the extra HBD tweets he got]. Do ppl think that Louis, who loves Harry so much, would want to people to interrupt Harry's birthday and be like "BUT LOUIS DESERVES THIS TOO"

in all honestly i think it’s stupid and cruel and people are literally just immature dumbasses who don’t understand how the world, closeting, and committed relationships work. it shouldn’t even be a discussion imo. 

A totally canon, not crack at all conversation between Dodger and Bonnet.

Bonnet: This food was in the fridge for too long. It’s going to go bad.

Dodger: Why do you have cheese-its and cans of ravioli in your fridge?

Bonnet: Why do you have ugly on your face?

Dodger: ………..

Bonnet: :/

Dodger: You bitch.

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Iwaizumi has dermatillomania. Oikawa keeps buying him tons of cheap erasers so he can pick them apart to keep his hands busy. Oikawa tries to subtle about why he's suddenly giving iwa his "extra" erasers. But iwa knows. And he thinks it's sweet.

I had to look up dermatillomania (/)u(/)
YES TO THIS!! I love the concept of Oikawa taking care of Iwaizumi! I love it!!
And I can imagine Iwa being insecure about it and trying to hide it. But Oikawa just knows and he knows Iwaizumi too well. So when he gives Iwa his “extra” erasers all subtle Hajime knows that Oikawa is aware of it. And he likes it. He feels taken care of and he loves Oikawa’s attentiveness and that he is there for him.

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I tried thinking about the fact that Zuma must have thought to save that cookie or candy or whatever for Blake but then I started screaming and couldn't stop and drowned myself in my own tears. Then I thought about how Zuma couldn't even wait to get in the car to give it to Blake and how Kingston was hovering next to Blake the whole time too but I couldn't finish because I set myself on fire.

I THOUGTH THE SAME THING ADN DIED FIVE TIMES. Like you know at little kids sports things one kid has to bring snacks for everyone else, and so I imagine them all getting their snacks at the end and Zuma asking if he could take an extra for Blake…I think it was a cookie (sounded like) AND the one more thing was whatever candy Blake was eating. 

AND I KNOWWW ZUMA WAS SO EXCITED Like he just made a beeline straight for Blake when the car pulled up I CAN”T> Just another way he’s MINI-GWEN 




Yasso 800 day

Today marks T-minus a month to New Orleans. So it was perhaps fitting that Yasso 800s were on the schedule. I last did them 3 weeks ago while I was on the road in Hampton, VA. I squeezed them in on a hotel treadmill before my high school kids’ track meet started. This time I was once again on the mill, because the tracks are all snow covered and road quality isn’t much better right now.

So I headed over to Life Time and started with the usual McMillan long warmup. I really think this is a way he sneaks extra volume into the program. Same thing with the cooldown. When I got into the interval portion I set the treadmill at 9.0 as I did last time, targeting a 3:20. I considered doing 10 after doing 8 last time, but I honestly am not sure there’s a great training benefit to that. I’ve done 10 a few times and have always been completely wiped out after them and then I need at least two recovery days before I can even think about the next quality workout. I know some people who even do 12 Yasso 800s - just my opinion but that sounds nuts.

So I stuck with 8, and they felt manageable, but this time I threw in a little wrinkle, adding an MP mile after the 800s were done. My thinking is this teaches you what an MP mile will feel like on tired legs and help fight through those late miles. The mile felt OK, actually, comfortably hard. I even picked it up in the last 400. Honestly I felt like I could easily have kept going for 2 miles but I decided not to be greedy.

After the run was done I still had to get some strength work in. Thankfully it was all body weight stuff.

Good workout and a good confidence builder, too. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s recovery day, though.

Aaah, this year is nine years I’ve been with my husband. :3 I can’t wait for the big One-oh next year! I’m already starting to plan something extra special.

(He thinks I’m putting away all this money for adult responsibility expenses. Haha nooo precious silly no I am not)

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I think he would make the proposal EXTRA because Odell is extra😂!! By extra I don't mean like a lot of people I just mean him and the girl but he's gunna go above and beyond with his method of doing it and the setup!! I feel like the proposal would be really flashy because he seems like he likes that stuff. But he would still be private about it, he would be flashy for him and his woman but that's it

Ohhh yeah i get what you’re saying, so something like, they would fly in a helicopter and land on a football field he would have a marching band play her fave songs and then fireworks and then they would eat dinner in the end zone and beyonce would come perform and he’d pop the question💀💀💀

I feel good tonight.

When I started this whole thing, I really didn’t want to tell my S.O. Much about any of this. I had my little whiteboard on my refrigerator, and I even thought about taking it down while he was over- it clearly had my weight scrawled on it. Instead, I used it as fodder. I don’t want to be embarrassed of how unhealthy I am any more. It made me want to move my numbers- my weight, BMI and inches have all reduced dramatically. I feel less embarrassed now… Maybe even a little proud, despite having a little way to go yet.

Tonight I told him one of my mini goals, for the first time. I told him I wanted to get to 160 by Valentine’s Day, and that I wasn’t sure if it was feasible, but I was going to try. He said he was sure I could do it. That gave me an extra boost of confidence, knowing he thinks I am able to accomplish this. I told him how much it helps me that he checks in with me now to keep me accountable. I asked him to- it has kept me on the straight and narrow, and it is something I’ve never asked any partner to do for me. I normally in the past have been defensive and irritable when partners have tried to help me lose weight or made comments. Maybe it’s because up until I asked, he never once said anything to me about it, and ends each day making sure I know he thinks I am beautiful to him.

I feel very grateful to have such support in my life. It is really different from what I am used to, and it is a relief. I am healthier physically and mentally than I have been in years.

So. 160, here I come.
- Haley. Visit Dee and me at our tumblr, circlestosticks

I feel like I did when I was 16 and working at subway.
My old manager gave me a call and asked if I wanted to work any two days any time I wanted, working with whoever I wanted.

He seems desperate and I need extra money coming in.

I think I’m gonna take it and maybe even try for a higher wage. He did call me begging basically.

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At first I thought it was a bad thing. Maybe if it was 2012 Dan it would be. I think 2016 Dan just likes to joke about everything whether it is serious or not. Like the whole "omg i met dan and phil today'. I don't think its fan service. He's just a huge sarcastic nerd.

I think so too, anon! I think he’s just being extra sarcastic and self-reflective lately, which is really interesting and maybe part of not being so happy with his branding anymore. He’s exaggerating it for comedic effect and sometimes I think he goes to far and we’re just like ???? and think he doesn’t mean well, but he does ahaha. He just has a kinda backwards way of showing sometimes! I can’t believe he’s being mean because he’s so appreciative, seriously, I don’t see why he would decide to be bitter about it after so many years!

Liam and Greg

I broke up with Liam and Greg recently, and then a few days later got back together with them.

Things have been going great with Greg. Our sexual connection is reaching a new height because of his interest in BDSM. Our emotional connection is doing well after I explained that some times I felt sad that he paid so much attention to his primary and not to me. So now he pays extra attention to me than before, and I think we’re both glad for it.

Then there is Liam. We’re compatible in most ways, but we haven’t seen each other in two months. I’ve been really busy and can’t afford a trip to Montreal, but what upsets me the most, I think, is how he wants me to be his primary, and I don’t want that. We were having a talk about that last night but unfortunately I was so tired I passed out in the middle of the conversation. It feels like a pretty big discrepancy though.

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☛ GET INSIDE YOUR CHARACTER’S HEAD! aka The Excessively Detailed Headcanon Meme

29: Reaction to sudden extrapersonal disaster (eg The house is on fire! What do they do?)

        Sorey is very quick to act once there’s a disaster to happen, especially since his reflexes and instincts honed from his upbringing. Most especially from having caused troubles, and explored ruins even when they were precarious. Also, let’s face it, despite having been told to stay away from there, or be extra careful— he just goes for it. Thus, I like to think that’s how he’s developed such great reflexes.  He’d instantly assess what’s needed to take over the situation, go for the solutions that are most accessible. With the example house on fire, he wouldn’t hesitant to place reliability on Mikleo’s water abilities, and aid in taming the fire on the sides. Along the way, ensure no victims are entrapped by the flames, he’d instantly dive in to rescue them too–! Sorey isn’t after the image of being embodied as a hero, he acts upon the emotional impulses generated from his pure heart and that’s what makes Sorey, Sorey~!

30: Reaction to sudden intrapersonal disaster (eg close family member suddenly dies)