Evfra de Tershaav (Stress Management)

Ok. So everyone knows the, “Person so dedicated to their cause that they never relax and spend all their non sleeping time (if they ever sleep) to doing what they do,” trope. With how much time and effort Evfra has put into making the Resistance what it is you would think that he would be absolutely PERFECT for that trope.

But I see it differently, and here’s why.

If Evfra is anything he’s a tactician. Paaran herself even calls him a ‘brilliant tactician’. Coupled with his accomplishments with the Resistance it’s clear that Evfra is a very intelligent man. Not only that, but being a tactician he is likely able to see five steps ahead and along many different paths.

With that kind of intelligence and foresight, it seems to me like Evfra would well know and be aware of the dangers of stress and being overworked.

Now Evfra is clearly dedicated to what he does. It’s my personal belief that he’s forsaken personal relationships BECAUSE of his dedication. Why? Because if someone he is friends with or if someone he loves dies, that could send him into all kinds of emotional turmoil because, as closed off as he is, he’s still an angara and clearly still feels very deeply and passionately about certain things. That emotional turmoil could then make it hard for him to think and deal with, not just regular every day things, but the intense pressure of leading the Resistance. He might end up making mistakes. He might miss important details that could get people killed or abducted.

So, in my opinion, clearly a man willing to forego close personal relationships so that he can fully dedicate himself to his work and make sure that he won’t be emotionally compromised by the death of a friend or lover.

If he’s the kind of man that can think forward like that, I believe he’s also the kind of man that can know that giving himself no personal time for appropriate rest and relaxation could be EXTREMELY detrimental to his overall mental health and therefore, his ability to lead.

I don’t think anyone would say that Evrfra works himself to death. I think he has a daily routine that includes at least a couple hours of ‘him’ time. I think he probably wakes up with enough time to get a decent meal, fully wake up, and do whatever morning things he needs or wants to do.

I think he probably takes possibly an hour for lunch so he can give his mind a rest and get a good, nutritious meal. It’s a headcannon of mine that he may even go back home for lunch instead of eating at the base or at the Tavetaan.

And at night, I think he gives himself a few hours to decompress from the events of his day. Eat dinner. Maybe exercise or watch TV. I still insist that he’s banging Paaran so maybe some of that too. Maybe even take a hot bath.

I think other forms of relaxation for him include the very location of his office. It’s in front of a massive window that overlooks, not the city and the people he’s protecting, but nature. And you pretty frequently walk in on him just staring out the window. I think he probably just stares out it every now and again when he needs a little breather and mental break.

I also think he’s the kind of guy to keep a physical training regimen. I mean look at the guy. He’s not just tall, he’s very clearly in very good physical shape. We’ve seen Jaal naked. Evfra is AT LEAST as fit as Jaal is, if not more so. Plus Evfra can be seen in combat at the end of the main questline, so he clearly isn’t in the office all day every day. Along with that he appears to have his own shuttle, and it’s a personal belief of mine that he gets out in the field on occasion to keep himself sharp. Hell, I dunno if it’s even remotely cannon, but it’s certainly a headcannon of mine that Evfra actually went through and passed Heskaarl training years back.

He might even take an entire day for himself every here and again. I don’t know if he’s the kind to do so on a weekly basis, but if he starts to feel his stress levels climbing too high, he seems the kind of guy that would preemptively take a day to himself to relax and remove that stress from his body instead of letting it build and build into something terrible in the future.

So, all in all, I think Evfra is certainly the kind of guy that doesn’t spend all day, every day working. Not to say that he doesn’t work extra hours sometimes. I think he probably has some sleepless nights so he goes back to work instead of lying awake all night. Some days he might even be on a roll and either forget about taking a break or consciously decide to keep working. But I think he takes good care of himself both physically and mentally.

Now he just needs someone to help him emotionally.

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Oh my god okay so last night I had a dream where I was friends w C Evans and Seb and Chris had to have some surgery but he made his friends and fam have like a funeral type gathering for him while he was in surgery (he was being super extra??? I think he thought he was gonna die???) and Seb and I tried to talk him out of it but he was dead set on it. So flash forward to this weird ass funeral thing, we're all in this huge church type building just kind of having a Chris themed party (1/2)

(2/3 I lied I’m sorry) and I’m talking to his mom when I hear the door open but I don’t look over in time I just hear all the gasps and catch a glimpse of someone running away before the door closes again so I’m like wtf just happened and his mom is like oh Seb nearly walked in naked you missed it. So I’m somewhere between shook bc naked Seb and disappointed bc he’s supposed to be dressed and at his friends funeral. So Chris’s mom is like maybe you should go get him and I’m like yeah I’ll deal w

(3/3) it. So I leave to go find Seb and I have to like run around the city trying to find him. I eventually find him fully clothed eating pasta in an Italian restaurant and I sit down across from him and I’m like listen pal what the hell was that you’re supposed to be dressed and at your friends funeral it’s what Chris would have wanted and he was like CHRIS ISNT EVEN DEAD and we talked about it for a bit and that’s literally all I remember it was wild. -stardust

I can’t even, I have no words stardust. None. Besides this is amazing. - Gen


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When are you going to see that I’m in love with you?!” “Don’t you get it!? I want you not her” You’re the one that walked away! Don’t put that on me!” For Liam

Six months is a lot of space (Liam Dunbar)


Liam was my boyfriend last year. We dating for a little over seven months until he broke up with me. He said he needed space, some time to figure things out. At first I was heartbroken. I was in tears, eating four cartoon’s of ice cream a day, and the notebook playing on my TV 24/7, heartbroken. Then being Lydia’s little sister I was finally told what was really going on. I understood so I gave him space. I waited until he was ready to come back to me but he never really did…after I saw him and Hayden get closer, I got a little closer with Garrett (a guy I meet at a lacrosse game). Garrett and I weren’t dating but he acted like we were. He always hugged me and called me sweet names and gave me presents, and never failed to flirt with me in public.

One day he was extra handies and I think Liam was watching because after Garrett left for class, Liam came up to me in for the first time in months.

“Hey stranger.” I joked. 

“Hey Y/N. How have you been.” he asked awkwardly.

“Uh good. Uh how have you had Hayden been, you dating yet?”

“I don’t know how about you and Garrett?” he snapped at me.

“Geez, Liam. I’m going to be late.” I turned to leave but he grabbed my arm.

“I’m sorry, can-can we just talk for a minute?” he sighed.

“Sure.” I said softly. He pulled me into a nearby empty storage room.

“Uh so uh just to be clear you guys aren’t dating right?” he asked me.

“No, he hasn’t formally asked me but we kinda are.”

“It makes me sick to see you with him.” he mumbled.

Your the one who walked away! Don’t put that on me! I waited for you for a six months for you to make a mom, call me, text me, do something! I’m not the reason we failed, you have no right to be jealous. Besides you have her.” I said in a high pitched mocking voice.

Don’t you get it, I want you not her!”

“No. you don’t get to do that. I was in love with you Liam. You broke my heart!”

When are you going to see that I’m in love with you!

“Liam if you were in love with me you would’ve said something along time ago.”

“I know, I know I messed up but I saw you with him and I saw that beautiful smile of yours and I realized what a jackass I was and what an even bigger jackass I’d be if I tried to break you too up out of jealously. But I can’t stand by and keep watching you fall in love with someone else, I can’t keep watching him hold you and tell you how perfect you are. It should be me doing those things and it’s killing me. Y/N Y/LN, I have done everything I can to get over you, to left you have a chance at a normal life but I can’t, I can’t get over you because you are my everything. So I’m here begging you to give me another chance.”

“Liam, you can’t do this to me! It’s not fair to me or to Garrett! You can’t just barge in and tell me you love me after I meet someone else. It’s not fair to him, he treats me good and I’m not about to break his heart to go back with the person who broke mine.”

“Y/N please. What do I have to do to make it up to you.”

“I don’t know Liam, you should’ve tried harder when you had me.”

“Y/N you know I loved you, we dated for seven months. I became a werewolf and I needed some space.”

“Six months is a lot of space.” 

“I know. I know I screwed up and I should’ve called you sooner but I’m here now and-”

“Liam just please stop. Okay, I love you. And I probably always will. But I’m not just not in love with you right now. Okay just leave me alone, don’t ruin something me. I don’t want to live my life trying to prove to you that I’m worth keeping.”

“Y/N, come on. I’ll give you space, I’ll-”

“Perfect! I’ll see you in six months!” I said sarcastically and made my way to the door but he pulled back on my wrist and cupped my face as he kissed me passionately.

“God I hate you.” I said after I pulled back…but I kissed him again anyways. Maybe I hadn’t gotten over him afterall.

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God this really sucked I’m so sorry! I thought it was going to be really awesome and sweet and fluffy but I ended up hating it so sorry! 

Dumbapples and LOVELESS
  • Why the hell they exist
  • Why Angeal Hewley is a very important character
  • Why Genesis is 99.9% going to die
  • LOVELESS act 4 and act 5 interpretation
  • SE is planing a more Sephiroth centered compilation title?
  • Adding the exchange between Zack and Cloud to Zack’s death scene wasn’t about Cloud or Zack, but actually about Sephiroth and Angeal.
  • Remake speculations

Ok yeah, I know LOVELESS doesn’t have an official interpretation and everyone are free to think of it whatever they want, but I just have to say..

Ok kidding, I actually didn’t see ANY theories about LOVELESS, since I’m guessing everyone trust Hojo about it being pure drivel, and well.. Genesis pretty much just made the whole thing look like a joke…

It’s not though..

But in order to understand why we had to suffer through an entire game of Genesis quoting that dumb poem we first need to talk about….


Because they’re kinda important apparently.

So Exactly like Angeal says here,

So ofcourse there’s a reason why he suddenly starts rambling on about dumbapples in the middle of Wutai mission. (specially considering this is one of the first scenes we see)

In story, From Angeal’s point of view, I think it’s pretty telling why he felt like talking about something that seems like has absolutely nothing to do with Zack or the situation there. Genesis deserted in Wutai, Zack is taking his place on this mission, obviously Genesis is on Angeal’s mind even if he doesn’t say it, and he’s thinking about their friendship and about what the hell is going on and what it means Genesis betrayed them like that. 

Angeal is telling Zack about his friendship with Genesis, but since Zack doesn’t know enough to make any connections there yet, it’s more like Angeal is affirming something to himself or is trying to tell Zack what will happen if they run into him here and maybe even about his own true objective on this mission (to help his friend).

And I’m sure there were lots of people, who just like Zack, scratched their head at that story and were like “Ooo k…whatever Angeal.. I don’t really get it, but ok…” and never really thought of it again.

But Crisis Core is kinda built in a way that the player is supposed to be like Zack, you know, just screaming at everyone “Huh?? What the hell do you mean?? What the hell is going on??? Why no one explains anything to me??” and towards the end with more information gradually revealed throughout the game, just like Zack, we are finally supposed to be able to put all the pieces together (if you were really paying attention that is).. Only I guess almost no one does, because it’s kinda hard to see anything through all those tears and hunky men.. (took me awhile too, damn you Zack and your gorgeous face and tragic life story!)

Anyway, it seems like the dumbapples in Crisis Core are kinda telling us about the friendship between Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis, or more precisely about Genesis’s friendship with Sephiroth and Angeal. (since he’s the focus in CC)

And yeah I know the popular opinion and even official sources make it seem like the 3 of them were really close friends and everyone for some reason just accept it, but..

Notice that in all cases we’re always told about a friendship but we’re not actually shown a friendship in the game, we are shown something completely different. And that happens to be important.

And I think the dumbapples were put there to kinda tell you what was really going on beneath the surface.

And ofcourse I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s lovey dovey ASG headcanons or put holes in anyone’s ship, I just think it’s important to understand the nature of the 1st class trio’s friendship in order to understand the ending of Crisis Core better (and CC in general) and what it means for the future of FFVII.

So forget all the happy lies fanon has taught you for a sec, and lets look at what the game hints at. And I’m sure to some this is not something new, because it should be pretty obvious if you pay attention to things, but I just gotta cover this before I get to LOVELESS.

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there was a story once a long time ago where he grew extra arms but i think that might be the extent of it? i wouldn't be surprised if there was a story where he went more spider-like though

It is a shame there is no fun werespider lores… I mean, a WERESPIDER

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As for questions, do you have any more Crowley stories?? :DD

I really don’t unfortunately, Crowl’s a pretty normal snake if a bit of a weirdo. He likes his lizard bed thing cause he likes to climb to his “food corner” when he’s hungry. Not sure why he thinks that’s the food corner but snakes.

He’s doing a lot better than I thought with the move and is already showing signs of him being hungry! I thought for sure he’d hide away longer but nope, Crowley got snake things to do! (still avoiding handling him just to be sure!)

He’s near a window so he gets extra sunlight! I think that helps a lot. He’s been laying halfway out his rock on the rock (there’s like a dent that is prefect for his head to rest in)

He hasn’t stolen my glasses in awhile.

A silly thing tho! that I don’t think I wrote anywhere. 

There are two modes of Crowl in his waterdish:

1. If it is his head, he wants more water in the waterdish

2. If it is his butt, he’s cooling down.

Sorry, I don’t have any fun stories but i’ll gladly talk about him!

Unscripted - Part 1 (Kai)

Here it is. My baby. The big project I’ve been heavily working on since this request was made. Still haven’t decided on how many parts there will be so we’ll see.  Happy reading!~

(Some things in life don’t always go as planned.)

You’re the last to turn in the project.

A part of you shrivels under professor Choi’s questioning gaze when she sees the coffee ring stain on the rubric. It had been late. You’d been frantic. There was so much to do in so little time. Thankfully, the brochure stapled underneath is clean and untouched by the late night coffee drive, which should save you from point deductions in the neatness and organization category.

Even after three and a half cups of coffee, your eyes can barely open against the grogginess. The regret of boldly pulling an all-nighter finally sinks in as you take a seat and nearly topple over in your chair.

There’s a chorus of snickers from behind you.

Immature fashion marketing majors. Your favorite way of starting the day.

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What if jungkook saying "back hug scene" means it's a set up? Like it's a thing they do on purpose? You feel? Idk why I think of stuff like this when I'm absolute jikook trash

I mean…I dont see how anon.

You’ll have to explain your thought process to me more.

I do think that Jungkook does it on purpose. But not in terms of a set up…just in terms of Jungkook likes to back hug Jimin.

Originally posted by yutensol90

I mean what would they be doing it for if not just cuz. Most of their back hugs are when they dont know they’re being filmed or are just messing around behind the scenes and probably dont know that the footage will even air. What would be the motive behind them having this “back hug scene” set up.

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Rarely does Jungkook treat Jimin this way on live broadcasts or TV segments. Because I think there he is much more controlled.

But when it’s just BTS and BIgHit staff Jungkook feels comfortable letting it all out.

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I think Jungkook really likes back hugging Jimin.

I think he does it when he’s nervous, or he thinks Jimin needs extra love.

Also I think he likes it cuz Jimin is so small lolol 

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I mean Kookie has back hugged Jimin on camera so many times now (I dont even want to think about the offscreen back hugs) that of course it’s on purpose. But I dont think anyone is making him do it.

Originally posted by parkjiaria

Jungkook just likes to back hug Jimin and I dont think its a secret lol Maybe they do joke about their back hugs and call them scenes. I mean its right out of a drama. But I dont think anyone is making Jungkook do it or that he’s doing it as a joke.

Originally posted by lovely-jikook

I think it’s great the way Jimin asks him what scene they’re doing. I think he really meant what are you doing? And Jungkook cutely replies: backhug scene! aka backhugging you Jiminie!!!

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dan was so impressed by phil's time for that car thing during the sutc livestream yesterday and couldn't stop congratulating him. i mean it was cute but it's also funny how extra he is

“i think that was incredible i was so shocked i’ve never seen him move that fast 7 seconds wow 7 second challenge staying ON BRAND well done phil that was incredible WELL DONE PHIL”

Toby choose to go to Sly for help on the ring size even though it was something he could easily have done alone because he knew how excited and supportive Sly would be.