ironassault asked:

i would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | i dislike you or you annoy me. | i would like to get to know you better. | i pity you. | you confuse me. | i feel indifferent towards you. | i would be friends with you. | i would fight by your side. | i would hug you or hold your hand. | i would kiss you. | i would sleep with you. | i would lie for you. | i would protect you. | i would fall in love with you. | i would kill for you | i respect you. | you are my family. | i don’t know you.

One of my boyfriend Jordan’s friends (at the time, my friend) had a thing for me, but it spiraled into this creepy obsession. Earlier in the year he’d occasionally stand outside my window and I’d just be like “haha, hey there.” I later learned that he’d saved photos of me from facebook with the intention of editing cat ears onto to jerk off to or whatever because he had some creepy ass loli catgirl fetish. Before I figured out it was a fetish and not just an “ok, he likes catgirls” I drew him one. He’s confessed to Jordan that over spring break he’d talk to it, so we can only assume what else he’s done. This was creepy as fuck so I decided to take it away from him so he could actually have a chance at being a normal member of society, so sometime in April I tried to take it away from him and he lifted me up in a way that restrained my arms and threw me across the room and out the door. I’ve only gotten minor bruises but this incident also may have given me PTSD.

He was in 2 of my classes so I stopped attending them because the sight of him gives me nausea and I start crying; one time I’ve actually vomited from seeing him again. So, of course, I failed these classes, and together with doing badly the first semester, my grades have been so bad that I’ve been suspended from college until spring 2016.

Right now I’m living in my uncle’s spare house but I remember my aunt telling me that I’m not allowed to live here if I’m not going to be attending college. I currently have about $50 in my checking account. I’m registered as a CNA in Montana but I’d have to retake the course and exam for either North Dakota or Minnesota, and it’s $650 in cash. I’m currently waiting for Forever21′s open interview on Saturday so I can at least live off of minimum wage until I’m a CNA and can move out of this house if that’s what they still want.

nonsensicaljello asked:

4kidstv : he doesn't smoke he likes loli pops doesn't have tattoos no facial hair and slightly white washed. He raps and says the dumbest catch phrases

((I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. Haha Bee and Sanji))

Jesus H. Christ that’s the stupidest interpretation of me that could possibly be conceived so far.

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What do you do to stop someone you know closely from becoming an anime ass waifu loli nigga? Its happening in front of my eyes. Im scared for his well being

Just accept it unless he start being obsessed with lolis and hentai then thats when things have to end! And uh i never been through this situation before so im not the best at giving advice about this