He shuffled the deck and tapped it onto the table. It was a gift from Luke, because apparently all the Spencer men were pros at cards. He had some skills from his dad, but he tried pretty hard to not be the cheating con-man that Ethan Lovett was a pro at being. But since poker was important, he thought he could at least get a little better at that. He looked up when he noticed the shadow over his table. “Oh hey. Any interest in playing me in cards? I’ve gotta strengthen my poker skills.”

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Okay, you've got me intrigued. What's White Collar about?

Hehe, I’m so glad my White Collar spams have gotten you interested because this show needs more fans and I need more people to freak out about it with *flops*

SO, the basic set-up:

A con-man (Neal) escapes prison and then gets caught again (he was trying to find his girlfriend because she said she was leaving, that’s the premise for the first season). He had almost finished his sentence but since he escaped he was put back in. But then he offers to help the FBI catch another con-man, so they agree to let him out with a tracking anklet under the supervision of an FBI agent (Peter, who also happens to be the one who caught Neal in the first place). And if he catches the guy then he can keep working with the FBI for the rest of his sentence instead of being stuck in prison for another 4 years.

okay i would write this myself if i even knew anything about tricking people but i don’t so here’s a sweet puzzleshipping fic idea

atem makes a living off of being a con man. in vegas.
yugi is just a tourist, but damn he can rob you blind in a card game.

they meet at the blackjack table. atem sees yugi’s innocent face and immediately thinks he’s gonna have to do all the heavy lifting in this game, cause no way does this kid have any sort of poker face.

yugi fuckin kills the shit out of the dealer and the dealer goes bust
atem wins a shitton of money and he hardly even had to play. what the fuck, man. who is this kid even. he must know

and so he convinces yugi (something surprisingly difficult to do, considering he’s a con man) to go to the bar to get some drinks and he learns this kid is just fuckin good at games and goodness gracious is he adorable, that face of an angel could fool anyone, it fooled him for christ’s sake

does anyone want to pick this up. if you pick this fic idea up i will literally do anything for you i will give you a damn foot massage idgaf

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“Hey Ford, what’s this?” Stan held up an envelope with neat writing addressing it to Grunkle Stan and Great Uncle Ford. There was also a few star stickers just so they both knew that it was from Mabel, but why was she sending them a letter? Ford had managed to figure out email and skype for them.

The con man heard his brother grumble as he stuck his head out of the kitchen. “What is what?” Stan shook the letter in his hand, causing Ford’s eyes to look at it. He frowned, putting down the towel he had been carrying.

“I don’t know, but it’s addressed to both of us so it has to be something important.” Usually, they got separate mail from the twins, but that was back when they were still growing up and they hadn’t figured out technology yet.

Stan shrugged, starting to rip the envelope open with his thumb, ignoring Ford’s protest on how they had a letter opener right there.

The con man pulled out a decorated piece of paper, his eyes skimming it before going wide behind his glasses. Ford frowned, peering over his brother’s shoulder.

“Damn, I owe you ten bucks. She couldn’t have waited to get married for like another five years could she?”

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Au meme: SHIELD folks in prohibition era America (if not that... general organized crime would be cool.)

I’m not that familiar with the Prohibition Era, so general organised crime AU. Also this is dark so uh, just a warning.

  1. Nick Fury is one of the main chiefs of the Carter family, and the future head. (Because lbr organised crime au!SHIELD would be the Carter family.)

  2. In addition to being in house assassins, and intelligence heads, Melinda, Natasha and Maria also handle and head human trade. Mostly to screen for underaged trade because they have ethics, and this is one line they will not cross.

  3. Phil is the principle money launderer. Less because he’s good at accounts and more because he’s an excellent con man and looks like the most unassuming white man ever.

  4. Clint and Bobbi handle arms deals. Mack handles the other tech deals. Simmons and Fitz works on drugs.

  5. SHIELD has more plants in most countries govts at every level than actual intelligence organisations of other countries.

So I met a man named Con, an interesting man to say the least. He decided to join me as I worked in the town, little Abby took such a fondness to him, it was so sweet. I found out that he gave her a little piece of chocolate. She treasured that, I can promise. After working with the orphans and seeing the church, I headed off to the tavern. I needed a bit of a drink and even more after this man spoke. Our conversations were a bit…interesting and we have different views, though I did enjoy his company the hour was late and I set him up at a room in the palace. I am sure come tomorrow he would meet the queen, granted he was still about.

im rewatching not what he seems, and the other thing that confuses me is, why are the government agents even involved? i know stan is wanted in multiple states, but he’s a simple con man. that can’t possibly warrant an fbi-level investigation. 

they mention the portal, so its probably more likely that they’re involved in that, but whats their level of involvement? when did they show up? obviously they thought stan wasn’t…stan, but did they suspect that he was actually stanley? they mentioned that he’d been on the run his whole life, but it was stanley who was on the run, not stanford. 

what exactly were they there for, and who were they after? they were conveniently left out of the story.