good and sensible mp100 fans that didn’t trust Reigen until well after the first fight with Claw: I love that Reigen is such a complex character that subverts your expectations throughout the story without actually changing as a character, he really grows on you as you find out more about him!

me who has been in disgustingly in love with his phony, shady ass since Day One when we were still probably supposed to hate him: [sweats] haha yeah…..

“Remember in the story of the ‘Good Samaritan,’ how three religious people pass right on by the bleeding man, without stopping to help?
We love to hate those guys.
We assume they pass by because they had no heart. Not true. They were probably just afraid!
That was a dangerous area. The man had clearly been attacked- perhaps the attackers were still out there? Or maybe it was a con, and the man wasn’t really hurt. Perhaps he only LOOKED like he needed help, but he was really a terrorist?
How can you be sure?
So they passed by.
The Good Samaritan stopped to help the man, not just because he had compassion, but also because he had courage.
There is always risk involved in love.
True compassion embraces possible danger to help the hurting.
And yes, I am talking about refugees.”

brian recker // @emilywrecker

Six of crows au where everything is the same but kaz is a terrible con-man and the only disguise he ever has for the team is fake moustaches but somehow everything always goes right

And this is what I love about Reigen Arataka and why I’m going to write so much fanfic starring his amazing ass (which is incidentally very amazing).

If this was any other story, with any other ‘con-man’ type character - this would be The Moment where he gets to Prove Himself to the others after running away like a coward. This would be The Moment where he gets to prove that he’s actually a Good Guy, not the borderline immoral waste of space that previous episodes showed he was.

Reigen did try to run, is the thing.

(But he didn’t leave the others. He didn’t leave the kids - and there’s the difference.)

Then we come to this. Reigen wasn’t pleased that Shigeo had used his powers - but he understood why, along with the fact the fact that Shigeo had been pushed enough that he had no choice but to use them.

And Reigen is enraged by this. (I was right as hell about that Papa Wolf thing)

Reigen could easily - EASILY -  stand behind Shigeo and not fight. He’s normal, he’s ordinary, and he doesn’t have powers. He doesn’t have to put himself in danger.

And yet he does. He hears about what his student went through, and it’s fucking instantaneous - how dare you. How dare you force Mob to do this.

Reigen’s known Shigeo for some time (I don’t think it’s been specified how long yet), and I think he knows his student better than most. He knows how much this taxes Shigeo, and he sees the strain it leaves on the kid. He knows how much fighting hurts Shigeo - he saw it for himself, when Shigeo was telling him about what his ???% side did to Teru. That gasping horror and pain and self-hate in his student’s words-

Reigen saw all of it, and I think he remembered that, too.

Shigeo’s tired, and Reigen cares enough that he’s not going to stand for anyone else wearing his student down to the bone.

And that’s why Reigen Arataka so completely subverts the ‘con-man’ trope.

He may be a fraud, but he cares so much for Shigeo.

The man’s facing down a group of batshit evil espers in order to spare Shigeo the strain of having to do it, after all.

(I love this man so much.)

The World of Elmwood A Mystic Messenger AU

Elmwood Reading List

Not sure if this has been done, but well, here it is, a Fantasy AU for Mystic Messenger:

Saeyoung: Rogue: Human: Age 22

A street urchin he took to a life of theft to survive and take care of his sickly brother. He became adept in pick-pocketing and street hustling. A true con-man. In his teens he stumbled on information that he was able to sell for more money than his stolen trinkets could bring in. From then on he trafficked in info mostly. At the age of 15 his brother, Saeran, disappeared. He has been looking for him ever since.

Pick-pocket * thief * weapon of choice: daggers tipped with sleeping potion * blades hidden throughout his body * does not kill unless seriously threatened * jokester * keeps others at arms length * loner

Saeran: Assassin: Human: Age 22

Abandoned by their mother, Saeran depended on his brother Saeyoung to stay alive. He always felt useless and a burden to his brother. At the age of 15 he was approached by a beautiful sun elf who promised him power and the ability to help his brother. He became an unwilling acolyte of the Lich Queen whose true beauty had long ago been obliterated. He was trained as an assassin and given dark magic to fade into the shadows. He became shadow itself.

Assassin * infiltrator * weapon of choice: garrote and hand crossbow * Lich Queen controls him through mind manipulation

Yoosung: Cleric: Half-elf: Age 21

Mother is a sun elf, father is human. Raised by his mother who tried to shelter him from the brutality of both the elven and human societies hatred of half breeds. His innate optimism and positiveness helped him endure his youth. Wanting to help others and be a positive influence and role model for other half breeds, he became a cleric and travels the world helping any who are in need. He survives on the generosity of those he helps, never charging for his services.

Healer * alchemist * weapon of choice: holy hammer * infused with the power of Gala, his goddess

Jumin: Mage: High Elf: Age 127

A high elf prince and the heir to the throne. He has been highly educated in a multitude of subjects and speaks many of the other races languages. From youth he had an aptitude for magic and was sent to the prestigious Academy of Magic in the Silver Marches, this is where he first met Zen (a silver elf) and their mutual hatred began. He has risen far in the magical arts and is rumored to have the potential to be the most powerful mage in generations. He is well traveled and extremely disciplined.

Mage * fire * ice * electric * mostly offensive with a few defensive barriers and shields * currently studying matter manipulation * weapon of choice: himself, magical staff * few friends * brother V

Zen: Paladin: Silver Elf: Age 124

An aberration in elven society, for having been born with red eyes and skin several shades whiter than the average silver elf, Zen just missed being a complete outcast because of his incredible beauty. Even so, his family feared him and treated him with disdain, so much so that at an early age, he left the safety of his forest home and ventured into the dirty streets of human society. He used his exotic looks and the curiosity of humans to line his pockets. He met a man named Ahmet, a paladin of the highest order, who showed him a different path, one he willingly embraced. A protector of all and defender of innocents.

Paladin * warrior * serves under the god Bahn * weapon of choice: hammer and shield * hates Jumin

Jaehee: Monk: Human: Age 26

Born to a maid and farmer in the village of Tundre, at the age of 6 she was orphaned. No one in the village was willing to take on another mouth. A traveling monk accepted her and took her to the mountain monastery of his order. The Order of the Rose. Her discipline was highly praised and she learned technique quickly. The passion in her heart shone through her every movement. Once achieving the level of master, in record time, she was sent out into the world to learn first hand about other cultures and races.

Monk * pacifist * will NOT kill * respects all life * weapon of choice: she IS a weapon * Has no ONE god she worships

Rika: Sun Elf corrupted by power who became the LIch Queen: Age unknown

Related to Yoosung through ancient blood lines. Rika had been an advocate of humanity and kindness. Her power grew at an exponential rate and affected her thought process. Became obsessed with ridding the world of all pain, whether the people liked it or not. Began experimenting with dark magic and slid more and more towards inhuman practices, losing all sense of morality. The darkness grew inside of her to the point that it broke through her skin. Finally, she accepted her new identity and began gathering acolytes to bring about her new world order.

Dark Mage * evil * seeks out the weak promising power then using them mercilessly * weapon of choice: mental attacks and simple manipulation

V: Warrior Mage: High Elf: Age 198

Older brother of Jumin. Was the prince and heir to the throne but he fell in love with the sun elf Rika and followed her into the dark abyss. Blinded by love he was in too deep to extricate himself from her machinations. He reluctantly protects his Queen, even to the detriment of himself and others. To keep his loyalty the Lich Queen often comes to him in her beautiful form and manipulates his emotions so that his own confusion keeps him unable to truly understand his own moral standing.

Fighter * access to kinetic magic * weapon of choice: long sword, short sword, dual wield * magical armor * hates himself * is loyal to his love

And there it is, let me know what you think! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU!!

Be careful, Liam Jolley is scamming with his website

Again he doesn’t keep what he promises. Here the experience of one of his members (victims):

His private VIP membership contains the following, I will try to describe the page: 3 pics from a total of 20 pictures.

Under this is a 14 second push ups video - you only see the back of his head and it only lasts 14 seconds!

Then 3 video clips that only last a few seconds and they are linked to youtube, so you can watch them for free anyway


(In this youtube video says it all… probably had his paypal shut down for scamming people? “What’s happened with the website is, were not with paypal anymore ummm were with a new company called CC Bill… paypal wont be taking your payment” and look at his face the way he squints his eyes when he says it -well dodgy- you can’t just tell he’s a con man)



Under this is 4 pics added on 4th February, he promoted these on twitter saying the love heart would be removed…

But on his website you will NOT see his cock, he censors it with a black dot, leaving the pubes showing , so he lied. 

And 3 pics added on 2nd of February

ALL of these pics are on his twitter and have been around for a while, (here we share it). So he’s just re-cycling old pics and saying they are ‘unseen’ and 'exclusive’ is blatant lying.

And finally the last 10 pictures are from his photoshoot with Simon Barnes last year

These 'exclusive unseen’ pics are on a few websites including his social media and hes clothed in most of them, these pics are NOT new at all and I know I’ve seen them before.

NO nudity and No cock to see.

And that’s All. You are paying to see 20 pictures, that’s all he has on his private VIP website, most have been on his Instagram & twitter and can be found on google image search, and a 14 second clip of him doing push ups, and the 3 youtube clips; that are basically Liam promoting his website and only last a few seconds ….and they are on YouTube - so NOT x-rated at all .

It’s a scam, Liam Jolley is a click-bait con man. He had his paypal account suspended for a that reason, in one of his youtube clips he says “were not using paypal anymore”

Another point is Paypal DON’T allow cam models to use their payment service, anyone reported doing cam shows will get their paypal shut down although some people get away with it, depends if they got reported . Websites like cam4 allow models to get money through tokens that can be exchanged for cash later, but paypal don’t allow cam models or escorts / rent boys, paypal DON’T allow their payment service for any type of sexual service including cam shows.

Re-cycle with Liam, and pay to see the pics you can get for free!

So just to be clear, you pay £19.99 for 20 photos ( that are already on his twitter) and you get a 14 second video clip of his back doing push ups.

Liam is lying to get the pink pound subscribers, don’t waste your money paying to see the SAME pictures .He’s a cockney con man, a right charmer, he will grin in your face and steal your wallet.

Mob Psycho 100 x Paranatural

Okay my dudes, I figure I may as well put these ideas down in one post since I don’t have time to draw them (or any more at least). They all stemmed from a convo a month or two ago between me and @happikattwuzheere concerning how Reigen is the Anti-Spender.

@7bluecats and @cocoa-bee I think you two were asking about this general stuff.

-cracks knuckles- 

Okay so. I have like. Several variations on the theme.

Keep reading

If anyone has any sense they’ll cast Colin O’Donogue, post OUAT, in one of those look-how-versatile I am parts, as say a con man or a private eye where he has to disguise himself as a range of different people.

Because he is a genuinely great character actor

Healing My Cancer Like Castiel: how Misha Collins touched my forehead and my heart

I had a heartwarming experience with Misha at a con recently, so I thought while my memory was fresh I would jot it all down. I rarely ever post on Tumblr, but I thought you might enjoy a firsthand account of what an angel Misha really is.

Dallas 2015 was my first con, and my daughter and I were attending to celebrate: it was her 13th birthday, and I’m in the process of kicking cancer’s ass. I’m still in treatment, but I think every day that I wake up and function constitutes kicking its ass, right? So I decided to treat myself to a Misha Meet & Greet.

I got to “meet” Misha before I met him: we had several solo photo ops before the M&G. He laughed when my daughter handed him a little toy to wear as a “wormstache”; he didn’t even flinch when I gave him a poster with my gishwhes team’s logo and asked him if he’d lick it; and when I posed alone with him, I immediately apologized for “asking you to lick my stuff.” Our photo is consequently him biting back a laugh and me cracking up. It was a blast.

Before the M&G began I approached the Creation staff member who was taking our tickets. I let her know that I have cancer, and that because of recent surgery I can’t walk terribly far. I know Misha likes to take his guests out and about, and I was concerned about holding up the group. I really didn’t want Misha to know that I’m sick.

Apparently the employee told him, so when he came into the room (there was a collective gasp – the man really is beautiful) he said he was hoping to take us outside to a nearby field so we could go cow-tipping. (He was kidding, of course.) He turned to me and asked me how far I thought I could walk, or if I wanted to try. I think he must have sensed my embarrassment, because he immediately said, “Actually, let me rephrase: how do you feel about piggy-back rides?” =D I laughed, buried my face in my hands and shook my head. He noted that Creation really should make golf carts available to us for just such occasions, and he was quite serious about that. He said, “I’ll go wherever you want to go.” I couldn’t speak, so the other ladies in the group were kind enough to bail me out and say that it was hot outside so we may as well stay where we were and enjoy the air conditioning. Misha pulled up the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows to see what the weather looked like, and there happened to be two fans sitting at a picnic table right next to the window. Their faces were comically surprised – their mouths were literally giant Os when they saw him – and we howled laughing. Misha grinned and gave a hugely exaggerated roll of his eyes. 

We laughed a lot during the next hour or so. He joked about how he kind of forgot what was going on with Cas at the end of Season 10, so he was really hoping that he pulled off his performance in the first few episodes of 11. We talked a bit about guest directors and why he wasn’t inclined to direct this season (he is trying to take things off his plate). Somehow we talked about how people often refer to him as “the short one,” and he insisted that Jensen is barely an inch or two taller than he is. He pointed out that wardrobe always puts Jensen in boots that are basically “high heels,” and Cas gets stuck wearing “pretty much slippers” so their height difference is exaggerated on the show. That struck us all as hilarious. Also, he’s never been cow-tipping, in case you were wondering, but he did throw rocks at wild chickens in Hawaii once until he realized he might really hurt a chicken if he hit one, and he didn’t want to do that. XD We spent a lot of time talking about gishwhes, and how somehow it only recently just occurred to him that HE would like to participate, too, but he still hasn’t thought of a way to do that. We suggested he create a team with 14 pseudonyms so he could gish by himself, win, and then go on the trip alone. Hahaha! 

I told Misha my team got the CNN story about gishwhes on the air, and he was thrilled. We talked about how many meteorologists didn’t want to dress up for that challenge, and I laughed at his surprise – really, Misha, you can’t imagine why professional television personalities don’t want to be superheroes in drag? LOL But I told him I did that challenge myself (I’m the faculty advisor for a collegiate broadcast newscast), and I dressed up as “BatBoobs.” He wanted to see pictures of that, so I vowed to bring one to the autograph session.

At the end of the M&G each of us got to pose next to Misha for a group photo taken with our own phone. While the Creation employee struggled to unlock my phone, I leaned in to Misha and whispered an apology for keeping the group indoors. He squeezed my shoulders a bit and whispered back that he was proud of me. I’m not sure what he was proud of, but the moment touched my heart anyway. I left the room crying happy tears.

When my daughter and I went for autographs Misha recognized us immediately. I brought a collage of pictures from my team’s gish entries for him to sign. I pointed out “BatBoobs,” and he laughed so hard he put his head down on the table. He studied the rest of the pictures for a while, so I took the opportunity to thank him again for his kindness earlier. He knew exactly what I meant; he reached out and held my hand and asked me how I was feeling. He wanted to know where I was in my treatment, when I was diagnosed, and what my prognosis was. My daughter piped up and said “we’re all scared of chemotherapy.” Misha took her hand in his other hand, then squeezed our four hands together. I was worried that I was holding up the line, but he didn’t seem to care a bit. He has this remarkably intense gaze that is almost disconcerting; it’s easy to forget you’re not the only person in the room when he’s talking to you. 

Anyway, Misha stood up and with a little smile said, “I wish I really had angel healing powers. Come here.” I leaned forward, and while we all laughed he made his best intense-glowy-eyed-Castiel face and touched two fingers to my forehead. He promised to keep trying, and my daughter was still howling laughter. She said “yeah, good luck with that!” He high-fived her, and we walked away… that was probably the first time my daughter and I have ever been able to talk about my cancer and laugh. I’m grateful to Misha for that moment.

I had a Jensen/Misha duo op on Sunday. We posed – yes, I was grinning like a baboon – and as I walked away Misha caught my arm. He made me promise to let him know when I was in remission, because he expected to see me again at another con soon. I was so startled that I’m not even sure I responded to him, but I think I nodded. I know I cried.

Our last op was Sunday evening with Misha and Kathryn. We were at the tail end of the line so we weren’t being rushed. My daughter chatted with Kathryn for a moment – they compared their Grumpy Cat stuffed animals, and my daughter told her she named hers “Grumpy Cas.” After the photo we started to walk away, but my daughter turned back to hug Misha quickly. As she pulled away, he caught her head between his hands and made her promise to take care of her mom. I think she was caught by surprise because she couldn’t speak; her eyes welled up with tears. He stroked her hair and her cheek, and as she walked away he said  “I’m counting on you!” She still can’t talk about it without getting weepy. Frankly, neither can I.

I’ve always heard what a sweetheart Misha is. Everyone says he’s genuinely kind and that meeting him is a pleasure, but I wasn’t prepared for his warmth. I don’t have adequate adjectives and adverbs to describe the authenticity of his compassion, the sincerity of his concern or absence of pretense. To me, Misha will always be a big of an enigma. How can a person so beautiful on the outside also be *that* beautiful on the inside?

TL;DR – Misha is awesome.