did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????


WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT ? (Some photos are worse than that that’s why I will not post them) BUT REALLY WHAT THE FUCK

HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT POSTING OR DOING SHIT LIKE THAT ? And of course this Selja b*tch is encouraging this with gore pics… srsly wtf

That’s one of the reason I’m kinda sad about their fame now, back in 2014 this kind of shit never would have happened…

Really thought they would have lasted longer…

Please meet my new puppy Mozzie! Mozzie is almost 3 months old and came all the way from Puerto Rico to live in Maine.

My adult doggo Milo is slowly adjusting to this rambunctious little yip-yapper. Hoping they have a lifelong furball friendship!

Rhaenys had slept in her bed for months, now. Her little girl had simply climbed in one night, curled up beside her, and snored softly in her sleep. Elia did not begrudge her this; it was not as if Rhaegar would take his place beside her. He had not done so ever since she became with child.

It had hardly been a week since she had given birth to Aegon, in the midst of more agony than Elia had ever known before. Her body was barely strong enough to carry a child, and when it came to birthing the creature, it had felt as if her whole body was going to tear apart. Where women knew sweetness and bliss after such an ordeal, Elia met with fever, anguish, and strife. Some days, she could hardly move from her bed. Others, she managed to sit up. Any more than that, she had not yet accomplished.

It was her sweet girl was who stayed by her side for all those days. Rhaenys would climb into bed and take gentle hold of her hand, asking her all manner of worried questions. “How are you feeling, mama? Is the baby okay, mama? Do you need to sleep, mama?” Elia had tried her best to keep her from worrying. “I’ll be fine, darling. We’re all okay.” She always faced her daughter with a tired smile that Rhaenys returned with much more heart.

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guess who is about to draw Acnoloia someday maybe hopefully idk i have too much work i am procrastinating help

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The ad was absolutely stunning and was such a wonderful surprise. But I really want to talk about the drama of blanking out his social media profiles because we were all expecting a change soon but leaving everything blank just creates this exciting sense of anticipation that just adds to the hype. It's so smart, but then I wouldn't expect anything less from harry and his team. This is all going to be such a good time 😋

Harry Styles, King Of Drama! 

I’m so on edge today. If we look at the previous ig pattern- 25th September, 3 blank posts, 26th September, AM covers- it suggests a new post might be happening today, but you never know with Harry. Honestly, everything was brilliantly planned and the hype he generated is insane… I’m SO happy for him, he deserves the entire world, because he’s incredibly talented, smart, charming and the kindest human being… I’m very proud of everything he’s done so far, and I know this feeling is going to intensify at every step of the way. It’s just the beginning.