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[This isn’t Trish but do you ever think about how fucky Giorno’s place in the Joestar family tree is so much that you just need to do math? Because I do.

If I did these relatedness fractions correctly, and assuming Jonathan is his full father, Giorno is technically Jotaro’s half-great-great-uncle, and they have a (genetic) relatedness factor of .03125, which is equal to a second-cousin blood relationship. Giorno and Jolyne are half of that number, with a relatedness of .015625.
Assuming Dio somehow also contributed paternal genes to Giorno, Giorno’s genetic relationship to each Joestar would decrease by half, making Giorno Jotaro’s quarter-great-great-uncle. Because that’s a thing that exists in JoJo.]

once again my team won :)))) i am so happyyy hopefully we’ll be at superliga b!!!!!

Some Thoughts...

 I was talking with @praisemalfoy the other day about how I wish we knew what really happened in the time between the last chapter of The Deathly Hallows and the epilogue. I was thinking about it again today and, I’m actually happy that we don’t know much. I’m definitely the type of reader who wants all the facts and closed endings, but with this 19-year gap, I’m able to come up with what I would have wanted to happen. I already don’t agree with some of the things Rowling said would happen.

 I don’t believe Harry would have become an Auror, he would be so completely done with feeling the stress of possibly dying and having to keep other people safe. He would have said his goodbyes and left for a few years, maybe traveled, maybe found a cottage in the woods, he would have dealt with all of the problems and the pain, and he would have healed.

 AND THEN he would have come back and started living a normal, wizard life. Go on a few dates, see Ginny and reminisce about the feelings they had in school, and I do think they end up together. Even though they are well into their 20s, they treat their relationship like a teenage romance. Everything is a new experience, every emotion was felt to the fullest capacity, they would have gotten back what was taken from them as kids. And it would be beautiful. And eventually become the defense against the dark arts professor, because duh.

 Ron and Hermione would have broken up at least once. They all need to experience life outside of each other, outside of their past, just as people. Hermione would have, at least I believe, easily found other men and been in another relationship. It was short lived of course, she didn’t feel challenged. Ron would have hated it, Hermione was always the rock and made things make sense. So having to navigate life without her was difficult. Ginny was the one who finally got him off his butt and set him up on a date with one of her team mates. It was nice, and they went out a few times, but all they had in common was quidditch and the agreement that Victor Krum was a ruddy pumpkin head. (I also think Hermione would have explored a relationship with Krum) I just feel like all of this is necessary, it would be completely wrong and in my opinion, unrealistic, for them to get together and stay together forever.

 And lastly, the one that really puts my wand in a knot. Albus Severus Potter would either be named by Ginny, because wtf, Harry? Just because you’re the chosen one, doesn’t mean you get to name all the kids. Or he would have been named Dobby Rubeus Arthur Potter.

 All were people, and an elf, who cared genuinely about a boy who deserved none of the bad he was dealt. They all cared for Harry, sent him Christmas presents, and literally died for him. Dumbledore was going to die anyways, and Snape died because Voldemort didn’t have an eye for detail. Dobby sacrificed his life for Harry, not because he knew that Harry still “had a job to do.” But because he genuinely would rather die himself, than see Harry Potter lifeless in front of him. Also, Dobby Potter just sounds amazing. Say it out loud a few times, it’s a lot less weird than Albus Severus.  

Jonsa Week - Day 5: Storm

wordcount: 636
written for: @jonsa-week

Jon had his hands in the pockets of his jeans, but it was impossible to protect himself against the cold wind and the pouring rain. If he could have stayed in bed this morning he would have done so, but it had been his last chance to pass a history exam and for the first time he had actually had the feeling he had known what he was talking about.

The professor had not frowned his eyebrows. He had not had that frown on his forehead. Half way the exam his lips had curled up into a smile.

Jon would be extremely disappointed if they would tell him he hadn’t passed the test. Not only had he spent hours studying while his friends had been doing fun stuff. He had also reached the university despite the upcoming storm.

“What the…”

Jon looked up and squeezed his eyes.

“You stupid idiot!” A red haired girl shouted at no one in particular. Her wet hair was glued to her face and her clothes looked soaked. “Don’t you think I would prefer having a car like you?” She hissed between her teeth now and then she let out a deep sigh.

No one seemed to notice her. People with umbrellas ran passed her. More cars drove a little too close to the walkway.

Even though Jon longed for his warm bed in his warm room with a hot cup of tea, he didn’t really want to leave her here on her own. Not like this. “Excuse me?” Jon cleared his throat and he took a deep breath. His friends had helped him practicing, but talking to beautiful girls was still not one of his talents.

“Seriously? Don’t you see I’m soaked? I’m not in the mood to give a stranger directions.” The red haired girl rolled her eyes.

“No, no, I…” Jon hesitated for a moment. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and even after the involuntary douche she looked still pretty. “I wondered if you wanted help?”

“You have a set of dry clothes in your backpack to offer to poor girls?” She raised her eyebrows and Jon shook his head.

“No, I live around the corner and…” He scratched the back of his neck. He wasn’t even holding an umbrella and he realized that pretty girls had probably learned not to go home with total strangers. He couldn’t blame her for that.

“And, what?” She shook her head, drops of water dripping from the hair in front of her eyes.

“You can get some clothes from me while we wash yours and you can take a hot shower and…” He felt his cheeks heating up and he stopped talking for a short moment. “I promise the shower has a lock and I just want to help you.”

She started smiling a little and she licked her lips. “And I thought chivalry was dead.” She cocked her head slightly and then she held out her hand. “Sansa Stark.”

“Jon Snow.” For a moment he just stood there in the pouring rain while he stared at her glimmering eyes and bright smile.

“Are you gonna bring me to your home? Or are you gonna let me catch a cold?” Sansa pulled her hand away and Jon shook his head.

“Yes, sure, of course, sorry…” Jon shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “I wish I had an umbrella…” He smiled while he tried to remember again where he was and how to get home.

“You can keep me warm until we’re there.” Sansa grabbed his arm and pressed her side to his. “It’s not that far, isn’t it?”

“No, no, it’s just around the corner, really…” Jon held his breath and then he felt Sansa’s hand on his back.

“Well, let’s go then.”

Markiplier appreciation post

@markiplier ’s new video touched my heart.

I am very happy that he won the award for Make A Wish Foundation. He made 13 wishes come true. 13!!!

Guys, it may not seem like a lot, but it is. I am so happy with what he’s done for the community, for everyone. He is going back to his old ways. Monthly live streams are coming back!! I’m so excited.

I love that he has done so much for all of us, he’s saved our lives, he was there when no one else was even if he wasn’t exactly there. Through a computer screen, he helped us. He won an award for helping people. That says a lot.

We don’t deserve an Angel like him, yet here he is, helping people.

Mark, if you see this, please know that what you’re doing is enough for me, but that fact that you’re gonna start doing more is freaking amazing. I appreciate the hell out of you. We all do.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done~

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england and george washington. fight outside dennys. winner: title of americas true father. the daddy fight is rough. v cringey dad jokes are thrown left and right. cringiest joke wins. america is there and he's just so done. too much cringe.

Georgey wins