I’m so proud of Connor he as seriously done so much for his fans and other people. This video honestly made me cry and I finished watching it like 10 minutes ago and I’m still crying 😂 😢. Anyway, he has inspired so many people including me. He has done so much in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 he did the thirst project, he came out, he traveled across the US with O2L, left O2L (😢), traveled the world, and worked with different companies. In 2015 he wrote a book, published it, his book got #8 on the New York Times Bestseller list, he has won so many awards, hit 4 million subscribers, and so much more. He has done so much and I’m proud of him, his fans are, his friends, and his family are too. Ps this is probably written better than any of my school papers. And that tronnor moment is what started the tears 😂 connorfranta

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aaaaaaaaaah! he tweeted your video!! and added golden hearts to the tweet!! how are you feeling? ps. the video was so cute, the way he was tearing up!! so proud of him!

I have a complicated relationship with breathing right now, it’s a struggle. I honestly thought today couldn’t possibly get better and then it did.

And yes, I’m so insanely proud of him. He’s done so much good.

Why do people always have to send hate to others on this site? If someone likes a character why would you purposely go into their ask box and send them a shit load of messages as to why their favorite character is horrible? What do you gain from that? Let people choose who they like and who they don’t. It’s their opinion and you shouldn’t be trying to change it just because it doesn’t agree with yours. Ignore it or unfollow, it’s very simple.

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draft day had somali niggas hype for weeks ohmy god my cousin was showing my habo like LOOK HOOYO DRAKES REPPIN 4 US and she got so into it before being like audhubillah turn that off

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EVERYONE I KNOW WAS WYLINNNNNNNNN i nvr felt so close 2 drake in my life he’s an honorary somali tbh if i catch him out and about again it’s over he’s done so much for us as a peoples