This is Namjoon’s reaction when someone asked him if BTS were going to produce a full album in English. CAN PEOPLE STOP ASKING THEM THIS, THEY’RE A KOREAN POP GROUP NOT A POP GROUP.

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It's so frustrating how they don't care about the group's music. Just 2 months ago, they released their new album, they broke a lot of records, they made history... and here they are, having to feel awkward all the time with those stupid and irrelevant questions. Namjoon's face in almost every interview says it all, he understands everything and he looks so done.

It is and it’s getting tiring to listen all of that. It sucks that it ended up like that, there is no real interest what they truly are and what they have done so far. They don’t care~ Namjoon is doing a good job answering and helping boys if needed, he is dealing with that well even tho he is so done lol

Cocktail Friday!

Some quick 6x3 goodness (well I hope it’s good lol). Yes, this is also me whining about too many late nights at the theatre.

Trowa was exhausted, mentally and physically, and he was cold. And he felt so done.

It wasn’t even tech week yet - in fact, they still had to get through the entire weekend and THEN start tech week.

But this show had been a clusterfuck of epic proportions from the first production meeting and, with each passing week, had only picked up momentum.

It was fine. Everything was going to be fine.

That had become the mantra of the entire production staff, as each day seemed to bring more bizarre requests, more realizations that the director was ABSOLUTELY insane and had no grasp of reality and, it was becoming increasingly obvious, no real understanding of the play he was directing.

It wasn’t even a complicated show. Well, it shouldn’t have been a complicated show. Anything Goes - just a tap show on a giant boat. The plot was simple, the music was classic. The set…

The set was a bit of a challenge, because the show transitioned from one ship cabin to another to another and there were scenes on the main deck and scenes in the brig and -

So the scenery was complicated.

And Trowa had entered the project with the kind of regrettable enthusiasm that meant he had designed a four storey set with build in revolves and periaktoi and -

And he was tired. He was fairly certain he had pulled a muscle in his back.

And the weather had changed, his train had been late, and he had had yet another not quite argument with the lighting designer before leaving the theatre that night.

Now that he was home, standing in the hall outside of his apartment and fumbling in his pocket for the keys, Trowa tried to decide what was more important.

Going to bed straight away, taking a shower so hot he maybe - hopefully - boiled himself to death, or getting drunk.

He would regret getting drunk, in the morning, when he had to crawl out of bed in the frigid November morning and go back to the theatre with a hangover and try to not vomit while he painted four stories of steel. Because he was an IDIOT. Four stories weren’t even NECESSARY.

But tonight… tonight he could drink and forget about what an idiot he was and what an asshole the lighting designer was and what a maniac the director was and -

He opened the door and sighed.

It was warm inside the apartment. Practically toasty.

When he had left that morning, he had cranked the thermostat down to sixty-five, and he had been dreading coming home to the cold apartment and shivering while he waited for it to heat back up to seventy.

The apartment definitely wasn’t sixty-five. It wasn’t even seventy.

It felt very suspiciously warmer.

Which meant -

“I was starting to worry you had moved out.”

Zechs was in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up, hair pulled back into a loose tail, socked feet looking disconcertingly casual, washing dishes.

The dishes that Trowa had allowed to pile up over the last three days, because leaving at 8am and getting home at midnight had left him with no energy to even keep up with his coffee mugs.

“You’re back early.”

It was an entirely unnecessary thing to say, and Zechs smirked at him.

“So it seems.”

“Is that… a good thing or a bad thing?”

Trowa didn’t pretend to know anything about the world of high-end finance that Zechs worked in.

“A good thing. A VERY good thing,” Zechs smirked again and shut off the water.

He leaned back against the kitchen counter as he dried his hands and his gaze swept over Trowa.

“You’re a mess,” he said, smirk softening into a tender expression.

When they had first met, Trowa had thought Zechs was an arrogant, self-centered, vain asshole. And while his first impression was completely accurate, Zechs had surprised him by having another side. He had been the first to suggest their one-night stand turned five month late night dates and incredible sex become something more permanent. Had been the first to say anything about love. Had been the one to ask Trowa to move in. Had been the one to propose two months ago, anxious and unsure for the first time in the three years Trowa had known him.

“I know,” Trowa sighed and started to take off his jacket. “This show -” he shook his head and stopped himself.

Zechs had heard all about it, through Trowa’s texts and their late night phone calls. Zechs had been in Munich all week, had been scheduled to be there until Tuesday, the day before the first preview of Anything Goes. Trowa had been both relieved and disappointed. He knew he was awful to be around during tech weeks, when he lost track of time and, according to Zechs, forgot how to interact with human beings. Zechs being out of town meant that Trowa didn’t do or say something that would upset them both. It also meant that he came home to a cold, empty apartment and even colder, emptier bed.

Zechs set down the towel and crossed to Trowa. He used one long, elegant finger to tip Trowa’s chin up and then leaned down and pressed a light kiss to his lips.

“I missed you,” Zechs said.

Trowa sighed again and leaned forward, resting his head against Zechs’s chest and letting the taller man hold him.

It had taken a very long time for him to feel comfortable in this position, to trust someone else to care enough, to trust HIMSELF enough to want someone else to care.

Zechs threaded his fingers through Trowa’s hair and Trowa winced. He hadn’t showered in two days, and he could feel Zechs’s fingers tangle in the paint spatters that clung to his hair.

Zechs just chuckled and pressed another kiss to Trowa’s forehead.

“Go change. I’ll make you a hot toddy.”

“You don’t mind?”

Zechs had to be exhausted, had to be jet lagged and he had always placed a high value on sleep and -

“No. I don’t mind. Go.” He gave Trowa a gentle nudge.

Trowa rolled his eyes, but he followed the command.

He went into their bedroom and shucked out of his paint stained clothes, grimacing as he had to pull his t-shirt away from his skin, at the tug of the dried paint sticking to his flesh.

He tossed the clothes aside and pulled on sweatpants and Zechs’s Columbia t-shirt, a shirt that Trowa had stolen very early on in their relationship. Zechs hadn’t said a word about the theft, but every time Trowa wore it around him, Zechs smirked and got very handsy.

When he went back into the living room, Zechs was setting a tray down on the coffee table. It held two copper mugs, a steaming kettle of water, slices of lemon and the decanter of expensive whiskey that they only pulled out for special occassions and visits from Zechs’s father.

Trowa sat down on the couch and accepted the copper mug that Zechs handed him. He added the whiskey himself, adding far more than he needed to, but when he took the first sip he sighed in contentment.

Zechs sat down on the couch beside him, draping one arm on the back of the couch, and Trowa leaned into him.

“I missed you too,” he admitted.

“I know,” Zechs smirked and kissed him again.


The end

Tombstone has killed me dead

We are being spoiled with good episodes this season!

- Cas is back and Dean is sudenly in a way better mood than he has been all season. Could there be a coonection? Wejustdon'tknow.gif

- That reunion scene was everything. I know we saw it in the preview, but oh my god, I could watch it a thousand times. Dean’s “I do”! That hug! Dean’s face journey during that hug! Sam definitely looked more suspicious during his hug. Obviously he’s pleased to have Cas back, but you can tell he’s got questions.

- Cas is back, and he’s immediately so done with Dean’s cowboy fetish. You can just see him thinking “this is the man I’ve chosen to love.”

- All the silent communication between Cas and Dean had me screaming. When you could see Dean latching onto the idea of Dodge city, and Cas just gives him a look and he does that little head duck.

- Dean considers having Cas back a huge win.

- A side note to say that I want to steal Athena’s style so badly. I can never get my hair to hold those rolls properly.

- Cas and Jack are so sweet together. I do wish there had been some acknowledgement that Jack’s power did something to Cas, but I am okay with them being two sweet awkward peas in a pod.

- Also, Dean’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear. I’m just!

- Jack, my sweet nougat son :( He tried so hard, and was doing so good, and he was so eager to help and found the clues to piece things together, but then he accidentally killed the security guard and he feels so bad, and these guys are so bad at pep talks. My poor boy!

- Good on Dean for telling him the truth, and for admitting that even though he used to think Jack was a monster, he doesn’t anymore.

- Somebody save my precious lamb from himself :(

- But also destiel is real and I am screaming.

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Hello!! I’ve been reading a lot of your fics recently and I’m in the middle of remember this cold. (They’re so good I’m dying Bless u for them) Can I ask which are the fics where loki shifts to his Jotun form in front of Steve for the first time especially but what other fics he’s done so as well?? Thank you so much for sharing your writing!!

Glad you’re enjoying the fic, anon! 

The fic where Loki first changes in front of Steve is…buried in the 30 days of porn series, heh - that’s here. There’s a short fic about Loki waking up from a nightmare in Jotun form here, and it came up again more recently (and at somewhat more length) in the water is getting colder.

It’s not something I’ve dealt with nearly as much as I’d like, and it’s something I’d like to circle back to especially since it looks like canon won’t. Mostly I’ve been going around it because I haven’t had a good way to deal with it. I’ve written some about how it’s one of the subjects that neither Loki nor Steve really knows how to talk about, so they just kind of…don’t. 

Not the healthiest approach, but, well. They’ve gotten healthier in so many ways! Gotta leave some room for improvement! 

(I’m joking. There’s a lot of room for improvement; there always is.)

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Guh and didn't white rose say she was gonna off elliot once "his work was done" or whatevs? Phase 2 is done so is he done too? Or is there a phase 3? Things always work better in 3s. Elliot needs to stop helping. It has literally never helped anyone. His dad pushed him out a window, shayla...., 5/9, ray's website got him in serious shit, this. He just wanted to save the world :<

second to last episode is titled phase three

there’s a theory going around that there are five stages to mirror the stages of cancer, im fond of that theory

Byron: the princess cried today. I wonder why…

Albert: probably something fell in her eye

Nico: …maybe she’s sad because she misses home and is being forced to marry a stranger and you two are cold af????

Albert: of course not, how can she find us cold if we gave her a room and proper food