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Summary: Bucky hates one of your favorite songs but he just can’t seem to escape it.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Female Reader

Word Count: 1000

Warning: Sliiiiiiiight smut and swearing.

A/N: It’s been over a month. I still have ‘Starboy’ by the weeknd on repeat. This morning at 2am, my brain decided to drop this baby. Enjoy :) The video was taken from Sebastian’s Instagram and the song is ‘Starboy’ by the Weeknd. I own neither of these, I just did the edit. Also, I should be writing Part 8 of Old Flame but here I am doing this. Oh well… C’est la vie!

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So I discovered a trick when you’re depressed and want to feel better:

Imagine your favorite OC(s)/character(s) cheering you on through life, like you’re in an arena fighting some tough monster, but you have the determination to beat it because they’re cheering you on. Telling you that you can do it. To never give up. That you are capable of defeating whatever is holding you down and beating you up.

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  • He’d gladly sing a lullaby for you if it helps you sleep
  • He would try all sorts of methods like roleplaying(not foreplay!): He would ask you which is your favorite character and talk to you and keep the things going and make sure to end the play nicely
  • Or.. an orgasm is one of the best cure for sleepless nights. The chemicals released during sex will help in having a sound sleep
  • He’d tell you bed time stories if you were interested instead of having a usual boring conversation.
  • He would jokingly pin you down to the bed or snuggle so you can’t move. Just his body heat alone is enough to put you into an eternal slumber.
  • He could buy you a bedtime mask but he thinks wouldn’t you rather open your eyes to see his beautiful face the moment you wake up?
  • If all else fails, he’s gladly stay up all night with you as well 


  • Tries to relax you by asking you how your day went and what you were supposed to do for the day 
  • He gives a good head massage and a nice backrub with scented candles around. The aroma from the candles & dimly lit lights will surely put anyone to sleep.
  • Alcohol. He says that a limited quantity can make you relax and go dizzy
  • He would get out of bed just to boil a cup of warm milk for you if you think you really need it.
  • Hot bubble baths together in the tub are his absolute fav way to get you all tired and sleepy.
  • If he can’t be around to put you to sleep because of work, he would buy you a pillow or plushie that’s been sprayed with his cologne


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Six episodes later, we find out that they were both wrong.


“Hello y/n,” a smooth voice greeted.

You looked up from the book you were reading before bed. Your jaw dropped at the sight in front of you. Your boyfriend Tom was dressed up as your favorite character that he played, Loki. Damn he looked good. “T-tom?”

A smirk played on Tom’s lips. “I don’t know who Tom is, my names Loki.” Before you could reply, Tom hand gotten on top of you, pinning you down. God, this was going to be a fantastic night.

So the 4th grade kid I help with homework every week is reading Heroes of Olympus and he’s currently on Mark of Athena, but he knows about the Cupid scene with Nico later on because someone at school told him.
Yesterday the kid asks me “Is this the book with the… Cupid scene” and I tell him that no, that happens in the next book.
“Oh good,” he replied “so I still get to like Nico for a while.”
And I just stop and give him this disapproving look and ask “Why would you stop liking him? Because of the Cupid scene you’re going to stop liking one of your favorite Percy Jackson characters?”
He got this really embarrassed look on his face and stuttered “Uh, well, I don’t know….”
And I repeat “You’d stop liking him because of that?”
And he finally says “No, I guess not. I guess I will still like him.”
Me- “He’s still the same character, isn’t he? Wouldn’t it be kind of silly to stop liking him for being the same character he already is?”
The Kid- “I guess you’re right.”
And I just smiled and patted his head and said “Of course I am” and then we ate Chex Mix.

And this is why I think it is so important to have Nico as a gay character in a series for a younger audience. It’s a lesson for children that being gay doesn’t make someone suddenly bad or unable to be liked. And it makes them basically realize that there is nothing wrong with being gay and fuck I am so glad that this younger generation has characters like Nico di Angelo to show them that.

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Who's your favorite ffxv character? My fave is Prompto but he's getting so much hate ;A; (Sorry if it's not okay to ask this on here!)

My favorite is Noctis!!! Though honestly I love all of them so much ahhh I get to emotional just thinking about them, eSPECIALLY PROMPTO WHY IS HE GETTING HATE NO PEOPLE NEED TO NOT HATE THE PURE BABE OK.

Introducing the guy who described the relationship between Hannibal and Will so articulately that I just had to watch the show, @aretheygayvideos. His videos are so much fun to watch, and are easy on the eyes. I love theories and such so this youtuber has become one of my favorites because of all the facts and time he puts into his work. If you wanna figure out whether your favorite characters are gay, here’s his channel, I highly recommend it!