he's younger than me but age doesn't matter at all

Exo reaction to you being much younger than them

Request: Hi! Can I ask for an EXO reaction to you (their GF) being much younger; like 9, 10, 11, 12 younger ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ - Anon

I’m assuming you mean years younger than them…. I assume they would be fine with it… if you were of legal age meaning they would have to be in their 30′s 

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the boy would be shocked at first but then he realised that age doesn’t matter to him because he loves you very so much and couldn't imagine his life without you… if you questioned it ever he would go up to you and would do this adorable thing in front of you and be like ‘no age isn’t a big deal to me as long as we love each other.’


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When he first found out how young you were he would be a deer in headlights *yes I went there* he would be shocked at how mature you were for your age… after a long time of thinking he would come to his senses and realise that he loved you and that the age gap didn’t matter to him.


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his tough exterior was taken away when he first started dating you because you were younger than him he was a lot 'softer’ towards you but when he realised how to mature you have he loved the fact that you were young yet had the maturity of someone his age… that’s what made him fall for you.


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In my opinion he would be on more of the cautious side when it comes to age because of his age he feels as if he would somehow damage the younger one… but he came to the realisation after a while after seeing you and falling in love with you that, that age gap doesn’t matter to him and that he should be allowed to date anyone he loves.


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Yixing here is a child so you guys having an age difference he wouldn’t make t feel like there was a big age difference… it didn’t matter to him as long as you both love each other that’s all that mattered to him..


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*Pretend You Are Sehun*

‘There is no problem with our age difference jagiya, age shouldn’t be a matter when it comes to love… all that matters is that i love you and you love me’ he is such a sweetheart with this topic because he doesn't like the label of the age difference he thinks that it shouldn’t matter as long as the persons loved each other..


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'I totally care that you are that much younger than me because age is such an important thing jagiya….. can you note my sarcasm… I love you yeah we might be a couple of years apart but that doesn't matter..’


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*pretend you are Kyungsoo*

'Don't say stuff like that….. you are not going anywhere ever, you are stuck with me forever jagiya and I won’t let you get away no matter what… yes you are a lot younger than me but I am a man-child and you’re very mature for your age..’


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Y/N: 'Does the age gap between me and you bother you at all’

D.O: 'Nope, not one itsy little bit…. you wanna know why it’s because I love you… when it come to love age doesn’t matter as long as your of legal age it shouldn’t matter how many years apart we are as long as we are happy together’


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the big baby wouldn’t mind the age gap that much because if he truly loves you that doesn’t matter to him and it shouldnt matter to anyone else becasue they should be happy that he found love and he would shut down anyone that had a problem with it…


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he does not have a care in the world when it comes to age because he loves you with all of his heart and he won’t let age get in the way of you to being together…. every time someone mentions the age gap between you guys he always says 'yeah but I love her and she loves me what else could I ask for..’


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*imagine he is 10 years older than he is now*

him being the youngest I feel he would be the weariest out of them all because of his age dating someone 10-12 years younger than him makes them very young… he wouldn’t mind them being much younger than them as I have said before age is just a number…