he's worth seeing the dictator for

stop using ‘[role] coding’ in your transformers fanfiction

listen. i don’t ever want to see anyone talk about ‘x coding’ or 'x programming’ in transformers fanfiction or meta again. that sounds harsh. here’s why

when you say something like “brainstorm is inherently violent because of his MTO coding, he has a constant urge to kill” or “ratchet/first aid is better at surgery and diagnosis because of his medical coding,” you’re doing a number of things

1) you’re straight up accepting the logic of functionism as it’s presented in the text. you know, functionism, the evil oppressive regime we see in flashbacks, the one that megatron fought a revolution against because voiceless millions were being murdered because of their shapes? the one that says you’re nothing but your body and your body wholly defines your worth, identity, and abilities? ’____ coding’ logic is fundamentally the same as functionist logic. it says that your body dictates your being.

2) you’re taking a leap from THAT and going into the logic of REAL WORLD ability and disability by implying that brainstorm, for example, is violent/crazy/[inhuman] for having MTO coding, or ratchet is more intelligent/skillful/useful for having ambulance coding, or a police officer is more protective/powerful for having x coding, or any number of variations on this i’ve seen.

by linking “is a surgeon = is naturally better at surgeon related skills,” or “was put into a combat situation at birth = more naturally violent,” you’re naturalizing these links in ways that people do **in real life** to marginalize disabled people further. people already treat disabled and mentally ill people like those things define who they are entirely lol. this is toxic. this should not go unchecked and that’s why i’m commenting now; it hurts me, as a disabled and mentally ill person.

the most egregious example, obviously, is slave coding. it’s the most blatant case of dehumanizing (for lack of a better word), objectifying, and fetishizing someone’s lack of agency, but at their root, 'coding’ and 'programming’ tropes are all based in the idea that i’s frame/function that is determinant of identity and ability.

besides all that, nothing is just… biology. people have an incredibly complicated relationship to society and social roles and history, so this is just reductive. for example, i don’t think rewind has 'dataslug coding’ that would compel him to compulsively save every scrap of information, but his relationship as a dataslug to history and his personal life would leave him with a particular relationship to his alt mode and abilities that might yield a similar result???

please just think about it for a minute in a way that doesn’t just involve concluding “oh, that must be PART OF HIS ROBOT DNA.” it’s just not necessary in any way and i think you can do better. ‘it’s just for fun’ is a shitty answer when it comes to you riffing off people– people like me– supposedly existing entirely as a function of **society voice** the disorders. so.

if anything here needs clarification or elaboration, lmk.

Devil's Eyes

“Devil’s Eyes”

With all the pleasures you seek
Like ivory skin and golden bones
Send the devil back to hell
We don’t want him in our homes

All the things you take for granted
As he’s watching you across the plain
Tempting you to take advantage
Please make this feeling go away

There’s passions we can not see
Lust, Greed, Desire, Hate
That slowly manifests in us
That are sometimes hard to shake

He could be sleeping in your bed
Whispering evil in your ear
Completely filling your head
With all the things you fear

And the more you let him enter
Your frail and fragile lives
The more he starts to mentor
And dictate as he hides

Deep within the caverns
Of your sad and sorry souls
Which you no longer own
For you let him take control

And in life there will be
A lot of oppurtunites that stay
That may seem like they’re amazing
But you need to walk away

Oppurtunities that are great
And may seem wonderful at the time
They may make life easier
But you can’t be so blind

You need to tell that Devil
To head straight out the door
Because you deserve better
There are things worth waiting for

And I know that may seem difficult
But we must see past his disguise
At least I believe I can
For I can’t see through Devil’s eyes

Ride or Die

Summary: In your hometown, there’s a special place where drag races go on every weekend. One fateful night, an old racer by the name of Ben Solo returns from his “retirement,” and returns to the thrill of drag racing, much to the displeasure of many of the other racers in town. While your friends and all of the other racers are annoyed by the return of Ben Solo, you can’t help but be charmed by him.

 AN: Okay I actually originally intended this to be a Kylo fic but the plot just fits Ben soooo much better. I’ve actually had this just kinda sitting there for a while, but I looked back at it and I’m pretty satisfied with it

Warnings: minor swearing

Word Count: 2.9K

The races had existed in your hometown for as long as you could remember. You remembered your father talking about his racing days, and your brother talking about going to see them even when he was told he couldn’t go. People of all ages lived off the races, betting whatever cash they had in their pockets for who would win this weekend. They were the life of the once small town, and almost everyone lived to watch or to race, and you and your friend Poe were no exception. Though you were merely apart of those who lived to watch the races, Poe lived and breathed racing, as if he was born for it. He was a natural driver, and had been the king of the track ever since he’d turned eighteen. Everyone seemed to marvel at Poe’s skills. He was undefeated, greater than all of the other drivers who dared to race against him. Poe took his racing honor very seriously, after all, it had defined him for the last few years.

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A Study of Gender Roles and Self Identity in the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

In my Analysis of Fantastic Worlds class at my university, for the final project I was asked to critically analyze a piece of fantasy or science fiction art. I debated back and forth about what books or series I would want to do but when I really thought about it the only series that I truly felt passionate enough about to do was the A Court of Thornes and Roses Series. 

Feyre’s journey over the course of these two books has changed my life over the past eight months and I knew as soon as I started this project that it was going to be so much more than just an assignment for class. I poured my heart and soul into this project because I realized I was doing it for me. I wanted to explain why Feyre and Rhys had made such a large impact on my life and why they were so important to me. And by the time I finished I felt like I accomplished that and am extremely proud of the end result. 

But when I thought about it, I realized I didn’t want to keep this to myself, I wanted to share it with everyone else whose lives have been affected by Sarah J Maas’ incredible story. 

You won’t get to experience the full affect of the map but everything else that’s written on the board will be in the following post. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and I would really appreciate if somehow we could get Sarah to see this. Because I want her to be able to see the impact her story has had on my life and why I think this story has such significance to young woman.

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talking body (1/2)

For this-too-too-sullied-flesh on her birthday. I present you with rockstar au, bed sharing, and dry humping. Happy birthday, my devious donut. I think you’re pretty swell.

Killian is the guitar player in his band and is in love with media agent Emma Swan. There is smut.


He’s still buzzing with adrenaline as he makes his way back to the bus tucked in the corner, a few people still milling about the near empty fairgrounds. There’s a brisk wind rolling in and he shoves his hands further into his sweatshirt, wondering if it will be warmer in New York, conceding that it probably won’t.

His hood is up so he doesn’t have to worry about being recognized, but a few of the guys who clear equipment give him a nod as he passes – a pat on the shoulder as he smiles and tries not to feel the heat in his ears at the quiet praise.

It was a good show.

So good he still feels the music thrumming through his bones, the rise and fall of it as the crowd sang along – the prickling in his fingers from where he practically worked them to the bone against the guitar. He’ll have fresh blisters tomorrow, but it’s worth it. Just like the exhaustion and the long days and even longer nights are all worth it. The bus, however –

The bus is almost not worth it.

They aren’t big enough to command separate busses quite yet, just the one for management and equipment and the other for “Talent”, as the shoddy label on the door dictates. He’s not sure all those aboard the bloody monstrosity classify as such, but he sighs and presses his forehead against the door regardless, taking in his last deep, guzzling breaths of fresh air before stepping inside.

He does not expect to see Emma sitting on the couch, hair in a messy ponytail and glasses sliding down her nose.

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it’s canon that kindaichi still holds a grudge against kageyama. he’s disbelieving, even, of the change kageyama has undergone because he’s experienced kageyama’s behavior as king. it’s also canon that kindaichi is still as competitive as ever, if not more, now that they’re on opposite sides of the net, now that kindaichi is setting out to prove something to the “tyrant.”

but do we ever talk about how kindaichi must really feel about kageyama, now that he’s seen that kageyama’s not a dictator anymore? because I’d like to think that kindaichi would be at least a little sad, a little hurt — that his own skills couldn’t bring kageyama to his full potential, or that maybe kageyama didn’t see their middle school team as a team worth changing for. that kindaichi could have been friends with kageyama, could have had the same sense of trust in him the way kageyama trusts karasuno now. that kitagawa daiichi could have evolved to be a team where the members build each other up and support each other, but he and kageyama didn’t give each other the chance to make that a reality. I think about that a lot.

Here's the thing about Megatron and Starscream

What you think of it depends on where you start.

If you see their connection as some kind of personal relationship, then it makes sense to see it as domestic violence. Because you just apply “the first time he hits is one time too many,” and you get a whole headcanon out of that about how things work, why Starscream stays, his rebellion as a desperate attempt to keep self-worth, etc.

If you see it as political I think it looks different. Because dictators are infamous for the violent ways they punish opponents or traitors — including by execution, sometimes public execution to sow fear.

When I look at it that way, the salient thing to me is not “no one should ever hit someone close to them” but rather “this dictator is letting a traitor live over and over.”

If I look at it that way, it looks a lot more like fondness — and a very fascinating fondness. Why would he be so fond he’d take so massive a risk? Everyone would understand and expect Starscream’s death. He’s earned capital punishment a thousand times over.

THAT is why I love their dynamic so much. Because that to me is a rich, deep question I love.

I like “they’re totally fuckin’” as an answer, yes, definitely. But it’s not the whole answer to me, and that’s why I’m still fascinated after literally all these YEARS.

And why I feel confused and offended when people say it’s about fascination with domestic abuse. Because I’m literally looking at it through a completely different lens where that doesn’t even show up on the list of explanations.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Clarke's feelings? Everybody can agree that Bellamy has romantic feelings for her, but what about her? She loves him, that is canon but in your opinion, are there that kind of romantic feelings already or not? Did she realized? and how she will deal her feelings in s4?

Hmmmm anon you present me with a complex question for my sweet complex girl Clarke Griffin.
I personally think she is totally in love with Bellamy, but she doesn’t quite know it. (I know some people are probably rolling their eyes at me RN lol) but hear me out:

Clarke is 18 barely 18 lol so I see it like this: she “loved” Finn like first love, puppy love idealistic love. It backfired bad on her.Then she focuses on leading with Bellamy while nursing her broken heart (that’s canon she told Finn"you broke my heart") so during that time Bellamy is a comfort if you will. She spends time with him, learns from him, teaches him things (like believing he has worth) she even flirts with him. She is building this really strong bond/friendship with this person who wants nothing from her, demands nothing from her, wants her to be a leader WITH him. He is really the first person she “elevates herself” with because he’s there for her.
Now they get separated & in that time she realizes she equates his importance with Finns. Which is why she throws herself at him when she see him walk through the gates. Her helpmate is back. Her co leader.her comfort.her protector(only when he needs to be) she was healing from Finns hurt at this point, getting back to a good place then: She KILLS Finn her first love. She stabs him in the heart & it destroys her on the inside she is a shell of grief & guilt because Finn told her over & over “I did it for you” so she believes it’s all on her.

Now Bellamy is there & her first reaction is “I can’t lose you too”(equating him again with her romantic partner) she wants to keep him close. Then,THEN Lxa comes at her with this “love is weakness” junk & basically tells Clarke she will end up failing if she lets love dictate her decisions. so Clarke cuts off her feelings. she tells Bellamy “it’s worth the risk” you can see her go cold in that moment. And he goes. Just like that, and she is overcome with guilt again because Bellamy is her person & all she wants is for him to be safe. She’s in protection mode. She can’t process any feelings but keeping Bellamy alive, then she will deal with why she needs him alive. I believe this is her process, she doesn’t have time to think about “why Bellamy is so important to HER”

then the mountain happens & he is SAFE. also he just helped her kill 382 people. So yet again romance is not at the top of Clarke’s “feelings” list. Then when she tells him goodbye & kisses him you can see the anguish there,she wants to hug him forever. But she doesn’t deserve happiness. She doesn’t deserve Bellamy Blake. She was gonna let his sister die, she trusted someone that left him to die. Then he turns around & carries this impossible burden for HER. She thinks if she leaves she will take that burden with her. But nope he refuses to let her take it all with her. (& that’s why he breaks in season 3)

Sorry I’m getting so off track here! This is so long I apologize!

season 3 the cave reunion you can see her joy that he found her! Then her terror that he’s gonna die right in front of her, just like Finn so she bargains the only thing she has: her life for his. Then jump to when he asks her in Polis to come home & she says no I think she’s afraid he will be a target to manipulate her (Lxa is already canonically jealous of Bellamy) so she’s sharp & cold to protect him. Then the fight in 3.5! omg I think if he would’ve kept holding her hand she might’ve leaned in & kissed him! her face in that scene she loves him so freaking much. But THEN he handcuffs her & boom her once unshakable perfect trust in Bellamy Blake is broken. She shatters.

So back to polis, she’s attracted to Lxa, has been since the kiss & Lxa’s trying to “empower” Clarke (she had good intentions but she basically tells Clarke that she shouldn’t care if people die for her like it’s their job, yikes.) Lxa is trying to teach Clarke to be alone, & that’s working for Clarke & her attempted coping with what she’s done. So Clarke is attracted to Lxa, the ideals of Lxa, her power, beauty etc. now she does also “love” Lxa just like Finn (Clarke has a deep well of love) but it’s a cold lonely kind of love between two powerful people, that know they can’t “work” together. It’s a reckless kind of love. Like her “rebellious love” phase she wants Lxa cuz she WANTS her. Wants something “good” in this crap situation. Then of course Lxa is killed & dies right in her arms just like Finn! So she is literally falling right back into the trauma she was just coming out of from Finn!
she is cold & distant most of 3B,EXCEPT she can’t be with Bellamy, he won’t let her be alone. Do things alone. Die alone. But she doesn’t have time to process why she listens to him, why he can bring comfort to her, why she can trust him just as much as she did before the handcuffs. Anyway now on to your actual question anon!!! (If you’re still reading 😂)

I believe Clarke is about to find out that her love for Bellamy is “grown up love” “love of my life” “life partner” “helpmate” “I will start a new life with you” love. She doesn’t know what that kind of deep unshakable love feels like just yet, because she hasn’t had the time to stop & process “why does Bellamy mean so much TO ME” what is this feeling. It’s only her third time in her life feeling romantic love. It’s a love she hasn’t let herself have yet. The “we’re in this together” love not isolating, lonely love. A love that is meant for community meant for starting over. Starting a family. It’s like Finn was her puppy love, Lxa was her rebellious because I want to love but Bellamy is her spouse. He’s the love you marry. The love you have kids with. The love you die with. And man oh man when she realizes this it’s gonna rock her to her core. Because she is already to terrified to think about what Bellamy means to her. When she comes to the conclusion of why he’s more important than even her mother she is gonna run, hide, cry laugh. It’s gonna be epic & painful. But when she finally gives into that love. Oh my! Bellamy is gonna melt right into her & he is gonna tell her every painful moment he’s spent waiting for her was worth it for the kind of deep ocean of love she has for him. She is gonna love him harder then she does now as a “platonic” love think about that for a second,Nonnie. So yes I believe her deepest feelings she’s ever had are for Bellamy. She just hasn’t dug them up,yet.

I am so sorry I had no intention of writing a novel but here we are lol of course this is just my thoughts headcanons & hopes. If they never become canon “romantic” they still have one of the best love stories I’ve ever scene. ❤️

Blast From The Past - "I Can't Lose You Too" 1.0

Carol’s raw vulnerability and genuine emotional openness in this scene shocks Daryl to the core and it’s so easy to see through both his body language and his facial expression, that he really just doesn’t understand why she CARES and why she is even bothering with him at all. 

Her compassion and kind nature unnerves him and it’s almost as if he pauses the moment itself, as he walks towards her because he can’t phantom the root of her concern and is mentally searching for whatever hidden agenda she might have up her sleeve. A man with a life history like Daryl Dixon, has learned through circumstance and proactive experience, that there is always an ulterior motive to people’s actions and intentions AND that chances are what appears to be given freely always has to be repaid one way or another. 

Carol coming after him, in tears and with authentic concern about his injuries and well being, is a situation Daryl probably had very little experience with and therefore he reacts to her pleas by lashing out in anger and pushing her away. 

It baffles him that this woman has somehow come to value him so much so that she has taken it upon herself to trail after him and worry about his physical well-being and doesn’t want him to get hurt even more. 

He’s suspicious because her making him “worth” something to her, is such a foreign concept for him that he simply can’t and doesn’t know how to trust it. Look at his expression; 


At this point I think Daryl had already started to CARE about the people around him, especially Carol, and he was obviously invested in finding Sophia and wanted to be the one to bring her back safe to her mother. 

I think he started to care but was very much still fighting that acknowledgment or at the very least had decided that in order to earn some of the CARE she was sharing with him, he had to do something to compensate that kind of investment. 

Daryl wanted to go look for Sophia and find her safe and alive, so he could earn the emotion etched on Carol’s face and the softness that came through so naturally in her voice. At this point he feels he doesn’t deserve her giving a damn about him and he certainly doesn’t deserve her tears (also I am going to go out on a limb and assume that Daryl is uncomfortable with tears…period!)…which means that everything she said was confusing and unnerving him to say the least. 

Just like Carol herself and perhaps even more so, Daryl is not used to being valued for just being himself. 

His world dictated worth as something one earns as opposed to what one is. 

The angry reaction she got from him was one rooted in fear, uncertainty and defensiveness. He needed time to process both the emotions bubbling up on the surface and the words she chose to use to implore him to stay; 

“I can’t lose you too" 

Not long after this exchange we are given a scene where we see Daryl taking Carol to see a Cherokee Rose he discovered, as he was mulling and ‘processing’ what happened between the two of them in the barn. 

The first and only verbal apology Daryl Dixon has given anyone in the group happened in this scene. 

He was sorry about the lashing out and the words he said to her BUT the fact that he immediately brings up Sophia and starts reinforcing his certainty of finding her once again, tells us that Daryl was indeed sorry about hurting Carol but that he still believes he has to ‘earn his place’ in order to be accepted. 

On the other hand Carol’s hope was fading and she was slowly coming to terms with the realization that Sophia is most likely never coming back BUT she saw that Daryl wasn’t there yet and that he needed more time and needed more hope to keep holding on to that chance. 

She gives him that freely and unconditionally, just as she forgives him without any conditions or consequences. 

That shocks him again… 

She confuses him, she shakes him, she perplexes him, she surprises him, she frustrates him …but the longer he’s around her, the more he wants to be around her. 

The more time they spend together the freer he becomes and feels. 

He’s completely out of his element with her and with each interaction he finds himself going more and more out of his comfort zone BUT maybe for the first time ever, he finds he doesn’t mind one bit… 

With Carol, he feels better, he is better and he wants to be better… 

And before you know it, his own actions start to echo her words; 

 “I can’t lose you too!”