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Waving Through a Window

A/N Here’s this… thingie that I wrote for @analogically-prinxiety as a part of the fic exchange. Also huge thanks to @princeyandanxiety for putting up with my constant questions and helping me edit this.

Chosen Prompt: 1 - Soulmate AU

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic), side Royality (Prince/Morality)

Genre: Soulmate AU, High School AU, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort

Word Count: many 8.6k (the k stands for kill me)

Warnings: panic attack, like a paragraph dedicated to this One Shove, heaps of swearing (courtesy of Anx) and uh… I think that’s it?


Soulmates share an emotional bond where they can feel what the other is feeling. That has always been just an unimportant  fact that Virge has lived by. It was the same as someone saying ‘water is wet’ or ‘the sky is blue’. When Virgil’s old neighbour moves away and Logan’s family moves in, things start changing.

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Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 13

| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11| Part 12 | Part 13 |

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 13

Author: Taettybear


Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M

WARNING: Death, blood, and a sick mind ahead with psychopaths.

With a flick of a finger, the blade easily sliced into Yoongi’s victim like soft butter, the third guard Jimin held down for him growing limp as he gurgled on his own blood that filled his mouth.

“Nice teamwork, Hyung!” The orange haired man giggled, looking extremely pleased as he dropped the dead guard to the floor, not caring as his shiny black shoes got drops of blood splattered on them. The short man raised his hand for a high five for the older male, however, his cheerfulness deflated as Yoongi ignored and walked past him.

The older male silently wiped down his blade as he walked down the hallway, his eyes trained forward, eager to continue moving until he reached where his twin sister should have been located.

Young-Min’s office….

That was where he needed to go.

Jimin, who quickly realized that he was being left behind scrambled to catch up to Yoongi, following the man like a loyal puppy that stared at his owner.

“Hyung, you need to teach me some of your skills, I’m struggling a bit with my blade skills and-”

“Shut it, brat,” Yoongi grumbled as he rechecked his weapons, “We need to get to Youngmin’s office to help support Jungkook and Y-”

The familiar, ear piercing sound of the gun cut Yoongi off, making both him and Jimin freeze.

There shouldn’t have been a gun involved tonight…. That was something all of them decided before they left the house. A weapon only to use when there was an emergency.

“Shit…” Yoongi curse, moving into a sprint.

Who shot it? Foe or friend?

Taehyung! Update!” Yoongi hissed, as he pressed his earpiece while running. However, his eyes widened slightly as he dived down, dodging a fist that was thrown at him.

Jimin and Yoongi were fast to react, quickly getting into action as they began to fight, the later quickly taking down his opponent.

“Shit, looks like they all know we’re here now,” Yoongi grumbled, his eyes narrowing as he took in the scene where he was surrounded by people with different types of weapons aimed at them.

Jimin pressed his back against Yoongi’s, a wary smile on his face as he held his own weapon, “It would be the perfect time for us to get an update, Taehyungie,” the orange haired male nervously laughed as he dodged an attack, quickly stabbing his knife into his opponent’s spine, “I want to know if I get to die with the mission being a success.”

Yoongi scoffed at his current partner’s words. However, he perked up as he heard his ear piece get connected.

“Shit, sorry guys,” Taehyung’s calm voice entered their ears, “They’ve blocked me out. All the surveillance cameras are locked out and I don’t even know whose gun that was,” the man’s voice was filled with regret as he and Namjoon worked fiercely at home, their fingers flying over the keyboard as they tried to get back into S.M.’s system.

Yoongi cursed, his eyes hardening as dread started to spread through him.


“I need you all to get out of there, ASAP,” Namjoon’s voice entered all of their ears, “I’m treating this as a mission failure. Get away before it gets even worse.”

“Will do but it’s quite hard when you’re surrounded, you know,” Jin muttered while he panted, covering Hoseok’s back as he and his partner scrambled to get out of the mansion infested with S.M. members hunting them down, hot on their tails.

Yoongi growled and pulled his gun from his pocket, his fingers pulling the trigger as he shot down the guards that seemed to continue to increase as he moved forward.

“I can’t get in contact with neither Y/N nor Jungkook,” Taehyung’s words made Yoongi growl, his accuracy got even better as the guards dropped like flies around him and Jimin.

As Jimin took another guard down, his eyes widened as he dove, his hands reaching for Yoongi.



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Almost Halloween

A/N: Here is my entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl ‘s Halloween Challenge. I had ‘October 18th - spiderwebs’. It’s really short but I’ve been really busy so I apologize, hope you still like.

Warnings: like 1 swear word, Dean’s smart-ass teasing

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 480

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

You grimaced as you stuck out the heavy broom as far and as high as you could reach.

“Just leave ‘em up there, Y/N,” Dean said. “It’s almost Halloween anyway,” he snickered, holding the step ladder in place so you wouldn’t go tumbling.

“That’s disgusting,” you said, getting on your tip-toes. Dean shrugged.

“Me ‘n Sam’ll take care of it later. You can’t even reach, Y/N/N.”

“You and I both know that if I don’t get these now, they’re never comin’ down,” you said, grunting as you leaned forward a bit more.

“Who cares? No one can even see them,” Dean mumbled.

I can see them!” You said, frustrated, finally making contact with the massive clump of spiderwebs stretching across a corner of the bunker’s ceiling. Dean huffed and put a foot on the lower step. You turned the broom around in your hands, twisting the webs around the bristles.

“What are you guys doing?” Sam’s voice called out from the kitchen. You turned around to face him and the broom slipped. It swung like a pendulum in your hands, pulling the webs down and scattering them every which way. You yelped as they came near your face, dropping the broom to the ground. You swatted at the air trying to get the webs off.

“Dammit Y/N!” Dean shouted. You looked down at him momentarily to see him frantically brushing spiderwebs out of his hair. Sam put down his mug of coffee and rushed to help. You leaned back and felt the ladder shift. Sam grabbed it before it could tip and forced the legs to the ground, but the sudden stop of the ladder flung you forward. Luckily, the ladder was only about 5 feet tall, but you came crashing down into Dean, sending him to the floor. You pushed yourself off of him, rolling onto your back. Everything was finally still and no one spoke a word, the only sounds being everyone’s heavy breathing. Sam’s slight chuckle interrupted the silence. You looked up at him and couldn’t help the grin breaking out on your face as you realized what just happened. You held your stomach as you laughed, turning towards Dean who just smiled and shook his head.

“You’re a dumbass,” he said, standing up. He brushed off his shirt reflexively and something actually fell to the floor. It scuttled a few feet and you shrieked, stumbling onto your feet. Sam swore and Dean slammed his boot down, promptly squishing it. You shuddered and wiped off your arms, legs, hair, and face.

“I’m gunna have the heebie-jeebies for the next week,” you said, kicking the broom further away from you.

“You should’ve just left them up there,” Sam chuckled, picking his mug back up. You looked at him with squinted eyes, offended.

“You guys are so gross,” you laughed incredulously. Sam just shrugged.

“What? It’s almost Halloween anyway.”

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Lazy Lovebirds

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Sehun

→ Normalverse; in which Sehun was a bit more hungry for your attention than you thought.

Word count: 1,1K

Your hands tugged and combed helplessly through your own locks, collecting and leading the strands up into something that could resemble a ponytail. The bass of your overplayed playlist was mild in your ears, pumping just enough excitement through your body to get you light on your feet and ready to do things. You took a short glance over your apartment, breathing the slightly stuffed air and sighing at the dust particles only visible in the sunlight that shone through your light curtains.

“This place-” You sigh once more, dipping your hand down into the hot water that took up the space of the bright pink bucket besides your feet, taking a hold of the cloth bathing in the strong soap before dragging it out. “really needs this.”

“I really need this.” You correct, squishing the excess water out of the cloth before getting started; wiping every furniture, every shelf and every decoration of the dust that had piled on ever since Sehun had moved in. Four months. The thought of it really disgusted you, and you really had no idea how it even happened.. but you suppose; lovebirds will be lovebirds. 

And when thinking about it, lovebird was a very fitting word to describe Sehun. Oh, also: lazy.

The first hour went by quickly; soon your living room, kitchen and bathroom was wiped free of the thick layer of dust and properly cleaned. All that was left was your bedroom, the guest room and vacuuming all the floors. You stood back up, sighing, this time more in a positive fashion. The music was playing loudly, and that might have been why you didn’t hear the outdoor, and let out a loud scream at the sudden hands around your waist. 

“Baby,” Sehun laughed. “It’s just me.”

You groaned, cheeks flushing underneath his heavy arms. “Don’t sneak up on me like that. The music was so loud, you should’ve know I didn’t hear the door.” You struggle out of his embrace, hurrying over to the bucket standing in the hallway and bringing it into the guest room. From your prior place, you can hear Sehun let out a playful, offended sound and shuffle along, hopefully into the living room to relax after his tiring day.

You giggle before yelling over the ever so loud music as you got back to cleaning; “Welcome home by the way.”

Halfway through your own bedroom, your music was abruptly turned off and the culprit stood, leaning against the wall by the door, his eyebrows furrowed. He watch intently as you wipe the surfaces, pick up yours, and his, scattered clothes off the floor and into their respective places inside of the closet.

His lingering presence was almost a bother. After promising yourself that today you would clean the apartment, make dinner, wash your dirty clothes and get everything tidy, you couldn’t have Sehun sidetracking you with his adorable pouts. Although you weren’t exactly sure what he was expecting now. You let your eyes fall on his relaxed form with slightly furrowed eyebrows.

“Sehun?” You breathe out, causing him to perk up, staying silent as an sign for you to continue.

“What are you doing?”

“Uh..” He pushes himself of the wall, eyes wavering before he shuffles out of the room. “Nothing.”

Huh, he’s so weird, you muse internally with another sigh, a light exhale before once again returning to work.

 “Princess? Y/N? Baby?”

“Yeah?” You look up from stirring the mix of vegetables in the pan, coming face to face with your famous boyfriend. His brown eyes are almost sad and his rosy lips are pouting, his cheeks lightly, almost unnoticeably, puffed out. Yet, you only grin up at him, before looking back down at the food on the stove.

“What’s up?”

He sighs adorably. “When did I come home?”

You shake your head, giggling with confusion and wonder. “I don’t know, an hour ago?”

And when you look back up at your taller boyfriend, your eyebrows again furrowed over his weird behavior and questions, he only frowns down at you with - wait, was that disappointment?

He then groans loudly, irritated and walk away, leaving you dumbfounded with only the sizzling sound of your wok and the low sound of the radio playing throughout the small kitchen. Your cheeks warm in embarrassment and irritation and you huff, turning back to watching the food.

“Baby,” Sehun groaned out loudly the very second you closed the bathroom door shut. He leans back in his kitchen chair, pushing his empty plate away from him with a light hand to signal that he was done eating. You swallowed back a sigh, feeling a little embarrassed in the way Sehun acted.

Even though you were at home, safe in the privacy of your own space and there was nobody here to see- at all, you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. You move over the newly washed floor, and grab for his plate as well as yours - only for your boyfriend’s hands to slap at the upper side of your hand. He glares up at you.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t make me sigh for what is probably the thousandth time today, Sehun. I’m cleaning.” You grab his plate, hastily placing it over your own and walking out into your kitchen. “I’m cleaning up after you.”

“Baby, sorry.” You hear his haste apology from the kitchen and halt your actions, taking another breath, trying a short smile. You couldn’t stay angry with him for long. Never more than five minutes. “It’s okay, Sehunnie.”

“It’s just that- I wanted your attention today.” He speaks, suddenly so close to you, his arms sneaking around your waist just like earlier as you placed the plates down into the sink. You smile up at him, cheeks warming over his words.

“All day during our schedules and practices, I kept missing you a little extra. I don’t know what it was that made me such a lovebird today. I couldn’t stop talking about you to the boys and gosh- I just needed to come home to you.” He smiles warmly down at you, your calm smile, your bright eyes in his soft embrace. God, he loved you. He really, really loved you.

“Really? I’m so sorry, baby. I just needed to clean up in here, I couldn’t postpone it again. We were basically swimming in the dust.”

A shrug of his shoulders. “Yeah, I understand. But hey, you can give it to me now, right? Your attention and love, I mean, of course.”

You giggle, nodding excitedly. “I can shower you in it. And I’ll start right now; I love you.”

A/N: thank you to the anon for requesting and I hope you all enjoy! also I hope I didn’t make it too boring ahah ♥

Snack run | Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by mvssmedia

❁Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

❁Summary: you work in the shop of your aunt, and you’re about to close when a random boy enters the shop. You’re annoyed someone comes in 10 minutes before closing, but I guess it’s okay since he’s cute? And why does he need so many snacks?

❁Words: 950+

❁Category: Fluff

❁A/N: Taehyung is such a blessing to this earth oml;;;; enjoy <3

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Part 1: Imagine Jacob trying to keep you from seeing Paul kissing another girl.

You hid in the attic of the Black house, no one knew you came there when you needed peace. But you were wrong, Jacob Black knew almost everything about you. He took the time to find out, unlike Paul. Paul made you feel alive because he’d always get in some sort of trouble, but Jacob just made you feel comfortable on a whole new level.

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Awake and Alive_ El Diablo x Reader

Anon asked:

Hiii, so I’m feeling kinda down in the dumps and reading your Diablo drabbles always makes me feel better. Can I request a Diablo fic in which Diablo survives the explosion but the reader (who was also part of the squad) doesn’t know so she continues to live her life thinking that Chato is dead until months later when Chato finds her relocated in a new apartment that Waller set up for her. Can lead to slight nsfw (not too hardcore tho, I honestly can’t handle that stuff) thank you love.

Jenn’s Note: I hope I did this justice, because I’m honestly really proud of it. Hope this helps you feel better. Love you sugar cube. Also reader isn’t a squad member because I felt it worked better

Word count: 1014

Warnings: Spoilers, character death, fluff.

Disclaimers: Gif and characters not mine.

Originally posted by lornahs

In Greek mythology it is believed that humans were original created with two faces, four arms and four legs. Zeus believed they were too powerful and split them in half. He doomed this new species to spend their lifetimes searching for their other half, but sometimes they did find this soulmate, in spite of the damnation of the gods.

When Y/N met Chato, she believed he was her destined other half. This was regardless of Waller’s need for a ‘handler’ for the pyrokinetic, she had something real with the broken man and he with her. Fuck, they loved each other more than words could describe, but even that could only last for so long. When Y/N’s other half sacrificed himself for the destruction of the being ‘Incubus’, she was devastated. She felt empty without the warm arm around her waist and his slightly ominous presence at her side, protecting her, loving her. When he made the decision that martyrdom was the only option left, anyone could see the look of pure agony on Colonel Y/N’s face. With a scream of protest and a wave of fire, he was gone, leaving nothing to bury.

The battle ended and Y/N shut down hard, eating, drinking and sleeping only as much as was needed to function. Bless Flag for convincing Waller to let her grieve, even going so far as to get her an apartment, ensuring she was taken care of. So grieve she did, for a month she wallowed in sorrow and pain. As month two rolled around and her tears dried up and she started waking up, reanimating to an emptier world. As the third month rolled around she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and got back to work. She was dimmer than her past self but she was up again, in the world. That was, until a knock at the door ripped everything she had built to shreds once again.

“Coming.” Y/N called. Her soldier like gait thumped against the floor boards as she habitually checked for the gun on her belt. The chain lock caught the door at an inch. Her breath froze in her throat. Even with only a sliver of a view she recognized the Hillsider’s jacket. The door slammed closed and her shaky fingers unlocked the door before it swung open, denting the drywall.

Standing in the hallway was her other half. The warm arm around her waist, the ominous presence that made her feel safe. Standing in her hallway was Chato Santana. He looked at her with all the adoration and pain in his heart, still not sure what to do now that he was actually here. It didn’t matter if he didn’t consciously know because his instincts covered for him. They loved each other so much that in all the time they had been apart the pair were still in perfect sync as they surged forward into each other’s arms. Y/N grasped onto him tightly, convincing herself that he was real and alive. Her fingers curled into his jacked, breathing in the almost forgotten sent of smoke and subtle cologne.

“You ain’t easy to find, Novia.” He whispered softly. Her soft hair tickled the side of his face and that alone almost made him break down, right there.

She choked up not able to say more than his name.

I know, I know. I’m so sorry amor.” His hands cradled the back of her neck as he pulled away to look at the face he could never stop loving. Tears streamed down her face and she gave a hiccup of and immeasurably relieved and grateful laugh.

“You-you died. There was n-nothing. I watched you b-blow yourself up.”  She whispered.

“I don’t know. I got no idea.” He said, eyes glassy.

“I-it doesn’t matter.” Y/N’s knees grew weak, unexpectedly bringing the pair to the floor. “God, you’re such a dumbass, don’t you ever pull something like th-that again. I thought y-you were dead.” She pressed an innumerable many kisses all over his now tear streaked face. Nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Anywhere she possibly could.

“Si, si. Of course.” He replied, eyes closing as he rested his forehead against hers and then…

And the he kissed her, or… she kissed him? It didn’t matter really. What was really important was how charged with emotions it was. The emotions behind every tear she had shed since the tragedy of Midway City, every emotion Chato had felt since he woke up scorched and alone in a debris filled alley. Charged with a priceless happiness of two souls reuniting after months of grief. What was also important, was how, in being apart for so long, they were able to notice every little thing. Everything form the subtle taste of salt to the rough feel of his chapped lips, become to the perfect, practically choreographed movements of their lips, as if he had never left.

Maybe Zeus, or whatever entity looked down on them, had taken pity on these two and allowed them to be reunited or maybe it was something else entirely. When Y/N pulled away to look at her love though, it really didn’t matter. He was back, her devil was back in her arms where he belonged and his angel was back in his own. His deep brown, almost black eyes looked into hers and she smiled, sighing.

“You look absolutely terrible love… You’re going to take a shower and a nap, and then tell me everything.” She whispered, wiping the tears from under his black rimmed eyes. Eyes with sleepless bags underneath, obvious despite the ink.

He nodded, chuckling that she was already back to her normal, jokingly demanding ways. Warm calloused thumbs wiped away the last of her tears before he answered. “You ain’t looking so great either, mi amor. I think you should join me.” Chato helped her from the floor, barley letting her go for a second.

When the door clicked closed behind them it wasn’t a door closing, something ending. No, it was something just beginning again. They were awake and alive once again.


Shape of You

Hi guys! It’s really unbelievable for me that I post my writing in english. I write in hungarian since 2012 but this is my first time to translate something to english. I hope you will enjoy it and please be gentle because my first lenguage isn’t english and tried to do my best but I don’t know if it was enough. I hope it’s okay for you! Enjoy this little thing of mine!

Also wanted to say that this story has already two parts but only the first one is translated and If you liked this one just let me know and I translate the other one too! I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

Ps.: This first part is quite a personal one because the girl’s thoughts are my real thoughts and I am currently in the same situation as her… I just began my journey but I’m really enjoying it! Hope you don’t mind I wrote about it!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word count: 4404

Summary: Going to the gym have become an addiction to our reader. But it was a good one because she needed this. She wanted to get back her body, the control of it. She needed this… and one day when she had almost quit… she met someone.

Inspiration: When I first heard the song I was already in love with it… but when I saw the video… it was my ultimate motivation. I knew I had to write about it!

Please let me know what you think after reading this part! THANK YOU!

I knew this wouldn’t be easy but I also knew that I had done it before so I can and I will do it again. But this time with more insistence and more presence of mind. I have never been a skinny girl I was more a curvy one or even bigger than that. During my high school years I lost 45 pounds but after that I didn’t pay much attention to my meals and workouts so what I had lost then… I got it back. Even if I was healthy I didn’t felt good in my own skin.  I wasn’t mad at myself because I knew that I can do it again and now I have the real willpower and self-disclipne that will help me. When I started this again I knew that I needed this kind of constancy in my life. This was the only stable point in my days: going to the gym, every single day.

I don’t say that every single day I had the motivation and the smile on my face when I hit the treadmill or anything else in the gym but I knew it then and I know it now too that whenever I am able to do even a 20 minutes workout it’s more than nothing. I can do it, I can do it… it was my mantra.

I was spending my third year at the NYU. Before I lived in a little town but I always loved the spirit of New York and I really needed a change after my years at high school. I had to get out that ambience, that town because I felt I was choking there and that it was poisoning me constantly. My so-called friends, my family… everything made me want to leave.

This all happened 3 years ago. I had my own ups and downs but I always thought about myself as a positive girl, so when I had enough of the poison I decided to put myself first and get the control of my body back.

This decision was made 4 months ago after I got back to New York from my trip to my hometown where I had my worst days of my life… I felt really hopeless and I knew if I don’t figure it out soon how to get rid of this stress… it could end really bad.

During the last 4 months the gym, my workouts were my refuges and some kind of addiction but my body was really thankful for that. I really changed my lifestyle, I was on a quite strict diet but it was worth it (I needed that change because the things I was eating… was all trash).  Just after the end of my 4th month in the gym I checked my weight on the bathroom scales. 23 pounds were gone. I am not really a scale person because I don’t believe in numbers but this time it made me really happy… like I felt I could fly.

When I started all this and I was searching for a gym the most important thing for me was to find one that is not so popular. I don’t have problems with dealing with people I think I am a really friendly person I just wanted a real quiet place that was all. All I wanted that was to focus on myself and not anybody else.

As the days and months passed I worked up my own routine. When I got out of the dressing-room I put my headpones on and shut out the world. Sometimes I lost myself so much in the music that I started to dance or even sing a little bit. I didn’t care, other people opinion never bothered me. I did this for myself and this was the most important thing for me. It was my mission.

But today didn’t started the way I wanted and the problem wasn’t even that it was Monday. When I woke up I felt that I have zero motivation and I don’t want to get out of the bed… for a week. At least. I had no strenght and no humour. I was thinking about quitting this whole damn thing.

- You still here? – my roommate entered in my room with so much noise that if I would have been sleeping she would have woken me up. But I was not sleeping at all.

- As you can see. – I waved her then let my arm fall back to the pillows. I didn’t want to move at all.

- By this time… you usually are at the gym already… aren’t you? – she asked me and I pulled my cover to my face. I just couldn’t imagine that I would get out of this bed today.

- Hmmm… I have literally no motivation for life today. – I said and took my pillow to my face and screamed into it. I did not really know where I wanted to be.

- My darling… you are the one who finished her exams already and not me… I had 4 more to go… you have plenty of time doing whatever you want and I know that the gym became an obsession of yours these days and you don’t like to skip your workouts so… better get yourself together and get out of this bed. Anyway… I brought you some breakfast!- she said and she waited until I sticked out my head from under my pillow.

- Ohh… that’s so thoughtful!- I smiled at her and took my shaker from her hand. – You shouldn’t have… - I shook my head while I had my first sip, it was my favorite: strawberry-banana-milkshake. I rubbed my eyes once or twice and tried to believe that I don’t have bags under them. I knew I looked terrible… like somone who hasn’t slept the last few days… and it was only Monday.

- I would do anything instead of stuDYING… you can believe me… I was thinking about cleaning the windows… - she said with a disgusted face. It was quite a funny face… for me.

- When do have your exams today? – I asked her.

- One at  1 pm and the other one at 4 pm. – she replied and I saw that she is about to die. If she was thinking about cleaning the windows… she was really dying.

- Until that… you have plenty of time to clean the windows… - I said and I started to laugh and she inmediatly joined me. This is what friends are for… to make each other laugh. To make each other life better.

I knew that she don’t usually study on the day of the exams so she made herself other mission… and it was: motivating me. She got out of my bed, took my laptop and made a motivation playlist on my iTunes and even started to dance and asked me to do that too. And the mission was completed… when Shake it off by Taylor Swift came on… I couldn’t hold back my moves.

After our morning dance session I had enough motivation to leave our dormitory but when I arrived to the gym it was all gone. The gym stepper broke when I was at it and I almost fell of the treadmill… and my phone didn’t just almost fall. It really fell. I was so misarable I wanted to die.

- Is everything okay? – a familiar voice asked me when I was sitting on the floor trying to put my mobile back together. Just like a puzzle.

- Mmmm… sure… - I nodded and when I looked up to see who this unknown familiar guy was I almost had an heart attack. Like a real one… because the guy who stood next to me was Sebastian Stan.

- I’m glad to hear that. – he smiled and pulled back his baseball cap while wiping away his sweat from his forehead then he got on the treadmill next to me and continued this plan. Nobody bothered to ask me while I was almost crying on the floor… only he did this.

I thought that I should do the same thing but before that I had to stay alive… like I just had an inner heart attack. Sebastian f*cking Stan was in the same gym as I was. He could choose any fancy gyms in New York but he choose this one. What were the chances? My soul tumbled one and I just hoped really really strongly that my feelings were not on my face… just inside of me… in my mind.

After a few minutes I got up and looked in the mirror. There wasn’t anything strange on my face so I calmed down… I kept it cool and least I tried. I decided to get back on the treadmill but this time the only free one was the one next to Sebastian. I couldn’t believe it. I tried act normal and beside the first few minutes when I looked like a ghost I succeeded to focus on my cardio. Slowly my face turned quite red and started to sweat like a pig but somehow I liked it even if it was disgusting. I didn’t even realise that I spent more time on the treadmill than I usually did. Maybe the man next to me or his smile that I sometimes saw in the mirror kept me going. He was like a walking motivation.

I didn’t know that I will have ever a day quite like monday was but I didn’t care. I saw Sebastian Stan when I had no motivation and without even a word he helped me that rough time of mine. It was all magic I knew… even only with his presence he was capable to do this. That week I didn’t skipp not even once my workouts and I tried to do my best and even better than that. Maybe the reason of my energy was the fact that Seb returned to the gym every single day on that week. We didn’t speak at all. I didn’t have the courage and I kept the distance but sometimes I secretly looked in his way and what I saw always kept me going. His presence kept me going and thanks to him I didn’t give up.

May or may not I liked him a little… a more than a little. He was an amazing person, a talented actor and he was so down to earth. Sometimes the world of tumblr sucked me up and every single time I had to realise that this man can not be real, he had to be something supernatural.

I never deny that I am part of a generation with my twenty something years where the people live in a relationship with their phone. When I don’t have company I am usually on one of my social websites because I like these things. It’s really interesting that these sites help me a lot because everytime I see a post from one of my favorite artist, musician, actor who captured their time in gym or something like this it motivates me because I see that they are in the same situation as I am and for their health they have to do something too. They are real people just like us. It was a common point in our life. They knew that it was important what they communicate to the people, to their fans and their words, their actions, pictures could mean the world to someone, they really have the power to motivate a lot of people. This happened to me too.

I didn’t know what to hope… maybe that Seb was planning to move into the gym but this didn’t happened. After that miracle week he never showed up again. I expected that this was going to happen because I knew that he is an actor and he travels a lot because of the shootings but it happened too fast… I needed his presence. Maybe it was a silly thing of mine but I didn’t care but I also knew that the show must go on.

I kept his memory in my mind and everytime I felt bad and reminded myself that he was here and what a lucky girl I am that I shared with him the gym.

The next 4 months easily flew away and we were already in the middle of may. These days I was the happiest girl in the entire world because I finally reached my body goal. Like in the t-shirt that I brought to my first workout session I would fit like 4 times. This time I loved my body like never before. I felt really healthy and strong. I felt like I can beat anything and I can face everything. The best part of it was that I had to change almost my full closet because my clothes were to baggy. I loved this feeling.

- Even if the windows are open… this gym is like hell. I felt like I am next to Satan. I could blow up outside. – two girls walked in the dressing room when I was dressing up. – Hi. – they saluted me.

- Hi. – I said back and I decided hearing them that this time I won’t keep any t-shirt on myself and I put away my leggins too. It was my bravest outfit here… like ever. But I felt really confident about myself so wanted to surprise myself a bit so I just got a sports bra and a really short short.

After I finished my spring exams I was happily headed to the gym like I was dancing while stepping in here. I was so happy with everything that I could not imagine anything that could make this even better.

- Y/N… right? – just before I stepped outside one of the girls from before said my name. I inmediatly turned my way back to them.

-Right. – I nodded I tried to figure it out what they wanted from me while I was smiling so hard I couldn’t believe that that didn’t hurt me.

- You are unbelievable… the body you achieved… your transformation… wow. – one of them said and hearing this from strangers was one of the best thing in the world.

- Just a few weeks ago I started watching your workouts and all I can say is that even watching you I get exhausted… - the other one said this and started to laugh.

- Your are a real pro… We just saw your transformation picture on the wall. Congrats on that! – the blonde one said this and I didn’t really get what she was talking about. I thought that I was mistaken for someone else.

- Ohh… you didn’t know… - they were really surprised. – You should check it out… - they said and saying a quick goodbye I headed to the desk where I knew I could see what they are talking about.

And they were not lying. I was really on the motivation/transformation wall. I almost started crying because of my happiness. Seeing my before-after picture was surreal. 50 pounds minus.

- Wow… - all I could say was this.

- Ohh… Y/N. – the girl behind the desk just noticed that I was here. – I hope you are not mad that we put your picture out here without asking you… but we needed a freshening and we thought about you last night with the other girls so… We hope you don’t mind… If you do we can take it off right know. – she said but I shook my head. I was so moved by this and instantly felt so much energy in my body that I thought I was gonna explode… because of happiness of course.

- Don’t worry at all. All I can say is… thank you. It means a lot to me. – I smiled at her and almost flew to the mirrors where I warmed up my body for my running time. I felt like I could run the marathon.

Even after my long time on the treadmill my smile still was on my face. It was really permanent. I was so happy with the picture I saw in the mirror. I was kinda proud of myself.

When I jumped off the treadmill and started to stretch my legs someone from behind me touched me legs and I almost fell down. I only did it almost because this someone helped me avoid the falling with his body. And he not just helped me not to meet with the ground but he helped me stretch. My right leg was put next to my head on the wall.

- I hope you don’t mind… - he said getting even closer to my back and felt real goosebumps on every part of body. EVERY DAMN PART.

If I said that this place was hell before now… it was hell multiplied by infinity. I was about to start burning.

- Ohmmm… nope. – I muttered with a shaking voice and slowly let my leg down and turned around just to do the same thing with my other leg but this time I had to face him. I had to face Sebastian. He was here. He was back. Specifically right next to my body. I even forgot to get a heart attack.

- I saw you arriving… I couldn’t believe my eyes. – he explained and without any hesitation he helped me strechted my other leg and arm. – You did a really amazing job with your body. – he looked at me up and down with a real big smile. I think my face got a new shade of red while he was doing this. – Ohh… I am so rude… I didn’t even introduced myself… Sebastian Stan. - he said and lent his hand to mine. When our hands touched I almost died inside. I didn’t know what was happening to me. My body have go to an unknown place.

- Y/N. – I said quitely and closed my eyes. I was certain about that one of my nightmares became reality and I fell one of the weights on my head and I was already black-out. This could not happen.

- It’s kinda cute when you blush… - he said and smiled at me. When I opened my eyes he were still there. In front of me.

- I just trying to get my lungs back. – I explained and I didn’t really know what to do now… like run away or something?

- By chance… do you want to stretch with me a little more and after that workout together. I just got back to the city yesterday and my workout buddies aren’t here yet. – he asked me smiling and… I almost died. Almost died inside. How supposed to answer to that? Is there somebody who could say no to this?

- Ohmmm… - I couldn’t find the right words. I didn’t even now where my head is.

- Oh God… Shit… I didn’t want to scare you. – he smiled at me shyly and ran his fingers through his freshly cut hair. When he was here months before he had much longer hair but it was all gone. – I just really find you an inspirational person… I saw your picture on the wall and wow… you are quite amazing. What a strength, a real commitment! – he admitted and in that moment I didn’t really know that I wanted… to put myself in the ground or go to heaven inmediatly.

- Me? Inspirational? – I started to laugh like a little kid. It was really awkward. – You were the one that helped me no to stop this whole thing… when you appeared here months before I was about to quit the whole thing… and you gave me so much energy… you could not believe. – when I started to say these things I inmediatly regreted it.– Oh Jesus Christ…I just talked too much.  I am so sorry… I didn’t… - shook my head, picked up my towel and my water and just wanted to go as far from here as much I could. – I’m such an idiot. – I told myself when I felt fingers around me wrist.

- Just slow down a little bit… - he span me a little just to face him… this time I met his body again. His chest. I thought that I could not be in a more awkward situation… I was wrong. - … so you remembered me? You were thinking about me? – in his words I heard his smile that was on his face. I coulnd’t look at him, I was so scared.

- I think I just gave myself away… - muttered myself quitly and I didn’t know which situation was worse… the one I was currently in where I only could see his sculpted body because of the sweat that soaked his t-shirt or the other one (which didn’t happened yet) where I looked into his eyes. I was out of control. I knew that my workout for today was over because if I would done anything after this I would probably die… at least.

- Good… because you were on my mind a lot while I was away… it was a really long 4 months… really, really long.  – when he said this I started to laugh. This could not happen, I thought. – What is so funny? – he asked and I don’t know how he made me look into his eyes. It was all magic.

- This is unbelievable… the biggest lie on the planet. – I rolled my eyes still laughing.

- You think I’m lying? – he didn’t get my reaction.

- Or you just bumped your head somewhere. – I told him a much more realistic explanation.

- A-a… - he shook his head and put his fingers in his hair. – It’s quite unbelievable that you don’t believe me… and now… I will convince you that I would never lie to you… never. –he said and pulled my hand in his and started to go to that separeted part of the gym where all the mattresses, boxing bagges and these type of stuff were.

- I am done for today. – I was so glad that he finally stopped.

- Now… I know that you are lying.  – he said and I think he thought that he knows everything. He was quite confident now but it was rare… not because he wouldn’t had reason to be but this was different.

- I changed. People change. – I said back and I shocked myself too that I was this fast at feedback.

- Nice try. – he said and pulled off the towel from my hand and first he looked and the ground than at me… and he repeated this a few times.

- You don’t usually give up… don’t you? – I asked him. I was a really headstrong girl and not even a bit naiv or stupid. I always knew when something was a lie.

- I know that you don’t want me to give up… I know it well. – he said with such a confidence that I started to laugh… again. – I’m glad that I can make laugh a beautiful girl like you. – he said and then I was really shocked. People don’t usually say this kind of things to me. Especially not men…. or when they do they make it as a joke. They don’t know the real meaning of the word, its weight. Sometimes I think about myself as a beautiful girl… but only in my head. I don’t usually say it out loud.

- If I am willing to be you workout buddy… will you shut up? – I proposed an option that surprised me as well. I should’ve gone already… what the hell am I doing right now?

- Maybe… - he thought about it a bit with a childish smile and before I fell to to ground because of my heart attack I sat down without getting any injury. He just wanted to stretch a bit and  do a workout. I can make that. I tought. - … don’t panic… it’s just me… - he went to my back and put his hand on my lower part and started to pull me forwards carefully.

- Ohh… - the sound that left my mouth was not for this place. – Ohhh… - I couldn’t hold it back. He continued what he was doing and it felt amazing. I felt my muscles calm down even the ones that I had no idea that existed.

- Tranquilly… just let it out… - he whispered this in my ear and I couldn’t do anything but oblige him. It was quite pornographic… I mean the sounds were. When he disappeared from behind me I almost cried out loud. Maybe not just almost. I will dig myself to the ground. I knew it. – Take it easy… I’m right here. – he said and I inmediatly knew he was in front of me. He sat down, straddled just like me, got my hands and pulled me forward for his way. I had to bite my lips not to cry out load. It was again that phornographic sound… and feeling. After a few moments I did the same with him and he let it out the same sounds. I blushed. There was a moment where I thought that what would it be like to pull his body to mine… just to cover me. I had to wake up from this dream.

- Do you want to try something new? Do you trust me? – he asked and when he stood up he helped me to get up too. His touch made me almost die. I will not survive this day.

- I am all yours. – spread my arms and when I realised what I just said I had to turn him my back and get a deep breath. Can I just disappear right now? – Can we just forget what I said? – said to him when I was facing him again. I really hoped that he would say yes.

- Nope… - he shook his head frimly and his lips formed a really wild smile.

- Excuse me… what?

- Not just we will not forget this… but I will remind you again… and again… and again… that you are all mine… all mine

Not My Fault (Zahra/Craig drabble)

Book: Endless summer


Rating: T

Shipping: Zahra x Craig

“I can’t BELIEVE you!” Zahra said running into her room. She tried to close her door but he entered right after her.

“Zahra, please–”

“What the FUCK did I just see, Hsiao?” She complained “You were making out with that… with that… whatever the fuck that whore’s name was!”

She turned around, couldn’t stand to look at him. Silence fell between them.

He snapped at her “Well what the fuck did you expect?!”

She turned back around, anger boiling in her. “Excuse me?!”

“Yeah! Maybe if you put the tiniest bit of effort into our… whatever we have together! I wouldn’t give in!”

“Oh, so I’M too blame, huh?!” She said while gritting her teeth and picking up a fist sized glass figurine and throwing it at him. He dodged it making the object shatter against the wall.

“Get out! I can’t look at you!” She hid her face in her palms.

“… it’s over.”

“What?” He whispered.

“Leave my dorm… right now, get OUT!” She screamed, tears welling up in her eyes. He approached her and took her hands in his. She kept pushing him away until he pressed her elbows against her body, rendering her immobile.

She stared at him. His expression was soft and concerned.

“Zahra I–” He started but couldn’t continue… he had no excuses.

She looked away to hide the tear running down her cheek.

“Leave me…”

They stood in silence for another minute.

He shook his head “Fine…”

He let her go and headed towards the door, slamming it shut after himself.

She set on her bed, burying her head in her hands once again.

“Okay… calm down, Zahra… who even IS he to make you cry?” She wiped her face.

“Pfft, I didn’t put effort into the relationship… Fuck him…” She lied down, facing the wall.

“It’s not my fault…”


She was in the comfort of her new, 5 floor “home”. It was a very large mansion. Gift from her new “boss”. She despised it, along with everything associated with him. But she was forced to love it.

She put on a silk, purple robe that came in the closet. She didn’t want to wear it at all. But she WAS watched at all times. Despite the fact that she hacked into almost all the cameras Rourke sat up in her mansion, a couple were still functional.

It was past midnight. She was in her bed. But sleep never came peacefully to her anymore. Her eyes were fluttering close when she heard a loud noise outside her bedroom. It made her jump.

She picked up her trusty knife and made her way towards the huge hall outside her bedroom.

“I ain’t calling out ‘hello’ for you bastard.” She whispered.

She stood in the middle of the vast, looking around to find the source of the noise. She jumped when she felt something brush against her legs.

Zahra looked down to see her black cat nuzzle against her feet. She got it to not feel lonely.

“Hey, you…” She said, petting it. “Were you the source of that noise? little troublemaker, heh…” She laughed.

“Hey, Z.” She gasped in surprise after hearing that and turned around to see him

“Craig…” Zahra dropped her knife and walked back until she hit a wall, her hands pressed against it in terror. She shook her head. “No no no… You’re not real…”

“You’re dead

She closed her eyes and walked back to her bedroom, shutting the door… But he already reappeared there.

He shrugged “Bummer…”

“Why are you… doing this to me..?” She cried “Or rather why am I doing this to myself…”

“Hey… don’t cry… Are you… afraid of me?” He asked

She laughed weakly, wiping her eyes. “No … How can I be?”

As her laugh disappeared, she was back to tears. She slided down her bedroom door

He moved to sit down next to her. “You’re crying again…”

“Because you’re not actually here…” She whispered.

“Hell yeah I am! Right… here” he said putting his hand on her chest.

He hugged her but she resisted. “Leave me… please…”

“I did that once already… not anymore…”

Zahra cupped Craig’s face in her hands. Stroking his cheek. But suddenly she felt liquid drip from her hands to the floor, she looked down to see the red drops on the ground… She looked back and saw Craig, his face bloodied, a huge gash on his forehead.

Zahra sat upright, awakened by her own scream, panting and sweating heavily “Just… as I thought… a nightmare… again…” She hugged her knees to her chest, crying with tears running down her face. “It’s my fault… Everything is my fault…” She rubbed her face and looked at the time.

“Well… I guess sleeping past 4 am is not an option for me anymore.” She picked up her phone and entered a secret file and clicked on a video and Craig’s smiling face appeared.

“Here I am after my first victory in the football team… WOOHOO, are you proud of me, mom?”

Zahra chuckled, stroking her phone screen

“I don’t know about your mom, but I’m sure proud of you.” Her old, blond, pink sweater wearing self appeared in the frame.

“Ooooh, here’s my number one fan!” He wrapped an arm around her. Her blond self pulled a funny duck-face and winked at the camera

“Does the victor deserve a triumphant kiss?” He asked playfully tapping his own cheek and Zahra laughed turning his face towards hers.

“Sure does.” She pressed her lips against his in a tender kiss. When they broke it he smiled at her like an idiot then at the camera.

“I love my girl.”

She replayed that part over and over, tears still flowing.

“I love you too… And I should have told you that before–” She inhaled sharply to keep herself from breaking down again.

“Don’t worry, Craig…” she said looking at her laptop. “I’ll avenge you…”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: OKAAAAAAAAY so… I have TOO many feelings after Zahra’s idol… so this will be ONE of the fics that I will post for this ultimate OTP. Hope you enjoy this one!! also does this qualify as a drabble idek

if you wanna find love then you know where the city is (taeyang x reader)

Hey guys its’s admin b,, it’s definitely been a whilie since i posted but i was in such a drought i didn’t know how or what to write, sorry. This was requested so i hope y’all enjoy it. 

Member(s): taeyang

Genre: angst/fluff

Word count: 1.3k

“Taeyang?” You call out into the relatively small apartment complex. It’s moderately quiet and dark, the only sounds and light coming from the running refrigerator and outside. You walk through the living room, looking around aimlessly and checking the kitchen for your boyfriend, who’s nowhere to be seen.

“Taeyang, are you here?”

Knocking on his bedroom door, you push it open, finding nothing but a messy bed, unorganized clothes, and trash spread all over the floor. He probably hadn’t cleaned since the last you were over, which was more than a week ago. You sigh, turning around to leave when you notice the bathroom door shut but a light peeking out through the bottom. You slowly walk over and knock, softly calling out Taeyang’s name. It stays silent so you decide to try the knob. Surprisingly, it turns and the door opens with ease. You’re blinded by a bright light momentarily. Your eyes finally focus and land on the bathtub directly in front of you. 

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[ a/n: my contribution to day 1 of @klangst-week is a bit late! but without further ado, here it is! ] 

title: ghosting
words: 3,080
prompt: unrequited pining/unrequited love
rating/genre: T for language, angst

This must be what survival feels like, Keith thinks. Like ragged breathing and thrashing around to no avail, bruises blooming and cuts stinging. It must be what it feels like to tread water for hours or to feel smoke, thick and chalky in your chest, before you suffocate. And somehow it’s satisfying. Somehow the distraction is worth the fire spreading through his lungs and the swollen stiffness setting in his limbs. But then he’s thrown against the floor again, collapsing ungracefully, and it feels like the knobs in his spine are grinding against each other.

His jaw clenches as he loosens his grip on his sword. There’s a soreness coiled tight in his knuckles that he’s just now deciding to acknowledge. Making it to level seven should feel like an accomplishment, but he put his mind on autopilot halfway through level four.

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Cleaning Sickness

@taylor-tut here’s the plance sickfic

Lance was the oldest of seven children, and that came with particular responsibilities that meant being a role model and doing his chores.
His mother took “cleanliness is next to godliness” to heart. Her house washed kept in good condition for having nine people living in it.
Lance had washed clothes, mended blankets, swept and scrubbed floors, and wiped throw up more times than he could count.
Another thing that fell on his shoulders was making sure everything got done, so if someone slacked off, he would tack up the slack.
In the castle, he almost lost his mind. None of the others knew how to clean. Lance almost cried about a week in because of how dirty everything was getting.
He had talked with Allura and Coran about a chore schedule, and they had each day set out for who did what.
Today had started with sniffles which had been forgotten when Lance saw the state of the castle. It was bad, so he set out to get it clean.
He had just finished and felt awful his head pounded, and he felt wobbly legged.
Blue urged him to rest, but everything was so loud each noise was a stab. He just wanted to find someplace quiet.
Lance grabbed some extra pillows and blankets even though it hurt to move.
He curled up in Blue and dozed for a little while.
Allura was on the warpath the paladins had forgotten to work on their teamwork. She found everyone except Lance.
The others were called on a search fo Lance.
Coran was the one to find Lance and bring him to the living room.
Allura stepped forward with self-righteous rage,“Where were you? In your Lion forgetting about your obligations to your team and Voltron.”
“Yeah Lance, I know you like to relax, but you needed to come do bonding with us,” added Hunk.
Keith merely scowled and muttered,“He’s always a flake.”
Shiro took a gentler approach, “Lance you need to be there for the team.”
Pidge had been quiet observing Lance, and he seemed to be trying to say something.
“Guys shut up for a moment he’s trying to say something,” ordered Pidge, “Lance what is it?”
His eyes flickered to the others,“Can I talk to you,” he whispered.
“Guys give us a moment Lance, and I need to speak alone.”
When the others were gone Lance finally spoke,“It hurts everything hurts.”
Pidge placed her small hand on his forehead,“My God Lance you’re burning up!”
At her exclamation Shiro and Keith reentred concerned.
Pidge felt frantic,“Tell Coran to get the med bay ready now!”
Shiro rushed out while Keith grabbed a thermometer. A couple of minutes later it read 101 degrees.
Lance was whimpering when Shiro returned with Coran who had brought the Altean version of morphine and penicillin.
Coran told them,“We need to get him to the infirmary, but he is in so much pain that he needs to be asleep when we do.”
Pidge couldn’t leave, but she felt awkward trying to take care of Lance. Lance’s eyes were drifting shut,“Thank you, love.”
Keith looked at her,“How much do you bet he won’t remember this?”
“Knowing Lance, it’s almost assured.”

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

 Prompt: The highly requested, next part of the Baby Fever saga. Part One can be found here

 Mentions: None.

 Warnings: Cursing.

 Preview: “I am so happy you guys brought Lynde over, she is absolutely beautiful but could you give Y/N and me a moment.” The cracknells quickly excused themselves. Theresa giving you a quick kiss to the cheek. “Everything will be fine” she whispered. You prayed she was right.

 Characters: 607 words.

Looking for the Masterlist? It’s over Here

Originally posted by gfhockey

Tyler had dropped the glass of water he was holding and it shattered all over your kitchen floor.

You quickly walked over to clean it up.

“Don’t.” Tyler snarled.

You stopped in your tracks, the simple tone of Tyler’s voice frightened you.

Tyler didn’t take his eyes off you.

 “I am so happy you guys brought Lynde over, she is absolutely beautiful but could you give Y/N and me a moment.”

 The Cracknells quickly excused themselves. Theresa giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. “Everything will be fine” she whispered. You prayed she was right.

 Tyler was still staring at you or staring at your stomach to be more specific. The silence in the room was overwhelming.

 “Why didn’t you tell me?” Tyler questioned suddenly as he took a step closer to you.

 “Tyler let me clean up the glass, you or the dogs are going to cut yourself. Please just let me… “

Goddammit Y/N! I could care less about the fucking glass. Why didn’t you tell me?” He yelled causing you to jump.

 “Tyler, I..” you sputtered out not being able to find the words.

 “Answer the damn question Y/N.”

 “I was afraid okay! Is that what you want to hear?” you finally responded, unable to take any more from him.

 “Why in the hell would you be afraid to tell me about my own damn child Y/N/?” he demanded.

 “We never talked about it! We never talked about Marriage or Kids. I didn’t know if you even wanted those things with me. And after your comment to Adam, It made that, even more, the case.” You responded walking up the stairs.

 It broke your heart when you realized Tyler had not followed you. You took this as the final nail in the coffin that was you and Tyler’s relationship.

 You walked straight into the walk-in closet and grabbed the biggest piece of luggage you could find. You started throwing as many pieces of clothing you could fit into your bag. You wouldn’t need most of them soon anyway.

 You were still angrily stuffing things in your luggage when the bedroom door opened.

 You ignored him and continued to sit cross-legged on the closet floor. Tyler came and sat across from you pulling the luggage from your grip against your protests. He slid the bag to the other side of the closet. He pulled you into your lap and you finally allowed the sobs to leave your lips.

 You sat there for a few moments in his arms just allowing yourself to let go everything you had been holding on to since the moment you found out you were pregnant. You didn’t know what was going to happen from here but you were just reveling in the moment.

 Tyler suddenly spoke up.

 “I want everything with you. I want you to be in my life, I want you to have my kids. This isn’t something we planned, but I suddenly couldn’t be more thrilled. We are having a baby, Y/N. A little baby Seguin.” He smiled almost in your tears, rubbing your stomach.

 Suddenly the tears became happy ones. You both continued to sit on the closet floor laughing and wiping the tears from each other’s eyes. The dogs were soon to join you, peppering kisses to both of your faces. The giggles continued. You prayed the baby had that same giggle their father processed.

 Tyler looked down at you, “If it’s a boy, can we name him Stanley?”

 That made you laugh even harder.

Not so broken - part 1 (pack mom)

The sound of pots and pans clanging together came from inside the kitchen of the Hale loft. Y/N and Derek were cleaning up after feeding their little but growing family a warm hearty meal. It didn’t take long for Derek confess to her that she was his mate and that he couldn’t live without her and after finding out that Y/N felt the same, they were officially a couple and soon the packs betas adopted her as their pack mother as she would always be there to feed them, cheer them up and nurse them back to health after battles. Y/N moved into the Hale loft shortly afterwards to be with Derek and be the pack mother the betas wanted her to be with her grasping the events of the supernatural world quickly. She loved being with the love of her life and even taking care of the betas. Specifically Liam and Isaac. Liam had adopted her as his official mother from the very beginning he was bitten but Isaac was still new to the whole “family” setting and often grew quite nervous around the love and kindness she radiated even though he deeply appreciated it.

It had been 2 weeks since Isaac had officially been staying with the Hales and he was grateful to be in a loving family setting again even though it was difficult for him to adjust. He was currently sat in the living room watching some tv show with Liam but it didn’t seem to capture his interest so instead he got up and walked over to Y/N as he saw her cleaning up after dinner.
“Can I help?” offered Isaac shyly standing beside her giving her a small smile as she cleared the table with Derek’s help as he collected the dirty plates and headed in to the kitchen.
“You don’t have to, sweetie. I’ll take care of it”, she smiled at him.
“You can give me chores to do since I’m not exactly a guest anymore”, he told her shrugging. She nodded and understood thinking it was very sweet he wanted to help.
“Can you take the glasses in to the kitchen and place them in the sink for me, honey?”, she asked flashing a loving smile at him. He nodded and picked up the glasses heading into the kitchen. Moments later, a loud shattering noise echoed across the loft and it took Y/N seconds to respond as she jumped from being startled by the sudden noise but then dashed in to kitchen followed by Liam.

Y/N walked into the kitchen to find shards of broken glass on the floor to which Isaac was leaning over shaking and crying as he frantically began picking up the pieces of broken glass. Derek had bent down and laid a comforting hand on Isaac’s shoulder to which he didn’t like and shuffled away panting his back hitting the kitchen wall as curled up trying to protect himself.
“Oh my god, Isaac”, gasped Y/N as she went over to kneel beside him.
“Mom, what’s going on?” Asked Liam as he walked into the kitchen.
“Liam, go inside. There’s broken glass in here”, she instructed him.
“But momma…” he replied wanton her attention.
“Liam, Isaac needs momma right now. Go inside, I don’t want you to hurt yourself”, she told him again but he ignored her and stood by watching the exchange between her and the way she took care of Isaac as jealousy began to mask him.
She knelt down beside him looking at the blood on his hand where the glass had cut him seeing the wounds had almost healed but the blood was dried and still present.
“Isaac…” she began softly knowing he was in a very vulnerable state right now and had to be careful. She instructed Derek to clean up the broken shards of glass which he did quickly and stood on the other side of the kitchen opposite of his girlfriend comforting Isaac to give them room as he watched carefully just in case Isaac did shift unexpectedly.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.”, he mumbled repeating himself as he had his hands up to defend himself from whatever torture he knew followed if he was punished.
“It was an accident. Please don’t punish me”, he sobbed curling up.
“Isaac, honey. It’s ok, it’s ok. It was an accident”, she reassured him speaking softly. She went to take him in her arms but he flinched away and his breathing got heavier and his anxiety began to rise dangerously.

Every other sound was blocked out other than the old memories that began to flood back into Isaac’s mind. The time his dad threw a glass at him and missed but a shard of glass still managed to cut his cheek and how even though he’d dropped a glass as an accident he was punished by being locked in the rusty old freezer that sat waiting for him in the basement of his old home.
“It’s ok, honey. You’re safe. Just concentrate on your breathing for me. Take deep breaths in and out. In and out”, she told him demonstrating so he’d follow her. He began calming down slowly and closed his eyes focusing on controlling his breathing doing as she had demonstrated and slowly began gently stroking his cheek with her thumb to soothe him. He whined when she pulled her hand away from the loving gesture that was working to calm him down.

After knowing it was safe to use physical contact with him to calm him down, she didn’t hesitate to move forward and take Isaac into her warm loving arms.
“Come here, honey. It’s ok. I’m right here”, she smiled holding her arms open for him to which he gladly hugged her holding on to her tight. She adjusted Isaac in her arms so his head was against her shoulder meaning his ear was over her heart so he could listen to her heartbeat. She began running her fingers lightly through his messy golden curls.
“I’m so sorry”, he continued to sob and pant and she felt him tighten his grip around her not wanting to let go.
“Isaac, baby. Listen to me. It’s Y/N. It’s Momma and you’re safe here. You’re at the Hale loft with me, Derek and Liam.”, she spoke softly reassuring him. He continued to shake in her arms. Seeing him like this broke her heart. Isaac was a sweetheart and didn’t deserve any of the inhumane torture his father put him threw.
“Isaac, look at me, baby. I know it was an accident. You didn’t mean it. It’s ok, it’s just glass. It can be replaced”, she continued to calm him down by rocking him in her arms and gently stroking the hair on the back of his head before leaning down and placing a kiss to his forehead.
“I’m sorry”, he sniffled holding on to her.
“I know, baby. It’s ok, I promise. You’re safe here with us. No ones going to hurt you”, she told him wiping away his tears.
“No freezer?”, he asked almost whispering too scared.
“No baby, never again. You’re safe here with us”, she continued to tell him and placed another loving kiss to his forehead.

Liam stood with arms folded over his chest and was pouting like a jealous toddler of all the attention Isaac was getting from Y/N. He’d been staying with them for two weeks and already she dotted on looking after him doing practically everything for him.
“Let’s go inside, baby. The kitchen floor isn’t too comfortable, is it?”, she asked him getting up and holding onto Isaac and taking him into the living room walking past Liam who glared at Isaac.

They sat on the floor near the fireplace on the large comfy floor cushions. Y/N sat down first and Isaac was pressed against her side as he held on to her with his head resting against her shoulder as she had his arms wrapped around him as she held him close placing a kiss to his forehead and playing his golden ringlets as she continued to hush him in her arms. They stayed like that for a while with Isaac still holding on to her until she noticed his eyes fluttering shut. The outburst had tired him out. The poor thing.
“Isaac, honey. Let’s get you into bed. If you fall asleep, momma won’t be able to carry you”, she told him placing a loving kiss to his forehead as he began to whine as she got up out of their comfortable position.
“Momma, will you come kiss me goodnight?”, asked Liam looking up at her with his big blue eyes. As soon as she got up and let go of Isaac, he immediately went to hug her wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling into her chest.
“Let me get Isaac settled first, hun”, she told him untangling herself from his grip and went to take Isaac’s hand ushering him up the stairs to his new room.
“But momma…” he trailed off sadly watching her look after Isaac.
“I miss her too, pup”, spoke up Derek as he stood behind Liam and put a comforting hand on his shoulder as he leaned into his touch.
“But she’s mine, I don’t want to share”, he pouted.
“First of all, she is mine and second, she’s the pack mother. You’re going to have to learn to share, pup and even try to mask your jealousy”, he told him causing Liam to blush. He knew he’d been a little jealous but he forgot that Derek would have picked it up and have known about it the very second Isaac stepped into the loft.

Y/N tucked Isaac into bed and laid down beside him gently stroking his cheek as he nuzzled closer to her.
“Y/N?” he asked looking up at her.
“You know you can call me momma too, right?”, she told him and she kissed his cheek. He nodded shyly.
“Momma”, he whispered too shy to say it aloud as blush spread across his cheeks. Y/N found it adorable the way he blushed.
“Yes, baby?”, she replied.
“I’m too scared to sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I’m scared all this will be a dream and I’ll wake up back in the freezer”, he told her, his eyes tear glazed.
“Will you feel better if I stayed with you tonight?” She asked him. She saw him look away and a light pink blush spread across his cheek.
“Don’t be embarrassed, honey. Liam asks me too and it makes me happy knowing that you both need me because I’ll always be here for you”, she smiled at him and kissed his forehead getting up and heading out the room into Liam’s bedroom to check on the youngest beta.

She sat down beside Liam and placed a loving kiss on his forehead. As she got up to leave, she felt a little tug on her shirt and turned to see him awake.
“Hey stranger”, she smiled at him gently brushing his hair away from his face and kissed his nose which always made him blush adorably as he hid his face against his duvet.
“I miss you, momma”, he mumbled shyly looking up at her.
“I’ve always been here, silly. I’ll always be here for you, baby”, she told him bopping his nose. She knew Liam hated any form of childish treatment towards him but she couldn’t help herself sometimes as it would end up with him blushing furiously or just pouting adorably.
“Thank you for being patient today, honey. You know how much Isaac needed momma today. I love you”, she told him holding him close and placing a kiss to his forehead. Liam felt a pang of guilt in the pit of his stomach. He knew he’d been jealous and slowly pushing the limit to a point where Derek even picked up on it but Y/N. She was full of so much love and kindness that even though Liam had been acting out, out of jealousy she brushed it off and still praised him. He didn’t deserve such a kind and loving supernatural mom like Y/N.
“Ok get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning”, she smiled at him letting him lay down and tucking him in before placing one last kiss to his cheek before she left the room.

Y/N headed back to her room to find Derek already in bed silently reading one of the unfinished books that sat on his bedside table from days before.
“Hey”, she smiled at him as she went over and placed a deep kiss to his lips.
“How is he?”, he asked from behind his glasses as he watched her change into her nightwear.
“He’s doing better. A little shaken up”, she told him as she changed into her nightwear which was usually just her in her underwear and collecting Derek’s shirts. She loved the way it fit her like an oversized dress and smelt just like him. It made nights away from easier. She crawled into bed next to him as he wrapped one of his muscly arms around her pulling her closer to him and placed a kiss to her forehead. She sat next to him for a few minutes just talking to him before telling Derek that Isaac wanted her beside him.
“Those betas are lucky that you’re the pack mom”, he growled pulling her closer to him and pressed a long chaste kiss to her lips and then peppering kisses along her jaw and neck.
“Not now, Derek”, she mumbled but couldn’t but melt with the way his velvet lips felt against her skin each time he pressed a warm kiss to her body. Things were getting heated quite quickly but there was a knock at the door causing Derek to growl and release his grip.
“It’s Isaac, he needs you”, he told her. The door opened to reveal a timid Isaac.
“I’m coming, honey”, she told him getting up but Derek took hold of her wrist and pulled her towards him pressing one last kiss to her lips before growling “tomorrow” under his breath. She smiled and nodded before exiting their bedroom.

She’d have to make it up to him.

Love Triangle

Warnings: Fainting, Strong language

“It’s four in the morning and all I can think about is how happy I am when I’m with you.”


You danced around their kitchen singing your favorite song off key, waiting for the pancake to cook so you could flip it. Grayson had given you one of his hoodies to wear so you didn’t spill anything on your top. The hoodie was too big for you, stopping at the middle of your thighs.

“Y/n, when is dinner going to be ready?” Ethan whined from the living room. Rolling your eyes, you continue to dance; ignoring his cries from the other room. You flipped the pancake when it looked perfectly golden.

You sang and danced until the last pancake was done. “Dolans! Dinner is ready!” You hollered, immediately followed by the boys fumbling into the dining room. They sat down at the table as you placed their plates in front of them.

You noticed Grayson staring at you, a cute smile upon his lips. “You’re so pretty, Y/n.” He sighed, still smiling. Your cheeks turned bright pink and you quickly looked away.

“Thank you, Gray.” You muttered, sitting down between the twins. The air felt insanely thick as you watched the Ethan stare at Grayson, a look of anger plastered on his face. “What’s going on, Eth?” You questioned, placing your hand on his. His face eased up a bit as he took a deep breath.

“I like you, Y/n.” Grayson blurted and your eyes widened.

“What the fuck, Gray?” Ethan yelled, pushing his chair away from the table. “I literally just told you I like her!” You sat there frozen, unable to move at all.

“I liked her first!” Grayson retorted, standing as well. Your heart was beating a mile a minute and you were sure your cheeks were firetruck red. Two of the most gorgeous boys you knew were fighting over you.

“It doesn’t matter! You shouldn’t have fucking said anything, Grayson. What the hell happened to bro code?” Ethan stepped towards Grayson, cracking his knuckles. You sucked in a deep breath and stood, finally snapping out of your shocked state.

“Stop! Both of you! Just stop it!” But they didn’t, they weren’t paying any attention to you. They were screaming in each other’s faces. You tried to break them apart, but nothing was working. Suddenly, the room began to spin and you felt hot. “Guys?” You whispered before everything went black and you fell to the floor.

“Y/n?” They asked in unison, running to aid you.

“Look what you fucking did, Ethan!” Grayson yelled, grabbing your hand.

“Me? What did I do?!” He sat down, placing your head in his lap. “Get some cold water, Grayson.” He ordered his brother. Grayson grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to Ethan.

He poured a little water onto your face, receiving an almost immediate reaction.

Your eyes opened and you began to heavily pant. “What happened?” You asked, wiping your face with the sleeve of Gray’s hoodie. Ethan explained what happened as the memories hit you in the face like a ton of bricks. Your cheeks reddened again. You stood quickly, needing to leave.

You grabbed your purse and headed for the door, and before either of them knew what you were doing, you were gone. “Way to go, Grayson, you scared her away.” Ethan shook his head.

Grayson scoffed, “Me?”

“You’re the one who told her.”


You laid in bed for hours after you arrived home; thinking about the events that occurred just hours before. You tried sleeping, but your thoughts kept you up. Before you knew it, it was already four in the morning.

“Why did they do this?” You mumbled into the darkness of your room. The twins had been your best friends for over two years, and sure, you may or may not have had a tiny crush on one of them. Okay, definitely not tiny.

You hadn’t talked to either of them since you ran out of their place. You were grateful that they hadn’t tried to contact you; you needed a little time to think.

You were pulled from your thoughts by the sound of your phone buzzing. Who would be texting you at this hour?

Grayson: It’s four in the morning and all I can think about is how happy I am when I’m with you.

You smiled at the message before clicking the call button. It rang a few times before he answered.

“Hi.” He whispered. Your heart fluttered.

“Hi,” You repeated. “What’re you doing up?”

“I needed to talk to you, Y/n. Will you let me in?”

“What? You’re here?” You heard shuffling on his end of the phone, then a few knocks on your front door. You climbed out of bed and made your way to the front door, phone still pressed against your ear. Looking through the peephole, you smiled. Grayson stood there grinning as he held his phone to his ear.

Unlocking and opening the door, you ended the call. He did the same, placing the phone in his sweatpants pocket. He pulled you into a tight hug, sighing as he did so. “I really like you, Y/n. And I know you like me too, or we wouldn’t be doing this right now. You wouldn’t have let me in.”

“What if I was asleep when you sent that text? Would you have waited until I woke up?” Your question was mainly asked as a joke, but part of you really wanted to know.

“I would have waited. I would wait the rest of my life for you.” You pulled away from him, looking into his eyes. He slowly leaned in, connecting your lips. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling yourself closer to him; wanting to be as close to him as possible.

He pulled away moments later, resting his forehead on yours. “I knew you liked me.” He smirked and you giggled.

“You’re right, Grayson. I do.” He smiled, kissing you on your forehead. “Come lay with me, maybe we’ll finally be able to sleep.”

You fell asleep almost immediately. Your breathing had slowed as you dozed off into a deep sleep. “Goodnight, Y/n. Sweet dreams.” Grayson kissed your cheek just before falling asleep himself.


Thank you @grethansdolans for helping me with this! Probably wouldn’t have done it without you!

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yo kia. i gots some headcanons sasuke's very good housewife material i would imagine. he's a very clean/methodical person due to how strict his parents were. he hated cleaning, but would do it religiously after the massacre because that's what they like :'( he's also a great cook because he had to learn himself shortly after. he's terrible at first but learns through trial and error. imagine hinata's surprise when she's finds the house always clean and a full course meal after getting together

I…had a mighty need but Anon, if you want something done you gotta do it yourself. Unfortunately I have little impulse control when it comes to SasuHina.


She wasn’t sure if she should knock or just walk inside…because he did give her a key to his apartment but– she never used it. Part of it was embarrassment and the other part he was usually at her place.

Her mission had been completed early and she wanted to surprise him…

Her fist hovered over the door for a few moments. Totally unnecessary and terrible scenarios flashed through her mind. What if he was cheating on her? What if she was in there right now? What if…

She dropped her fist and sighed. She was being foolish. Hinata stared at the keys in her hands and fumbled a bit until she found his.

The young woman opened the door and was greeted with smell of cleaning lemon and…

Her boyfriend was standing over the stove. He had on…an apron?

His apartment was spotless. Seriously…it almost felt too clean to be in. Everything was black and white in his living room except the dark wooden floors. He had a centerpiece on his coffee table and splash painted pictures hanging perfectly on the walls. His television was on mute but nature sounds was playing from his entertainment center.

“Whoa,” she quickly took off her shoes, almost forgetting that her feet ached like crazy.

He turned to her with a lifted brow. “What?” He wiped his hands on his apron before turning down the stove.

“Your…place,” she mumbled. Way nicer than hers…he even had thick dark curtains, nice carpet and unnecessary decor. It looked like a sophisticated older woman lived here instead of her usually grumpy boyfriend. “…it’s pretty.” She finished, a bit envious.

He shrugged. “Your mission ended early then,” he said turning back to the large pot. One hand stirred the contents, the other was shoved in his pocket.

“Are you upset?” She asked, walking up to him – honestly trying to see what he was cooking that smelled so good. She never knew him to cook. She was always the one cooking!

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My Guardian (Part 8)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1475

Warnings: swearing, mention of illness (vomiting, etc.), mention of blood, angst.

**Sorry for the delay on this one. Hope y’all like it. :)

My Guardian Master List

Crowley spun the empty glass jar in his hands. He shifted in his makeshift throne and let out a deep sigh, alarming one of the followers at his side.

“Is something the matter, My Lord?” the goon asked.

Crowley snorted out a laugh, never taking his eyes off the simple glass jar. “I’m just imagining taking something from those bloody Winchesters. Something the boys and their dull little angel truly treasure.” He gently placed the jar on the arm of his giant wooden chair. “Something that would look beautiful shining in this jar.”

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“Can You Let Your Baby Be My Girl?” [Stiles Stilinski Pt. 1]



This imagine is a major au all together, compulsion of memory loss is involved. In which alphas can compel people and betas. So many more things are written that didn’t happen in the show. For example Derek is still an alpha here.


“Dad, you cannot change fate. I’m in love with him.” Your voice got warmer as a tear was already sliding your cheek. 

“QUIET Y/N!” Derek yelled at you. 

“Stiles nearly killed you! And you’re defending him? What would your mother Paige say?” 

“I don’t know what she would say because she’s not here!”  As If  teen pregnancy wasn’t bad enough back then, your mother also had to get bitten after you were born which led her to death.

“And that’s exactly why I have to do this. I don’t want you to get involved with this.”

“B-but dad Stiles didn’t try to kill me it was void-” 


“Void is dead now.” More watery reflections built up in your eyes. It was useless, no matter what you said would change his mind but you had to try.

“And Allison along with him, which could’ve easily been you.” 

Stiles was watching the whole conversation silently, his eyes only dared to look at the floor as if he was ashamed of something.

 “You’re sixteen, and he’s almost out of high school. It’s for the best.”

“Y/N, Derek’s right.”

You turned around not believing the words coming out of your boyfriend’s mouth. What was he saying? Is everything between you over?

“I don’t want you to get hurt.” A tear escaped him as he quickly wiped it off to cover it up but you could still hear the pain in his voice.

 “Derek, make us forget.”

“No! That’s crazy make us forget we ever loved each other? Dad! Don’t do this! Please.” You begged mentally screaming inside wishing someone could stop this. 

But the person that could try, gave up. Stiles wasn’t doing anything. If Stiles maybe hid away from Derek which left him at least with his memories, he could tell you them. 

But no. He’d rather let this happen. You soon felt Derek grab you carefully not letting you look away from his eyes. 

The thought of Stiles went blank.

Moments later, his thoughts of you were gone too.

Derek threatened Scott and the rest to not say a single word. They also agreed their lifestyle was too dangerous for you even if you were a beta.


Weeks later soon passed. Ever since the oni killed Allison you felt sort of empty. And it wasn’t because of her. You were close with her and you were still grieving her like a normal person would after losing their friend. But there was something else. As if that day took something from you but you didn’t know what. 

It was a missing piece of a puzzle you couldn’t solve. Was it because you disconnected from the pack? You didn’t feel like talking to no one after Allison’s death so you shut down. It’s not as if your dad would allow you either.

But something was telling you that wasn’t it at all. That’s why you were going party after party. Dancing to whatever beat the song had.

In this particular night, Your hips shook losely like they’ve never done before. They moved like a belly dancer’s did. Swaying them side to side as you caught sight of the boy who you shared mutual friends with but never actually talked to.

His eyes were fully captured on you, one look and you felt everything around you blur. Something churned in your stomach but you weren’t sure what it was.

“Why is that girl at every party we go to. Wasn’t she one of Allison’s friends?” The brown haired boy spoke to Scott.

Your attention was now fully on them wanting to listen to what the silly attractive one said next. 

“She’s so-

“-Derek’s daughter.” Scott finished for him.

“That’s Derek’s daughter? No wonder he never introduced her to u-”

“Stiles!” Scott interrupted him once again. You were annoyed, you wanted to know what that supposedly Stiles guy was saying. He was really something, just by looking at him the sudden feeling of emptiness was gone. It was as if shocking excitement hit you. It’s that pit in your stomach you feel when you’re going down in a rollercoaster.

“You need to listen to me, you can’t go near her. She’s two years younger and you know Derek would beat the crap out of you.” Scott’s protective side came out, of course. Your eyes rolled the furthest back they could. If it wasn’t Derek, it was Scott.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” You couldn’t help but frown. He couldn’t go near you? Well that didn’t mean you couldn’t go near him. You smirked as you slowly walked towards their direction.

“Scott why is she coming over?” Stiles felt a happy rush inside him when he saw you coming to them. 

“Because she probably heard us.” Scott sighed, as he cursed himself.

“She’s a wolf, it’s in her background of course.” Scott told him as Stiles gasped not knowing what to do. He felt embarrassed to say the least. You have heard everything.

“Scott!” You hugged him. Stiles didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t even know both of you knew each other since you broke contact with him.  You could tell he was very confused.

“I missed you.” He said as you hugged him tighter. Soon, you broke apart from Scott as your eyes averted to him. He stared at you with sweet admiration as his lips slowly formed a smile. The sudden feeling of wanting to embrace the stranger hit you. 

So you did. He didn’t do much at first until he embraced you back. His touch made you feel so safe, you wanted nothing more than to stay in this position. What was it about him that made you crave his warmth? 

He felt the same, he wanted to stay like this forever without disturbance, he didn’t know why he felt such a thing but it felt amazing. Scott was watching with guilt as he saw past lovers hugging each other without even knowing it.

You were never one to develop a crush on someone so fast, how was it so easy with him? 

“Hi, sorry, I always greet people with hugs.” You pulled away because you had to. The hug was starting to last longer than the one with Scott’s did. 

“You never greet strangers with hugs.” Scott said obliviously causing you to blush in embarrassment, but you ignored his comment hoping Stiles would too.

“I’m Y/N.”

“I loved your greeting, I’m Stiles.”


Part two will be probably longer! I just needed to get this started!

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My darling, I'd have a prompt for you: Hayffie have sex at some secreted, public place (at a party or something) and in all the passion, Effie loses on of her earings. She doesn't notice until it is too late to go back to the place to search for it. Work your magic with this idea <3

Here you go!  [x]

The Case Of The Missing Earring

“Do not look so smug.” she chided him with a giggle as the car slowly made its way back to the Training Center.

Haymitch was slumped against the window, watching her with a smirk, his grey eyes twinkling. He pushed himself upright and placed a hand on her bare thigh, inching the hem of her dress that little bit higher. It wasn’t really purposeful but it was enough to make her lick her lips.

“We won’t have time.” she told him.

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