he's wiping the floor with almost everything

Saitama is the most lax gym teacher you could ever find. Genos, on the other hand, is one of the most demanding Biology professors you could ever get. 

Every semester the science and athletic departments have a Brain Versus Brawn competition which is entirely optional to participate in. Despite it having no effect on anyone’s grades almost every student ends up registering since the losing team has to do whatever the winning team tells them to do for an entire day, within legal and moral boundaries of course.

The athletic department always starts out strong thanks to Saitama’s unearthly strength. Thankfully the department gets enough funding to replace everything he breaks or sends flying into the next town. However, strength doesn’t help him when it comes to the trivia portion of the competition. Thanks to Genos’ intellect and vast stores of memory the science department always ends up wiping the floor with the athletes by the end of the day.

Saitama hangs his head and admits defeat in front of the gloating Genos. “You win again. The usual place and time?”

“Yup, and don’t forget you’re paying too,” the cyborg replies.