he's whining in my ear right now

Family Vacation

Prompt: The batfam at Disney World!
AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.
“I am not wearing these.”
You stare at your second oldest son and cross your arms, “Yes you are.”
You raise an eyebrow in question, “You’re whining like a two-year-old right now, I hope you know.”
Jason’s eyes narrow a bit, “I am not.”
You take a breath, “Put on the damn ears Jason.” Somewhat reluctantly he puts on the ears. You look over the rest of your family; Dick’s and Duke’s mouse ears are firmly in place, with smiles on their faces, and he’s somehow gotten a pair on Damian without shedding blood. Tim’s ears are on though they are somewhat crooked. Cass’ are on, though her eyes are looking upwards trying to figure out the meaning, and sure enough Alfred’s are on his head, and perfectly straight. You glance at Jason one more time to make sure his are on, they are, before turning to your husband.
He’s staring at you with that usual smirk on his face. His arms are crossed against his chest, and he has that “challenge me” look in his eyes. Before he can realize what you’re doing, you take a running start and jump on him. You lock your legs around his waist, your arms around his neck, and you kiss him.
You make sure he’s fully involved in the kiss, before you pull back, and Dick snaps the ears into place on his head. Grinning, you jump down. “Now that we’re all ready, everybody in front of the castle, and so help YOU if you don’t give me nice smiles.”
After you make sure everyone is in the correct position, you have an employee take your picture. You have him take about fifty, because damn it you’re in the happiest place on earth and you’re going to make sure your family has fun.
Smiling you take the camera from him, thank him again, and smile as you go through about fifty of the best pictures you have ever taken as a family. Giving a happy little squeal, you slip the camera into your backpack, and say “All right boys and girl, they’re getting ready to open the park, let’s begin the family fun. Fun being the key word. And keep in mind, if I hear one ounce of complaining about the family fun, I’m extending this trip by a week.”
There’s a bit of muttering, as the kids get together and try to decide where to go first. You just watch with a smile as your family goes from superheroes to regular kids. As Bruce’s arm wraps around your waist, and pulls you into his side he asks, “Are you happy?”
Grinning up at him, you kiss his jaw and say, “Now that you’re wearing the ears, I’m downright ecstatic.”
“I’m going to have to wear these things all day aren’t I?”
You nod, “Oh yeah. Personally, I really like them.”
He smirks, “I’m sure you do.”
Wrapping your arms around his neck you kiss him, as the sound of people begins to reach your ears, “Thank you for getting us in early. That picture means a lot.”
He just kisses you again and says, “Anything for you.”
The click of the camera has you pulling back, and you grin at the sight of Alfred with the camera. The butler simply shrugs and says, “It seemed appropriate with the castle in the background.”
You smile at the butler, as a very impatient Damian says? “Let’s get going. We don’t have all day.”
Laughing you say, “You’re right Damian, we only have ten days!” And without another word you grab Bruce’s hand and set out for vacation fun.

Pregnancy cravings

Zayn: “Zayn can you run to the store and buy me ice cream?” You ask. He looks over at you and pouts. “Right now?” He whines not wanting to leave right in the middle of the movie you were both watching. “Yes.” You simply respond. “Babe its almost three in the morning, can’t you wait until tomorrow?” He asks brushing a piece of hair from your face behind your ear. “Just remember, its not for me. Its for the baby and the baby can’t wait.” You say trying to guilt trip him into getting what you wanted. “Baaabe.” He whines nuzzling his face into your neck. “So you mean…you don’t care about the baby?” You ask, voice fakely trembling as you pull away from him. His dark eyes widen and fill with guilt as he hears those words coming from your mouth. “No baby, look I’m getting up right now to get my keys.” He says quickly arising from his place on the king-sized mattress and rushing over to grab a shirt to put on. “See you in five minutes.” He calls right before he exits the door of the master bedroom and you smile to yourself knowingly. 

Liam: “And you’re going to eat all of that…?” Liam asks, pointing to the pile of food on your plate in front of you. You were five months pregnant with your soon to be born baby boy and he just couldn’t be satisfied with one meal. It was extremely irritating because you would literally get hungry every five minutes. You give Liam a glare as you put the finishing parts for your sandwich together. “So what? Now I’m fat?” You snap with a mouth full of oreos. His eyes widen at the sudden comment that came out of your mouth. “Um-no i- Don’t want to hear it Liam!” You call at the top of your voice as you exit the room. Of course you liked being pregnant and all but the sudden mood swings you would get were off the charts. “Babe, i swear i didn’t mean it like that.” Liam calls as you walk up the stairs. You slam the door before he could say anything else, just wanting to finish your food in peace.

Niall: “Niall, what happened to the last of the ice cream.” You groan from the kitchen. Your pregnancy cravings were killing you and right when you decided exactly what you wanted, it was no where to be found. You were seven months pregnant with your and Niall’s baby girl, and even though she was going to be a joy to have around, you still had to deal with two more months of torture. Niall’s footsteps increase as he makes his way into your guys’ shared kitchen. “Ate the last of it princess, but if you want me to run to the store and get some, I’d be more than happy.” He chuckles lightly and you smile at his offer. “You’re so sweet, Ni.” You say as he plants a soft kiss on your lips. “Anything for my princess.”

Louis: Your laying on your side, debating whether to wake up your new husband who’s sleeping peacefully beneath the sheets. “Lou… Louis. Tommo. LOUIS!" He jumps awake, "W- (Y/N)? What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is it the baby? Is it coming?” You giggle at his worry. “No Louis. I’m fine, the baby’s not due for 4 more months. I’m just hungry, can you go down stairs and get me pizza?” You ask. He sighs rubbing his face with his palm and looks at the clock. “Three in the am.” His airy voice states. You look at him with pleading eyes, and send an unarming smile. He groans mumbling something along, ‘You’re so glad I love you.’ And rises from the bed, He walks out the room and your hear his feet padding down the hall.

Harry: You plop your snack onto the shining marble counter, the window pitch black, you woke at 2:00 am hungry so you made what you were craving.. Pickles and peanut butter. You take a seat onto the bar stool and dip the green vegetable in the peanut butter and take a bite. Your face scrunches in disgust but you keep eating. “Babe?” “In here.” You say mid chew. Harry walks in, and takes in the scene before him. After a few seconds of silence he speaks up. “What… is that?” You look down at your food seeing nothing wrong with it. “It’s my snack.” You say as if it was obvious, like what does it look like. “Yeah… but why are you eating that? You hate pickles.” You shrug and he chuckles walking over to you and wraps his arms around your small bump and pecks your cheek lightly, his burgundy curls tickling your neck making you giggle, “It’s not funny… Why don’t you try being pregnant. You’d have a blast, you know with the morning sickness, and the midnight cravings.” You say your voice dripping with sarcasm. “Unfortunately love, it doesn’t work that way.” He says with a husky voice.



Phillip Hamilton x reader


“Phillip are you going to come to bed?” you asked your husband. The sight of him right now was adorable, but he needed to get some rest.

You had just recently given birth to your firstborn daughter, and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of her for more than a minute. It was adorable, but you wanted him to come to bed.

There would be plenty of time to spend with her after you got some rest.

“Alright my precious, time for daddy to go to bed. I love you,” he cooed into her ear. She let out a soft whine before falling asleep again.

He turned towards you with the most peaceful smile on his face, taking your hand and walking to your shared bedroom.

He picked you up bridal style and placed you into bed. He kissed you lovingly before climbing into bed next to you.

“I love you so much Y/N. Thank you.”

“I love you too Phillip.”


“Phillip. Phillip wake up!” you whispered harshly to your husband.

“Wha-” he started to say something before you slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Shhhhh! I think there’s someone in the house. Listen.”

The two of you sat there on your bed, listening for any noises.

All of the sudden you heard one, a small crash coming from the kitchen. Phillip pulled himself out of bed, looking out your bedroom door.

All of the sudden your baby whined next door.

Phillip stared at you in horror.

“The baby!” he whisper shouted at you.

You immediately took of to the room across the hall, not wanting her to start crying.

Phillip followed closely behind, shutting the three of you in the nursery.

“I have to go down there,” he told you quietly.

“What! You can’t do that!”

“I have to.”

You looked at him worriedly, shaking your head. You wanted to cry.

He ushered the two of you back into your shared bedroom and grabbed a spare pistol that the two of you kept hidden in your closet.

He locked your bedroom door behind him and crept down the stairs.

“What are you doing here!” He cried to the intruder.

The man jumped and stared at him for a second. Suddenly he ran up the stairs, trying to find means of escape.

He tried the door to where you and your daughter were hiding.

Phillip heard you scream and tackled the guy to the ground.

“Don’t you ever. Go into that room. If you do. I swear that I will kill you. Now get out of my house,” Phillip growled.

The man nodded and tore out of the house.

Phillip jumped up and unlocked the door, hearing you start crying and the baby start screaming.

He burst into the room and brought you into a huge hug both of you shaking.

“Are you okay?” you asked tearfuly.

He nodded and kissed you on the forehead.

“I’m okay. I’m okay.”

Klaine Advent Drabble Challenge, Day 14: Needle

(Rated R for mentions of rimming & anal sex)

Thank you Mock for beta reading! ♥

“Blaine, no!”

“Aw, come on,” Blaine says with a smirk, pressing Kurt down to the living room floor before he begins kissing down his neck, sucking on the sensitive pale skin in just the right way to make Kurt arch and gasp.

“Not here,” Kurt whines out, breath hitching in his chest as Blaine sucks on that one spot right behind his ear, making heat twist low in his stomach.

“Why not,” Blaine groans, his hand now under Kurt’s sweatshirt.

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What a rush ~ Niall Horan smut

I was out on a date with my boyfriend of 5 months, Niall, and so far, things were going great. First he took me to see a movie, then to a fancy restaurant, but now he won’t tell me where we’re going.

When we got to this mystery place Niall covers my eyes with his hands, and whispers in my ear, “Don’t look until I say."  Then he kissed my neck from behind, and started to walk me in the direction of the surprise.

Once we get there Niall takes his hands off my eyes, and starts to trail kisses up and down my neck. "Niall!” I whine while he chuckles at my impatient attitude. “Fine, you can open your eyes now."  When I open them, I gasp, because right infront of me is the bumpiest, and longest roller coaster I’ve ever seen. Niall starts to pull on my hand, and in the direction of the entrance to this death machine. "Oh no, I’m not going on that!"  I exclaim, trying to pull myself free. But he had other plans, so he lifted me onto his shoulder, and walked towards it. "Niall James Horan! Put me down!"  I scream at him while hitting his back. Before I knew it though, he’d dropped me into the roller coasters cart, and started to turn it on. "Ni, what are you doing?"  I yelled at him, but he only turned and smirked at me before he got in, and it shot off with me screaming, and him laughing like a maniac. While going over some bumps it strangely made me extremely turned on.

I turned to Niall who was looking in the other direction, got up, and straddle him. He looked at me with shock on his face and says, ”(Y/N), what are you do-“  but he was cut off by my lips attacking his. Soon things got pretty heated, and Nialls hands slipped up my shirt. The roller coaster bumps up causing me to grind into him, making us both moan. I pull away from the kiss, and look behind me seeing a lot of bumps.

When I look back at Niall, I smirk at his flushed face, and start to take off my shorts. ”(Y/N), I don’t know about this.“  He said, making me look up at him, and start to grind my hips into his a little harder. Which caused him to moan while leaning his head back. "Do you love me?"  I asked, getting a rapid nod from him."Then take your pants off."  I whispered seductively in his ear, trailing a finger along his thigh. With a sharp intake of breath from him, he quickly unbuckles his belt, and tugs his pants, and boxers down to his ankles. I smiled at him, and took my panties off too.

I was about to lower myself onto his large erected penis, but decided to tease him a little by moving my finger gently up and down his hard member.”(Y/N), stop teasing me.“  He said, squeezing my hips, looking quite flustered. I leaned in close, whispering innocently in his ear, "Or what?"  He was about to answer when a huge bump came, making me ram onto Nialls hard member, causing us both to moan so loud, I thought the whole neighbourhood heard it. I began to ride Niall, making my body shiver with so much pleasure, I never wanted to stop. With every bump, sharp turn, and thrust from him, it made it even better. Finally, after gyrating my hips against his, and him thrusting into me, I was about to reach my climax. "Niall. I th-think im gonna-” I managed to stutter out before Niall interrupted me.“Me too, babe."  He moaned into my ear. The biggest bump on the roller coaster had finally come, and bounced our cart, causing both Niall and I’s orgasm to erupt from us at the same time.

Once the ride came to a stop, I got off him, and put my clothes back on, Niall following suit."Wow (Y/N), that was amazing. We have to do that again."  I just nodded my head in response, and laughed along with him. "Well my sweet leprechaun, I think it will happen again in the future."  He smiled in my direction, his braces visible, causing me to melt like butter. Stepping closer, his lips lightly brushed against mine as he spoke, "I love you (Y/N).” I smiled at his sweet words, “I love you too, Niall."  He kissed me gently yet passionately, and we walked towards the parking lot, with my small hand interlaced with his big one.