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A bisexual fucked me up last week lemme tell ya

Your Desk is a Mess Part 7

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

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Part Seven

Seven o’clock on the dot, you heard someone knocking on your front door. You went to open it, only to stare at the man in front of you in surprise.

“Hey,” Steve said, smiling. 

He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and you realised you’d never seen him without a suit on. Which meant that you’d also never seen the massive muscles in his arms.

You snapped back into reality.

“Hey,” you said, grinning. 

You opened the door and gestured for him to come in.

He stepped inside and looked around your flat as you closed your door.

“What’s going on here?” he asked, an amused smile on his lips. 

Your flat, cramped enough as it was, was currently filled with cardboard boxes, plastic sheets, and tools.

“Oh, the, uh… the bathroom’s getting redone,” you explained. “Something to do with the plumbing.”

He chuckled.

“You really don’t have the best of luck, do you?”

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Honeymoon (M)

 I’m really shit at naming things, opps! ^^

Request-Hey sweet pea! I would like to request a namjoon smut about your (wedding?) honeymoon with him! Please and thank you! Love youuuuu! 

Here’s the first of many Namjoon smuts to come hahaha. 


This scenario contains and sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

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When arranging your wedding you were so caught up in organising everything and everyone, that you had completely forgotten about the honeymoon until the after party of your wedding. You had spent mouths upon months making it yours and Namjoon’s dream wedding and you forgot the honeymoon. You look over at your Husband saying goodbye to guests. He looked so handsome, wearing black slacks, a dress shirt with rolled up selves, his hair parted and a few of the buttons on the dress shirt were undone. He was amazing, and you got to wake up to him every morning. 

“Baby, whats wrong? Your face looks stressed.” Namjoon comments pulling you into a back hug, his chin resting on your shoulder. 

“I forgot to organise a honeymoon, I’m sorry baby. I know you booked the next few weeks off work for it.” You tell him sadly, playing with his fingers. He chuckles into your ear. “What are you laughing about this isn’t funny!” You elbow him in the stomach, pushing him away from you. You glare at his smirking face. 

“I planned the honeymoon, baby. I knew you were stressed with work and planning everything and making sure your parents and mine were comfortable staying in hotels. So i arranged, with the help of Yoongi.” 

“You did that for me?” You can’t help the huge smile on your lips. You jump forward hugging him, tightly. 

“Of course I did it for you. Who else would I do it for? You’re my wife.” You smile against his chest, you loved being called his wife. 

“Where are we going?” You pull away from his enough to look at his dimples. 

“(insert country you would like to go for your honeymoon)” He smiles down at you, making you hug him tighter. 

To your surprise Namjoon had packed your bags, all you had to do was change into something more comfortable for the flight. You slept for most of it, holding Namjoon’s hand. He woke you when the flight was over, there was a car waiting to take you to a villa. Namjoon said he wanted it to be more private for you both, meaning he was going to make you scream a lot this holiday. 

It was a cute wee villa, right beside the sea, it had an gorgeous view of the whole town. Namjoon carried the bags into the bedroom. Which had a huge bed, with big fluffy white sheets. It was surreal. Namjoon set the bags down, he wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and throwing you on the bed with him. You both fell deep into the plush sheets, it was blissful. 

“Do you like it, baby?” He asked, running his hand throw your hair. 

“I love it, thank you so much.” 

“You don’t need to thank me for this, it was-” You stop him talking, by pressing your lips to his. 

“I’m not thanking you fro this, well I am, but I’m thanking you for everything, for being with me. And for making me the happiest women on the planet.” You bury your face in his neck to hid your flushed cheeks. Namjoon hugs you tightly chuckling. 

“Baby, you’ve made me the happiest man in the universe.” 

“Always gotta one up me.” You huff. 

“Of course.” Namjoon reconnects his lips with yours, you both start to move your lips against each other. It slow, loving and sensual. You loved how much love you could feel vibrating off him. He rolls so hes hovering over you, he swipes his tongue over your bottom lip, you instantly part your lips allowing him to dominate your mouth. 

You moan, as he starts to roll his hips into yours. You run your hands through his hair, playing his the strands between your fingers, giving it a bit of a tug. His hands travel to the hem of your t-shirt hoisting it up, you lift your back off the bed to help him take your top off, throwing it behind him. He cups your breasts through your bra, leaning down to mark your chest with blue and purple marks. 

“Fuck, you’re so sexy.” He comments, leaning back to take his shirt off, giving you a chance to run your hands up his toned torso. Your hands lead down to his belt buckle, you unbuckle it and open his trousers pushing them down his legs along with his boxers. “Someones eager.” He smirks at you, before he gets off the bed to kick off his trousers, you unclasp your bra, throwing it on the floor. 

“It’s not really my fault though. My husbands just so sexy.” You retort, he climbs back on the bed, pulling your trousers and panties down. The cold air hinting your wetness, you shiver. 

“Fuck, you’re dripping.” Namjoon moves between your legs, leaning down to kiss your thighs. He slowly inches closer and closer. 

“Joonie, please.” You cry, wanting him to relieve your arousal. He does, kissing your mound, he starts to kitten lick your pussy. “That feels so good, please I need more.” You gasp out, he pumps one ginger into your throbbing core, still licking and sucking on your clit, he adds a second finger. Hes pumping you faster and faster, making your a moaning mess calling out his name, as you start to reach your orgasm. Your happy little orgasm is short lived when Namjoon stops. 

“Why you gotta be like this?” You pant out, frustrated with him denying your orgasm, like he has many times before. He smirks at your, pulling your legs wider for him to place his hips against yours, his arms on either side of your head. Hes looking into your eyes, leaning down to kiss your nose. 

“I want us to cum together for the first time as a married couple.” 

“That’s so sweet, Joonie.” You pinch his cheek. He slowly pushes into your dripping core. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight, baby.” Namjoon gives you a moment to adjust, before he starts to slowly pump in and out of your pussy. He grabs your hands, interlocking his fingers with yours, holding them above your head. Namjoon rolls his hips into yours hard and slow. 

“Namjoon, just there. Fuck!” You moan out, as he continues to hint your g-spot again and again. You wrap your legs around his waist, as he continues to roll his hips into yours. 

“God, I love having your wrapped around me, baby.” Namjoon leans down to capture his lips with yours, you can feel your high approaches, you bite down on his lip. 

“I’m g-gonna cum.” 

“Cum for me baby.” Namjoon says picking up his pace to ride out your high. 

“Fuck.” You curse as your orgasm rakes through your body, you clasp onto Namjoon hands tighter, digging your nails into his skin. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight, uh I’m gonna cum.” Namjoon pants into your ear. He rides out both of your highs, before clapsing on top of you. Hes breathing is heavy, your run your hands through his hair to comfort him. 

“I love you.” You whisper against is head, giving him a small kiss. You can feel him smiling against your chest, he holds you closer to him. 

“I love you too, baby.” 

I hope y’all liked it, feed back is really appreciated! 

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Be More Chill Dustin Kropp Headcanons

-his mom’s Italian and his dad’s American

-he met Jake when he was nine years old and they’ve been best friends since

-he doesn’t like Rich that much

-he’s the line backer on their football team but they never win

-he is always either wearing his Letterman jacket and/or a flannel shirt

-he had a huge crush on Jake which is why he doesn’t like Rich hanging around him 24/7

-the night of the fire he was going from room to room knocking on doors to make sure nobody was still in there

-he was the one knocking on the door during Michael in the Bathroom

-when Jake was in the hospital he went to visit him

-on the day Rich and Jake started dating you could hear his heart break in two

-Dustin had a predisposition towards making things up, because of this Jenna rarely uses him as a gossip source anymore

-on a related note his favorite musical is Dear Evan Hansen

Infinite: s/o wearing their shirts around the house

Sunggyu:  has the funniest ‘how dare you’ expression, watching you shuffling around the apartment and picking up laundry. He could get used to coming home to you wearing nothing but his giant shirts, but he feels bad bc he’s all sweaty and tired…He’ll get revenge on you later.

Dongwoo:  in his sleepy state, he probably thinks he’s still dreaming. He’ll slowly make his way up to you and wrap his arms around your waist, ofc distracting you from cooking breakfast as he nuzzles into your neck. “I don’t know if I’m dreaming, y/n, but suddenly bacon and eggs aren’t the only things that sound good right now…”

Woohyun:  you decided this would be a good idea for distracting him. You know how crazy he goes whenever you’re casually hanging out in his shirts, so he shouldn’t be able to take his hands off you, and forget about the movie he’s watching. He’s pretty much drooling when you rest your head on his shoulders and smile innocently. “Ughhh that’s not fair.”

Hoya:  normally he’d scold you for taking his shirts without asking, but he could watch you cooking forever if you only wore his shirt. His mind would start to wander as you caught him looking at you. When hearing a small giggle escaping your lips, he’d blush and apologize, only to leave a lingering kiss on your cheek before going back to whatever he was doing.

Sungyeol:  “yahh!! How many times have I told you I’m not a charity??? You think just bc I’m your boyfriend that it’s okay to steal my treasured shirts and hoodies, you little thief??” Is low key not even mad, he’s just frustrated that you look so good while wearing them, and the fact that he can’t focus on anything else with you around.

Myungsoo:  fawns over you like it’s the first time he’s seen you. Turns a little smug and starts flirting, just bc he can’t help it when you look like that. “You come around here often, cutie? It should be illegal to look this good, I think you’re gonna have to come with me so no one sees…”

Sungjong:  will not hold back on the compliments and the cheeky winks. Literally will not be able to keep his hands off you, esp if you don’t wear his shirts often…Sometimes he’ll even beg you to. “Think of how cute it will be if I buy us some matching shirts and pj’s…hold on, let me change so we can take selfies.”

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Long Day

As soon as Alec opens the bedroom door he sighs in relief. All of the stress and pain he’s been carrying around all day, keeping up a strong front comes crumbling down. His shoulders slump down as he unties his shoes, kicking them off. His jacket comes next, then his pants until he’s only in his boxers and a grey T-shirt. He pulls back the covers of his and Magnus’s bed to find said warlock curled up in sweat pants and one of his shirts he was wearing the other day. Chairman Meow is curled against his stomach, it makes Alec smile.

“Hey, Mags.” Alec says softly as he crawls in, curling up behind Magnus. His legs hook underneath his. His arm encircles his boyfriend’s waist, and his nose touches the back of his neck where he leaves a small kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you as well, darling.” Magnus mumbles tiredly.

Alec smiles, leaving another kiss in his hair. “Goodnight.”


Alec’s smile widens as he tightens his hold. They both fall asleep in mere minutes. After all, it’s been a long day.

Oh Taejin Love Voyage, oops, I mean Bon Voyage 2 ep.1

Yep Taejin is out there being a true honeymoon couple and it got me shooked! I know they are together like they cannot hide it, but bro! Everything is so cute…my heart is racing. Look at them!!!!

Here is a quick update list (spoilers) on Tae & Jinnie as a honeymoon couple:

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No but see I am a sucker for Bellarke parent head cannons. Like ok for Modern AU's, their brood would consist of cute, freckled, dark haired kids. Their son would be like a Bellamy mini-me from the curly hair to the plaid shirts that he'd insist on wearing because "I wanna be like Daddy." He would have all of Bellamy's mannerisms from the arm crossing to the shy head duck and rubbing his neck. And while their son is a usually calm kid, he's a hyperactive terror when he gets his hands on sugar.

all their kids would take after bellamy i’m calling it now that’s just #canon PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A BUNCH OF CURLY HAIRED FRECKLE FACED MUNCHKINS RUNNING AROUND

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(This is also for all the people requesting Otabek with his hair down)