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“…What’s the real reason you’re here, Santi? What’re you running away from this time?”
“Surprisingly…nothing. That’s the truth. I think this time…this time I’m running towards something.”
“Oh, yeah? Then what is it?”
“I’m not even sure yet…but being here is the start, I know that at least. Finally stepping over the border, seeing where half of me came from, where I could’ve ended up all those years ago…it feels like a long time coming.”

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OMG I LOVE U,WHENEVER I SEE HAMLAF FROM YOU I WOULD SCREAM LIKE I JUST BECAME A DINOSAUR can i have alex wearing a dress and a flower crown and lafayette with a nosebleed?I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U ARE MY JESUS

We need more cute boys in dresses!

also asdfghjkl thank you so much,you are so sweet-


Imagine you are Peter Parker’s best friend and he asked you many questions to get the idea for his Spider-Man costume, thinking that you won’t notice it… Which you did.

Peter: So… You’re favorite color was blue, right…?
Y/N: Yeah, why? Don’t tell me that you forgot it, Peter…
Peter: I know, I know, I am you’re best friend and I shouldn’t forget it and don’t worry… I didn’t.
Y/N: Why did you aske-
Peter: Oh, right, I had to buy some… Cookies for Aunt May, bye Y/N!! *walks off*
Y/N: … What the hell…? *stares at Peter*
Peter: *comes back* You’re second favorite color was red, right? Right… Yeah… *walks off again*
Y/N: Just walk away, Y/N and forget it…

Y/N: Oh my god, Peter! Did you watched the news?
Peter: Uh, no… Why?
Y/N: There is that one dude called Spider-Man! He is so cool!
Peter: Oh really? *smiles*
Y/N: Yeah!! And he is wearing a costume. Blue und red. My favorite colors!
Peter: Ohh yeah. What a coincidence! *eats his sandwich fast*
Y/N: … Yeah… What a coincidence… That he is wearing a costume I designed once and is wearing my fav-
Peter: I have to go!! *runs away*
Y/N: *stares out of the window and sees out of the sudden Spider-Man* What a coincidence… Spider Parker.

Peter: So, how are you, Girly?
Y/N: Oh, I’m fine, Spidey.
Peter: …Spidey….?
Y/N: Yeah, Spidey like in Spider-Boy… Or was it… Spider-Man…?
Peter: ….. What…?
Y/N: *wiggles eyebrows*

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That’s How You Know

Sander’s Sides: Roman, Virgil, Patton, Logan
Blurb: Roman is feeling low after not getting a part he auditioned for and desperately wanted. 
Fic Type: Fluff (I promise) Song!Fic
Song: That’s How You Know from Enchanted (some lyrics have been changed to fit the story)
Tags: @sidewritings

He shouldn’t be taking the news so hard. It wasn’t like he’d failed to get roles before when he’d gone to the tryouts. But this role. This part. Roman had been so confident that he’d get it. 

Everything in the audition had gone right. He’d had the director laughing. He’d had great chemistry with the people trying out for the other lead role, he’d even gotten multiple callbacks!

It had been one of those moments where he’d felt born to play that part, and had known he was going to get it. So to find out that the lead had gone to another…had been like a slap to the face. 

Roman pulled the collar of his red and white jacket up against the evening breeze that had picked up, shoving his hands deep into his pockets as he paced around the park. He should have been back home a couple of hours ago, but he hadn’t yet been able to bring himself to face the others. To tell them that he hadn’t got the part. He’d talked it up so much, been so confident…to go back and face them and tell them he’d been wrong, that he hadn’t…Roman inhaled raggedly, scrubbing at his burning eyes with the palm of his hand.

How could he face them after this? How? He was a failure. A shining star that had been smothered too quickly it’s light doused almost as soon as it had been lit.

Faintly over the wind, a chime like melody reached Roman’s ears, familiar to him because how could he not recognize a Disney song within two notes of it being played? He kicked at a pebble in the path. “How do I know, you love me?” He sang softly in the following silence, hunching his shoulders, unable to make himself louder because he knew his voice would crack if he did. “How do I know you’re.” His voice cracked anyways. “mine?”

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lmao fuck !!! the first like 5 seconds of young k’s v-day live where he just stares into the camera waiting was so fucking funny for some reason lmao !!!!!!!! he’s just like “……….” n like he’s wearing yellow n you know hwat? yellow n orange are my favorite colors. he’s so fucking cute n awkward but he’s just there, like eating this WHOLE party platter of sashimi while watching day6 videos…. it’s actually so fucking funny like he’s watching day6′s what can I do music video n he rats on dowoon saying how shy he was. he’s just eating n watching n laughing lmaooooooo what the fuck. he clicks on that video of the members singing to what can I do when they went to have chinese food, where he himself is like BA BA BAM BA BAM BAM BAM… like that one n he’s like “oh my GOD thats so noisy.” n he just goes on this spree of watching day6 videos n laughing like what kind of wholesome video

The Baby Talk- A Selection Trilogy One-Shot

Hi All! I’m back with another one-shot about Maxerica. I will start posting my version of The One hopefully tomorrow night (I’ll just put it on my fan fiction page unless ya’ll want me to post on here, It’s going to be called “To be an Us”.)

This one is dedicated to Ali, because I heard she was having a bad day! Here is some Maxerica fluff to cheer you up! I hope I did it justice!

I was holding Kenna’s baby, gently rocking it back and forth.

Hadley was five months old, and the most precious niece anyone could ever ask for. I was ecstatic that they had come to visit. Being a princess was… well, it was interesting. I had not seen my family since the wedding, and when Kenna asked for a visit, I was more than happy for her to come. Kenna looked tired but well, and I knew that being a new mom was hard. However, she assured me that she was enjoying it, and the fact that she now had help was simply amazing. I was worried about my family adjusting, but that had taken the move from fives to ones in stride.

Kenna and her husband needed some alone time, so I told them I would be happy to watch the baby for the afternoon. Hadley had drifted to sleep, her tiny fists curled around her face. I planted a soft kiss to her forehead, her smell enveloping me. When they didn’t have messy diapers, babies were one of the best smelling things in the whole wide world.

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I asked Jensen if I could have a protective hug, to which he replied, “Yeah, you can…” with his arms open with a warm smile. I slipped into his grasp for my hug and found one of my new happy places.  Seriously folks, he smelled amazing…was wearing red plaid (my favorite color of plaid on him), and was all warm and friendly.   When I got the print back, I could not have been happier because he gave me Dean’s protective face.  I have a pic of me hugging my Dean while he protects me.

Feel free to edit/crop/whatever…just give me credit. :)

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My favorite Adam pic is when he is wearing a mustardy yellow colored blazer. (he just looks so good in it)

I have a cardigan and a hoodie and various shades of mustard button-ups, but I don’t know of a blazer! (someone send it to me!) He does look good in mustard yellow.

Tell me your favorite Adam Driver picture  no more please, but feel free to send me other asks