he's wearing a man band


This is Richie.
Richie is in his tiny little off key one man band called Social Repose. He often wears Native American war bonnets as a fashion statement and uses a link he has as his argument on why he can wear it. The argument is a very appalling and weak argument giving “rave kids” and “scene kids” a reason to wear a sacred item just because it’s made with cheap feathers and glittered and all glammed up. Now when brought up to Richie he acts like a 5 year old throwing his toys out the pram. “BUT I DONT WANT TO BE RESPECTFUL”

When I sent him a few links explaining why it’s disrespectful, he blocked me from commenting but I can still see everything and I’ll will take many more screenshots.

Many people who are Native or are of Native heritage said they were offended, and as you can see in the photos above. He doesn’t give a shit. What a knob right kids? :)

If this doesn’t prove he’s an ass, I don’t know what does. Usually I’d tell them to stop and that’s the most part of the end of it but this boy has a growing fanbase that is filled with naive little girls who want a headdress now because it’s “pretty” and “Richie wears one” which is very bad.

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To end this, I will say, feel free to send any comments his way at;

And you can send photos of what he’s said, to me if you wish and I’ll add them to this beautiful little post.