he's way past being a babe he's like

“Worries” Part 2

Word Count: 1,116

Daryl Dixon x Reader

This is part two of “Worries”, which you can read HERE

Summary: When Negan takes Daryl in as prisoner, he has more than a few words about Daryl’s relationship with you.

Warnings: A lot of Swearing (lol Negan is in this what do you expect)

Thanks for requesting a second part, anon! :)

We’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet…”

That song, playing on repeat, was driving Daryl insane. The only thing he could think about was getting out of that cell, escaping, and seeing you again. But of course, that seemed impossible since he was locked away, being forced to listen to the same song over and over again, eating dog food sandwiches.

“Get up.” Dwight opened the door, sunlight streaming into the once pitch dark cell. Daryl winced his eyes at the sudden change of light, but didn’t move to get up.

“I said get the fuck up, now. Negan wants to see you.” Dwight says again, and when Daryl doesn’t move, he grabs Daryl by the arm and forces him to walk down the hallway.

“Aha, exactly who I wanted to see.” Negan turned around from speaking to one of his many wives. Daryl grunts in response, and Dwight lets go of his arm.

“We gotta have a little chat.” Negan sets his drink down. “It’s about your precious little whore, Y/N.”

Daryl’s attention is fully on Negan once he mentions your name, even if it’s in a bad way. He hadn’t heard anything about you since the night of the lineup. He didn’t even know if you were alive, or if you were okay. All he could seem to do (besides plan escaping) was worry about you.

“Dwight, ladies, you mind giving us a little goddamn privacy? Fuck, I don’t get any respect around here.” Negan sighs, setting Lucille down on the table. They all hurry to leave the room, making Negan smirk in response. He loves being listened to, being in control.

“So, Daryl.”

“What?” Daryl manages to make out, his voice a little dry from not doing anything but crying and yelling for the past few days.

“Every time I am in Alexandria, all I get is dirty looks from that girl of yours. Let me tell you- that is not fucking cool, but damn is she a babe!” Negan laughs. Daryl gives him a dirty look, not liking that Negan was blatantly hitting on you. He’s very protective of you, and he hates when anyone even looks at you in a way that’s not friendly. But he knows better than to say anything to Negan.

“That ass, mhm, that’s a sight to see. I bet that pussy is great, too.” Negan taunts Daryl, and seeing by the look on his face, its working.

“She’s real lonely without you there. I offered to make her one of my wives, keep her company all day, fuck her brains out. She rejected that offer real fucking quick, seems she’s still hung up in you. Won’t be for too long. Not with all of those strong, younger men out there.”

Daryl wants to pick up Lucille from the couch and bash in Negan’s head like he did to Glenn and Abraham, but he somehow manages to keep his cool.

Despite all of the times that you have tried to reassure him that he didn’t need to be insecure about the age difference, he couldn’t help but let it get to him sometimes. Between everyone at the camp bothering him about it and his own worries that you would lose interest in him, he was very insecure about the situation. Typically you were the only person that could reassure him that everything was going to be ok and calm him down, but you weren’t here this time.

“She wouldn’t.” Is all he says.

“You sure about that, buddy? You’re an old ass man. She’s a hot ass fucking babe, ten out of ten. She’s going to leave you sooner or better.”

“She won’t.” Daryl grits through his teeth.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend you?” Negan puts his hand over his heart. “I did, didn’t I?”


“I could see why you’d be bothered by it, shit, I don’t blame ‘ya. She’s way out of your league. Surprised she’s not with that little serial killer- he’s only a few years younger than her, isn’t he? Or even with Rick. At least he’s got something going for him, being the, quite frankly shitty, leader of you guys.”

“Shut up.”

“Nuh-uh,” Negan shakes his finger. “You don’t get to tell me to shut up, or I will toss you right back into that fucking cage you just came from.”

Daryl sits there, unsure why Negan even called him out there. If it was just to taunt and tease him about you, than he would rather go back into the cell.

“Why am I out here?”

“I got bored. Decided to take the shit out of ‘ya in a different way than torture. I gotta say, this is way more fucking entertaining.” Negan laughs. “I’m just busting your balls, you can relax. I think its damn cool you can score someone like that. Even in the apocalypse. Shit, I’d even go as far as sayin’ I’m proud of ‘ya. She seems to really like you, for what reason I have no goddamn idea, but she does.”

“Please let me see her, I need ‘ta see her.” Daryl begged.

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Ya took Carl here, showed him around. Bring Y/N here.”

“Beggin’ me isn’t gonna do shit.” Negan shook his head. “Dwight!” He yelled, and the man came inside the room.

“Yes, sir?”

“Take him back. Done with him. He’s too goddamn sensitive.”

“No, no, no please, let me see her.” Daryl was about ready to explode, between the anger built up from this conversation with Negan, to that stupid song playing over and over again, to being stuck in isolation.

“Too bad so sad.” Negan waved them off, and gestured for his wives to come back into the room.

“Let’s go.” Dwight forced him back into the cell, pushing him to the ground.

“I want to see Y/N.” Daryl says before the door is closed shut again.

“Sorry, old man.”

The door shuts again, leaving Daryl alone again. His mind is still reeling from the conversation with Negan, making him more upset by the minute. The only thing that calms him down is remembering your voice telling him that you love him, and your beautiful face. You’re the only thing that gets him through the day and that gives him the strength to keep on.

We’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet…”

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can I have some headcanons of zen and jumin having a younger like 18 years old to 20 years old + smol S/O??

{Here you go!~  ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)  There’s another ask coming that kinda puts this into a scenario, so stay tuned!~}

♛most prone to having judging stares (mostly because he looks older)
♛doesn’t actually notice them (he’s a little dense, ya know?)
♛if someone were to say something to him, he would just look at them oddly
♛He doesn’t understand, love is love, why does age matter?
♛Also, he likes baby-faces, but is not sure why
♛he’s a gentleman about most things (holding doors, buying dinner, etc)
♛He’s isn’t really a fan of being called “Oppa” its makes him feel weird
♛He likes calling his s/o cute names though, makes him feel younger, but it’s mainly the default “Honey” or “Dear”
♛he doesn’t know what he does to make his s/o blush, but enjoys it every time
♛Had a dream that his s/o grew cat ears and their name was ‘Kitten’…now he can’t look at his s/o with indifference when they play with Elizabeth 3rd way too cute

♕Loooooooooooves being called “Oppa” he feels needed, or important
♕that or something like, ‘Hun’, ‘Babe’, ‘Handsome’, ‘Knight’
♕He loves how small and cute his s/o is (makes him feel tall)
♕If anyone looked at him and his s/o funny, he would just hold them closer
♕He likes giving his s/o nicknames that match their looks: ‘Cutie’, ‘Doll’, ‘Babe’
♕If he could, he would make his s/o wear his shirts/sweaters EVERY. DAY. But that would be bad for his health
♕Loves how the sleeves dangle past their hands
♕Age isn’t really a problem for Zen (says he’ll look good no matter how old he gets) and he’s happy his someone thinks so, too

Baseball [Smut] - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Dylan takes you on a date to practice baseball, which quickly turns into a bet. Heads up, you lose. 

Pairings: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language. Oral (Female x Male).

Word Count: 2,209

A/N: So this was requested by a friend, I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by dylanobrienaddicted26

“This is illegal.” You said for maybe the tenth time that day. You paced back and forth on the gravel watching as your boyfriend climbed up a metal fence. “You have like a billion dollars, you could have just paid to get in.” You didn’t want to complain, but you also didn’t want to get to jail either. For the past two month now you had been dating the guy of your dreams, Dylan O’Brien, and he was more than a riot to hang out with. Today, he decided to take you to one of his favorite baseball fields, only problem was the place was locked up – but not for long.

“(Y/N), if you could just give me a little boost.” Dylan was obviously struggling with getting his leg over the not too high fence and you couldn’t help but laugh. He took you on adventures and treated you right, what more could you ask for? You help lift his leg, giving a small playful smack to his ass, causing him to go spiraling over. “Really?” He asked as he stood up, dusting himself off, “What? I liked what I saw.” Even if he wanted to be mad, you knew he couldn’t, the smile etching on his face being a dead giveaway. “Be happy you’re cute.” He simply stated as he walked over to the gate.

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Hi! Do you have any headcanons for Bob ships & sleep talking? Or a prompt with sleep talking for Baberoe or Babe and Julian or Webgott? Something about them starting spending nights and the other talks weird during the night and it's either amusing or slightly frightening?

  • nix sometimes sleeptalks while drunk. usually he’s totally incoherent, blabbering on about things that don’t make an ounce of sense, but he sure is fun to listen to.
  • dick will sometimes try to have conversations with him, but he can’t really follow. he sure tries his best, though.
  • “nix. nix, are you awake?”
  • “hmm. rats ‘n the bathtub… rats…”
  • “why are there rats in the bathtub?”
  • “’s the fourth of july…”
  • he tries his best.


  • babe is a chronic sleeptalker.
  • he’s a sleep-EVERYTHING, really. he tosses in his sleep, laughs, sings, snores, and has even sleepwalked on more than one occasion.
  • sleeping with babe is an experience.
  • he’ll go on whole monolouges in his sleep. like, full sentences. he’ll carry on conversations, and will even answer questions. sometimes gene will like to ask babe questions, just to see what sort of answer he’ll get. (it’s a little underhanded, but babe is keeping him awake, so it’s an acceptable revenge.)
  • “hey, babe. what’s your least favorite food?”
  • “i… i dunno. brussels sprouts fuckin’ suck. awful… damn awful. eughh.”
  • “i made brussels sprouts the other night.”
  • “yeah. eww… sorry. love you. eww.”


  • george murmurs stuff in his sleep, but never anything interesting. he’s not really coherent, and won’t answer any questions. he’s a boring sleeptalker.
  • (he giggles a lot in his sleep though. sometimes he’ll be full-on cracking up and scares the hell out of joe)
  • he’s only had a real sleep conversation ONCE, and that was after he stayed awake for two straight days.
  • he and joe had an hour long conversation about really deep stuff – their life, their feelings, their future together. 
  • “no, i love you… like, i really love you. i wanna… spend the rest of my life with you. love you that much.”
  • “yeah, georgie… yeah, i love you too.”
  • joe didn’t realize he was asleep until he noticed that george’s eyes were closed, and the slurring in his words wasn’t exhaustion – he was asleep.
  • george had no memory of it the next day, and joe couldn’t decide if he was disappointed or amused.

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Late Night Aromatics

I said I’d write this like almost two days ago, but here I am, very drunk, and Trying My Best. Pls let me know if there are any major typos. Based on a post from here. Dedicated to @ripplebreeze for being a homie.


It’d all started as a crazy basket full of uncertainties. Peter Gregory’s mythical journals, Richard’s self-proclaimed “Not Crazy, Opposite” idea, Monica being generous enough to play sympathetic gatekeeper and let Richard in to the storage area. Jared had unquestioningly gone along, of course.

There were no guises anymore, no more cocked heads in silent question as he packed water and granola bars and a blanket just in case. It went unspoken that none of this was for himself, but rather for Richard, though, in a way, it was still for Jared. Subservience was written into his essence, something people of lesser mettle than Richard have taken advantage of in the past, and yet Jared persisted.

It’s somewhere around three in the morning when Richard finds what he’s looking for. Exuberance bleeds from his bloodshot eyes. He bolts up like cattle prodded with a hot branding iron. Richard babbles excitedly, the word “babe” is thrown at Jared, and suddenly he’s being asked, “Can I just… try something?”

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(Nyx/Noct) Nyx finally getting to see why Ignis is referred to as Noct's sword and giving what he thought was just a stuck up bookworm mad props?

“Are you guys good?” Noctis asked one day.

Nyx glanced over at him, following his gaze towards Ignis ahead of them. The prince had finally deferred to his friend’s better directional skills after being convinced that he had, in fact, been walking them past the same rock formation for the better half of an hour.

“Me and Specs? Yeah, of course we’re good. Why?”

Noctis nibbled his lip in that adorably fretful way that Nyx loved so much. His eyes darted between the two of them, searching for something that he was sure was there, but wasn’t certain he should find.

“I dunno,” he finally said, shrugging. “You guys have seemed a little tense around each other.”

“I don’t know how to break it to you, babe, but we’ve always been like that.”

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TBH I freaking adore the idea of Kukui and Guzma being a couple in the past, but Kukui breaking it off. Guzma still has feelings for Kukui after all these years but he doesn’t know how to handle them so he comes across as a clingy and thirsty ex.

Kukui moves on and settles down with Willow and Guzma finds this out way after the wedding, when he visits Kukui on a yet another “let’s get back together babe” visit. Willow isn’t too happy about coming to the kitchen and seeing some random sleazelord plastered all over his husband and he’s like 5 seconds away from sending his strongest Pidgeotto to beat said sleazelord’s ass.

Kukui defuses the situation and explains that yes, this is his ex, yes he is married now and no, there was absolutely no chance for Guzma and Kukui getting back together.

Guzma is heartbroken and he’s like “fuck Alola, imma travel the world” and he goes to Hoenn. There he meets Sidney and they discover a shared love for misdemeanour.

Five years later, Kukui gets an invitation to Guzma’s wedding.

#15: He forgot. Pt. 2






“Babe, obviously something’s wrong,” his dimples popped as he ran up to you and blocked your way from leaving. “What’s the matter?”

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imagine sitting on your bed late at night, surrounded by binders and paper you were using to study for your finals when you finally just lose it and angrily slam your things shut and lay back on your pillows. angry tears start running down your face because you are exhausted and your brain is fried. michael, who has been on break which means constant video games and lazy days, walks into the room to get ready for bed when he sees you crying. he sits down on the edge beside you and pushes your stuff away. “baby. why are you crying?” he asks, the look on his face showing how concerned he was. “what does it look like?!” you ask as you motion to your pile of schoolwork. his worried eyes looked around and he gently started rubbing your thigh. even though you were being short with him, he didn’t lose his concern. “i haven’t gotten enough sleep for the past week, i am CONSTANTLY doing schoolwork, i haven’t had any time to spend with you or my friends, and i still feel like i am going to fail all my finals!” you say as your tears increase. “come here babe,” michael says as he takes your hands to get you off the bed and he slowly takes your shirt and sweatpants off. he peels off the rest of your clothes, but in the most loving and gentle way. it wasn’t a sexual thing, he just wanted to take care of you and make sure you felt safe and comfortable at home if nowhere else. he didn’t even say anything as he got out your favorite big t-shirt and socks as well as a clean pair of underwear and slipped them on. as you pulled the shirt over your head, he kissed you lightly and said “i love you and i believe in you, you are so incredibly smart and you can make it through this. you know that, right, baby?” you weakly nodded as you wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your head in his neck. “but right now, you need to sleep.” he laid you down on the bed, got you under the covers, then went to change into his own pajamas. he soon crawled into bed with you and pulled you to his warm chest where he strongly embraced you, making you feel safe and protected. you leaned up to kiss him passionately before whispering “thank you michael” and snuggling back into his warm body.

Michael Imagine: Jealous of Luke

Author: Rhine


He sighed for the umpteenth time that day, his breath hanging heavily in the air.

You didn’t notice though, your eyes focused on yet another story Luke was telling.

Michael narrowed his eyes slightly at the sight of you – his girlfriend – and his best friend laughing at yet another joke he wouldn’t understand.

He hated to admit it, but Michael hated how Luke made you smile.

He loved your smile – how it made your eyes wrinkle in the corners and showed the curve of your lips – but there’s a twist of something inside of him that settles uncomfortably in his stomach when he’s not the reason behind it.

He suspects it’s jealousy.

And he hates being jealous of Luke – he was his best friend, after all – but there was something in the way your eyes never left Luke’s blue ones, how your knees almost touched, how your hands grazed one another’s arms when you laughed – that bothered Michael more than he would like to admit.

Michael’s been trying to get your attention for the past hour – hey, wanna hear the new riff I came up with? – but it seems as if Luke held your interest more than him – in a bit, babe, Luke’s about to tell me about this joke he heard the other day.

You and Luke were similar, Michael had to admit – the same dorky humour and cheerful aura – but the realization only made it more difficult for him to control the twisted feeling in his stomach whenever he saw the two of you together.

In all honesty, it felt like he was the third wheeler when he was your boyfriend.

Sometimes Michael wonders how much happier you’d be with him – Luke was practically the male equivalent of you, and based on all the laughter you shared that spiked his skin, he certainly made you happy.

He gets up from his slouched position on the couch, dragging his feet as he made his way to the kitchen, figuring that if he was going to go on a downwards spiral picturing you and Luke together, he might as well do it with some food.

You’re still talking excitedly with Luke when he leaves, and Michael hates how rejected he feels from you not noticing his longing gaze; like a lost schoolboy so childishly pining for a girl he couldn’t get.

He’s rummaging through the fridge, trying to focus his attention on the contents of the crowded fridge instead of your laughter in the next room, the cold air numbing his cheeks and turning his soft sighs into small puffs of white before him.

When he finally looks up with a small feast in his arms, he’s taken aback by the sight of you standing at the doorway, arms crossed with a small grin on your lips.

Michael’s not too sure what to say to you – he didn’t strike up a conversation as easily with you as Luke did, and he wonders how he even managed to hold on to you in the first place.

Thankfully, you speak first.

“Hey – you don’t mind sharing some snacks?”

He shakes his head, and you make your way over to him, lifting some of the containers and packages from his arms and transferring them into your own.

Michael tries to ignore the soft graze of your skin, but he can’t help wondering if you feel the same chills as him when you touch.

“What’s wrong, Michael? You’ve been sighing all day – I almost thought you were having breathing problems.”

He cracks a small grin, but it disappears quickly.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Michael, you’re holding three boxes of Pop-Tarts. Something is clearly very wrong.”

“Maybe I’m just craving Pop-Tarts.”

“Maybe you’re not telling me something.”

You stare him down for a moment, and he can’t look away – he could never stray away from you, not when your eyes were so captivating.

“I just – you’re pretty close with Luke.”

He shuffles his feet slightly, embarrassed at his childish confession.

“Yeah – well, he is my friend.”

“But I’m your boyfriend.”

You can hear the pout in Michael’s voice, and there’s no denying what his words mean.

“You don’t have to be worried about anything, Michael.”

“Well, I am.”

His voice is firm, though his eyes are still frequently darting away from yours.

“He always knows what to say to you, and he always makes you laugh – and I – I, well, you know me.”

He hates how dejected he sounds, like some pathetic puppy.

You set the food down on the counter, and you do the same for the packages in Michael’s hands. He stands as still as a statue, still evading your gaze.

You take a few steps towards Michael and wrap your arms around his stiff torso, snuggling close to him despite his tense form.

He’s taken aback by your sudden affection, and he’s not sure what to do with himself.

But slowly, slowly he melts in your embrace like he always does. His hands find their place on the small of your back, travelling to the back of your head as he rested his chin on the top of your head.

You tight grip doesn’t change, pulling him close to you.

“I know you, Michael. And I love you. I’m sorry if it might seem like I pay more attention to Luke, but I promise that’s not the case – you’re the only person in my mind. And my heart, as cliché as that sounds.”

“I don’t recall you being this clichéd before.”

“Shut up, I’m trying to reassure you.”

Michael lets out a soft chuckle that reverberate in his chest, a rumbling bass in your ears.

“You’ll always be the person I want, at the end of the day. To watch Netflix or play video games with – even though you always beat me and scream louder than me when we watch horror movies.”

“I do not scream louder than you – “

“You’re making this whole reassuring thing really difficult when you keep on interrupting me.”

You turn your head up to look at him scrunching your nose at him. He kisses it lightly before grinning down at you, playing with the ends of your hair behind your back.

“I’m sorry – please continue telling me how amazing I am.”

Anyways. The point is, it’s you that I want, Michael. I want you and the quieter nights we have and the lazy mornings and there’s no one else I’d rather have. I like your silence. I like our conversations. But most importantly, I love you.”

He’s silent for a moment, savouring your words and the feeling of your body in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I just – I just got a bit jealous.”

“Huh. A little, right?”

“Okay, maybe a little bit more than a little, but it was silly.”

You don’t have to look up to imagine the faint splotches of pink that were surely on Michael’s cheeks.

“You’re so silly sometimes, Michael.”

“Maybe a little more crazy than I am silly. But only for you.”

“As I am for you.”

You’re smiling up at him and he’s grinning down at you, getting lost in one another, talking without moving your lips.

“You guys are absolutely sickening.”

The two of you are so enraptured by each other that you barely even notice Luke coming into the kitchen, a sour expression on his face at the sight of the two of you.

You can practically hear the smirk in Michael’s words.

“Jealous, Luke?”


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#317: Easter
  • Niall: "We have t help him Ni." You spoke softly as his arms circled around your waist and his chin came to rest on your shoulder. Your eyes trailing after Caleb as he wandered through the garden in search of the little eggs you'd scattered around. "He's got it. You don't need our help do you Cal?" Niall asked with a slanted smile on his lips and Caleb waved a hand behind his back. "I got it daddy." He called back just as he leaned over to pick up a red egg from off the ground and tossing it into his basket. "See look at that mommy our little boy's got it." He mumbled before pressing his lips to your jaw softly. "He's actually our big boy now [Y/N]." You nodded your head with a slight frown on your lips at the realization as Niall pressed a kiss to your cheek. " He is isn't he." You sniffled and Niall turned you around in his arms to stare at your glossy eyes. "Aw c'mon now none of that." He brought his hands up to cup your face, "Caleb's gonna be our little boy even when he's got kids of his own searching for eggs in our garden [Y/N]." He shot you a grin as his thumbs brushed over your cheeks.
  • Louis: "Look Soph it's the Easter bunny." You tickled her belly as you carried her closer to the bunny standing in the middle of your living room surrounded by your little nieces and nephews. You peered down at Sophie only to notice the slight fear in her now widened eyes. "Mommy." She mumbled burying her face in the crook of your neck. Her hand clenched around the fronts of your shirt as you brought your hand up to calm her down, bouncing her on your hip. "S'alright Soph. It's a nice bunny it won't hurt you. See cousin Lily she's having fun with the bunny. " You whispered into her ear before pressing your lips to her temple. "Wanna know a secret Soph?" You asked with a raised brow, feeling her nod her head while her face was still in the crook of your neck, "Daddy's the bunny babes." You whispered watching her brows furrow as she turned her gaze to the bunny. "Daddy?" She repeated before wiggling in your hold, signaling to put her down before she quickly made her way over to Lou with a smile on her lips. " Daddy." She said happily with her arms raised and soon enough she was scooped up into his arms. "Hey baby." His voice sounded a bit muffled through the suit but it brightened the smile on her lips as she hugged him tightly.
  • Liam: He plopped down on the couch beside you, draping his arm around your shoulder with a grin on his lips. "I got something for you." He reached into his pocket, pulling out a plastic egg and dropping it into your lap. "Li these are for the kids." You shook your head with the corners of your lips curving up. He shrugged his shoulders, "But this one is specifically for you." He bit down on the corner of his lip to stop the smile from widening. With another shake of your head you began to open the egg, a small gasp falling from your lips as you pulled out a locket. " Liam..." You whispered, your eyes still trained on the locket as you smoothed your thumb over the detail. "Open it." He spoke just as softly pulling you in closer to him. And you did, a small laugh making its way past your lips as you looked over the picture he'd had put in it. "How'd you even get that picture?" You asked peering over at him with a bright smile and he shrugged. "My mum had it in one of her albums...remember that day though." He chuckled bringing his hand up to rub at the back of his neck, "You started crying right after that picture. And all I did was kiss you on the cheek [Y/N]." He teased only causing you to huff out a breath of air. "Shut up Liam."
  • Harry: "C'mon Charlie hop." Harry beckoned, hopping himself to demonstrate, "Like this. Follow daddy." He instructed, sighing seconds later because his daughter wasn't paying him any mind. She'd been too busy giggling every time she touched her fluffy tail to pay him any attention. "Told you the outfit would distract her." You muttered coming up behind him and circling your arms around his waist and he began to pout. "I wanted t send a video to my mom of her being a bunny..." He mumbled only making a giggle slip past your lips. "You can still send her a video Harry. M'sure she'd love seeing Charlie all dressed up even if she isn't hopping around like a bunny babe." You pressed your lips to his back
  • Zayn: A smile made its way to your lips as you watched Gavin giggle while he ran from Zayn cradling the chocolate bunny in his arms. "Share it with me." You heard Zayn call out with laughter in his voice only to see Gavin shake his head in response. "Mine." He smiled, his running coming to a stop and he turned around to face his dad. Zayn stood over him with his hands on his hips and a grin on his lips. "Can I at least get a little bite?" He asked only to have Gavin shake his head quickly and he jutted out his lower lip feigning a pout. "You're hurting daddy's feeling Gav." He mumbled and you couldn't hold down the giggle as Gavin inched closer holding the bunny up to Zayn. "M'sorry daddy. Here you can have the whole thing. Take it. Smile." He rushed out with widened eyes.
Falling In Love Part 16 (Cameron Dallas)

I eventually got up and ready for the day even though Cameron had planned on having a lazy day with me. But before that could happen he decided to take me out to breakfast. With me being injured, I had no desire to look even somewhat presentable for going out so I just put on sweatpants and one of Cams sweatshirts. He had no problem with how I looked. Supposively he liked me better looking lazy than me being all dressed up or even in my normal everyday look. Wasn’t complaining there. Cam and I got in his car and drove to our favorite breakfast place. Once we sat down all he could do was stare at me. “What?” I laughed. “Just looking at how beautiful you are.” He said smiling. My cheeks burned and flushed red. “So, did you ever set up that meeting with Jay?” He asked me. “Ya… ya I did.” I said smiling a little. He was silent and so was I. “Kayla…” He said which got my attention. “Ya babe?” I asked confused. “Tell me whats really on your mind.” He said. My smile faded and everything in my mind was turning and spinning. Should I really tell him? I had to. I couldn’t lie to Cam about my feelings, he’d see right through my lies.

“Upset… nervous… weak… there’s pretty much a lot of everything built up in me. I feel as if I can’t do anything. I’m so nervous for this meeting and with everything that has happened I haven’t had the energy or anything to put together a new song or something for Jay. It just makes me feel so un-professional if that even makes any sense.” I said. Cam was silent as he sat there taking in all of my words. After a few minutes he spoke. “One, you’ll be upset as long as you’re like this and that’s normal. Two, you shouldn’t be nervous because you’re way to talented and Jay really seems to like you. And three, you are not weak. Just because you don’t have the energy to put together a new song for some record label does not make you weak. Having a song won’t make a difference. Jay knows what you’ve been through in the past few weeks and if he’s really interested, you not being able to put something together for him isn’t going to matter.” He said bringing a smile to my face. “Thanks babe.” I said to him. How did he always find the right words to say to me?

Me and Cam went back to the apartment and just laid in bed. He laid with his head on my stomach as we talked the day away about anything coming to mind. Then Cameron decided to make a vine of the two of us. “Hey guys so I’m here with most beautiful girl in the world having a little lazy day.” He said pointing his camera at the two of us. I waved to the camera and just smiled at how cute he was. “Hey you wanna play a little game?” He asked looking up at me. “What kind of game?” I asked. “Well why don’t we tell each other what we love about each other the most?” He said holding my hand as my other ran through his hair. I smiled and rolled my eyes at him. “Fine. You go first.” I said. “Well for starters, my number one favorite thing about you is that personality of yours. You can always find a way to make me laugh and you can always cheer me up with how kind you are.” He said looking up at the ceiling. “Well for me… my favorite thing would have to be on how loving you are. Not just with me but with your family and the fans.” I said. He smiled and went silent for a second. “Oh your smile… and the way you blush. That I can’t live without.” He said looking up at me. “See there it is!” He said poking my cheeks as they turned a bright shade of red. “Well I love your smile… your hair… your muscles… your voice… I could go on forever babe.” I said. He laughed at me and then looked at our hands intertwined together. “You know there’s been one thing I’ve always wanted to ask you but never did.” He said. “What’s that babe?” I asked looking into his eyes. “Will you sing to me?” He asked.

That shocked me. No ones ever asked to privately sing to them before. I nodded my head and then thought of what to sing. I started singing You & I because it basically explained our relationship. I basically sang him to sleep. I watched as his eyes closed slowly and felt his whole body relax. I finished singing and just looked at him with a smile on my face. There was a knock on the door and I looked to see Nash standing there smiling as well. “How long have you been standing there?” I laughed. “Well the door was open and no one can resist listening to the voice of Kayla Russett.” He said. I laughed and looked down at Cameron who was fast asleep on my lap. “He’s lucky to have you Kayla.” Nash said. I returned my attention to him as he stood in the doorway. “What do you mean?” I asked. He walked closer to me and sat down on the ground beside the bed. “Before you came around… Cameron wasn’t the happiest person in the world. He would always be daydreaming and thinking about love and everytime he’d see a couple together, he’d get all upset.” Nash said. “No way Cameron was like that.” I said. “Oh believe it. He may seem like a tough guy and not all about love to the fans and everyone around him, but deep down inside… thats all this boy has ever wanted.” Nash said smiling. I stayed silent from his words at a lose of what to say back.

“You know I remember the day he first talked about you.” Nash said gaining back my attention. “Really?” I questioned. “Ya. It was the day you posted a new cover and then later on an ask video with Andrea. I remember asking what was so funny and then he showed me the video. Then he started fantasizing about you and saying how badly he wanted to meet you. All the guys made fun of him for it but… I don’t know I thought it was kind of nice.” Nash said. It amazed me how big of a fan Cameron was of mine. “He really was in to me that much?” I asked. “Oh yeah. That kid would never shut up about you. He’d be fanboying over you anyday everyday.” He said making me laugh a little. I looked down and saw a smile on Camerons face. “Cameron Alexander Dallas!” I said punching his arm as he started laughing. “You were listening to us the whole time.” I said as he sat up. “Ya I was. You know I can’t sleep when I hear you talking.” He said. I laughed at him and then looked over to Nash who was now standing up. “Night guys. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said walking towards the door. “Night Nash.” Me and Cam said together. “Time for bed silly.” I said and turned my back to him as I laid down. “Whatever you say princess.” He laughed and cuddled up next to me with his arm around my waist. Falling asleep in his arms was always the best thing in the world.

 A/N—Thought I’d add in a cute little part to the story. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!