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Kim Seokjin has the patience of a saint. He's the eldest and so chill and he really doesn't pull that card like a lot of other groups do - unless he's being funny or trying to get out of something 😂 but Jeon Jungkook used his literal entire leg and almost knocked Jin into next week. And then laughed so hard he almost fell over. I love that they're so close, their bickering is 100% beautiful and even though he's walking a fine line between life and death, Kook loves his Jin-Hyung so much 😭

Dude and the only reason Kook teases him is because Jin is such a good sport about it. Like, if I was Jin, I cannot say with certainty that Jeon Jungkook would still have both eyebrows, but Jin is not only super patient but also super fun to play with because he’s a beautiful fuckin nerd with the goofiest most charming laugh, and Bangtan is so #blessed to have him. 

I finished 114! Hoorah! To commemorate this wonderful occasion, I doodled some Peggy and company in the style I used for my final animated short for 114 (which I’ll post tomorrow, once I’ve adjusted some things). This was super fun, I love drawing skinny Steve!

Also Howard is such a bear to draw… >__< He walks a fine line between either looking like Dorian Pavus or Walt Disney.

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Shiizakana



The purity of dark truths polluted by facile conscience stirs the monster inside the man. Will’s denial of his instincts is tiresome. Randall, a seed planted then forgotten, provides an unexpected opportunity.

‘How many have there been?’

Are you jealous, precious boy? Then prove yourself superior.


Hot yearning. For Will to accept the radiant potential of his new skin and slough off the old. Doubt prompts a ruthless response: old pitted against new.


Some regret. Randall pitifully stripped of his savage beauty. But pleasure quickly bites.

Is this for me? 

Glorious offering. 

Now, beloved, we are equals.


Vigilante justice? Sacrifice? Offering…

Will’s walking a fine line but he figures Jack will just about tolerate this one. 

Waits in the dark, blood thrumming, catch of the day laid out on the dining room table. Simple. Rustic. Hannibal will like that: they can work on the presentation together.

The door clicks open. Honey, I’m home. Lets the darkness swallow him, eyes trained on his prize. Silence as Hannibal surveys the scene. Will senses surprise, a tinge of regret, pride, pleasure.

He looks up and their gazes mesh.

'I’d say this makes us even.’

I’d say this makes us equals.

Hair Color - Pt. 9 (Soulmate!Michael)

Requested: The idea came from this amazing genius.

Words: 1590

Pairing: Michael x Reader


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Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.


“Okay, let me get this straight,” You said, trying to slow down the tempo of Calum and Ashton, “Luke, a 20-year-old man who tour the world for a living, is lost in LA, because he went out for food.”

“It’s not our fault that you guys didn’t order pizza for us!” Calum accused you and Michael , turning his head. You didn’t know if he was angry or worried, but there were some emotions in the late night.

“He’s gonna be fine!” Michael yelled, walking as the last person in line. Ashton was looking around as if he had magical spy-eyes and knew exactly where Luke was while Calum was obviously trying not to have a mental breakdown.

Michael, on the other hand, wasn’t anything like that. He walked slowly with his hands in his pockets, kicking a few rocks off the sidewalk. You observed him and his reaction clearly, and you couldn’t help but get a little mad. One of his best friends were gone. Like the wind. And all Michael did was walking with his hands in his pocket?

“Okay, this is not working. Maybe we need to split?” Calum shook his head disagreeing with Ashton. You all stopped walking and got together in a small circle.
Maybe it was an instinct that Ashton took the lead when everything panicked or maybe it just because he was the oldest. It wasn’t like you would love to take the lead, but at this point, Ashton was getting on your nerves, too. The only one who wasn’t annoying was Calum, but that was mainly because his big eyes were filled with fear, and you couldn’t stop throwing pity glances at him.

“Me and Y/N is gonna take the park,” Michael said, almost dragging you out on the busy road before Ashton caught Michael’s sleeve and pulled him back on the sidewalk.

“No, you are not,” Ashton stated as Michael rolled his eyes at him. You stayed out of the small fighting that was going on between the friends, “We’re all gonna go through the park, then we’ll split up. Deal?”

Ashton made sure that every word was emphasized. Michael grouted and turned his head. A huge, lighted up park lied on the other side of the road. You assumed that was the one the guys were talking about. You were generally surprised about the traffic. There were barely any cars on the road, but then again, none of you had any idea about where you were.

The four of you walked across the road, making sure nobody got killed by the few cars. The great gate to the park was closed, but it wasn’t locked. So walking in wasn’t a problem.

There wasn’t a living soul on the path you walked on, only the four of you. Ashton and Calum walked first as you and Michael were the rear party. Even though it was a park with lights hovering up beside you, it was scary. The lamps only lighted the path, making the tall trees almost humanlike, as the rest of the park seemed unknown. You saw no other solution that to grab Michael’s hand. He quickly stared at you, but you ignored him with a visible smirk plastered on your face. Michael coughed but only gave your hand a little squeeze.

Then the park became romantic. Well, expect for the two dumbasses walking confused in front of you, discussing every single turn. Otherwise, the simple touch of another human being changed the mood completely. Suddenly the trees weren’t dark people, now they’re were swaying in the warm wind. The normally annoying sound of cars outside the park sounded almost like music. The dark seemed beautiful as you walked with Michael’s warm hand in yours. A simple touch changed everything.

“Ashton! Calum!” You looked at the two guys in front of you and saw them running towards a bench. You instantly let go of Michael’s hand as soon as you saw Luke’s smirk forming. Holy shit, Luke were sitting on the bench with a Golden Retriever dog.

“What the fu…” you heard Michael mumble before he ran towards Luke and the strange dog. As you came closer, you could hear the happy yelling and the hurried words.

“Hi.” Nobody noticed you. Ashton sat beside the dog and quietly patted it as if he was in awe of Luke being alive. Calum just smiled all over his face, nothing to worry about there. Michael tried to hold back the small chuckles from Luke’s storytelling.

“I was very confused. Then I decided to try to find a way out of this place because this park is big! Instead of the exit, I found this fuckin’ cute dog. So I’ve been sitting here for about fifteen minutes.”

“It’s a very cute dog.” You mumbled and squatted down in front of it. Luke nodded in agreement.

“We’ve been looking for you in two hours,” Ashton remarked, even though that probably wasn’t true, “You could have called, Luke.”

“I don’t have my phone, asshole. Otherwise, I probably would have found a way home.” Luke responded cocky and looked Ashton in the eye.

“Do any of us have our phones?” Calum questioned, now standing behind the bench.

Silence. You stared at Michael as soon as you realized what that mean: it would be hard to find the way back. Michael’s eyes widened.

“Oh for God’s sake!” Michael yelled, “It’s 2016, people! We’re supposed to be addicted to our phones!”

“Fuck. Which path did we come from?” Calum then asked while Luke and Ashton pointed in one direction and you and Michael pointed in the opposite. Calum mumbled sarcastically, “Great.”

Somehow, the five of you found the exit. Fortunately, the park had more than just one gate. Problem was that none of you knew where you were. Luke and Calum begged about bringing that damn dog with you, and then Ashton allowed it. And it was a cute pain in the ass. At first, it wanted to run away, so Luke picked the enormous dog up and carried it around for a while, before handing it over to Calum. So Calum had Luke had to carry it around all the way. The dog didn’t complain, actually, it seemed like it was enjoying not having to walk.

The wind became colder as you walked along small, closed shops in dark valleys. You wrapped your own arms around you, trying to catch some warmth.

“What time is it?” You asked, yawning. You had no idea how long you had been walking or when you even left the house to look after Luke. You just knew that you were cold and tired and that you wanted to go to bed immediately.

“Almost four now,” Luke answered, looking up in the sky. You observed his weird action but understood why as soon as a single raindrop hit your shoulder. That drop changed everything in a second. Suddenly, more panic hit the group as you were already looking for some kind of shelter. Now, it couldn’t get any worse. Soon the drops were getting harder and bigger, until the rain poured down on you, ruining your already ruined hair. The dog squealed as the water hit the soft, yellow fur and Calum looked absolutely terrified on the dog’s behalf.

Luke started running with Ashton right behind him while yelling, “Gotta find a place for the dog.”

You, Luke, Ashton and Michael ran around the buildings while Calum was trying to shush the dog.

“Over here, guys!” You heard Ashton roar a couple meters away from you. You hurried towards him as the others did the same while standing in front of a minor, black building with some unrecognizable letters above it. “It’s open,” Ashton mumbled while pulling down the doorknob and opening the door slightly. Not enough so you could see inside, though. He didn’t know whether to just barge in or knock. But he didn’t have time to think.

“Let’s go in then!” Luke yelled and stormed inside with the rest of you following after. You all stopped to look around the small space. It was one, huge room. At the end of the room, there was a bar with every possible alcoholic beverage you could think of and around the sides were placed wooden chairs and tables. Oh yeah, and in the middle, there was a tall platform. And on that platform were a pole. As in; a stripper pole.

Calum closed the door behind him, being the last one to realize where you were. He quickly put down the dog and let it run around the strip club. You all stood with mouths wide open as you watched a woman with high boots and very little clothing, picking up dollars from the platform. You estimated that she was about your age when she looked up from the money.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” A rather large man walked in behind the bar as he quickly hurried towards the five of you. His face was pulled in confusion and anger, as he hassled across the room. He stopped, looking directly in the face of a dripping wet Calum.

“Well, sir, it was raining and the dog needed shelter and…” Calum’s words were flustered as he pointed to the Golden Retriever running around the room. But he didn’t get to finish before the man’s fist hit him hard, making a plump-like sound. The woman screamed, “Carlos” but it was too late. Calum’s words faded out as he fell to the ground.

A/N: Wow. Plot twist. And hurray, Luke’s not dead! ;) What did you think?

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More thoughts on Snape

I am admiring the pure genius that is JK Rowling, and in the story just what Snape had to go through and how much respect he deserves.

Severus Snape was a triple crosser, “working” for Dumbledore on Voldemort’s “Orders” while actually working for Voldemort on Dumbledore’s orders.

That is one serious fine line he has to walk between both sides so that it appears that he is double crossing a side all the time.

His cool, measured response to Bellatrix in the beginning of the sixth book shows that he is always aware of the motive behind EVERYTHING he does. It is so that if and when he would need to justify his motives to anyone he would have a valid reason for that behaviour.

In short, genius.

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           and in what universe is that my goddamn fault? harlan can feel francis’s disappointment. it’s palpable, a tangible thing that threatens to suffocate him — he has yet to raise his voice, but he walks the fine line, eager to start a war and muffle the shame in battle. HOW DARE YOU MAKE THIS ABOUT BOTH OF US. he seeks sympathy and doesn’t even realize it, his frustration instead channeled into words. the name he utters drips with the appropriate poison :  jack crawford suspended me. be pissed off at him!! ” 

Weathering the Storm - chpt 2

Pairing: Bucky x OFC
Warnings: graphic sexual content, anxiety, mention of suicidal thoughts, language

Words: 2868 
Summary: A continuation of Chpt 1. official briefings, awkward boners, and the eternal struggle of boy-meets-girl.   

or: Bucky gets off in the bathoom because sexual frustratiooonnnn (✿◕ᴗ◕)・:*:・。.

While Bucky wished with every aching cell of his body to stay in Lacey’s bed, let his hands roam over the peaks and dips of her form and worship her from head to toe, he knew it would be walking a very fine and dangerously sexual line. One side dull and safe, made for applying pressure. The other, a razor that bites deep and draws blood. Painful. Attractive. Addicting. The sort of knife’s edge that he didn’t want to test …yet.

She stretched beneath his weight, freeing him from the grasp of her legs. He didn’t want to sit up. He didn’t want to move at all except closer to her. Lacey sighed when he left a final peck on the bridge of her nose, a soft grunt of frustration punctuating the act of righting himself on the bed. He offered a hand to pull her up as well.

“Thank you for the haircut,” he said, chancing a wink at the rosy cheeked woman.

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hermes, to me, more than anything else, is the god who walks a fine line. between life and death because he is a guide for souls. from jovial to unshakably somber at the flip of a coin. between respectability and illegality because he rules commerce and thievery. he is the embodiment of pushing one’s luck, seeing how far you can go before you cross that line in the sand. from the day he was born, he was testing his kin’s limits by stealing apollon’s flocks. yet he is relentlessly charming, so he manages to balance on that knife’s edge..

The Fire Dancer (open)

Dean threw his fire staff up into the air then threw two plates as he caught the staff and hit them one at a time. The plates exploded into a million pieces like mini fireworks in the sky. Then he finished his routine by “eating” the fire on the ends of the staff. The crowed clapped as he bowed and put his staffs up, debating about doing one last show for the party tonight or not. It was definetly break time as he went and got a drink at the outdoor bar.

The mutant was trying to make his way in life, and he made great money performing at parties. Some of the more wealthier people around the area had caught wind of him, so he was doing better than normal. Dean discovered he could make money using some of his powers, but he walked a fine line with it.

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        You’re not going to lose me, he opens his mouth to say – and then closes it, wondering how much of that statement is also a lie.  To him it seems as if it is the only thing that he’s capable of doing with Thorin anymore; false smiles, false assurances, and the occasional white lie to  excuse himself from the King’s presence if ever he happened to corner him for more than a coincidental moment.  He’s never liked lying to him….  And frankly, he’s rather tired of it all.

        Weeks it’s been and still he cannot properly look this Dwarf in the eye, shuffling awkwardly from foot to foot as if a child spotted stealing sweets before dinner.  Ever since the  battlements he’d walked a fine line of accommodating Thorin’s needs to ensure his health and making a point of not overstaying his welcome, and at the moment he feels as if he may be doing just that.

        Yet despite his ( many, oh so many ) reservations, a hand begins to lift and he pads over to meticulously wipe away every single tear.  Beneath the moonlight it trembles and he has to bite down on the inside of his cheek to cease the shaking, but in the depth of his fractured heart he knows he cannot leave Thorin like this.  Palms raise, cup the taller’s cheeks.  He offers the other a look of frank sincerity, and when he finally murmurs  You aren’t going to lose me,  it’s uttered as a promise, one he intends to keep.

Teach me to fight (Brett imagine )

Y/N pov
I was so furious. Why was I furious ? I’ll tell you just last night I was sitting in stiles jeep with him cause we are the only humans in the pack . They think we can get hurt easily and they don’t want to lose us . But I’m sick and tired of just sitting in that damn jeep with stiles listening to them get hurt every once in the while . I walked up to Liam .“I need to ask you something “I told him "ask away "he said smiling ” teach me to fight, how to protect myself and others . “his smile turn into a flat line "no ” he said and walked away .I groan fine if he won’t then I know who will .I saw Brett I ran to him and hugged him. “aw are you glad to see me ” he said smirking I rolled my eyes “ I got a question Brett maybe you can answer it for me ” “and what would that be cutie.” “teach me to fight, how to protect myself and others . ”“ okay meet me in gym after school ” “wait seriously you’ll do it ? ”“yeah I’ll do it I hate having you be stuck with stiles in that jeep all the time ” he said I smiled I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. I saw him smirked I giggled and walked to class.
After school
I changed into a tank top and shorts I went to the gym I saw Brett standing in the middle of it like he was a lord . I couldn’t help but to laugh to myself . “come on Y/L/N I don’t have all day ” I ran to him . “okay first we going to work on punching punch me in the hands ready go ” I punched him in the hand “ again with more force ” I did it again “that was weak again ” I did it again he kissed me “uh what was that for ” “you did it right so every time you do it right I’ll kiss you ” he said like it was nothing I blushed “ awe little y/n is blushing ” “shut up ” I said punching him “that was a good punch more force though "we kept practicing punches I lost count how many times we kissed wait let me rephrase that I lost count how many times he kissed me . He didn’t let me kiss him back . After everything that he taught me we decided to see how can I fight . We started fighting he tried punching me I blocked it .I roundhouse kicked him . He fell he tried to swiped my feet I jumped and tackled him . We started wrestling I pinned him down."its that what you got ” I asked him while smirking at him. He flipped us over and started kissing me . I kissed him back his hands started roaming all over my body I pulled him closer I bit his lip and he just moaned into the kiss . He pulled away “would you be my girlfriend” I kissed him “does that answer your question” “yes it does”

A/n I know it’s not all fluff and cute but I tried lol -Kat

Day 184: In A Silver Frame

A fluffy little thank you for @malpractician.

Spy ran his fingers across the small package in his hand. Wrapped in simple but expensive red paper, it was topped with a white ribbon. A gift for his Boston Belle and, for the first time that he could remember, there was a pang of apprehension as he thought about the moment when she would unwrap it.

It wouldn’t be the first gift he had given her. Not by any measure. He’d given her everything from candy to coats, forever walking the fine line between wanting to spoil the woman he loved while remembering her fierce blue collar pride. But it was the first one that was really more than just a gift. It had taken him quite some time, and quite a bit of trouble to get it.

“For me?” She smiled as she took the small package from him. The ribbon slipped easily with a single pull, and she slipped a nail under the tape that held the paper in place. Spy had to hold himself still to keep from tapping his foot impatiently as she carefully flattened and then folded the wrapping paper neatly. Ostensibly it was to be kept for later. More likely, that little smile across her lips meant that she enjoyed those few seconds where she had him held in utter suspense.

Once the paper was gone, manicured fingers carefully pulled off the lid and lifted the tissue paper away. The smile on her face faded into surprise and Spy couldn’t miss the small tremble in her hand as she pulled out the gift.

“A picture of you…”

Spy wasn’t normally overly sentimental. And any man who spent every waking moment with a mask over his face couldn’t be accused of being overly vain. He had debated the idea for days before finally arranging a sitting with a photographer in Teufort.

“… and my baby.” She looked up at him, tears in her eyes, but a smile across her face. “Together.”

Scout was undoubtedly an immature brat, an idiot, and likely destined to die a virgin. But he loved his mother and, when Spy had finally cornered him after a match, agreed to put RED versus BLU aside for a few hours to have the photo taken. 

The simple silver frame held the photo. Two men, one with gray lightening his hair, the other barely out of childhood. They stood shoulder to shoulder, smiles on their faces, almost as if they didn’t try to kill each other on a daily basis.

The boy would arrive tomorrow and she would dote on her youngest, but for now her attention was all for him. He leaned forward and took the box from her hand, setting it down before lacing their fingers together.

“Happy birthday, mon amour. From both of us.”

Cord was freezing. It was winter, and after a small argument with his mother, she had banished him from his own house, and he didn’t even bother to try and argue. She was his mother, and he had always walked a fine line with her. There was no use to try and reason with her. So he sat outside on the front porch, wrapped in nothing but an over sized coat, his dark locks hanging in front of his face and reaching passed his shoulders now. It had dropped to the freezing temperatures, but he remained seated outside on the front porch.

He fell asleep at some point, but kept waking up due to the freezing temperatures. By early morning when the sun came up, Cord was coughing, his throat and lungs so frozen and his shakes so bad he could barely grip anything. He was thankful that the coat was thick, otherwise he was sure he would’ve gotten frostbite hours ago. He was too shy, too embarrassed to ask anyone for help, so he just continued to sit out on the front porch, watching as lights flickered on in the mansions, slightly jealous that people had heating to turn to on a frosty morning.

But judging by everything he was feeling, his fuzzy brain was starting to tell him that he was starting to get sick. But he heard someone say his name, and he looked up, his eyes heavy lidded, his nose bright red and his lips slightly blue in color, and he looked up to see Glitter.

“Hi,” Cord’s voice was shaking, remaining curled up in his jacket as tight as possible.

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So here he comes right on time
And he has class and quite a style
All of his own and they all know him
As Lupin the Third

He walks a line, one fine line
Though danger lies, he’ll be just fine
He’s here today, but gone tomorrow
He’s Lupin the Third

All his life has been
One rollercoaster ride of dreams
No time for looking back, never regretting that
His smile is all that he can leave behind

And there he goes nice and slow
Wish he would stay another day
So we can give darkness away
My Lupin the Third

All his life has been
One rollercoaster ride of dreams
No time for looking back, forgetting who or what
His song is all that he can leave behind

On quiet nights I hear him still
Whistling a tune I know so well
Gun in hand, rose in the other
He’s Lupin the Third

I love how good he is at portraying how fine a line Ramsay walks between deliberate, lucid sadism and deluded madness. He obviously consciously and calculatedly uses his torture and cruelty to achieve his ends (be they manipulation, intimidation, or purely just for his own amusement). But there is a part of him that shows sometimes, that’s like an oblivious child playing pretend (just an evil, twisted one) that cares for nothing but the animal delight he feels inflicting pure misery on another human. Iwan Rheon’s portrayal of Ramsey when he is in “let’s play Heir to House Bolton!” mode is incredibly nuanced….you can see that in his sociopathy, he is taking on the “role” of heir to a great house (and civilized human being in general) like a kid playing dress up. I keep almost expecting him to clap his hands in excitement when it’s time to play “Ramsay Bolton” in public. It is inextricably tied to one of the few true emotions he has (desiring the power & opportunities that come with the Bolton name, and ridding himself of perceived mockery at being a bastard); but it’s still all just a mask. The only true face Ramsay has is the one he shows when looking proudly at the fruits of his “labors”.
And this episode was a masterful portrayal of that. Ramsay is outside basking in self-satisfaction at a job well done, anticipating showing off his creation, and generally appears to be unaware of his surroundings as he daydreams about whatever monstrous things are in his head. When Sansa arrives at his summons, there’s this incredible moment of blank lack of recognition, of both her and why she is there. He just stares at her…and then it dawns on him, that oh right it’s time to play dress up. And you can practically see the inhuman monster putting on the human “Ramsey the Heir” mask. “Oh yes, Sansa my darling wife, that’s who you are. And I’m Ramsey Bolton! What fun!”. I almost laughed just in astonished appreciation at that moment. He was waiting there for her, he was implementing his deliberate plan for her, that’s the whole point….but as he sat there waiting and basking and daydreaming, he became so caught up in it that he forgot all the masks and the games and the manipulations, and the monster was all that was left. That’s what we saw for a split second, the real Ramsey before he remembered to put on the mask. It was a damn impressive and subtle bit of acting, and completely terrifying. I think Iwan Rheon has really created Ramsey in his mind, and understands his motives and reasoning (horrific as they are)….not a fun thing to contemplate, but a damn fine job done as a result of it. And I have to give a nod to the directing….coming directly off trying not to sniffle too much at Sam’s eulogy for Maester Aemon, saying goodbye to such a kind, humble, gentle man, it was SO much more shocking. Definitely one of the better episodes, and I’m not familiar with Iwan Rheon in anything else but will be seeking out his other stuff now. He’s really become a twisted highlight of the show, and his scenes are really mesmerizing. I’m glued to the screen even when I wish I didn’t have to be o.O

Excellent comment on Iwan’s performance in game of Thrones