he's very underrated you know

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What are your thoughts on Paul Dano?

He is so talented but very underrated. You know how great he is? He takes on acting titan Daniel Day-Lewis TWICE and never fall to background! To this day I still cannot see a milkshake and Mary Elizabeth Winstead without immediately thinking of Paul Dano. 

Alfie doesn’t get half the credit he deserves for his videos and it’s very upsetting. He uploads a daily vlog every single day, a new main channel video every sunday, and now he wants to do gaming videos every monday, wednesday and friday and that’s a lot of work. For people who may be out of youtube it may be seen as easy and “not hard at all” but editing a video is very time consuming and alfie does it daily, and he hasn’t failed. I know there are loads of other youtubers that vlog daily but I don’t think Alfie gets enough credit for it and it’ makes me sad because I love his daily vlogs a lot that’s all.