he's very um

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Hey, Sally, have you met Percy? And, if so, what is your relationship with him?

Sally: I have met him and he’s a very kind um… alien stone? I think thats what he is yes? He likes the candy I bring with me sometimes to the beach but only the blue kind which thankful I have plenty of. 

@mouse-mind said: “Jared isn’t good about rewarding himself, but what are some of the comforts in life he enjoys or will, very occasionally, indulge in?“

Fancy teas, nice clothing, being in nature. Leaving his phone in the other room and taking a bath. Good-smelling candles. Going out to dinner by himself. I feel like he’s sort of very, um… sensual, in a way? And he likes the idea that nice things exist, even if he won’t let himself have them - like, he’ll go in a store and touch a bunch of cashmere sweaters he has no intention of buying. He’s just glad they’re there!