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Prompt #4 for the ask thing

4. “I’m not drunk, I s-swear.”

“No, mom, I’m just staying at Nico’s”, Will grins and winks at Nico. Nico thinks it’s pretty impressive if they can pull this off. “It’s late already, and it’s not like I have school tomorrow or anything.”

Nico hears Will’s mother’s voice through the line but doesn’t listen to what she’s saying. Instead he focuses on his boyfriend’s neck, so well at hand from where he’s lying next to Will on the bed. He presses a soft, lingering kiss by the pulse point and feels Will run a hand through his hair. I’m going to miss this.

“Mom - no, listen. I need to leave for college in a week. Who knows when I’m going to see him again.”

That’s - not actually entirely true. Not that Will’s mother needs to know that they’re planning on visiting each other most every weekend. Nico throws an arm across Will’s chest and plays with the hem of his shirt. He’s not particularly looking forward to the four hour drive from New York to Boston every other weekend, but if it means he can spend time with Will he’ll do it over and over again.

Will sighs to the phone, and Nico peppers his kisses down to the barely exposed collar bone. “I know, mom. I’m gonna miss you, too. But Nico’s my -” Nico can see how Will swallows, can feel the hold around his shoulders tightening, “he’s my best friend.”

Again, not entirely true, but this Nico can live with. His own parents wouldn’t be too happy about him dating a boy, either, so he can understand where Will comes from. Besides, this way they can sleep in the same room, in the same bed, and no one has to go down the hall to the guest room.

Nico nuzzles to Will’s neck and presses his body closer to Will’s. Their legs tangle together as he listens to Mrs Solace go on and on about something he can’t quite hear. She’s probably trying to guilt trip Will into going home for the night, like she has tried so many times before. Sometimes Nico wonders if she likes Nico at all.

“I’ll be home every night for the rest of the week, mom.”

That makes Nico look up at Will, who shoots him an apologetic look and mouths sorry as his mother keeps talking. Nico knows they have no other choice. That doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it.

Without saying anything, Nico shimmers down the bed until he can press his face to the small sliver of skin peeking from under the hem of Will’s shirt. He breathes in deeply before starting to leave teasing kisses all over, and grins when he feels Will’s muscles tense under his lips.

“Yes, I promise”, Will says, and his voice is a little strained as he lifts a hand to bury it in Nico’s hair again. Nico pushes the shirt up to expose more skin and uses his teeth to nip around Will’s navel. “H-how about this. We can all go to Grandma’s for dinner tomorrow. Just please, let me spent some time tonight with Nico - oh.”

Will’s voice cuts into a barely there sigh when Nico dips his tongue to the navel and quickly moves on to suck a mark next to it. Will grips Nico’s hair tightly in his fist, and Nico can hear Mrs Solace asking something. 

“No! No, mom, I’m not drunk, I s-swear.” He doesn’t sound very convincing anymore, but Nico can’t really blame him. If Will was running his hands up Nico’s sides like this when Nico’s trying to speak to his mother, he wouldn’t sound very convincing, either. 

Nico moves his lips lower, towards Will’s hip bone, and one of his thumbs flicks quickly over a nipple.

“You know what, mom, we can have this conversation tomorrow. Sleep well. Good night.” Will disconnects the call and drops his phone to the mattress unguardedly. “You’re a real devil, aren’t you, di Angelo?”

Nico grins before nipping at the skin by the waistline of Will’s pants. “Well, if you’re going to abandon me for the rest of the week I thought we could have a head start. Too bad your mother was hogging you all to herself.”

Will looks a little disgusted when he gives Nico a pointed look. “Please don’t mention my mother when your mouth is inches away from my dick.”

With a laugh, Nico climbs up on top of Will and leans in to kiss him, slow and meaningful. “Noted”, he mutters against Will’s lips and feels him smile. “Anything else?”

“Just shut up and kiss me again.”

Dragons for dummies

Jesse McCree has a fear of snakes and lived his life in the belief that Hanzo’s dragon strike was a super advanced hard light projection. Hanzo never bothered to tell him otherwise, as guardian dragons are shy, elusive creatures who don’t just show up for anyone.

In hindsight, he probably should have warned him in advance.

First meeting between cowboy and noodles. It could have gone better.

(Hullo, I promised McHanzo fic with noodles Here it is. Also on AO3.)

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Don't test Dean

roseringleader13 asked:
Could you please write a smut fic where Dean gets insanely jealous over how Sam keeps flirting with the reader, to make Dean admit his feelings because the reader is practically a female Dean. Then Dean claims her in jealous angry sex. 


 WARNINGS: smut, minor choking, jealous!Dean, dom!Dean, a little fluff, jealousy

Pairings: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1263

“You’re like the female Dean , I swear.” Laughed Sam as you took the last bite of your apple pie.

“Yeah right, Sammy. I mean, Sam. Besides… I don’t wanna be like him, I want to be with him. You know?”

“Well, Dean responds well to jealousy. We could try that out” Sam suggests that you and him get really flirty next time Deans around. You’d definitely find out how he felt about you then.

A few minutes later Dean appears in the library where you and Sam are already sitting.

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luminary-child prompted: idk if you’re taking prompts but here: klaine moves in to a new place and obviously christen it by having sex everywhere. bottom!blaine says (yells) Kurt’s name so much when they fuck that when their next door neighbour finally greets them they know Kurt’s name

It’s tiny. Their living room barely spans ten feet across, the walls are a flat off-white color that they’re not allowed to paint, and the kitchen is a miniscule outdated mess. But none of this matters because their names are on the lease and they’re standing, side-by-side, in the threshold of their first official place together.

Kurt turns his head. Blaine’s eyes are wide, bright, and when he meets Kurt’s he beams broadly and grips Kurt’s hand tightly in his. Their stuff is still unpacked, strewn in messy piles of boxes at all corners of their new apartment, and Kurt really isn’t looking forward to the daunting task of setting everything up and deciding on the perfect mix of both their styles. Living in the loft together had taught them how that could be.

But this is a new them. A new start. An apartment in the heart of New York City where the occupants won’t come and go as they please; where they can try this again, try them, at their own pace.

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Vaguely Downton Abbey-inspired au, Blaine is the son of a Lord and Kurt is his valet. Some light angst, fluff, making out. PG-13, ~1.3k

“Your crop, Master Anderson.”

“Thank you.”

Kurt stands patiently as Blaine takes the crop and pulls his black riding gloves on. He steps forwards, hands cupped together, and braces himself as Blaine steps into the makeshift foothold then swings himself into the saddle.

“I’ll be following at the back of the party, sir,” he says, discreetly rubbing his hands together. “Have a good ride.” He nods his head and moves away, stomach fluttering at the small smile Blaine directs after him.

As Blaine’s valet, he only really has a responsibility to him, but he stops to assist his mother onto her horse as well. Lord Anderson and his eldest son, Cooper, are already waiting in the courtyard outside the stables. He hoists himself onto his gentle bay mare, Alexandra, and follows Blaine and his mother out of the stables.

Lord Anderson’s valet is busy running an errand in London, and Cooper’s still unfit for riding after his return from the front, so Kurt has taken over both their roles for the day. He has two large saddle bags filled with picnic items and the family’s extra layers strapped to the saddle behind him.

They set out into the grounds, towards the woods and the beach beyond. Within minutes, Cooper sets off at a gallop in the direction of the trees, and his father laughs good-naturedly. Lady Anderson trots alongside him, allowing Blaine to drop back and ride alongside Kurt.

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The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


Stopping in the Wal-Mart parking lot so Scully could nap, Mulder decided, rationally or irrationally depending on how one looked at the situation, to go shopping, crutching the aisles inside while Scully snored in the car.

Once his journey had wrapped up, he headed back towards the Jeep, well, limped to the Jeep, one hand using a crutch, the other on the cart keeping balance. All was moving slowly but fairly well, until he hit a small, downhill slope then it all went to hell. The cart got away from him mid-limping hop, began rolling forward, and not even attempting to catch it on one crutch, he simply regained his balance and watched the runaway cart careen into the back of their car.

The jolt woke Scully, who sat up quickly and turned her head, trying to figure out what was beating on her temporary bedroom. Spotting Mulder shrugging through the side window, she shook her head and opened her door. “Need some help there, Sparky?”

“Not with the cart pushing anymore but I could use some assistance with the cart emptying.”

Eyeing the bags stacked up, she ventured a finger into the top one, pulling it open to peek inside, “what did you buy? Food?”

“Food. Movies. Socks. Some clean scissors so you can take out my stitches. Soap. More sunscreen. Chapstick.”

“Had your own little adventure, didn’t you?”

With a grin, he began handing her bags, “sure did. Now, help me get this crap in there so we can keep going. I called the rental lady and told her we’d be getting in fairly late so she said she’d leave the key under the mat this evening for us. We just have to call her in the morning to let her know we got there.”

Stuffing bags in nooks and crannies, “did you really need to buy this much stuff?”

“We have had the stuff talk numerous times. Stuff is good.”

“I forgot. Stuff if good.” Hefting the rest in the trunk, she shut the lid, handing Mulder his second crutch, “go get in the car. I’ll deal with the cart.” Eventually, many hours later, it was dark and eventually, Scully had to find a strange house in a strange town. She felt like she was stalking people, driving three miles an hour past each house, squinting at shadowed and faded addresses until they ran out of addresses, “you wrote it down correctly, right?”

“I asked her twice and repeated it back.” Mulder leaned forward, staring out the windshield, “although I swear there’s a driveway in front of us. Looks kind of overgrown but it might be ours.”

Worth a try in her book, she navigated down the bumpy, rutted dirt and sand track until suddenly, there was a little house off to the right, unimposing in stature and color, the windworn grey blending in to the world around it.

Mulder found the numbers by the front door first and bumped her knee, “this is it.”

“Thank God.” Stepping out of the car, she was hit first with the salt smell of the ocean, then the sound of the waves on the beach. Without thinking, she climbed the dune beside the house and reaching he top, without warning, the dune fell away and the ocean opened up before her, a few hundred feet away at most.


It took until a second call to get her attention and turning around, she remembered he was down there, “oh, hi.”

He smiled, leaning out the window of the car, “good view?”

“The best.” Moving back towards him, “the crutches are going to be fun in the sand.”

“I’ll scoot on my ass if necessary. I just need some help getting into the house.”

She found the key, let them in and unloaded the luggage and bags in the front hall. Mulder did his best to stay out of her way until she finally shut the front door, leaning back against it, “I know I should go look around but I’m exhausted. How are you doing?”

He hadn’t slept in the car, given he was keeping her awake so he was equally tired, “about to fall down.” Pointing up the staircase, “up you go.”

After retrieving only her pajamas pants and Mulder’s, she headed upstairs, finding one large bedroom, one king bed and windows spanning the entire wall facing the ocean. It was beautiful and sparse and perfect and she couldn’t wait to lie down.

Mulder, who had just made it into the room, “want the bathroom first?”

Scully was already pulling her shirt over her head revealing her tank top, her capris dropping next in a puddle as she stepped into her pajama pants, pulling them up in one smooth motion, “nope. Going to sleep.”

It was too dark to see anything more than a few shadows, “even when you strip in front of me, I miss everything because I can’t see it.”

She didn’t care at this point and as she crashed face first into the pillow, “just come to bed, Mulder.”

Those were very good words.

And he did.


She woke up to find them in a fairly compromising tangle. Mulder had kicked the pillows to the floor, his leg feeling well enough not to need elevation and instead needing to be thrown over Scully’s right calf, his hand following suit up her shirt, finger hooked in the front clasp of the bra she hadn’t taken off the night before. Extracting herself carefully, she slid the thin blanket from the bed, wrapping it around her shoulders before wandering off in the cool morning, pre-dawn gray, shuffling over the worn floorboards, throw rugs rough under her feet. Creeping down the stairs, she stepped around the bags, making it down the short hall then stopping in the small kitchen. There was two-person table with solid chairs and mismatched cushions, a coffee maker and a toaster, a fridge and a sink. From there, she spied a plaid couch, a small television with DVD player, a low bookshelf with a few games and books on it, a few squashy chairs and a wall of windows, one of which was actually a sliding door that led to the deck.

Slouching in that direction, blanket pulled a little tighter, she stepped outside, her entire body smiling at the wide deck she found, a small rack for wet towels in one corner, a picnic table beside that and wide, wicker-woven lounges large enough to accommodate two with ease.

She felt the pull of the ocean as she stood there, needing to dip her feet, wash away the drive in the salty waves but she waited, sensing it wouldn’t be right without Mulder beside her. Settling herself on the steps, she contemplated nothing, dwelled on nothing, worried over nothing as she let her mind empty, her inner demons staying behind closed doors, her everyday doubts remaining at bay.

She could stay here forever.

Enjoying her alone time, she couldn’t help but suddenly feel eyes on her. Looking behind, she found the empty downstairs rooms. Still feeling it, she glanced up and smiled, finding Mulder standing at the window, the glass pushed up, the screen following suit as he leaned over, dropping a ‘morning’ from a height too far away for her heart to be truly happy.

Tossing a ‘morning’ back up to him, “you should come down and sit with me.”

“Miss me already?”

Her honesty warmed her, “yeah. Do you need any help?”

“Nope. Be there in a minute.” Good to his word and without propelling himself down the stairs accidently, he swung his way out to her, awkwardly but eventually wiggling in beside her, “have you looked around already or did you just aim straight for the deck?”

“I took the ten-cent tour and I love it.” Pressing her shoulder to his, suddenly needing tactile contact, proof that he was here with her in what could very well be a dream, “I have loved every place we’ve been, Mulder, but this feels most like a place I’d stay forever.”

“Got a thing for unremarkable houses. I’ll have to remember that.”

Her need for contact continued to surprise her, her hand reaching under his arm to find a place to rest on his knee, “I wonder though if it’s not so much the house as the fact that for almost five weeks, we’ve been living in hotel rooms constantly surrounded and now we’re alone, on our own, far enough away that I can’t see anyone or anything but you and the ocean.”

“Would you like me to leave you alone for awhile?” It wasn’t said with any kind of malice or annoyance but simple acceptance, an understanding of his partner after so many years, “I can go back inside, find some food?”

Squeezing his leg, “I don’t want you to go anywhere. I am having a very happy moment and sharing it with you makes it even happier.”

Mulder first shifted his bootcast to a better position, then casually moved his arm to drape over her shoulder, rubbing small circles on her tanned joint in a half-hug before dropping down to her side, hand now firmly grasping her hip bone, “I think this would be nice to do every morning with you.”

Her answer came in the form of her head resting back on his upper arm, enjoying the rest of the sunrise in silence.

Once the sun had cleared the horizon, he nudged her head up with his cheek. After lifting it, turning towards him automatically, expecting a question, she instead found a set of lips against hers, warm, soft and undemanding. It wasn’t the public make-out session he’d threatened but instead, familiarity amplified, inviting and relaxed.

She returned the kiss, her lips parting only slightly before a smile got the better of her and as was their habit, when one smiled, the other followed suit. Pulling back a few inches, Mulder grinned even wider, “ready for some breakfast?”

Her smile grew, “very ready. Did you buy me any greasy tacos?”

“Yeah, well, had I bought you greasy tacos at Wal-Mart, they would have been a solidified nightmare by now and probably teeming with salmonella so just accept the granola bars I bought and move along.”

“Do they have chocolate chips in them?”

“Please. Like I’d want to deal with the unhinged individual you become without chocolate chips in your granola bars.”

Standing, she helped him up, passing him his crutches, “come on, gimpy, let’s go see what kind of trouble we can get into in someplace called Kill Devil Hill.”

“The name was made for us.”

“It was indeed.”

Hey Jealousy

This was written for the @clawenficathon for @amelias-obsessions who wanted this prompt: Set in the film universe, Owen has a girlfriend at the park, whom Claire is jealous of. They then break up…


“And Owen brought his girlfriend,” Zara continued, and Claire, who had only been half listening at the time, was suddenly paying attention.

“Oh? I didn’t think he was dating anyone,” she tried for nonchalance, and failed, miserably, but thankfully Zara wasn’t paying any attention.

“Yep, I think they’ve been dating for a few months now,” Zara looked up with a small frown, trying to remember. “Her name’s Nina. She works in Visitor Services.”

Nina in Visitor Services. Claire mentally ran through the people she knew in that department. The short brunette? That didn’t seem his type. What about the blonde? She was okay, Claire guessed, if that whole classically beautiful thing was your thing.

But it didn’t matter, really, it didn’t matter. Because Owen could date whomever he wanted. Claire was not jealous. Not even a little jealous. She was so not jealous. Honestly.

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Rough Sex(Calum)

Requested: Yes

Rated: R

A/N: This is my first Cal imagine/smut, please positive feedback. :-) I do hope this makes sense, I’m really sleepy right now, but I can’t go to sleep. I want to write lots. Sorry it’s taking me so long to write I just had to eat and then mom took me out. I may have added a daddy kink to this, oops. - Athena

Anonymous: Pls do a smut of a rough sex with Calum tnx. :)


It was like 3pm very hot outside, you two were out hiking somewhere in Sydney, you both decided to go back to his house and just relax for awhile.

- At his house

“Babe do you want anything to eat?” he said to you considering you’ve not ate much today.

“Yeah, I guess so. Do you have pizza?”

“No, but we can order it.”

“Yeah, let’s do that. I’ve been wanting pizza all day.” Calum started to call the pizza place to order some.

 - Cal on the phone with pizza delivery

“Hello, this is Maliya, can I get you anything?”

“Yes, I was wanting pizza delivered to my house”

“Okay what kind of pizza?”

“One pepperoni pizza and that’s it” after that she asked for his address, he gave it to her.

“Okay someone will be there in 30 minutes”

Whilst you two wait for your pizza in the living room, you pass the time with watching the telly, he changed the channel to friends. You both were at the part of friends where Monica made Rachel take the trash out and then this rude guy made her cry when she was trying to put a pizza box into the trash can. *Door bell rings* Cal and you got up to go open the door.

“Hello” the pizza delivery person said

“Hi” Cal said, getting out his money. The delivery guy is handing you the pizza.

“Thanks” you said then Cal gave him the money.

“Bye” Cal said, closing the door

You two went back to the living room to finish watching friends and then put in ‘We’re the Millers’, it’s a Jennifer Anniston kind of day apparently. Friends went off when you walked into the living room so Cal just sat the pizza down on the coffee table and went to put in the movie. He pressed play, you both got a piece of pizza and sat down to watch the movie. The sexy stripper scene came on, which if I do say so made Cal real horny. He was biting his lip, then glanced at you, you looked at him and he played it off as if he wasn’t looking at you. He had a bulge in his pants, he was trying to hide it from you, he didn’t do a very good job because you can see it. Now you both are looking at each other biting your lips, he leaned down to kiss you, he did indeed drop his pizza though, so did you too.

“Shall we take this to the bedroom?” he said in between breathes.

“I think we shall” you say whilst he grabs your hand and leads you to the bedroom.

 You got half way to the bedroom when Cal decides to pick you up and carry you the rest of the way. He kicks the door open, walks in and throws you on the bed. He climbs on top of you and starts roughly kissing you, he licks your bottom lip asking for entrance, you let his tongue enter, both of you fighting for dominance, he wins. He latched his fingers in the hem of your shirt, he broke the kiss to take your shirt off, then he started to unbutton your shorts, you raised your hips up a little, so he could slide them down your legs. Now you’re in your bra and underwear. He went back up to your lips to start kissing you again, and he reached behind your back to unclasp your bra, he threw your bra somewhere in the floor. He was sucking on your neck, you knew they’d be bruises there later, he started to leave kisses down your belly until he reached your heat, he blow cold air on you. He started to lick your clit, he rubbed his finger up and down your slit, then started finger you with his index finger, after he thrusted his finger in you a few times, he add a second finger, soon after that he added a third still licking your clit whilst his fingers still thrusting in and out of you. The room was filled with your moans. He started to kiss up your stomach, until he reached your lips and started to kiss you, he still had his clothes on so he broke the kiss to take all of his clothes off, including his boxers. He grabbed a condom off of the table next to the bed, he ripped the foil packet and rolled it on his erect penis.

“Baby, call me daddy!” Cal demanded. You didn’t reply, you just stared breathing heavy still from just a moment ago.

“Babe, Answer me!” Cal demanded again.

“Okay, daddy” you said with a smirk, he then slides his penis inside of you. He doesn’t even give you time to adjust to his size, he starts roughly pounding into you. You were moaning uncontrollably from all the pleasure Cal was giving to you.

“Oh my god, daddy”

“I love it when you call me that” Cal groaned at you.

Cal was still relentlessly pounding inside of you. You were tightening around Cal, he could tell you were close, he started pounding harder and deeper. You released finally, he was still roughly thrusting, his thrusts getting sloppier. You could tell he was close too, after a few more thrusts, he came into the condom. He pulled out of you and collapsed beside you.

“Daddy, I love you”

“You still sound so sexy calling me that, I love it and I love you” you both start cuddling each other and fall asleep.

- Athena

An Undiscovered Johnlock Poem

Because I am the biggest nerd that ever nerded, I spent some time on the British Library’s flickr page looking through captions to the Sherlock Holmes illustrations. Their order started to make a narrative of sorts.

I made a sad gay poem out of them.

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