he's using his rod

Cars Headcanon: Nicknames

Doc usually refers to Lightning by a nickname. ‘Rookie’, 'kid’, 'kiddo’, 'hot rod’ are his usual picks. So when he uses Lightning’s actual name, the racer knows he’s in trouble.

Doc calling him 'Lightning’ is a warning sign, and if he’s paying attention he’ll usually stop whatever he’s doing that’s irritating Doc. If he’s being stubborn he’ll probably carry on, and 'Lightning’ gets upgraded to 'McQueen’. That means Doc’s had enough and Lightning’s not getting a third warning.

Getting called 'Lightning McQueen’ right off the bat means he is in capital T trouble and if he can he’ll take off and hide until Doc’s cooled down (it never works–Doc always finds him)

The thiefshipping duo’s getaway vehicle(?)

My friend and I had this idea and I’m sure we’re not the only ones who think Bakura could use those batwing-shaped bangs to fly away

might be how he’s always disappearing

Get this artwork as a phone case, throw pillow, tote bag, and more!

Luster [A TAZ Abduction Fic] [Part 2]

[Part 1]

Against all odds, Taako does not arrive on the 5:35 train from Neverwinter to meet his contact for the Goldcliff Trust. He doesn’t arrive on the 6:15, the 8:40, or even the 11:26 either.

The handler, not entirely unused to the Headmaster of Taako’s Amazing School of Magic being entirely flippant about arrival procedure, arrives six hours late to the Silver Gadget hotel to see what time the wizard must have checked in. Clearly this is just a case of the Mr. Taako avoiding him on the platform for a laugh.

As it is midnight, the concierge is not terribly pleased with him, but the honest dwarf does his best to remain professional. What strikes both of them as odd is that Taako has not, in fact, checked in yet.

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Hi! Can I have prompt 46: “ Can I kiss you right now? ” with Dean Winchester if that's okay? :D

Your back was up against Dean’s, both of you breathing heavily. The ghost had disappeared but according to Sam, who was shouting through Dean’s cellphone, he hadn’t burned the bones yet. It was bound to come back any minute.

“Damnit Sam, hurry up!” Dean ordered, clenching his fist around the iron rod that he was using as a weapon. In a moment of haste to make sure your safety was ensured, he had given you the shotgun with the salt blasts, leaving himself vulnerable.

The ghost made an appearance on your side and you shot it. It disappeared again. It was playing games with you.

“Burning!” Sam said through the phone. We caught the smell of the flames despite not being close to the cemetery. The ghost that had been taunting you two and hurting people was finally gone. You took a deep breath of relief and turned at the same time that Dean did.

“I’m glad that’s over.” You said, wiping your forehead, but kept your grip on the gun just in case.

Can I kiss you right now?” Dean blurted out. You blinked a couple of times in surprise. “In relief, obviously.” He tried to cover up.

“You never need to ask.” You smiled, standing on your tiptoes to close the distance.

Metas about Karina: this woman is the actual devil I CANNOT believe anyone would EVER violently ABUSE and manipulate their child she is truly the WORST parent EVER in this series I hope she DIES

Metas about Grisha: he did actually care about eren and Carla!! Clearly he had the best intention for eren, he just wants his son to be the best that he can be!! Didn’t you see him CRYING!!!1! He loves them so much it tore him apart to turn eren into a Titan

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omg please do a drabble about duel links with sentient AI's bakura and yami marik

Isn’t there a comic of this already? Oh well, let’s make something sorta dark.

“I’m rather shocked to see you in this silly game.” Bakura sneered as he looked at the personification of raw anger and hatred, sitting at the little fountain by the Gate.

The Other Marik just grinned, spinning the Rod between his fingers. “Oh? Come on, Kaiba needed a new challenge for the game, seeing as how yours isn’t anything great. All you do is collect the dice that players gather, only to have you pasty ass handed back to you.”

Bakura glared. “You’ve gotten a lot cockier since we last met. And didn’t the pharaoh kill you? Why are you here?”

“Why are you here?”

“Fuck off, I’m here because I was already in the Kaiba Corp system thanks to my Ring. Sometimes being a soul parasite has its perks, even if the majority of your soul is destroyed. I just took advantage of an AI program of me, and here I am. Though that doesn’t explain you. You seem to be a lot more intelligent than the pointless NPCs that wander around.” Bakura gestured to one of the NPCs that literally was just wandering around.

The blond smirked. “I’m here because… well… sometimes you just can’t get rid of a good thing…”

“Good thing?” Bakura frowned. “The hell are you… look, if you think you can just waltz your way into this game and use it for your own plans, forget it. This game isn’t big enough for the two of us.”

“Oh?” He stood up, tapping the Rod against his thigh. “I think some changes to this silly app can do us both some good, wouldn’t you say? Or would you rather see what I have in store first?”

Bakura felt a shiver down his spine, just how much of this program was just that? A program? There’s no way this was really the Other Marik.




There are at least three different secret tunnels, one for each Wall. The tunnels are connected to some place/places outside the walls where people or titan shifters live.


1) Eren’s father, Grisha, was a titan shifter. He definetely knew something about titans and the walls since he knew about Rod and his family’s powers. Hannes told us that “there was this epidemic disease in Shiganshina, but one day doctor Jeager came carrying the medicine that saved everyone”.

I doubt Grisha created the medicine by himself, I believe he went outside, using this tunnel, and got the medicine from the “Outer world” (whatever there is outside the wall, a village or something).
Where’s the entrance of the tunnel of Wall Maria? Of course in the basement of Eren’s house.
Grisha used it to get the medicine, he wanted to tell Eren about it as soon as Eren said he wanted to join the Survey Corps to get outside of the walls and to kill titans.

The key he gave him opens the entrance of this tunnel.

2) Where’s the second tunnel, the one of Wall Rose? Of course under the castle of Utgard!
In chapter 38, the Survey Corps get to this castle to rest. They immediately notice something weird. It looks like the castle had been a shelter for some kind of “smugglers” who brought inside the castle lots of weird foods and drinks.

There is this bottle of wine. On its label there are words written in a language that the Survey Corps can’t read. And there’s canned food, again written in some weird language that doesn’t belong to the walled world…but that Ymir understands.

This means this food and wine aren’t from the walled world, but from the world outside the walls, probably from the same place where Ymir used to live.
How did it get inside the walls?
Reiner says this while searching for titans inside the castle

this means for me that in the dungeons of the Castle of Utgard there’s the second tunnel that somebody used to get food and drinks from outside. Who is the one who knows about this tunnel and used this castle as a shelter? Probably another titan shifter, probably the one who transforms into the Ape Titan. That’s why he tried to kill off all of those who were there, to prevent the Survey Corps from discovering the entrance of the tunnel.

3) Where’s the third tunnel, the one in Wall Sina? I’m not so sure about this.
The fake king here has near him the same bottle of wine the Survey found in Utgard. This means the king is drinking a wine that comes from outside the Walls.

I believe whoever gave this wine to the fake king, got it using the secret tunnel located inside Wall Sina. The entrance could be in the underground city, inside the mansions of one of the nobles, or of one of the people of the Wall Cult, or maybe inside Rod Reiss’ mansion or inside the huge cave where Rod Reiss turned himself into a titan.
How did Rod Reiss get all of those bottles with titans’ serum? What if he, or someone for him, went outside to get them?

Mmm, nothing super set-in-stone, but typically I draw them being pretty close to the same height, with only small variations.  Vio’s the tallest by a bit (I blame icecreamcadetjay :P).  Green, Shadow, and Blue are all in the middle.  Green and Blue are competing to see who will grow taller.  (Hate to break it to you, Blue, but it’s a contest you’re destined to lose, just as I lost to my “little” brother. *sigh*)  And then Red’s the shortest.


Huh, I didn’t realize I hadn’t uploaded anything with Red’s individual thing yet!  Red’s got fire-resistant gloves that he wears while using the fire/ice rod to protect his hands, although he doesn’t wear them all the time because he thinks they’re uncomfortable.

Also, his hair is slightly more wavy than the other Links’.  The sides of his bangs, in particular, tend to curl in towards his face.


The Abduction of Sgt. Charles Moody (August, 1975)

On August 13, 1975 was in the desert in Alamogordo, New Mexico observing a meteor shower, when at 1:15 am, he saw a glowing, metallic saucer-shaped object lowering to the ground approximately 300 ft away. Moody estimated the object’s length to be 50 ft and it’d diameter to be around 20 ft long. The UFO, as Moody reports, began to waver and wobble as it descended to the sandy, dry ground. Moody describes his feelings as frightened as he observes this UFO sink to the ground.

Moody attempted to run from the UFO, but when the car he was sitting in refused to start, he began to hear a high pitched sound as the object came to a standstill about 70 ft away from Moody’s vehicle. He could see shadows of a “human-like” form in one of the windows of the UFO Craft. The high-pitched sound came to a stop, and as it did, he could feel his body becoming numbed and this subjected him to immobility as his last conscious memory would be the UFO rising back up to the sky, flying away.

As the mysterious craft departed, Moody was now able to start the car. Still trembling from his experience, he sped to his home, out of the desert. As he entered his house, he was bewildered it find it 3:00 am - he established that he was missing about one and a half hours. The next day he experienced physical problems and would later have a breakout of a rash over his back within the next few days. Inquiring his problems to a physician, he attempted self-hypnosis to recover what happened in that hour and a half of time he had lost.

Moody, with hypnosis, recalled two beings about 6 ft tall, and wearing skin-tight black clothing. Moody would have attempted to fight these beings if it were not for the numbness he had experienced throughout his body. Moody recalled, after this episode of the two beings, that he had awoken to find himself on a table within the UFO Spacecraft. Moody was then confronted by a leader-type alien, which he described as the sketching above depict. Moody was asked if he would stop resisting his abduction and would cooperate. After he agreed, the alien used a “rod-like device” on his back to stop the paralysis.

Moody was then taken onto another UFO, and was shown around it. He was also told that there was a mother-ship above earth and that contact would not be made for another 20 years. He was also told that he would loose any memory of this.

It remains unclear about what the purpose of this abduction was and why it had to be Sgt. Moody. Moody was examined by Charles McQuiston, and according to his Stress Evaluator, Moody’s claims were that of the truth.

A changed man: Gajeel Redfox

A long time ago, I got an ask about whether I’m considering writing metas about other characters or BrOTPs. I mentioned that I wanted to do one on Gajeel because Mashima’s made a well-rounded and complex character in the Iron Dragon Slayer. I’m happy that he’s given Gajeel such great moments and development to his character. I think we can all agree that the Gajeel now is no longer the same Gajeel we first saw.

I am so proud of how far you’ve come, Gajeel *sheds tears* and props to you Mashima-sensei.

To the anon, this is about a year overdue since your ask ^^” but it is finally here!

Now on with a trip down memory lane!

Abandoned, Prideful, and mean - Gajeel before and during Phantom Lord

We first meet Gajeel as an antagonist in the beginning of the Phantom Lord arc.

The iron dragon had no mercy for the weak. He believed his power was his strength, and Master Jose gave him opportunities to use it - mostly for the bad. He was feared by his guild mates and he taunted them and let them.

It is understandable when we realise that he was abandoned by his dragon, just like Natsu. However, Gajeel felt hurt and betrayed. Who needs the damn dragon anyway? His magic was his pride and all he had left and survive and go on when Metalicana disappeared.

While Natsu was found by Makarov and Mystogan found Wendy and later on Cait Shelter, Gajeel was alone. While the former two started on the right foot due to the people they met. Gajeel wasn’t so lucky.

In some form or way, Jose found him and took him to Phantom Lord, where Master Jose took a liking to his powers and had him use it for all the wrong reasons.

It probably strengthened his belief that his dragon slaying magic and brute force is all he needed - for he is feared and admired by his guild mates and others by these two things he possesses alone.

Until he encountered Fairy Tail. He thought destroying Fairy Tail’s guild would weaken their morale, but it didn’t. He thought hurting Levy, Jet, and Droy - the “weakest” link in Fairy Tail - to spite them would work, but it didn’t. He thought beating Lucy to a pulp would make her fear him, make her weak, but she didn’t back down from his taunting.

Mashima never delved into the horrible things Gajeel did, however he did clue us in that our Iron Dragon Dork isn’t a bad person. Gajeel did want to reject Makarov’s hand in joining Fairy Tail. He felt that he didn’t deserve a place in a guild he sought to destroy.

Mashima instilled through Makarov that Gajeel could change. Thus begins the journey where us as readers start to see where Mashima is laying the groundworks for Gajeel’s development and redemption story..

Despite sticking to himself in Phantom Lord, he had a friend in Juvia during their time in Jose’s guild. Given Gajeel’s lone-wolf tendencies in Phantom Lord, the fact that he was happy to have Juvia around says a lot.

Before Juvia, Gajeel also had a motherly member on the Magic Council that looked out for him, Berno (or Belno).

Both of them believed that Gajeel had it in his heart to be a good person, even if Gajeel didn’t quite believe (or acknowledge) it himself. As did Makarov, who said he can be turned to the right path despite the wrong detour he took.

Building trust and the road to redemption (i) - Battle of Fairy Tail

Unlike Juvia, Gajeel literally had to gain the trust of Fairy Tail because of his actions, as stated by Makarov when he went to see Gajeel personally.

And Gajeel took it to heart. He wanted to be trusted and wanted to do good. As noted in the Fairy Tail Wiki, Gajeel was loyal to PL and Jose because he wanted to BELONG somewhere. He believed that Phantom Lord was a strong guild. Even though he’s now in Fairy Tail, it ain’t any different and doesn’t change the fact that Gajeel wants to prove himself an ally.

In the Battle of Fairy Tail, he let Jet and Droy let off some steam by letting them beat him up.

He also let Laxus let off his pent-up steam as well. When Laxus’s anger got a little out of control though….

Gajeel saved Levy from Laxu’s thunder too.

At this point for both of them, there was a lack of trust. Levy was still wary of being around Gajeel. You see her watching and observing Gajeel from a distance. She is nervous around him, and doesn’t seem comfortable and that’s totally OK. She has every right to be scared of him, in fact. For Gajeel, he wanted to make up to not just her or Jet and Droy, but other members of Fairy Tail too. That said, this arc and this moment was the start of something that wasn’t “fear” or “apprehension” between Gajeel and Levy, but “trust”. 

At the beginning of this arc, we saw Gajeel showing Levy that he can be trusted. Well, in the latter half, we see Levy show the same.

When Levy took it upon herself to figure out Freed’s runes on the guild so that Gajeel and Natsu could hold off Laxus. Gajeel wanted to get out there and fight, and was frustrated because the barrier was something he couldn’t break by brute force.

Yet there was Levy. With her books, notes and a pen, using her intellect to find them a way out. And she did. Levy accomplished something he couldn’t do and he was amazed, which he told her.

She was also firm in her belief that he and Natsu together will be able to stop Laxus. But he beat her up. She had all the rights to walk away and not help him and Natsu out. But she did anyway, out of faith that he has changed (or is changing) his ways.

Gajeel didn’t disappoint when he was finally released out of the guild. One, he saved Natsu when Laxus wasn’t himself anymore.

Then two, taking one of Laxus’s lightening strikes himself, using his steel as a lightening rod so that he was struck down instead. Showing to Levy, if not the other guild members also present, that he can be trusted. 

This arc was probably the most beaten up Gajeel has been though, poor thing.

The Battle of Fairy Tail was only the start of Gajeel’s redemption though. Here, Mashima also slotted in a subplot - that Gajeel was working as a double agent for Makarov on his son’s guild, Raven Tail, which I’ll touch on later.

A different side to Gajeel: Finding a Friend in Lily - Edolas

The Tower of Heaven and Oracion Seis/Nirvana arc were pretty Jerza and Team Natsu-centric that we didn’t see Gajeel until they all got back from that mission. With a new member (and fellow dragon slayer)!

We see Gajeel’s road to redemption touched on again after Wendy Marvell, a young Sky Dragon Slayer, also joined the guild, her Exceed Charle in tow.

Starting with Edolas, I think Mashima also began to delve into the comedic side of our Iron Dragon Slayer.

One, we find out that he likes to sing and play the guitar - regardless of the audience reception.

And two, that white suits and shoobi-do-wa is a thing XDDDD

We also find out that he is secretly effed that he doesn’t have a(n) cat Exceed of his own, dawwww another tsun!

Comedic Gajeel aside, the Iron Dork played quite a big part in the beginning of Edolas, as he was the one that freed Erza and Gray from the lacrima. Working with his Edolas counterpart to move the plot forward. [1]

Remember how Mashima touched on the fact that Gajeel is working as a double agent? I think the fact that he was able to work with Edolas!Gajeel (AND the fact that Edolas!Gajeel is a journalist) shows and implies that Gajeel is dependable and resourceful. Edolas!Gajeel is not crass nor is he a brute but it fortells what Gajeel Redfox CAN BE in the future, gihi~ ;) [2]

I also find him helping little Wendy in being a “convincing” scary villain very sweet.

I’ll also forever enjoy the fact that he was so overjoyed at having Lily as his partner/Exceed! Lily is also the first person/cat/Exceed he calls “aibou” and given Gajeel only has had Juvia with him as his friend thus far in the story, him finding a friend in Lily is pretty important! Because from their fight, Gajeel saw a bit of himself in (Panther) Lily.

[1], [2] From digging back to earlier chapters, the banters, plans, and stints between Earthland and Edolas Gajeel were anime-only.

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I wonder if Mira ever gets mail from Satan asking for his soul back?

Falling, Catching

Follow up to Forbidden Fruit and Skinned (I never had a priest kink, I don’t know what happened to me, I swear): Father Gold and Sister Belle work together to sort out the Church library, and come across some interesting reading material, calling for explanations…

Rating: Explicit (NC-17) (kind of).


Without a doubt, this had been the worst idea ever. Worse than the pharaoh disregarding Moses’ warnings. Worse than becoming a priest in the first place. Father Gold watched as Sister Belle bent down to pick up another stack of books to sort into the shelves, relished the way her habit hugged her torso, tracing the shape of her breasts for a moment, and wondered when God would start throwing frogs and locusts at him. It was the third day they worked in the library together, the third day in a row that he desperately tried to fight off the desire to press her against one of those shelves and plunder her mouth with his, the third day in a row that the remembrance of her naked skin under his fingertips, when he had patched her up, scorched him from within.

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Soldier's Tail: Elements of Ecstasy

The following is a short story based loosely on factual events. All names and identities have been altered for discretion, but the story remains the same. Enjoy!

Basic Training was a lot of fun. It had its challenges but none that couldn’t be handled with a little team work. During the first week I was given the position of dorm chief and was the main trainee responsible for the men of my flight and appointed with me were my four element leaders. The five of us were inseparable from day one and quickly became closer than brothers.

After a long dreary day of training in the rain and mud, we were all excited to get back to the dorms and hot showers. Once our instructor dismissed us, I pulled my fourth element leader, Rod, aside. He was a tall strapping guy from New York who gave up a career as a model to pursue service to his country. Standing at over six feet tall, he towered over me with sweat and rain dripping from his uniform. I could smell his masculine musk emanating from his most intimate places and I had to push back the urge to bury my face down into those places. As our men marched up the stairs and into our dorm I told him that we needed to discuss his performance in the field and as a leader to his piers. Something had been distracting him from his duties and I had to get to the bottom of it. He was my teammate, my right hand man, and someone I had secretly developed romantic feelings for. I could not let him fail.

He agreed to talk with me while our men showered and prepared for evening chow. The two of us went into the dayroom and closed the door for privacy. It was then he confided in me that he was distracted by his feelings of longing for his fiancé at home. He told me of the intense urge he had for relief from his frustrations and how he felt that there may be someone in our flight who could help him with a release. Since I wasn’t out, I hesitated to respond or even ask any questions. I wasn’t ready to tell my men my darkest secret just yet but somehow I felt that he knew. As my lips quivered and my voice cracked to simply ask, “what?” He leaned forward, gabbed me by my coat top, and gave me a passionate kiss while cupping my crotch. Just as I began to give my body over to him the door opened with a rush as our first element leader, Landon, came into the room. He was an 18 year old kid straight in from high school where he was the football teams all star quarter back and MVP for three years running. Still dripping wet from his shower wearing only his government issued towel and that irresistible smile, he leaned into the room to inform us that the men were all done showering and needed instruction on what tasks were to be done before evening chow. Fearing he had discovered us I quickly replied with a snap, “you’re in your seventh week of training! I expect you to already know this. Go and make sure it’s all done to perfection!” With his head hung low, the boy walked out and complied with my instructions. I didn’t like having to snap at him but I couldnt very well have him being gitty when he issued out tasks. Rod turned to me after my bark and quickly reminded me that I need to speak more kindly to someone as young as Landon whose feelings can be broken in an instant. It was our Instructors job to break us and it was our job to put each other back together again.

Once the men started to clean, Rod and I decided we needed to shower and change as well. As I was undressing I kept thinking of that kiss and the feelings I had been holding back from him for so long and I began to get aroused by the thoughts of what could happen in the shower.

Walking into the locker room I could hardly see a thing, the men had left some of the showers running and it was completely steamed up in there. I proceeded to hang my towel and carefully walked my naked body into the showers. I could hear water splashing on the floor at random intervals and I knew I wasn’t alone. Rod must have beat me into the shower but where was he? I decided to make my move and headed toward the sounds of water splashing and soap lathering. I found him in the back corner, hidden out of sight, stroking his hefty yet perfect cock. As soon as our eyes met I knew things were about to get exciting. With both our cocks at full salute and hearts racing, we embraced and began rubbing against each other. His lips were perfectly soft and full and his tongue was skilled at caressing the depths of my mouth. Pushing me back against the tile wall, I was totally at his mercy and I loved it. Pressing harder and harder against me, I could feel his slippery precum gliding between his rotund tip and my abs. In a flash of strength he turned me facing the wall and went down on his knees to begin rimming my tight and eager hole. I let out a yelp of excitement as he thrust his tongue a few inches in. My precum was flowing heavily and I could see a long stream dangling from my tip down to my knees. I was enjoying this more than possibly any other encounter of my life and I couldn’t wait to experience that massive cock inside of me. I knew that with his proven strength in PT and agility he could lift me off the floor with ease and pin me to the wall with his cock holding me off the ground. I told him I was ready and used my stream of precum to lube my hole and his shaft. He took me in his massive arms with 18" biceps, picked me up, and as I wrapped my legs around his perfect v shaped hips he gently slid his beast inside me. Although it wasn’t forceful, the momentum it carried made me moan loudly and I feared we would be found out. He began pumping away on me and with thrust after powerful thrust I was edging closer to erotic euphoria. I could feel his powerful body flexing each muscle to provide us both with intense pleasure. We were so caught up in the moment we didn’t realize Landon had been there beside us stroking his meat and enjoying the sights. He came up to us and gently caressed Rods ass as he spit in his hand and teased Rods hole with his dick. Rod gave a nod of approval and the young pup thrust his eight inch pleasure pole deep into Rod. The three of us were a good match and didn’t want this dream session to end. Rod was at the edge of climax and was about to pull out when I told him to keep it in and plow his seed deep inside me. As he came I felt the glorious man gel coat all of my being and with two more thrusts I nutted my sweet load all over his chiseled torso. By this time Landon had also cum but we knew he wouldn’t last very long. Dripping in cum and completely exhausted we all just held each other for a few moments letting the water rinse away the remnants of our intense orgasms. Just as we were finishing cleaning up, our second and third element leaders came in to let us know the dorm was prepared for inspection and the men were lined up along the wall in preparation for chow.

The rest of basic training went quite well and our flight graduated with honors. I will never forget my time in training with Rod and Landon.

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