he's um pretty not bad looking in that suit


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: You’re on your way to your boyfriend Peter’s house when you’re attacked. Luckily, you have a hero watching over you

Warnings: Reader being threatened, non graphic attack? Is that even a thing?

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this, I’m really happy with it. Please give me feedback, it’s like a writer’s oxygen!

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You pulled your coat closer to your body as you walked, the soles of your shoes slapping against the wet pavement as you walked quickly along the empty street, occasionally breaking into a half run. You were on your way to your boyfriend Peter’s house to have your weekly movie night, a tradition the two of you had started almost as soon as you’d started dating, and that was nearly six months ago.
A scream forced its way up your throat as someone grabbed you roughly, but it was stopped abruptly by a large hand clamping down over your mouth. You struggled wildly as the person dragged you down a nearby alley, their bulky body blocking your escape.
You sucked in a breath as the hand covering your mouth moved, and you let out a loud scream, praying that someone was walking past. The hand grabbed your hair and tugged harshly, making tears spring to your eyes. You whimpered as you felt something thin and cold press against your neck, hopelessly vulnerable now that your head was being pulled back.
“Scream again, and I’ll make you choke on your own blood,” came a rough voice in your ear.
“Now, that’s not very nice,” came another, younger sounding, male voice from behind you.
You didn’t dare try and look to see who was speaking, but your attacker spun the two of you round to face the newcomer. Your head was still tilted too far back to see anything but a red and blue blurry figure.
Spiderman? What the fuck?
“You stay back, Web Boy,” your attacker warned. You heard Spiderman sigh in exasperation.
“It’s Spiderman, dude. I mean, c’mon, Web Boy? That just sounds lame.”
“One more step, and I slit her throat.”
Tears spilled down your cheeks, and you tried to fight the sob threatening to escape your lips. You just wanted to go to Peter’s and pretend none of this had happened. At the moment, with a knife at your throat, that was proving to be difficult.
“Hmm. Well, instead of having this delightful chat, why don’t we make this a bit simpler for both of us?” replied the masked hero cheerfully. “Take the knife, for example. Bit flashy, isn’t it? I don’t think you need it.” You heard a strange whizzing sound, and felt the pressure of the blade at your throat vanish. The man was still gripping your waist painfully tightly though, and he was still pulling your head back.
“Actually,” Spiderman continued. “Do you really need your hands right now? I don’t think so.” That strange sound again, and your waist and hair were released. Your knees buckled beneath you, but a pair of lean arms caught you, keeping you upright. Looking up, you met the oversized eyes of a red mask.
“Hey, you’re okay, I’ve got you,” Spiderman reassured you, helping you step a few metres away from your attacker’s tied up figure. “You’re safe now.”
You took a shaky breath, unable to tear your eyes away from the man who’d just held a knife to your neck. “He was going to kill me. He was actually going to kill me,” you whispered, tears welling in your eyes from the stress of the past minutes.
The masked man (was he a man? He sounded…young?) cupped your cheek gently, making you stop looking at the attacker.
“Hey, look at me. You’re safe. You’re gonna head to your boyfriend’s house like you planned, and you’re gonna be fine.”
You frowned in confusion. “How did you know I was going to Peter’s?”
He rubbed the back of his neck through his suit nervously. “Um, pretty girl like you is bound to have a boyfriend, right? Peter, did you say his name was? Sounds like a good guy.”
“He is,” you said slowly, narrowing your eyes slightly. “He’s also really bad at disguising his voice.”
Peter covered his masked face and shook his head slightly. “Shit. Shit. You’re probably wanting an explanation?”
You sighed, smiling slightly. “Right now, I want to go to my boyfriend’s house. It would be nice if he was there before me. If he’s not, I might think he’s living some weird double life or something.”
He looked up, kissing you quickly on the cheek. His lips, covered by the mask, tickled your cheek.
“Point taken. See you in ten.”
You watched, mildly amused, as he leapt into the air and disappeared amongst the rooftops. As you made your way out onto the street again, you decided something.

Peter Parker was definitely the most interesting guy you’d ever dated.

*thirty minutes later*

“So, um, you’re really not asking questions?” Peter asked in confusion, looking down at where you lay with your head on his chest, his arms wrapped securely around your shoulders. You smirked.
“Dude, my boyfriend is Spiderman. I’m not complaining.”
He chuckled, kissing your forehead gently. “Well, you definitely reacted better than I expected you to.”
You raised your eyebrows, shifting so that your chin was resting on his chest and you were looking into his eyes. “What did you think I was gonna do? Flush you down a drainpipe?”
He shook his head slightly, stealing a kiss from your lips. “Something like that.”
The two of you looked up sharply as the sounds of many sirens rang out, accompanied by the screeching of brakes and car horns blasting. You locked eyes with Peter, and he bit his lip, eyes flickering between you and the window.
“(Y/N), I have to-,”
“I know, I’ll wait here.” You pressed a tender kiss to his lips. “Now go be a hero.”

Original Imagine: Imagine Klaus having angry sex with you after an argument. & Imagine moaning in pleasure as Klaus fucks you angrily against the wall. & Imagine grabbing and holding Klaus’ necklace during hot sex.

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1923

Warnings: Smut, roughness.

       You took another sip of the beer you had been playing with, smiling as you listen to the guy keep talking at your side. You tried to recall his name, Michael, Mathew, something with an ‘M’, it didn’t really matter, you didn’t care what his name was either, and you doubted he cared if you did know. This wasn’t about anything other than the end game.

It had been three months since you first came to New Orleans, three months of living in the Mikaelson house, and three months of having no sex at all. It wasn’t like you cared if you had sex or not, you had gone a lot longer than three months before, but this was different. You had spent those three months in complete lust with Klaus. It had all started so casually, a bit of flirting here and there, and then you would find him looking at you and when you looked back he would smile in the way that made your head spin, and every day you expected something. But nothing ever happened, every day the same, until around a month ago when all the flirting had stopped all together. Elijah had said Klaus was busy with a vampire problem that had arouse, and that had kept you sane from thinking you were imagining all of it.

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