he's ugly right

  • the Royal Physician,1840-1857: here is your perfect and healthy infant, Your Majesty
  • Queen Victoria: Thanks! I hate it

the toddlers are back in town😎👉🏼👉🏼

i love scruffy grantaire as much as the next person but like he does come from money & he’s always trying to convince everyone that he’s in high demand, right? so like.. conceptually.. well-groomed pretty-boy dandy grantaire isn’t entirely off the table either, right,

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Hey Jimmy could you sing a song for us? (It'll probably take forever though)

For the last couple of weeks I have been marathoning The Office. I watched it religiously from the very first episode to the finale when it was airing on tv, but I had never just sat and watched it all back to back, with no waiting a week between episodes or months between seasons. I just finished the finale, and I am just sitting here on my couch ugly crying because I forgot how amazing this show was, and how much I loved it. I always remember the pranks Jim played on Dwight, or how Jim and Pam’s love story is one of the most beautiful things ever written when I talk about the show, but I always forget how even though it was a comedy, it was also full of heart. Hats off the the writers who created such an amazing series and made it seem as if you really were watching a real documentary, and not just a scripted tv show.

BTS reaction- you crying when they leave for tour

This is a really adorable request and I am so so so sorry for posting this so late!!!I hope whoever it was that requested this reaction likes it! Enjoy 😊 and Happy Reading!! (apologies because this isnt my best writing)


**gifs are not mine. Credit to the owners**


I think Jin would be very calm and he would try his best to comfort you. He would leave one of his plushies with you so that you could always feel his presence next to you.

“Baby stop crying. Please?” He said as he wiped your tears away. You were both sitting in his car enjoying your last moments together before he had to leave. He wanted to cry too but for you he stayed strong. “Look at me” he tilted your chin up. Then he brought his favourite Mario plushie from behind his back and smiled his special smile. He brought your hand forward and placed the plushie in it. “Keep him safe okay?I will miss you so much baby, but please don’t cry. We will see each other in a few months” When you nodded your head he showered your face with kisses and embraced you in a hug (pretend you are jk in the gif)


I dont think Yoongi would really do anything except for letting you hug him and cry. He would feel sad seeing you cry but he would let you have it.

His hands found their way to your waist and he pulled you into a hug. You tightly wrapped your arms around his back and cried into his chest. He gently patted your back. “Baby, if you cry like this do you think I can go?” He asked you. Your arms tightened even further at his question. “I will only be gone two months babe. When I get back, all my time is yours I promise you that.” He kissed your forehead, and took your hands in his and kissed the back. As he was leaving you grabbed his wrist to stop him from going. He mouthed an I love you to you, and turned towards the airport to leave. He looked back a few times and waved at you, and gestured for you to smile.


He is emotional and very sensitive so no doubt he would cry with you, but at the same time he would try his best to make you smile.

Both of you stood near the airport departure gate, hugging each other. You let a few tears spill on his shirt and he could feel it. “I am going to miss you so so so much” he said in a hoarse voice as he had been crying. You sniffled and nodded your head.  “How will I sleep without my boo?” You asked him. He chuckled. “I will facetime you every night, and then we can both fall asleep while talking to each other. Sound good?” Both of you let go of each other. He wiped your tears as you did the same for him. “You will watch the concerts right?” He asked. You chuckled and nodded trying to hold back the tears. He touched his forehead with yours “I love you” he smiled. “I love you too" you replied in a raspy voice


He would be totally calm and logical about it, but he would feel sad seeing you cry and he would try his best to lift your spirits up before leaving.

You were cuddling on the couch with your head on his chest and his arm around you. You were playing with each other hands just enjoying the silence. “I am going to call you and text you everyday” he said breaking the silence. The tears you had been holding finally welled up in your eyes. You tried to blink them away but to no avail. “Babe don’t" his arm tightened around your shoulder. “I will miss you Joon” you choked out the words. “I know. I will miss you too” he kissed the top of your head. “Be strong for me baby. Otherwise I will feel guilty for leaving you like this.”Once you had promised him you wont cry, he wrapped the blanket around both of you and snuggled closer to you.


He would just make you laugh. He would hate seeing you cry and deep down he would feel bad that he had to leave you.

You and Taehyung were taking your nightly walk together. “Do you want me to bring anything back from tour?” You shook your head. “Just bring yourself back safe and sound” you smiled warmly at him. His smile stretched even further across his face. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and he hooked his hands around your waist pulling you further into the hug. You started crying as soon as he hugged you.One of his hands tickled your side. You jumped away from him. “If you don’t stop crying, I know all the ticklish spots y/n” he threatened. You ran away from him and he chased you around. He caught hold of you by your forearm and spun you around to face him. “You always know how to make me smile” you kissed his nose. “Always” he whispered and leaned in for a kiss.


I think Jimin much like Jin would try his best to comfort you. He would hate to see you cry and he would say soothing words to you to get you to stop crying.

He had asked you on a date before leaving. Like the first time he had said. You were standing hand in hand on the pier with him watching the sunset. “We won’t be able to watch the sunset together” you said absentmindedly. He diverted his gaze from the sky to you. Your eyes were glossy and he knew you were going to cry. “Yes we can baby. We can FaceTime and watch it together” he proposed the idea. It didn’t help because you broke down in his arms. “Please don’t go. I will miss you way too much.” “I am going to miss you more than you’re going to miss me” he scrunched his nose. He lifted your chin up and leaned in. “I love you so much baby” and with those words he pressed his lips onto yours. “The rest of it, after I get back from tour” he smirked. “Actually just go for as long as you need to. No rush” you replied and he chuckled while enveloping you into a hug again.


I have no doubt that he would try to make you laugh by pulling random faces at you, doing aegyo, and even just bringing out his meme side. He would try everything to make you laugh because he would hate to see you cry.

You had been sulking in your room all day refusing to come out. “y/n” you heard a knock on the door. It was Jeongguk. “Open up babygirl/boy” You opened the door for him and he entered. You went back to your spot on the bed and hid yourself under the covers. He was going on tour and you hated it. You tried to choke back your sobs. “Dont do this y/n” he said as he rubbed your back. “You know it makes you look ugly right?” He laughed. You shot up from the bed and hit him on the head. “Theres my girl/boy. Cheer up. For me? Please? he asked. You shook your head in reponse.“You leave me no choice, sunshine” he sighed. He stood up, tapped his fingers on his phone, and cleared his throat. Twice’s cheer up played and he proceeded to show you his girl group dance, in an effort to make you smile which he succeeded in doing so. (Its not cheer up but pretend it is)

**apologies for any spelling errors**

I hope you liked this reaction anon! Hope you have a wonderful day ahead 😊

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Stay Beautiful



  • Your headcanons: For the rest of his life, George broke down crying every time that he looked in the mirror; when he saw his reflection, all that he could think of was Fred.
  • My headcanons: "Your Uncle Dead was my best friend and he was bloody brilliant, but let me tell you—he was a right ugly bloke."
Never yours

Hi this one shot is to celebrate that i finally got to 100 followers yay! I wrote this a week ago and it’s personally one of my favorites, I hope you like it. 

Genre: Angst 

Length: 1,8k

One shot

Summary: “When you think you could have it all, the reality comes in giving a hard hit” 

“Go on pick a song y/n it’s your turn to choose it” you nodded and stood up from your seat going towards the tablet to choose a song. 

Sistar- Shake it, already sang twice. 

Whistle - Black Pink, for sure in the rap part it was going to be a mess, so no.

Holiday - Girls generation, perfect it was your actual jam. 

You pressed select and it started to play, the girls screamed in excitement and went to there place and started dancing and singing along to the song. 


“It’s a holiday, yeah” you sang the last part and made a final pose looking dramatically to the side while having one hand in your hip and the other one held up. You started to hear loud laughter so all of you turned around towards the seats and saw that the guys had already arrived. All of you were having so much fun so no one noticed when the guys got in. 

“You sure do know how to give a show girls, especially y/n with that ridiculous pose” said Baekhyun between laughter and clapping his hands.

“Don’t you have a better thing to do Baekhyun?” You asked slightly offended while putting your microphone in its place. 

 “Well i do but i just love to piss you off” he said giving you a smile in a mocking way.

“Because of that attitude you have no girlfriend” his smile disappeared when you mentioned that since it was ‘sensitive’ topic for him. 

“Yah, if i wanted i would have a girlfriend since i’m very good looking” he furrowed his eyebrows. “Unlike you, you have a shitty attitude plus your ugly” You also furrowed your eyebrows starting to get angry 

“I’m not like that!” 

“Then give me a reason of why you still haven’t had a boyfriend” he raised one of eyebrows waiting for your comeback. 

“I-i’m just not interested” If only he knew the real reason.

“Yeah sure, it’s just hard to accept when someone’s ugly right?” He said to you crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Yah!” You were ready to lash out at him but Suho stood between both of you.

  Why is it always the same when we go out?” He sighed raising one of his hands to touch his face in disbelief. “Just please stop fighting already and let’s enjoy the karaoke" 

You couldn’t say no, since Suho was like the mama of the group always making sure that everyone was alright, putting order and of course no fights, but the only ones who fighted in the group were you and baekhyun though. 

Your circle of friends consisted of Joy, Irene, Suho, Baekhyun (if he was even considered one) and finally Chanyeol. 

Suho had a girlfriend from Busan so she couldn’t see her always, Irene was dating a guy from another school and then there was Joy and Chanyeol that were a couple. Baekhyun and you were the only ones not dating someone, they tried to pair you up together before, but for obvious reasons it didn’t work out. 

"Okay who wants to choose the next song?” asked Irene. Baekhyun and Joy raised their hand in excitement at the same time, so they went together to choose the next song. 

You started to feel his gaze on you so you turned to look at him and yes indeed he was looking at you. You both stared at each other silently but got interrupted when you heard the next song play. 

 I got a boy - Girls generation, Of course Baekhyun. 

“O-mo!” shouted Baekhyun excitedly gathering with the girls starting to sing the song. “C'mon let’s go join them guys” said Suho standing up from his current place making a ‘follow me’ motion with his hands. 

“I’m okay, i think my throat is starting to hurt from so much singing before” you declined politely. “What about you Chanyeol?” Suho turned to look at him

 "No thanks" 

He nodded and went to join the others singing. You felt your phone buzz on your leg so you took it out and saw his message. 

Chanyeol: We need to talk. 

 You looked up at him and made a 'no’ motion with you head since you were still mad at him at what happened last Friday. 

 'You were getting dressed up so you could leave his house. You sighed at this action thinking it was always the same each time you met up, you both agree to meet up somewhere, have sex and then act as if nothing happened. 

It hurt you that you couldn’t show publicly how much you loved, that you couldn’t be affectionate to him the way you wanted to, that you were the other one. 

It all started at party were you both got pretty wasted and that ended up on having sex, when you woke up and realized what you had done you both promised it would never happen again. But slowly both of you broke that promise from the desire you felt towards each other and turning him someone important in your life. 

“Chanyeol i’m getting tired of this” you said putting lastly you shirt over your torso, you couldn’t see his face because your back was facing him but you knew he probably rolled his eyes at what you said.

“We already talked about this babe” he sighed. 

“I don’t get why you can’t do this, if you have already said it’s easy then what are you waiting for?” You sounded like a bitch, you were supposed to be best friends with Joy but here you are having an affair with the guy she loved. 

“I can’t just leave her like that, she’s going to ask for an explanation, it's going to be weird dumping her out of nowhere" 

 "Then make something up and it’s done” you insisted. 

You heard his heavy footsteps approaching you “It not that easy y/n, she’ll know i’m lying” he bended his legs to your height. “You have to wait a bit more” he said grabbing one your hands caressing it with his thumb. 

“Wait more? Chanyeol you’ve been saying this for two months” you looked at him in disbelief “I can’t keeping acting like nothing when she starts talking to me about you or when she gets affectionate to you! It just hurts to see someone else doing what i want to be doing with you!" 

Chanyeol started to get frustrated he didn’t know how to get out of this situation and you were getting more persistent each time "Babe, just give me one more month okay?” he said caressing your cheek. 

You furrowed your eyebrows and asked him “Do you love me?" 

"Of course I do" 

"And do you love her?” His mouth gaped at your sudden question not knowing what to answer, that action making it a sign that he still did.

Deep down you kinda knew it, since his excuses were getting more and more lame of why he couldn’t leave her so it was easy to find out, but you still had hope you didn’t want to give him up so easily.

You didn’t say anything, you got up from the bed and got out of the room slamming the door behind you.’ 

It was the first time you interacted with him since the discussion and you still were a bit mad at him, you had ignored his calls and text messages all week and even his paper notes that he threw to you during class. 

“Chanyeol: Just five minutes, please love” You internally debated whether to agree or not, your gaze went up to see the others ones were still singing, but it was a different song, everyone looked concentrated in their singing task.

“Y/n: Just five minutes. i’ll see you at the back”

You stood up and silently went towards the exit door taking a last look at the others before you got out. 

5 minutes passed when you heard the back door opening and saw the tall boy. 

“I’m sorry babe please don’t be mad at me anymore” he said caressing your cheek with his thumbs. 

“I swear i’m trying it, but just give me this month i want it to make it slow so she can realize it by herself so it isn’t so hard for the moment i tell her” his looked at you with affection.

“Chanyeol it’s really hard to see both of you being affectionate to each other and act as if nothing. My heart starts to hurt when i see every smile you give to her” your gaze went to the ground. “I don’t want her to get hurt neither Chanyeol, but i’m to selfish, i want to be your one and only” You said wiping a tear escaping from your eye. 

“I know that deep down you still love her, that's why you’ve been putting so much excuses, i’m not dumb” You sniffed. “But please consider also my feelings” 

“You might think that i'm really persistent but i’m like this because i love you Chanyeol i want to be the one with you, i can’t stay like this any longer” 

“I feel like my heart is going to explode at any instant” you gave in and started crying.

He stayed silent searching for the correct words to say, but instead he grabbed your face and gave you a long and soft sweet kiss.

That moment the back door opened making you let go of each other fastly, so you could turn around and see a shocked Joy.

She didn’t say anything, she just stood there in shock, letting her tears fall down one by one. 

“Joy…” said Chanyeol almost whispering, but before he could finish she opened the door and went inside again slamming the door behind her.

This was finally the moment were he had to decide who would he choose, you knew it.

You looked up at his face and his eyes just screamed three words sadness, worry and regret. He was trying to register everything. 

He suddenly started to walk towards the door but you grabbed him by his sleeve before he could even open it.

“Chanyeol…” you whispered.

He didn’t even face you back, he just said “I’m sorry” and pulled his arm lightly making you drop his sleeve, he opened the door and went for her. 

Your breath got heavy, your eyes dropped faster more tears, your knees started to feel week making you drop to the ground with a loud thud.

You felt like dying, you were shattered.

All this time you tried to act as if he was yours, that you had his heart like he had fully yours, imagining that you could have a happy life together as a couple.

But in reality he was never yours.

Stretch Marks

request ; How about a chris x reader fic where the reader has stretch marks on certain parts of her body answer is just really self conscious about her body? 

requested by @aham-threw-his-shot-away

pairing ; chris x reader

words ; 807

warnings ; insecurity; stretch marks??

note ; first request i’m really excited!


You softly tugged on your husband’s arm, pulling it off your waist and placing it on the bed as you got up, in order to not wake him. Though, you did stir him just in the slightest by kissing his forehead, before padding away from the bed as quietly as possible.

Once you made it to the bathroom, you closed the door and looked at yourself in the long mirror just above the sinks. Lifting your shirt, you glared at the faded stretch marks on your stomach, wishing they weren’t existent, then down at the little bit of exposed skin of your thighs (also adorned in faded stretch marks), feeling your self-consciousness begin to peer through your thoughts.

Maybe if you used those dumb creams people always talked about, you criticized yourself for not having done so already. Most had said that it helped with their marks, but for you, it seemed pointless ─ if it only fades them, what’s the point? That’s what stage your stretch marks were already at, so would it even help at this point?

Furthermore, you knew it shouldn’t have mattered. Your husband didn’t think any less of you… right? Chris didn’t think you were ugly, right? He didn’t think your stretch marks were repulsive… right?

Sighing, you dropped your shirt, averting your gaze from your reflection and feeling as though you were just being dumb ─ of course Chris loved you. He swore everyday he loved you with everything he had and more, as well as the children the two of you had, so why were you questioning it now?

Maybe because people’s opinions change and that could’ve happened with Chris, a condescending thought screamed.

He still loves me, you swore to yourself, there’s no doubt that he does. He loves me, I love him. We’re happy. He doesn’t care about my stretch marks… they’re beauty marks… things that make me more unique… right?

You almost jumped when your husband opened the door, thick eyebrows furrowed and squinting slightly at the bathroom lights, smiling at you the best he could. “What are you doin’, baby?”

“Nothin’,” you lied, smiling at him. His eyelids fell over his chocolate eyes, hiding them from view as he padded over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. His forehead leaned on your shoulder before he moved it and pressed sleepy kisses to your neck.

“What are you really doin’?” He asked, knowing you lied. He knew you like his own mind, so of course he knew you were lying.

“Doesn’t matter,” you whispered, dangling your arms off his shoulders.

Chris looked up from your neck, eyes open and aware, “Baby, don’t lie. What’s the matter?”

You hesitated, looking down and closing your eyes, “My stretch marks,” you mumbled.

“Speak up, sweetheart.”

“My stretch marks, Chris,” you said a little louder, looking up at him with wary eyes. You hated worrying your husband with your insecurities, not wanting him to be concerned about you ─ that was your job with him.

“Your beauty marks, you mean?” He corrected, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“No,” you whispered, shaking your head, “they’re not beautiful. They’re ugly. I don’t know why you stay with me ─ I’m not good enough for you.”

“Hey, hey,” he leaned back to make eye contact with you, withdrawing one arm from your waist and lifting your chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Don’t say that. You’re beautiful, baby.”

“I’m not,” you denied once more.

“What did I just say? Don’t say that. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen ─ never think otherwise,” he smiled at you, his thumb caressing your cheekbone, “you do realize that our kids’ definition of beautiful begins with the word ‘mom’? And that you made those beautiful, amazing children out there?”

You looked down, still doubting yourself.

“You’ve got to listen to me when I say that I love you more than anything, and that your stretch marks, they’re not just stretch marks. They’re memory lines ─ things left behind by the children. They’re battle scars ─ remnants of what you’ve been through in life; of the things you’ve endured. They’re beauty marks, baby. You’re even more beautiful with them in my eyes. Don’t you ever forget that.”

You were smiling softly at this point, your eyes just a little red with tears. “Thank you, Christopher,” you whispered, looking directly into his sparkling brown eyes.

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” he whispered back. Leaning forward, the two of you met in a sleepy, loving kiss, just taking in the special moment.

Chris was right ─ they were beauty marks, battle scars, memory lines. Things left behind by the amazing moments in life, lines given to you as a gift to remind you everyday of what you’d been through. They were beautiful ─ you were beautiful.

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😆😆 I saw an Eleanor fan saying "... shes too busy matching with Louis 👏🏽👏🏽" and do you think the rumors that shes burned in the fashion industry are real ?? :):)

1- I hope it is 

2- don’t they realize how fucking sad and pathetic that is? Yikes