he's twice my age

This isn’t a TC blog buuuuuut, I figured I’d say something to maybe give you guys some hope.
I met my teacher when I was 15 and he was 31. Twice my age. We got too close and people started noticing we were always together. He never touched me, or flirted with me, or did any of that. He kept it professional and helped me through my issues.
Then he got fired for our friendship.
And he waited two and a half years for me to turn 18 so we could reconnect. He literally just wanted to make sure I was okay, because the last time we had actually talked, I was in the hospital for a suicide attempt.
So I got back in touch, I owe this man my life, he’s the reason I’m alive. And turns out he’s in love with me and just yesterday, on his 34th birthday, we made it official.
There’s hope for you guys. There was for me :)

dan makes me want to wear low-cut shirts and lipstick, and dance on bars in front of crowds. he makes me want to drink gin and make out with men twice my age. he makes me want to scream the lyrics to my favorite song out the passenger window of a car as it speeds down a deserted highway. he makes me want to be, for all the good and the bad of it, and he makes me want to live.

phil makes me want to wear short, bright skirts and paint my nails pretty colours. he makes me want to smile at strangers and laugh at the clouds and spin in circles for no reason whatsoever until i fall onto the grass. he makes me want to volunteer at a local animal shelter and clean my room and learn french. he makes me want to text my friends to make sure their day is going well. he makes me want to love, for the good and the bad of it, and he makes me want to create.

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Ahhhh I like my professor. He's twice my age and married with kids and likes me back. We have already agreed we can't fuck because it could very easily ruin his life but we still wanna be friends. He won't tell his wife about me though so I'm worried he is gonna get into trouble if she ever finds out he has been hiding me. WHAT DO?

find your own man.

“Sasori, my man! Come check out my new art studio!”

Sometimes I remember that Deidara is a literal teenager and it makes me want to draw him in modern clothes

I was in love with my teacher. He always wore such tight clothes that showed off his body that could be likened to that of a god. Naturally I had no chance with him because he was twice my age, but a guy can dream.

One day while browsing in the library I saw a dust covered book that looked as if it hadn’t been touched in quite some time. As I pulled it out I saw that it was titled “Potions and Spells”. I assumed it was nothing more than a fantasy book, but I continued to read it nonetheless. Part way through I saw a recipe for a potion titled “The Fountain of Youth”. It claimed that this potion could regress someone’s age. Even though my mind was telling me it was just a fantasy book and didn’t actually work, I photocopied the page and got to work that night trying to create the potion.

One week later it was time for my school camp, with my favourite teacher coming on the camp too. During a hike, I had held to the back of the group as I knew it was my favourite teacher’s job to look after those at the back. I saw him go to grab a drink of water and his realisation that his water bottle was missing. I realised it was my time to strike. I handed him my water bottle with a smile and he happily used it to quench his thirst. Little did he know that it wasn’t just water that was in that bottle. As he took his last sip, I saw the realisation on his face that something was happening. He looked shocked as he began to shrink in height, his facial hair receding, in fact most of his body hair was receding. His face became more youthful and his tramping pack turned into a school bag. Before he had a chance to fully comprehend what was happening, I saw him blink and then all of sudden he seemed to forget everything that had just happened. “Phew, it’s hot,” I heard him say as he took off his shirt, revealing his toned and hairless body underneath. 

As he put his school bag back, on he started to run off towards the rest of the students. “Come on, we better catch up with the rest of the class, we wouldn’t want to get told off by the teacher!” he shouted back to me. I stood there in disbelief as I realised that the potion actually worked. My teacher had been regressed to that of a teenager, a smoking hot, age-appropriate teenager. The regression of the mind was unexpected, but I guess it’s better that way. Just as I was about to run over to catch up with him, I saw him checking me out. “I guess the extra potion I added to make him gay worked too,” I thought to myself as a smile began to appear on my face. I should probably be thinking about the consequences of what people will think of having lost a teacher but somehow gained a student, but for the time being, I’m just going to focus on the teacher - or should I say student, that is waiting up ahead for me. It’s going to be a fun school year.


He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.

So a cleric has basically taken in this young rogue (like 12) and they’re traveling together. He’s got her on his shoulders and as they chat idly about what supplies they need, a guard approaches them, talking to the rogue. He looks at the cleric suspiciously- after all, the cleric looks 30, she looks 12, and they have no similar features.

Guard: “Hello there. Is this your brother?”
Young rogue: “Nope!”
Guard: “Father?”
Rogue: “Nope.”
Guard: “…husband?”
Rogue: “Gods no, he’s twice my age, at least.”
Guard: “Then why are you traveling with him? Are you okay, miss?”
Rogue: “Oh, no, I’m totally not okay whatsoever. He totally has manipulated my mind or some shit and just decided carrying me around on his shoulders as if he’s my guardian or something would trick the low-IQ guards. I’m totally not up here of my own volition and you definitely are right to be suspicious of him. I bet he’s not even a real cleric, what, with all of those symbols of the law God on him. And that prayer book. And the mace. Must be a fake.”
Guard: “I think we’re gonna need backup.”
Cleric: “You’re going to get me arrested again.”
Rogue: “…sorry. I forgot that guards weren’t good with sarcasm.”

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I tend to be attracted to men older than I am, Colin for example. He's like twice my age. Anyway, my question is do you think because someone is topically attracted to older people that they have mother/father issues or kinks? Lots of people seem to think I do but it's more of a stability thing ya know? But yeah, just curious of your thoughts. Sorry this was long and ransom.

First of all, I am by no means a psychologist, a sex expert or even a smart human being.

But I would say, no, not necessarily. I think a lot of young girls (under 22,) especially, gravitate towards older men because we tend to mature faster than our male peers. This is not only inherent in biology but in society. A 16-year-old girl, for instance, probably has the maturity of an 18-year-old boy, and those two years are quite significant.

Also… adolescence (which ends at 25) is just… an inconsistent time for physical attractiveness. You have middle school, which is nearly universally considered “the ugly phase,” and then you go from a 14-year-old child to old enough to vote in high school. Despite what MTV and The CW make you believe, most high school students look like children- and not always well groomed children. Men are stable, looks-wise, and often get hotter with age.

Therefore, we have the image of a man who has his shit together, can provide for you, is past his peak immaturity, looks like an adult and has a taboo appeal. 

A lot of this also applies to younger boys liking older men, but some of it is specific to girls.

I’m sure a lot of girls and guys have parent issues instead of, or in addition to, the stuff I said above.

do customer service workers a favor and intervene when a customer is being inappropriate, even if “intervening” just = pretending to need help so they can get away from the creeper

when i worked retail i was always so grateful to customers who did this, and now i always try to do the same for (lbr, mostly young and female) employees

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Okay, so. I have this coworker and he's married, twice my age but he's been texting me outside of work, saying all these things about how he likes me and cares about me and stuff. And... I don't know what to do about it. Sure, I like him but I've only ever considered him as a coworker but now I've started to feel like I could like him too, as someone more than just a coworker. But I don't know, I mean... I just don't know what to do. Should I just call it quits before anything serious happens or

honestly yes you should quit because you deserve someone good without fucked up morals who’s closer to your age. getting with someone who is cheating on their partner would unconsciously create trust issues anyway because what’s to stop him doing it to you? he’s probably just unhappy with his marriage and life, therefore looking to find someone younger and more exciting. i wouldn’t trust someone like that

I just had a male co-worker come into the store on his off day to come to my department and tell me that if I yelled at him again, he would curse me out and slap my face over and over as he pointed at me and took a step closer. Because I pointed out a very big mistake he made the other day and had to yell over the loud baking oven and vents behind me like I do every damn day.

I’m 5'7 and 140 pounds. He’s 5'9, 250 pounds and twice my age and threatening me.

Fuck men’s sensitive ass egos and their immediate violent response towards women.