he's turned into an easter egg

ET LIVE with Sasha and Marlene.

So I’ve watched the video and thought I’d make note of all the important things that were said/revealed during this interview (check out the video here).

- Marlene didn’t know who the “he” was that was coming for Ali in the flash forward scene previewed at the end of 6A. It was a last minute decision to include the scene after the Charlotte reveal, and was turned into a “nightmare”. 

- Alison DiLaurentis-Fields is an easter egg, most likely a clue that Ali and Emily will get married in the finale. 

- Mona didn’t intend on killing Charlotte, she only wanted to scare her because she knew she never got well and was going to start playing the game again. Mona’s intention was to scare Charlotte into not playing again for her own and the girls safety. 

- Melissa’s suitcase handle has nothing to do with anything, and whoever tried to run down Emily to get the handle was most likely AD themselves chasing a lead because they were too after Charlotte’s killer.

- There have been other people looking for AD/the identity of AD, and in the finale we will get a bit of a look at who else has been looking for this person. 

- Quote Marlene; “Aria does not have multiple personalities” in reference to her talking to Archer’s dead body in 719. She was just regulating and calming herself down. 

- Jason will not be in the finale. There were a few actors who could not come back for the last episodes for legal reasons. 

- Ali got her bloody lip (Season 3) from a bunch of older kids she was hanging around with (in order to make the girls jealous), the same bunch of teens who pushed the girl at the frat party down the stairs (although Noel pushed her as confirmed in early Season 7…)

- The NAT Club is not going to be revisited. Marlene described them as a group of peeping toms spying on people for kicks, and that’s the end of that.

- Emison has the most shocking scene in the finale. 

- We will find out who the father is of Em and Ali’s baby. 

- Toby is the most changed in the finale after the one year time jump. 

- The final scene of the show is a “full circle moment” as describe by MK. “Although this show ends, the world continues.” The mythology of the town will always go on, hint hint possible spin off.

- Mona staged Charlotte’s death as a suicide. 

- The Perfectionists (Marlene’s next project) will most likely be set in the same universe as Pretty Little Liars, and when asked if Emison could be in a spin-off, Marlene and Sasha both smirked at one another. 

- Mary Drake is stabbing Spencer in the promo. Aria also says “marry” not “bury” in the promo.

- There is going to be very realistic masks in the finale: “Atleast 1, maybe 2.” 

- “Everybody is interwoven but as one story ends another one begins.” Confirming AD only started the game when Charlotte died, not before, but AD is a character who has been on the show and is interwoven in the mystery that has been happening for the past several years. 

- Marlene did not want to say whether or not Paige is going to be in the finale. 

- How the mums got out of the basement is discussed but not shown in the finale. 

- The actor who plays AD didn’t want Marlene telling anyone their identity because they didn’t want to affect any scenes in certain ways. 

imagine les amis de l’abc throwing an easter egg hunt for all the local gamins and such:

- Cosette pointing out that the garden in the house on the rue plumet is possibly the most perfect easter egg hiding spot to ever exist

- jvj is of course 10000% on board

- jehan and grantaire helping the little kids paint easter eggs

- Feuilly organizing the jelly beans. he color codes them.

- baz giving the kids piggy back rides/ letting them climb up on his shoulders when they get tired

- Bousset is the best at hiding eggs. That is, until he actually forgets where he put them. 

- Ep, Gav and Azelma bringing their two little brother bc those kids need to have some joy in their lives

- Musichetta + wearing bunny ears. just imagine. 

- Enjolras takes some convincing to get him to come but once he does he turns out to be great with kids. It gets a little concerning when some of the little ones starts shouting “down with the bourgeoisie” though

- jvj telling the little kids about the story of easter. combeferre jumps in with every little historical detail he knows

- courfeyrac has one of those magic crayons you can use to write on eggs before dying them so that whatever you draw shows up once they’re dyed. he dyes one to say “Send nudes” and gives it to marius

- joly handing out colorful baskets that he made for the occasion

- ye


Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, sister Winchester reader, Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Rowena, Crowley, Lucifer
Reader’s Age: 5-6 years old
Word count: 1040

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: My frens helped with all the ideas so if it seems all over the place that’s because I tried to fit all their ideas into one imagine. (And I didn’t even get them all) But basically everyone is friends in this world! Happy Easter and enjoy!

Waking up with a yawn you stretched as your eyes fluttered open. You looked around your room and saw pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green covering the walls and furniture. You hopped out of bed and trotted over to a small, pink basket with some fake Easter grass covering the bottom of it.

“Easter…” you whispered to yourself. You grabbed the basket and scanned your room, searching for Easter eggs.

Your eyes finally landed on a small blue egg sitting on your bed frame. You ran over, grabbed the egg and set it in your basket.

You opened your door and peeked outside. Streamers decorated the halls. With a smile and a skip in your step, you headed towards the kitchen, picking up a few eggs here and there along the way.

Once you arrived in the kitchen you looked to the table to see a bunch of food. From ham to carrot cake to even butter shaped like a small lamb. Looking around the room you spotted a few Easter eggs.

Picking up what you assume to be the last egg in the kitchen you were startled by a voice that spoke from the corner. “Enjoying the hunt?” You turned around and saw Gabriel finishing a cookie.

“Yeah! I has so many eggs!” You raised your basket to show Gabriel.

“The Easter Bunny was pretty busy,” Gabriel commented. You smiled, grabbed a mini doughnut and headed out of the kitchen.

You padded down the hall into the War Room. You turned the corner to see the one and only, Lucifer. Of course, you didn’t know he was Satan, you only knew him as Luci. He had his feet propped up on the map table and a pair of pink bunny ears on his head.

“Welcome!” he greeted. “Have you found all the eggs yet?”

“Not yet. I have lots of rooms to go,” you responded as you searched the room. Luci unwrapped a piece of candy and plopped it in his mouth.

You made your way into the library where you saw Sam and Dean towards the back by the giant telescope. Sam was sitting down and Dean was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. They both had small smiles as they watched you run around the room looking for eggs.

Once you were done looking for eggs you skipped over to your brothers and showed them your basket. “Lookie! I gots lots of eggs!”

“Wow, you’ve been busy,” Sam replied, giving you a soft tap on your shoulder.

“Where are your eggs?” you asked, looking back and forth between your brothers.

“We don’t have any eggs,” Sam responded.

“Oh…” you looked down at your eggs. “Here!” you handed an egg to Sam, then one to Dean. Sam and Dean both smiled.

“Thanks, Y/N/N,” Dean chuckled and ruffled your hair.  

“Happy Easter!” a new voice spoke. You all turned your attention to the man standing in the library, Balthazar. “This is for you,” Balthazar handed you a bottle of wine.

Your eyebrows furrowed together as you stared at the wine. As soon as it was in your hands, it was snatched away, you turned around and saw Sam holding the wine with a disapproving face.

“What are you doing? That’s hers,” Balthazar pointed to you.

“She’s five,” Sam argued.

“And when she’s whatever age that bottle of wine better still be here for her.” Balthazar made his point clear.

Balthazar turned around to see Luci standing behind him trying to put bunny ears on him. “What are you doing?” Balthazar backed away.

“You need to get in the Easter spirit,” Luci continued to try and put bunny ears on Balthazar.

“Stop that,” Balthazar pushed Luci’s hand away, earning a giggle from you.

You took two eggs out of your basket and walked over to the angels. You put one in Luci’s hand and the other in Balthazar’s. They both smiled at you and Luci opened his egg.

“Did you forget about me?” Gabriel entered the room. You laughed and grabbed an egg then ran over to Gabe. You handed Gabe the egg and ran back over to your brothers.

“My, oh, my, doesn’t this place look beautiful!” a Scottish voice made its presence known. You turned around and saw Rowena admiring the decorations and Crowley was standing next to her.

“Oh! Dear, what are you still doing in your pajamas? Come, let’s get you in something different.” Rowena held out her hand. You grabbed two eggs and handed one to Crowley who gladly accepted the egg with a small head nod and handed the other to Rowena. You and Rowena then headed to your room.

Rowena dressed you in a pretty, yellow sundress. She curled your hair before taking strands from the front and pinning them back.

You two made your way back into the kitchen where everyone was gathered around the table that was covered with food. You walked over and sat next to Sam; Rowena sat on your other side.

“I feel like we’re missing someone…” Dean commented before sitting down.

“I believe that would be me,” Castiel spoke from behind you. You turned around and jumped out of your seat.

“What are you holding, Cas?” Sam noticed Castiel holding something inside his trench coat.

“A present for Y/N,” Castiel took his hands out of his coat to reveal a small, adorable, fuzzy bunny. You gasped and ran over to him. “Now remember, bunnies are a lot of work, you have to take care of it.”

“Cas, I thought we talked about this. Don’t get her a gift that requires work!” Dean stood up.

“Can we keep it?” you took the bunny from Cas and stared at your brothers with big puppy dog eyes.

“C'mon, Dean. You won’t let her have a dog, you’re allergic to cats, let her at least keep the bunny.” Sam tried to convince his brother.

Dean thought for a moment, staring down at your pleading face; he was already a goner. “Fine,” Dean huffed and threw his arms up, clearly upset he lost this battle.

“YAY!” you cheered and snuggled the rabbit in your arms.

“To Easter,” Crowley raised a glass.

“To Easter!” Everyone said simultaneously, raising their glasses.  

I hope y’all like this one and I’m open for tips on improving!

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anonymous asked:

Woah! The epilog takes place this year! That's so cool! Do you have any thoughts on the kids that you'd like to share in honor of that?

I know! Pretty soon it will really be nineteen years later, and we’ll still be here with Harry <3 Sometimes I think about this fandom and I’m so blown away by the depth and breadth and everything we’ve accomplished. I’m so proud to be a part of the Harry Potter generation. I asked my cousins who I rarely see today what Hogwarts house they’re in, and even though they’re ten years younger than me and very shy - we got to bond over this thing. This series when I was nine and it’s my whole life now. 

You asked for some thoughts on the kids, so here’s ten little headcanons :) 

1. Teddy’s favorite person in the whole world is Harry - he idolizes Harry…but not in a “Chosen One” way, more like a father figure whose hair is really cool and casts a patronus for me when he reads bedtime stories way. 

2. Molly and Lucy are twins - Percy was very worried about breaking it to George that he would be the one with the family’s next set of twins. George cried, but ultimately hugged Percy and said he hoped these two would be better to him than he and Fred had been. 

3. Gabrielle is the best aunt ever, not only to Fleur’s three kids, but to all the Weasley bunch. 

4. Myrna and Rhea, Dudley’s daughters, know the Potter kids fairly well - but it isn’t until Myrna enters Hogwarts the same year as Lily that they become friends. 

5. Rose and Hugo are best friends, not unlike their dad and Aunt Ginny. The Weasley-Potters aren’t as close with each other. 

6. When Albus haltingly comes out to Harry and Ginny his fourth year, they tell him they love him, and Ginny asks wryly if he wants her to invite the Malfoys for Christmas Eve. 

7. Neville and Hannah never have kids of their own, but they both consider their students at Hogwarts to be their own. They - especially Hannah, up in the infirmary - see quite a bit of the Weasley brood, both in and out of school. 

8. Ginny was so happy that Harry agreed to let her call their first daughter after her ex-girlfriend, she gave him free reign over their second kid’s name. 

9. Angelina cried each time one of her niblings left for Hogwarts for the first time - when it was little Freddie’s turn, she almost couldn’t let go of him long enough to let him on the train. George convinced her by whispering in her ear that all he thinks they should have another baby.

10. Easter when the kids are little is taken very seriously - Charlie hosts it at the ranch every year, and hides hundreds of eggs for all his niblings. 


Disclaimer: I did not find all of these easter eggs myself. I watched many Youtube videos and read many articles and gathered the best easter eggs and connections to the Star Wars movies and I compiled them into one organized post. Enjoy!


During Maui’s musical number, “You’re Welcome”, during the 2D/cardboard sequence, Flounder enters from the right and swims upstream. If you blink, you might miss it.

Ralph from “Wreck-It Ralph” in the movie’s credits

During the end credits, Ralph himself appears among the designs on the right side of the screen. Disney likes to give nods to its upcoming movies in current releases, and the animation studio is currently working on a “Wreck-It Ralph” sequel set to be released March 2018.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” homage

Halfway through the film, Moana and Maui encounter a tribe of anthropomorphic coconuts called kakamora. Moana remarks, “They’re kind of cute.” Then the kakamora paint pearly white teeth on their armor and take up arms. Their ship emerges from the fog, revealing a massive fleet of pirate ships. What follows is an epic chase that is very reminiscent of Mad Max: Fury Road. Just as Max, Furiosa, and their crew set out across a desert wasteland to escape the movie’s War Boys, Moana and Maui race across the sea to skirt the kakamora. Their large, ramshackle vessels are reminiscent of Immortan Joe’s brigade, while the creatures’ painted faces mimic those of the War Boys.


One of the Kakamoras has the face of Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” reference

After the end credits, we see a scene of Tamatoa still stuck on his back from his confrontation with Maui and he’s searching for help. He talks about being stuck on his back and then tells the crowd that he knows they would help him if his “name was Sebastian and he has a cool Jamaican accent.”

Marshmallow from “Frozen”

The ice monster from Frozen is seen as a drawing in this scene from when Moana was a baby.

Olaf from “Frozen”

When Moana is loading up her boat with food prior to leaving the island, she dumps a load of fruit and coconuts into the hold, and on top of them all is one, single, carrot (the carrot would be the only thing that wouldn’t melt). I couldn’t find a photo of this, sadly. 

UPDATE: The Olaf easter egg has been found! Credits to mrscarmcolon on Instagram

Maui transforms into Sven from Frozen

Maui’s magical fish hook gives him the ability to shape-shift, and in the scene where Maui tries to become a giant bird, he shuffles through several transformations first, and for a split second, he turns into Sven, the reindeer from “Frozen.”

Flash from “Zootopia”

Flash’s “sort of” cameo is in the realm of monsters sequence in the form of a slow-moving masked creature with multiple limbs. This was so hard to spot, I couldn’t even see it or find any photos of it. Some people think that this is actually the Flash cameo because the director said he will be in disguise, and this creature has four claws on each of his four limbs, just like a sloth.

David Bowie

Lin Manuel Minranda - the sunshine of my life, Hamilton creator, and writer and composer of the Moana soundtrack - has said that he wrote Tamatoa’s song “Shiny” as a tribute to the later singer. He said “… The world had already been mourning Bowie, I’d been listening to Bowie on a loop. I was like, well I’m writing a glam rock tune for this crab, this jewel-encrusted crab.“ (Extra: Jemaine Clement, who voices Tamatoa, has acted as David Bowie in his sketch comedy show, Flight of the Concords.)

The  Maui sculpture - callback to The Little Mermaid and Aladdin

The statue of Maui in the cave on the island he was stuck on is a callback to the statue of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Later, when the statue falls over, only the tip of Maui’s nose breaks off, which is a reference to a scene from “A Whole New World”

Moana and The Little Mermaid Parallels

Both movies have the same directors,  John Musker and Ron Clements. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel wants to leave the sea to go to land, and wheras Moana wants to leave the land to go to sea. Both princesses also have fathers that want them to remain within their world’s limits.


Maui was a mortal, who was abandoned by his human parents, and taken in by “gods” who made him a demigod. Hercules was the child of “gods” but he was raised by humans after he was abandoned on Earth by Hades’ minions. (Extra easter egg: Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who voices Maui in the movie, also played Hercules in a live action adaptation).

Twitter Reference

When Maui uses HeiHei to sign on Moana’s oar, he says “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.”


Both Tamatoa and Smaug covered themselves in their treasures in their lairs deep within a mountain. And in Moana and in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, both Moana and Bilbo Baggins didn’t realize they were walking on top of their villains until the creatures emerge from underneath their treasures.

“THE ABYSS” Reference

The first time we see Moana interact with the ocean, its form is very reminiscent of the alien water tentacle from James Cameron’s 1989 sci-fi movie, The Abyss.

The Ocean and The Magic Carpet

The ocean in Moana and the magic carpet in Aladdin, were both very similar because both were sort of non-speaking characters that helps their main characters and guide them in their quest.

Lilo & Stitch references

In the movie, Moana gets embarrassed about eating a pork sandwich in front of her pet pig Pua, which is reminiscent of when Lilo explaining why she can’t feed a tuna sandwich to her pet fish, Pudge. Also, he scene where Moana uses a leaf to protect a baby turtle is reminiscent of this photo of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.


Maui’s eyebrows were designed to look specifically like Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s eyebrows, and Maui raising his eyebrow is an homage to The Rock always raising his eyebrow (especially during his wrestling days).


Zootopia was released before Moana, and in addition to the MEWOANA Easter egg we all know, Disney hid another Moana easter egg in Zootopia - Maui’s fish hook on the back of Finnick’s van.

Easter HC’s

Happy Easter my loves!

(If you don’t celebrate Easter then… Happy Sunday!)

((And if you prefer the religious aspect of the holiday then…. um… Amen? IDK IM NOT RELIGIOUS IM SORRY))

I felt that, since we currently aren’t accepting requests, I would write a little HC with some Easter themes for you guys!

Okay enough talking, here you go my dudes <3 ~Admin 404


               -He wanted to do something a little different for Easter

               -Instead of the standard basket full of goodies, he wanted to have some fun! Play around! Go outside for once!

               -“It’s so nice outside… it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it…. if we just sat in here…. doing nothing….” “Yoosung are you okay? Are you sick?”

               -He grabbed two spoons, a bucket with some unfilled water balloons, and your hand, dragging them all outside

               -You helped him fill up a bunch of water balloons, laughing when you realized they had little patterns on them like Easter eggs or little bunny faces

               -He announced the two of you were going to have a spoon and egg race, but with water balloons!  

               -But he gets really competitive? But it’s always really playful, never hurtful!

               -He’s knocked the spoon so the water balloon drops, or he bumps into you on “accident”

               -After his 7th win, he’s laughing at you and gloating that “Shooting Star” is the best Water balloon racer there ever was. He stopped laughing when you hit him in the face with a water balloon

               -The rest of the race turned into a water balloon fight. The both of you ended up completely soaked, running, and giggling like children. Once you were out of water balloons though, you two used the spoons as if they were swords and continued to run around like complete dorks


               -“BABE WAKE UP I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU” “Zen it’s 6 in the morning this better be important or I’m killing you”

               -He has you get dressed, hands you a piece of paper, and shoves you out of the house?? This early in the morning?? He won’t unlock the door?? YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM

               -The piece of paper had a location on it and a memory he had written down on it- it was the coffee shop the two of you and Jaehee frequent. When you got there, the manager handed you a basket with a single plastic egg in it, and another piece of paper with- surprise- another location and memory associated with it

               -After a while, the scavenger hunt got harder and harder. He’d write down a memory and you’d have to start to figure out where to go next

               -At each place, you found a single plastic egg. Curiosity got the better of you and you opened a few of them

               -Inside were different puzzle pieces? He put together a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces? What kind of moNSTER

               -The last clue sent you home where he sat at the living room table, waiting for you

               -He helped you put the puzzle pieces together, the pieces revealed the picture you were putting together was your favourite photo of the two of you, with “I love you” scribbled in his handwriting in the corner

               -You absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop smiling at how dramatic and over the top he was with it, but it was still super cute! But there was a puzzle piece missing? You turned to ask him about it and you found him holding up a plastic egg covered in glitter. You opened it to find not only the last piece, which was a picture of a heart, but also a ring.

               -He turned a nice shade of pink but had the brightest smile when he saw your eyes light up. The whole day was amazing, fun, and just absolutely beautiful. You loved all of it, and especially him, there was no way you could say no


               -She woke up that Sunday to find your shared living room covered in hand-made paper decorations, coloured construction paper scattered across the floor, a basket full of goodies she couldn’t quite make out, and you standing in the center of the chaos with a large smile on your face

               -“MC, do you care to explain what all of….this… is?” She asked, side-eyeing the large paper rabbit you’ve hung against the bookshelf

               -“It’s all part of a game! It’s the Bunny Hop game! We pick these coloured cards, and move to that colour, sort of like Candyland!”

               -You gestured over to the basket sitting at the end of the “board”, and gave her the brightest grin you could

               -“Winner gets the basket of goodies!!! Okay okay, come over here!! Hurry, hurry!”

               -She laughed at your enthusiasm and joined you at the start, taking turns moving across the “board” from colour to colour


               -At the end of it all, she finally realized that you had rigged it so she would win. The basket was full of some of her favourite coffee beans, a bunch of caramel chocolates, some rare Zen merchandise, and a gift card for her favourite book store

               -She had no words?? You literally set this game up just for her to win? This is the sweetest thing anyone’s done for her in a long time

               -The two of you shared her chocolates throughout the rest of the day as she’s cuddled against you. As a thank you for the day, she cooks one of your favourite meals for dinner. she also makes you play the bunny hop game a few more times because?? Its cute and fun and she just wants to enjoy it let her have this


               -On Easter, you wake up to a basket full of goodies, correct?

               -When you live with Jumin, you wake up to like 5 different baskets

               -There’s even a basket for Elizabeth omg what a cutie

               -EACH BASKET HAS THEMES!!!

               -A few are full of items pertaining to your favourite interests/hobbies, another is dedicated to candies and chocolate, and the largest was by far the one he was most excited about

               -It held a beautiful outfit, dazzling accessories, and even some shoes??

               -He was grinning from ear to ear when you turned to ask him about it and he held out some tickets towards you

               -A play?? This dude’s seriously taking you to a play?? What a NERD but you couldn’t help but get just as excited who’s the nerd now, mc????

               -IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CUTEST LITTLE PLAY ABOUT AN EASTER BUNNY BRINGING GIFTS AND JOY TO CHILDREN AND YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DORK TOOK YOU TO THIS (it wasnt even a play pertaining to the religious aspect of the holiday?? it was a grown man in a bunny suit?? and he loved every minute of it??)

               -When the two of you got home, you gave him his own Easter basket, full of cat-themed accessories, bottles of his favourite wines, and a hand-made coupon book full of tasks and actions he can cash in on (which he laughed at because?? you both knew you’d do any of these if he just asked)


               -It was too early in the morning and Saeran was pissed at the both of you

               -He had to hide dozens and dozens of plastic eggs around the house for the both of you to find

               -But Saeyoung was COMPETETIVE AS FUCK

               -He loves you, MC, but he’s gonna find the most eggs. He’s gonna get the most candy. He will reign supreme


               -There was one up like in the door of the attic? You found Saeyoung dangling from the opening

               -“Uuuuh MC, since you’re soo nice and sooo amazing…” “I’m not bringing you the ladder” “MC PLEASE”

               -He actually threw a pity party in the corner of the living room when he lost the Easter egg hunt? “YOU’RE BEING A CHILD, MAN UP, CHOI” “LEAVE ME ALONE MC”

               -At the end of the day though, the two of you sat watching cliché Easter movies and eating the pounds of chocolate the two of you collected

               -It’s not surprising that the two of you ended up in a sugar induced coma, spread out of the couch. Saeran looked at the two of you in disgust as he stole a handful of his brothers candy, so you’d have more than him when the two of you woke up


               -Why is there a large canvas sitting in your living room whERE IS THE FURNITURE

               -V was standing there in an old t-shirt and shorts, smiling at you proudly, which makes you question just what he has planned

               -The entire room is covered in layers of old sheets, painters paper, and cartons upon cartons of eggs scattered about the floor

               -“MC! Look! We can make art with paint instead of photos this time!” “But V, you have your camera set up right here, it’s set for rapid fire” “No it’s not, ignore that” “IT’S RIGHT HERE” “No it’s not”

               -Once you’ve changed into the appropriate painting attire, you look around for some brushes, and more importantly, some paint

               -You watched as he picked up an egg, smiled at you, and threw it at the canvas. The egg shattered, leaving a large paint splatter across it. That’s when it clicked that the eggs are hollowed out and full of different coloured paint

               -The two of you take turns just throwing different colours, laughing, and shoving each other playfully

               -After a while, throwing the eggs at the canvas turned into throwing them at each other. He even smashed a few full of light blue paint over your head

               -“Look, MC, now you’ve got hair like mine”

               -The fight didn’t end until the both of you were covered head to toe in paint, and he had enough pictures of the two of you playing to make a full scrapbook of its own. You even laid on the ground and made a paint angel, and he drew a little halo above you and everything


               -He watched in confusion as you filled a ton of different bowls full of vinegar and food dye

               -You had almost every colour you could think of and he wasn’t sure what you were even going to do with it?

               - After an explanation that, you take hard boiled eggs and set them in the liquid so you can colour and decorate them, he was just left with more questions

               -“Why would you do that? Couldn’t you just eat it? What’s the point?” “Stop asking questions and just dye some eggs”

               -He watched you use a clear crayon to draw some designs on the eggs, dip them in multiple colours, and tried to do the same

               - his first few eggs were literally just black

               -He actually enjoyed drawing little bunny faces on some of them. There were even little egg versions of the two of you!

               -A while later, he realized that the dye sort of…dyes your skin, so he wanted to mess with you

               -He got a paint brush and started to paint little pictures on your arm while you tried to finish dyeing the eggs

               -But it was really relaxing and you couldn’t help but let him do it. By the end of the night, the two of you were not only naked, but you guys were covered in adorable little paintings! He loved them a lot and didn’t want to wash them off in all honesty. Though the two of you reeked of vinegar and Saeyoung had to exaggerate and wear a clothespin on his nose the whole next day

Supernatural: The Dating Sim [UPDATED!]

Sooooo I’ve been getting many messages about this since last night, and I will be answering the following under the cut:

- Plot

- Reader customization

- Dateable characters

- Other features

If you buds still have questions after this, shoot me an ask!

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anonymous asked:

Hi guys! Can you please update the humor tag? Been awhile. Thank you soooo much

youre right man

Miscommunication issue. by skyblue993 (1/1 | 1,389 | NC17)

There’s not such a big of a turn off as when someone spells Stiles’ name wrong.

Remember Me..? by sweetie_pie (1/1 | 7,123 | PG13)

When Stiles comes to after a car accident, he feels completely fine, except for that person shaped hole in his heart that his memories can’t seem to fill. When he confronts his friends about it, he gets his answer but not the one that he expected. Seems his heart is missing a werewolf.

To Dye For (Hale Pack Holidays: Easter) by midnightcas (1/1 | 1,865 | PG13)

The Hale Pack decides to try their hand at a “traditional” Easter Egg Hunt. And it goes about as well as expected.

Grocery Run on My Heart by FlyAwayMeow (rjaejoo) (1/1 | 5,744 | G)

Scott can’t place an order for Alison’s restaurant without messing it up. He relies on his best buddy Stiles for all the grocery store runs. Where Derek is the first employee Stiles always sees when he needs help, Laura aggressively keeps putting Stiles to work and Peter is the creepy manager who loves to stalk Stiles. Or…Derek is a pining mess, Peter enlists Stiles help in matchmaking, and Talia conspires with Peter to get Derek and Stiles to fall in love.

Implausible Deniability by Farscapegeek (1/1 | 2,456 | PG13)

“Do you want to explain this?” Lydia asks, nay, demands.

Derek looks down at the photo and winces. It’s him and Batman, clearly making out in the alley behind the gala Stilinski Enterprises had held the night before.

“I tripped?” He replied weakly.

“Tripped. Tripped somehow onto Batman’s mouth?” Lydia’s voice growing more shrill at every word.

“Ummmm yes?”

“Would you like to try again?”

“Not especially no.”

AKA The one where Derek (Superman) gets caught making out with Batman (Stiles) and the reporter’s quiet life of anonymity is blown. Please stop snickering Stiles it isn’t funny.

Paint in Your Hair

(Chlonath Day 3 - Art)

Nathanael is working on his art and gets interrupted by a very welcome guest.

An aged up, established chlonath relationship AU, rated M for Many Kisses >///////< rated T for Tmoon doesnt now what mature is and apparently this is tame WELLLLL SOooOOOooOOOOORRRRY (the T is silent)

This definitely went in a very different direction then I originally planned! : | and put i did include my original idea in as an easter egg for myself XD

Enjoy! and Happy Chlonath Week - Day 3 to everyone!!! =3=

(ao3 link)

Nathanael sat back, staring at the canvas with his mouth pursed, inspecting each and every detail with worry. He passed a hand through his hair before reaching back to tie back his shaggy red hair into a quick ponytail. Short pieces escaped the elastic’s hold, but he paid them no mind, happy to have most of his hair out of his face.

A creak of the old wooden floor from behind him caught his notice. He smiled, not bothering to turn around.

Knowing who it was coming up to his side, Nathanael grabbed a stained towel and plucked his brushes from the coffee cup he was currently using for rinse water. He wiped down the brushes before piling them back onto his table.

A hand tugged on his ponytail, making him chuckle. The tiny pull brought his hand back and the tiny pain of having his hair pulled was met with the warmth of a kiss.

He smiled into it, readjusting himself in his chair to meet her better. Her tongue swept across his bottom lip and he hummed, reaching a hand up to her face.

A hand slapped his away. And he felt her lips move against his to say, “You’ll get paint in my hair.”

He tilted his head to bring his lips off hers, their noses bumped and he pressed his forehead against hers.

“Then you shouldn’t jump me in my studio, while I’m working,” he smiled.

She scoffed, “I brought you tea.” And she pecked his lips quickly before pulling back, placing a mug down beside his rinse water cup.

“Hey,” he pointed, “bad placement. Last time I mixed the cups up and drank paint water.”

Chloe laughed, picking the mug up and looking around for another spot to put it.

She bent down to place the cup on the floor beside one of the legs of the easel. “Fine then your tea will be right here, getting cold as you paint away. There,” she said, turning with a bright smile, “Better?”

“Almost,” he replied reaching a long arm out to pull her down onto his lap.

“Nath!” she yelled, landing on top of him with a huff. Her back pressed up against his chest and she crossed her arms in mock anger, “What did I say about the paint!!”

He chuckled, resting his chin on her shoulder and wrapping his arms around her waist for a gentle squeeze. His hand reached for one of hers and brought it up to his lips for a kiss. She turned to him, sticking her tongue out, and he laughed even more.

“Well, my love,” he whispered, gently pulling her blonde hair over her shoulder to allow him to kiss her neck, “sometimes sacrifices have to be made, for the greater good.” He kissed a gentle trail up to her jaw, finding victory as she leaned her head back to free up more space for him.

Then suddenly she was standing, easily escaping his gentle hold. She quickly got up and turned. Sitting back down on his lap to face him. Her legs framed his own as the chair rocked.

“Well I guess if it’s for the greater good…” she spoke in a hushed tone, one that only he seemed to be able to get out of her. He smiled up at her and her lips were back on his once more.

Her hands spread out against his chest, smoothing out the fabric of his wrinkled shirt with a sigh, reaching their way up to his shoulders, until eventually finding their way into his hair.

She giggled, at the feel of dried paint in his hair; leaning back she kissed his nose.

“What?” he asked, slightly out of breath.

“There’s paint in your hair.”

It was a mess; his ponytail was barely held together. So she reached up to undo it, looping the elastic around her wrist.

He shrugged, “Occupational hazard.”

She gave him a deadpan stare. Looking down at her shirt, she saw all the splotches and stains of paint, before replying, “Tell that to my top.”

He titled his head, looking her up and down. She blushed under his stare, watching his teal eyes inspect every inch of her. “Well,” he said finally, “we can just get rid of it?”

Chloe raised a brow, “Is that so?” she asked, looping her arms around his neck.

“Yes,” he said, “as a matter of fact…” he wrapped an arm around her to hold her steady as he leaned forward towards his paints, dipping his fingers in the splatters still left on his palette. He smiled wickedly as he resettled them back on his chair.

“Nath…” she eyed him suspiciously.

He stared at her, smile still present on his face as he brought his hand to her skirt. Pinks, greens, and blues, smeared over the black fabric. She glared at him, trying to look angry even as she shared his smile, leaning in to recapture his lips with hers.

He held on, a hand on her hip as he reached his other hand up to the back of her hair. This time she didn’t pat his hand away.

After few more heated moments, Nathanael felt her teeth nip at his bottom lip. Her hand reached up to brush his hair back behind his ear as she pulled away.

She stared down at him, her blue eyes sparking brightly, the blush on her cheeks mirroring her reddened lips. “Hmmmm,” she muttered, “guess the skirt has to go too.”

He nodded in total and absolute agreement.

“You know this means you’ll have to take me shopping this week, yes? I heard that there—Eep!” She was cut off with a kiss, a deep and passionate one as Nathanael silenced her with his tongue.

He pulled back, bringing a hand up to her face. His thumb brushed blue paint across her cheek, while his other fingers striped colours into her hair. This time she didn’t seem to mind in the slightest as she leaned back down to answer him with another kiss.

Made from Scratch

Made from Scratch by evansrogerskitten

John Winchester x Reader

Reader falls in love with John before she realizes it. But is she ready to accept the two children that come along with the deal? A story of love, loss, and pie.

This is for @impalaimagining’s 1K Challenge- Congrats lady! My prompts are the song ‘Close’ by Nick Jonas and the gif below. 

Warnings: Death of a parent, language, smut, angst, fluff, FEELS- this has it all. Word Count: 5136 | on AO3 Happy Smut Day! 

Hunter’s Creek was one of those stereotypical small towns where everyone knew each other, and you never had to worry about leaving your doors unlocked. Family owned businesses lined Main Street, and planters full of bright flowers bloomed every springtime. I’d been born and raised in Hunter’s Creek, so staying there as an adult and opening my own business was the next step in my ordinary life.

I was baking bread at my shop when I got the call. My breath caught in my throat as the sheriff said that something had happened to my father, and I needed to come home.

I hung up and shoved my phone into my apron pocket, grabbing my jacket as I flew out the door.

“I need you to close up!” I yelled behind me, the lone bakery employee stunned to see her boss run out so fast.

I gunned my truck down the road and raced to our little yellow house, panic rising up in my chest as I saw an ambulance and two sheriff cars parked in front. Shoving the truck into park I abandoned the keys and left the door ajar as I ran towards the small front yard. I searched the faces, looking for my father.

The sheriff came over and looked me in the eyes, lightly resting a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry Y/N. Your father is gone.”

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Easter egg’s

tom holland x reader


(y/n/n) - your niece’s name

(y/n/h/c) your niece’s hair color


 Easter had always been one of your favorite holidays, the colorful eggs, spring time weather, and most of all seeing your baby ‘niece’ find the colorful eggs that you had hidden earlier. (y/n/n) wasn’t your actual niece, a friend of yours had a kid four years ago and both her and her husband were both very successful business workers who traveled a lot. So instead of letting (y/n/n) grow up with nannies you offered to watch and take care of her when her parents where out of town, which was most of the time.

 You were absolutely excited this easter to see (y/n/n), this was gonna be the first time she meet your boyfriend Tom. You could tell Tom was ecstatic to meet her, all morning he ran around placing little easter egg surprises around the house and asking you questions about her, and what she liked.

 You watched as Tom placed another easter egg in the cupboard, surprised to see that there were already a handful there. ‘’Tom, you are aware that you’ve placed over a hundred eggs around the house right? She’s only gonna look in the most obvious places, she’s four, plus doesn’t the easter bunny leave eggs outside? Where gonna finding easter eggs till next easter if you don’t stop placing them in every nook and crany.’’

Tom looked at you as he placed another egg in the fruit bowl, ‘’So even if she doesn’t find them all when we’re doing something around the house and we find an easter egg it’ll be a little surprise for us. Who doesn’t love randomly getting chocolate?”

‘’Yes Tom stale jelly beans are absolutely delicious.’’ you replied as you popped a few chocolate bites in your mouth. “Also what about Tessa, you know dogs can’t eat chocolate, and plastic eggs aren’t that hard to open.’’

‘’That’s why love, all the chocolate eggs are only where humans can reach.’’ Tom said fixing the easter eggs display on the coffee table.

‘’For the love of god Tom sit down would you.’’

 “It has to be perfect. I don’t want her to hate me.’’ He murmured.

Standing up you hugged his waist from behind, laying your head on his back. You could feel him turning around to hold you, ‘’Tom she’s not gonna hate you she’s four, and she’s a very loving child who will absolutely adore you.’’ you said grabbing his face is your hands, ‘’Okay?”

Holding your waist tightly bringing you closer to him, “But (y/n),” he started.

“No but’s, okay? She will love you. I have no doubt in my mind about it.’’ You said pecking his cheek lightly, ‘’But if you don’t stop hiding eggs, I’m going to lose my mind.”

“Okay, love.’’ Tom said, bring his lips closer to your’s, you dodged his kiss as the doorbell rang yelling that she’s here.

Tom’s eyes went wide as a small (y/n/h/c) child ran through the hallway all the way up to him. “HI, I’m (y/n/n)!” she said smooshing her face into his leg as she tried to hug.

“Hey there sweetheart” Tom said said getting down to her level to give her a proper hug. “I’m Tom.”

You watched as Tom and your niece hunted for eggs, Tom acting surprised every time she found one. Your niece was ecstatic as she found so many eggs, dumping the first bucket full on the couch only to have Tom help her hunt for more. A few buckets and a million pictures later, you sat on the couch watching as Tom chased your niece around your backyard with tessa randomly running around them.

  As your niece sat surrounded in a pile of eggs playing around with a sleepy Tessa, Tom sat next to you bringing you into his chest. You looked up at him watching him smile at your niece every time she threw an egg to play fetch with Tessa. “I told you she would love. With the million and one eggs or without’’

‘’You did.’’ Tom admitted, “ you also told me i over did it with the eggs, and i definitely over did it with the eggs.” He said pulling out an egg that he had been sitting on, eating the contents of it.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Tom that’s disgusting.’’

All he did was smile at you as he threw a jelly bean in your mouth.


requests are open

For Easter, J’onn turned into a giant bunny thinking the kids at the Annual National City Easter Egg Hunt would love it. He was so very wrong. All the kids ran screaming in terror and Kara had to fly in and pretend to defeat the “evil large demon rabbit.” Alex and Maggie managed to grab a few pics of the kids running away. J’onn ends up horribly embarrassed, while Alex put the pictures in the weekly DEO memo that gets sent to everyone in the department. She ended up having to do the graveyard guard shift at the DEO for a month. It was totally worth it.

😊Easter Bunny Blurb (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Grayson’s sick :( so E fills in as the Easter bunny.

Warnings: Mentions of daddy but nothing to fret about

A/N: Sorry I’m posting this so late but I hope you guys like it! Requests are opened!

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Y/N on a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid do I look?” I turned around from counting Easter eggs to see my lovely boyfriend dressed up as the Easter bunny. He was wearing the full gear head to toe. I stifled a laugh to protect Ethan’s feelings. “Go ahead and laugh.” I slowly walk up to him and lift his rabbit head up and give him a soft peck on the lips. His large hands wrap around pulling me into his soft rabbit fur.

“Ugh Ethan stop it’s hot.” I said pushing him away. He slides his head back on.

“Yeah that’s because of you.” Ethan’s voice is muffled in the large rabbit head. I rolled my eyes and walk back towards the eggs. I bend down and grab two garbage bags full and I turned to Ethan. “I hate this.” Ethan muffles. I walk over to him and kiss his pink nose.

“I think it’s cute you volunteered to be the Easter bunny this year since Gray is feeling sick.” I hold the sacks out and his large mitts take them from me almost dropping one sack.

“Yeah yeah I only agreed so we can have the place to ourselves tonight. I miss my babygirl.” Ethan says as he attempts to get a better grip on the bags. I will admit, Ethan and I haven’t had alone time in so long that I craved his touch. I miss lying on his bare chest listening to his steady breathing as we watched Netflix.

“I miss my daddy.” I said as I give him a kiss on his cheek.

“No no I want a real kiss after you said that.” Ethan says pulling the rabbit head all the way off. I laughed as he sets the bags down and grabs my waist with both his hands pushing my back against the wall as his lips attach to mine roughly. I kiss back with the same amount of force as he pushes harder into me. Soon Ethan pulls away from me. Which is a good thing because I know how Ethan can get.

“Go set the eggs out.” I said pushing him back, but he pulls me into him give me a soft kiss which lingers.

“I’ll see you later babe.” He says putting his headgear back on. We walk out of the closet to see Cam and Lisa in the kitchen making dinner.

“Hey you guys! E go hide the eggs! The kids are going to wake up from their naps any minute now. The big gifts are in the back of my car make sure you hand those out.” Lisa shoos Ethan and he goes outside. “Y/N do you want to set the table?” I nodded grabbing plates and silverware.

After about ten minutes I decided to go outside and check on Ethan. Lisa and Cam were going to wake the kids up from their naps so I wanted to make sure Ethan did everything he was supposed to. When I get outside I see all of the kids grabbing eggs and a giant bunny in the middle of the field. I smiled when I remembered that was my boyfriend. He was hopping around and handing the kids stuffed animals and he was helping the really really little kids find the eggs. I was amused to just sit here and watch him with these children. He looked up from one of the kids and looked to me, giving me a wave. I blew him back a kiss as he pretends to catch it. I smiled as he placed his giant mit over his mouth. I shake my head and I sit on the porch.

I see Ethan hand out his last gift and get rid of his last few eggs. He hugs the children as they run back towards the house to see what goodies and treats they had received from the Easter bunny. I see Ethan hopping towards me which causes me to spit out a laugh. Ethan gets next to me and takes his giant head off along with the mits.

“Y/N babe unzip me please.” He turns his back towards me and I do what I was told. I unzipped the hot rabbit suit to reveal a bare backed E.

“Ethan where is your clothes?” I asked blushing slightly.

“It’s too hot to wear this with clothes under. I’m going to run upstairs and take a shower. When I get out everyone should be leaving or already left. Go pick a movie and we have the living room to ourselves tonight.” Ethan says kissing my cheek and running inside. I follow inside and I go in the living room.

Ethan got out of the shower just in time for Easter dinner at 6. Dinner was nice as I tried to ignore Ethan’s hand on my thigh most of the time or his famous side glances every so often. It was almost 8 now.

“Well this Easter has been amazing. It was nice to meet you Y/N. Hopefully we’ll see you next year!” Ethan’s aunt said to me.

“You definitely will.” He says kissing my cheek causing me to blush. Soon all of the kids had left. The only people left were Gray, E, Cam, Sean, Lisa and I. Cam went out with some friends after dinner for someone’s birthday. Sean and Lisa were cleaning up from the kids and then they wanted to head off to bed. Grayson was in his room most of today with a stomach bug. Ethan and I were making a pallet out of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. I started the fire when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around and a pair of lips on my shoulder. “I’ve missed you babe.” He mumbles against my shoulder. “Let’s lie down. I’m tired.” We sit down and I lie on Ethan’s chest listening to his steady breathing. His hand was tracing random designs in my back. “Oh I almost forgot!” I lean up as Ethan runs in the kitchen and back with an Easter basket.

“Ethan what is this?” I asked curiously as a smirk grew on his face.

“I wanted some candy and I had a gift for you.” Ethan says sitting on the pallet. He pops a Hershey kiss in his mouth and he hands me a rather large Easter egg. I give him a look which he returns with a smile. “Open it.” He says sucking his bottom lip in his mouth. I inhale deeply before unscrewing the plastic egg which revealed a silver necklace with a key. I smiled as I pulled the necklace out of the egg.

“Ethan…” I trailed off as I looked at the key. I flipped the key over which revealed ‘2-15-2016’ carved in the back. That was the day we were official. Ethan flipped the key over for me. I noticed 1509 was also carved in. I looked up at him then everything made sense. “Oh my God, E this is your apartment key.” Ethan nodded.

“Our apartment key. I already talked to Gray and you can move in if you want or if you just want to get away our apartment is yours to use.” He says to me. I get on my knees and tackle him in a hug.

“Ethan I love you.” I said kissing him gently. His hand finds the back of my head and he kisses me back. We pull apart and I rest my head on his chest as he plays with my hair. 

 “I love you too Y/N. Happy Easter.” He says kissing the top of my head gently. We warm up to the fire and we eat some candy. Ethan and I talk about everything and anything as we soon drift off to a sweet peaceful sleep.

#98 [Roman Reigns]

Requested, #98: “The store ran out of Easter eggs.” (Prompt from here.) Requested by @m-a-t-91

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars

Using the key fob, you unlocked the doors to your silver SUV, walking up to the back driver’s side. Swinging open the door, you placed the bags from the grocery store on the floor, securing them in place with your purse so they didn’t shift.

It was just over a week prior to Easter, which meant the store hadn’t been overrun and chaotic, thankfully. At five months pregnant, a packed store was one of the last things you wanted to deal with currently. However, it had been a bit barren in some sections, leaving you with not all of the items you’d wanted.

The drive back to the house you shared with Roman was easy enough. He had fought you tooth and nail about going shopping by yourself, but you’d won in the end. While you appreciated his protectiveness, and found his concern for your unborn baby endearing, you also knew your limits and still needed to live your life.

Making him stay home also gave him time alone with his daughter, your step-daughter for all intents and purposes. You knew he appreciated that.

After pulling in to the garage, you shut off the vehicle, and got out to gather your bags. There were only two, along with your purse, so you managed easily to get into the house, straight in to the kitchen. Roman wandered in after a moment, apparently having heard you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were home? I would have gotten that stuff,” he stated, as you set your items on the counter.

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Okay but listen

Junkrat being introduced to the concept of easter

Only they forget to tell him the eggs they hide are usually chocolate

so when Soldier wakes up on easter morning he steps into his slippers and something cracks, an undignified “AUGH” echoing across the hallway, and it sets in motion a total chaos as everyone wakes up

Lucio comes out of his room with egg in his face and hair, there was one hidden under his pillow

Reinhardt goes to shave and two eggs tumble out of the toiletry cabinet, right onto his clean shirt. 

Mako has to wash his mask and face before he can show himself, there were two hidden in the gas vents.

Hana yells murder when her face sponge turns out to be a real egg.

And idk it just seems a cute concept to me because Junkrat is doing his best to hide the eggs in places people will never expect them and make it fun for everyone 

Just- should’ve used chocolate eggs.

The hunt

An easter egg hunt with dad newt

Master list

Originally posted by xoxoeddie

“mama, mama, mama’ your toddler squealed excitedly as she pattered into yours and newts shared bedroom, as your eyes fluttered open, a loving smile at your lips, as your beautiful daughter made her way to you, ‘mama its Easter’ she exclaimed patting your knees excitedly like a drum, as you popped your slippers on your feet. “come on then sweetheart, let’s see what the Easter bunny has brought for you’ you suggested with laughter in your voice, to your excited child, as she bounced back and forth in her fluffy monster slippers.

 out of the corner of your eye, you spotted your husbands curly mop of hair pop out of the magical case that sat innocently on the kitchen floor, sending a small nod his way, he smiled knowingly, “I think the Easter bunny might have paid the case a little visit  last night’ newt whispered to his daughter as though it was secret, you couldn’t help but give him a loving smile, as the she skipped about excitedly, desperate to begin the Easter egg hunt that her father, or the Easter bunny, had spent the early morning laying out for her.

She giggled gleefully, clapping her chubby little hands together, holding her arms out for you to scoop her up and into the land of adventure that was her father’s wonderful case.

The moment the growing family stepped inside, Dougal meandered over, taking the toddlers hand, while you held the other, making sure that the she wouldn’t stumble on the rough uneven terrain. She patted her friend gently on his silken head before setting off on your little adventure.

“now my little chickadee, where would you like to look first?’ newt asked as the slightly odd family began their walk, ‘niffle , niffle’ she squealed, jumping up and down as though she had been wound up. You couldn’t help but smile at her fondly, slipping your spare hand to intertwine your fingers with newts, before he placed a chaste kiss to the top of your head.

You found the niffler in his little burrow, crammed with coins of gold and silver, along with countless jewels of every colour of the rainbow, but sitting nestled in the corner, a protective tiny paw on its golden shiny wrapping, sat a chocolate egg. Your daughter giggled gleefully, before asking politely ‘Mr niffle, can I have my egg please?’ she gave him her widest puppy dog eyes for good measure, before the creature looked at her slightly defeated and handed her the egg, which she gingerly placed in the basket that Dougal was kindly carrying for her.

After the niffler had had his fill of cooing and stroking, you took the toddlers hand once more, ready to find the remaining eggs.  

As you turned to leave you spotted newt out of the corner of your eye, flick a particularly shiny coin to the little beast, a light chuckle escaping your lips as your mildly ridiculous husband hurried back to slip his hand in yours, ‘we had an agreement’, he murmured softly, as you continued your hunt.


Have a great day and be safe


Happy Birthday Robert Sugden

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: All agree to be here on Saturday at 7pm to celebrate the great Robert Sugden’s birthday.

I don’t give a shit if you’ve got work to do or Easter eggs to eat. Be here for our boy that never gets acknowledgement. Thihs fandom is boringly quiet on the weekend. I want to be so loud that my dash is filled with bisexual flags and pineapples.

Liv’s birthday was forgotten. Aaron doesn’t even like his birthday but he gets the best fiance ever. Roberts big 30th got discarded when Liv turned up. Not again.

We need to make this the best birthday Robert Sugden has ever had. Because Emmerdale are not gonna care one bit. And our boy deserves a bit of loving, before his world falls to shit.

Party List

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@minglewithadingle a cute Dog. 

@dasoni a new ugly patterned shirt 

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand 

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum 

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah 

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic 

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned. 

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note 

@bitinglip4robert need man sandwiches, a whole picnic basket, no cucumber sandwiches. 

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

If you want come to Rob’s party, you have to wear something nerdy and bring something along. Reblog to say what you’ll bring. Everybody is welcome. Let it be known we know how to throw a party in this fandom. 

Happy Easter: Happy Hunting

* Hamilsquad x Reader
* Modern
* Easter Fic

    A/N: Happy Easter! Here’s a short little Easter fic, a bit early. (at least for me) So, here’s this. I can’t promise what’s next or when but I have started on the Jefferson time travel fic…

    Word Count: 2,385


    It wasn’t that you hated Easter, you just never had a good Easter memory. Nothing that stood out. All the boys could recount some funny story they had. Alexander didn’t understand why his first foster family insisted he walk around the house searching for plastic eggs. The year John’s sister hid an egg that he didn’t find until dark even though it was in a really obvious place. Lafayette’s first Easter with the Washington’s as a child when he wanted to hide the eggs but hid raw, unboiled eggs. The year Hercules failed to find an egg…until late summer.

    You had hunted eggs, had Easter dinner, been dragged to church, had a lunch with all your family, and gotten chocolate bunnies. You had a few fun memories with the guys but they fell under the same batch of average memories. Still, you planned to have a good time this Easter. You went shopping and ended up in the Easter section. You studied the plastic eggs and decided to buy a dozen for each of the guys and hide them on Easter.

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    Easter special! ✘ Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

    ✘ A/N: EASTER SPECIAL WITH GRANT! I know I said I’d post all at once, but I got some unforeseen t.t BUT I HAVE 2 WEEKS WITH NO EXAMS, SO FREE TIME!

    ✘ Easter’s special posted:

    Imagine… You and Sebastian Smythe exchanging easter eggs.

    Imagine… Barry giving you an Easter egg.

    ✘ Which one will be posted: Imagine… You and Earth 2 Barry shopping eastereggs.

    I hope you guys like it!

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    Imagine… You giving an Easter egg to Grant.

    Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

    You were in Grant’s trailer when he finally came in, already changed into his normal clothes and looking completely tired.

    “Hey, babe.” He smiled at you, knowing you’d be here for the text message you left earlier.

    “Full day?” You smiled in understood.

    “Completely.” Grant sighed and sprawled on the couch. “I just want to go home and cuddle with you.”

    As sweet as it was, it only made you nervous. In fact, more nervous. Things were good just with two of you, what if Grant didn’t want a third person? What if the time wasn’t right now?

    No! You screamed at yourself mentally.

    Grant’s life would always be like that, that was a fact. And he always wanted children. So it was all fine.


    “Babe?” Grant called worried with your sudden silence. He sat on the sofa and looked at you. You smiled and went to the fridge, picking up a Barbie Easter egg. You stared at the refrigerator light for a few seconds, trying to calm yourself down. “(Y / N)?”

    You closed the refrigerator and finally turned to face Grant, whose worried gaze shifted to confusion as he saw the Easter egg you were holding. After all, you two had already changed the easter eggs and that was a Barbie easter egg!

    “Remember how you always told me that you wanted to have kids?”

    “Are you pregnant?!” Grant rose from the couch as fast as Flash, approaching you. His gaze alternating between the easter egg, your belly and your face. You nodded, feeling tears in your eyes. Grant’s joy could fill that trailer and the whole set. He hugged you tight, somehow avoiding your belly to avoid hurting the baby, which made it more like a half hug.

    “Grant, you can hug me as usual. That won’t affect our baby.’’ Yuu giggled through the tears, feeling as if your heart was bursting with happiness. You couldn’t remember the last time you had felt like this, this happy. Grant laughed and held you, putting his face against your neck and saying excitedly, all the fatigue dissipated:

    ’'I’ll be a dad! I’m going to be a dad!”