he's turned into an easter egg

Okay but listen

Junkrat being introduced to the concept of easter

Only they forget to tell him the eggs they hide are usually chocolate

so when Soldier wakes up on easter morning he steps into his slippers and something cracks, an undignified “AUGH” echoing across the hallway, and it sets in motion a total chaos as everyone wakes up

Lucio comes out of his room with egg in his face and hair, there was one hidden under his pillow

Reinhardt goes to shave and two eggs tumble out of the toiletry cabinet, right onto his clean shirt. 

Mako has to wash his mask and face before he can show himself, there were two hidden in the gas vents.

Hana yells murder when her face sponge turns out to be a real egg.

And idk it just seems a cute concept to me because Junkrat is doing his best to hide the eggs in places people will never expect them and make it fun for everyone 

Just- should’ve used chocolate eggs.

I Cannot Be the First...

Let me tell you a story…

When I as a little kid, my big sister and I would get pretty competitive over our Easter egg hunts. We are talking cut throat. You have not seen nasty until you’ve seen a three-year-old denied the last hidden cream egg. But I digress.

Every year, my sister would kick my ass in the egg count department. It didn’t matter if I had my dad playing spotter, she always scored at least twice as many eggs as I did. If it wasn’t for my parents forcing us to split the bunny swag 50/50, I would have had a severely chocolate deprived childhood.

And it wasn’t only Easter eggs. I remember one summer during a road trip,  my dad pulled over our Plymouth because he spotted some bear cubs up a tree. My mom and my sister could see them, but Dad had to physically turn my head so I could see them (straight ahead of me, and up maybe 30 degrees). Trust me, these things should have been easy to spot.

So, believe me when I say I am not particularly observant.

Which leads me to this…

This is Bert and Cec going to visit Dodger in the Season 2 episode Dead Air. Do you see the easter egg?

No? How ‘bout now?

OK, a little closer….

It reads:

“Bride of Babylon Talking Picture Continues to Break Australian Box Office Records”

There is no way in Hell I’m the first person to notice this, am I? Is there?

BTW, well done MFMM production team. Well done!

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Oh, and as for my sister. I didn’t find out for years, but she would get up hours before I did on Easter Sunday and scope out where all the candy was hidden. Sneaky bugger!

Let’s talk about Beast Boy in Justice League vs Teen Titans

Cause he was great. The first scene we see him in, he shows up naked to training. 

What a fucking dork.

And his transformations are awesome. Cause he does this

And this

Look at him with his stupid “rock on” signs

Then he turns into a donkey


He gave Robin a ride on his back as a horse which I thought was adorable

Also he turned into a Krolotean, one of the aliens from the second season of Young Justice. I thought that was cool easter egg.

At least it looks like a Krolotean. It could be one of the genomorph things from Cadmus labs. Either way, still cool.


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A bit late, but happy Easter!! Requests are opened! <33


He looked at you in displeasure, making you scoff and roll your eyes. You put down the egg dye, returning his glare and narrowing your (colour) orbs dangerously. His hard expression faltered for a second, but he continued to stare you down.

Sam’s eyes wandered from you to Dean, unsure if he should say something or keep his mouth shut. Awkwardly, he put down the egg into a pink basket (curtsy of you) and shifted in his place lamely. Dean turned to his brother, a disappointed glint in his eyes as he nearly sighed in frustration. The older brother pointed at the basket.

“What the hell is that?” he asked, tired.

“A basket.” You told coolly, “What does it look like to you?”

“Like a waste of time, that’s what it looks like.”

“Easter is no waste of time, Dean Winchester!” You defended the spirit of Easter like a mother defending her children, “Me and my family always put Easter eggs in a basket and I always picked out the basket!”

“To be fair,” Sam spoke up “It’s an ugly colour.”

“Shut it.” Both you and Dean snapped at him, making the younger brother raise his hands up as if to prove he was doing nothing wrong. With a huff, your turned back to Dean, taking an egg from the counter and pushing it into his hands.

“Decorate it.” You commanded, making Dean roll his eyes.

“You can’t be serious right now-“

“Did I stutter?” your tone was as dangerous as the murderous glint in your eyes, making the older Winchester gulp. “Decorate-“ You shut your eyes, a lovely smile curling at the corners of your lips “-It.”

There was no room to argue.


John Patrick Lowrie: This is the song Ellen wrote and I arranged to offer to Valve as an Easter egg in Portal 2. It was never used, but when Jagger Gravening wrote an article about us in Vice Magazine, he had us record it. Ellen intended it as a song sung by GLaDOS to Chell, but I think it’s just turned into a big thank you to all our great fans. Hope you enjoy.

James Ruppert had always been jealous of his older brother, Leonard. Leonard worked at General Motors and had married James’ ex-girlfriend. James, on the other hand, was unemployed and a raging alcoholic. He was 41-years-old and lived with his mother. On Easter Sunday in 1975, in Hamilton, Ohio, the family threw a family get together at the home of James and his mother. Leonard, his wife, and their eight children arrived and the children hunted for Easter eggs in the garden. At around 16:00 pm, James finally awoke, hungover. He loaded an arsenal of firearms and went downstairs. The first person he killed was his brother, Leonard. Next, his ex-girlfriend, Leonard’s wife and his mother. He then turned the gun on his eight nephews and nieces. The entire spree took less than five minutes.

James then sat in the house for three hours, surrounded by his deceased family members before calling the police to surrender. He was convicted and is incarcerated at the Allen Correctional Institution in Lima.

Easter Egg Alert - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving: The Headless Horseman, is said to be the ghost of a Hessian trooper who had his head shot off by a stray cannonball during “some nameless battle” of the American Revolutionary War. He “rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head”. And he appears in Skyrim. He can be found riding around nightly and seems to want you to follow him.  As you run after him, turn on subtitles because he will talk as you chase him. But he’s often too whispery to hear properly. If a nearby enemy gets killed, he whispers about it. If he loses the race to beat the sun to Hamvir’s rest, he will whisper about that too. He’s no danger to you, but he is very fast.

Les Amis Easter Headcanons

-Grantaire once invited Gavroche over to paint Easter eggs. Grantaire turned an egg into an egg version of Enjolras and Gavroche christened it as Eggjolras. On Easter morning, the others saw Eggjolras and found him adorable (except for Enjolras, mostly because he was in denial) and begged R to make egg versions of themselves. R agreed.

Now every Easter, it became tradition for them to have tiny egg versions of themselves to find.

Grantaire never felt happier when everyone was happy with their egg versions thanked him for a wonderful Easter.

160401 롯데월드 시크릿나이트 엑소 EXO - SING FOR YOU (경수 D.O. FOCUS)
DO NOT RE UPLOAD 원본 크롭 재가공하지마세요. 초점아 나가지말오 8ㅅ8 cr. 도꼬미 (@dokkomi_)


Kyungsoo sings the line Do you know how much you mean to me?
Watch right where his eyes go…. And then Kai looks almost forlorn.


Kai’s line It’s a bit funny to me, although you’re everything
To me, sometimes I am no better than a stranger 

Do’s Mannerisms change, he seems disheartened and focused on the actual lyrics then we notice the intense gulp and if you watch closely his eyes glisten more and it’s not lights they are actually quite dim.


They get up to sing for us and Kai’s eyes fixate right to Kyungsooo who in turn fixates back if you notice there is a bright moment where they both smile, tho short lived very apparant

Did I have to search hard to spot the moments? Not at all, with these two it’s like an easter egg hunt with the eggs out in the open to see.  And unless you have no heart you can see it for yourself.

Elon Musk hid an easter egg in Tesla’s latest update that’s straight out of Mario Kart

When one Tesla owner flipped on the autopilot feature, he saw the road on his car’s console display turn from black to rainbow — a la the Rainbow Road level in Mario Kart 64. In a tweet, Tesla CEO Musk confirmed the new “psychedelic cowbell road” feature comes with the latest software update. Here’s how owners access the Easter egg.

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“I’ve got say, I’m a little bit surprised that you guys are so gung-ho about this holiday,” you said, scooping up another spoonful of mashed potatoes.

“Why is that?” Dean asked through a mouthful of what had to be his ninth chocolate easter egg.

You let out a laugh and looked around at the three of them. “Well, I mean, think about it. Easter is celebrated because the bible says Jesus rose from the dead. In the present company that’s really not that impressive…” you said with a laugh. “I mean he only did it once,” you said with a laugh.

Sam made his typical thinking face, corners of his mouth turned down, and nodded. “Huh.” He exchanged a look with Dean and Cas, who was looking a little perplexed at the realization, like he was mildly uncomfortable with the assertion.

“I suppose that is true. We do all have an uncanny ability to come back from the grave,” he said.

You nodded and smiled. “That’s what I’m saying!”

“Hey,” Dean said, reaching for the plate of ham again. “I’m just in it for the food. Any excuse to have a nice homemade meal and eat tons of candy and I’m in.”

“There’s a pie in the kitchen too,” you said through a laugh.

Dean’s eyes went round and he smiled like a kid on Christmas morning. The plate of ham dropped back onto the table with a clatter as he went to retrieve dessert.

You and Sam exchanged an amused look. For once, life was good.

Pray for Brussels.

When we sat down for breakfast this morning, we talked about how our day was going to go, the errands mom has to run, the toys that need to be picked up off the floor. We talked about how excited the kids were for the Easter egg hunt this week and the Easter program at church. We talked about how funny it was that Rylan could blow bubbles in his milk. We talked about normal things. We talked about happiness.

People in Brussels this morning weren’t talking about that.

After we ate, I turned on the kitchen TV that we’re so blessed to have. Scrolled through the channels and saw the breaking news. Peter is old enough now to begin to understand and realize when bad things happen in the world. Questions were asked. Many I could not answer. He remembers hearing me and Levi talk about the bombings in Paris a few months ago. He asked if the same thing happened today.

It did, sadly enough.

Kids are helpless, whether you believe it or not, and they know it. Its a frustrating thing for them when they see things they cannot control. Its a frustrating thing for them when they hear things they cant understand and comprehend. Children want to help. Children want to bring joy to people. That’s why innocence is such a beautiful thing. They’re pure. They don’t know the dangers of the world yet and frankly, I don’t want them to ever begin to realize what a world we live in.

Peter (and Rylan) saw the heartbreak and terror on the TV.. They understood that something was not right. Growing up in a world of video games and action movies, they understand what a bomb does… But not to the extent of a terrorist attack. Peter asked if we should pray for them. I absolutely said yes.

We teach our children to pray. Pray for your family, your friends, your enemies. Pray when you’re scared and you don’t know what to do. When you’re confused, or lonely, or hurt. Pray for people you know need it. There’s a stigma that “prayers don’t do anything in a time like this.” Well guess what, buddy, thats not true. Your life clearly has never been impacted by the power of prayer. In this day and age, a lot of people are afraid to outwardly pray. My children will not be those kind of people.

Guys… he saw it. The scene was brief and quick, and the Cherokee rose was easy to miss but-

Daryl saw it.

He turns, looks at the walker, looks in the direction of the Cherokee rose, sees it.

[.gif by @sweetheart-and-sunshine​]

Yes, he looks away quickly and then the rest of the scene is distracted by him finding the insulin, but the point is, the Cherokee rose was there.

The Cherokee rose is a symbol of the Caryl relationship. And Daryl saw it - he saw the reminder of Carol.

Guys, this was included for a reason. This is the show where every scene has a meaning. Perhaps the Cherokee rose easter egg is for the audience, to remind us of Caryl, to tell us that there is still hope for the relationship (because the rose DOES mean hope).

Perhaps it’s there to make Daryl think of Carol,or to tell us that he already is thinking of her.

Or perhaps it’s like I said before; TPTB give us a quick, minuscule glimpse of the flower, then a few episodes later, maybe when Carol is letting herself feel it, and Daryl is comforting her, he gives her the Cherokee rose.

Flarrow Friday Week 15

Welcome back to Flarrow Friday, the column where we point out some of the awesome Easter Eggs in the week’s CW DC shows, followed by reviews and comparisons of the episodes. It’s the end of the season and the last entry until fall. Let’s get to it.

Easter Eggs

These are the ones I found. I’m sure I missed something. Let me know what you spotted here and you’ll be credited with the find. 

Barry’s father tells him he’s not fast enough to turn back time. This might be a cheeky reference to the 1978 Superman film, where he flies so fast he reverses the rotation of the Earth and thus time itself.

Martin Stein mentions that he might shout excelsior when they open the time rift, Stan Lee’s famous catch phrase.

Harrison Wells has Cisco build him a time machine dubbed the Time Sphere, a time travel device famously used by Rip Hunter (who is soon to be in DC’S Legends of Tomorrow).

Wells tells Cisco that he was affected by the particle accelerator and can see the vibrations of the universe. How can he not be Vibe at this point?

Fans will easily recognize Jay Garrick’s iconic helmet, which somehow gets sent through time to fall at Harrison Wells’ feet.

Barry’s glimpse of the Speed Force gives us a few Easter Eggs, including: a connection tt the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The building of The Flash museum, a long standing part of Central City’s canon.

And a glimpse at Killer Frost?

Read on for my review of The Flash finale and a comparison between that and last week’s Arrow finale. 

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have faith....

Tonight’s episode made me giddy actually. I know that the tags have had some unhappiness today and maybe that is spreading to the feelings around the episode. I think this episode was so full of Beth images that it is hitting us as well as causal viewers pretty straight on. 

-Daryl lying down in the field–same scene as with Beth but he is alone

-they were leading the walkers out 20 miles–they had one mile straight and another turning to go=18 Miles Out (Beth Episode)

-Abraham almost kills himself but doesn’t—like Beth

-burnt walkers in the forest

-talk of burning everything down

-”Sunshine” on the office building

-the images when Daryl is waking up of the man carving with Beth’s knife

-the statue Daryl takes from the guy–we didn’t see what it is exactly but I am positive we will in the future and it will be a huge Easter Egg

-Blonde and brown haired girls (Maggie and Beth anyone?)

-I think the blonde even had a heart necklace?

-blonde bends over the bodies like Beth with her mother but this girl is then attacked and killed, unlike Beth

-Daryl watched another Blonde girl die—I would love to see a still of his face in that moment–

-the preview for the episode implied Daryl was paused looking at a Beth Walker–he didn’t, really, but why edit the preview that way?

-yellow flowers for the bodies almost identical to the ones they put on the “Hershel” grave in Still

-All those bodies got a burial–like EVERY other death these past seasons except one

-poster of girl and car in the office

-there is writing all over the white boards in the office…..not sure yet what that says but there may be significant things said…..as we know from other episodes

-44 in the office (comic number of Andrea’s head shot and survival)

-510 on Daryl’s Walkie Talkie

-Of COURSE THE CROSSBOW (and motorcycle)–We know he’ll get that back!!!!

-The arm is cut off and the watch is taken off……..that is a callback

-DIXON is now on the door…….that may be important later

-Daryl is able to be a good person all by himself—and he still wants to find good people

-All season during filming in photos of Norman we have seen the remains of that make up they put on his arm for that cut he got on the bike. That cut will stay around a long time from seeing that……

This episode was great for us! Remember that WE PUT THE TIMELINES ON THINGS—we don’t know the ultimate plan.

Also remember that this season so far has been ONE DAY.——it is different view points of the same day—6B will probably move off of this 

This episode was good for us! Don’t let everything else bring us down!! Enjoy the puzzle and wait for Team Celebration!

Girl meets world theory about season and future

During ski-lodge a lot of things come out and my take on it is that,

Maya does believe that she doesn’t want a nice guy because deep down she thinks she doesn’t deserve a nice guy. In her mind Josh is not technically a nice guys the way Lucas is because Josh is an adventure for her, he’s older, more experiences, in a way he’s the ‘forbidden fruit’, a risky option and she loves that.

Lucas I do think, believes that he should be with Riley because before Maya’s feelings were revealed, he had this unofficial thing with Riley and it never fully got played out. Because it turned into this triangle. We already know he does love Riley, but is he truly IN LOVE with her? We’ll have to see.

Riley still believes that Lucas is her prince charming, her hero although we have seen SEVERAL easter eggs showing that Farkle is that hero for her from the times he has saved her to the times he has been there whenever she was down and encouraged her and lifted her spirits up. 

Lucas and Riley will be together indefinitely throughout season 3 and I’m sure he’ll continue playing the prince for her, with the jelly bean in the engagement box etc. But I think by season 4 they’ll realize they’re not IN LOVE with each other. 

As for Lucas and Maya, I don’t think Maya was pretending to be Riley and pretended to like Lucas for Riley. I think Maya just figured out that she wasn’t the one he was going to choose her and she wanted to save herself the hurt, so convinced herself that she never liked Lucas, and he’s too nice for her (remember how many times various people have said the line ‘someone is going to get hurt). This way no one is really publicly going to get hurt.

I think her and Lucas, will just go back to their season 1/beginning of season 2 self but with a little more closeness. I think she will continue to pine after Josh; I dont think they’ll have a thing more like an unofficial thing. And I think Lucas and Maya’s feelings for each other in season 4 especially will start to grow more and I think they’ll deny it at first (especially Maya) but I think Lucas always kinda knew Maya makes him feel things that Riley could never.  

I’m sure they’ll kiss at some point also in season 4 when Riley and Farkle also get annoyed at them tip toeing over their feelings for each other and basically devise some plan to lock them in somewhere until they spill their feelings for each other.

Im not sure if they’ll be endgame the only ship Im like 90% sure will be endgame is riarkle tho.

Easter Egg Hunt
  • A chat comic to celebrate the holiday. Happy Easter, everyone.<3
  • -------------------------------
  • Genos: It was quite considerate of you to do this for the kids, Sensei. [-Genos smiled as he watched Nii, Hachi, and Gou scamper off towards a bush while he and Saitama supervised them.-]
  • Saitama: Well since it's a holiday, I'd thought they'd enjoy this.
  • Genos: Although...
  • [-It turns out the kids are demolishing various monsters to "hunt down" the Easter Eggs that Saitama stuck on them.-]
  • Genos: [-points-] Isn't this a rather unethical method of the traditional way for hunting eggs?
  • Saitama: [-shrugs-] Well I figured it would kill to birds with one stone. I get rid of these monsters who've been causing problems in this town, and I still get to spend time with the kids so they don't miss out on this.
  • Genos: [-touched by his consideration-] Sensei...
  • Saitama: [-Suddenly pulls him by the shoulder to whisper huskily in his ear-] Though you'll be hunting yours in "private" later...
  • Mini Genos': Sensei~!! We found them all! [-covered in monster blood and guts as they hold their baskets-]
  • Saitama: Oh~ Good work. [-checks their baskets to be sure.-]
  • Genos: //////////