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Let me present to you my newly favorite skater Joe Johnson. He’s really awesome and I spent time marathoning his programs along with Karina Mantras ASDFGHJKL THEY ARE AWESOME OKAY! CHECK THEM OUT. (He is JJ as what he presents to be lol)

And anyone who thought otherwise needs to fite me. I mean he even reply to Kubo-sensei’s tweet “Thank you very much”. And he’s trying to learn how to wink atm.

I’m telling you to check out his twitter account for more!!! He’s so funny and very nice to his fans~ and his tweets made my day to be honest

prince in training

~3k, rated T

Sterek ficlet inspired by this: “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” au

This is kind of Princess-Diaries-ish. I know that’s been done before in this fandom (and thank god it has—it’s awesome), but I couldn’t help myself. Yay for self-indulgence!


Stiles thought the most annoying thing about suddenly being a royal heir to a small eastern European kingdom he’s never heard of would be the hyper-aggressive paparazzi, but he was dead wrong.

The most annoying thing is actually Derek Hale, the guy Stiles’ grandmother hired to teach Stiles how not to screw this up.

“Princes don’t chew with their mouths open, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t shove an entire fistful of curly fries in their mouths, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t wear pink-and-green plaid shirts from Target, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t slouch.”

They don’t slump, either, or yawn or sneeze or cough in public, or fist-pump, or drive beat-up old blue Jeeps, or wear bright colors, or rock out to the radio, or do anything fun.

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More Than You Bargained For (Part 3)

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Summary: Jensen tries to prove to the reader why she needs him around…


Pairing: Bodyguard!Jensen x reader

Word Count: 2,400ish

Warnings: language, stalking

A/N: Someday these two will stop fighting…probably…

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Get your clothes on - Derek Hale

summary : you spend the night at your boyfriends house, and when he’s supposed to have the pack over the next day, you make it a bit difficult for him.

word count :

warnings : smut, language, nudeness, slight bdsm?, bondage, choking,

pairing / characters : derek hale x reader

prompt : anon - “Derek Hale Drabble, “Get your clothes on,” “Make me,” smutty plzzzzz.”

A/N : so many posts, so many.

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i have a fic i should be working on instead but this popped into my head and it wouldn’t go away so i present to you stozier college!au with soccer player stan and theater major richie

  • this is an au where most of the losers met in college with a few exceptions
  • mike, stan, and eddie grew up together, played soccer together and all went to the same college when they were offered scholarships ( their hometown always said that it was because of them that they won the championships all four years the boys were in high school ), they even get an apartment together to make thing easier
  • that’s when they meet bill because they have on extra place and it doesn’t take long for bill to fit right in
  • richie didn’t meet any of the losers until he came to college but he had to take a literature class his first semester and that’s where he met ben and they hit it off immediately
  • ben introduced him to beverly and they became a trio who got along fantastically. richie and bev always found a chance to smoke between classes and richie was good at getting ben to come out of his shell more and to be a little less shy ( bev had already made a lot of progress in that regard but richie is loud and out there so he was able to push ben the rest of the way out of his shell )
  • richie and bill meet during a theater production. richie and bill actually compete for the lead but bill ends up getting the part and richie plays the goofy sidekick and he’s honestly amazing at it. everyone loves him. ( he gets more serious parts as well as the years go on and he likes them but he finds that he enjoys playing the goofy characters more because then he gets to do fun voices and channel all of his excess energy)
  • stan see’s richie for the first time when he’s performing, mike and eddie had pulled him away from studying to go watch bill perform (stan considers bill one of his best friends, maybe even closer with him than he is with mike and eddie but he also knows that mike and eddie are trying to find a way for the three of them to be in a relationship, they both bring him roses at the end of the performance)
  • stan finds that he laughs every time that richie is on stage, his eyes are glued to him. he’s gangly and awkward like he never quite grew into his limbs and his hair is slicked back for the part but there’s something oddly charming about it
  • cut to after the show, mike and eddie are surrounding bill and giving him his roses so stan approaches richie once his own fans have separated a bit
  • stan actually hesitates for a moment because the gel had started to come out of richie’s hair and he just looks unbelievably adorable and dorky
  • the hesitation stops when richie looks at him and winks, “do i have a shy admirer over there? i don’t bite…unless you’re into that. you look like you’d be into that.”
  • stan scoffs and rolls his eyes before telling richie that he was amazing in the show and that he’s half tempted to watch it again just for his performance
  • richie is about to respond with a witty one liner ( read as: cheesy ) that he’s sure will get him stan’s number when bev and ben are approaching and giving richie hugs and congratulating him. inviting him out to dinner for a post show celebration and richie gets caught up in the moment of being with his best friends that by the time he looks back over to where stan had been standing, the curly haired boy had made his way back over to his friend and they were leaving
  • his heart drops completely into his stomach and he can’t quite explain why. he hadn’t even learned the boys name, just seen how incredibly handsome he was. 
  • he definitely starts lusting after him and stalks through half the schools instagram trying to find him but they go to a huge college and, again, richie doesn’t even have his name
  • sometimes he gets glimpses of stan at the shows that bill is also in but the boy never approaches him like he did that first time and richie never has time to approach him because he has to talk to all the people that come to support him. he actually does have people who call themselves his fans.
  • it’s a year later when bev invites him to come to a soccer game. she had been talking to bill in class and he wanted to go support his boyfriends and his roommate/best friend and didn’t want to go alone.
  • bev agrees and then invites ben and richie to come as well
  • richie has been so proud of himself for never going to a sports game in all of his years at college but bev somehow casually drops that stan is on the team and is bill’s roommate (not one of bill’s boyfriends though)
  • “your story wouldn’t be as romantic if i helped you”
  • he turns to ben with puppy dog eyes “did you know about this too, benny boy? how could you, the true love and light of my life, betray me like this” ben pushes richie away and laughs when he tries to put an arm around him but he does apologize for not saying anything.
  • flash forward to the next day when they all go to the game. they’re all dressed in light blue ( that’s the color the team wears ), and bill is on his feet as soon as all the starting players are announced ( stan, mike, and eddie are all starting players )
  • all that richie can think about is LEGS
  • stan’s legs look damn GOOD in that uniform
  • he ends up cheering just as loudly as bill despite the fact that he doesn’t really know what’s going on
  • their school’s team ends up winning and richie is screaming “YEAH WE FUCKING WON FUCK YOU GUYS” and other obscenities until bev finally puts a hand over his mouth when they get a warning look from a parent sitting a couple of seats away
  • ben is laughing so hard he can barely stand up
  • they meet up with the guys after and they’re all sweaty and gross after playing but richie doesn’t hesitate to stride forward and use his hands to smoosh stan’s cheeks. “i am in love with you.”
  • stan rolls his eyes and is glad that it’s easy to hide his grin when his face is smooshed, harder to his his blush though
  • richie is suddenly really into soccer after this. ben and bev don’t always tag along but bill always wants to support mike and eddie so they usually carpool to the away games
  • everyone is waiting for stan and richie to officially get together but all they do is banter and flirt and the other’s are so annoyed with their nonsense 
  • their first kiss happens after a game one night, richie offers to walk stan home because the other boy always took ages in the showers and his roommates were getting sick of waiting for them. stan doesn’t seem disappointed to walk out and see richie waiting for him and they fall into step beside each other easily enough.
  • richie is feeling oddly sentimental, “how come you never talked to me again?”
  • “what?”
  • “after the first performance, how come you never spoke to me again?”
  • stan seems surprised by the question, just shrugging.
  • “c’mon stanley. were you too intimidated by my devilish good looks?”
  • “the first thought i had when i saw you was ‘this guy is a complete dork’“ which isn’t entirely true but it shuts richie up for a moment while stan thinks about it.
  • “after that you always seemed to have fans surrounding you and while i do consider myself a richie tozier fan, i didn’t want you to think of me that way.”
  • richie is an idiot so he ignores everything except, “you’re a fan of me?”
  • “i just said that, idiot.”
  • richie is about to say more, probably tease stan, when stan pushes him up against the wall and presses their lips together. effectively shutting richie up.
  • the kiss lasts until they both need to pull away for air and richie’s hair is slightly messy from stan running his fingers through it and now they’re both grinning like idiots
  • somehow they’re still not dating
  • stan goes to every single one of richie’s shows even if it means seeing the same production ten times and richie goes to every soccer game.
  • championships come around and stan spends more time training and gets all stressed over it and one night richie finally gets him to sit down so they can watch star wars together or something and stan looks like he wants to say something all night but everytime richie asks he just gets brushed off
  • they don’t see each other over the next three days and stan seems to be avoiding richie but richie still goes with all of their other friends to watch the championship game
  • it’s tense, both teams are crazy talented.
  • things get worse when there ten minutes left in the game and someone collides with stan when going after the ball.
  • stan’s cry of agony is audible to everyone when he crumples on to the field, clutching his leg.
  • ben and bill have to restrain richie from running onto the field
  • eddie and mike end up having to carry stan off the field and the game continues while the on-site medics provide icepacks ( there are plans to get him to the hospital after the game, stan refuses to leave during such an important game. it’s bad for team morale he says even though he’s crying )
  • their team wins and richie finally bolts until he gets to stan’s side just as they’re about to help him to the ambulance
  • “are you his family? close relative?” the paramedics ask
  • richie is about to say no, that they’re just really close friends when stan speaks up voice strained. “he’s my boyfriend.”
  • that’s enough for the paramedics and they get stan into the ambulance and richie hops in beside him, immediately taking his hand.
  • they’re quiet for a bit, “boyfriend, huh?”
  • stan groans, “i was going to ask you the other night but i didn’t want you to say no. this game was coming up and you’re my good luck charm and i don’t think i would have been able to handle the rejection. i don’t want to be just friends with you, richie.”
  • “i figured that out when you kissed me.”
  • stan is staring at him blank faced and richie sighs, “stan, i’ve wanted to be with you since the first time we spoke. you can ask beverly if you don’t believe me.”
  • there’s no response as stan pulls richie down for a kiss, it ends up being very messy with how much the two of them are smiling
  • richie holds stan’s hand as he gets his leg checked, he stays with him for moral support when he finds out that he’s going to need surgery to fix it, he sticks around when stan gets frustrated with physical therapy and just wants to give up even though they both know it’s his dream to play professionally.
  • richie is there when, a year later, stan is finally back out on the field doing what he loves. after all of this time richie still stares at stan’s legs for a majority of the game.
  • it’s his last performance of his college career when stan approaches him immediately after the performance. usually he would wait until all of richies fans had cleared out ( the number had grown throughout the years ) but this time it’s like he’s on a mission
  • richie can’t help but fear the worst. stan is going to break up with him, all of their plans to move out to california and get an apartment together were going to be ruined.
  • “you look like a dork.” stan’s voice is incredibly fond.
  • richie’s smile is shaky, “you love my horrible fashion sense.”
  • “i do.”
  • and then stan is dropping down on to one knee and all of the people around them have started to squeal when stan pulls out the ring box and looks up at richie.
  • “richie tozier, will you marry me?”

Please? - Part 29

2946 Words

Please? Masterlist

Over the next little bit, Daryl tries to fix up the house, hammering boards against the windows and making sure the door still locked. He was thorough with protecting you and Beth, which you are quite pleased about. He does still care to some extent.

“Who would live in a place like this…” Beth finally asks. She sat on the floor at some point and started to look through everything the owner left behind.

Daryl glances at her, hammer still in his hand. You watch him hold onto it, how tight his grip is. “My dad.” He grunts.

Beth bites her lip and looks down at a bra that appears to be an ashtray. “He bought things like this?”

Daryl nods. “Actually, yeah. He w’s an idiot. Grew up in a house just like this.” He goes on to explain that everything in here is here for a reason, like that ashtray, the rough looking chair, the hole in the wall. He seems almost happy talking about it, perhaps not happy, but it’s a childhood memory he can’t shake. Everyone has them.

“Sounds like you may need this.” Beth holds out the moonshine. “Join us?” She smiles sweetly, unblinking as she wiggles the bottle in Daryl’s face.

Not thinking this time, Daryl reaches out for the bottle and opens the top. He takes himself a long swig of it and swallows it all in one go. He drops the bottle on the ground, not breaking it, and wipes his mouth. “Might as well.” He shrugs and takes a seat in the recliner, crossing one leg over the other and grabbing another bottle of the moonshine.

He looks made for that chair, the way he sits down as if it’s his home. You wonder how long he had to live in a place like this, or if he lived in a house like this until the breakout. But again, you don’t ask what’s on your mind, you simply sit quietly and drink the burning liquid in the mason jar.

“Home sweet home…” Daryl grumbles.

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In case you missed it... Pt 1

Gallavich moment 1: The Meeting– 1x03

This IS your spoiler warning. All of these posts will include spoilers from ALL 7 seasons.

So, something I’m certain is less than palatable for critics is how these two met. I’m certain so many people were turned off by their story because of violence–which is fair! Even the cast portrays the violence in their arc as bigger than it actually is. (SIDENOTE, I am NOT condoning violence of any kind in real life relationships. This is a TV drama that takes place in a world that I personally have no understanding of and I’m certain many of the fans have no understanding of. The premise of the show is that they are living in a ghetto area where the rules are different than the society I know I was raised in, and while this is not an excuse for any form of violence, it explains a lot and demands a sort of bend in typical rules; this is the premise I base my analysis on).

They meet on violent terms and maybe that got people unsettled to begin with? However, in case people missed it: Mickey was chasing Ian/threatening Ian because Mandy lied and told her brothers he raped her. I think this is a pretty realistic reaction for all different kinds of people. A lot of people don’t trust cops to handle situations like this or just feel the need to take matters into their own hands in general.

To remind: Mandy tried to jump Ian who is 100% gay and had no interest in her, and also has 0 backbone for telling  her to kindly fuck off.

When he does put his foot down, she flees the Gallagher house and tells her brother(s) (Mickey) that Ian raped her. Mickey and his brothers then hunt for Ian providing us with two of the most dynamic and effective character introductions on TV.

These shots established two things.

1. Mickey and his brothers are badasses (not in the complimentary way, like literally they are badasses and are not to be fucked with). Now, their introduction is a violent one and obviously we are scared for Ian because *WE* know he didn’t do anything; BUT let’s not get angry at Mickey just yet. He is trying to avenge an alleged sexual assault which he had every reason to believe occurred. The Milkoviches would never go to the police because they are usually the ones being picked up by the police, so could you imagine any of them calling an officer to their aid or any officer who frequents the Milkovich house giving their best effort to help? 

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Yeah, me neither. This is just one example of many that establishes what world they live in–one in which the rules of our perceived society with a foundation of law and order (one in which we call the cops when something goes wrong and can trust that they will/can help) don’t apply. In this world, you handle your problems yourself and often times you handle those problems with violence. If you as an audience member don’t like it, it’s probably because you recognize that it is an accurate depiction of life in neighborhoods like this, and it makes you uncomfortable knowing that there are communities like this. Which is the point.

So here Mickey is taking matters into his own hands to defend his sister (arguably an admirable action). He then spends the whole episode hunting Ian down.

This further shows how devoted he is to the people he loves. Obviously, this is a good and bad thing. Good because fierce devotion is rarely a bad thing and is usually an admirable quality. Bad because when this degree of devotion is bad, it’s usually because of a disregard for limits to what they will do for someone–including having no reservations for breaking the law.

Like tagging, assault, and stalking. The moral standing of this is debatable due to two major factors: 1. Mickey is trying to avenge his sister’s rape (the fact that it didn’t actually happen holds no weight against Mickey because he believed it was true). Had the assault actually happened, I feel like Mickey’s actions in this episode would not have been challenged as strongly. 2. His background. Though it shouldn’t excuse him, it would be an incomplete analysis to ignore how he was raised and how he learned to deal with his problems. If this were real life, these things would never excuse him, though could explain his actions so we would understand them, muddling the morality of the specific actions. I think that is a huge distinction that needs to be made: excusing versus understanding. Hopefully I am not the only person who has encountered people who say and do things that are wrong (though maybe not quite to the degree Shameless sinks to for virtually all of their characters) and while I don’t excuse these actions or statements, I may try to understand their perspective with the hope that some day that perspective will change and these offenses will become fewer and further in-between (as they did with Mickey throughout the series). 

I feel another reason some people don’t receive Mickey well is because he beats up Lip (though let’s face it, the smart mouth was kind of asking for a punch with his comeback about Mandy).

*Note, Karen backing away from him because she knows what’s coming. I mean, who can honestly expect to say something like that to even a reasonable person and not get hit? Say it to the neighborhood thug who scares grown-ass men and you’re not walking away with only a single punch.

 Lip fans may resent him for beating up Lip and scaring Ian just as I resent Ian for leaving Mickey at the border, but I will also understand Mickey’s perspective because the writers had to stay true to the world they live in. 

Finally, the chase is called off when Ian comes out to Mandy who promises not to say anything to anyone, and even offers to be a faux girlfriend so no one gets suspicious. This sparks a friendship that is questionable to say the least, but still one of the better aspects of the show (especially within Ian’s and Mickey’s plotlines). At this point in the show, Mickey and Mandy exist solely as accessory characters for Ian’s plotline, but clearly those roles are important because otherwise I wouldn’t be here typing up this masterpost to counter-argue criticism against Mickey and Gallavich. 

That’s all I’ve got for 1x03, but please feel free to reblog to add anything I may have missed or even counter-argue! Or show some love if you agree. 

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Being the daughter of Thor would include…

Being the daughter of Thor would include…

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  • “OH GOd what is this BEAST!?”
  • “It’s your child sir,”
  • Playing dress-up
  • Being the only one who can play with his hair
  • You’re grandfather hating you at first
  • You grew on him
  • Wearing a cape on your first day of preschool
  • “If any of these little beasts lay a hand on you, i will bash their skulls in,”
  • “Okay, See you later daddy,”
  • All the PTA moms trying to flirt with him

[Age: 10-20]

  • “(Y/n) isn’t that you’re dad?”
  • “OMG? Dad what are you doing here?”
  • The PTA moms still trying to flirt with him
  • “How do you work this object?”
  • “Dad, that’s a microwave, you heat up food with it,”
  • Him freaking out when you first learn how to drive
  • Being left at the Avengers tower when ever he has to go to asgard for important matters
  • “Stark you’ve corrupted my child!”
  • “How? Steve took care of her most of the time,”
  • “She’s fallen in love with that spider boy!”
  • Tony and Thor becoming best friends while they stalk you both
  • “Mr. stark and you’re father are watching, my spider senses are..”
  • “Shut up,”
  • Steve being the only thing preventing them from killing peter when you kiss him

[Age: 20]

  • “Steve you said it was a phase,”
  • “Yeah, he has a habit of saying that,”
  • Thor glaring at peter as he walks you down the aisle
  • Him crying a little as you both say your vows
  • “I’m getting that feeling again,”
  • “They’ll get over it,”
  • Him crying a lot when you two (You and Thor) dance at the reception
  • “Why are you crying dad?”
  • “Because, my baby girl is all grown up and has married a boy who calls himself a spider,”
  • “I love you too dad, i love you too,”

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An AU where Sai is a zoologist specialize in cats family, and G is also a young zoologist but he is more into aves thing (idk why just feel it suits him), they met in an expedition (dont ask what kind of expedition idk myself) and just become really close. (guess who just watched NatGeo ;)

I should do my request in chronological order but I had to attack this one first!
I know you said expedition but in my mind I kind of went down a zookeeper route, ooh I am thinking hard now… I’m thinking that Saitama prefers to be directly with the animals and has a good hand with them, and with kids too, they love listening to him talk about them, Sai looks far more animated then than he usually does otherwise… Genos has always been more on the theoretical side and has a lot of knowledge on his subjects but is not the best at educating/talking about them as he tend to be very long-winded and technical…

Genos and birdies fit SO WELL I agree! I can see him with a hawk on his arm but also just like… sitting and studying/sketching a little group of birds. Plus I bet he’d own a bunch of like, techy stuff… camera, binoculars etc… maybe that equipment he used to stalk study Saitama in the OVA haha.

Maybe they meet during an expedition as you say and Genos is impressed with how “natural” it seems to come to Saitama to track and study animals, and how easily he speaks about them, and wants to learn from him?

Also I have this idea that Saitama loves felines in particular of course and has raised several big cats to adulthood and insists that they’re “just playing” but it’s kind of ambiguous whether the cats are in fact playing or trying to attack him lol.

Genos shows Saitama how to attract some outgoing birds and he is so impressed when a couple sit on his hand to eat some seeds..!

Saitama in return invites Genos to watch/help as he’s given an orphan baby jaguar to bottle raise and when he sees him sit and help this little furry baby and he looks so kind and caring that’s it for Genos he is in love with this crazy bald man :0

I'm A Little Awkward, But Most People Like Me

Pairing: Yixing/Baekhyun
Rating: pg-13
Genre: online friendship? 

Summary: Baekhyun’s a little awkward, spends too much time reading smutty gay fanfiction, and doesn’t think twice before flying across the country to meet his favorite author.

Originally posted by junyeol

He’s staring at the screen, the little line blinking, taunting him. He wants to say something. Anything. But what? Is it weird if he just gushes? Can he do that? Hi you don’t know me but I love ur fics and ur a great writer and i think i love you please be my friend. He quickly backspaces. “Definitely can’t send that.”

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Hi can I request a Yandere 2p!Canada scenario w/ a mute female S/o? Thanks

//So I decided to make it a reader insert this time. Hope it’s to your liking!

Canada wasn’t the most loving or romantic person. He wasn’t often attracted to anyone. This girl was different, though. She was gorgeous and sweet and he couldn’t help but love everything about her. More often than not, he would follow her to make sure she was okay, killing anyone that showed any interest towards her. They couldn’t be trusted. What if they followed her home and raped her? Canada couldn’t risk it. No one would touch his maple leaf. 

(Name) wasn’t an idiot. She knew something was off. She became more paranoid, sometimes thinking she saw someone watching her even in her own home. Every time she would try to investigate, though, (name) would find nothing. She couldn’t just go to the police about a “feeling”, but she was positive someone was following her. (Name) just needed proof…

Canada knew she felt his presence. He also knew that he wasn’t as visible as she hoped he was. After years of stalking his prey, Canada learned how to blend in or hide. He was a dangerous man, wiser than he let on. He may not be as feared as the other Allies, but everyone still knew to not mess with him. He was used to people feeling his presence and trying to catch him so all of her plans never worked. (Name) may have been the love of his life, but he still stayed hidden. Canada knew he’d have to reveal himself to his lover sometime, but it wasn’t going to be soon.

She had tried everything. Pictures, recordings, asking friends to watch for someone. Nothing was there. Maybe she was just paranoid. (Name) sighed and stepped into her house silently. A noise made her freeze, however. (Name) didn’t live with anyone so the thought of someone being in her house was frightening. A small part of her hoped it was her stalked just so she could know who it was. Quietly, she walked through the house towards the noise. Finally, she reached her bedroom where she realized the sounds of shuffling had been coming from. (Name) slowly turned the knob and cracked open the door. Not seeing anyone, She pushed the door fully open and looked inside before stepping in. It didn’t look like anything was messed with and the window was still closed and locked. (Name) set her forehead against it with a sigh before turning and being slammed into the wall, a scream rising from her throat. 

A man stood above her with a smirk. His eyes shown with malice as he observed her silently. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry out for help, but she physically couldn’t. The stranger leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Hey cutie~ I wish you hadn’t come home yet. I didn’t even have a chance to grab anything. Boy, you just messed up all my plans.” He let out a sigh and pulled out his gun. “You must understand, I can’t have any witnesses and there’s a few things here I still want to grab so just take this like a goo-”

The thief was cut off by a hockey stick to the back of the head. A tall blonde with sunglasses stood behind the man who had collapsed on the ground. He sneered and looked up at (name). His expression softened and he put his sunglasses on top of his head.

“Thought you might like some help. Heard the scream and saw the door was open so…” He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at the unconscious thief. (Name) was still terrified, not trusting this stranger. He sighed and held out his hand to her. She shakily took it and stepped over the body before being lead out.

Canada had been following her home, like usual, when he saw her freeze. Instantly, he knew something was wrong. Canada waited until she was inside before slipping in to make sure she was okay. It wasn’t until he heard a scream did he pull out his hockey stick and run back. He glanced in and saw someone standing over (name). His. (Name). He went into autopilot and knocked him out, stopping himself before he killed him. Canada looked up and froze. She was even more beautiful up close… He shook the thoughts from his head and led her out of the house.

“I live close by if you’d like me to call the police from there. It’s safer than sitting outside.” He offered. She looked uncomfortable, but nodded. He saved her life so how bad could he honestly be? Canada lead her to his house which was just a street over. He had bought it to be closer to (name) so that he could easily slip back and grab anything if he needed to. 

The pair walked in and he told her he would go get the phone and that she could make herself comfortable. (Name) stayed by the door anxiously. She didn’t feel safe in the house. It just gave her a bad feeling. The feeling got worse when she heard strange noises. 

After five minutes, (name) decided to walk in deeper. The house was too quiet for her liking and felt more scared the longer she was there. Eventually she heard a creak behind her, but before she could turn, (name) felt a cloth cover her face and everything start to fade.


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Hello, I love your lettering works! Would you mind if I ask about the process? Also are you self taught? Is there a source I could look up to learn? Sorry if this sounds pestering, but I just admire your lettering and art works so I'm curious and would love to learn as well, if not as well as you :) Thank you in advance.

Hello! you are making me blush and thanks for asking this! I’m going to take my time to answer (which means I’m going to extend a bit…) 

So yes, I’m self-taught (I’m a graphic designer but sadly learnt nothing about this in college) I started by myself reading tutorials and tracing letters from book covers and everything I could find with nice letters, but when I found the work of David A. Smith, (I’m linking here to his website) I decided to adopt him as my sensei, which means stalking him on every social network and trying to find every single piece of his work, and he’s on Instagram where he posts the process of his pieces, so I learnt (and I’m still learning) mainly from it: from looking how the whole thing is constructed, from comparing the process pics with the final artwork to try to understand how everything is layered and drawn. SO you’ll notice that what I’ve been doing to the date is heavily inspired by his work. Now for further inspiration I always go to this blog that has authentic pieces from the mid 18th to early 19th century (that is the period style I like for my stuff). I go there for composition ideas, color palettes and letterforms.

Now about the process, I’ll explain how I usually do it with examples from the last thing I did, which was the Mrs Hudson Tea label:

1. To the left is the inspiration.

2. And to the right (if you can see anything, sorry) is the first sketch just to put on paper de idea of what I had in mind for the composition and establish the main elements that make up the whole thing: a. Mrs Hudson portrait, b. the name “Mrs Hudson”, c. “of Baker Street, d. “English Breakfast Tea”

3. I did some more sketches in receipts… and now I can’t find them anywhere but they were mainly to try and define the style of the letterforms for each of the elements and see if they looked good together.

4. The next step was doing a more detailed sketch to know where to put everything, the size of the letters, if there’s enough contrast, if the letters really look good together, and which size they have to be (which means erasing a lot, but that’s why a detailed sketch before doing the final artwork is important, because you can’t erase as you want in the final thing without messing everything) And in the pic you can see annotations at the sides, that is where I count how many letters has every word, to don’t miss any letter when drawing them and to know how much space I need and have for each word.

5. So after some meditation to get myself in the right mental state to tackle the final artwork, comes preparing and drawing the structure for the whole thing, I like to take my time for this and make sure I have guidelines for everything to know where to put all the elements later and avoid erasing as much as posible.

6. Here you see I work for areas, finishing completely each part to avoid smudging from coming back and drawing it by bits, so when I finish one area I can cover it and keep it s a f e. Of course I go back and add some details in the process but is much more safe this way.

7. And I just keep going and take some breaks when I feel my hand or arm is feeling tired to prevent having shaky and hairy lines that later are hard to fix, so when I start to feel like I can’t draw full and clear strokes I know is time to stop. This drawing took me about a week but mostly because I had work to do, but if I had worked fully on it would have taken me a couple of days. And there at the beginning of the gif you can see how the finished drawing looks without the colors.

8. Then I scan it, and tweak the contrast, brightness and all that in Photoshop. In this case I colored it, keeping a three color palette (as this was the first time I colored one of this things) then I added an overall color to merge everything together and some texture, a soft vignette and voilà! 

I hope this gives you a general (and somehow clear) idea of the process, if you have any other question feel free to ask or you can send me a dm if you want, oh! and I’m about to start with another lettering thing, so I could make a more detailed tutorial or step by step explaining how to form and draw different letter shapes, that is what I can’t never find in tutorials and I think is a technical aspect that is important to understand when you are starting to get into this, so if someone is interested let me know :)

Meanwhile, here’s a nice tutorial to begin with


Ethan x Reader

Requested By Anon

Ethan walked away victoriously. He’d asked you out, the only problem now was that he had no idea what he should be doing. He’d arranged the date for later that week only to realise he’d now be stuck making awkward conversation with you, not that he didn’t like the thought, just he really didn’t want to come off like a stuttering fool.


“You alright… (Y/N) turn you down?” Aiden laughed when he saw his brother.

“Nope, just trying to remain calm and level headed.” Ethan grunted back.

“Why (Y/N) likes you?” Aiden chuckled.


“Yeah but I might screw something up, how do you do it?” He asked Aiden how chuckled again.


“Come on, (Y/N) has study group I’ll help you practise.” He muttered while jerking his head towards the school library.

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Lotor is a super interesting character and here's why:

I’d like to start by saying I’ve never done a meta before but I am so intrigued by Lotor! Who is he? What are his motives? What’s his plan? Is he really the bad guy in all of this? It’s 10PM and I’m only going to go a few episodes in just to touch on his personality because I love psychoanalyzing and we’re given a good look at Lotor’s personality early on.

When the idea of Lotor is first introduced at the end of s2 and beginning of s3 there’s one thing that’s obvious. Estrangement. Lotor hasn’t been brought up until Zarkon is literally on his death-bed and probably for good reason. The idea of Zarkon having an heir never crossed anyone’s mind until Haggar spit that fine verse and threw the fandom for the proverbial loop. Everyone fixated on Lotor. Who was he? What kind of guy was he? How is he going to interact with the paladins? All a lot of really good questions, but after season 3 we don’t really have any decisive answers! But let’s break down what he learn in the first few episodes of s3.

Within the first episode we’re given confirmation that Lotor isn’t on the friendliest terms with his dear ol’ dad. 

Exiled is a pretty harsh term. Instantly we’re given a clue as to WHY he may have been exiled, or at least what he’s been doing while exiled when the conversation continues;

“I’ve heard rumors he fights alongside his enlisted men like a lowly private.”

“Worse than that, his top generals aren’t even pure Galra.”

“Some say he allows the planets he conquers to continue to rule themselves.”

So far, only 1 out of these three have been confirmed, that being his generals are half-Galra. While he’s been established as being an amazing fighter we haven’t seen him fight alongside his soldiers (yet), and while we’ve seen him show mercy to planetary leaders, we haven’t seen actual proof of his off-hands method of “conquering”. 

Next the fighter in the pit is revealed to be Lotor, who calls Thrak out on his bullshit and challenges him to a battle, stating that real Galra don’t scheme in dark rooms, they fight their way to victory. This is pretty funny since the more we see of Lotor the more it’s shown that he’s a major strategist and the reason he knew Thrak was planning against him was because Ezor was spying for him. 

Lotor is analyzing all the time. This trope was established before s3 even came out! Theories of Lotor manipulating Lance or Keith were rampant and everyone was convinced that he was some master manipulator and actually, they may not have missed the mark! He’s obviously super perceptive and not just as a fighter, but as a politician and a leader. He fucks with Thrak during their fight and even points out his flaws for him, but still defeats him with little to no effort. Afterwards he gives a speech, claiming how he plans to rule by using loyalty instead of fear. (This is also the same age-old argument that’s been dominant in Game of Thrones for the past 2 seasons so it’s interesting to see how Lotor goes about it, but it’s a technically a kids show so I digress.)

Finally he finishes his speech saying that allies gained make them stronger but “Those who stand against us will be crushed.” He’s looking right at Thrak when he says this and I have to wonder if he’s not speaking about his fathers empire at this moment, but about his own band of soldiers. Lotor obviously has a different motive from his father, even going to the point of attacking and stealing from other Galra, so it makes it pretty obvious the Us vs Them situation isn’t as black and white as it seem in his speech.

The next shot gave me a bit of whiplash because of the distinct change in Lotor’s demeanor. Directly after Thrak pledges loyalty to him and Lotor wins over all the Galra hearts in the arena with his charisma and skill, he immediately tells his generals to send Thrak away. It’s a smart move, and there seems to be the unspoken command to keep the situation under wraps, but in one second his entire expression and tone of voice changes. He goes super cold and the audience get’s the sense of “Oh geez, maybe this guys ‘nice guy’ act is all fake.” 

In the next episode we see his generals arriving on Puig and we get the phrases “take prisoners” and “kill no one”. The generals make effort to specifically disarm and not cause great harm to any fighters they encounter. This is strange because it’s the first time we’ve seen people fighting like this in Voltron. It was so interesting to watch and made me wonder the motives behind  this order, especially since it was most likely originally given by Lotor. 

Then Lotor and his generals corner the Puig leader he gives another little speech. Lotor is very good at speaking, he’s good at getting into peoples heads. He points out how Voltron isn’t there, and he makes a pretty specific stab at something with the line “Gone. Leaving you with nothing but a hollow promise of freedom.” The score does something interesting here where the feeling of the music switches from a hopeless feeling with the shot on the Puig leader, then it switches to Lotor and the music goes into a melancholy feel when he says the freedom line, then immediately into a threatening one when he continues on. 

Then he offers the Puig leader to join his empire. His “New empire”. His. Not the Galra empire as we know it but something he’s been building up himself. It’s crazy how there’s so many resistances working against Zarkon and now they’re all starting to make their presences known. 

Next he decides to check out Voltron for himself. He’s curious, he’s cunning. I stated while watching this episode that Lotor would be a Ravenclaw because he hears the rumor of an all powerful universe defending weapon that almost killed his father and decides to go poke it with a stick just to see what it will do. Or maybe that’s more Slytherin. It’s hard to tell. 

I watched the rest of the episode with my head in my hands because he spends the entire fight chilling in his seat, making strategic moves to provoke them, to show him what they can do. He see’s that they’re off, and that they’re not fighting as well as they’re rumored to and makes more moves to push their limits, and then he even states he doesn’t want to do any actual damage to them and I just???

Look at the smug bastard! Sitting in his little throne, playing a fucking game of chess.. I hate him. I love him. 

Anyway. Then, when he see’s confirmation that all 5 lions are still in operation he just turns around and calmly fucks off. It was kind of frustrating that none of the paladins or Coran thought this behavior was suspicious but Keith goes after him anyway so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The next episode is spent with Lotor literally fucking playing with them. We learn that not only is Lotor an amazing fighter, he’s also the Space Jesus of piloting. (I was yelling a lot when he was battling Voltron because his ship is so C O O L!!!!)

He leads Voltron into a planet and then toys with them, stalks them, provokes them into damaging themselves. He’s eerily calm during the whole thing and with how excellent his piloting and fighting skills are it’s almost crazy to think he isn’t missing them on purpose? But I can also see how it’s a bit of a stretch to assume he’s secretly trying to get Voltron to work together. 

The episode ends with the paladins forming Voltron (finally) and Lotor retreating. He’s pretty happy about it too? His generals questions him and he states they’ll fight Voltron on their own time, and then when asked if Voltron itself will be a problem he says 

He’s OBVIOUSLY scheming! He has a plan! This man is smart and whatever he’s planning could either be very good or very bad and I’m actually worried that it’ll work!? I don’t have any idea what that plan is yet. Lotor keeps his cards very close to his chest and I’ve been awake for 18 hours. Mostly this was to just get into his personality a bit, and to rant about what a great character he is!

I personally don’t think he’s the villain. He might be Zarkon’s son, and he may be up to something, but we won’t know until later if his plans will really truly work against Voltron. It would be truly awesome to see Lotor and Voltron form an alliance to defeat the rest of Zarkon’s empire. 

Anyway, that’s all I’m doing tonight. I might do another and go into the later episodes and maybe talk about his plans and what he could possibly be up to and where his story will go? I’d also love to see what anyone else thinks about his character or plans!! 

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Hi! What about an MC thats a Swede but lives in korea now for whatever reason? Also maybe got some home sickness even now and then?

🐙 Yoosung
- Would think it’s awesome
- Probably play a lot of Swedish games and if its not in Korean or English ask you to translate it lol
- He would also try to cook some traditional meals if you were feeling homesick
- And he’d cuddle you until you were feeling okay again

💎 Jumin
- Would want to know everything about the culture
- He’d hire a Swedish chef since him cooking isn’t a very good idea lmao
- If you were feeling homesick he’d just book a flight to Sweden bc why the heck not lol
- Or would just let your family come over no biggie

✨ Zen
- He’d think it’s soooo cool
- He would probably google what Sweden looks like
- “ Yes Sweden is beautiful but not as beautiful as you”
- Yes very smooth Zen
- Would lookup Swedish musicals and try to sing along
- If you were feeling homesick he would cuddle you and sing to you until you fell asleep

☕️ Jaehee
- She would try to learn Swedish
- It would take a while but she’d succeed
- Probably texts you randomly in Swedish
- “ Once I get a few weeks off work we can go on holiday there”
- Couple goals ngl
- If you were feeling homesick she’d listen to you rambling about why you’re feeling homesick and she would hug you doing cute shit yanno

🔮 Seven
- Psh of course he already knew
- I mean he stalked you
- Would learn how to speak Swedish in no time
- Download Swedish movies and have a marathon
- If you were feeling homesick he’d make ‘funny’ jokes in Swedish
- Show you memes some in Swedish aswell

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I dunno if there's any limit of asks one person can have, so I'll give it a try! I wonder how would UT/UF Sans, Papy and Grillby behave if they learned that their crush is a victim of stalking, but they want to fight this all by themselves (in non-violent manner) so they kept it secret.

(Na, no limit, send away :D)

UT Sans: He is going to have A talk with that stalker, but not a nice one. He can be pretty intimidating if he wants to. It probably wont help that much, and only scare the stalker off for a bit, but its better then nothing. He understands why you kept it to yourself, since he often keeps things to himself too, trying to solve them themself. And he knows he sounds like a hypocrite when he tells you that its better to ask for help then to be alone in a possibl dangerous situation. He will help you if you ask him. 

UT Papyrus: He starts lexturing you about not keeping this kind of things to yourself, he is to used to Sans doing this kind of thing alread. But he is so proud of you for deciding to figth this in a peacfull way. His only solution is to talk to the stalker and try to ask him to stop this, but it doesnt work. He will accompany you whenever you want, and protect you until you two come up with a better way to solve this whole thing.

UT Grillby: Will keep a cool head. He understands that you want to solve things by yourself, but he tells you that friends and family often can help, and often even want to help. He wants you to tell him about everything that happened, and you two try to come up with a way to stop the stalker, without harming him. Until you have a solution, Grillby will accompany you after dark, just to make sure the staller doesnt decide to do anything more harmfull in the safety of darkness.

UF Sans: Yeah, you have two stalkers now. he wants to protect you, often stalking you himself, to make sure nobody attacks you. He will get a bit less creepy after a few days though, after he sees that you seem to handle this pretty well by yourself. He also realizes having two stalkers won’t really help your situation.

He does give you a pepperspray. He has nothing against your no-violence way, he isn’t to much into hurting others himself, but a pepperspray won’t really harm the stalker.

UF Papyrus: He admirers that you want to figth it in a non-violent manner, he always tries to solve things in the same way, only using violence when he can’t find a different solution. But he is sligthly angry at you for not telling him earlier, he wouldn’t have stopped you from trying to figth in by yourself, making sure you are safe in the process, but not trying to pressure you into taking his help.

If the whole thing goes on for to long, he will have a nice, long talk with the stalker, he does have a reputation even they should have heard of.

UF Grillby: He is furios at whoever dares to stalk his mate. He does get that you wanted to solve things on your own, he himself is very pridefull, and wouldn’t ask for help if he had a problem like that. He doesn’t really aprove that you want to solve it in a non violent matter, but he is proud of you for showing the courrage not to take the easy, violent way to figth this. 

He will want to help you afterwards though, at least make sure the stalker won’t hurt you in any way. If you want or not, you do have a flaming bodyguard now. He will give you your privace though.

(not) getting along

Merry christmas hohohoho! I’m your secret santa and im here to deliver this. Hope you like it! :) (i may or may not have stalked u for a while to get what kinda tastes u MIGHT have)

Some things constantly haunt Yagi Toshinori after he lost his quirk. Luckily for him, a fellow colleague is always there for him. Toshinori will try to learn how to get along without a quirk, with the help of Aizawa Shouta despite how they don’t… get along…?

When All Might arrived at the USJ, he saw the kids of Class 1-A being tossed around by a hoard of villains as flames licked the ground and walls, hungry for a taste of their next victim. Several kids could barely stand but they tried as hard as they could to fight back while others were slumped to the floor, motionless, too close to the fire.

All Might took in a deep breath to announce his presence in reassurance to everyone but his voice was robbed. He couldn’t say a single word. The kids pressed on determinedly, unaware of his arrival. All Might tried to leap to the centre of the battlefield. However, an invisible force trapped him. He couldn’t move. Why was he suddenly unable to rush forward? He had always been quick to save everyone, never faltering. Yet, right now, he stood frozen to the spot, heart thumping as he choked on his own voice.

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34&35 rowaelin ;)

oh my god you’re going to be the reason i go to hell i love it

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” + “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Aelin watched Rowan across the meeting table, bored to tears after another full day of organizing festivities and arranging guards. Come to think of it, the only times she’d been able to speak with him lately was at night when she went to her grand, private chambers to sleep by his comforting side. And that was all they did, really. She was so tired every night she barely had the energy to peel off her dresses and climb into bed.

But oh, she missed being active. She was stressed and hungry and craving the delicious chocolate cake Emrys had learned how to make almost every hour of the day.

She glanced away, trying to focus on the matter at hand, but once more found herself gazing at Rowan. He looked back at her, an unusual sort of intensity in his fair green eyes. She let herself admire the patch of chest showing through the unbuttoned top half of his shirt, the muscle and scars beneath it making her ache to run her hands over him. It took a lot of will in her not to stalk over to him right then and there and push him against the nearest wall. 


She jumped out of her thoughts, where she’d been blatantly staring at her carranam, now noticing that everyone had left the room, and Rowan was no longer by the corner, but behind her. The Fae warrior lifted his big hands to her shoulders, massaging some of the tension out of them. “You have another meeting in twenty minutes.”

Frustrated in every way possible, she huffed, “It’s not fair. I haven’t gotten to take Fleetfoot out for even a walk, let alone train, and–and I just feel like I need to do something.”

“Welcome to being a queen,” he whispered by her ear, smirking.

Aelin felt like screaming. “Gods, and this stupid corset is so tight I can barely breathe.”

Rowan moved in front of her, sitting on the edge of the mahogany table. He shrugged. “Then take it off.”

She raised her eyebrows at him. “You’re not serious.”

Rowan grabbed a handful of the maroon material on her dress and pulled her to his body with surprising strength. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Aelin’s heart lurched in her chest, heat racing through her body. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began pulling on the threads that constricted her body from behind, damning it all to hell that anyone could burst through the door at any second. She kept her face close to Rowan’s, but never touching. She teased him with a small smile, coming close to his neck and breathing in what was now her favorite smell—pine and snow. When she drew back, the amount of lust in his eyes made her want to cancel every meeting left that day.

“If you keep looking at me like that,” Rowan purred, outlining the material that framed her chest with his hands, “we won’t make it to a bed.”

Aelin pushed Rowan back farther on the council table, the corset finally undone, and a wicked smile forming on her face. “I don’t intend to.”

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17 and 18 with Tony Stark please 😊

Your reflection smiled back at you as you twirled in front of the mirror, examining the way your dress hugged your features. A figure loomed behind you and you turned, your smile faltering. Tony stood there, leaning against the frame of your door with a soft look on his face. An embarrassed flush fell on your cheeks.

“Ignore me,” he said. “I didn’t see anything.”

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Love and Manuscripts (2)

This is the second chapter of my new fic! Let me know what you think :) Previous chapter listed here: 1


Simon shifted uncomfortably in his chair. His cubicle was quite small and stress was making it difficult for him to get comfortable. He’d been working for two weeks at Petty Publishing so far and had become a kind of copy making pet. Anyone who needed something delivered or copied handed their things off to Simon. While the situation wasn’t the best he liked it better than Baz’s new role. Baz had become the office’s coffee and errand boy.
But today both he and Baz had reason to be nervous. They’d handed in edits of a manuscript last week to Penny. It wasn’t like their edits would be taken seriously, it was just practice. But Penny was supposed to discuss their edits with them today and tell them how they did.
Baz drifted into the office, his grey eyes glinting with frustration. Without a word he handed Simon his coffee and sat at the desk across from him. There was nothing separating them except for desktop screens.
“Thanks for the coffee.”
Baz sneered, “It’s my job isn’t it?”
Simon shook his head in annoyance and went back to organizing Gareth’s papers. Simon had tried to be polite for the most part but Baz was still just as acerbic as he’d been the day they’d met.
Simon bit his lip nervously and checked his watch.
“She’s in a meeting. Stop fidgeting it’s making it hard to focus,” Baz muttered.
Simon glared at him.
“How can you act so calm? Don’t you want to stop running around getting coffees? If we mess this up we’ll be stuck doing this crap for another two weeks.”
Baz smirked, “Well, unlike you, I know I did a good job.”
Simon rolled his eyes and went back to ignoring Baz.
A few minutes later Penny strolled in, her purple hair sleeked to perfection. It was disconcerting still for Simon to see someone so young already be so powerful.
“Hello boys,” She greeted them, lips pursed.
“Hello,” Simon smiled politely.
Baz simply nodded.
“Simon, your edits were not as attentive as I would have liked. While I agree with all of the things you pointed out, there were many more mistakes in the writing that you should have caught.”
Baz snorted quietly and gave Simon a thumbs up.
Penny’s sharp eyes cut to him.
“I wouldn’t be so cocky Basilton. You’re edits were far too harsh. I found many of the things you pointed to as mistakes to be completely fine. I’m not sure why you feel the need to be so nit picky.”
Simon was too focused on thinking about his own edits to enjoy the look of defeat on Baz’s face. He wondered what exactly he’d missed and how he’d been stupid enough to mess something so important up.
“Simon, your critiques, though lacking in consistency, were well articulated. Basilton, while I think you were far too harsh, your sharp eye for mistakes is definitely note-worthy. I feel you both have something to learn from one another.”
Simon nodded though he wasn’t entirely sure where she was going with this.
“I want you two to trade manuscripts and try to pick up on the strengths and weaknesses of the other person. Have a report ready for me by tomorrow at 8.”
Baz glanced up at her in disbelief.
“It’s almost the end of the day, how are we supposed to get this done by then?”
She shrugged.
“I guess you’re working late. Welcome to publishing.”
With that she stalked off towards her office. Simon didn’t really want to stay late, especially with Baz, but he had known early on to expect strange work hours from this job.
Baz sighed and flung his manuscript copy at Simon.
“Let’s get this over with.”


Baz sighed in relief as he finished reading the last of Snow’s edits. It was well past midnight and he was pretty sure they might be locked in the building. He looked up and saw that Snow wasn’t too far off from finishing reading Baz’s edits.
He hated to admit it but Penny had a point. Snow definitely wasn’t catching on enough to a lot of the mistakes. But every mistake he did point out had a well-reasoned explanation and a suggestion for how to fix it. Baz had never thought of delivering such personalized edits.
He waited until Snow finished and then cleared his throat.
“So, she’s right, you missed a lot of what’s wrong with the manuscript.”
Snow sighed tiredly and nodded.
“I get it Baz, I’m the worst editor ever.”
Baz clenched his teeth. He really didn’t want to compliment him but he had to do as Penny had asked and point out both Snow’s weaknesses and his strengths.
“Let me finish,” He snapped at Snow, “She was right about that but she was also right about the good stuff. Your edits are clear and well structured. Obviously you put a lot of thought into them.”
Snow’s eyes widened in surprise.
“I think that’s the first nice thing you’ve ever said to me.”
Baz snorted.
“Don’t get used to it. Our boss ordered me to do it.”
Snow rolled his eyes but didn’t respond. Instead he looked back through Baz’s edits with a thoughtful expression. As Baz watched him he noticed freckles dusted over the bridge of Snow’s nose that were a few shades lighter than his moles. Baz had traditionally thought of moles as unattractive but they actually complimented Snow’s features. They reminded him of constellations, seemingly random but capable of more with the right set of eyes. His mouth was interesting too, his lower lip being just a little bit bigger than his upper lip. Baz briefly considered what it would be like to suck on it. Then he froze and shook his head.
What was he thinking? There was no way he found this stubborn prat attractive. No Baz assured himself I’m just tired. As he was trying to clamp down his wayward thoughts Snow cleared his throat and smiled at Baz.
“Okay so yeah, you’re way too harsh. Half of these things are totally unnecessary on your part. But…you have a hell of an eye for this stuff. I mean you caught things I would have never noticed.”
Baz felt his ears heat.
“Okay. Good to know.”
He didn’t understand why he felt this affected by Snow telling him something Penny had already pointed out. But he couldn’t deny the warm satisfaction that Snow’s words had brought on. Disturbed, he stood up.
“I’m going to go home. See you tomorrow,” He mumbled.
“Hey, wait for a minute. I’ll walk out with you.”
Baz waved Snow off.
“It’s fine. I really just want to go home.”
He stalked off without another look back. Baz couldn’t allow himself to be attracted to Snow. There was no way he’d let himself fall for someone as stupid and senseless as him. Plus, they were competing for a job. There was no reason to complicate an already sticky situation. Right?