he's trying to kill me on purpose now

Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc - Episode 9

HA. OMG. I WANT TO FEEL GOOD THAT MY HUNCH IS GOING WELL, BUT I’M SAD BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT. With 4 episodes left for both arcs, I think it really IS  high time that answers must be given already!

So, the ULTIMATE THEORIZING (for me) begins NOW!

1) Hinata/Izuru and Nanami

I’m still blurred as to how those two would end up. Would Hinata kill Nanami? Would Nanami try even more to save him? But judging from what’s happening and from DR2, my guess would be Hinata would leave Nanami alone.

If, just if, at the end, Izuru actually wants to be hope, maybe Nanami is his anchor to return to normal? That’s why he doesn’t want to kill her because he already “analyzed” Nanami’s purpose in his life? Just a hunch.

2) Ultimate Impostor

Lol. He has a face. But… why show his face now? I just got a bit… um… confused? It’s already late in the series. Like, why show his face now?

As a side note, as a seiyuu trash, I like the fact of how I’m confusing Kanata Hongo (current impostor and Mitarai’s VA) with Akira Ishida’s (Togami’s VA) voice. I think Hongo-san is doing really well :D

3) Jin and Kizakura are unaware of Junko’s admission

This foundation is worse than some crappy schools I know. I’ve been thinking about this (I think some of you have, too) of how Junko was accepted in that friggin’ school, and pointed Kizakura to be the one who scouted her since he was the school’s recruiter. So now we’re fed the info that those two were unaware of her admission. 

This is just a weeeee bit of a hunch, but would they be introducing a new character here now? Like, the uppers? Because they seem to have a connection with Junko for letting her in just like that. 

Or… Junko is really just that good at manipulation and analyzation.

4) Ryota Mitarai is not the mastermind/traitor

From here on out, I’m firmly gonna believe in this. 

Junko has no plans of putting Mitarai in the brainwashing technique, because she believes that the weight of the guilt of being the one who created the brainwashing anime is already enough to create despair in Ryota.

If this is true until the end of this arc, then… Ryota isn’t a despair.

Some things I’d like to point out:

Ryota’s state of mind

  • since Ryota isn’t FULLY  a despair-by-brainwash, that means he could easily be rehabilitated, unlike his classmates who went on full despair mode
  • what if his rehabilitation was all thanks to Tengan? That’s why Tengan seemed close to Ryota in Future Arc?


  • what if the reason Tengan was shocked at Ryota’s appearance at Future Arc was because he was expecting him to be doing something instead of being there
  • and by that something, meaning, creating something? or protecting something? Could this be the other project he was talking about?

Tengan’s message

  • I’ve mentioned it in my previous theory, but now I’m pretty sure that Tengan’s message was for Ryota
  • in this episode, Ryota was berating himself for being a weakling since he kept running away. What if in the last Future Arc, when he said “I can’t keep…”, he meant “I can’t keep running away”?

My conclusion

  • Ryota, after the Despair Arc and surviving, has stopped creating anime and ran away from it
  • Tengan, who helped him, urged him to do one more anime for hope
  • Since Ryota kept running away, he couldn’t finish it
  • But finally, Ryota went and started one, that’s why he had eyebags again
  • He came to the meeting because he wanted to tell Tengan he was done with the anime, but was not confident in it (?) since he already failed last time
  • When Tengan was dying, he created that message to urge Ryota to finally reveal his hope anime

I hope. I hope this is true. It’s just my theory. And whoever theorized it too. Please let this be one of those hunches of mine that are on track.

5) Chisa Yukizome is the mastermind

Another thing I’m sticking with from here on. It’s already obvious. I’m not even gonna point out those obvious things now because everyone is practically pointing it out already. But there are just some things that bother me.

  • Was her involvement in the Future Arc all part of the plan?
  • She was able to hide her despair that long??
  • Chisa and Ryota both existed in both arcs that were greatly connected to Junko, so how do their involvement in Despair Arc play out in the scenes in Future Arc

Just pointing this out, but Juzo could have known that Chisa was already in Despair, since he loved her he couldn’t kill her; that was what he was trying to tell Munakata, Munakata found out through Tengan, and so on and so forth.

Man, four episodes left and I still have tons of questions, actually. XD

And DR0, where you at?

  • *Kylo Ren and Rey are lightsaber fighting and he's about to push her off a cliff*
  • KYLO: You need a teacher! I could show you the ways of the Force and then we could be totes besties!
  • REY: Dude, you killed your dad. Who was epic. And now you're trying to kill me. Who did you get social advice from, Darth Vader?
  • KYLO: Well, yeah sort of.
  • REY: He accidentally killed his wife, on purpose tortured his daughter and on purpose cut off his son's hand.
  • KYLO: But-but-dark side? Power?
  • REY: The dark side was so bad even Vader renounced it. Now, prepare to die.
  • KYLO: All I want is a hug.
  • REY: Your dad would give you one. OH WAIT YOU KILLED HIM!
the handless wonder

(this is entirely for @geekalogian since she wasn’t feeling well yesterday and because she made me do it so yes…. ily ronnie)

How has this happened?

It’s not that Regina isn’t happy about Emma being saved from the darkness. She is. But somehow in the course of it, the idiot pirate has managed to die. (She’d say by accident, but if nothing else by now, it has been established that likely a volcano exploding directly on his head could not kill him by trying, so he has to have done it on purpose.) As melodramatically as he lived, of course. No keeling-over-at-age-ninety, asleep-in-your-bed sort of demise for Killian Jones. Of course it would be Excalibur-stabbing, underworld-dragging, curse-breaking, darkness-destroying shenanigans.

And of course, they are going to go and fetch him.


Regina is entirely willing to help out Emma for this; Emma made a terrible sacrifice to allow her to live with Robin, and it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t do the same thing to fish Jones out of whatever spruced-up dungeon Hades has (justifiably, considering the way the handless wonder has doubtless run his snarky mouth off upon arrival) chucked him in. The underworld doesn’t do much for Regina’s complexion, or for her temper, or general sense of aesthetics (moaning skeletons? What is this, the day-after-Halloween Big Dollar Discount Sale at Party City?) It’s cold and wet and miserable and she doesn’t like seeing her family (especially Emma, Henry, and David) unhappy, that’s all. It’s a pity they have to be down here at all. But she owes it.

Of course Regina has to flatten a minion who won’t tell them where Killian is. She’s the one who’s here to get her hands dirty. She doesn’t want Emma to have to go back to that feeling of dark magic, that pain, when she’s so barely hanging on without Captain Guyliner as it is. It’s just polite. She is doing this for Emma. Of course she is. Emma is her friend.

Of course Regina wants Henry to have back the man he’s bonded with; Henry could use a few male figures in his life, especially considering David’s idea of a great time is to let him drive a truck at suicidal speeds through Storybrooke. It’s just to get him away from David for a bit; that’s all. She is doing this for Henry. Of course she is. Henry is her son.

Of course she’s the one ordering Hades to bring up the prisoners. Of course she’s the one laying a hand on David’s arm, restraining him from trying to tear out the lord of the underworld’s immortal throat. That would be a terrible idea. It’s a full-time job keeping the Charmings alive, she doesn’t want to get caught up in distractions from David’s idiotically heroic ass. She’s doing this for Snow and David. Of course she is. They are her family.

When Killian appears – when Emma runs to him, throws herself into his arms, and doesn’t let go – when Regina raises a hand to conjure a fireball to keep back the creeping dark creatures of the underworld, when she isn’t going to let them get near her family, when she isn’t going to let any of them touch Captain Hook again, or she’ll hit them so hard they’ll eat and shit out of the same hole –

She’s doing this for….


Nah. Can’t be.

He’s the handless wonder. The scruffy, goo-goo-eye-making pirate who she keeps around because the Charmings and their softball team need a mascot.

He’s not her friend. She’d be fine if they ever did really lose him. If one day he stopped being a survivor.

(Not in the least.)

I'm Smoking A Cigarette In An Alley

An old man passes by and cheerfully grumbles, ‘That’ll kill you’
I smile then joyfully exclaim, ‘I’m counting on it’
He stares at me with an odd blank look before carrying on with his day
I don’t want to die
I just don’t need him to know that
Not now anyways

My footsteps hum some song I made up in my head earlier
Turning like wild flowers in late spring
Maybe if I try hard enough I can trick myself into walking with a purpose

The moon’s on the other side of the world but I can hear it weeping if I try hard enough

I decide to take a nap on a park bench
I close my eyes for ten or so minutes
When they open I see a bird fly and land on a branch directly above me
It looks down
I know that look
It tries to take a shit on me but I jump up before it hits my face
Is the natural world out to get me?

My legs take me somewhere
Iced coffee
Taco truck
Night sky
It’s nothing special