he's trying so hard to say it

keith being so scared to break is the most heartbreaking thing to me. notice the way he hides his face with his hand when he’s about to crumble. how after his outburst and apologies he avoids direct eye contact with the camera on and off throughout the rest of the video. he’s trying so hard to stay composed. this is the same boy who fought countless members of the BOM and didn’t cry once, but being alone and talking himself into a corner, unwrapping himself even though it’s just for him… it’s too much for him. and that tbh.. speaks volumes for his character

things i want in the other vlogs


  • going in depth about his insecurities and how it makes him feel in relation to the team. maybe disclosing that the team’s teasing doesn’t make him feel good
  • since it’s not directly tied to the show, maybe some strong hints to bi lance
  • mentioning his family 
  • talking about his culture

shiro (or clone shiro)

  • strong hints that something isn’t quite right with him since he’s been back
  • discussing his headaches
  • having memories but not remembering how to do certain things
  • believing he really is shiro


  • being able to talk about her grief and letting herself feel it all instead of having to ‘stay strong for the sake of the mission’
  • mention some things she used to do back on altea. 
  • show that she wants to connect with the paladins
  • showing how she feels with coran and going in depth about how she feels about being the last two alteans


  • talking about what engineering means to him, maybe talking about his time during the garrison and how excited he was when he got in
  • shows his anger towards zarkon and the way the galra treat innocents, adding onto the balmera arc he had in s1
  • mentioning shay and how happy he was to have met her
  • talking about his fears and anxieties 


  • talking about her family and how hard it is for her sometimes being so young and trying to save the universe on top of not knowing if her family is okay or even alive
  • adorable and nerdy science jokes
  • giving some depth to her and her relationship to matt, and even saying she views voltron as her family as well

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Some find it hard to explain their answers to these questions for other Christians so I would like to know how you would answer: What's the difference between ''not overlooking sin'' and being judgmental? If there are words in the bible that refer to people as adulterers, liars, fornicators or fool etc why can't Christians call people those names/make reference to them by those names while talking to someone else if it were ACTUALLY TRUE about them?

Hey there dear friend, I’ve wondered about this too, and I think it’s important to offer some context between accountability and mean-spirited judging.

- The written word doesn’t necessarily show the tone of what’s being said. My guess is that the tone was deep grief and compassion. In Philippians 3:18, Apostle Paul says he writes these things “with tears.” In 2 Corinthians 10, he says, “I do not want to seem to be trying to frighten you with my letters.” Many of Paul’s listeners felt a contrast between his speaking (meek and even unpolished) with his writing (forceful and straightforward), and I think it’s because Paul was so gentle in person as he said some hard things, while his letters without context appeared to be pushy.

The Old Testament might appear really rough, but again, the people saying and writing these things were deeply compassionate. Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. David is pretty much weeping every other page. Nehemiah wept for his city as he stood up to traitors. There is an easy-to-miss mix of both boldness and humility throughout the Bible. 

- Because of the Bible’s English translation, it loses the subtle flavors of the original languages. You’ve seen this before: When my Asian parents ask me to do something, they can only translate their request with the most basic, stripped down words they know. Instead of, “I’d like to invite you over to my place,” they might say, “You go okay?” So of course, it sounds rough. It’s highly likely that the original languages had these cushion words which bring eloquence and courtesy, which we cannot see because of the English language’s limitations (and believe me, English is extremely limited, compared to the hundreds of complicated layers in Eastern languages). 

- We often confuse boldness with ranting or judging.  Most postmodern people are predisposed to hear confidence as arrogance. They’re not the same. There are instances of ranting in the Bible, but we’re either told or it’s implied that they’re wrong. The book of Nahum, which is essentially one long middle finger to the Ninevites, is one of the few books where we’re taught what not to do. 

- The Bible has unique authority. We tend to resist it. Each of us have a friend we’re more likely to hear than someone else, because they can say things in just the right way that accessibly invites us into a conversation. We each have friends who can also say hard truths, that if someone else says them, we wouldn’t listen. So if your parents say something, we don’t hear it, but if that friend says the same exact truth, we hear it.

But really, isn’t that a choice? We confer authority to those we wish to hear, based on how we want to hear it. The thing is, I believe the Bible has a unique authority on its own to say very difficult things that we don’t want to hear and in a way that we don’t want to hear, either. We naturally resist it because 1) the truth hurts, and 2) it’s not told in the exact way I want it to say it. Yet if I assume the Bible is divine authority, it shouldn’t matter how it’s said, just like it shouldn’t matter whether my parents or my friend are saying the truth in different ways. The truth is the truth. I can trust it or not. If I get hung up on how it’s said, of course that’s my choice, but if the Bible actually has divine authorship, I’d do well to hear it out despite my bias. 

- We need to hold back. The Bible doesn’t need to do that. The other thing is, Jesus and the other biblical authors had the authority to call people out. They didn’t have to hold back (though they sometimes did anyway). That was their right. For us, we must earn that right. If I call my congregation a bunch of adulterers, liars, and thieves, I better have already built my trust and credibility with them. The Bible authors and Jesus himself have credibility already: God proved that by sending His Son out of love for us. When a preacher calls me a sinner, I’m wondering what their motive is. When God calls me a sinner, I don’t have to wonder: I only need to see the cross and resurrection to get that God is saying all He does out of pure love. Again, people are free to believe whatever they want about the Bible. But if the Christian does accept the Bible is true, then 1) they must not assume they have the same truth-telling authority that the Bible does, and 2) they must assume the Bible is telling the truth out of love, not out of fear or shame. 

- What’s your motive? And who are you to tell the truth? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. When I hold someone accountable, what’s my motive, really? And who am I to tell the truth to this person? Am I trustworthy enough? Am I saying it out of love? Have I earned the right? And for those who have been called out: Can you consider that they love you? Can you consider that even when they didn’t say it the way you wanted to hear, that that’s impossible? Even if 98% of it was not true, can you still hear the 2% that’s true and work from there?

— J.S.

Cooking lessons (touken mini fic)

Kaneki had finally escaped the grasps of Tsukiyama and Nishiki. The constant meetings and pile of problems wore him down until he was nothing more than a tired mess. He could still hear them calling for him as he sneaked away nonchalantly, ignoring their pleads for the King’s approval.

He paused when he heard a familiar voice cursing loudly in the distance, a smile forming on his lips whilst he turned and went towards the source of the sound. In a old run down kitchen that somehow still functioned in this underground ward, touka stood besides a counter, a set of scales and recipe book opened in front of her and touka standing there with her hair tied back to a small, cute ponytail, a pink apron tied around her slim waist and her sleeves rolled up with flour already coated all over her hands. As if touka could sense kaneki’s presence, her head swung up and turned to kaneki, her tensed scowl fading to a more curious look. She looked so cute.

“Touka-chan, what are you doing?” Kaneki chuckled when her scowl returned, shoving the scales away with a clear annoyance. “Are you-”

“Yes!” She said a little too loudly, sighing with frustration. Kaneki came up from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and planted kisses down on her flour covered neck. “Kaneki…shouldn’t you be-”

“Shh.” He rested his head on her shoulder looking down to the book to see an image of a simple cake. “You could’ve asked for help. I’m always willing to spend time with you.”

“W-Whatever.” She stammered, her hands resting over his that continued to rub her stomach slowly. “You were busy so I thought I could try it myself.”


“What do you think?!” She turned around, her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him close. “You should be heading back, you know.”

“I know.” He leaned down, brushing his lips against hers but pulling back slightly as touka leaned forwards, a slight whimper escaping her lips. God, she made it so hard for him sometimes. “But I don’t care.”

“You don’t say.” She giggled, stepping back slightly to wipe away some of the flour that was now wiped on his black shirt.

“Hey, I have an idea.” Kaneki grabbed a spare apron that hung on the wall, tying it around him quickly. “Let’s cook together.”

Touka couldn’t contain her immense delight in seeing this new flurry of excitement from him. After an enthusiastic nod from touka, kaneki looked down to the recipe book, his face practically glowing with joy. He gathered the ingredients and touka watched with some amusement and leaned against the counter.

Kaneki started to explain each step whilst they both added the ingredients to the mixing bowl. Unlike her, who was clumsy and ended up dropping most of the flour on the floor or smashing the egg in her hand instead of on the bowl, he was so precise, performing each step with ease. And if this actions weren’t enough to prove his skills, the constant shower of praise from the 0 squad children certainly were. The only compliment she was given was ‘hey, the dog crap isn’t so bad today, manager!’

“Touka-chan?” Kaneki looked up to notice a frown on her face, hardly paying attention to his words. “Is something wrong? Are you not having fun?”

“You’re just…so good.” She complained and wiped the vulgar smelling egg off her hand. “I might as well leave it to you.”

“No no.” Kaneki said quickly, pulling her slightly so that she was in front of him again. “I want this to be enjoyable for both of us.”

He told her to grab another egg, this time more delicately and just as she was about to raise her hand, his hand was placed over hers, guiding it to the bowl. His touch was soft and gentle, the butterflies in her stomach making her shake slightly but kaneki held her still. They cracked the egg against the bowl and with their other hands, they opened the shell over the bowl.

“I did it!” She declared excitedly, feeling kaneki smile against her skin. “Well with your help of course.”

“See, touka.” Kaneki whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. “We work well together.”

They went on to the mixing, kaneki’s hands still on hers as they stirred slowly, touka leaning into him and turned her head to press her lips firmly against him. They break apart after almost dropping the bowl, both of their laughter echoed in the wide room.

“Atleast let us get the cake done first.” Kaneki teased and dabbed her nose with some of the cake’s batter. She wiped it off with a finger and sucked the batter off nice and slow, touka hearing a harsh intake of air from kaneki. She looked back up to him through hooded eyes and struggled to hold back her smile when noticing his jaw hung agape slightly.

“Whatever you say kaneki.” She winked with a sly smirk.

With shaky hands, kaneki finished pouring the batter into the cake pan, his eyes always glancing back towards touka who cleaned the dishes as if nothing had happened. He bit his lip, forcing himself to pry his eyes away from his beautiful wife and placed the cake into the oven and set the timer.

Once he stood back up, he felt touka’s lips pressed against the back of his neck, his breath hitching. He spun around an picked touka up, her legs wrapped around his waist as her lips came crashing down on his. They pulled on each others clothes, their kisses feverish and desperate, moaning into each other’s mouths loudly as kaneki moved to seat touka on one of the counters.

“I don’t…” Touka breathed heavily as she broke away. “I don’t think I remember seeing this step in the recipe book, kaneki.”

“It’s my own special tip.” He smirked, pulling off her shirt and trailing kisses down her collarbone.

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind in our next cooking lesson together then.”

“Well…” Touka turned her head to the side, looking down to the almost black…thing that was in front of her.

“Well…” Kaneki probed the ‘cake,’ which was now as hard stone. If only the timer didn’t break when they knocked it down onto the ground.

They both looked back up at each other and started laughing deliriously, kaneki holding her in his arms as they both tried to place the blame onto each other for this excuse of a cake.

“Next time.” Kaneki said, brushing her bangs away and kissed her forehead. “Next time we won’t uh get distracted.”

“If only I got 1 yen for every time I heard that before.” She rested her head against his chest, hearing his heart flutter wildly. She smiled into his chest. “But sure. Next time.”

@mamasaiko damn you wasted so much of my time. It better be worth it.


Obi-Wan:  I only wanted what was best for you, Anakin!  I wasn’t prepared to train someone like you.
Anakin:  That’s your failing, not mine!
Obi-Wan:  Perhaps I did fail you – but I won’t abandon you to the Dark Side!
Anakin:  That’s not your decision to make!

Obi-Wan:  I would have done anything for you!
Obi-Wan:  This is where it ends, my old friend.
Anakin:  Your path ends here.

A snippet of a cut scene + three lines of banter dialogue that get randomly inserted into the fight scenes from the Revenge of the Sith game.

It obviously takes some liberties and the banter dialogue sometimes gets added in at odd places, but this moment just absolutely wrecked me.  I legitimately put a hand to my chest when JAT yelled out, “I would have done anything for you!” because the emotion was already so intense, Obi-Wan was trying so desperately to get Anakin to come back to the light.

He’ll do what he must to bring Anakin to justice, but that doesn’t mean just leaving him in darkness, it means helping him, it means pleading with Anakin to come back to the light, (”Anakin – please!  Come back to the light.  Face up to what you’ve done.  I can help.”  “It’s too late for that.  You’re too late.  You only want to help yourself.”  “You know that’s not true!”), it means trying so hard to get Anakin to come back, even when we know he’s destined to fail, because Anakin himself won’t come back.  Nothing Obi-Wan can say or do will change anything until Anakin himself wants to come back.

And he knows that he wasn’t prepared to train someone like Anakin, not so soon, but that has never meant that Obi-Wan wouldn’t have done anything for him, because he loves Anakin Skywalker so very, very much.

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Hey mama. I broke up with my abuser last night and I'm having a really hard time. I'm still deeply in love with him and super lonely now but I'm trying to do what's good for me. Doesn't help that he's still trying to get me to come back and it's taking all of my physical and mental strength not to. Do you/any of your followers have any suggestions for enjoying the life of the newly single? How can I make this bearable? Thank you so much!!

((OOC: First off, before we go on to the whole “What now?” question, I think we should pause here and say, holy SHIT, I am incredibly proud of you. You saw that you were in an abusive situation, and you did what needed to be done to get out of it. That is a HUGE deal, love. You have been strong, and you have been brave, and I hope that you are recognizing that as you face the new hardships.

So now we go on to the question of how to handle this new situation. This was someone you loved, and for very good reasons, they are gone now. And worse, they are gone, but they aren’t respecting your needs and fully leaving you alone, which is what you need.

It’s time to work on cutting this person off, and surrounding yourself with as much strength and positivity as you can. Alert your friends and family to the situation, and ask them to help support you as best as they can. And then, it’s time to take a deep breath, relax now that the threat is gone, and work on taking care of yourself.

I don’t know what the situation you were in was like. But I do know that, in ANY relationship, the focus you have on yourself tends to blur. So start living for yourself again. Watch your favourite films, visit your favourite places, eat whatever you like! Mourn what you’ve left behind, recognize what you have accomplished, and then start getting reacquainted with yourself and your needs.

And if you need someone to talk to, you can always feel free to message me.))

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Hello this may sound odd but could you do a HC for the Paladins having a female s/o who's like Tyler Perry Madea? Like she's caring and has a lot of good life advice but takes absolutely no shit from nobody and has a twisted and crude sense of humor? I'm sorry but it sounded awefully funny in my mind lol?

I think i’ve watched every Madea movie dskhksdjfjkdhsf like Madea Goes to Jail was a classic and i laughed so hard and every time i watch it i die in the first court scene it was hilarious


  • lmfao this pairing would be something else entirely 
  • he’s always like trying to make you shut up before you scar everyone
  • he’s like emotionally scarred as well
  • safe to say you’re the tough parent
  • before you guys are even parents djshsdjhdhf
  • bans you from coran because you teach him Colorful Earth lingo


  • he is always raising an eyebrow at you i’m dkjhdjkshf
  • he has to keep tabs on you to make sure you dont traumatize someone
  • “honey this is lIFE advice“
    • “y/n they’re fIVE“
  • he really tries his best to keep you by him
  • he finds you very amusing though i mean when he’s not dragging you away from a kid running to their mom
      • “he did not need to know how he was conceived”
        • “he aSKED” 


  • lowkey scared of you kdsjhkdjhf
  • you’re a bad influence on him he becomes like you
  • took a bit getting used to 
  • like when you spew random ish though he is your no.1 hype man
  • other ppl (shiro) do not condone this behavior
  • allura hopes one day you guys stop
  • they hide you guys from the world
  • i’m jk they just try to not let you both go out in public at the same time
  • it becomes a mess


  • umm she’s like,,,,scared for your life
  • and her life and everyone in the vicinity’s life
  • also kind of finds your humor funny at times
  • other times she finds it sick
  • but your advice is nice okay
  • the way you deliver it??? not so much
  • so she begrudgingly goes to you for advice
  • i mean it’s deep advice but like the way you deliver it is almost,,,laughable i mean sjkhsdkjhfh
  • she loves you though


  • at first he had no idea what you were even saying
  • took him a little to get used to and then when he did he was….interested
  • also kind of freaked out sometimes i mean sdkhjdshkjf
  • he always gets embarrassed when you say random shit i mean
  • like in public, he really wants to just,,,leave,,,
  • you guys stay inside a lot
  • he does like your humor once he gets used to it

If I ever questioned why Keith is my comfort character, this leaves no doubt in my mind.

Keith being so open and vunerable and self reflecting in a booth where he can share his emotions without having to tell anyone directly.

Keith needing to stop and physically remove himself from the situation in order to let out his emotions even though he didn’t have a direct audience in the room with him. He’s trying but he is so afraid.

Keith exploring his deep rooted hurt and fear of rejection.

Keith saying the reason he had such a hard time connecting with others may have been because he is half galra but the emotion he displays is so purely human.

Keith freaking out about the “I say vol- you say tron!” chant.

Keith’s tick of rubbing his thumb against his forefinger in an attempt to calm himself down.

Keith worrying that he is too angry, too brash, too emotional and not really knowing why.

Keith finally getting a moment to release all of that pent up frustration and fear and worry.

Keith not realizing how much he has grown and how much he will continue to grow as a person.


Just. Keith.


Bentley pulled away suddenly, earning a groan of disapproval from his boyfriend. That wasn’t so hard, now was it?

No, but I wasn’t actually done with you. Come back, Devon chuckled, trying to pull the blond in for another kiss.

I figured maybe we could take our reunion home. What do you say?

You done here?

Yeah, show’s been over a while now. I just had to hang around a bit after. Besides, he teased. Not sure how good I could be running security while I’m over here talking to my shithead boyfriend anyways.

Shut up, asshole. Get on, Devon smirked, rolling his eyes. Let’s go home. 

I wonder how the other Paladins and characters reacted to hearing Keith express himself, since he’s very closed up. For example, watching him slowly break down especially talking about his mom, which he never did. He’s already having a hard enough time with dealing being part galra and now leading the group, so maybe the others just realized quite a lot of Keith and how he tries to handle things. You get what I’m saying? Especially at the part where Keith was shutting down and prevented himself from crying, to the point where he stormed off. It made me realize..what were the others thinking watching this boy, their teammate, their new leader just try not to corrupt in front of them?

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Heeey. You said you wanted request or two? How about what Reaper, Sombra, and Widowmaker do when they're bored. Like, they've been stuck at the house for days because Talon has them on call (evil organizations do that, right?) but NOTHING is happening.

Hello, friend!!


  • They’re gonna kill each other eventually


  • He’s not an extremely patient man so waiting is hard
  • He’d try to read or watch TV
  • He’d cook
  • He’d explore the house and every crevice it has
  • Hell, he’d even clean!
  • Cannot find anything to keep himself occupied
  • Might lay on the floor and groan loudly
  • Might say “fuck it” and go outside anyways
  • What are they gonna do
  • Kill him?


  • She’ll dance
  • She has no problem focusing on a book or the like
  • Since she’s very emotionless I don’t see her being bored very often
  • But imagine her dancing around the house
  • Up/down the stairs
  • From room to room
  • If there’s a radio she’ll have musical accompaniment


  • She’s gone
  • She’ll do what she wants
  • Has her own agenda
  • No problem “escaping” from wherever she is
  • Good luck finding her too

You wanna know how broken Keith is? Hes still thinking about the ‘I say Vol you say…’ scene. MONTHS after it happened. LITERAL MONTHS. Hes so hung up on it and is trying so hard to be an asset to the team that he over analyzes everything. From what he says to what he does its probably run through his head a million times before it happens. Hes built walls so high that its scary seeing them come down so he’s trying to take baby steps but with no one there its hard man. Hes lost his support (shiro) twice now and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was scared to open up again. Maybe hes trying to go back to relying on himself because he thinks he’ll be alone again. And that breaks me.

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I'd like to say that I had a date with my crush and I really enjoyed it. While we watched stuff I laid my head on his shoulder and his hair was so soft and he smelled so nice it was a lovely day. Before he left I really wanted to kiss him but I got too nervous and chickened out... I've been trying to muster up the courage to ask him the past few dates but it's really hard I can barely keep eye contact with him.... What should I do?

i’d recommend just giving it time! the more dates y’all have and the more you hang out, the more comfortable you will become. just don’t rush things!

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


Namjoon and Suga are very good friends as they both joined their label quite early. They said many times that they each stood by the other at hard times. They are so close that when you ask them to be 1 cm away from one another they don’t hesitate a second:

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When Jin does something you will hear someone in the distance say “He is cute” and that voice’s owner will certainly be Namjoon. RM adores adorable things so him allowing Jin to take a nap on his shoulder is a given:

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Jugkookie declared that if he could be somebody in the team he will be Namjoonie and RM wanted to be JK too. So if you see them glued to one another, they are maybe trying to make their souls change bodies or something maybe. 

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They are 99% friendly, 1% awkward and 100% able to make smooth skinship. 

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They are roommates. No more description needed. PERIOD. 

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Monie thinks that Jiminie is VERY sexy and seductive. How does he know? Well he suffers from this Mochi’s spell more than anyone on earth 

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BTS’ members obviously value their leaders, and who keeps a distance from things they cherish anyway? certainly not Bangtan.

By @mimibtsghost

“jaime and brienne would never be happy together because jaime would try to force her into a conventional feminine role!!!”

dude, jaime didn’t give her a valyrian steel sword so she could make him a sandwich with it

this week in “you can’t trust anybody”

felix says nigger (with a HARD “-er”) then proceeds to laugh about it!

This is more of a fun prank than ‘illegal’, but I like to think the boys would still try to destroy the local competition around Gravity Falls.

a lil something for the @stanchez-summer-sizzle


Bucky Barnes X Barista!Reader

A/N: This is for @just-some-drabbles 4k follower challenge! Congrats, babe!

Thanks to my fake friend @denialanderror for beta’ing.

Words: 1718

Prompt: “I got your message. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

Warnings: bad fluff again bc im a hoe for soft things but idk how to write soft things rip


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