he's trying so hard not to look at him

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bts reaction to their younger idol boyfriend really super duper cute concept 👯‍♂️


Seokjin would love to see you taking to the cute concept, squishing your cheeks and constantly telling you how cute you are. “It suits you so well~ You look so cuddly!” He’d get an extra kick out of hugging you during this concept, loving the pictures you send him and occasionally asking to see you during your solo practice time.


Of course, Yoongi would find you adorable. Occasionally he’d tease you about it, but having been through his fair share of cute concepts, too, he’d mostly be sympathetic any the teasing you face. “You look good no matter what, okay? I’m a fan of whatever you do.” As always, he’d try to make it to your concerts, and admire your hard work.


Hoseok would be thrilled to see your new concept! He’s always excited to see what you and your group are up to lately, but he’d especially appreciate your cute shorts and soft accessories. “You’re so adorable like this! Well, always, but especially now!” He’d love to squeeze you and run his hands through your dyed hair, taking lots of selcas with you to appreciate during future concepts.


Namjoon would be easily flustered by how cute you are. Even the standard promotion photos would have him blushing and gushing about how good you like. He might try to be cool about it, saying things like, “This just goes to show how successful you’re becoming. You’re expanding your image,” but he couldn’t well hide his grin whenever you smiled in your cute images.


As a resident cutie himself, Jimin would appreciate the change to coo at you. “It’s no wonder the fans like you so much. You suit any concept.” If cute isn’t usually your deal, he’d be more than happy to give you tips and tricks on everything from masterful sweater paws to taking yourself seriously through the whole experience.


Taehyung would love your cute concept, and always be pulling aegyo in response. After all, what’s a better for cuteness than more cuteness? He likes all of your concepts, but seeing your cute smile and soft clothes would be a personal favorite. “You’re finally being recognized for how cute you are. What’s not to like?”


Jungkook wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease you a little. It is something of a rite, after all. Beyond that, though, he’d encourage you to enjoy it. “Pulling off short shorts and still having fans is the mark of a true idol.” He couldn’t deny that he liked seeing  your cute concept, and even bounced along to your promo song.

what really fucked me up as a kid was the fact that so many people spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince me that I’m not mexican. like people who didn’t even know me. people who never even met my father or heard his stories about growing up on a ranch in a small town with 12 siblings and no streetlights to help him home at night. and it’s because I look fully white bc my mom is white and I get that it’s hard to believe that a person with skin as light as mine can be anything but white but they always told me that I was lying or just trying to get attention or that I was delusional and it gave me such a complex. like I would repeatedly ask my dad if we were really mexican. “daddy, are you sure we’re not just italian? are you sure you’re not just really tan. are you sure that you don’t just talk a funny way?” like my dad legit has a heavy mexican accent and I’ve been to dozens of family reunions and mexican weddings and countless parties and christenings where my family is the only white-looking one in the room, but I was so convinced that it was all just a fallacy at such a young age bc I had to keep defending my heritage to people who would just brush me off.

and this started when i was maybe seven and it was bc a girl had just moved to my town from ecuador and told me that I couldn’t be mexican bc I didn’t speak spanish fluently and it just sucks. and I’m not playing the “poor white girl” card but like I had an identity crisis when I was seven and it was just bc ppl looked at me, saw light skin and decided that I was a liar when I told them, proudly, that I’m half-mexican and I identify as latina.

it got so bad that I’ve considered getting a paternity test to make sure that my dad is really my dad even though we have the same eyes and nose. how fucked up is that?

Boyfriend!Hongbin (VIXX)

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Boyfriend!Hakyeon   Boyfriend!Taekwoon   Boyfriend!Jaehwan

  • Ok so Kong has sisters right?
  • So if you get your period then don’t worry, he’s not gonna judge you for bleeding all the time and being all emotional
  • I feel like it would take a while for Hongbin to really like you
  • Because he knows he’s handsome
  • And he knows VIXX are famous
  • So he’d be careful not to date someone who’s using him for his fame or good looks
  • But once he trusts you he’d be so in love
  • He’d do really cheesy stuff
  • And then he’d cringe really hard
  • Like he’d say something cheesy and then die of cringe
  • But he’d still be the cutest little boyfriend ever
  • He’d always pay for anything you wanted
  • Even if you wanted to pay by yourself he’d still try to pay for you
  • Can you imagine watching moorim school with him??
  • Like you’d obviously love it like !!! hell yeah wang chi ang!!
  • And he’d be like
  • …. babe…. pls… don’t…
  • Highkey if I dated Lee Hongbin I’d call him wang chi ang all the time
  • You having to be the one who cooks because this poor boy can’t cook for shit
  • Like he’d want to try to learn but….. No..
  • Like at first you’d have to drag him with you bc it’s late
  • But he’d love it so much!!
  • And all the ahjummas would tell you that you two look good together
  • They’d all ship you
  • You’d be everyone ever’s OTP
  • Every time that you’d meet his family they’d ask when you two are getting married and he’d just awkwardly laugh and change the subject real quick lmao
  • Him taking pictures of you all the time
  • Like we all know how he takes pictures all the time (why doesn’t he have an instagram account yet wth kong)
  • Cuddling with Hongbin would be amazing!
  • He’d love to cuddle in any position ever!!!
  • But if you’re spooning he’d want to be the big spoon
  • And he would whisper things to you
  • And he’d sing to you!!
  • And you’d hear his cute little laugh right next to your ear!!
  • In conclusion:
  • Hongbin is really cute, date him if you ever get the chance.

Also: Hyuk is next up but feel free to request anything in the meanwhile!!

When Ron, frustrated with studying for NEWTs and with Hermione’s anxious sixth-year nagging, explains to her what reading is like for him, Hermione’s breath catches. “Ron, you’re dyslexic,” she says, softly, and instantly regrets every snide comment she’s ever made towards his study habits. 

Soon, by asking around, Hermione amasses a list of spells for Ron to try - some stilling the page, some changing the font of books for easy reading, some going after Ron’s temporal lobe directly. 

These help, a little, but not as much as knowing there’s a word for why reading is so hard for him. That it’s normal, that he’s not stupid, and that Hermione suddenly helps instead of criticizes, looks for solutions rather than complains, praises instead of gloats. 


#oh god you can see how scared his was to look inside the room #and he actually have to look away #he can’t stand to see what “he” has done #he must feel so guilty #can you imagine alec having to wash the blood of his hand #he always try so hard to do what it’s right #and even knowing that he was posessed and that it wasn’t his fault this probably is killing him #and when they are watching the video #that ‘oh my god’ that he says #as if there was this little part of him that against all evidences was hoping that it wasn’t his posessed body that has done it #god this killed me #can alec please catch a break??!!!


Let’s please talk about this moment

Jun was trying really hard to hide that he was about to cry, Vernon noticed, and probably teased him for it because it was a rare sight. When the staff came with tissues, Jun kind of scrambled to get one, like he didn’t want anyone to notice. Vernon had his full attention on Jun afterwards and rubbed him on the back even though Jun kept walking away and looked at him like, “What? I wasn’t crying.”



talking from experience, when all you wanna do is finish your damn project the person trying to pull you away from it (for whatever reason) may seem like a monster or a villain but in this case lance was only looking after shiro.


Can you believe this is the moment Even decides he’s going to kiss Isak? The way he looks him up and down and reads every emotion on Isak’s face knowing just as well that Isak wants him to do it? 
Can you believe the way his jaw clenches, the way it looks like he’s swallowing, how scared he must have been, how he smiles fondly and his eyes light up as he decides he’s going to kiss him, but how much he was psyching himself up like? It’s time! You can do it! Just move in closer, a little at a time. 
The way he arches his neck, the way he moves in fragments almost like he’s being as precise and careful as possible, like this is going to be it! I’ve been trying so hard to do anything I can to even just talk to this boy I saw on the first day of school and now here he is. 
Then we have Isak who is staring at the ground, completely frozen as this boy, this tall, funny, insanely handsome boy who had stared him dead in the eyes as he was dancing moves in. Can you imagine how nervous Isak was, the butterflies in his stomach? But how badly he was just like ! please ! do ! it !
BUT can you believe Even was slow, waiting to see if Isak would object, waiting to see if he was comfortable, not just forcing himself on Isak?
Can you believe that Even Bech Næsheim did all that, went the extra mile to do THAT, to really think about every single move he made, and still be just as nervous, just as scared, because yes he is Extra Even, cool, collected, Even who seems to exude confidence, but he’s also Even who has internal issues, Even who is just as terrified because he could easily be rejected, he could easily be mistaken, he could fumble and embarrass himself, but he decides to do it anyways because this may just be the only time he can, especially after what he saw with Isak and Emma? 
He needed to make a move now, or he was going to lose him. 
And so he does, he leans in, he moves close, and grapples with those last few seconds right before he’s about to kiss Isak, right before he’s about to finally do it, and then- 

                                         can you b e l i e v e

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Heey I love your art! What are your top favorite 5 Nalu momentas?

thats really hard to choose oh my god! i love even when they are looking to each other but for you ill choose so

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Number 5: Unlike the other scenes when Natsu threatens his enemies who are trying to hurt Lucy with his already well known quote “ Ill burn you to ash” This one is different. Natsu has already experienced how it is to loose Lucy so this time, he is angrier than other times, He points there “ It is still Lucy” No matter what happens to her, Lucy will always be Lucy for him. Even so, look at her face. After staying near his bed, worried about him dying, look how happy she is.. her smile here is precious

Number 4: Lucy sleeping near Natsu, She has been worried about his life and she didn’t move away from him one single second, no matter that Freed told her he will be okay and anyone else. Natsu had a lot of friends, each one doing his fights but it was Lucy staying near him all this time, like in the earlier chapters when she got naked to save his life. 

Number 3: Lucy hugging Natsu from behind

She now does this quite often, but this one was a relief for her. She needed it, she wanted to thank him for everything he has done. I dont think i Can explain this that much, but i just love this moment

Number 2: Lucy jumping from the tower She chooses to jump, to have faith in Natsu. She knows that wherever she is, whatever she does, he will always be there protecting her, catching her from falling. I dont think she really heard his voice, but she says “ I am sure” she knows he will hear her, he will save her once more time. I loved how this scene was animated, because I love hearing Lucy screaming “ Natsuu” Aya really did put passion voicing that scene lol

And there he is, catching her right on time before she hits the  ground. 

Number 1: the last and my favorite: LUCY!

How I said before, he experienced already how it is to loose her, he doesn’t want to loose the most important person in his life, after loosing Igneel.He climbs onto her, protecting her with all of his body. He was faster than he was with Future Lucy, he was with all of his on her, taking the impact to protect her. You can see into his eyes all of his feelings: Agony, desperation. He would do everything for her, even sacrifice his own life

Mashima shows us how Nalu grew into a strong friendship-relationship. More than friends but less than lovers. Their time will come. Natsu cares the most about Lucy and Lucy cares the most about Natsu. Being put in face of one another`s death, it shows not once, but every time that each one of them would do absolutely everything for one another, giving their own lives for the other one.

Thin Walls (Jaehyun x Reader)

Hey! Long time no see! It’s been a minute since I last posted something or filled a request, and the guilt of not doing so was slowly eating away at me lol I managed to throw this one together after forever and it took so long because I was struggling hard core on the actual smut. It’s just so difficult trying not to repeat a scene I’ve done previously in the exact same way, etc. But finals are coming up, and I’ll be trying my darndest to chip away at these requests as best as I can! Hope you all enjoy this one!!!

P.S. I miss his curly permed hair, it brought me so much joy :’) He just looks so soft and cuddly, bless his soul I love him so so much !!

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Moving to one of the biggest cities, you had your hopes high, but not too high. You knew it wasn’t a perfect place, with perfect people who had perfect lives and perfect apartments. There were the dumpster divers, the druggies in the alleyways, and the snobs that flaunted their glittery 24 caret plumage on their wrists and necks, suffocating themselves with mink coats and expensive cigarettes. But you were determined to ignore all of it, the people who mattered were like you; starving, but alive, living their big dreams regardless of the struggle. You clung to those people, the places they frequented, and learned to love and appreciate the side of this city that was your new home. You were stable and free now, able to pursue the things you enjoyed and make a living to support yourself. 

If there was one thing you loved above all else, it was your flat. It had been a treasure find during a hot summer night not very different from the one now, your mind a little hazed by the one too many drinks you’d tipped back at a friend’s house party. Your body buzzing as you wandered back to your temporary home at a hotel, feeling drawn to take a new street instead of the subway.

The sign was a rickety chalkboard with words scribbled across it in blue chalk, advertising an empty apartment for rent. You almost paid no heed to it, wanting nothing more than to collapse in your bed and pass out, maybe even throw up in the nearest trash can. Something prompted you to grab one of the pamphlets pinned to the board and shove it in your purse for later, didn’t hurt to try, right? You didn’t think twice about it until the next morning when the sun cracked above the horizon, bolting upright and scrabbling for your cellphone to dial the number, despite your massive head ache from your hangover. Pickings were slim in the trendy city of Seoul, millions of people vying for a place to call their own, you had to give it a try because it might be your only chance for a while. Plus, you were tired of hopping from one cheap hotel to the next and crashing at your friends’ flats. You needed a place to call your own.

A soft spoken old woman had picked up, her motherly voice cooing like a mourning dove as she gave you a time to stop by to tour the flat. You had arrived way too early due to eagerness, the building being located on one of the most popular and famous streets only added to its charm. Lovely and eclectic themed coffee shops, boutiques, and makeup and bookstores lined the street, making it one of the busiest. If you weren’t already ready to sign the dotted line, the moment you walked in was the last word.

When she had brought you up that creaky elevator that seemed to soar up and up into the sky, your breath had been taken away as soon as you walked into the apartment. It wasn’t the newest, but it had an old charm to it. Exposed brick on the outer walls, windows stretching wide to depict the city skyline, and it could be all yours. She had warned you about some problems like creaky pipes, leaks, and especially the thin walls since you shared one with one other apartment. You could care less at that point, already ready to sign the contract and call the humble little place yours.

So here you were now, the humid night setting in as you sat lounging on your couch, dripping in sweat and absolutely sweltering. All your windows were cracked, the old AC cranked as high as it could go, and one greasy fan that struggled to spin, which hardly made much of a difference at all. You were dressed in only your underwear and a sports bra, trying to cool yourself off as you pressed an ice pack to the back of your neck with another annoyed groan.

Today had been your day off, wanting nothing more than to go outside and enjoy it, but the heat was so stifling you’re sure you would have roasted under the sun in five minutes. So you stayed inside, trying to mind your own business as usual and take a day to yourself. All afternoon you heard the same old usual sounds from your next door neighbor, not even bothered by the incredible thinness of the wall that divided your two apartments anymore. He was young and gorgeous, a college student living off campus, pursuing a degree in music. You’d met him only on a few occasions, and he was sweet and personable enough, but it felt like the two of you were connected somehow. You knew him better than those simple hellos in the hallway and so did he. The wall was so thin and hollow that the two of you could almost perfectly hear what the other was doing all the time, which irked and frightened you at first. Sometimes it even felt like your flats weren’t separated at all, you wouldn’t have been surprised if you saw him walking around your living room one day.

You didn’t want to lie to yourself, he really was completely beautiful. Your heart nearly leapt into your throat every time you saw him smile, his dimples poking out cutely at even the smallest quirk of his soft looking lips. He towered over you, making your pulse race whenever he stopped you in the hallway to let you know about a problem the building was having, his warm hand burning a permanent brand on your shoulder. You couldn’t say you were in love with him, not yet. But you could say you liked him very, very much and at the moment was completely entranced by him.

Jung Jaehyun loved to sing, his velvety voice usually would ring throughout your floor during the day. He sang everything, even his own compositions, which he knew you could hear, almost like he wanted to know your opinion. You loved to listen to him while you cooked, or when you showered, sometimes humming or singing softly back to him, just so you could let him know it was okay for him to continue. In all honestly, you enjoyed it more than you realized, and he knew it too.

Little did you know, he knew a lot of things. Those walls kept no secrets, especially the ones you wouldn’t even dare utter aloud.

Passing him in the thin, musty hallway always seemed to make your heart beat fast enough to burst from your chest. You were sure that he could probably see your whole body shaking from just the greeting he shot you, dimples poking out coyly as he pressed himself against the wall to let you pass. He smelled like a man, rough and homey, something familiar and something that made you crave to be near him again and again. You hated how easily he could twist you around his finger and the two of you were barely friends, just neighbors politely living next to one another.

You let your head fall back against the couch, the magazine you were using to fan yourself picking up speed as you thought of your neighbor and his mischievous ways. He was probably in the same position as you, slouched onto his couch, most likely gloriously shirtless as he attempted to break the relentless heat wave that was trapped in the city. Your face turned a darker shade of red, childishly tossing your magazine across the room as your mind swam with desirable images of Jaehyun lounging on his couch with less and less clothing as time went by. You groaned loudly, standing up to go suffer in bed when you heard a familiar noise on the other side of the wall, a velvety humming.

You crept silently over to the wall, wincing every time a rickety floorboard creaked. Settling softly against the wall, you pressed your ear to it, straining to hear just what was happening on the other side. It was a gentle hum, reminiscent of a cat purring, so close to the wall the sound tingled your ear. His voice so silky that even the most expensive lengerie couldn’t compete with the sheer amount of sexiness and comfort you received from hearing it.

The good part comes between wanting and needing,” Jaehyun crooned from behind the wall, and you turned to press your forehead to the faded blue paint, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you swayed back and forth where you sat. He knew oh so well how much you loved it when he sang sensual pieces; knew how much the sound of him humming those words turned you on. It was an unspoken arrangement that neither of you were prepared to mention when you passed each other in the hall.

Because who knew what would happen if you did? Where it would lead?

You swore you heard the boy on the other side give a sharp inhale of breath, but paid no attention when he sang the next bit, “When it’s less about eating and more about feeding.”

Biting your lip, you slid a hand up and down your exposed thigh, sighing wantonly when you heard him shift on the other side. You wished desperately for him to be in front of you, arms open for you, lips waiting to be kissed, and eyes filled to the brim with lust. You gave a soft gasp as you slid a hand over your panties, feeling a heat beginning to grow in your stomach, and a wetness form in between your legs.

In between…right where you wanted Jaehyun.

You heard him shudder on the other side of the wall, the erotic and strangely familiar metallic sound of a belt unbuckling caused your hips to buck into your fingers that were gliding over the covered folds of your heat. You pressed a finger to your clit and bit back a moan when you heard the clunk of a buckle hitting the wood floors, a relieved groan reached you through the wall and you cried out in response.

How he managed to continue to sing was a mystery to you, but you could hardly believe you ears as he sang, “You know the best could always be better.” You pulled your panties down your smooth thighs and immediately slid a finger into your soaking heat, illiciting a gasp that mirrored Jaehyun’s. The way you practically dripped onto the wood floors made you blush as your walls tightened around you finger. You could practically hear the smirk in his voice, barely being able to imagine him without passing out from want; pants unbottoned, belt messily undone, briefs hastily pulled down in order to let his hard member breathe. His hand almost shaking as he attempted to control the quavering in his voice, “When the hardest could be harder…”

You heard him groan and you moaned in response, nails clawing against the wall as you pumped your fingers inside yourself, imagining it was him. You slumped against the wall and used your other hand to rub your clit hurriedly, feeling so close you could hardly stand it. You clung on to each word, knowing his hand was moving in tandem with yours, breathing synchronized as he practically moaned the next words, “And the wettest is wetter.”

You cried out his name, just about to finally come when his voice cut you short, “Stop, _____.”

You immediately retracted you hand while panting, waiting for him to continue, wanting to whine from your need to release. His voice was low, calm and full of command, but you heard how he strained to keep it level. “Listen closely, baby girl. Go unlock your door. Then I want you in your bed. Naked. Do you understand?”

Your lips quivered in want, “Yes.”

You didn’t wait for him to tell you to go, your body moved quickly, instinctively and driven by want as you scrambled to the door. Your hands trembled as you slid the lock over, hardly believing what you were about to do. You clambered towards your bedroom, clicking all the lights off and flicking on your bedside lamp and fairy lights you had strewn over your headboard. Then you yanked your curtains open on your large window that took up an entire wall, allowing the rainbow ambient light ofSeoul to seep in through the glass. You stilled for a moment, hearing footsteps in the hallway, the clunk of your door handle being grasped as it was turned. You panicked and struggled to rip off your panties and sports bra, realizing as soon as you hopped on your bed that your entire room was a disaster. You were about to scream into the nearest pillow when you heard short knocks on your door frame. Too late now.

He was too much, period. The boy was sculpted from something close to the gods, with a body gorgeously lean, his frame broad, and legs long enough for you to climb. He wore nothing but a pair of dark briefs, the outline of his hard member pressing insistently against the fabric as if taunting you. Everything about him was either dark or light, a contrast that made your knees weak. His dark hair was a beautiful mess, like he frequently ran his fingers through it. His ebony eyes drew you in and kept you there, not allowing your own gaze to wander anywhere else. Jaehyun stepped towards the bed, fingers running over the cool silk of your sheets you had spent so much money on. You saw a small smile flicker over his lips that made your body quiver, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

It’s going to be fun ruining that silk.

When he got onto the bed, you gasped at the predator look in his eyes as he crawled towards you on all fours. The bed creaked lightly as you shifted back on instinct, even though you felt so drawn toward him, wanting nothing more than to finally touch him. You realized you have never laid a single finger on him and he you, but both of you were so completely enraptured with one another even when there was a wall separating you. It was honestly poetic, and strangely beautiful.

Unmuffled, his voice was even more velvety, “You don’t know how often I thought about this very scenario.” He laid you down and crawled up your body, careful to not touch you, not yet. “All those nights when I could hear you touching yourself, moaning my name as you finally came.”

Your body shook, wanting to squeeze your eyes shut from embarrassment, but Jaehyun held your gaze. You pressed your thighs together as he leaned closer to you, his hair tickling your forehead, “Were you imagining my fingers, baby girl? Or maybe my tongue?”

You could hardly answer, eyes wide as his lips barely grazed yours as he whispered, “If you really want it that bad, princess, why don’t I give it to you?”

With that he closed the gap between your bodies, allowing his entire frame to press against you along with his soft lips. They glided so easily against yours, like they were meant for one another. One of his hands came up to tangle in your hair, allowing him complete control of you as he slipped his sinful tongue into your mouth. You moaned in appreciation at the slick feeling of his tongue sliding against yours, tasting the tea he had been drinking earlier. He pulled away for air, panting as he slid down your body dragging his tongue over your  skin. He pressed wet kisses to your breasts and ribs, hands gripping your hips as he groaned against your skin, “I’m going to cover every inch of your skin with my tongue, until your fucking begging for it, baby girl.”

You gazed down at him as he worked lower and lower, your body glistening from where his mouth left. Hovering over your dripping heat, he blew cool air on it, smirking at the way you arched off the bed. The moment his tongue made contact with your lower lips, your hand found his dark locks, tangling your fingers through them. He released a groan from the taste, attacking your clit with his lips as he sucked at it mercilessly. His ebony eyes stared up at you and you could feel the smirk against your inner thigh as he went to bite at the soft skin there, leaving a dark purple hickey. He didn’t leave just one though, that wasn’t Jaehyun’s style. He wanted to wake up to you tomorrow morning, thighs littered with bruises and violently purple hickeys. As he nosed along your inner thighs, your body began to tremble and ache as he revisited old markings, biting and pressing kisses to them, “J-Jaehyun!…Please!”

He pulled away and regarded you with amusement, “Please what, baby girl?” He was enjoying himself, dragging his tongue over those cheeky bruises proudly.

You shifted your hips to make your point clear, too embarrassed to ask aloud for what you really wanted him to do. He tilted his head innocently, licking his bottom lip from one corner to the other as he traced his tongue over your taste. Deep down you realized that Jaehyun wouldn’t give you what you wanted if you didn’t give him what he wanted. It was a game of give and take, and you needed to swallow your pride.

You gulped, voice straining with want, “P-please fuck me with your fingers and tongue, Jaehyun.”

“Hmmm,” he simpered, letting a finger lightly trace over your clit. “Since you were such a good listener earlier, I’ll give you what you want.” He leaned closer to your lower lips, but stopped himself, looking up at you through his lashes as he whispered, “Make sure to pay me back later though.”

You let out a sigh of relief as he began to eat you out, his tongue doing things you’d only imagined before all of this. You almost had to pinch yourself because everything felt so surreal. Your neighbor, who you’ve only politely spoken to in the hallway, was now eating you out better than any other person you’ve been with. You weren’t sure you were going to survive until morning.

Jaehyun worked a finger past your folds, the slickness of your heat allowing it to slide in easily. At the sound of your moans of approval, he worked another finger in with a small smirk, hardly believing all this was happening as well. He held the same sentiments as you, having to mentally slap himself from stopping just to stare in awe at you. You had to be the most beautiful and interesting girl he’d ever laid eyes upon, the first moment he saw you he was already decided. You were his muse. The mysterious subject to his songs he wrote, the girl in all of them…they were you.

“______,” he hummed your name, allowing his tongue to soak in your taste, committing your moans and sounds of pleasure to memory. To him, they were more beautiful than any song he could compose, completely gorgeous. His fingers quickened their pace, feeling your walls convulse around them as you neared release. He pulled his mouth away, allowing his fingers to do all the work as he regarded you with that dangerous look in his eyes again. He looked like a predator debating whether he was going to eat you now or later as he murmured, “Should I let you come, ________? Have you earned it?”

You whimpered, hands scrabbling for his hair and tugging at it insistantly, “Y-yes.”

He slowed his pace, brows furrowing, “Yes, who?”

“Yes, Jaehyun!…,” you recovered frantically, hips urging him along as he continued at his original pace.

“That’s what I thought,” he simpered, fingers thrusting into you so powerfully that your body rocked the bed. “How bad do you want it? Tell me just how bad you want me to make you come.”

His fingers, quickening slightly, distracted you as you attempted to form a coherent sentence, “I-I want it, Jaehyun!” Thinking swiftly, you added, “Please, baby!” Looking pitiful was always a good way to get what you wanted, or it could just make things much worse.

Luckily, Jaehyun’s dark eyes softened as he saw the tears beginning to pool in yours, “Whatever you want, baby girl.” He bent his head down again, his hot breath on your inner thighs sending your mind into overdrive as he latched onto your clit and his fingers sped up. Your toes curled, thighs trembling as your high approached, hips rolling into Jaehyun mouth as you fucked back against his fingers. You cried out, body shaking as he finger fucked you through your high, drawing out that feeling of ecstasy for as long as he could.

He didn’t stop there though, he kept going long after your release ended. Weakened by your orgasm you squirmed beneath him and his mouth as he continued to work you, fingers not quitting their breakneck pace. You cried out, hands weakly trying to push him away as the overstimulation made your thighs shake, “J-Jaehyun please!…”

Tears of passion leaked down your face from the sheer pleasure he was giving you, only pulling away after he glanced up and saw them. He immediately pulled your body into his chest and kissed the tear tracks from your cheeks, hushing you softly. You took a shaky breath as he laid you down on your back, hovering over you. His eyes raced over your curves and features, fingers tracing your Cupid’s bow as he pressed kissed to your lips and neck. He sucked another hickey, this time very noticeably on your neck; the boy had to have an obsession with marking, you decided, not the least bit upset by that fact. Your eyelids slid close as his mouth worked over your neck, your hand sliding down his chest to his hips, sliding over his briefs to brush against his member.

He let out a soft groan, his hips rocking into your hand begging, wanting for more touch. You massaged him over his too tight briefs, wanting nothing more than to give him relief and feel him inside you. Your lips brushed against his ear as you whispered softly, “I want you so bad, Jaehyun.”

You felt him shiver above you, his hands already traveling from your hips to the waistband at his. He seemed to tower above you as he slid his briefs off, allowing you to stare as he kneeled above your body. You took in his lean muscles, your nails softly raking down his chest which caused him to release a shaky breath from the feeling. Your soaked heat throbbed at the sight of his erect member that weeped precum, your body already ready to feel another release.

Acting purely out of lust and a little bit of instinct, you pushed him off of you and turned around, getting on your hands and knees. You immediately felt his hands on your hips as he bent over your body and pressed open mouth kisses to your back. Seeing you like this somehow sobered Jaehyun up, his lips moving softly against your skin as he murmured, “Are you sure, ______?”

You could tell by his voice that he was making sure this wasn’t going to be something you would regret or try to brush off. You felt commitment and real affection in Jaehyun’s touch, which reassured you and gave you hope for what would come out of all of this. You were definitely sure, “Yes, I trust you, baby.”

You felt a smile against your skin, the feeling of the atmosphere suddenly so much more intimate and romantic as he teased your opening with the tip of his member. You breathed out to steady yourself as he carefully pushed into you, your walls already so tight around him. Jaehyun groaned at the satisfying feeling, his hands that gripped your hips squeezed you tightly. You let out a gasp, the same emotions washing over you as well as he slid in to the hilt easily. You felt connected, complete.

You urged him to move by rocking back into him, his hips rolling into you as you gave him your approval. The warmth of the day was nowhere close to the burning heat you were feeling now, the way Jaehyun’s hips snapped into you as he pummeled your core left you completely star struck. You could feel him panting against the skin of your back as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into you. Minutes felt like hours as he fucked you into pleasurable oblivion, his stamina impressive. When his thrusts became more eratic, you reached down to rub your clit, hips pulled by his warm hands to fuck back against him.

His velvet voice sounded tight as he groaned, “Baby girl, you’re gonna make me come.”

As he spoke those words, you couldn’t help but almost release; every time he opened his mouth your body practically shook. Your walls slid around him, tightening as you neared your second high of the night, “Ah!…”

“Fuck!,” he cursed, releasing his hot seed inside of you, his head thrown back as you came as well. Your arms have put underneath you and your face pressed deeply into the sheets as Jaehyyn groaned above you, his hips rocking ever so slightly to prolong his orgasm. Your body felt on fire, hair sticking to your forehead as he pulled out of you gently.

Your mind was a complete blur as Jaehyyn carefully cleaned you up, pressing kisses as he made you comfortable, hardly realizing that you were laying in his arms. He played with your messy hair, untangling the knots left by him during his passion as he hummed soothingly. As your head cleared, you attempted to think of something to say, anything really. The entire situation was whack, to say the least. You just had sex with your neighbor, after masturbating with him, and having only really talked to him a few times in the hallway. You were crazy and your skin was heating up at the fact that you had tricked yourself earlier into thinking he might have real feelings for you.

Disappoint began to seep into your bones as you turned to him, afraid to make eye contact with his burning gaze. You might as well break the silence, get it over with and rip it off like a bandaid. Mustering up the courage, you murmured his name, “Jaehyun.”

“Hm?,” he hummed, fingers now tracing your nose and cheekbones. His sweet actions hurt you, knowing that they honestly meant nothing. He looked up at you expectantly, eyebrows raised in curiosity as he saw you preparing yourself like you were about to give him a speech or lecture.

He was just being polite.

“You-,” you started horribly, stuttering as you tripped over your own words, “L-listen, I-”

“_______.” He stopped you, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear. You bit your tongue as he spoke up, gentle and reassuring, “Don’t worry about it. It’s okay.”

You felt like you were burst into tears at any moment, those words of his only adding to your false hope. Your lip quivered, “It’s not okay though.”

“No, it is,” he cupped your cheek, drawing you impossibly closer into his arms. His dark eyes suddenly changed, a nervousness penetrating them as his entire counternance shifted and something so innocent and puppy-like was left behind. You watched as he bit his lip and looked away from you, his voice soft, “Can I tell you something?”

You were confused, but nodded anyway as he propped himself up on his elbow. He picked at your bedding anxiously, “This isn’t how I wanted it to happen.” Jaehyun breathed out deeply, almost in an annoyed huff, “I wanted to take you out for coffee, go to my favorite book store, show you the best record shop this side of the city…but that didn’t happen.” He flopped onto his back, passing a hand over his face as your jaw practically dropped to the floor, “But I went and rushed it, all because I was fucking horny and knew you were probably listening…”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m literally such a dumb ass. I hope you’ll forgive me because I really really like you, ______.” He glanced over at you and his eyes widened at your shocked expression, “What?”

“You mean it? You mean all of it?,” you whispered, heart racing as he turned towards you again.

“Of course I do, baby girl,” he replied, a small smile lifting the corners of his soft lips. You mirrored his look when you noticed his dimples poking out, begging for you to give them a kiss.

And you did, just because you could.

He laughed a beautifully melodic laugh, his eyes smiling, hair messy, with dimples framing his face as he pressed kiss after kiss to your body. Honestly, you still couldn’t believe your luck. Or was it luck at all? Jaehyun couldn’t believe it either as you snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep feeling content and peaceful. Everything was changing from here on out, and it definitely was for the better.

There they are. Cannot believe Shishikura has lavender hair. lmao

Look at this nerd HAHAHA! (He also likes vegetables. I would imagine he got sick with meat because of his Quirk).

confirmed i k e m e n

Okay seriously here’s the images of the Volume 12 omake: https://twitter.com/YonkouProd/status/826331325648891904

And some translations I did:

Power Loader

  • 埋島干狩 - Maijima Higari
  • He likes cars.
  • Quirk: Iron Claws

Ms. Joke

  • 福門笑 - Fukukado Emi
  • She likes comedy.

Yoarashi Inasa

  • He likes passion/hot blood. lol (literally 熱血)
  • His costume makes him really look a great man.
  • It’s difficult to draw!!

Shindou You

  • He likes fishing.
  • He’s an ikemen! (a cool and handsome guy by definition)
  • Hori wanted to try having an ikemen (in the story). But he didn’t know how to define an ikemen, so he thought very hard how to make one, and concluded that if the guy has a cool hairstyle, that also makes him a cool guy. And it took him 5 minutes to reach that conclusion.

Shishikura Seiji

  • He likes vegetables. lmao
  • Personally, I (Horikoshi) like him very much.
  • His Quirk can get a little grotesque.
  • I want to draw a meat-lump, warm-hearted comedy following the daily life of Shishikura.


  • 目良善見 - Mera Yokumiru
  • He likes sleeping.
  • A working person chased by hard work. Hang in there! Let’s hang in there!!
Nonsense (Jungkook x Reader)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 2,895

Genre: Smut

A/N: Sorry for the wait~ I hope you enjoy ^^

The sickening thought pierces you as you’re curled up on your couch, Inkigayo playing on the screen. Jungkook is doing his best as always, flashing the camera looks that he always says “aren’t sexy”, but undeniably are. His hips thrust forward and his movements are perfect, ARMY screaming in the background, always the faithful studio audience.

And—watching the kind-hearted, hard-working boy on screen—you think something that scares you.

I’m not good enough for him.

Not good enough for the golden maknae—the boy who can do everything. Sing, rap, dance—he’s even got the looks and the personality to back it up. And in comparison to all of that…who are you? You’re so normal in comparison to him. Sure, you’re not a bad singer, and you try hard at your job and your school work, but…

He’s too good for me.

Your heart aches at the terrifying realization, your lips pressing into a straight line. Your entire body tenses, distraught because your boyfriend is…beyond you. Why had he chose to date you of all people? Surely there were prettier, more talented girls that he could choose from. So many ARMY’s you’d spotted at fan-meets were so beautiful…

“Shit,” you whisper, the first fallen tears tumbling down your cheeks, the water droplets plopping onto your bare hands. Hurriedly you rush to wipe the wetness away, but despite your efforts the tears don’t stop. The negative thoughts in your mind continue to weigh down on you, and no matter how hard you try to rationalize—try to convince yourself otherwise—the thoughts persist.

Burying your face in your palms, teeth tightly grit, you hardly notice when the broadcast ends. The ending ment takes place, the artists’ way goodbye, and the next program begins. By the time you finally look up—eyes stinging and vision blurry—it’s been a good half an hour.

“Fuck–!” you hiccup, making a dive for the coffee table where you phone is resting. After the show tonight he’d been planning to come over and spend time with you—but he can’t see you like this! Oh god—

To your utter horror, the minute you unlock the device a new message flashes on the screen.

Jeon Jungkookie <3

I’m right around the corner. Unlock the door for me cuz I know you’ll forget.

Panicked, you glance up at your door, actually debating running over to lock it when you notice that it’s already unlocked.


You don’t have to come! I’m sure you’re tired!

…is what your hurriedly type as an excuse, hoping that maybe for once he’ll actually listen. Maybe for once he’ll actually feel tired and will agree that the dorm will be more comfortable, and—

Jeon Jungkookie <3

Nope~ I’m in the lobby. And yeah I’m tired—I plan to spend the rest of the night sleeping with you in my arms.

His words would normally make your heart flutter with love and excitement—because it’s not often that Jungkook says such cute or romantic words—but tonight his statement causes you to almost faint. No no no no—no! He can’t—you can’t—

At that moment the handle to your apartment jiggles—apparently you hadn’t turned the lock all the way—and you hear Jungkook mumble a little curse. He continues messing with the handle—knowing by now how to get it to unlock for him—and you take that second to vault over the couch. You reach your bedroom threshold just as Jungkook opens the front door.

“Hey–,” he starts at seeing you, a smile on his face. He figures that maybe you want to mess with him a little—play a little game of tag because you love not making anything easy for him—but the minute you turn to slam the door shut and he sees the panic on your face, his smile drops.

“Hey, Y/N–,” he tries again, taking a hurried stride forward. However, before he can make it to the door you have it shut and locked, your back pressed against the smooth wood as you slide down to the floor, your chest shaking with a new round of sobs.

“Y/N, hey, c’mon, what’s wrong,” Jungkook immediately begs, his knuckles lightly knocking against the door. The deep-rooted concern in his voice immediately has you crying harder—your noises of distress now reaching his ears.

Jungkook’s heart cracks instantly, his palms pressing flat against the door. His voice catches in his throat, mind blanking. He’s not sure what to do. What the hell managed to get you so upset??

“Y/N, jagi, please,” he tries gently, moving to test the door knob. Of course it’s locked. “Please talk to me. What’s wrong?”

“I…,” is all you manage, wrapping your arms around your knees. Your sobs have quieted despite the steady flow of tears. “I…”

“Please let me in. Talk to me—you can trust me, I promise.”

“Jungkook…,” you begin tentatively, mind feeling numb despite your hammering heart. You set your mouth in a frown, brushing away the wetness staining your cheeks.

“Should we break up?” you ask, a broken laugh following the proposal.

The apartment sits in silence for good few seconds, your throat constricting with each tick of the clock, and then finally—

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jungkook’s voice isn’t angry. He’s…shocked, confused, even heart-broken at the proposition. “Do you…do you seriously think that? Y/N, what the—?”

“You’re too good for me!” you shout suddenly, unable to take the wave of hurt that has washed into his tone. “I’m…I’m just…me! And you’re the golden maknae of BTS! I don’t deserve you! It’s—I mean—it’s just…”

Your head is spinning all over again, too many emotions coursing through you at once.

“Y/N,” Jungkook’s stern voice suddenly breaks through the silence, your racing thoughts screaming to a halt. “Open the door.”


“Please. Open the door,” he says, serious. Immediately you waver, eyes shifting back to look at the locked door knob. You can still hear the sadness hidden behind his calm tone, but you also know that he’s being 100% serious. He wants you to open the door.

Taking a deep breath, smearing away any left-over tears, you push to your feet and turn to face the door. Slowly you lift your hand, fingers grasping the lock and twisting it open. The click echoes throughout the silent apartment, and you step back as the handle twists.

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The thing that killed me about the dinner scene was how much Lukas didn’t have to tell them that Philip tried to convince him to sell his dad’s watch to buy drugs. Lying about the gun and the cabin was mostly to save his own ass. Lying about the drugs which no one but Philip knew about? That was Lukas trying to get back at Philip for not helping him get them in the first place. And between Lukas betraying him that way and Helen flat out distrusting him, that was the final straw for Philip. He’s been through so much and tries so hard to look out for people (his mom, Lukas). But there are people willing to believe the worst of him just because of his difficult background. I just love Philip so much and he deserves more people like Gabe in his life.

  • Percy: So, how did your first battle go?
  • Magnus: Pretty good.
  • Samirah: *looks into the camera like on The Office*

we’ve seen yoongi cry the first time when he announced about wanting to be with armys for 10+ years. then we see him cry the second time when he found the seats of where his parents sat, whereas he bowed, and stayed down for so long to cry. and today, we see him cry again because hard work with his brothers paid off well. 

yoongi may appear stone cold or expressionless at times, but he’s such a dorky goofy turtle ball of life. people tend to forget he’s the down low sunshine of bangtan that we tend to pick him on about quickly whenever he’s being cute with them. he takes such great care of each member without trying to look like it, and flusters in low-key mode whenever he is praised for it.

and to be frank, i’ve never seen him glow so much than he has after his perfectionist self released his hard working mixtape, and received his fluffy wonderful love, min holly. it’s as though he has found love and is falling deeply with it. 

from today onwards, i cant wait to hear more from Genius Min. 


Seokjin: He himself would be exhausted as well because of staying up making countless sleep inducing teas to see if that would help. His hands would ache from massage after massage. Nothing would work. He doesn’t admit how frustrated he is though as it would just worry you.

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Yoongi: He would try not to get frustrated as this goes onto your third night of not sleeping. He would almost try to convince you to go to sleep, as if that would work. You’ve been trying to convince yourself to sleep for nights on nights. “Why don’t you just try? Maybe?” He sighs and covers his face with his hand.

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Hoseok: You would assure him that you are fine and that sooner or later you would fall asleep. It would be hard for him to believe considering it’s your 3rd night lacking sleep. He would look up into your eyes and give you a slight smile. “I really hope so.” He would sadly say.

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Namjoon: I honestly feel like he would take you out for a midnight walk out on the town. He would tell you random facts and get you ice cream, hoping that after the long night you would finally fall asleep. “You know, I’m really having fun but I’m getting tired. Are you?” He would ask, tightening the grip on your hand into a squeeze.

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Jimin: He sees you laying on the tile floor of the kitchen so he would slide over to you. “Whatcha doin?” He giggles. “Trying to freaking sleep.” You would groan. “Well you should get on a bed, it would be comfier than the floor.” You laugh and you both go to bed and cuddle. 

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Taehyung: He would invite Jin over to help since he has motherly instincts. He tries to support you into sleeping as Jin comes in with sleeping tea. “Hyung will always support you, okay?” Jin would assure. You smile and take the tea, sipping it. “Thank you guys, I’m glad to have friends like you.” You thank. “Well, I’m a little more than your friend.” Taehyung would smirk as you slapped his arm playfully. 

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Jungkook: He would wake up on the third night of you not sleeping only to see you staring at the wall. “You should try to sleep, I’m worried about you.” He would softly ask through the darkness. “I have been, for three nights.” You would firmly say in irritation. You’re not irritated at Jungkook per say, well you are irritated at how well he is sleeping, but your more irritated at yourself for not being able to sleep. He wouldn’t know what else to say so he just lightly traces shapes onto your bare back with his fingertips hoping that would relax you enough to at least doze off. 

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If you guys are going through anything, please, do not hesitate to message us or send us a ask if you want to go anonymous. I will talk to you about anything. I may not understand what you are going through, but I am here to talk. Both Admin S and I are. We love you guys and only want you guys to be happy. 

- Admin Kale

The Love of his LIFE

There were SO many wonderful Richonne moments in last night’s episode. I could write 1k words rhapsodizing about our warrior couple but I’m just going to leave this thought here:

It has never been more clear to me that Michonne is Rick’s North Star, his soulmate, his heart and the love of his life. After they slayed the herd together and had to fight to get to safety, Rick was clearly shaken and, I believe, he was inwardly freaking out that he could have lost Michonne out there. Rick is trying so hard to keep it together for the group but he’s still recovering from losing his friends and living under the thumb of a sociopath.

And there is Michonne….the light, the energy, the everything that he needs to keep on keeping on. She’s as necessary to him as breathing. Look at these images….she is helping Rick to refocus, to settle down, to remember that the two of them are, indeed, the ones who live.

I gotta tell you though….and I’m 100% serious about this. There is no Rick without Michonne. She’s his heart and soul and their love makes him whole again.

I’ve been watching television romances for many, many years, my friends and I’ve NEVER seen a couple like this. They’re positively inspirational.

source: janel_moloney