he's totally real

Nico: Oh, my Gods, guys…Santa…he won’t be able to reach us because of the camp border.

Leo: Um, Nico-

Jason: Leo, I know what you’re about to say, and I’m going to stop you right there.

Each Skaters motivator to win the Grand Prix
  • Otabek: Bring Kazakhastan honor
  • JJ: to claim the title of king
  • Chris: To defeat Victor
  • Yuurio: To be the youngest winner in history/ to defeat the katsudon
  • Phichit: Bring Southeast Asia honor

Mark & Haechan at school

Teacher: Lee Minhyung, where is your homework?

Mark:puts on a fake crying acting<he played games all night with his hyungs>

Mark: I’m sorry teach, you know being a leader and performing with 3 NCT units these days..I…I…am sorry…

Teacher: Poor boy, ok you may sit down for now, but don’t forget to bring it next week! Now…Lee Donghyuck…Lee Donghyuck student! Your homework!!

Haechan: wipes off his real tears <he did his homework for real>

Teacher, I am sorry, seriously this time, I forgot my notebook at the dorm! For real! I am not lying!!! I was too tired to remember taking it with me…

Teacher: This is the 3rd attempt Donghyuck student! Sit down, you’ll have extra classes starting from next week!


You have to understand, Flynn is out of control. If this one death can save hundreds… Save Rittenhouse, you mean.

Stanford: *holds shapeshifter* Our son.

Fiddleford: I want absolutely nothing to do with that thing.

Stanford: Our son.

Fiddleford: Put that thing back in whatever unholy, dark crevice of the earth it crawled out of.

Stanford: …I did not spend hours of labor-

Fiddleford: Sta-

Stanford: -giving life to this beautiful creature, just so you can talk to him that way.

A tidbit from unexpected source

Okay, so I went to WS twitter last night, cause I am an idiot, but was curious.

Anyway, among all the nonsense conspiracy theories he has come up with, secret blogs, shipper only FB groups where the “core” group secretly plots… Is he for real???? Totally unhinged… LOL LOL

Well, among those ridiculous tweets, the tweet below stood out!!

What makeup artist? Is he referring to the pics from the Saks photoshoot? 

When someone says to me “oops I let that info accidentally slip” to me that means the info was real but you were not supposed to say.

So, is Shatner confirming that makeup man accidentally gave us info? (or that other have accidentally given us info) This would mean the info was actually good??!! LOL LOL Saks makeup man was a great piece of info, I will say!!

Does Shatner realize that he has accidentally confirmed something that goes directly against his narrative???

Things that make you wonder, from a most unexpected source…LOL