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LOL, I'm laughing so hard....TMZ posted an article about how Freddie is Louis's mini-me because he is the spitting image of his dad! Larries really picked the wrong basket to put all their eggs in when they chose tmz as their babygate ender.


It’s Only A Beginning (14/?) Louis/Nick

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here. Read the whole thing here

“I don’t know whether you can turn up for a date in an anorak.”

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just got home and i am soaked and exhausted. after about 5-6h of sleep last night i left home at around 10am and just got back at 1am. there were no taxis at the train station so i had to walk home 20 mins in pouring rain. cooool

anyway, big weekend was loads of fun but i can barely see to type (just remembered i’m still wearing my contact lenses, def best purchase of the last week, it was so great being able TO SEE) so i’m just gonna make a list of the things i kinda remember. i’ve not watched any live footage or interviews yet so my memory is a bit hazy soz

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Preference #26: You accidentally break something of his (Part 2)

A/N: You got the first one to over 100 notes, thank you so much. Think you could do it again? Let me know whatcha you think! :)

Part 1


Niall: A few hours later you found yourself back home with a brand new guitar in the seat beside you. You got out and grabbed the guitar before shutting your door and making your way up to the front door. kicking your shoes off, you wandered into the living to find a crying Niall sitting on the couch “Niall?” you said quietly and his head snapped toward you “(Y/N).. you came back. I-I thought you left me..” he said, standing up and making his way towards you. “of course i came back Ni. i would never leave you after a stupid fight like this. I got you a new guitar.” you said handing it to him “oh (Y/N) you didn’t have to, it was stupid of me to get mad over a guitar. i’m sorry” you smiled and stood on your toes to kiss him lightly “you’re forgiven. Now c'mon, why don’t you play me something with that new guitar of yours”

Liam: later on that day you left the house and got Liam a new computer with the money you were going to use to get yours. “hey Liam” you said quietly as you walked into the bedroom when you got back. He looked up “i got you this” you said, holding out the new computer towards him “oh babe, did you spend the money you were gonna use on your new computer to get this” he said wrapping his arms around you. You looked down and nodded “(Y/N) you didn’t have to do that, i could have replaced it on my own, i’m sorry for getting so mad at you and for calling you clumsy.” he said giving you a sweet kiss “it’s fine Liam, and i wanted to get you it, i felt so bad for breaking that one and-” he pressed his lips to yours again “i’m buying you a new one and that’s final” he said before you could protest, you sighed “okay" 

Zayn: You were in the bathroom trying to hold back your loud sobs as you attempted to get the glass out of your knees ”(Y/N)?“ Zayn’s voice said from outside the door but you didn’t answer him, to upset to talk to him. You heard the door open and Zayn gasp "oh (Y/N) let me help you” he said coming over and pulling your hands away from your knees. “this is gonna sting” he warned before slowly pulling out the shard of glass that was in your knee “i’m sorry babe, i didn’t mean anything i said, i shouldn’t have gotten mad over a stupid mirror” he said as he grabbed a band-aid from the cabinet behind your head “i-i’ll buy you a new one Zayn i promise” you whimpered “no, it’s just a mirror (Y/N), i can replace it” he said placing the band-aid over your knee and giving it a light kiss “Forgive me for being stupid?” he asked with a hopeful look in his eyes. You giggled “only if you take me to dinner” he chuckled as he helped you off the counter “let’s go beautiful” you two went out and had an amazing time, forgetting all about the broken mirror.

Harry: (Y/N). (Y/N) baby wake up" you felt hands shaking your shoulders gently, you slowly opened your eyes and saw harry leaning over you “were you crying?” he asked as you rubbed your eyes “No” you lied but Harry knew you better than that “(Y/N) i’m sorry i yelled at you, i just got so mad that it was broken” he said tearing up a little. “no Harry i’m sorry, i promise i’ll pay to have it fixed i didn’t mean to break it i’m sor-” you were cut off by Harry’s lips pressing against yours “no (Y/N) you don’t have to pay for it, i’ll just get a new phone. i wanted to get a new one anyway” he laughed and you smiled “am i forgiven?” he asked hopefully “i dunno…” you teased and he tickled you lightly “i love you” he said kissing your forehead “i love you too" 

Louis: About 30 minutes later Harry and the tow showed up ”(Y/N) are you okay!? Louis told me you got in accident!“ Harry asked as you got in the car "i’m fine Haz” you giggled, wiping your eyes “what’s wrong?” he looked at you concerned “Louis’ pissed cause i totaled his car, i gotta find a way to pay for it now..” you said running a hand through your hair “don’t worry about it, i’ll pay for it” he said as he pulled into your’s and Louis’ driveway “Harry i can’t let you do that!” you exclaimed “too late, i’m gonna do it anyway, now go make up with your man” he said and you laughed thanking him and walked to the front door. “(Y/N) i’m so sorry i got mad at you for ruining my car, i totally neglected to think about your safety!” Louis said running up to you, inspecting you all over “it’s okay Lou and i’m fine stop!” you laughed as he picked up your arms and looked at them. “i’m so sorry (Y/N), you don’t have to pay for it, i can do it myself” he said “about that, Harry said he’s gonna pay for it” “oh no he isn’t, i need to call that curly haired freak!” he exclaimed before running off to find his phone making you giggle.