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I’ve been rereading a bunch of comments on Obito-heavy chapters of reverse, and there are a couple of points that people always bring up that just…bug me. And keep in mind that while he is totally my favorite character I do not excuse anything he did, nor do I feel his actions were justified. But sometimes, the hypocrisy of the statements gets to me. Cue rant:

1) “He killed so many people! And innocents!”

Yes, absolutely. But they’re shinobi - so has everyone else. Like, Minato canonically killed over a thousand Iwa shinobi in a single day. Kakashi also has an incredibly high kill-count from taking missions. Itachi killed hundreds in one night. Assassination contracts are also a thing, and there is no way that everyone the various shinobi in the villages kill is innocent. Killing people is kind of a thing with ninjas. If you don’t like Obito because he killed your faves, that’s cool, but say that

2) “There was no reason for him to do what he did!”

Well, the overarching goal behind everything was changing the shinobi world because it’s the kind of place that makes child soldiers fight and die in wars, and changing the world is kind of a recurring theme in the series. Obito gets the “cool motive, still murder” sticker, but Naruto and Hashirama had the same goal, honestly. Even Kakashi admits that Madara and Obito have a point about things needing to change. 

3) “He should have known better!”

As a traumatized child soldier being manipulated/brainwashed by two master manipulators right after he saw his only friend killed? And with a seal on his heart to keep him from betraying them? I mean, it would have been reasonable if he had come to realize that everything he was doing was wrong, but I also tend to think it’s understandable that he didn’t. Rin was his main tie to Konoha and he’d just seen Kakashi murder her. He had no family that accepted him and a strained relationship at best with Kakashi. He grew up practically an outcast, being told he was useless and had no worth, and then Madara shows up and tells him he’s strong and capable and can save the world from itself. He didn’t look too deeply, and I can understand why. Again, ‘cool motive, still murder’, but a reasonable progression from the child we see in the beginning. 

4) “He was too easily forgiven!”

This one I’ll give you, but it was out of character for Naruto, Obito, and Rin, and just. Such sloppy writing. Especially when Naruto had previously said (to which Obito agreed) that Obito would have to face justice in the villages after the war. Naruto turning around to instantly call him the ‘coolest guy’ when he died was just ridiculous, but I feel like it’s akin to blaming Sakura for the character assassination in 699. Bad writing, inconsistent characterization. Before that, it was a lot more of a believable situation, imo. 

Chapitre 94 – Father and Son




i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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anonymous asked:

Gaara and kiba with their s/o on a mission together? Or else Gaara on his wedding day/honeymoon?

Here you go, Nonny! I’m sorry Gaara is  a stick in the mud (sand?) and cannot be coaxed to live a little. ~Admin Axel

Sabaku no Gaara on a Mission with His S/O Headcanons

Originally posted by itachiandsasuke

  • First off, Gaara would try everything possible to avoid going on a mission with his s/o. He doesn’t take missions often because his position as Kazekage requires him to stay inside the village, so if he is agreeing to take a mission it is a dangerous and important one and he needs to be able to make tough, impartial decisions without being held back by romantic entanglements. Gaara has to make the best option for his village the priority, and he doesn’t know if he can do that if it puts someone he loves at risk. It’s a potential disaster to include his s/o in the mission roster, and he would exhaust every other option with the council before he gives in. He’s not trying to hurt his s/o’s feelings, he’s just wary of the potential repercussions of working with them.

  • Gaara wouldn’t treat his s/o any different than any of the other team members. He is Kazekage, and absolutely cannot show any sort of favoritism to his s/o without making them a target for all sorts of unpleasant, petty behavior from their teammates and undermining their worth as a shinobi. He knows his s/o can handle themself, and if they got into a sticky situation he would step in to assist just like he would with anyone else.

  • The only allowance he is willing to make is he might “accidentally” arrange it so that he and his s/o are on guard detail at night while the others are sleeping and he can steal a few uninterrupted hours with them. While he will gladly sit around the campfire and talk to them to keep them both awake, he will not do anything distracting that might compromise the security of the camp. No long walks through the night with his s/o, no late night swimming in a desert oasis, and absolutely no sex. He’s a bit of a stickler for the rules. Party pooper.

  • In situations where there is no other option but to fight, Gaara intentionally draws his combatants to a place that makes it easier for him to keep an eye on his s/o and watch their back while still being able to pour most of his focus into his attackers. If he felt like his s/o’s life was in danger, he would abandon his own defense without hesitation to shield them with sand from a potentially fatal blow. There is absolutely no way he would allow anything to happen to his s/o while under his command.

Inuzuka Kiba on a Mission With His S/O Headcanons

Originally posted by oceanboywriter

  • On the flipside, Kiba’s priority is his s/o. He has a protective streak a mile wide and has no qualms with disregarding the mission entirely in favor of making sure that his s/o is safe. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that point, but just to be sure, Kiba is definitely going to order Akamaru to dog his s/o’s heels and come get him if anything goes wrong.

  • He will not interfere with his s/o’s fight until they are overwhelmed because he has total confidence in his s/o’s ability as a ninja. It doesn’t hurt that they just look so damn gorgeous when they’re fighting that it’s hard for him to keep his eyes off of them. Even if he only has a second to appreciate it, the fluidity and grace in their movements as they trade blows with an enemy kind of makes his heart pound in a good way.

  •  Kiba wouldn’t be Kiba if he wasn’t brash, loud, and a little cocky, so he makes sure everyone on the team knows that his s/o is his. It can interfere with the dynamic of the team to be honest, because Kiba doesn’t like when other people get too cozy with his s/o, and out in the wilderness when you sometimes have to bathe in a creek under heavy guard and share a tent with five people, his jealousy can get the best of him.

  • He can lay the affection on pretty thick - like sliding his arm around his s/o’s waist while they’re walking and tucking their hair behind their ears when the wind blows it in their face - much to the chagrin of the rest of the team. He doesn’t give a damn what they think, and the more it annoys them, the more he will do it. It’s in his nature to stake a claim and be territorial, so unfortunately behavior like this is par for the course. His S/O will get used to it.
Gamer Boy Ch. 2

This is part of my submission for nalu week 2017. It is rated T for cussing and slightly suggestive themes later on. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. 

Summary: The annual ‘Call of Duty’ competition is back again. Lucy is determined to reclaim the title as Fiore’s best team, but first she has to beat last year’s winners, ‘The Dragons’. She won’t let anything stand in her way, especially not the annoying team captain of the opponent’s team. No distractions, no slip ups, and certainly no secret make out sessions with her rival. Modern AU. Romance/Humor

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Completed)

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Two: Gothic (Bonus Day 2)

Natsu laughed at his reflection, a toothy grin painted on his face that didn’t match his appearance. He made a trip to the mall to get ready for tonight, deciding he wanted to go all out. The ends of his bright pink hair were temporarily dyed black. The box said it would last until he washed it, so he hoped it came out when he showered tonight.

He used black nail polish to paint his nails, as well as used black eyeliner to give himself a gothic look. Though, he was starting to worry he went a little overboard. He didn’t want to look emo after all.

He wore a simple black shirt that went well with his black jeans. Luckily, he didn’t have to buy either of those since he packed them for the weekend, but he wasn’t planning on wearing them both at the same time. He did end up buying a pair of black boots, but he knew he could use those for more than just tonight since they matched some of his other outfits.

Natsu removed his scarf, playing it on the desk beside the full length mirror. It wouldn’t match with what he wore tonight, even though he hated going without it. Truthfully, he didn’t normally wear it so often, but after Lucy made a snide remark about him never taking it off last year, he decided to mess with her and make sure he always wore it around her. It was just one of the many things he did to have fun with her.

Striking a pose, Natsu said, “I could totally be a ninja!”

Gray walked by, snorting as he shook his head. “Ninja’s are supposed to be quiet. You’d never make the cut.”

“Oi!” Natsu yelled, shaking a fist at his best friend. “I’d rather be noisy than naked!”

Gray glanced down, sighing when he saw he was in nothing but his boxers, little white snowflakes adorning the blue material. “Damn it,” he mumbled, retracing his steps. “Where’d I take them off?”

Natsu turned away from Gray so he could look at his reflection again. His tongue came out, licking over the piercing on the left side of his bottom lip. It was very fresh and stung a little when he nudged it with his tongue too hard, but overall, he was getting used to the new addition to his face.

What he wasn’t getting used to was the eyebrow piercing on his left side. Gajeel told him those wouldn’t hurt, and admittedly it didn’t, but it was annoying as hell. Every time he went to raise his brow or move it in general, he felt it. Luckily for him, his two piercings were coming out after the party.

He thought it looked awesome, but his friends had other ideas. 

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bolt to the heart

Fluff Friday: December 30 “Snowflake”

Ver short smol!kakashi fic @beyondthemoor

Large timeskip! Sakura has been on a mission in Kumo for months. She somehow managed to forget that with those months, Kakashi becomes ever more of himself.

“Sakura-chan!” a familiar voice calls her as she trudges through the cold.

And what, she wonders to herself, are they doing in Haru no Kuni? Sakura wasn’t even supposed to be here, although, it makes more sense for Tsunade-shishō to send her all the way to Yukigakure if the rest of her team is here.

Sakura dodges the snowball aimed at her head. “I saw you Naruto. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto pouts. “I could so take you in a snowball fight, Sakura-chan.”

Sakura taps her foot gently, and the snow jumps. Just a bit. Just enough.

Naruto gulps.

“Like I said,” Sakura tells him, “don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto leads her, cowed, back towards the inn where they have rooms.

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Aaah your blog is adorable ! Could you write something about the boys walking into a room and seeing their crush with one of the boys clothes or acessory ? ( A shirt, Hoshi’s beanie, etc ) Luv you guys !

Aw, this sounds cute, sure!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He’s been wearing his sleeping mask all day.
  • Not that he wants to, but he can’t find his regular mask, even after an hour of looking for it!
  • But this sleeping mask just doesn’t feel right…Not out of bed.
  • Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere…? He should probably ask you, just to be sure.
  • So he goes to find you, and when he does-
  • You are wearing his mask.
  • He doesn’t realize how hard he’s blushing at first, you look adorable in it, and it really makes him feel like you’re his!
  • He doesn’t say anything, just walks over and hugs you and doesn’t let go.
  • He finally tells you that you look lovely in that, but he’s going to need it back at some point.
  • But he is all too willing to get you a mask of your own if you want one! You look so good in them!

Rantarou Amami

  • The dinner he’s made tonight is really nice, you’re gonna love it!
  • He should probably go get you from upstairs though, so you can actually eat it.
  • He knocks on your bedroom door before entering, but-?? You’re not there??
  • So he checks his own room, and sure enough, there you are!
  • But he doesn’t see it until you turn to him.
  • All the jewelry from his dresser is now on you, and you are just staring at him with these big wide adorable eyes of yours.
  • He practically squeals when he sees you, just running over and hugging you and telling you how good you look!
  • He says he’s going to buy you some nice jewelry after this, something to match his own so people know you’re a couple when they see you!
  • He realizes how cheesy he’s being and is a little embarrassed, but laughs it off awkwardly and says that the offer for some jewelry still stands.

Kokichi Ouma

  • The second he walks into his room and sees you in front of his mirror, wearing his scarf, he turns and leaves.
  • You think he’s mad at first, so you follow him pretty fast, but when you get to him, you see his nose is bleeding like crazy.
  • He promises he just got in a totally manly fight with sixteen ninjas, but he’s blushing like crazy and the story doesn’t check out.
  • He thought you looked so fucking cute, but there was no way he would tell you that.
  • So instead he just wipes his bloody nose and takes his scarf back and hugs you.
  • You tell him to watch out with that nose, it’s still bleeding, and ninjas can hear you bleed.
  • He tells you to fuck off.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You two are simply sitting on the couch, watch television, when suddenly, his head feels cold.
  • He reaches up for his hat and?? It isn’t there????
  • He turns to ask you where it is, only to see it on your head, you looking up at him and grinning.
  • The second he sees you he lets out this surprised squeak that you’ll never let him down and just claps his hand over his mouth, blushing like crazy.
  • He chuckles and tells you that you look very, very nice wearing that.
  • Very, very cute too.
  • He kisses your nose, and you laugh when the brim of his hat bumps his forehead.
  • It takes a few hours before you’ll finally give it back.

Kaito Momota

  • When he can’t find his jacket, the first thing he does is go to you.
  • You kind of just know where things are, yeah? At least, better than he does, that’s for sure.
  • And when he walks in and sees you wearing it??
  • He pretty much just completely mentally checks out, and is just left staring at you with his hand over his mouth.
  • You ask him if you look good and he just?? Keeps staring??
  • Finally he reacts, quickly scooping you up and kissing all over your face and neck!
  • You look so cute!
  • That jacket is way too big on him already, but on you it’s just HUGE. And it is absolutely ADORABLE.
  • He lets you wear it way more often now!


  • he um…
  • he has no clothes…

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta cannot find his glasses.
  • Gonta cannot see.
  • When he finally finds them, they’re on your face! That’s not where they go!
  • Unfortunately, because he can’t see, he can’t really react to you wearing them…
  • Which is a concept he doesn’t really get??
  • Because after he puts them back on he says you probably look really cute in them and he’d really love to see you in them??
  • And then takes them off and??? Gives them back to you????
  • And can’t see you again?????
  • This cycle repeated for an amazingly long time.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • When he first sees you wearing his beanie, he practically chokes.
  • You look like you’re really his.
  • He tells you that you look way better in it than he does, but he’s blushing like crazy and you can’t take him seriously when he looks so flustered.
  • He’s too embarrassed to ask you to give it back or look at you in it because you’re just so cute, so you eventually give it back on your own.
  • However, this doesn’t stop him from conveniently forgetting it in places you may find it.
bang bang (shots in the night)

Missed the last Fluff Friday, but I’m stealing the prompt anyways: “Messenger”

Masterpost for the smol!Kakashi series can be found here.

Timeskip! (Sakura is about 23 and Kakashi has finally hit mid-twenties.) Bandit hunting is no fun. At least Sakura has matchmaking to keep her occupied.

The shadows between the trees are silent as Sakura watches the night. The ragtag group of chūnin she’s been leading are curled in their cloaks around the soft embers of the fire, safe and quiet.

The mission itself has been safe and quiet so far; the best part about not working with her team is that she’s significantly less likely to run into S-ranked missing nin or should-be-dead men. Of course, that also means that the worst part about not working with her team is that she’s significantly less likely to run into S-ranked missing nin or should-be-dead men.

Bandit hunting in the forest at the end of fall with a disruptive group of chūnin in need of some discipline is boring.

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your-one-piece-fan  asked:

So i was thinking, how will be a relationship of law, kid, doffy and killer with a female s/o Who is a ninja (like ninjas of naruto with those cool abilities and power up)

That’s really cool! I’ve never seen naruto so sorry if this doesn’t seem right. Sorry this took so long!

• law loves ninjas (what a nerd) he’d ask you to do a bunch of tricks.
• he’d probably ask you to show him how to do some easy jutsus.
• he’d show you off to the crew, (everyone would think it’s super cool of course)
• in battle he might get destructed by your cool ninja powers.

• he turns into a total fanboy.
• he’s call you a badass and he’d instantly run over and ack you to show hold some jutsus.
• he gets really excited when you fight, he gets to see you with your awesome powers.
• he totally brags to the crew and random people about your badass power.

• he’d think your abilities are pretty badass and useful.
• he’d probably make you a high ranking family member.
• he’d love to see you fight
• he have you show him some really cool jutsus, (he may not show it, but on the inside he turns into a total fanboy)

• like kid, he thinks your ninja powers are super badass.
• he tells the whole crew of your awesome powers and he brags to everyone that he’s dating a badass.
• he’d want you to teach him some jutsus as well.

anonymous asked:

They're basically turning Boruto into a mini Sasuke in as many ways as they can while getting away with it - they copy-pasted a scene from a Sasuke fight already, he wanted to summon a snake, and in the future Boruto stuff, he's literally wearing Sasuke's headband and has his sword and is wearing his style of clothing. Nothing about Boruto is going to be original by the time they're done with it, they'll all be copies of their parents and more popular characters.

You’re right and you know what? Boturo is more like Sasuke and Naruto son ,he doesn’t have anything like Hinata ,besides byakugan, which isn’t even a normal byakugan ,it’s way better XD Ant that scene when Boruto is older…I mean I don’t have to write anyting more .He is totally dress like Sasuke. (and he want to become ninja like sasuke too )

On the other side, you have Chōchō and Sarada ,they are ok…I have to admit that Sarada is good character ,because she have little of Sakura and little of Sasuke, like Shikadai…. No,Shikadai is best because even Sarada have something on Karin… We’ll see her when she grown up, I hope she would be more like Sasuke and with longer hair hahah.

Boruto will be something similar like original Naruto with some “new” characters…nevermind,SP will never be able to do what Kishi does,that’s for sure.

roxanneraccoon  asked:

If they ever make a Ninjago movie 2 and add Pixal I imagine her as a shy Android who shutters sometimes and Zane is a total adorkable fluster nerd around her but he confident in ninja disguise

I don’t think there’s gonna be second movie of it. Or at least it’s too early- but like?? I mean it would be p sweet to have some Pixane moments. But I’m more into actions so.. Let’s keep it the way it is- (this is just my opinion tho-)

Genji Headcanon

Anonymous asked: what would yandere genji be like?

When Genji is a young man, he’s a total sexpot. But when he falls, he falls hard, so prepare for ninja stalking, sugary sweet declarations of love and over the top gifts. He tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s quite manipulative, preferring persuasion over violence. He isn’t opposed to using threats to get what he wants, though he’d never purposefully hurt his s/o.

After he gets near fatally wounded by his brother, his aversion to hurting his s/o is replaced by a paranoia about anyone around his s/o. He has the constant fear that his s/o is somehow cheating on him or with him out of pity, and due to these insecurities, he can be quite violent and controlling.

When he accepts Zenyatta’s teaching, he becomes much less violent around his s/o, but he will get passive aggressive and quite needy. He’s at peace with himself for the most part, but still likes to keep his s/o a bit isolated out of worry for their well-being.

@mreyes1994​ requested Genma for the Character Ask.  Here you go!

Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod

First impression
Is that the coughing guy?  Didn’t the coughing guy die?  No it can’t be, because Ichigo* wasn’t voicing the coughing guy.  Ok, so different guy.  Seems very deep.  Kinda philosophical.  Would probably make a good mentor.  I like him.
*i watched the dub, and the voice actor is the same one who voices Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach.

Impression now
Is it hot in here or is it just Genma?  Definitly a character I would have liked to see more of.  There are such subtle allusions to his shared past with other amazing characters; he was on Team Chouza with Gai and Ebisu (and why are they not shown being friends i thought people were tight with their genin teammates? PLUS GAI—HE WOULD NEVER STAND FOR THIS LACK OF FRIENDSHIP) and he was on the Yondaime’s Hokage Guard Platoon (he’s 3 years older than Kakashi, meaning he was 17 when Minato died, and therefore learned the Hiraishin as a 15/16 year old.  How is he only a Tokubestu Jounin?  Yes, he needs to be with Raido and Iwashi to do it but still that’s badass).  I feel like Kishi and SP just kind of threw Genma in there when they needed an adult somewhere, or else they wouldn’t have given him so many random qualifications.  Genma has been around, and no, I’m not talking about his sex life.

Favourite moment
When Shikaku starts the mental connection with Genma to inform him that Madara was brought back to life with Edo Tensei, and Shikaku is like “I have something to tell you, and it’s super important that I convey it to you quickly, so don’t ask questions.” and Genma agrees, so Shikaku starts again, “Marada has been reanimated with Edo Tensei—” and then Genma just can’t help but interrupt.  Repeatedly.  And makes jokes.  I love it.

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