he's too pretty to not make a graphic of

EXO Reaction when you cut your hair and aren’t sure about it

I hope that the anon that got  a haircut feels better about her hair now! I love doing weird things to my hair. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Doesn’t notice until he sees you from close* “Jagi did you just… cut your hair? When did this happened? I didn’t even notice… woah… it’s nice”


*Shows you his weird collection of hats* “I love it baobei.. but if you don’t feel good… I can always lend you my amazing hats”


“There’s something different… but I can’t see what… is it the make up? New clothes? Ahh either way you look nice” *Thinking really hard*


“Babe.. why are you worrying about your hair? Anything suits you well, I love it. Now come, let’s show the world how beautiful you are”


“Hell YEAH! Look at you, looking so fly!” *Someone really likes this new style*


*Falls in love all over again* “Woah… I never thought you could become any prettier… jagi… I can’t stop staring at you… wow”


“Please explain me how I’m supposed to keep all the boys away from you!!! You make it so hard, my beautiful girlfriend!” *Someone’s really struggling*


“New haircut hm? Luhan likes it…very much” *Creepy Lulu*


*Gets all serious for a second* “Say that again? Who doesn’t look well? You? That’s impossible… you are flawless… and you better start believing that yourself” *BF goals*


*Graphical description* “Really… pretty. Jagi? Have I told you how much I love you? The way you make me feel every time I see you…” (I love this gif so much I can’t)


“You got a haircut without me! I wanted to have my hair styled like yours! I love it… now I’m going alone to do that to mine!” 


*Pretending to be a fashion judge* “This is definitely something… different… and new… revolutionary…. I like it… yes yes… very much” *He just find you too beautiful*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

how to drown in the desert; chapter six: the light

a/n: *drum roll* at last - chapter six! hopefully this chapter was more than worth the wait, and it’s a pretty decent word count length too (over 4,000 words), so i hope you guys enjoy it!

as always you can read this fic here on ao3 or here on ffn

and as always if you ever want to make a graphic/edit/fanart ANYTHING inspired by this fic please let me know and tag me in it!! i’d love to see it <3

anyway, without further ado, here is chapter 6: the light

For a few blissful moments after he woke up, Shiro forgot what had transpired the previous night…and then he remembered. His body froze as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, his fingers feeling exceptionally warm, and he realized they were still laced through Allura’s. He panicked, thinking about how to move without waking her when he caught the soft curve of her lips: the princess had fallen asleep with a smile on her face.

His own face heated up when he thought of the softness of her voice when they had said goodnight. My Paladin.

He dragged his free hand down his face, nearly nicking himself with the edge of the wedding band he wore—fake wedding band. Maybe they were faking this marriage a bit too well, or at least he was. God, what if she suspected him? It would be completely unprofessional, and awkward, and… maybe sort of freeing, to have it all out in the open. Even if she didn’t feel the same—and why would she?—at least he wouldn’t have to hide it anymore.

Shiro shook his head, carefully slipping his hand out of hers, even as her fingers remained curled against the snowy sheets of their bed. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching over as her hair fell in her face, carefully tucking it behind her pointed ears. He almost let his fingers linger, when her eyes fluttered open.

“Shiro?” she said, voice thick with sleep.

He flushed, feeling almost guilty—or at least caught in the act. He cleared his throat. “Good morning, princess.”

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So you have that "where do I start to become Rafa trash" post..... can I request a similar crash course in Jordan Fisher??

*cracks knuckles* this is what i was born to do. Leggo: 

Originally posted by alexanderhamllton

Jordan William Fisher (aka this flirty munchkin) is a 22 year old singer, dancer and actor. He’s most known for his roles in Grease Live, Hamilton and the Teen Beach Movies. With that said, let’s get into details: 

Music: First threat of the triple threat that is JFish. He always sang, but he started professionally in 2015, when he signed with Hollywood Records (yep, Disney’s record label). He released a christmas song, a self-titled EP in august 2016, and he’s planning on releasing his first album later this year. BUT, he also was on soundtracks such as Teen Beach Movie, Moana and many special songs for Disney and Disney Channel, all links below. 

you can also find content of his on many (MANY) radio station channels on youtube, with cover and acoustic versions, I can make a whole post with my favorites if you want. 

Television: Oh, this one is kinda short, but so worth it. J did a few roles on TV, in which most of them he sang, you cn see them all listed below. 

Movies & Games: Yep, games too. He was: 

Broadway: He made his debut this year in Hamilton, as John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton, the purest babies we all know and love. Below you can find a few audios I got. 

this is basically it, there you have your Jordan Fisher starter pack. There’s much more on youtube and instagram to check out <3 

RebelCaptain Fan Fiction Recs!

I know everyone and their father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate has done a Fan Fiction rec, but I wanted to get some of my favorites out there! This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. (I tried to find as many of the author’s Tumblrs if I can, but sometimes I couldn’t! Let me know if I missed them!)

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8. list 5 graphic makers you enjoy seeing graphics from

aaah it’s so hard to choose just five but here are the ones that spring to mind:

@ratinof’s gifs are just so insanely pretty and vibrant and I just love them so much.

@movingdiscourse’s colourings are ,,,, the actual best. I stan them so much.

@doinganap‘s gifset ideas are always great and the execution is amazing and again i just really love her gifs too

@astronautdan‘s edits are gorgeous and he has good, soft colourings and gret ideas

@dannyhowell‘s edits are like ,,,, actual art ,,, I cannot believe how beautiful they are ,,,, I wish I had talent

send me questions about graphic making please? 👀

    DO YOU LIKE BOYS WHO REFUSE TO DIE? do you like apparent jock-party-boy stereotypes that secretly have a heart of gold? are you a fan of over-protective older siblings who would fight you for looking at their brother wrong? how about boys who would probably break into your house to pet your dog? then allow me to introduce this bog for one davey jones of the webcomic maggot boy, as written by cat! for the low, low price of NOTHING, you can watch the undead disaster that is davey unfold as he does his best. follow today for more softcore undead vigilante antics!

How Would They Fist You ?

•• If fisting is NOT something you can/like to read, then please don’t look any further as this is what the entire post is about. ••

** And for anyone who doesn’t know what fisting is, it’s when your partner puts their entire hand, all the way up to their wrist, inside the vagina or ass and pump in and out. When done with the right amount of care and lube, it can feel absolutely amazing for the right people.

Of course every one of the boys would be extremely careful when attempting this act , but I will write it out for each one.


This is the Hoseok and Jimin edition.

Jimin :

I feel he’d be pretty excited to try something new with you. He’d have everything prepared and ready for when the time came. He’d make sure you were completely sure you wanted to go through with it, before setting you up in a comfortable position.

Jimin would definitely take things slow, taking his time with fingering you open to the right size. He’d pleasure you at the same time too, curling his fingers against just the right spots until he got up to five. He’d listen to whatever you wanted him to do after his fist was inside. You wanted it fast and hard? He would pound into you. You wanted it slow and teasing? He’ll drag his arm in and out of you at the slowest pace.

Hoseok :

Hobi another one of them dirty talkers. The entire time he’s stretching you open for the real thing he wouldn’t stop talking. “You like that baby?” And “God, already so stretched open..” would be rasped out in his absolutely wrecked voice. Seeing you writher and squirm and whine with three of his fingers deep inside of you would do the unthinkable to him.

Getting to the actual fun part, Hoseok wouldn’t even be able to control himself. He’d groan out low breathy ‘fuck’s as soon as his knuckles popped in and he could begin twisting his wrist and exploring the inside. He’d bend over the back of you and kiss over your shoulders, whispering into your ears how hot you were and how good you were being for him.

Damn Hobi calm down b4 I show up on yo doorstep bae.


“You don’t have to choose everything.” She gripped his hand tightly. “Just… just choose me, and go from there. I can be your starting point.” He relaxed further, as his eyes rested on her. His mouth even quirked upwards. “I think you’re more of my finish line, to be honest.”

How to Drown in the Desert, Chapter 5


marysuepoots FDTD Ships (in no particular order): Seth Gecko + Vanessa Styles
–“How must it feel when everyone in the room knows you’re a whore? I guess I know now.”


[1/?] heartbreaking moments: tiny tina mourning roland (borderlands 2)
↳ “You know what? It’s okay. He doesn’t have to go. Not if you don’t want him to. Yeah…keep going!”


Clintasha week Day 6: Alternate Universe.
The bodyguard Clint Barton isn’t all too thrilled when he is supposed you must protect to  Hollywood’s most recent darling Natasha Romanoff.
All normal gait. She barely learns of their existence. He thinks he is a spoiled girl more, a pretty face.
But when the life of the young actress danger, The Bodyguard will be able to give his life for her. And to her surprise, she is also able to make that sacrifice by he.

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Gimme a surgeon!bones and physical therapist!jim working together at a hospital AU :3

  • Jim spends an awful lot of time in Bones’ office. Even before they’re really friends. Bones is just reading through a medical report for his next patient when this guy walks in. He doesn’t even knock, he just walks in. “I have a patient who just had a Hamstring Repair surgery in a different hospital and I want you to take a look at him. Don’t think it’s done well.” And Bones looks up from his file at this blond stranger. “Who are you?” “Jim Kirk, physical therapist on floor 2.” Jim says. “Ah,” Bones replies, putting his files down, “why’d I look at one of your patients?” “Because I’m asking. Thanks, I appreciate it!” Jim says, and he’s off just like that. Bones just thinks he’s not gonna go check out this patient. This is ridiculous, and it’s not according to the hospital regulation. 
  • But he does check up on that patient’s records, and Jim’s right. Something had gone wrong, and so Bones schedules a surgery. It goes fine. Jim’s in his office a lot more afterwards. Bones finds it annoying, the peace and quiet from his office gone because of this stranger invading his private space. Bones starts doubting if Jim ever works, so he goes and visit him at floor 2. 
  • And Jim’s definitely at work. He’s standing over a guy, helping him bend his knees properly, and he’s talking sweet yet firm encouragements at him to keep him going. Bones finds himself shamelessly staring at the way Jim works. It’s the kind of post-surgery profession Bones doesn’t really get to see a lot. Bones takes them out of their life threatening positions, but Jim is the one actually turning them back to their old selves. Jim catches him staring, and he throws him a grin. “C’m here,” he says, gesturing Bones over, and Bones shakes his head. “No thanks.” “Come here,” Jim insists, and Bones finally walks over. “Mr Sulu, this is the doctor who performed the repair surgery on you.” Jim explains, patting Bones’ shoulder, and Sulu slowly sits up straight. “Thank you,” he says, and he’s shaking Bones’ hand and Bones smiles awkwardly. He’s really not usually personally involved with patients. “Well,” Bones starts, “Jim’s the one who’s gotta help you get back to normal.”
  • And Bones is lying on the couch in the break room. His feet hurt from standing during a 4-hour surgery and he doesn’t want to move, not even when someone else sits on the couch near his feet. “What’s up, Doc?” Jim asks, and Bones replies mostly in a groan. Mindlessly, Jim’s hands fold around Bones’ feet and he puts his feet on his own lap. Bones almost jerks his own feet away but Jim doesn’t budge. “Let me,” Jim says, “it’s my job.” and Bones lets him. It’s instantly relaxing when Jim massages his feet, the strain in his feet just slowly easing away and he’s pretty sure he just falls asleep for a while right there.
  • Jim and Bones just spending time together in Bones’ office. They often talk about nonsense, they watch TV, sometimes they even study together quietly. Jim pulls Bones down to his floor to meet the patients Bones saves, or just people he likes in general. And when Sulu’s back to his old self he leaves a bouquet of flowers for both Jim and Bones in Bones’ office, and a box of chocolates. Jim eats most of them.
  • “Just let me take a look at you,” Jim argues when they walk out of the hospital together. Bones is limping just a little because he twisted it over the weekend but Bones shakes his head. “No, I’m fine. I’m just gonna do groceries and then take a nap, I’ll be fine.” “Okay well, at least let me join you because I gotta do groceries too.”
  • And they’re still discussing a big surgery Bones is scheduled to perform tomorrow which is a pretty graphic discussion about human intestines, and Jim is making jokes while waving a packet of spaghetti at him and damn it Jim this is a patient’s life we’re talking about, but Bones laughs anyway, and they only stop when Sulu approaches them. He’s holding a little girl’s hand and a basket with groceries in the other, and he thanks them both again for enabling him to go hiking with his daughter in the summer and both Jim and Bones are briefly speechless. But then Jim’s like: “Yeah don’t worry about it, we’re here to save daddies like yourself.” and Bones smiles and agrees. And Sulu looks to his daughter and he says “Look, these are the two doctors who fixed daddy.” “Are you two married too?” Demora asks and both Jim and Bones are instantly like what? No. We’re not together. That’s crazy. And Sulu raises an eyebrow. “I thought you two were dating.” “No, no, that’s not a thing,” Bones says, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “I mean, we could be a thing,” Jim counters. “But we’re not,” Bones repeats, and Sulu excuses himself, thanks them again, and they’re just out of there. “Bones, did you ever think about us being a thing?” Jim asks and Bones feels like dying because why here? “What? No. Of course not. Why?” “I have,” Jim says so bluntly that Bones doesn’t even know how to respond other than: “Okay.” “Okay? That’s your response? “Okay”, what does that mean?” Jim asks, and he opens his mouth to discuss that, because God, does Jim want to discuss everything. So when Jim’s about to protest, Bones just leans in to kiss him. And it catches Jim completely off guard. Even when he pulls away, Jim looks at loss for words. “Okay.” Bones repeats, and Jim nods slowly, lips tugging into a grin. “Okay.” He agrees, before kissing him again, shamelessly, in the vegetable isle. 
Mob Choir 99

I really really love Mob psycho 100 opening, the lyrics are so good and at first glance it looks like the song is only about mob but i love how it makes reference to other characters too, like: 

Fake smiles…laser beams! that’s dimple

Can’t read the mood… demon rush! that’s shigeo/onigawara (since oni rush is the name of onigawara’s special move)  

Self-doubt…psycho wave! that’s teruki

Love exorcism graphic! that’s reigen

I pretty much interpret the lyrics as if each time that the chorus repeats it’s refering to teruki, ritsu and shigeo, in that order:

If everyone is not special, maybe you can be what you want to be (…) it’s ok to not be special

Teruki felt like he was the chosen one for having psychic powers, and then being at peace with himself, that he is an average person. (tbh i might be very wrong here since the sequence in the opening in this part of the lyrics saying “your life is your own, ok? it’s ok to not be special” shows ritsu under the gaze of mob and then being ripped apart by a fucking cactus so yeah, but then again after that it shows teruki lol i read into it too much , let’s keep going )

This whole paragraph as I interpret it, it’s refering to ritsu:

If everyone is so special, maybe you can’t be what you want to be. Even if you breed falseness and contempt..Your life is your own, ok? Would being special make you feel ok? Everyone will surely find their own answers.

His inferiority complex and fear for not having psychic powers, also how he was an accomplice in kamuro’s plan of “cleaning” the school 

And this is my favorite part of the lyrics:

If you can notice you are not alone, maybe you will find your own answer. If you are burdened by strife and  hatred.. Your life is your own, ok? It’s ok to run away!  If you are capable of it, it won’t be a mistake.

If you read the manga you know what that means 

Sorry for the long post i love to analyze song lyrics, have a nice day and share your thoughts with me!

Love Under the Egyptian Sun Part 1

Commission for Uss-Sassy: Pairing request. I chose Bill/Harry.

Summary: A/B/O verse. Harry Potter was not your typical omega. For one thing, he did not dream of a strong alpha to mount him and take care of him. He was independent and strong headed in the way many omegas his age weren’t. So what he’s a male carrier and supposedly a blessing from the Gods above? No amount of pretty words and expensive gifts were going to make him submit.

At least…that was how it was before he met Bill Weasley; the adventurous alpha with a big smile and a bigger heart.

Warnings: Graphic sexual content in later chapters.

Other Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, knotting, courting, fluff, possessive behavior, power imbalances, omega biology, porn, anal sex, rimming, mpreg, self-lubrication.

I will add more warnings as the fic goes on.

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Can you please do fluffy solangelo first date and they have there first kiss

and a million years later….I’m back. So a pretty long fic for you :) Hope you enjoy!

Nico didn’t know what he was thinking when he agreed to go out with Will.

Not because they were both guys. Nico had gotten fairly used to the concept of homosexuality, what with Austin making inappropriate (and a bit too graphic, in Nico’s opinion) comments about who he had a chance to hook up with at camp. Though he nearly had a stroke when Will told him what hooking up meant.

Four months at camp, actually socializing, had brought him up to date with the growing acceptance towards different sexualities. Acceptance at camp was even better, and Nico would always be grateful for that.

But going out on a date with Will Solace? That was less of a sexuality crisis and more of an irrational bundle of nervousness. Because, Hades, Nico had a huge crush on Will. And however much he prayed to all the gods that things would work out, he couldn’t help but think that his fate was worse than even Percy Jackson’s.

But he still found himself waiting for Will at the docks. Though he needed several minutes of calming down from Jason, and some motivation from Piper’s charmspeak. It was kind of embarrassing really. Nico really needed to maintain some of his dignity.

“Hey, Death Boy!”

The familiar voice made Nico jump out of his growingly insane feelings of self-doubt.

“Don’t call me that, Solace,” Nico turned back and craned his neck up to look at Will. “You’re late.”

The son of Apollo had finally changed out of his scrubs into a faded camp shirt and a worn pair of shorts which looked even older than Nico. He looked even more disheveled than usual, with his rumpled hair and ancient clothes and bright blue flip flops. It sent Nico’s heart into a beating frenzy. It was almost annoying.

Will huffed and settled down comfortably next to Nico, leaning into him. “I had to choose between flip flops and sneakers. It was a horribly difficult decision. But then I realised we were meeting near a water body, so flip flops, duh.”

Nico was suddenly very well aware of Will’s hand resting close to his hip, causing goosebumps to run up his arm at the heat of the closeness. “Glad to know you’re making life changing decisions again.”

Seriously, if Will came any more near him, Nico would probably burn up.

Will nudged him with his shoulder. “Glad to know your sarcasm isn’t dead yet.”

Nico let out a huff of laughter and turned his gaze back to the lake. “So.”


They sat uncomfortably, Nico twiddling his thumbs while he waited for Will to say something. This was not natural. He suddenly felt really awkward.

Clearing his throat, he asked the first question he could think of. “What do people usually do on dates?”

Wow di Angelo, Nico groaned internally, great question.

“Uh,” Will furrowed his eyebrows, looking thoughtfully across the water. “I’m no expert. But, um, talk? Just do whatever, I guess?”

“Like sitting really close to your date?” Nico smirked and looked pointedly at where their shoulders were touching.

“What?” Will looked confusedly at Nico and then followed Nico’s gaze. Blushing furiously, he took his arm back - Nico wasn’t sure whether to relieved or annoyed - and jumped aside, creating an unfortunate space between them. “Sorry, sorry! I should have asked! Gods, I’m such an idiot. I’m really, really-”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat as he watched Will’s face grow redder, his motioning becoming akin to flailing. Hades, Will was adorable.

“Will, stop,” Nico laughed, grabbing Will’s wrist mid-air, “I was joking.

Will stared at him wide-eyed, and then at Nico’s hand on his wrist.

“Oh.” An unsure smile made his way across Will’s face and Nico thanked every god in Olympus that no one could hear the squealing currently ringing in his brain.

Will rolled his eyes. “Don’t say that then! I was actually enjoying the proximity!”

Now it was Nico’s turn to roll his eyes. “You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“You never fail to remind me.”

“Just come over here, Solace.” Nico pulled Will towards him. Will obliged and threw an arm over Nico’s shoulder, grinning cheekily.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Watching you get all worked up? Of course!”

Nico smiled and shook his head exasperatedly. It was still weird to him. The idea that someone was bantering with him, teasing him, touching him, and even more confusing - that Nico was completely fine with it. He exhaled slowly and leaned in to rest his head on Will’s shoulder. It was instinctive. It felt natural. Suddenly he wasn’t so worried about the whole idea of dating.

Will sighed next to him, resting his cheek against Nico’s unruly hair and they both fell into a comfortable silence. This was okay, Nico thought, he could do this.

“You didn’t come by the infirmary today.”

Nico shifted closer to Will. “Yeah, I had archery practice with Chiara and Damien.”

Will let out a huff of laughter, his breath tickling Nico’s skin. “Chiara must have pulverised you two.”

Nico rolled his eyes and lifted his head to elbow Will playfully. “Your faith in me is flattering.”

Will shrugged and grinned. “I’m just glad no one got hurt.”

“You’re lucky. Because Damien looked ready to kill someone.”

Will hummed. “Doesn’t he always? I’m hoping you were the one who stopped him from doing anything stupid.”

“And miss the drama? Please. I enjoyed it. Both of them were bickering and Chiara said some nasty things in Italian. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, there was no bloodshed.”

Will snorted and stared at him amusedly. “You’re a monster.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Nico rolled his eyes. Pulling at his shirt collar irritably, he squinted at the evening sun. “Why’s it so hot? Your dad needs to calm down.”

Will raised an eyebrow at him. “Looks like you need some cooling down.”

And then Will pushed Nico into the lake.

Flailing and spurting water from his mouth, Nico broke to the surface, his icy wet clothes sticking to him uncomfortably, and conjured up the worst glare he could. “What the fuck, Solace?”

Will was sitting on his haunches, grinning smugly. “Feeling better, Death Boy?”

Nico glared as hard as he could, pushing wet strands of hair away from his eyes. “You really don’t know what’s good for you.”

He reached out and grabbed Will’s arm and pulled as hard as he could, watching that smug smile morph into panic as Will hit the water with a loud splash. Nico howled with laughter as Will gasped, his thick blonde curls now sticking onto his face, covering his eyes.

“G-gods of Olympus,” Will stammered, his blue eyes widening comically. “I-it’s so c-cold.”

Nico raised an eyebrow. “You should have thought of that before pushing me.”

Still shivering, Will narrowed his eyes at him. “Ooh, you are so dead, di Angelo.”

He pushed forward and splashed water on a still laughing Nico, sending him back, spluttering. Gasping, he wiped the water off his face, staring incredulously at a smirking Will. A slow smile grew on Nico’s face as he slowly made his way towards Will.

“Oh, it’s on, William.” And he dunked Will’s head under the water.

Nico lost track of time after that. There was splashing and jumping and lots and lots of swearing, and Nico had never felt more alive. Will was leaning against the slimy wood of the dock, trying to catch his breath, Nico right beside him. Still laughing softly, Nico looked at the boy next to him and he couldn’t help the surge he felt in his heart.

It wasn’t about Will’s beauty. That was never important to Nico. It was the fact that the boy next to him, the bright and happy son of Apollo, was with him, was there for him, making him happy, making him laugh, easing a feeling out of Nico that he’d missed so much in the last four years. He watched as Will brushed his hair out of his face, leaning his head against the wooden pillar with his eyes closed. Nico fought the urge to draw his fingers down that serene face, tracing those features, memorising them till he had that feeling traced into his hand.

Instead, he splashed water on Will’s face, effectively shaking him out of his trance.

“You aren’t sleeping out on me, are you?”

Will smiled and stretched out his limbs. “Don’t worry, Death Boy. You’re not that boring.”

He squinted at Nico, probably assessing his health, the dork. “But we should get out or we’ll catch a cold.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “You and your health crazy brain.”

But he still turned around and pushed himself onto the dock. Will pulled up next to him, water spilling from his clothes as he did. Shaking out the cramps in his limbs, Nico sat next to Will, his legs outstretched in front of him.

“Well, that was fun!” Will beamed at Nico, trying to wring the water out of shirt.

Nico smiled and gazed out at the setting sun. “Yeah, I guess.”

Will snorted and shoved his shoulder lightly. “You’re allowed to have fun, Neeks. No need to keep it all inside.”

Nico’s smile faltered a little. He turned his head and looked Will in the eye. “I’m not. Keeping it all inside. I’m really happy, Will. Thank you.”

Will smiled back at him and moved his hand over Nico’s squeezing slightly. “What are friends for?”

Nico’s lips quirked up at that. “Friends?”

“Uh,” Will blushed and looked away from Nico hurriedly. “Boyfriends, then?”

Nico squeezed Will’s hand back. “Sounds good to me.”

A smile slowly grew on Will’s lowered face, the blush on his cheeks spreading to his neck. He looked up at Nico shyly, the unusual expression on Will’s face sending a thrill through Nico.

“Please don’t kill me,” he whispered and leaned forward to press a kiss to Nico’s cheek. Suddenly, Nico’s face was aflame, the skin on his cheek burning under soft lips. But just as quickly, Will was pulling away, pointedly avoiding Nico’s gaze.

“That wasn’t much of a kiss, Solace,” Nico gulped, moving closer so their thighs were touching. Will turned towards him wide-eyed, his blue eyes flitting from Nico’s eyes to his mouth. Nico gulped again and reached out to the crook of Will’s neck and pulled him towards him.

Thinking back on it, the kiss had been terrible. They were both awkward, their noses crashed together painfully, Nico’s elbow was pressing into Will’s ribs and their mouths were a fumbling mess. But it had been perfect. Will’s drying curls tickled Nico’s cheek, a stray drop dripped onto Nico’s face, his fingers played at the collar of Nico’s shirt and it was electrifying.

But too soon, it was over and Will was pulling back to rest his forehead against Nico’s. Nico’s eyes were still closed, his brain still trying to process the emotions exploding in his mind. He slowly opened them and met with Will’s intense gaze staring at him. In awe, Nico realised. Will was staring at him the same way he probably was right then. Awe.

Will pulled back hesitantly and licked his lips. “That was…” He cleared his throat.

“Amazing,” Nico agreed, his voice barely a whisper.

Will nodded next to him and moved to rest his head on Nico’s shoulder. Instinctively, Nico’s hand reached up to his hair, tangling and weaving through the wet locks. They sat there in silence, watching the sky become darker. Nico didn’t mind that they’re clothes were wet and that the wooden planks were suddenly too hard or that the air was getting chillier. Everything was beautiful.

Finally, Nico cleared his throat. “We should go. It’s almost time for dinner.”

“Wait!” Will placed a hand on Nico’s leg. “Watch the sunset with me?”

Smiling, Nico nodded and let Will wrap an arm around his waist. And Nico had never felt happier.

I’m going to work with Tibetan refugees for a month this Diwali :)

He said “I am the devil, boy, come with
me and we’ll make many storms”.
He offered me the universe, but inside
my heart there’s a picture of a girl.


‘Lydia I don’t wanna do this.’ you whined as your self claimed big sister dragged you into an empty class with Allison following you two.

‘Too bad, because you need to. A girl needs to know about this stuff, especially at this age.’ Lydia answered as she sat you down on a stool.

‘What do you mean this age?’ you  you asked.

‘The age where you finally start talking to boys.’ Allison grinned.

‘Oh my God I’m leaving, I’m leaving right now.’ you said as you blushed and tried to get up only to get pulled back by Lydia.

‘We saw you talking to Isaac, its obvious you like him. Why not put on some make up for him? Doll up that baby face of yours.’ Lydia tried.

‘If he likes me he’ll like me without foundation and blush and whatever else all these girls cover their face in.’

‘Is she for real?’ Lydia asked Allison.

‘I think she is for real.’ Allison replied.

‘Honestly guys, I’m totally comfortable in my own make up free skin, besides this face is too pretty to be covered in junk.’ you grinned.

‘Fine, but I’m still doing something about that fashion sense of yours. I love you and your confidence, but you’re not even trying to look hot.’ Lydia said as she looked at your sweatpants and loose fitting graphic tee.

‘Hey is that a taco truck?’ you said pointing to the window.

‘No way!’ Allison said excitedly as she and Lydia ran to the window only to find nothing but other students studying in the schoolyard.

‘There’s nothing there.’ Allison whined as they turned around and saw that (Y/N) had disappeared.

‘Dammit, find her.’ Lydia ordered before she and her best friend ran to find (Y/N).

‘Heh heh, suckers.’ you chuckled as you stood up from behind the teacher’s desk.

My Review of the Ratchet and Clank: Ps4 game

It’s finally here–Ratchet and Clank’s Ps4 game has arrived before the movie, and not for the reason you think. Is this the best Ratchet and Clank game ever? Let’s find out!

The Story: 8/10

The story isn’t too far off from the movie, but doesn’t leave enough closure at the end. In truth, this is probably because Insomniac didn’t want to spoil the movie to those who haven’t watched it yet. Because of this, some aspects of the game are rushed. One part with Drek was extremely disappointing–but in hindsight, he wasn’t the most redeemable character anyway. Everything happens so quick, but if you can put the pieces together, it will make for a wonderful story.

The Graphics: 10/10

In truth–not opinion–this is graphically the best Ratchet and Clank ever. Quite possibly graphically the best PS4 game ever too! It’s a shame that they still went down the “30 fps route,” because sometimes the frames lag when there is too much happening at once. I’m a sucker for detail, and this game captures in each level you visit. “How did I die?” “Oh, I just got distracted looking at the pretty graphics!” Motion blurr does make the game a bit dizzy at times, but I understand that was added for cinematic purposes.

The Cutscenes: 7/10

Admittedly, cutscenes aren’t the best in this game. While movie scenes were used in some areas, the sound effects weren’t always added, and some scenes were cut for time awkwardly. In-game cutscenes are a bit too jumpy, and the audio almost never syncs up with the mouth. The dialogue cutscenes are even more of a step down–only the mouth will move while the character stares blankly at the person he’s talking to. Sometimes, the mouth doesn’t even move! It’s a very lazy problem that could have been solved in some way.

Humor: 9/10

The humor is almost spot-on in this game! In fact, the only problem is there is too much of it–one character might say something while another will interrupt his sentence. The 4th wall breaking of Qwark, Shiv and the Plumber are pure gold. Sometimes, a joke is carried out too far, to point of “yeah, we got it the first time!” Voice acting really helping nail the humor–especially in Nefarious’s case. It’s a shame he didn’t have as much screen time.

Gameplay: 10/10

It’s true–gameplay is the most refined in this game. The controls are set to default, but you can experience the thrill of simplified, or lock-strafe. Ratchet gameplay is the best, but Clank gameplay is really good in this game. When he’s not running away from Victor, he’s using his brain to solve puzzles with gadgetbots. The free-to-roam quickselect greatly improves Clank’s usability. The last Clank level is so complex, but is so rewarding to solve. ACIT may still have Clank beat, but this is a close second.

Ratchet can also use his ship in game. The controls are very similar to RaC 1, but the level design of one space battle is so well done, it could be compared to GC’s space battles. You can also customize you ship using gold bolts.

Swimming is back, and kinda hard to control. Clank already has a hydropack, and it automatically turns on under water. This makes certain levels harder to complete, and actually caused me to glitch one time (that was the only glitch I found though).

Hoverboarding is back, and is pretty much the same. The hoverbike races were definitely a factor in design the gameplay, and that’s an improvement.

Tresspasser locks return, and are now upgraded to have more rings and more beams. Don’t auto-hack your way outta these, they are fun! The hydrodisplacer, jetpack, grindboots and Hologuise also return, with some cool twists!

Weapons: 9/10

There are 15 weapons in the game; 14 if you didn’t get the bouncer. And that bouncer is the best weapon of them all! Not only does it make the first few levels of the game easy, but it can be upgraded with raretanium, and maxed out to v10! While most weapons are just from TOD, this is because they are from the movie. The 2 new weapons are both inventive and fun! The glove of doom is a personal favorite of mine, and who could forget the sheepinator? Besides Drek.

Planets: 10/10

Contrary to Insomniac’s description, there are only 15 levels, and none of them are new. Granted, some of them have new aspects and level designs similar to the movie, but most planets are very similar to the Ps2 design. This actually makes finding gold bolts too easy, but there’s always a twist. Newer designs actually take notes from different levels in future games, like Ghost Station, the Tombli Outpost, and Maktar Resort. Michael Bross’s soundtrack is one of the greats–especially on Kerwan–but other planets like Gaspar have lackluster tracks.

Overall: 9.5/10

Insomniac Games has combined an aspect of every single Ratchet and Clank into one game (and movie) that becomes the ultimate Ratchet and Clank experience. And I’d say they’ve succeeded! Though the in-game cutscenes were a bit rushed, the game is extremely polished, and is quite possibly the best Ratchet and Clank game ever!

anonymous asked:

slave!au for samifer? i think i asked before and you made a post about it but i forgot

Prompt: samifer, au where angels are bound to humanity’s desires/will. lucifer is a stubborn angel who fights back and is one of the few that succeeds in resisting but gets punished repeatedly for it. enter sam. [rest of series]

(Warnings for hurt archangels, slavery, and general unpleasantness under the cut. Nothing hideously graphic and no mentions of dubcon/noncon, but tread with caution if you’re triggered/squicked easily.)

(Ah frick anon I’m so sorry that this took so damn long, which is pretty ridiculous because slave!aus are my favourite thing~ I’m sure I’ll end up doing a longer thing of this eventually but for now I hope this works.)

Gabriel’s not at all sure about this endeavor. He makes that much clear in the irritable swiftness of his hands as he signs at Sam across the breakfast table, almost too fast to read. Sam doesn’t need to read them, knows at least half are swearwords without having to check, and so he focuses on finishing his porridge and pretends he can’t see Gabriel’s wings flaring out ratty golden brown behind him with frustration.

Technically, it’s none of Gabriel’s business whether Sam’s planning on buying another angel or not. He’s Sam’s property, plain and simple - there’s documents in Sam’s desk drawer to prove it, a copy filed with the city hall to make it official.

But Gabriel’s not property to Sam, not a slave or even a servant. He’s a mouthy, irritating angel who sleeps in Sam’s spare room and eats his food and occasionally, if the mood strikes him, helps with the cooking or the cleaning or the shopping. He’s got a heart of gold, and a history behind him longer than Sam’s college dissertation, and there’s nothing about him Sam would change for the world.

This argument would probably be easier if Gabriel was property.

“No, I’m not bored of you, I’m not planning on kicking you out, and you won’t have to share your room,” says Sam without looking up, when Gabriel eventually flicks a toffee-covered banana slice at him out of irritation. “I don’t even know if I’m going to buy them yet, okay? I’m just going to look.”

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Yona ch.125 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 125 “What I saw in my dream” summary with pics

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

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