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Pokécember Days 1-5

Day 1: Favorite Normal Type: Sivally. Man oh man I love Sivally. The idea of a recreation of Arceus hone haywire is really cool to me. He’s really cool design wise and on the battlefield. Now if only if he didn’t evolve through friendship…

Day 2: Favorite Water Type: Primarina. Hands down Primarina is my favorite starter in general. I love my precious singing beauty bab and he is way too precious.

Day 3: Favorite Grass Type: Decidueye. The idea of an owl, but an archer, thats also dead, and has anxiety 24/7 is a really neat concept for a pokemon. Definitely one of my faves.

Day 4: Favorite Fire Type: Arcanine. Two words. Flame. Pupper. I love dogs and his design is just BEAUTIFUL

Day 5: Favorite Electric Type: Tapu Koko. Ive always like his design. I liked the other Island Guardian’s too but his really stood out. There’s something about yellow and orange I really like. And his typing of Electric/Fairy is also really cool!

Here’s the base Im using! http://bastionzoroark.tumblr.com/post/154062315902/jaimonster-hello-trainers-its-back-again-and


Listen to the cute sound of Jimin’s belly