he's too cute :3


Pokemon sun and moon - (Tiny)Team skull boss and Xurkitree

“The Xurkitrees think Guzma was one of their kind, yet they confused why he is too small/short and think he must be a newborn ub…..” 

Since I had drawn him in his ub form (Tiny Xurkitree) with the Xurkitrees so, why not in his human form too? lol and I just love when he is ub and being mistake and take care by original xurkitree  = w =

PS. I’m not sorry ; w ;

Edit : I edit the picture so it would be smoother than original! :D 

oh gosh…Okay… so this happened over a couple days? this bad has been bugging me a bit to be created and i couldn’t help but listen finally. but he actively confused me because he was fire but also skeleton…? SO HE IS BOTH? He also doesn’t have a name, but was lovingly given the name of Teddy from another character xD so that’s what i’ve been calling him.

So meet Teddy~! my fire skeleton so is wearing tights that make his legs look like they are made of bone… mh… Teddybear you are odd.

Also, here he is without the friggin’ background since I was unsure if i liked it or not but i got carried away…

YUP. enjoy XDD


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