he's too busy shipping it

concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’

Guess who’s in Charet hell now? This person. Thanks @coulsart

For those who don’t know: Charet is a ship between a grown up Muffet and coulsart’s interpretation of Chara from Undertale. Basically a combination of poisoned honey and a saltlick. It’s great. 

The Flash writers in 2A: 

*introduces Patty* 

*Patty starts pinning for Barry within one episode* 

 Barry: she’s not Iris. *P/B go on their first date + have their first kiss, 3 episodes after the episode they met in*

*makes Linda Park appear to be Iris’ FRIEND , A FRIEND THAT ISN’T BARRY cuz he too busy with his new gf duh only to have her shipped off after 1-2 episodes?*

*makes Barry ignore and be an ass to Iris who is going through some tough shit*

*makes Barry not talk to Iris for multiple episodes*

*makes Caitlin pine over a new dude* when she deserves an actual story line  MORE FREAKING BACKGROUND STORY, not another LI

*not much focus on Cisco Ramon and Vibe except for LOT stuff and occasional metahuman vibes * duh promo for other shows but not our own

*takes away screen time from Iris West (the freaking main lady of the show)

*gives practically no scenes between westallen when they are like literally one of the most important dynamics of the show since the damn 1st episode of season 1, because they want to sell P/B*

*says Iris is grieving Eddie’s death but only shows one scene where she is left alone to cry on a staircase, not even for her dead bf but because she found out about her mom’s + younger brother’s existence*


2A was a mess most of it, don’t deny it.

Summary of Miraculous Ladybug

For those, like me, who don’t regularly follow the show.

There are two idiots at the same school.

These two idiots are also two superheroes.

One is a bug.

One is a cat.

The girl ships herself with the boy.

The bug does not ship herself with the cat.

The cat ships himself with the bug.

The boy ships himself with the cat.

To summarize a summary:

The miraculous ladybug is a show about an idiot boy/cat who ships himself with himself and it is glorious.