he's tiny you don't need to hit him like that to make him fall!

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You're my neighbor and you're really cute but you almost burnt our apartment building down with your failed attempts at cooking, please don't do that again + Bellarke :)

“Shit, shit, shit!”

Bellamy chuckles even though the high pitched sound of his neighbor’s smoke alarm is screaming through their shared kitchen wall.

Somehow he’s still able to hear her voice over the continuous beeping.

“Fuck! Shit! Son of a bitch!”

He laughs when he hears the stove open and slam shut again followed by a clanging sound, like a pan hitting countertop. A few more curse words (although there is something strangely sexy about a woman with that kind of lexicon) and then the distinct smell of smoke.

“Damn these thin walls,” he mumbles to himself as he opens a window to air out his apartment.


It happens again three days later.

A slew of swear words and the smoke alarm beeping followed by clanging noises and then smoke.

He briefly considers buying his neighbor a cookbook, actually starts to search for one online that he could just anonymously send to her, before thinking better of it. Instead he just grumbles as he’s shutting down his laptop and opening up the sliding glass door that leads to his balcony for some fresh air.

The third time it happens he knocks on her door.

An entire monologue is written in his mind.

Do you know what you’re doing every time you start a mini fire in your kitchen? Do you know how dangerous it is? Are you okay with putting the entire building at risk every time you try to make ramen?!

But then she opens the door and every word he was going to say is gone from the tip of his tongue.

His neighbor is a tiny blonde, whose hair is currently up in the messiest bun he’s ever seen. Golden tendrils are falling out over a gorgeous face covered in exasperation and flour. Lots and lots of flour.

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The other man ~ Part three

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A/N ~ This one is too good to keep you waiting, you must suffer with me. You guys can thank @tabis-eyebrows for starting a war with me that ended with this smutty jewel. Now strap yourselves in, your in for one hell of a ride, literally.

Pairing ~ Kwon Jiyong x Reader x Choi Seung hyun

Theme ~ cheating/infidelity/love triangle

Rated ~ Smut/fluff/angst

Warnings ~ Smut, smut, smut…. oh and daddy kink

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It had been three weeks since your time away in Singapore with the guys and you had managed to stay away from Jiyong the whole time but he had not left your thoughts, you decided it was best that you stay away from Seung hyun for a while, at least while you tried to rid yourself of the poison the other man had inflicted on you. You gave him some bullshit excuse of having to sort out the work you had backed up and you would let him know as soon as you had finished, he wasn’t exactly happy about it but he understood and had left you to your own devices for the most part. It had just hit a little over a week since you had last seen him and in the last two days he had started to become needy, texting and calling to try and get you to come over, you were beginning to run out of excuses.

Your phone chimed as you sorted through the photos on your dinning table, you picked it up and saw it was from Seung hyun.

- “What are you doing Jagi?”

You sighed as soon as you sent it, you shouldn’t be so cold to him, he didn’t do anything wrong, you did.

- “But you have been working for over a week”

- “I’m sorry oppa but you know what it’s like”

Your heart skipped with his message, he did call you whenever he could while he was working or away on tour.

- “I’m sorry, I’m almost done and then we can see each other. I miss you too”

- “You promise?”

You giggled as you placed your phone on the table, he was so loving and cute, you couldn’t believe you had even thought about another man let alone what you did with him. You decided on a few photos you would release and headed into the dark room to develop them. You preferred the old method over the digital, you felt it gave a more intimate feel to your work, a connection of hand crafting something. That was also the reason you picked the apartment you were in, it was a little run down but it had a spare room for you to set up a dark room and the fact it was run down was perfect, it meant it didn’t matter if you spilt any chemicals. You developed a few photos and hung them up to dry before heading out to grab your phone and send a quick text to Seung hyun.

- “Almost done, I will be about an hour and then I’m all yours, are you able to pick me up?”

You placed your phone back down and headed back to the dark room, just as you reached the door you heard your phone chime with a response but you ignored it, you just wanted to finish up so you could be in the arms of your boyfriend.

You finally finished the last photo, you pegged it up with the others, you stood with your hands on your hips looking proudly at how good they turned out. You let out a sigh and headed back out the door to grab your phone, you giggled when you saw multiple texts from Seung hyun.

- “And don’t think you can run off again, I’m going to hold you captive in my bed for days”

“Shit” you said out loud, he was the last person you wanted to see, before you could reply another text came through.

Just after you read it you heard a knock at the door, you threw out a quick fuck before heading to answer it. You opened the door to see Jiyong leaning against the frame with his forearm, a smirk forming on his lips as soon as he saw you. He was wearing a snap back and dark sunglasses to hide his face, you were kind of glad he did, you weren’t sure if you would be able to handle his stare.

“Are you going to invite me in or just leave me standing out here?” his voice held an almost seductive tone.

“Come in” was all you replied before walking away and leaving the door wide open, you were too scared to say anything else, in case you would fall victim to him once again. “I’m just going to go pack some stuff and then we can go”

You didn’t wait for an answer instead you retreated straight to your room, you grabbed your over night bag out of the closet and began packing, you turned around to get some underwear out of your bedside dresser and almost jumped in surprise. Jiyong was sitting on your bed, his glasses were now off but his cap still on, his back was against the bed head as he looked through the photos you kept on your dresser. He held one up in front of his face holding it so the picture was facing you.

“You keep a photo of me by your bed?” he asked as he pulled it down a little so he could poke his eyes over the top of it.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I have more of Seung hyun” you said as you reached out to snatch the photos back, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you on top of him.

“Why did you have to hurt my ego like that?” he asked as he snaked one of his hands around your waist and gazed into your eyes.

“Because he’s my boyfriend” you replied as you returned his gaze, how was it that he always got to you.

“Don’t remind me” he whispered as he reached up and brushed your hair behind your ear.

“Ji, please don't” you said as you tried to get up but he pulled you back, he ran his hand through your hair before gently pulling your head down to meet his lips.

You grasped at his shirt as soon as your lips touched, they felt like silk against yours, his hand roamed down your back and over your ass before pulling your thigh up. He released your hair with his other hand before doing the same, you were now laid on top of him with your legs spread, the only thing separating you were the underwear you were wearing and his pants. You could feel his cock hardening between your legs, his hands slowly made there way up your thighs under your dress making you moan in to the kiss. He took the opportunity and stuck his tongue in your mouth, applying the right amount of pressure against yours as he roamed around it with his. You got lost in the kiss and grinded against him, as soon as you did his kisses got rougher, more needy. He grabbed at the flesh of your ass as he began to guide your hips back and forth, pushing them down as he did. You grabbed his hat and threw it to the side of the room before returning your hand to run through his hair as you deepened the kiss, every fibre of you felt as though it needed to be closer to him. You grabbed at his shirt with both hands and pulled him up to a sitting position before returning both of them to run through his hair, he groaned as he quickened the pace of your hips, his lips never leaving yours. You moaned and sucked on his bottom lip, giving it a light nibble as you did.

“Fuck it” he growled breaking the kiss, his hands grabbed at the sides of your panties and pulled on them until they broke before pulling them off you. He wrapped one arm around your waist and pulled you up slightly before reaching down with the other to pull down his sweat pants. You threw your head back with a gasp as he lowered you on to his cock, the feeling of him filling you up as he stretched you out had your hairs standing on end. Once you were all the way down he returned his hands to grasp at you ass, guiding you up slowly as he squeezed your cheeks before bringing you back down again.

“Ji” his name slipped from your lips, he had your body going crazy and your mind foggy. You crashed your lips against his and forced your tongue straight into his mouth as you quickened your pace, you took over, bouncing up and down on him all on your own, making sure to get all of him inside you every time.

“Shit” he groaned as he broke away from your lips for a moment before crashing them back with extreme passion, your teeth colliding in a mess as you panted and moaned into one another. Goose bumps spread across your body, like tiny jewels adorning your skin. You snaked your hand through his hair until it got to the back of his head and grabbed a fist full, tugging on it slightly as you sped up again. He pulled away letting your hand tug his head back so he could watch your face as you moaned while bouncing on his cock.

“Say my name” he commanded as he tilted his head to the side, his dark eyes were boring straight through you, you shook your head at his request. “Say it or daddy will have to punish you” he said as he gave your ass a tight squeeze, his finger tips digging in to your flesh so hard you were sure they went white.

“Jiyong” you moaned, your body gave a slight jerk when you called out his name, the sound sent waves of pleasure right through you. “Oh god” you moaned as you pulled on his hair earning yourself a groan from him.

“What?…… Is my baby close already?” he asked panting before sinking his teeth into his bottom lip, still watching your face as you moaned on top of him.

“Yes” you managed to moan in response, you could feel yourself on the edge and you needed more then anything to fall over it.

“Good…. come on daddy” he commanded, you threw your head back with a long throaty moan, Jiyong seizing the opportunity to lick a long line from you collar bone up to your chin.

“Fuck” you growled before placing your hands on his chest and pushing him back on the bed, he licked his lips as he watched your hands move down to his stomach and lift yourself up. Your hips moved on there own, pounding at an incredible rate as you began to scream. The position had is cock hitting your g-spot with force each time you came down, you could feel your legs start to shake from the pleasure.

“That’s it baby….. fuck the shit out of me” he growled from under you as he placed his hands on the head board to keep himself in place, you were fucking him so hard that his body kept creeping up the bed.

“Oh god….. Jiyong…..” you screamed as you continued fucking him hard and fast, your hips beginning to buck from the pleasure that was ready to explode inside you. “ I’m gonna come….”

“Fuck your so hot…… fuck me….. make a mess baby” he groaned biting his lip, you could tell he was close too. “Come all over me”

“Oh god, oh god, oh god” you screamed, somehow your hips sped up even more, an explosion burst inside your abdomen and spread over your body causing you to see stars. “I’m coming…… I’m fucking coming” you screamed as you clenched around him but your hips wouldn’t stop, they just kept going on their own.

“Fuck baby” he hissed as he flexed his muscles, his body became rigid as he tried to fight the urge to hold on to you. “Daddy wants to hear is name….. scream it”

“Jiyong” you screamed as your hips continued, you could feel your juices pouring out of you as you continued to come, your head was becoming light and you weren’t sure how much more you could take but he made you feel so good.

“_____” your name fell from his lips as you felt him come inside you, his hips coming up to meet yours whenever they lifted off him. You continued for a while, slowing the pace as you came down from your highs. Once his spell wore off you came to your senses, your hand coming up over your mouth as you realised you had done it again, you had betrayed Seung hyun, with his best friend.

“I need a shower” you said quickly before jumping off him and retreating to the bathroom.

By the time you finished washing all trace of him off of your body and came back out, he was gone from your room, you quickly got dressed before grabbing your bag and heading out.

“I’m ready, lets go” you said as you grabbed your phone and your keys from the table and headed straight for the door. Jiyong didn’t say a word as he sprang up from his seat on your couch and followed you out the door.

The car ride was full of silence, tension thick in the air. You had gotten sick of his side way glances at you so you decided to just stare out of the passenger window, praying he wouldn’t breath a word for the rest of the trip.

Your phone rang, you rummaged through your bag, once you found it your heart sank, it was Seung hyun.

“Hello” you answered with a chirp, you didn’t want to make him aware that something was wrong.

“Jagi where are you? You said you would only be an hour but it’s been two” Seung hyun whined at you, you could tell he was still drunk.

“I’m sorry oppa, it took longer then I thought and then I needed a shower, we are almost there, just five more minutes” you said as you looked down at your lap, you felt bad for lying to him, you never meant for any of this to happen.

“Hurry up, I need you, now” he ended the last word with a growl.

“Seung hyun” you scolded him.

“I can’t help it, I miss you, I love you”

“I love you too” you heard Jiyong scoff beside you at your words “I will be there soon” you said quickly before hanging up.

“Do you really love him?” Jiyong asked suddenly, you looked over at him, his eyes were still locked on the road.

“What kind of fucking question is that? Of course I do” you snapped as you furrowed your brow.

“Really? Because you were fucking me thirty minutes ago” he replied with a scoff.

“That was different”

“How so?” he asked as he glanced over at you, his face was sour like someone had just forced a wedge of lemon in his mouth.

“That was fucking, nothing more”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it was just two people with a pent up sexual frustration of one another”

“Is that all I am to you….. a pent up sexual frustration?”

“Ji, don’t do this” you said as you shook your head.

“Answer the fucking question” he snarled as he pulled up to Seung hyun’s pent house.

“I love Seung hyun, he means the world to me” you answered, Jiyong let out a bitter laugh.

“I guess that’s my answer then” he said as he looked over at you, his face was cold and indifferent.

“This thing between us has to stop, I can’t lose him” you said as your eyes began to fill up with tears.

“Don’t worry, it wont happen ever again” he said in a monotone as he looked ahead, your heart sank a little at his words, you wanted it to stop but hearing him say it almost hurt.

“Good bye Jiyong” you whispered before getting out and heading towards the house. The front door opened and Sung hyun walked out, holding his arms out as he smiled widely.

Jiyong watched bitterly as you ran up to his friend and practically jumped into his arms, your lips crashing down on his straight away, kissing him just as passionately as you had kissed Jiyong not even an hour ago. He scoffed as he watched Seung hyun’s hands make their way down to your ass and give it a squeeze before picking you up and carrying you inside.

“Fuck” he screamed as he punched his steering wheel, how could you be with him and then less then an hour later be in the arms of another man, it wasn’t fair. Jiyong put the car in gear and sped off down the road, using his car to unleash the rage of how betrayed he felt.

To Feed A Flame - Part I

I’ve collected a ton of prompts asking for this kind of fic by now and here it finally is: EreJeanMarco ABO au, for all you kinky little shits out there

“Wait…”, Jean mumbled fingers stilling where they were tangled in Eren’s shirt, slowly blinking down at the shorter boy he had shoved against the wall. “You’re not … you’re not a Beta?”
Eren huffed, eyelids fluttering as he looked down, cheeks red and lips glistening. Jean had expected many things to come out of this, but not Eren dropping that kind of surprise between frantic kisses.
“I’m not”, he growled, gaze stubbornly cast down. “So can you start that gloating thing you always do and … get it over with?”
Jean blinked. He would have been offended at the suggestion alone if the topic hadn’t been so obviously painful for Eren to talk about. The way he was bracing himself for ridicule and rejection said everything and Jean felt a painful sting in his chest realizing how afraid Eren must have been of his reaction.

“That’s not … I wouldn’t…” There were no words, really. Not when Eren clenched his jaw tight and turned his face away, hands falling away from Jean’s hips.
Jean didn’t know how to explain this to Eren. That he’d never laugh about him for something important the way he did for countless other, tiny things. That their sarcastic banter wasn’t supposed to get this personal. For a second he wondered why the other boy would ever think it even could. But with the way Eren seemed to withdraw further from him every second he needed to do something, anything, to save the situation.

“Does Marco know?”, he asked instead of keeping up his attempts at assuring Eren he wouldn’t make fun of him or gloat. Eren shrugged.
“He will when you run home and tell him about it”, he muttered, still not looking at Jean and okay, that stung. But he couldn’t even start to imagine the kind of scenarios Eren’s mind had spun thinking about coming out to them.
Maybe that was the reason it had taken them this long. They’d been dancing around the border of officially dating for months now, giving Eren the time he needed while growing increasingly more and more frustrated and worried. Apparently it wasn’t just the idea of joining a couple that had already been dating a long time that had kept Eren at arms length…

“I won't”, Jean said, careful to keep his voice level and calm as he reached up with one hand, nudging a finger against Eren’s chin to carefully coax him into eye contact again. It was tentative and guarded but good enough for the moment. “I won’t tell Marco anything without your consent. But … you could come home with me and we could talk to him together?”

It took Eren a long while of gazing critically into Jean’s eyes until he started to accept that this was it, that Jean wouldn’t laugh about him or leave or break off the whole, budding relationship.
“Okay”, he finally breathed and even though he didn’t seem too convinced just yet it had to be enough for the moment.


“I understand you were nervous”, Marco said, kind and gentle, holding hand between careful fingers. “But thank you for telling us. We really appreciate it, that must have been so hard for you…”
Eren nodded, lips still tight but expression way less guarded after they had promised him that, no Jean and Marco weren’t dating because they were only really attracted to other Alphas and that no, of course they wouldn’t send him away after finding out he was an Omega. Sure they would have to learn a few things but that was far from impossible. And now that they knew about him they could take even better care of him and understand his behaviour even better.

“But Eren…”, Marco continued, eyebrows pulled together a bit. “Why did you tell us now? Did something happen?”
Jean had wondered that as well. Been wrecking his brain if they’d said or done anything that could have made him worry like that. But it had been way more important to get Eren home and onto their couch so that Marco, sweet, gentle, patient Marco, could take care of the delicate situation before Jean said something stupid that drove their almost-boyfriend away completely.

Eren bit his lip and nodded. He looked so tiny right now, like a “proper” Omega. Jean only noticed because usually their friend looked anything but demure and submissive. On the contrary, he was strong and opinionated and he always got what he wanted.
Seeing him like this, scared and embarrassed, was weird and made an odd protectiveness crawl through Jean’s chest.

“My heat’s close.”
The words were so quiet Jean almost didn’t catch them and he only knew he heard right when Marco’s eyes opened just a bit wider.
“You’d have found out anyway and I thought … if you wanted to end it because of … you at least wouldn’t have to see me like that…”
“Oh darling…”, Marco hummed, raising Eren’s hand to his lips to breathe a soft kiss against bruised knuckles. “We don’t mind at all. All we want is for you to be comfortable around us.”
“I am!”, Eren said vehemently, almost startling in the soft, quite atmosphere. “I’ve never felt so safe around anyone before, let alone Alphas! I was just so scared of losing this when you found out…”

Jean had to swallow. All this time he didn’t have the slightest idea.
“Well, you won’t.” His voice sounded a little raspy but the tiny smile he got for his efforts was enough. Silence fell over them for a while after that but it was far from the oppressive kind that had hung in the air before Eren had started to talk.

“Where will you spend your heat?” As soon as the words were out Jean wanted to take them back, overcome with the strong urge to hit himself in the face. That sounded so cliché, so perverted and lusty and … Alpha. Just what Eren didn’t need right then. He wouldn’t have been surprised if their friend got up and left.
But instead Eren shrugged, a light hint of pink creeping back onto his cheeks.
“I don’t know yet…”, he mumbled and his voice sounded so small and adorable Jean wanted to kiss him. But he stayed firmly seated in the armchair across from them.

“Well, you do know two guys who’d love to take care of you…”, Marco offered with a mischievous smirk and Eren blushed even more. “No pressure, no expectations. Just an offer. Think about it?”
Marco hadn’t even finished before Eren nodded, a small, careful movement but it didn’t look uninterested at all.
“I will”, he promised, voice strong and even again. Jean really, really hoped he would.

Part II

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forever (is a long time)

pairing: jikook

genre: fluff, so MUCH FLUFF

a/n: for jikook fluff week! domestic sundays :) title from ‘i wouldn’t mind’ by ‘he is we’ sorry if it’s not domestic i tried, i rlly did


summary: jeongguk wants to give jimin ‘forever’, maybe more.

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Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P.3

Warning: violence, swearing

Word count: 2134

A/N: Hey look it’s Pan yay. Smut next time, maybe. I’ve written smut before but not so sure how detailed I’ll get still not so used to it. But eh maybe I’ll get into it who knows.

Part2: https://pan-imagines-ig.tumblr.com/post/155792540279/dont-mess-with-pans-lost-girl-p2


“Just up ahead, do you see it?” The little glowing lady that was currently perched upon the wheel asked as she pointed straight ahead. “Yes I do.” I said holding the wheel steady. After a moment of silent sailing the ship met with the soft sand of the beach that was ahead. “Welcome to Neverland.” Tinker bell said looking back up at me. “I can tell you’re new around here, mostly cause you said you wanted to go home and that’s not an option everyone knows that. So let me just tell you that this island is lost boy territory and lost boys aren’t to fond of pirates.” She said flittering up to eye level. “Yeah well from what I’ve heard back in pirate town neither group like each other, but I’m not a pirate, even if I do look like one.” I said biting my lip and looking down at my attire. “Alright well, at least lose the hat.” She said tapping her chin. I took it off and let it fall from my hand to the ship deck with a thud. “Now we gatta get rid of the other pirates.” She said gesturing to my sword.

With a sigh I pulled it from is holster and slowly turned to see the look out was still fast asleep. I crept quietly behind him and placed the sword at the base of his neck. Oh shit, I can’t do this I’ve never killed anyone before. How can I start now I mean sure this might all just be imaginary but it damn sure feels like reality. I hesitate running this all through my mind weighing the pros and cons. Fuck it. I think but as soon as I do sleepy head wakes and quickly turns around pulling out his own sword. “Shit!” I shout as he lunged forward, I try to dodge the blow but his sword gets my side and I feel blood trickling down my side. I look down quickly before looking back up just in time to deflect his sword from hitting me in the chest. With the amount of blood I’m losing and all the strength I’m putting into pushing his sword away with mine, my vision becomes spotted and I begin to feel light headed. Just as I feel I’m about to pass out Tinker bell darts in front of the pirates face blowing a gold dust in his face causing him to collapse on the deck. I let my weak body fall as well and catch my breath.

“Well that didn’t go to well. Was that your first fight or something?!” She shouts in her tiny high pitched voice. I roll my eyes at her and examine the gash in my side. “Damn it.” I curse under my breath and dig through my bag finding a flask of rum and my tank top. I put the top in my mouth to bite down on and pour the rum on the cut. It’s not the best way to clean a wound but it’s all I got, no matter how bad it burns it works. I then remove the top from my mouth and put it under my corset so that it covers the wound. “What was that, the gold stuff?” I ask shakily standing to my feet. “Fairy dust.” She answers crossing her arms over her chest. “Right. Of course it was.” I sarcastically reply shaking my head. “It won’t keep him asleep forever, I helped, now you finish.” She said and I glanced at my sword. With a huff I placed the tip of my blade over his heart and felt the blade sink in easily. “Now was that so bad? Ok before we go kill the rest of those bastards coat your sword in this.” She says handing over a small bottle filled with a dark liquid. “What is it?” I asked popping off the top. “There’s a plant, very deadly, called dreamshade. I managed to make it into a liquid so that the lost boys could cover their weapons in it and get quicker kills.” She said and I raised my eyebrows nodding. “Alright.” I said carefully pouring it all over the blade. “Let’s go kill some pirates.” I said with a smirk and she rolled her eyes at me.

“So I have a question, you seem to be pretty cool with these, lost boys. And you found me, a girl, dressed as a pirate, driving a pirate ship, why did you decide to help me? Ya know cause pirates hate lost boys and vise-versa.” I say waking away branch leaves as I walked through the thick forest wilderness. “Cause no pirate would one, allow a female to steer the ship or two, come anywhere near Neverland. Ah here’s my stop. Good luck to you my dear.” She said with a nod of her head and quickly flew off. “Wait! I still need your guidance!” I shouted after her but it was no use. “Well shit.” I said as I looked around and noticed I had no idea where the hell I was going. But I also noticed the sun had begun to rise making me feel a little better, I probably wouldn’t last an hour in this forest alone if it was dark.

I began to walk again when I heard a few tiny foot steps approaching. I crouched behind a bush and put my hand on my sword handle. I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing trying to see if I could tell which direction the steps were coming from. At first I heard nothing but then again, to my left, I heard something. There were two of whatever it was, I opened my eyes and looked to my left. I was out of their line of vision but I could see them perfectly. Two boys, maybe a year or two older than me, but still young. They were dressed as if they were playing combat rescue, wearing camouflage colors with leaves draped around them and mud smeared over their faces. Each of them held a weapon, a real weapon. One had a cross bow and the other a sword. “You’ve got to be kidding, these are the lost boys.” I mumble to myself and move to get closer but stay out of their vision. “Well fuck me.” I whisper as I watch them look around searching for, I’m guessing, me. “Sorry kids but I’m not losing this one.” I mean sure the pirates weren’t that hard to deal with, thanks to the dreamshade, but as ruthless as these kids look they don’t look like to much of a challenge.

“Now!” The boy in green shouted as he paced back and forth in front of the cage. “What am I to do with you?” He said stoping his pacing, placing both hands on the bars and leaning in close, he flashed a quick wicked smirk. I did nothing but harshly glare back at him with a cold hard expression. I had been on this island for a whole month running around trying to stay alive, a cost of that was injuring a few lost boys. I didn’t want to, a lot of them were much younger than me, like six or seven years younger. I had grown cold, heartless soon I didn’t care how old they were, I just needed to survive. So I stood, not saying a word and gave him a piercing cold glare. He just simply chuckled and pushed himself up right again, off of the bars. “You know appearing on my island and injuring not just a few but an army of my lost boys is not something you can just avoid, there are consequences!” He said beginning to pace again, he spoke as if he was giving a speech to everyone present, even though it was only directed at me. Surrounding him and the cage I occupied, was a swarm of young boys their ages varied but none older than the boy in green. And he couldn’t be more than 16. “Now that we have captured you, this cage is where you shall stay until I decide it’s time to kill you. Sleep tight.” He said and with the flick of his hand his ‘lost boys’ moved out and towards their camp that wasn’t to far from the cage. “Felix! You take night watch!” The boy ordered a taller, cloaked, boy with long dirty blond hair. The boy simply nodded and leaned against the cage as the rest continued on.

A few hours had passed when I decided I was bored and wanted out. I was stood leaning against the far right corner of the cage staring at the cloaked boy, Felix was his name, while chewing on my bottom lip. He seems like an easy target. I thought as I sauntered over to where he stood shoulders back and chest puffed out. “So Felix, that is your name right?” I asked my voice just over a whisper carful not to draw any attention from the camp. The sun was now long gone and the camp was lit by an enormous bonfire. I looked at Felix but he hadn’t moved a muscle. “Hmm, well Felix. The name’s Mariana,” I said, still nothing. “Come on I’m bored out of my mind, least you could do is have a conversation with your prisoner.” I said slipping my hand through the bars and rubbing his shoulder gently. He looked down at my hand and I noticed his chest rise and fall and a slightly quicker pace. He turned around slowly with his head low. “Come on Felix, can’t even look me in the eye?” I teased as I moved my hand to the hairs at the nape of his neck. He slowly lifted his head locking eyes with me. “There we go.” I whispered softly tangling my fingers into his hair. His breathing became more rapid and he let out a low moan, leaning his head against my touch. “Now all you have to do is open the cage and we can talk. Unless there’s something more fun you have in mind.” I said with a smirk as I leaned closer to the bars that separated us. “No!” He shouted and abruptly moved away from my touch “You hurt my friends, many of them are just barley holding on to life. You deserve nothing but to rot in there forever.” He spit at me and turned away back to his position and didn’t say another word for the rest of the night. I just rolled my eyes and went back to my corner, with a huff I plopped down criss-cross with my arms folded over my chest.

As morning came again so did the boy in green, he nodded at Felix as he approached, “Go get breakfast, then some rest.” He ordered, Felix nodded in response and walked toward camp. “Morning love” The leader, I figured, said turning his attention to me. I gave him a sickly sweet smile, “Morning.” I said and he smirked. “Ah and she speaks. Honestly love I thought you were going to give me the silent treatment forever.” I rolled me eyes and gave him an expressionless look. “Just tell me, who are you and how did you manage to run around my island for so long without getting caught?” He asked confusion clear in his voice. “Let’s just say you and your lost boys are a lot easier to handle than the pirates.” I said grinning at his fuming expression. He let out a long deep breath before speaking again, “Are you saying we’re not as challenging.” He asked irritated. “Believe me I’m just as surprised as you are, I’d think your boys would be better fighters than a bunch of drunk old slobs.” I said and he shook his head. Clearly offended by what I said about his soldiers, he walks back to camp leaving me alone. I puff out my cheeks and turn so I’m facing out away from the camp. I begin picking at the grass when I spot a patch of purple flowers. I eye them skeptically and reach out to pick one. “Lavender?” I speak to myself and inhale the sweet smell before blacking out.

A couple hours later I wake up still in the cage, the sun is still out and I don’t hear anything coming from the camp. The boys must be out playing. I look around and see the flower laying not to far from my face. That wasn’t a lavender. I move away from it before carefully picking it up. “I’m definitely getting out of here tonight” I think running all the possible out comes through my mind figuring out the perfect escape.

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I understand that you're not taking requests right now, but hear me out. Pet/Slave Namjoon. With a collar/choker and everything.

Sub Namjoon was an interesting concept to me, to say the least, so…here we are ;p

ALSO: I tried to add a ‘Read More’ break, but they don’t seem to work correctly for mobile when I’m replying to an ask, soo…sorry for anyone that doesn’t want to see glimpses of sub!joon

Unlocking your front door, you sigh as you step inside, kicking your shoes off on the landing. The grocery bags balanced on your forearm lay proof to your trip to the corner convince store, and you’re sure Namjoon will love you later when he sees all the candy you bought him.

Smiling to yourself you skip into the kitchen, preparing to put the groceries away. However, you only manage to get the essential items into the fridge before desperate whining in the background catches your attention.

Rolling your eyes, you set the remaining bags down on the kitchen floor and grab the hem of your top, pulling it over your head and chucking it onto the couch as you start towards the bedroom. Your pants come next, and you kick them off just outside the cracked open door, fingers wandering to your damp panties, pressing into the sensitive bud of nerves hidden just beneath the fabric.

Breathy curses and pleasurable moans are rolling through the walls and washing over you in waves, and you lick your lips in anticipation. This is going to be fun.

Pushing the door open ever so slowly, you pad into the room, drool pooling in your mouth at the sight of Namjoon. He’s knelt at the foot of your bed, reddened bottom lip caught between his teeth as he attempts not to whine—a cock ring secured around his manhood. You can easily spot the cum leaking down his shaft, begging for a chance to flow free, but you’re not ready to give in to him just yet. It’s only been half an hour since you left him here like this, and you’re sure you can get him begging even more.

Ahhhh~ this pretty dominate boy who is suddenly so submissive under your delicate finger.

“Hey there puppy,” you tease him with a grin, finally revealing you presence to him as you tug on the chain resting against his chest. He immediately gasps and leans forward on his knees. The chain is attached to nipple clamps secured around his sensitive pink buds, and between the chain jiggling in your hand and the tiny vibrator attached to the cock ring, he’s ready to burst at the seams.

“Are you gonna beg me, huh? Look at this,” you say, squatting down and dragging a finger up the underside of his length. Skimming your other hand over his tan shoulders, you loop your finger under the leather of the collar he has on, forcing him to look at you as you lick your cum-covered digit clean.

Namjoon shivers at the sight alone, nostrils flaring.

“Baby…please,” he whispers, voice cracking and eyes pleading. His cock is so painfully hard, he’s about to go insane. “I-I already came, but it hurt. I need…I need—”

“Payback for all of your teasing, babe, aren’t I right?” you grin, burying your hand into his sweaty blond hair. You bend to your knees in front of him and yank his head back, your lips pressing overly-light kisses to every inch of his skin. “All those time you brought me to the edge and then denied me…two can play at this game.”

“Fuck! Please!” Namjoon begs, his second dry orgasm approaching at dangerous speeds, and he thrusts his hips into air, desperate for friction. 30 minutes alone in a room—hands cuffed behind his back, and cock restrained—had granted Namjoon a lot of time to ponder how to get back at you for making him like…this. But, subsequently, thinking about tying you up and shoving his dick down your throat until you choke on it hadn’t helped out his situation.

“Come for me, Namjoon,” you demand, capturing his lips in a fierce kiss, and he screams around your tongue, hips bucking fervently as another dry orgasm rips through him.

“Fuck! FUCK!” he curses, cock throbbing. He’s about to lose his GODDAMN MIND!

“Yes! What fantastic sounds!” you laugh, petting his sweaty hair back and hooking your fingers under his collar yet again. You tug him around so he’s facing the edge of the mattress, his chest heaving as he tiredly watches you step out of your soaking panties.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, you drag his head forward, your fingers spreading your glistening folds.

“Make me come and I’ll return the favor.”

Licking his lips, Adam’s apple bobbing, he eyes your womanhood before diving forward without another second of hesitation. His tongue flicks over your throbbing bud, and you toss your head back, hand thoroughly tangled in his hair and keeping him secured between your thighs.

Already too well acquainted with your body, Namjoon skillfully drags his tongue between your folds, dipping the flexible muscle into your heat before returning to your clit yet again. His strokes are accurate and utterly devastating, distraught moans leaving your mouth as he inches you closer and closer to your orgasm.

At feeling your thighs tighten around his head, breathing picking up and pleas becoming increasingly louder, Namjoon feels another orgasm beginning to build up in him as well. And he knows that he won’t survive another dry one. So, he brings out his A-game, sucking your clit into his mouth and digging his tongue into your sensitive bud even rougher than before.

The sensation has you crying out, orgasm right on the brink, and after a few more swipes of Namjoon’s tongue you come—breathy moans filling the room. Your chest heaves as he rides you through your orgasm, but as soon as you start to come down from your high Namjoon falls backwards onto his ass, eyes scrunched shut.

“Baby please please please please–!”

“I gotcha~,” you coo, petting his hair back as you lean down and snap the cock ring off. Immediately a guttural moan tears from his throat, his orgasm hitting home without any help from you. Breathing uneven, cum splattering across your hand and his stomach, you bend down and kiss him gently.

“I’ll get a rag,” you say, hurrying out of the room and to the bathroom. When you come back Namjoon has relocated to the bed, nipple clamps, cock ring, and collar all resting on the sheets beside him. Smiling sweetly when he looks at you with exhaustion painting his face, you quickly clean both him and yourself up.

“You good?” you question after throwing the rag in the nearby clothes bin, and Namjoon nods, latching onto your wrist and tugging you onto the bed with him. Immediately he maneuvers you into the little spoon position, his arms wrapping snuggly around your torso, and you don’t mind in the least.

Sighing, Namjoon nuzzles the back of your skull, sleep already finding him, but he makes sure to get out what’s been on his mind all afternoon.

“You’re gonna fucking pay for that later.”

Laughing, you roll your eyes and attempt to find sleep as well.

“We’ll see.”

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WAIT YOU TAKE PROMPTS? (If you don't that's fine but if you do????) KilluGon, Flowerpot concussion? (If can't/don't want to it's fine.)

I do take prompts! This is another one that got away from me, haha. Juuust shy of 4K words. :D; I hope you like it! Spoiler alert: No one actually gets a concussion. I just don’t have it in me, lol.

Also available on AO3!

Danger: Risk of Falling Flowerpots Ahead!

    The day starts out peaceful.

    He, Gon, and Alluka are walking down the charming, stone-paved streets of a charming town. The path in front of them winds back and forth. There are shops and houses rising up on either side of the road. Green vines cling to brick walls, and they pass under a lattice archway from which heavy blooms of lilac hang, filling the air with their pleasant perfume. Alluka is tugging on his sleeve and pointing ahead to a store she’s interested in, and as Killua turns his head to look over his shoulder to where Gon walks behind him, brown eyes sparkle mirthfully back at him.

    A warm, content feeling settles in Killua’s chest. He turns to reply to his sister, thinking that nothing could make this day go badly.

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heal the scars from off my back; i don't need them anymore // a mileven fic

read it on ao3 here!

ok so today i hit 1000 FOLLOWERS, which is CRAZY and i am so excited and wow thank you all for following me???

SO to celebrate, here’s a fluffy also kinda angsty sorry idea that i got and rolled with!

(p.s. listen to welcome home by radical face while you read for maximum feels experience) 

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I Don’t Do Tequila - Part Six

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Summary: You and Sam come to terms with your relationship, and Dean has more predictions about your baby’s birth.

Words: 1,066

Sam x Reader

Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

The crib ended up staying in Sam’s room.

As did all of the (remarkably gender neutral) baby clothes and shoes.

As did the changing table.

And the diapers.

And so did you.

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The Cast of Overwatch as People I've had on the Self Checkouts @ Canadian Tire
  • Soldier 76: Takes him a minute to realize it's the self-checkouts and not just a tiny till. Doesn't ask for help if something goes wrong, just stands there and waits for you to realize
  • Reaper: Curses out the self-checks as he uses them. Constantly telling them to "shut the fuck up", but refuses to use the mute button. Actually punches the self checkout sceens
  • Sombra: She's always done her transaction before you realize she's even there. Never takes her Canadian Tire Money, yet comes in bi-weekly to get it put on her card
  • Tracer (and Emily): Tracer is constantly remembering things to add to the bill last minute, be it a drink, chips, or the thing they came in for specifically. They also stand there and kiss/grab each others asses while they wait for the payment to go through. Tracer's card never is accepted for tapping
  • Ana: She marches right up to you and hands you her item, waiting for you to scan it for her (which you do-- it's your job). Always buys something heavy, but waits until the last moment to ask for a hand out, even if you already asked her if she needed one and she said no
  • Mercy: Shoves her hands in your hair, then informs you that you "have bad dandruff". Always picks the same, broken, SCO, and wonders why we haven't fixed it yet
  • D.va: Always has a 5$ bill that doesn't work, but refuses to swap it out. "It's fine, no worries!" she says, putting a crisp, new 100$ bill in for her 3.50$ purchase.
  • Lucio: There's always an issue with his SCO, but he's polite about it. Fluffs the bags when he takes one, and tries to put any that fall off back for you.
  • Reinhardt: Puts his basket of things on the weight scale and acts confused when the machine screams at him to take it off. Somehow manages to fit enough stuff on the scale that it overloads and we have to move things into a second cart
  • Torbjorn: complains because you have to scan in every item individually. Makes jokes about grabbing a hammer and "fixing" the machines for you
  • Junkrat: Lets you know, with pride in his voice, that his disgusting Canadian Tire money was found in a dumpster and that's why it's wet. Uses change for what the bills don't cover.
  • Winston: Very polite, but needs help with almost everything. Leans on the weight scale and you have to ask hm to stop 4 or 5 times
  • Zenyatta: Everything goes perfectly. You joke about them being broken, but "liking him" and he agrees. You feel like you've spoken to the Self-Checkouts master
  • Hanzo: Grunts when you say hello at first, but is friendly when you go to help him deal with a useless UPC code. Forgets his cashback 9 out of 10 times, but you always catch him before he leaves
  • Genji: He buys the weirdest things, and always asked you to help him find things you're not sure you have in store ("Sir, what is a greased nipple used for?") Walks into the window because he thinks it's the out doors
  • Roadhog: Doesn't talk much, but askes for large bags or garbage bags to carry his things in. Never takes his reciept
  • McCree: Complains that we think he's stealing when things have to be walked up, and hits the self-checkouts with more force than nessasary. Wants to know how we can stand being there all day while the computer talks
  • Mei: Double Bags everything, up to and including her bags of chips. Wants a sale or discount price on something with damaged packaging but perfect product.
  • Zarya: Doesn't want help getting her things outside and is, frankly, offended that you asked. Also doesn't let you scan things for her, and complains that the self-checkouts are stealing jobs
  • Widowmaker: Brings ammo up to the self-checkouts, and is disgusted when you tell her she'll have to go through the tills. If she does use the SCO's, she puts her purse on the weight scale.
  • Pharah: Checks and double checks every price for the things she rings in. Leaves 3-4 times to check the price, and is surprised (and happy) when you give her the week before price on something.
  • Symmetra: Hates the Self-Checkouts. Makes snide comments to it, but is v happy about the mute button. Has over 3000$ canadian tire money on her card, but doesn't use it. Lets you know when the till tape is almost finished.
  • Bastion: is a self-checkout

I love seeing Outlander Modern AUs go over my dash but y’all are missing out on the fact that Jamie Fraser would not be ordering a frappe cappuccino at Starbucks. He’d be the astonishingly handsome and disheveled guy who comes in every day at 7am and buys an Irn Bru, maybe an iced bun if he’s got more than just smash change in his pockets, and then proceeds to hole himself up for several hours in a corner seat, hunched over his decrepit and ancient laptop (the power cord held together with electrical tape), eating up the free WiFi as he mulls over how to save his family business after the financial collapse of 2008 hit them and the rest of Scotland hard. He’d have an SNP button attached to the lapel of his worn leather jacket.

Claire is a young nursing student at Caledonian University, travelling back and forth between England each month to visit her fiance Frank. Frank never comes north, unless it’s to go sightseeing around the castles. He’s writing an historical novel. Claire’s got a whole other range holistic skills under her belt too, which Frank thinks of as ‘quaint’. She winds up taking the barista job because while the fees are less expensive than studying in England, being English means she doesn’t get her higher education for free and she needs the income. The first time she sees Jamie he’s got a wild windswept look to him, the curls of his hair misted with rain which he shakes out of his eyes as he counts out the one-pound twenty-pence in smash and offers it over with a tight little smile. A guy yesterday paid for three quids worth of coffee in pennies so she doesn’t bat an eye. After that he just becomes a part of her morning routine. 

And she can’t help but take note of the dark circles under his eyes, the way he spares his left shoulder as he hoists his messenger bag, and the way he always rolls his neck like he’s in pain from more than just sitting hunched over that tiny flickering screen all day. He downs a worrying amount of pandaol during the day too, and she begins to worry about his liver. He wears rugby shirts a lot—one of them looks like it might have been professional—and assumes correctly that at some point he was injured. His back is a wreck and she wants nothing more than to get him on her table back home in her shitty over priced West End flat and straighten it out. Purely out of good will for her fellow human and not at all to do with the way his smile lights up the room every morning when he walks in, or the way his mop of red hair falls boyishly into his eyes in a way that makes her heart stutter. Or because, despite the fact that he never seems to have more than a rumpled ten pound note at the start of the week and counts out his order in spare change by Friday, he always tips. Always. She wonders if it’s simple generosity or a point of pride. Possibly both.

One day, when the students have all departed for classes and the hurried business men have fled with their espressos, she swallows her nerves and approaches him with a rice pack she just spent several seconds in the back warming up in the shitty staff microwave. She makes them herself in her spare time and gives them out as gifts. This one is scented with rosemary for clarity, and just a hint of sandalwood for calming. And perhaps because she likes to secretly imagine it’s what he smells like. 

“Here,” she says, offering it to him. “Put it on your neck it’ll help.”

Jamie—who had just been rolling his shoulder in a bid to get the knot out—looks up and takes it from her. “Thank you…”

There’s an awkward pause, and Claire momentarily wonders if she’s overstepped some boundary. But he doesn’t seem offended, just perplexed a little, as though he’s surprised she noticed his pain. She offers him a small little smile and retreats to the safety of the coffee machine, emptying out the drawer and saving the grounds for old Mrs. Fitz who tells her it works a treat at keeping the slugs away from her herb garden. There’s a polite cough behind her and he’s standing there, heat pack resting lightly around his massive shoulders. 

She’s already moving towards the cabinet to fetch a chilled bottle of Bru from the refrigerator when he holds up a calloused hand. She knows they’re calloused, his fingers have brushed hers more than once and it fills her with a little thrill that leaves her guilty enough to slink off into the back and text Frank a stream of heart emojis. Even if he never replies…

“I dunno about you but I could fair murder a cup o’ tea,” he treats her to a crooked smile that makes her stomach twist in knots. It’s not an unpleasant sensation. 

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

And he doesn’t need to buy her a tea, she keeps telling him this. She gets it free as part of her perks of employment, but he does it anyway and when she refuses he drops the money into he tip jar. And that too becomes a part of their daily routine. A small moment of respite in the humdrum of their lives where he’ll pull one of the high backed chairs up to her counter in the quiet of the day and they’ll converse over tea in paper cups—hers with a little honey, and his with enough sugar in it to keep the spoon standing upright.  

“I dinnae ken what’s in that wee bag,” he comments one day as he hands over the rice pack to be reheated, “But I think it must be magic.”

Claire smiles, and dips into the back to throw it in the microwave. “Just heat and some scented oils. No magic.”

“Oh I dinnae ken about that, Sassenach”—his own little pet name for her—”there’s a bit o’ the witch about ye and nae mistake.”

Frank had said something similar once. But the way Jamie says it, it sounds like praise, eyes dancing with mischief and something dangerously like fondness. 

maijournal  asked:

Omg the struggle when you ship everyone with everyone 😂. I really don't know what to choose. Since you love Namseok please can I have #4 Teacher and single parent? Thank you 😍

ᴏᴛᴘ: ɴᴀᴍsᴇᴏᴋ
ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ #4: ᴛᴇᴀᴄʜᴇʀ/sɪɴɢʟᴇ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛ ᴀᴜ
ᴡᴏʀᴅᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 2.2ᴋ
A/N: I took full advantage of the prompt to satisfy my personal desires, i am so very sincerely not sorry ;3;


The voice is so soft that if Namjoon hadn’t pressed the pause button to kill the music, he would have missed it. He spins around and Jungkook is standing at the threshold of the door, tiny hands rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. 

“What’s wrong?” Namjoon jerks upright in his chair, muddled brain clearing instantly as his eyes rake over Jungkook’s body. The last time Jungkook had woken up in the middle of the night, it was when he’d accidentally rolled off the bed and hit his elbow. Seokjin had nagged at Namjoon for weeks for forgetting to attach the bed rail. It was a terrible memory. Guilt had eaten Namjoon whole when Jungkook couldn’t stop crying from the bruise on his elbow. 

“I can’t sleep.” Jungkook looks at his feet. He’s not wearing his anti-slip slippers. Namjoon would have chided him for it but something about Jungkook’s expression is off.

Namjoon removes his headphones and opens his arms wide. Immediately, Jungkook scampers across the room and clambers onto Namjoon’s lap, tiny fists grabbing onto Namjoon’s collar. 

“Why can’t my big hero sleep?” Namjoon peppers Jungkook’s hair with kisses, hugging him tighter. Jungkook smells like home, a mix of cotton and baby powder. “Were there bed monsters? Daddy will fight them.”

Jungkook giggles, tiny puffs of air fanning across Namjoon’s neck. “Daddy, don’t be silly. Jiminie-hyung says that there aren’t monsters under our bed. They only get out when they need to find food but you said no snacks in our bedroom.” 

Jimin is Jungkook’s older cousin. Jungkook may not admit it, but Namjoon knows how much Jungkook listens to Jimin’s advice. Namjoon smiles and buries his nose into Jungkook’s hair. “And where did he learn that from?”

“Uncle Seokjin” Jungkook answers. Namjoon can feel his tiny finger tracing the collar of Namjoon’s cotton shirt. “Jiminie-hyung also says he isn’t scared of monsters because he is older than me.” Jungkook puffs his cheeks out in defiance. “But I’m taller. And bigger! I’m not scared.”

Namjoon laughs softly, beaming down at his five-year old son. This, Jungkook resembles his mother.

“Then why can’t you sleep?” 

Jungkook’s finger halts. “I… I don’t know. When I close my eyes, I just can’t sleep. Tomorrow’s monday and I’m usually with Uncle Seokjin on mondays. But Uncle Seokjin says I can’t go to his house on mondays anymore.”

Oh. Namjoon pulls back a little. “Could it be that you’re afraid of starting your first day at school?”

Jungkook stares at him and blinks. He shrugs. “Maybe.” 

Namjoon cups Jungkook’s cheeks. “Are you sure it’s just a maybe and not a very?” Jungkook doesn’t like to talk about his fears. Not much. Namjoon either has to guess, or ask really, really gently. 

Will you tell daddy why?”

Jungkook opens his mouth to answer but Namjoon places a finger on his lips. “Before you answer, do you remember what daddy said about boys who don’t tell the truth?”

“Their noses will get longer and they won’t be allowed to eat candy.” Jungkook grimaces. He loves to eat all kinds of snacks and sweets, and Seokjin pampers him with different kinds each week, much to Namjoon’s disapproval.  

“Yes, so tell Daddy the truth. Daddy will listen.” Namjoon grins endearingly. Watching Jungkook’s large, doe-eyes gazing intently up at him makes his heart clench, in a good way, and he just wants to make sure he teaches his son well. 

“I’m…” Jungkook swallows. “I’m just scared that I cannot make friends. Jiminie hyung is so lucky. He always tells me that his class is fun and he’s got a lot of friends. What if.. what if nobody… likes me?”

Tears start to well up in his eyes and Namjoon goes into panic mode. Namjoon had spent the whole of Jungkook’s first eleven months dealing with his sobs, and the subsequent years wiping away Jungkook’s tears whenever he falls ill or falls down. Namjoon has never gotten used to a crying Jungkook and doesn’t intend to. 

“Hey, hey.” Namjoon strokes the skin beneath Jungkook’s eyes and bends to kiss his forehead. “I’m sure everything will go fine. You know, when Daddy first started school, he was scared too. Really scared. Like you. But then I went to school on the first day and made lots and lots of friends. I came home and thought I was silly for being scared the night before.”

“Really?” Jungkook breathes, relief in his eyes. “So I should be un-scared?”

“Brave.” Namjoon corrects, lips tugging into a small smile. “And yes, you should. You’re the bravest boy I know. Who are you again?”

“Daddy’s big hero.” Jungkook breaks out into a toothy grin and his buck teeth stick out. Namjoon’s heart swoons. “I’ll be un-scared. Uh. I- I mean I will be brave.”

“Yes you will.” Namjoon pecks the tip of Jungkook’s nose. “Daddy will be there tomorrow. Daddy will keep you safe, okay?”

“Promise?” Jungkook raises his pinky. 

“Pinky promise,” Namjoon laughs and hooks his pinky securely around Jungkook’s. “Let’s go to bed. Even super heroes need sleep.”

The next day begins abruptly when a heavy weight lands squarely on Namjoon’s chest. 

“Daddy! Daddy!” Air gets knocked out of his lungs. “Daddy wake up!” There are hands are all over his neck, his face and his hair.

Namjoon squints into the semi darkness. Jungkook is sprawled on top of him, expression full of glee and excitement. He groans and peels Jungkook off his chest, tucking him into his side and beneath his chin. “Five more minutes, Jungkook.”

“But daddy,” Jungkook tugs at his hair. Once. Twice. “You said I have to go to school.” 

It takes Namjoon 23 heartbeats to register this. He bolts upright, heart racing in dread. 

“Oh my f-” Namjoon stops himself before he breaks his own rules of no vulgarities until Jungkook’s legal. His son stares up at him, confused. “I- I mean. Oh my god,” Namjoon scrubs at his face, brain whirling to reorganize his thoughts. 

HIs eyes flicker to the clock on the wall. 7:30AM. Namjoon has twenty minutes to grab Jungkook’s bag, pack it, make Jungkook his favourite breakfast cereal, drink coffee and fly out of the house before he’ll have approximately ten minutes to speed down the highway. But first he needs to get Jungkook to change into his uniform, which is the toughest task because Jungkook always squirms whenever Namjoon dresses him.

“Hey Jungkook, listen. I need you to -” 

When Namjoon spins around, Jungkook has crawled to the edge of the bed. He’s swinging his tiny feet back and forth, blinking up at Namjoon expectantly.

 He’s also already gotten himself dressed.

“-change.” Namjoon finishes in awe. 

Jungkook holds his arms out. “Did I get it right?”

Yes and no. No because Jungkook had messed up the buttons of his cotton tee-shirt but yes, because at least the pants are where they are supposed to be. 

“Almost.” Namjoon hunkers down in front of Jungkook and starts righting the buttons. When did you learn to dress yourself? He wants to ask, but they are running out of time.

“Have you brushed your teeth?”




Namjoon ushers Jungkook out of the room. “Okay big hero, listen up. Mission incoming.”

Jungkook puffs out his chest, eyes determined and rapt with attention as Namjoon puts on an authoritative tone. “Soldier listen up! I’ll need you to grab Bunny and Fluffy, and…” Namjoon rakes his brain, hoping that Jungkook wouldn’t be needing anything else other than his colour pencil pouch and spring jacket, “and report at the dining table. 3 minutes. Do you think you can do it?”

“Yes Captain!” Jungkook salutes and runs off into his room. Namjoon makes a beeline to the kitchen and scrambles to prepare breakfast. 

It’s 8:03AM by the time Namjoon wrestles Jungkook into his spring jacket and velcros his shoes tight. 

“Are we getting there yet?” Jungkook bounces eagerly in his seat, palms pressed to the windows of the car. “Daddy are we there yet?”

“Soon.” Namjoon pulls at the collar of his shirt. He’s a mess, glasses askew and fringe still damp from washing his face. He silently hopes that Jungkook’s preschool teacher will be someone mellow with age, someone who wouldn’t scan him from head and toe and think what the actual flying fuck?

When Namjoon sprints into the school with Jungkook securely in his arms, he sees Seokjin handing Jimin his lunchbox. 

“Namjoon you’re-” Seokjin frowns at him, disgust apparent on his face “Uh.”

“I know, I know.” Namjoon pants as he sets Jungkook on his feet. Jungkook runs over to Jimin and hugs him. “I overslept.”

Just before Seokjin can berate him for his tardiness, someone steps into view. 

“Hi! Nice to meet you.” It’s a boy, dressed in a pair of black jeans and a brown trench coat. He smiles, wide and cheery, a little too blinding and Namjoon does nothing but stare at the way his eyes crinkle prettily. 

“I’m Jung Hoseok!” He strides forward, clasping a hand around Namjoon’s for a handshake. “Kim Jungkook’s homeroom teacher. Are you his father?” 

Namjoon does a double take. The boy looks young, too young to be a teacher and Namjoon suddenly feels very conscious about the toothpaste stain on his jacket and fact that his hair decides to riot, of all days.

“Yes he is.” Seokjin supplies lamely and gives Namjoon a glare that screams now is not the time to be an Idiot. Namjoon snaps out of his reverie.  

“That’s right!” Namjoon replies a little too enthusiastically and he winces inwardly. “I am his father. Jungkook-ah.” He calls out. There’s a pull on the hem of his jacket and Namjoon looks down to see Jungkook peeking around Namjoon’s thighs. 

“Hello! I’m your homeroom teacher, Jung Seongsangnim.” Hoseok squats and beams at Jungkook. Namjoon watches in surprise as a small smile forms on Jungkook’s lips. His son is terribly shy with strangers, but Hoseok seems to be an exception. He radiates so much warmth that it successfully melts away some of Jungkook’s hesitance. 

“Hello,” Jungkook answers in formal speech and bows. Namjoon’s heart soars at how well-mannered his son is. “I… My name is Kim Jungkook.”

“You have a really nice name.” Hoseok grins, to which Jungkook flushes adorably. “We’re going to start lessons soon.” He says. “It’ll be fun!”

“Can Daddy come along too?” Jungkook asks, stepping forward. He reaches for Namjoon’s hand. “Daddy will be good.”

“Uh.” Namjoon says. He bends down and ruffles Jungkook’s hair. “Daddy has already been to preschool, remember? Daddy can’t go again. I’ll come back for you later.”

Jungkook looks crestfallen. “Are y-you… going to leave me? Just like mommy?“

Oh no. Namjoon’s insides clench. The night after Jungkook was born, his mother had passed away from birth complications. Ever since then, it had always been just the both of them. The only times Jungkook feels comfortable without Namjoon, will be when Seokjin offers to babysit him and lets him play with Jimin. 

“Hey, hey.” Namjoon pulls Jungkook in for hug and Jungkook wraps his little arms around him. “Has Daddy ever lied to you?”

“No.” Jungkook mutters.

Exactly.” Namjoon cards a hand through Jungkook’s fringe. “Daddy will be here to pick you up. I promise.”

“Yeah that’s right!” Hoseok chimes in reassuringly. “Don’t worry Jungkook. If your Daddy doesn’t come to pick you, I will personally kick his butt.”

Namjoon chokes.

But this earns a chucke from Jungkook. “Really?”

“Really.” Hoseok affirms and winks at him. Namjoon’s stomach does a mini summersault. “But since Daddy’s a nice guy, he won’t lie so his butt is safe.”

“Okay.” Jungkook seems appeased and he reaches up to squish Namjoon’s cheeks. “Bye Daddy.’ 

“Bye.” Namjoon’s lips are puckered like a fish. Seokjin bends to snap a photo with his cellphone, with Jimin giggling over his shoulders. Namjoon resists the urge to scowl.

“You really love your Daddy, don’t you?” Hoseok pats Jungkook’s hair. 

“Yeah!” Jungkook grins. “He’s my best friend!” 

“Aw, no fair!” Hoseok pouts. “I want to be your best friend too!”

“Then you’ll have to ask Daddy if its okay.” Jungkook declares. 

“He’ll say yes. I’m sure.” Hoseok holds both hands out to Jungkook and Jungkook lets himself be carried.“Let’s go for class. See you later Mr Kim!”

Namjoon stares, dumbfounded when Hoseok walks off with Jungkook snug in his arms. Hoseok says something into Jungkook’s ear and it makes him burst into laughter, as though it isn’t the first time they are meeting each other. It stings a little when Jungkook doesn’t even spare Namjoon a second glance.

“Whipped.” Seokjin mutters, just as Jimin’s homeroom teacher comes and collects him. “For both your honey bunny and your future honey.”

“Hyung!” Namjoon really does scowl this time and all of a sudden, the image of Hoseok tucking Jungkook into bed at home comes to mind. It disarms him and heat creeps up to his cheeks. 

“Oh god.” Seokjin groans. “Okay, listen up big boy. I’ve known Hoseok since college.” he clears his throat over Namjoon’s affronted accusation ‘What! Since when?’ “So, if you buy me coffee, I may give you his number.”

“That’s… that’s creepy!” Namjoon sputters. “How can you just give his number away without his permission?” 

“Well,” Seokjin yawns. “The last I heard, Hoseok is sexy, free, single, and hoping to mingle. Also, I may or may not have talked about you before.” 

Namjoon narrows his eyes. Seokjin matches his gaze and Namjoon promptly loses, like he always had when they were children. He wordlessly stomps off to the direction of the cafe across the street with Seokjin chortling behind him.

A/N: MY NAMSEOK ;~; also this story was largely inspired by this fanart of Hoseok with baby Jungkook. Hope you like this!!! 


Psych Sentence Starters
  • "We may have a children of the corn situation happening here."
  • "You realize I carry a gun right?"
  • "I've heard it both ways."
  • "Don't be a rabid porcupine."
  • "I don't love you."
  • "Maybe when we get two gourds we can work that out."
  • "I'm never doing anything with you blindly again. I learned that at the mexican border, twice."
  • "You know how I zone out when other people talk."
  • "I got the tiny girl with the limp!"
  • "You don't have to prove you're a great criminal."
  • "Don't eat the chicken."
  • "The best way to convince someone you're not lying to them is to tell them you are!"
  • "I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth."
  • "I left my cell phone in your car, along with a tuna sandwich. I really hope you found that."
  • "I was not hitting on your wife."
  • "Yours? That's funny I didn't see your name on it anywhere."
  • "I honestly have no response to that."
  • "Good help is hard to find I suppose."
  • "I can't be the fall guy in front of my hero!"
  • "I'm sorry sir, I didn't see you standing there. You know, being so stealth-like."
  • "Hear about Pluto? That's messed up, right?"
  • "There are over 400 stars in our galaxy! Maybe more, no one knows for sure."
  • "I'll be nice to you, just do me a favor, stop stealing the gum out of my locker."
  • "People are gonna miss me so much."
  • "You are gonna die, soon. Definitely before me if statistics prove correct! Which is so wrong, cause I'm practically asking for it!"
  • "Sorry I tried to kill you with a sword."
  • "You kiss him/her, you die."
  • "One minute you're witty, and sarcastic, and smart, and the next second your like a six year old looking for a popsicle."
  • "Dude, we already hung out with enough crazy white people with year."
  • "Just because you put syrup on somethin' don't make it pancakes."
  • "I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry."
  • "You're supposed to not get arrested for murder!"
  • "Stay calm, I'm pretty sure ninety percent of gunshot wounds are psychological."
  • "What is the point of his face?!"
  • "I would like to use my out now!"
  • "I'm sorry this as far as I can take you."
  • "Why are you helping me, really?"
  • "Seriously, get out of the car."
  • "Hello, assface."
  • "I'll be damned, this is the second mexican standoff I've been in today."
  • "I'll quit when you're behind bars or dead. I don't really have a preference at this point."
  • "I'm just happy that you're safe."
  • "I'm just trying to help you, father."
  • "People need to know!"
  • "Doesn't anyone check for a pulse anymore?"
  • "I'm a sympathetic crier!"
  • "Why do you hurt me?"
  • "Only psychos answer ads on craigslist, you might as well have posted it on murder me this instant dot com!"
  • "How is it that I'm now being punished for being honest?!"
  • "If you killed him just tell me."
  • "Here's something stupid, I think I'm dying."
  • "How does that saying go again? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, won't get fooled again. Fool me a third time, and- the second time didn't really count because- damn didn't he look dead?"
  • "What would you do if that were Jesus' yogurt?"
  • "You want to walk my dog?"
  • "Security had to taze me."
  • "There is nothing funny about a three hole punch!"
Strawberry Sky (hisoillu fic)

This is the first thing Hisoka thinks: Illumi has the lucid scent of strawberries on the side of his neck.

His skin is pale ice against the crimson color of the crippled sheets. His eyelids are adorned with the nightly shade of dreams. One portion of his face is lighted with the cinder glow of the late morning. The dark sprouts of his hair are rippling across the tickle of Hisoka’s ribs, curling against his chest like an ocean shell. Hisoka can feel their tangled legs routing underneath the blanket.

It’s so easy to get lost in Illumi like this, watching the sun furl light against the damp of his cheeks, listening to the forest breath of Illumi’s mint teeth, watching Illumi wound out his name like summer on his lips. Hisoka’s fingers are scouring through Illumi’s shoulder blade, watching the man take a slow heave of breath. His skin locates Illumi’s collarbone next, his nails brushing against the dotting lights as they turn into flesh.

Waking up next to Illumi like this, Hisoka isn’t sure if his ghosts actually exist.

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halcyon [ modern!AU ] | miyoshi


Sometimes he lets you sleep in. Sometimes he kisses your head before he gets out of bed.

Sometimes, Miyoshi is a fucking jerk in the morning.

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Which Part 5 Stand User should you fight in a fistfight
  • Giorno Giovanna: While he is the prettiest JoJo, he's also probably the most hardcore one of them all. Dude's fifteen, and he drank piss out of a teacup, reattached his own eyeball without flinching, and became the boss of Passione, all within, like, two months. When I was fifteen, I still had a DeviantART. Don't fight Giorno Giovanna.
  • Bruno Buccellati: He killed two gangsters when he was twelve. In a hospital. Don't fight Bruno Buccellati.
  • Polpo: The only advantage Polpo has against you is his size. He is literally the size of a king-size bed. You could fight him, sure, but would you be able to hurt him is the question here.
  • Guido Mista: Guido fights using his gun only. All you have to do is hold up four fingers. He'll get so paranoid that you'll be able to knock him out easy. Fight Guido Mista.
  • Narancia Ghirga: He may be able to fly miniature airplanes but he sure can't do multiplication. Go ahead and fight him, if you want. Just remember how swole he is for a tiny tiny man.
  • Pannacotta Fugo: He can't even control his own Stand his only advantage is his anger fight the Swiss cheese mafioso.
  • Leone Abbaccio: Leone used to be a policeman, and he made Giorno drink his piss. Don't fight Leone.
  • Mario Zucchero: He got beat up immediately after Leone and Bruno found him. He's named sugar. He doesn't stand a chance.
  • Sale: The dude could keep his balance on a moving truck. I mean you'd win anyways cause he's salty and pathetic but he'd complain so, so much and he has impeccable balancing skills. Fight Sale anyways.
  • Trish Una: See, before Trish even realized she had a Stand, she was fighting Notorious B.I.G. using nothing but her wits and a lead pipe. This girl is both fashionable and scrappy. Don't fight Trish Una.
  • Formaggio: Formaggio's entire fighting style revolves around Little Feet and throwing shit at you. You could take him, easy. Fight Formaggio.
  • Illuso: Similar to above, Illuso's entire fighting style involves Man in the Mirror. Fugo killed him. Fight Illuso.
  • Coco Jumbo: This is a turtle. Like, not even a sentient turtle.
  • Pesci: I mean, you COULD fight him, I guess, but has he really done anything to you? He just needs some validation in his life. Let him win this one round.
  • Prosciutto: Prosciutto is neither particularly fast nor strong, but what you have to watch out for is his endurance. He was pushed out of a moving train and crushed under its wheels, and he still stayed alive through willpower alone. That's what's gonna kill you, so don't fight Prosciutto.
  • Melone: Tell him your zodiac sign and blood type, then, when he's distracted, go for the kill. Fight Melone.
  • Ghiaccio: He also relies on his Stand for the entire fight, because he believes it makes him invincible. You just know he'd go down in a single punch. Fight Ghiaccio.
  • Tiziano: Will only fight you if Squalo's there. He'll take all the hits you try to aim at Squalo, so just go for him anyways.
  • Squalo: A bit tougher than Tiziano, but he'll only fight if Tiziano's there. Will get angry if you take out Tiziano first. You'll still win.
  • Carne: He died three pages after we first see him. You'll win. Easily.
  • Vinegar Doppio: He's so nice and he will literally fall from a single punch. If you do fight him, be prepared for round two.
  • Risotto Nero: He killed a man at 18. He's the leader of the Assassination Squad. His Stand is named Metallica. He dresses like a stripper. Don't fight Risotton Nero unless you like getting impaled.
  • Cioccolata: He's all talk, but you know you could take him. Fight Cioccolata.
  • Secco: Okay, Secco's main advantage here is that you'll underestimate him, and that's your downfall. Secco is wily as fuck, and he also has some mean uppercuts. He's also a really great swimmer. Fight with caution.
  • Diavolo: This is round two of the Doppio fight. Doppio rips off his $500 boob sweater, and Diavolo comes out, wearing fishnet and looking like a Spiritomb gijinka. He will win, either through his smothering bravado or through sheer brute force. He is fragile, however, so don't be afraid to break a couple of his bones.
  • Scolippi: Don't fight Scolippi. Don't fight this poor, tortured man. He's literally dressed like Jesus. Don't fight Jojo Jesus.
Alpha Tension Part 3

Summary: The reader and Dean try to take the lead on a hunt that Bobby sends you on. Working together is tough when Dean keeps pushing your buttons. Can you and Dean get the job done without killing one another?

Characters: Dean X Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 1340

A/N: I feel like this series is slowly propelling into a kind of tension I wasn’t expecting. 

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by yaelstiel

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY tearitar!!!!!!! i’m so sorry this is late it’s been a little hectic lately with the work function+vacation BUT ITS FINALLY FINISHED

tanya requested TEAMWORK, COMPETENCY, AND KISSIN’ ON A MISSION. here is the result

also thank u tomioneer for the proofreading u are an angel from heaven


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anonymous asked:

Ughhh I'm horrible at prompts!! I legit have no clue what to ask! I just want something with the twins. Maybe like them taking turns kissing Sam and Sam taking turns kissing them. I don't know just something cute with lots of kissing! Again sorry! I'm horrible at prompts! (Also I'm a huge fan of bottom Sam! So you are not alone)

He falls asleep in the backseat of the Impala on their way over to New York. Metallica playing low through the speakers of the car and Jensen and Dean murmuring low in the front seat.

Their father was already there and waiting for them. They were suppose to hunt a damn witch.

So when he wakes to small smacking sounds, he’s confused. Just these tiny noises with the soft shift on jeans on leather and against hands that have Sam blinking into the darkness of the car.


A faint whisper and more soft sighs. Sam freezes when he catches Dean and Jensen making out slowly in the front seat.

Jensen moans softly as Dean twists his head to the side, eyes closed. Jensen parts from his twin wetly.

“What about Sammy?” Jensen whispers and Dean grunts, licking along his twins neck.
“He’s tired, let him sleep,” Dean breathes.

Their silhouettes dance in front of Sam’s eyes, he should tell them he’s awake but maybe Dean just wants to be with Jensen.

“You actually saying you want to leave Sam out?” Jensen breathes hot into Deans mouth, shuddering when his twin grips his hip hard.

“No. Of course not. Just don’t think we’re up for a grand round of fucking at four a.m.” Dean whispers, licking back into Jensens wet mouth.

Sam is half hard in his sweats at the sight of his older brothers groping and kissing each other.

“W-we don’t have to fuck,” Sam whimpers.
Dean freezes, Jensen chuckling as he pulls away to look back at Sam with green, gleaming eyes.

“We can just…touch,” Sam nods, sitting up and getting up on his knees to lean over the front seat.

“Or kiss, baby,” Jensen laughs softly as he nuzzles Sam’s neck.

Dean smiles lazily and motions for Sam to climb over the seat. Its easier for him to go up there instead of the both of them clambering into the back with him.

Jensen saves him from hitting his face on the dashboard with a firm hand around his neck and Dean pulls his legs the rest of the way over.

He gets lain out across their legs, his ass in Deans lap and his head in Jensens.

Sam leans up to kiss Jensen softly, nipping at his bottom lip playfully. He gets a mouth full of tongue next and Dean groans softly as his hand moves up under Sam’s shirt.

Jensens’ arms wrap tight around Sam as they kiss more intensely, their breathing coming harsh out their noses.

“What about me?” Dean mumbles, thumb brushing Sams left nipple.

Sam breaks the kiss with a gasp and shivers, looking over at Dean.

“Sorry,” he pants.

Dean hums and spreads Sam’s legs before sliding between them, nosing at Sam’s neck.

“Smell so fucking good, baby,” Dean murmurs, slipping his hands back under Sam’s shirt to rub at his nipples slowly, no real intent, just a comfort.

But Sam squirms anyway, mouth open and staring up at Jensen. The other twin watches as Sam wraps his legs around Deans waist, crying out brokenly when his brother pinches at his hardened nubs.

“Love you,” Sam shudders, saying this to both of them and Jensen cooes, putting his fingers through Sams hair as Dean sucks marks onto his neck.

“We love you too, baby boy,” Jensen smiles, bending over to kiss at Sam’s swollen lips.

He sucks hard on Jensens tongue when Dean rucks his shirt up under his arm pits so he could swirl his own tongue against Sam’s chest.

They’re not getting off much on any of this, even though he can feel Jensen half hard under his head and Dean against his leg, humping him without knowing.

Sam loves them both, more than the books he reads, or the documentaries he loves to watch, more than knowledge, and their father. He loves them because they’re better than the stars, the moon, the sun, than love itself.

He can touch their soft, perfect skin.

“D-dean,” Sam’s voice is muffled again when Dean takes his turn to over take Sam’s mouth.

They can make his body light up brighter than the sun and all of the things like it. His twins can make him smile even when he has to patch them both up after a hunt.

“Just love your mouth, Sammy.”
“Just love you, love you.”

He drowns in their praise and the way they always come home to him, here in their car. There in another motel where they add their own stains.

“Jensen,” Sam looks up at him with watery eyes because sometimes he gets overwhelmed.

Dean kisses softly at his collarbone and Jensen shushes him with a hand in his hair.

“We should get back onto the road,” Dean whispers against Sam’s neck, resentful.

He can tell that they don’t want to stop, but their Dad is waiting.

“You need some sleep, too, Sammy boy,” Jensen smiles.

Sam whines as he unwraps his legs from Deans waist and lets his brother sit up to start the car.

But he stays there and snuggles into the hard muscle of Jensens stomach as they drive off.

When he wakes its to both his brothers singing softly and he’s on his stomach, his crotch against Deans and his face in Jensens, but faced toward the foot well.

“Oh, darlin’, darlin’, stand by me,” they both sing to some song on the radio.

Sam can smell the dust and breathes the dry air, knows they’re in some desert land. The Impalas engine revs comfortably.

Sam keeps his eyes open just a little, they flutter when he feels fingers in his hair and another hand dancing along his spine.

“Go back to sleep, Sammy.”

This got out of hand lmao.

Instead of actually working on requests, I decided to edit this thing I wrote a while ago and post it. Featuring Alistair and my Wardens parting and then when they reunite. 

“I don’t like this,” Alistair murmured, pulling Elysia into his arms. She let out a soft sigh, resting her head on his chest and slipping her arms around him.

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