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You know I’m lately annoyed by those replies to sexist assholes that insult/mock them saying they’re lonely guys and also creeps and haven’t met a girl in last decade and that’s why they’re so lame.

Because while they very well might be sexist and from my limited exposure to that type of men, they often are, it’s not like they’re the poster boys for sexism.

And people - and especially guys - saying shit like “the only people who are being sexist about this are those lonely girlfriendless creeps” are basically telling us that sexism is something rare and only found in truly gross and bad people but it’s bullshit.

I’ve had male friends who were generally nice guys and good to talk, but also said shit like “swearing is okay unless girls do it or it’s done in the company of girls”, because girls apparently are fucking innocent flowers. who wield at the notion of cursing.

My fellow students when I studied literature where the ones to talk about how “feminine literature” is worse and more emotional since women can’t separate themselves from their emotion.

Currently my favourite boss, who is genuinely a pretty cool guy and incredibly interesting person, is nice to women at work, but goes out of his way to meet all the new guys and help them out and learn their names and generally bond and show his respect, while new girls are more of an afterthought.

My point is: usually guys who try to portray sexists as some rare creeps are incredibly sexist and try to pretend they’re not.

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I've been seeing stuff about the writers originally intending Emma to be with Neal but changed their minds between S2 and S3. Adam said on Twitter that they were wrong about Hook not only originally being scheduled for 1 ep but he didn't say if hook was always intended to be her TL. I don't know why it bothers me but I don't like if they changed their mind it makes CS seem less honest

A TV show is a work in progress - just like any piece of art.

If you write a novel you don’t publish your first draft - you work on it - and then you give to the public the best version of the story you can.

so i’ve no issues when it comes to show runners veering from their original plan. the version we get is the one that they feel is best - better than their rough drafts that they originally pitched to the network.

Emma was originally Anna - and she originally had THREE kids.

I can’t even picture that version of OUAT. I don’t want to - I love the one we’ve got. And that includes Emma’s love story with Hook.

Do I think that Emma was originally intended to end up with Neal? No.

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