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Modern Headcanons for Levi? And can you include boyfriend Headcanons too? Thank you!! :))

Here you go :)


  • Has a really nice house 
  • Most likely owns his own business
  • He knows all the spots where to get great tea 
  • Lives in the city
  • Loves going to the park and reading or just relaxing


  • Still calls you “Brat” 
  • Keeps you far away from Hanji thinking that her craziness will rub off on you 
  • Always the big spoon (no stopping it)
  • You think you’ve seen it all in bed..well,there’s more where that came from because this is Levi we’re talking about..no walking for you the next morning  
  • Really not a fan of PDA the most he’ll do is hold your hand

Hope you like I haven’t been writing in a long time so I kind of suck right now    

Steve Aoki is the definition of how to treat fans right. I can’t count the amount of times people have called us crazy, obsessed, delusional, etc. Which in many cases resulted in hate. Which (for them) proved their point.

But Steve has been nothing but kind and respectful and understanding. He understand where we come from and that means a lot. And the result is amazing. Cause in return everyone loves and respects him. He didn’t come in with a preconceived idea about boybands and their fans. He was open and honest and respectful. The result is that everyone loves him. I am so grateful that Steve Aoki exists and I’m so grateful he has never judged us, but started embracing us from the start.

And the thing I’m most grateful for is how he has been an amazing friend to Louis. He literally canceled shows for Louis and that deserves a lot of respect.

You vs Your favs

You: No one should stan Super Junior!
Your favs: Wheein: In school, I was crazy over Super Junior.  
Dino: Hoshi is really Super Junior’s fan. Hoshi: that’s right. Dino: He really likes them. He like them the most.

You: Super Junior is problematic.
Your favs: Q: Who is your favourite boy group? Nichkhun: Super Junior. Because they are funny, nice & kind. In general they are great sunbae! Minho: Among the sunbaes they are my favorite, they are not like other sunbaes that intimidate & bully hoobaes. They are like real hyungs who will support & teach you the right entertainment.
Nichkhun & Minho: They are our mentor & inspirations

You: Super Junior is talentless.
Your favs: Rap Monster: Super Junior M sunbaenim’s performance just now was really, really good. the cheers from the fans, wow, were really loud. We want to mature just like them

You: Super Junior did nothing for kpop.
Your favs: Baek: Without Super Junior, there wouldn’t be EXO, becos of our seniors we are able to be where we are now & also our EXO-Ls too.

You: Super Junior should disband.
Your favs: Hoshi: I want Super Junior sunbaenims to quickly come together again & show us your appearance on stage.

You: Super Junior don’t even work that hard.
Your favs: Taehyung: Every time I look at hyung(leeteuk), It seems like you are very tired but it never shows on your face. I learn a lot by looking at hyung working hard at everything you do.. Fighting always.  I’ll support you~

You: Super Junior are flops/irrelevant.
You favs: Q: Why do you think T-ARA is popular in China? Soyeon: Because sunbae-nims has pave the way for us. Especially Super Junior. We just followed it, because we were lucky.

OA theory

Alot of people keep questioning the school shooter scene from Invisible Self where the five perform the five movements and the shooter just stands there. So this is *definitely* a stretch and people might not like this but school shooters are kind of cuckoo or crazy, right? Because, well alot of them have been pushed to their limits mentally, (like being bullied) and they’re hurt (trying to phrase this the best way i can) like when you fuck with someones brains they’re brains start to work differently… So maybe the five doing the movements stopped him in his tracks because… he was… healing? it’s crazy but it came into my head and i had to write this where other people could give input… It’s a possibility that the shooter could not physically move because the group surrounding him doing the completed sequence of movements were helping to rid his brain of the bad thoughts.. as a form of healing process; a cleansing.
I know it’s a stretch but all input is welcome

My Father is a Smosher

Quickie introduction, since this post is not going to be about me, but for someone important in my life. My name is Kaitlyn, I’m 19 and a college sophomore, currently studying English.

Okay, now onto who this is truly about; my father.

My dad is one of the kindest men out there. He has a good heart and will not judge anyone. He’s the kind of person that once you start a conversation with, he would be your best friend in an instant. He’s a huge geek and was a huge lover of Dungeons and Dragons, Monty Python, Talisman, and some video games. He’s also a huge goofball and has a sick and twisted sense of humor which passed down to me. He’s a loving husband and treats my mother right as she treats him right, too. They are each other’s backbone, and even if they drive each other crazy sometimes, they will never be apart.

Unfortunately, a thing called life has not been good to my father and my family.

In 2015, my father was laid off from his job of 26 years because of financial issues the company was having. He was devastated as he loved working there. He started to feel a bit down, but was determined to get back on his feet. He started taking a part time job as a pizza delivery man, which isn’t much, but it made some money. Meanwhile, he went on countless interviews, and finally, in early 2016, things began to look up as he got a new job after being unemployed for about a year. That happiness was short lived, because after a few months, he was fired because the company didn’t believe he was working to “their standards.” Now, he’s back on the job market, looking for something while working part time delivering pizza and part time at retail while we struggle to keep up with the bills.

To help my father feel a bit better, I introduced him to YouTube, since a lot of YouTubers have helped me get through my darkest times. Particularly, I showed him Smosh because I knew he would get a lot of their jokes since he was a geek and had a weird sense of humor. There’s not one Smosh video where I didn’t see him smile and laugh. Not only has Smosh provided a distraction for all that is going on in our life, but it gave me and my father something to bond over. So far, his favorite videos are “Every Walking Dead Ever,” “Every Dog Ever,” and “Dixon Cider” (did I mention we are both immature?).

I recently emailed Prank It Fwd and Smosh.com and asked if there is a way I can surprise my father by meeting Ian and Anthony. I know that is huge wishful thinking, but I want something good to come for my father after all he has been through, and I don’t think anything would make him feel more better than meeting the men that helped him get distracted from everything and something that bought him and his daughter something special to share.

@smosh if you are reading this (and you might not be), I really hope you can make my father have a huge smile on his face again. Even if it is something like a video message personalized for him, I want him to finally have something good happen to him that he can remember for a long time.

Thank you to everyone who are reading this. Please spread the word so my mom and I can see my father’s real smile and laugh. 

Fallout screams “Film me!” I’ve thought about it, you’ve thought about it, my buddy who wrote 10 pages of a fucking sweet script in college thought about it. Aesthetically, we’re right. The combination of Americana, apocalyptic landscapes, and crazy Red Scare tech is the kind of thing that keeps Neill Blomkamp up at night with a half-chub. It would combine the thrills of Mad Max with the creepy night giggling of The Hills Have Eyes.

The characters are there, too. Imagine Tom Hardy standing in the Brotherhood of Steel airship, shouting in detail about how goddamn much he hates robots. Picture Anthony Hopkins smoking a cigar atop Tenpenny Tower, or Marion Cotillard as Magnolia, the smoky lounge rat who just wouldn’t sleep with me, my wife is dead now, can’t you see I’m hurting?

But what’s not there, unfortunately, is a solid premise of conflict. Half of the appeal of Fallout is the ability to be awful. You can kill innocents, steal stuff, blow up a village, or do any other chaotic act befitting a post-apocalyptic shithole. 

Part of the issue longtime fans have with the newer games is their increasing sense of goodness. In Fallout 4 especially, being evil is kinda half-assed. You can nuke Boston, sure, but you also care about your wife and son, whereas in Fallout 3 you can give a giant middle finger to your childhood friend and bully alike. It doesn’t hurt that you feel like you’re one dialogue option away from being beaten to death at all times in Fallout 3. In the original Fallout, you can even kill kids, cementing yourself forever as evil incarnate.

That moral ambiguity does not a movie make.

5 Awesome Video Games That Would Be Horrible Movies

I Want You

Request: Can you write one where when James cordon says him and camila make out and he doesn’t believe they don’t Shawn tells him he has a girlfriend thank you it can be y/n

I kind of combined Shawn’s latest Corden interview with the one where they speak about IKWYDLS. Hope this is okay… Sorry xo

Words: 1484

Today, Shawn is doing a talk show. A show that is quite commonly known for making celebrities do and answer some crazy things. The Late Late Show, yes the one with James Cordon and I get go. I don’t get to sit in the audience or anything, I’ll be out the back in Shawn’s dressing room but still it counts, right?

As filming is completed in the afternoon before premiering at night, we were required to be there at 12noon. Which meant Shawn’s management gave him the morning off. Of course, Shawn was still doing business. He actually called up Camila, they had been rumored dating. It was quite hard to watch. She is a lovely girl and all but it didn’t make it suck any less.

I’m not usually the jealous type but I will admit I did get a little jealous when they ‘worked’ on the song. It was like gushing over a puppy. The person that has the puppy is full of excitement and can’t wait to tell everyone and anyone who’ll listen and there is one person who constantly gets to hear about it. I’ll let you decide who was who in this situation.

It never got easier, especially when the media got in on it. I don’t know what they were talking about and I can’t even remember for how long but I do know it was a very long time. Whenever Shawn brought Camila up I tried my hardest not to let it phase me and for the most part it worked. Others turned a little sour real quick and it wasn’t pretty. I’m still not 100% sold on their stories but I’ve got to trust Shawn, that is what our relationship is built off. Trust.

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Hello! I deeply apologize for this hideous delay on replying - I’m usually a hermit, and I must confess that I get a bit overwhelmed with all this attention since I’m not used to it;;; Thus, I want to make clear that I truly, truly appreaciate every and each one of the messages I get, despite being slow at answering them.

You’re all so kind, I don’t feel like I deserve you ; ___ ; Thank you so much!!

The asks I’m replying on this post are mostly suggestions that I was saving because I wanted to draw them, but sadly, I won’t be able to, right now - so I’ll be answering them by text, only. ol-< I’m so sorry;;;

Hello, and thank you so much!!

I can see Yuuri doing crazy stuff for quidditch, and paying the price for his own carelessness hahaha. Victor would be TERRIFIED- he worries a lot about Yuuri, after all!

VICTOR RIDING THE DRAGON THO. While this feels CRAZY bc dragons are scary af in the hp universe, we can excuse that with VICTOR IS VICTOR. SO. YEA. I CAN SEE HIM DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT IF GIVEN THE CHANCE. As for him being a veela!!!! That’s a really great idea that can bring the “while everyone was caught by my veela’s charms, only you saw me as who I really am” thing !!

I must say, though, that I’m a bit reluctant on going 100% for it- while I don’t have the exact words to properly express myself, it’d be something like “the trait of the veela magically seducing ppl FITS VICTOR A LOT but It kinda takes away just? how human victor is?? And that his charms are something he actively built, despite being naturally charismatic”

THIS IS SUCH A SMALL THING but I feel kinda sad to let this go (i get so emotional abt victor cries)

MINAMI IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING. i don’t know whe I’ll draw it, but. CONFIRMED. 

Thank you! I’m happy to hear that. ; _ ;

But no, I haven’t decided myself on the tasks yet! And I don’t even know if I ever will since I’m so unsure about everything BUT I HOPE THAT YOU’LL HAVE FAITH IN ME …. .. SOBS

I LAUGHED WHILE READING THIS. Yurio is such a treasure to this world. Him, and his dirty mouth, and all of his “HAH???” moments. Such a good teenager. Bless this boy


Yurio will certainly be this ambitious little boy, who grew up right next to living legend Victor Nikiforov and will strive to surpass him. How, tho? I’m still not sure, but I promise to think about it with care!

And yes, Yuuri will be on the receiving end of his jealousy. Hang in there, son.

aaa thank you ; O ;

That’d be so cute, indeed! I imagine Yuuri being to shy to ask that, though, and when he finally gathers up his courage, he sees Takeshi inviting her first. Oh, Yuuko, why must you be such a great girl; she’s certainly received a lot of other requests, too. Never underestimate the Madonna of the Ice Castle, who’s both a prefect and the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in this AU.

Yurio will definitely get a role close to a younger brother to Victor, that will somehow tag along. :’D And he will definitely bully Yuuri - as much as his 7yo self can, anyway, but will ultimately warm up to him in the end.

As for the lake? That’s a possibility! I still have to decide on the tasks, though, if I ever get to them;;;

- - - - - -

Once again, thank you so much for all messages and I’m sorry for being so slow ; _ ; I will be replying to more shortly. Meanwhile- I know this isn’t much, but have a little Yuuri studying!

Hold On

Summary: You’re stressed over everything you have to get done in the last week of school, but Shawn manages to calm you down, even from the other side of the country.



Everything at your university is getting kind of crazy right now. It’s getting close to Christmas, but yet you’re so stressed about your final exams, presentations, and papers that you don’t even want to think about Christmas. You’re excited to go home in a little over a week, but for some reason, you’re feeling really overwhelmed tonight. There is this uneasy and anxious feeling in your chest, and you can’t describe why.

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  • Marth: I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
  • Alm: Come on. You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/me wumbo. Wombology, the study of wumbo! It’s first grade Spongebob!
  • Sigurd: If i were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend... Well, that would be okay.
  • Seliph: The boy cries you a sweater of tears, and ya kill him.
  • Leif: Do you smell it? That smell, the kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells... smelly
  • Roy: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready.
  • Eliwood: That idea may just be crazy enough… TO GET US ALL KILLED!
  • Hector: I used to be a wimp. NOW I'M A JERK, AND EVERYBODY LOVES ME!
  • Lyn: Oh well, I guess I’m not wearing any pants today!
  • Eirika: 1% evil, 99% hot gas
  • Ephraim: It may be stupid, but it's also dumb.
  • Ike: Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy.
  • Micaiah: Well, it's not a secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. Secretly.
  • Chrom: Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
  • Lucina: We did it Patrick, we saved the city!
  • Corrin: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?
I hope everyone can see by now

that Donald Trump is not ‘stupid’ or ‘crazy’ – those are a smokescreen he uses to use people’s own smug satisfaction against them, and that’s how he won this election, and if you have any sense at all you’ll take it as the deadly serious thing it is, and not just laugh at “How can this guy go any further?” as he strips rights from every minority group in the country.

I kind of knew he’d won last night.

I wasn’t looking at the election results.  And the last I’d heard from anyone telling me anything about them, things were going Hillary’s way.

I didn’t trust that.

I didn’t trust it because before I went to bed, I looked around.

I hadn’t looked around in a good long while.  I’d been absorbed so much in NaNoWriMo that I hadn’t had a chance.  But I’m a few days ahead on my word count goals, so instead of frantically trying to get everything written by midnight, I’d already written what I was going to write, turned in my word count, and gotten ready for bed.

And then casually, without even thinking, I looked around.

I can’t tell you how I look around.  I can’t explain how it’s done.  I do it the same way I visit the redwood forest I lived out my infancy in on a regular basis, without ever leaving my apartment in Vermont.  It’s just something my brain does, a way I take in information.  It’s not the usual way, it doesn’t yield the usual results.  But it tracks well with what people doing things the usual way get – well enough that I think it’s just as reliable a way to pick up information about the world as any other, even if I can’t understand or properly explain it.

So I do my brain’s equivalent of looking out the window, looking at the country as a whole, without even thinking, I just do it…

…and I see something I’ve never seen before.

I’ve seen bad things before, mind you.  There’s bad things all over the landscape of America for anyone with any eyes to see it in this way.  The legacy of a country built on slavery and genocide can’t just be paved over and forgotten, it sticks like a disgusting kind of polluted muck on the ground, it won’t come off.  And I remember how things looked in Japan after the Fukushima disaster.  And so many other things going wrong in the world that when my mind even glances at them it can just see Bad written in capital letters all over the place.

But this one was different than most.

The best analogy I can find – and it’s only an analogy, mind you – is giants.  Like fairytale giants.

Walking over a dark landscape, tearing up the ground, throwing it around, killing people right left and center, causing chaos and mayhem of the worst sort.

I’ve never seen them before.  I don’t know what the fuck they are, in the real world.  I just know that’s what they looked like in my head as i looked out my window at the entire country (my window was actually behind me at the time, which doesn’t matter with this kind of looking).

I’m not always too open about this particular way of getting information about things.  I’ve found that sometimes it’s worse to be taken seriously for it than to be bullied and laughed at, if being taken seriously means having people put me on a weird kind of undeserved pedestal that’s just as creepy if not creepier than being bullied and taunted and called crazy.  It’s not about being crazy (that’s a totally different part of how my brain works, this if anything is one of the least crazy things about my brain) and it’s not special supernatural powers or something.  It’s just one of many ways that the human (and probably other species too) brain can get information about the world.  Sometimes it’s culturally accepted, sometimes it’s shunned, sometimes it’s put on a pedestal, but honestly it’s just one more way of sorting out information and it’s better at doing some things than the usual ways, worse at others, and should be considered on its own merits, not shunned or worshipped or anything extreme like that.

But whatever it is?  I’ve learned over the years what situations merit trusting it more, and what situations merit trusting it less.  And this is a situation that calls for trusting it more.  There may not be literally giants running around out there ripping up our landscape, but I would bet my life and everything dear to me that those giants are something real.  I don’t know what, and I am a little scared to know what, honestly.  But we’d better find out if we want to fight them.

This morning my kitten, Igor, woke me up by jumping on me and purring as usual.  I forgot to take my neck pillow off when i stood up to get out of bed, and instead of getting off me, Igor rode around on my neck pillow.  I asked him if he was planning on just riding around on that neck pillow all day and jumping on the backs of those giants to shred them with his claws or something.  I think a kitten could probably fight giants surprisingly well.

But all joking aside (and that’s not totally joking, I think kittens have a lot going for them at the moment, and he’s been very serious about something the past day or so, maybe just picking up on the tension of just about everyone around here – we all voted for Hillary and we’re all terrified of Trump) the giants are real, Trump is real, the danger is real, and Trump is cold, calculating, and terrifying to anyone who can see him with any kind of clarity.

And he’s had some kind of glamour going on that’s been fooling people into thinking he’s just a blowhard who doesn’t know what he’s doing, may even have something wrong with his brain, ha ha, don’t take him that seriously, so he can creep right into office under people’s noses.  You have to stop falling for that.  Have to.  The right wing in this country has been using that sort of bullshit to dupe you guys  into complacency for years, you have to wake up.  It’s bullshit, learn to sniff it out.  It really does stink.

And we need to learn what these giants are, and we need to fight them, and everyone capable of seeing through glamour has to work overtime at doing that and helping others to do it, in any way possible, because we have to see what’s really going on, not what he wants us to think is going on.  Or this nightmare will only get worse.

And speaking of nightmares, do not get me started on the kind of nightmares I had all night.  They were probably just as meaningful as the giants, and they weren’t remotely pleasant.  It was good to wake up to the cat.

Cats are good.  We need more exuberant ridiculous doofus Ravenclaw kittens with outsize brains and ridiculous ideas about the world, and fewer giants ripping everything to shreds.  All Igor ever rips to shreds are the paper towels.  Always the expensive ones, too.  But if that’s the worst he does, he’s not bad at all.  Frigging hell, I wish I was more surprised by this election result, but I wish even more that everyone else was less surprised, because everyone who is surprised by this is someone he and others like him and all those working with him, can fool again in the same way if you don’t watch out.  And this is going to have a body count.  If you’re not already awake, wake up now.  Please.  I saw this coming.  Many of my friends with similar ways of perceiving the world saw this coming – there’s something about us he hadn’t learned to slip past and fool, probably because there’s less of us and he wasn’t aiming at us? Whatever it is, FFS, please listen to people who saw this coming, whether through cold logical analysis of the situation or through looking out the window behind us at a bunch of fairytale giants ravaging the landscape of the entire country (I’m convinced there’s more detail that can be seen, but I can’t force myself to look no matter how hard I try).  You can learn from all of us, regardless of what cognitive styles caused us to be able to see this better than other people did.  And all of us, we need each other.

Most of all… if the systems that take care of people start getting dismantled, then people need to take care of people.  It’s like the part of Lacy J. Dalton’s song “This Ol’ Town”:

Well Bane was a farmer
Was a mean old man
Used to scream at us kids
Chase us off of his land

But you know last summer
Old Bane broke his arm
All the neighbors pitched in
And they painted his barn

That’s just the way that we live
In this ol’ town

There’s towns, and places much larger than towns, like that, all over this country.  Where it’s just a fundamental value that you help out your neighbor even if you hate his guts, because none of us could survive without each other.

And disabled people – people like me – are often the first to be considered utterly disposable by people like Trump (and secretly also by lots of left-wingers too, which is a big reason we’re often the first – too many people agree that we’re disposable, look at Britain, fucking look at Britain).  They gut the programs that take care of us, and if we don’t have family, we’d better damn well have neighbors that step up, or we are dead.  Literally dead.  Not figuratively.  Not in some imaginary world.  Dead.  In coffins and urns and whatever else the dead get put in these days.  Corpses.  We’re usually among the first, but we’re not usually the last, so everyone else needs to watch out too.  And never get complacent that disabled people, people of color, queer people, and everyone else who can become disposable, will become disposable, even more so than we already are.  (And never think that because we already are, it can’t get worse – it can always get worse.)

So wake up, and pay attention, and that’s one part of it.

But also, practice actual love and compassion for your fellow human beings, check in on your neighbors, set up systems to take the place of the government systems that may get dismantled, try to keep the government systems that keep us alive from getting dismantled in the first place, all of these things are important.  But the fundamental love and compassion is the most important of all, because that’s what will mean life or death for whoever gets targeted as disposable.  Whether we live or die will come down to whether you have it in you to think we’re important enough to keep alive, even if it means sacrificing things you would rather be doing right now.  Learn to live as people who value each other – who value everyone, whether you like them or not, and who act on you valuing of everyone, not just talk about it.  That’s the most important thing anyone can do to build up resistance to these giants, I suspect.  Love – practical love, not a vague fuzzy emotion but one of the deepest properties of the world enacted in your life in human terms – usually is the best thing to overcome evil.  And this is evil, there’s really no way around that.  So get to seeing it clearly, and get to loving all people in the most active and practical way you possibly can.  It’s the only chance a lot of us are going to have, it’s not like countries accept people for political asylum on the basis of ableism, because all countries that accept people for political asylum accept a deadly level of ableism as normal.  We can’t fight this all ourselves, and we can’t just leave, not unless we can prove to whatever country we’re fleeing to that we’re an asset to their economy that will offset the potential cost of our disabilities, and how many of us on SSI and other disability income can possibly do that?  See what I mean about accepting deadly levels of ableism as normal?

Anyway.  Wake up, certainly, but don’t despair, because that’s exactly where they want you and it’s no better than being oblivious.  Love and hope are both vital right now.  And you have to put everything you have into love anyway, if you want anything you do to turn out right, even in far less troubling times than this.  So love, love beautifully, love actively, love powerfully, but love.  It’s an action, and a power, not a feeling.

[And now I’ll go back to saving most of my writing ability for NaNoWriMo, but don’t think I’m keeping that separate from these issues either.  In fact, a lot of them are right at the heart of the novel i’m writing, even if it’s not obvious to everyone.]

I just had a thought

So this one day Rex comes back to Coruscant and he just doesn’t seem to be acting right. No one can quite put their finger on it…but something is just…off.

The next day Cody returns, and it’s the same thing. Something is just…off.

When asked if something’s wrong they both just kind of shrug it off. ‘I’m fine.’

They don’t talk as much. Their habits have changed just a little. No one can figure out what’s happened and it’s driving everyone crazy.

Then Ahsoka goes to talk to Rex and stops mid-sentence.


“Problem, Commander?”

And she rubs her hand across his head and the blonde comes out and it’s BLACK and 'Rex’ starts cracking up and 'Cody’ is almost crying because he’s laughing so hard and everyone realizes they switched armor and Wolffe almost shoots them both because THat wAS SO unNECESSARY.

I have reason to find this pic disturbing:

Besides the bandages on Karai’s face and her arm in a sling, notice anything else different?

Some of her armor is gone.

Call me crazy, but ever since she got mutated, I’ve thought that her armor became part of her human form.

See lookie:

When she first mutated into a snake, we saw right away that it looked like her armor fused to her body. 

Then when she morphed back into a human form at the end of the episode, I was kind of confused by the fact she had her clothes back.

I mean when Kirby mutated, he lost his clothes. Most characters who mutate seem to lose their clothes. 

And when he turned back into a human because of retromutagen, his clothes were still gone. They didn’t magically reappear. 

Even though Karai didn’t get un-mutated and she simply shape-shifted, I was still confused by the fact she had her old clothes. I developed the belief that her clothes weren’t actually clothes anymore, but part of her body… her human form anyway, much the way that armor is a part of her snake form. And that’s why she can go between forms without having to get dressed. Her clothes fused to her.

So if pieces of her armor are missing from her human form, does that mean she got really really really hurt?

If her armor is a part of her human form and it’s gone, then if she turned into a snake, would she have pieces of flesh just missing?
Would it be like that time in Harry Potter when Ron lost a chunk of his shoulder apparating?  

Or maybe her clothes really are just clothes and she only has them because the writers needed it to be easy to make her switch forms. I dunno.

I never considered that Nancy might have thought that Jonathan fought for her and not his family. Heck, it doesn’t even sound right as I think about it now. Nancy’s a smart girl, she knows what really happened and why he actually flew off the handle.

I’ve said why Flo said what she said numerous times so I won’t repeat it again, but I do believe that after Flo said “only love makes you that crazy”, Nancy couldn’t help but kind of entertain the thought of Jonathan as someone’s (hers???) boyfriend at some point in his life and their relationship was already shifting after that scary ass night in the woods, but this is even more of a reason to see him in a slightly different light.

Plus, the fact that he’s literally wounded and with cuffs on, and yet still asking her if she’s okay might make her think a little, “oh, so that’s Jonathan Byers.”

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Reactions for when the skelebros' SO sees the kid tantruming and just says "no" with the blankest face and voice possible and the kid stops.

UT!Sans: He just kind of raises a browbone. “Impressive. Wish I’d have no-wn about that sooner.”

UT!Papyrus: “THAT’S ALL IT TOOK?!?!?” So much frustration.

UF!Sans: Play your cards right and that tone’ll work on him too. That’s how you handle both of your emotional brats.

UF!Papyrus: Honestly, he’s proud. Clearly, his s/o is a superior parent.

US!Sans: He’s kind of envious, honestly. He wishes he could get the kid (or just people in general) to take him that seriously.

US!Papyrus: Relieved he doesn’t have to deal with it.

SF!Sans: Pouting like crazy, but glad you dealt with it.

SF!Papyrus: I mean, his method works fine, but yours is easier, he guesses.

Imagine mystic messenger mafia!au:

  • Seven as the hacker (obviously)
  • Jumin Han the next gang boss with a sadistic fetish
  • Jaehee as the right hand of Jumin
  • Zen as the second in command
  • Yoosung as some kind of underling of Zen his favorite so dont die
  • Saeran Unknown the hacker from Mint Eye RFA’s enemy gang
  • Rika Mint Eye’s leader kind of crazy though not the good kind
  • V an undercover agent he works for both sides but will turn against everyone in the end
  • and MC first in debt to RFA but then finds her true love and becomes head in the game and has everyone at her feet (jup)

Well, someone write this please, I don’t have the energy for that

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Do you know the trial captains? What are your opinions on them, knowing they don't like you guys very much? Have you had any run ins?

Yo, you’re pretty right about the Trial Captains. We don’t see much of the others ‘cept for Sophocles and Acerola, but they still kind of drive us crazy when we get sent to other islands.

ILIMA will go out of his way to mess with grunts when they show up on Melemele Island. He knows they’re mostly harmless, but he can’t help himself. He’s a lil annoying.

LANA is actually still a little afraid of Team Skull, surprisingly. She doesn’t like crossing paths with them, just in case she accidentally runs into Plumeria or Guzma.

MALLOW would probably not care if the majority of us drop dead. The girl has no love for Skull in her heart, for no real reason other than we kind of sort of traffic Pokemon to other regions.

KIAWE is pretty much the same way, except he wouldn’t be afraid to pick a fight with Team Skull. I don’t even mean a trainer battle, he’d just straight up sock a grunt. No one really messes with Kiawe.

SOPHOCLES is one of those types that would rather leave dealing with Skull to other folks. He’s like Lana where he would rather steer clear, but has a strong opinion of screw Skull anyways.

ACEROLA interacts the most with Team Skull out of all of them. She doesn’t actually like the majority of our team because of the whole stealing Pokemon business, but she doesn’t hate us either. And we don’t hate her in return.

MINA probably doesn’t even remember that Team Skull exists half the time. The name comes up to her, and she’s like, eh whatever. Let other people deal with them, as long as they don’t mess with Poni.

ameliet human au where tony is alfred’s hairless sphynx cat that hates everything and either attacks anyone who enters alfred’s house or hides and glares at them the entire time they’re there

so the first time he brings toris over for a date, he warns him ‘okay so my cat is kind of crazy so you might wanna brace yourself’

and they head inside and tony does his weird staring thing, but doesn’t attack toris (alfred’s pretty relieved about that)

tony’s quiet through most of the date, until alfred and toris are cuddling on the couch, and tony appears out of nowhere, plonks himself right in toris’s lap, and just sits there purring for the whole evening

and that’s how they know they’re meant to be

More Princecup

Because I haven’t gotten anything to flow in a long time and this is flowing and it’s a cliche royalty rom com and that’s just the kind of fluffy thing I need right now.  

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Smut is bolded.  I honestly have 0 control and I feel Part 4 might be bolded.  I have 0 idea)

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how fashion forward would you consider yourself?”  Hiccup leans against the desk where Astrid’s sitting, painfully at home in the corner of his quarters, scanning through security logs. He has to remind himself of his own plan, his crazy, impossible, stupid plan that he’s wholly committed to, because if he forgets it even for a second he’s going to kiss her.  

And every time he’s been that stupid before, it’s worked out for him, but then Astrid pulls away. Hard.  All at once.  

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*screams into the void*

why aren’t ed and jim shipped more in the fandom though?? their relationship is so important. jim was everything ed wanted to be – he had a girlfriend, he had friends, he was respected. jim liked ed (he always solved his riddles and asked ed if he was okay) but he obviously thought he was weird b/c let’s face it ed was weird as heck.

but ed idolised jim and respected his opinion. the scene where ed has jim at gunpoint is so important b/c he’s finally able to vent. “was i jim? was i your friend? or did you just pity me?” b/c goddammit here’s the guy who claims to be a hero and fight for the underdog, but he couldn’t save ed. ed went crazy right in front of jim and jim should’ve known but he didn’t?? what kind of hero is that

not to mention the fact that jim is a hypocrite, in ed’s eyes. he murdered galavan, didn’t he? if anyone understands what it’s like to kill someone, it’s jim. if any of his colleagues should get it, it should be jim. but here’s jim, calling him a psychopath and a criminal? no wonder ed hates jim so much.

and then jim’s the one who gets him arrested and locked up in arkham? ed is obsessed with jim. he sees jim arrive in arkham to speak to strange and immediately stops talking to the other crazies and goes over like “hello jimmy”. um… ed. mate. you were in the middle of a conversation. chill out.

(side note: who else do we see ed do that with? only kristen “love of my life” kringle. he stops talking to harvey and jim in the middle of a conversation to go speak to her. parallels much???)

and imagine how jim feels. sure, he didn’t like ed, but he didn’t hate him. he was kind to him. harvey straight up bullied ed, but jim seemed to tolerate him. and then this guy, who was sort of weird and dorky but basically harmless, tries to frame you for murder? this guy, who was a good guy, goes crazy? edward “nerdy loser” nygma?

when jim asks ed “how did you become this?” he’s genuinely hurt. he really thought he was ed’s friend. he thought ed was good. but now ed’s a serial killer who beats people to death with crowbars and blows up art museums? now ed’s burying bodies in the woods? what the heck kind of heel-turn is that? wasn’t this the same guy who hugged him awkwardly when he was suspended and went on a double date with him and lee?

there’s just so much unexplored territory with these two and it gives me so many feelings and i have no one to talk to about it goddammit.