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Here’s my initial impression of season 2, and some galra-related #highlights,

  • Not one, but an entire resistance of good guy galra! Now if only they could keep some of them alive 
  • I’m instructing everyone to please direct their thirst to Kolivan, leader of the blades, he is our new hot dad mascot now bye Thace it was nice knowing you 
  • My pretty druid birds turned out to be cool as shit (even if they were just fodder for the endfight)
  • Noticed that the galra designs got a little more unified, still super unique (love that) but all the new ones kinda had the same general features at least
  • That one giant galra with a tail heck yes
  • Shiro got to punch Zarkon right in the soul and it was everything I ever wanted
  • Domestic galra doing non-military jobs!! also way more background galra in general, happy to see it’s not all robots
  • Galra keith is real so I guess we’ll have to officially let him into the Cool Kids Club and give him a tag
  • still not purple tho
  • LOTOR C O N F I R M E D 

i am merely trying to survive the hiatus 

  • even and isak laying in bed with a bag of chips or tiny chocolates 
    • they spend an hour attempting to throw them into each other’s mouth, tallying up points, debating who is the better shooter 
    • honestly they both suck and now isak’s sheets are stained with chocolate and full of crumbs and they’re both super hungry because they spent so much time doing it but only like three ever made it into their mouths 
  • LET ISAK RAP 2k16!!! he never got to rap!!! he and his boyfriend even aka e-box team up, finally, to create the best mixtape of 2016-2017 
    • isak rapping terribly, even beat boxing semi decently, and eskild inserting his own lyrics from the background 
  • isak pinning all of even’s drawing on the wall above his bed. it takes a while to fill up but eventually it does so he has to migrate to the other walls. but he doesn’t care. he wants to keep all of them up, even the ones that even says are Bad. and if he catches even trying to take one down he slaps his hand away gently 
  • even feeling empty sometimes. not so much sad, though that is a part of it. but more just empty. but he’s learning to tell isak more when he feels it
    • so sometimes they’ll just hug for hours and hours, not saying anything, just holding each other, arms wrapped around each other, isak drawing circles on even’s back and even closing his eyes
    • sometimes he can fall asleep like that. other times he can’t. but it helps most always no matter if he does or not 
  • even stealing isak’s snap backs to wear and impersonating isak
    • all isak can do is cross his arms and feign annoyance but even knows he thinks it’s hilarious because isak is really bad at hiding a smile
    • “halla i’m isak valtersen and i’m over the moon so in love would do anything for the man of my life my boyfriend even beck næsheim,” even says in way too low a voice 
    • isak rolls his eyes and says “i do not sound like that” but even is just like “but you would say that, hm?” and isak can’t deny it 
1068. Teddy never considered himself an orphan. Though sometimes he missed his parents and wished he got to know them- he felt like he had a family, with parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, and people who cared about and loved him. Only when he grew up he understood how lucky he was considering and how happy his childhood was. And even though he was a Lupin he always felt like a Potter, and he loved that with all his heart. He felt complete and proud to be Teddy Remus Potter Lupin.

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Bucky/Tony and #25. :D

25. “This tastes bitter…”

There was one thing, and one thing only, standing in the way of Bucky Barnes having a relationship with Tony Stark.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” Sam asked, bored. The first few times he’d watched Bucky make a mad dash for the sink to rinse his mouth out had been hilarious, but then it got old.

“I want Tony,” Bucky said, wiping his mouth.

“Then get Tony. He’s head over heels for you, Barnes. Literally. He tripped over his own two feet when you bent over yesterday.”

Bucky flushed a little. “But Tony’s first love is coffee. Everyone knows that.” He looked mournfully at the pot and mug sitting on the table. He’d tried everything at this point: sugar, cream, milk, honey, various flavorings. Nothing helped. He just couldn’t stand the bitter taste of coffee.

“I want to like it too. I want to share that with him,” he said quietly.

“For god’s sake,” Sam muttered into his hands. “This is approaching a level of sappiness I’m not equipped to deal with. Stay there.”

He got up and left the room. Bucky shrugged at his back and walked over to the table, examining the remnants of the pot critically. Maybe if he added sugar, milk, honey and cream all at the same time -

It was unfortunate that Tony walked in right as Bucky was spitting a mouthful of coffee into the sink.

“Buck, Sam says - is that coffee? You hate coffee.”

“No, I love it,” Bucky lied.

Tony raised both his eyebrows. “No, you hate coffee. You told Clint last week that it tastes like the bottom of a train. And no one wants to know how you know that.” He came closer and took the mug from Bucky’s hand. He sipped at it, then screwed up his face. “Ugh, gross!”

“Not good?” Bucky asked lamely.

“It’s fine,” Tony said, swallowing with effort. He dumped the rest of the contents out. “What do you say we go out for a couple of beers instead?”

Bucky grinned. That, he could get on board with.

At one point after they got together Combeferre asks Courfeyrac when he realized that he was in love with him and Courfeyrac smiles and is like, ‘You remember that time it was like 2am and you wanted to go stargazing and we got drunk and then you started pointing out constellations of my freckles?’

And then two seconds later, ‘No, wait, it was earlier, Gavroche’s, what was it, nineth birthday? When he scraped his knee and you only had those patches with the dinosaurs on them and started explaining the magical power of dinosaurs until he stopped crying and told you that was total bulshit.’

And ‘Oh no, wait, it was before, when we graduated and you did the speech and were like, we’re going to start our life now, and looked at me and I thought yes, OUR life…’

‘No, shit, remember in eighth grade…’

‘Wait, when did you get your glasses?’

And after half an hour of rambling he just realizes that he doesn’t remember exactly when he fell in love Combeferre because maybe, probably, he totally has always been in love with him.  

And Combeferre just takes his hand and smiles because, ‘Well, we did get married in kindergarden, didn’t we?’

Pretty sure i got what you mean, anon. like 99% positive 

Hanzo - The men who dare kidnap the child of Hanzo Shimada aren’t getting out of this alive. He rushes into their base head first, without thinking of his own health but the well being of his kid. Almost anyone he sees fall down from an arrow and those who don’t fall quickly are left to deal with an angry Hanzo grabbing them by the collar and demanding to know when his child is. It’s only when he sees them that he can breath a sigh of relief, rushing in to save and hold them tightly, vowing to never let this happen again.

Mccree - Deadlock made a death wish whenever they kidnapped and hurt his kid. He tried to think reasonably about this, calling for support, but eventually, he loses his cool and grabs his gun before going down to route 66 himself. Anyone who doesn’t tell him where his kid is are getting beat until they finally speak up about where they are. He takes his kid, almost in tears at the sight of his kid before taking them home.

Soldier 76 - His heart is beating so quickly as he runs towards where Talon agents were attacking, knowing that where his child was at. Without even thinking, he goes in head first, shooting down those who get in his way and screaming out his child’s name and not stopping until he finds them and gets them out of there. He keeps them close, their head on his chest and a hand over their ear as he hides with them. 

Reaper - Whoever thought about attacking his kid made a massive mistake. Reaper shows no mercy as he rips off his mask, revealing his monstrous face as he lets out a chuckle. He’s going to torment them for as long as he can until he thinks they’ve had enough. They’re never going to be found again and Reaper, once it’s all done, holds hid kid close promising to never let that happen again and if anyone wanted to hurt them again, it be over his twice dead body.   


The Kims were pretty fun to play.  There wasn’t a lot of story again, but that’s okay with me.  I think they’re the perfect family for this kind of challenge. because their odd behavior can (mostly) be explained by the fact that they’re just coming out of show business.  They have no idea how the real world works. 

I also love how in love Robert and Cynthia are.  They may not understand how to take care of a dog or a kid, but they love each other, and that counts for a lot with me.  

Robert does bug me, though.  I noticed his lack of emotion when I was queueing up the pictures and it’s just…putting me off of him.  Maybe he’s the kind of guy who only really cares about his wife, but he just bugs me. At least he and Cynthia will make pretty babies?

Cynthia really is gorgeous, and I think she’s got a bit more of a clue than her husband does about how this “real life” thing works. (Although she was pretty insensitive with Denise during the welcome wagon thing…) I’ll be interested to see how she does as a mom once the baby gets here. She’s not all that interested in Justin at the moment…

Luckily, Justin is a very self-reliant and resilient kid.  I really do love him a lot, and I think he’ll be the best at adjusting to “real life” out of the three Kims.  (Not counting Gabby the dog of course.) He really is an animal lover and I’m glad I put him in charge of the pets.  I want to see how he’ll do with a baby sibling coming.  Will he be a good big brother or a bad one? 

Gabby reminded me constantly of why I don’t play with dogs very often in this game.  Playing with cats I’ve gotten used to, and at least they’re self-cleaning and all that.  Gabby was a handful!  At least at first.  I think Justin managed to convince her that chewing up the furniture was not a good idea.  She did get stinky pretty easily, though, which was why she had to have a bath.  Maybe it’s because I’m a cat person in real life too, but I like the cats at the Kat house better than Gabby…

Anyways, I had a lot of fun with the Kims and I’m looking forward to seeing them around town and playing with them again next round.  


The Traveling Wilburys (image source: GeorgeHarrison.com)

“He looks up at a framed photo of the Wilburys hanging on the office wall [at Warner Bros., L.A.], the same rumpled likeness that adorns the front of the record. ‘I love that picture,’ he says. 'I realized there was only going to be this one day the five of us would be together so I got a guy to take some pictures. It was really quick and they weren’t that good. But we blew it up, made it all dirty, threw it on the floor, stepped on it a bit and ripped it up,’ George observes drily. 'And it became much better.’

[…] 'You can’t replace Roy Orbison. Now Roy just happened to be there like we were there and it was right. Brilliant. It’s not every day you form a group with all these legends. That’s not to say there aren’t other Wilburys floating around out there. But the four of us need to talk, really, and then keep an openness about it. The more you try to conceive what it will be…

'But we could have the Wilbury B-team,’ he says, brightening at the thought. 'Like We Are the World - we could have We Are the Wilburys! I’d love to do that. Maybe it won’t even be the Wilburys, maybe it will be… the Trundling Wheelbarrows. Or the Smegmas: Betty, Doris, Gladys and Cyril Smegma. Volume 7.’

You mean several records are already out of print?

'I think so. And what about the bootlegs? The Silver Wilburys, have you heard of them?’ George flashes a flinty look. 'Some people have got a nerve.’” - Musician, March 1990

Darry gives his little girl a bath...

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You stood there with a grin on your face, stifling a laugh as your little girl throws bubbles in Darry’s face. 

“Daddy, you look silly” She giggled, leaning forward to press her hands to his cheeks, rubbing even more onto him. 

“Come on Princess, it’s time to get out.” He got up, getting a towel ready to wrap her up in. 

“But dadda, I don’t ‘wanna” She frowned… only to give him a cheeky smile as she picked up a plastic cup full of water, hurling it in his direction. “Water fight!” She squealed… and you took that as your queue to leave…


Richonne Aesthetic:

and in that moment—however long it lasts, seconds, minutes, days—while he’s saying my name into my mouth and I’m breathing into him, I realize this, right here, is the first and only time I’ve ever been kissed. 



I AM NOT LYING OR TRYING TO PULL FACTS ITS A THING IN OUR FAMILY UNCLE CALLS EVERYBODY TRASH well except gran and grandpa since you can’t call them bad words it’s forbidden





The German bros in the Hetalia superhero AU. Ludwig has the ability to change his skin into organic steel, like X-Men’s Colossus. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Unlike Berwald, he can only transform his whole body rather than parts of it. Gilbert has the ability to mimic others’ powers, but only one at a time. He can only mimic the powers of those in the same room/within close proximity. In the drawing, he’s mimicking Lud’s, Mathias’s and Emil’s powers. (from asks: x, x)

MCM London Meg Turney panel

I’m paraphrasing here but Meg said that if she could only host with one person for the rest of her life it’d be Ryan and then there was a collective ‘awww' 

She then said that Ryan is just so up for anything, when the burned his shoes he didn’t have any spare so he had to walk to his car in his socks in the rain (cue more awwws) When he got home Laurie was like 'what happened to your shoes?’ He said Meg burned them and she said good and she always hated those shoes haha

Fergus is the only one of his children that Jamie truly got to name

Mother Hildegard named Faith. Jamie gave the inspiration to Claire for Brianna, but didn’t anticipate having a girl. Clearly he had no input over William, Marsali, or Joan.

But he chose the name Fergus used for the rest of his life. 

“Fergus?” I said, eyeing the boy, and trying to ignore the goings-on below. The lad was possibly nine or ten, but small for his age, and fine-boned as a ferret. Clad in clean, worn clothes several sizes too big for him, he was also as French as they come, with the pale, sallow skin and big, dark eyes of a Parisian street child.

“Well, his name is really Claudel, but we decided that didna sound verra manly, so he’s to be called Fergus instead. A suitable warrior’s name, that” Catching the sound of his name—or names—the boy glanced up and grinned shyly at me.

-Dragonfly in Amber, Diana Gabaldon

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So I met Darth Vader at Disneyland and let me tell you, you guys, it was An Experience.

The thing is, I was expecting it to be like the standard character meet and greet deal- a whole group of people waiting to meet Vader, Vader probably not able to “speak”, you take a photo, you move on. On top of that, I have multiple friends and acquaintances with Vader costumes, and my boyfriend has a REALLY well-made replica costume with the breathing sound a built in that he’s worn to a few costume events. I’m very used to Vaders.

And then Disneyland had to go and screw with my head by running the meet and greet on a ride-style queue system. This meant I was the only one in my party, which meant I got brought down a short hallway to meet Darth Vader alone.

As soon as I was lead in (by someone dressed as an Imperial officer, no less), everything was quiet except that goddamned breathing. I stepped around the corner, and there was this full-sized Darth Vader looking at me in silence.

Well, ok, it’s just a guy in a costume, right? I bowed really awkwardly from the waist, playing along, and when I straightened up again OH HELL HE WAS RIGHT THERE.

Well, see, I showed up to this meet and greet with a plan. I wanted to replicate the Music of the Night pose from The Phantom of the Opera with him as a gag photo, so I swiped into my phone to show it to him and started asking if we could do that “for the internet”.

Vader leaned over the picture and then snapped his head up at me, and well, there went my need to suspend my disbelief, because he leaned into my face- and I mean, I’m tall, I’m 5'9" and some change, I am not used to people looming down into my face- and he said- I am not exaggerating or paraphrasing-:

“That question, and your intentions, arouse great suspicion. Take care when you ask it, and of whom.”

I shit you not, he sounded pretty much exactly like James Earl Jones’ Vader voice, and as he said it he jabbed me in the collarbone with his forefinger, while leaning so close I had to step back.

That was about the point where my actual panic-induced fight or flight reaction kicked in. Again, I’m not exaggerating- I mean, I do have really bad anxiety, so that was likely part of it, but my heartbeat started pounding and I felt a little shaky and it was really hard to think anything but Darth Vader is going to kill me because I was disrespectful, he is going to start strangling me if I don’t watch myself. I had not at all expected them to equip the suit with a voice filter, and that completely took me out of the theme park experience and straight into this irrational terror.

I don’t know what my face was doing at that point, but one of the cast members told me she needed to take a full body scan for security purposes to ensure I wasn’t a spy, and that was enough of a nudge back to the completely safe reality of the situation that I awkwardly went to stand next to Darth Vader, smiled, took my iPad back, and left with my heartbeat still running at about 150 BPM and my step a little unsteady.

When I found @vitaldose elsewhere in the Launch Bay attraction, she was chilling on a bench checking her phone, and I just kind of lowered myself next to her, where I finally managed a really breathy, awkward laugh. I pulled up those monstrosities you see up there, and immediately noticed that my arms are super stiff in those photos. In the middle one, you can actually see my left hand blurred from shaking.

So, I mean. I think Disney deserves a huge round of applause for making a private audience with Darth Vader exactly as terrifying as it would be in-universe, but I also kind of hope he just tries to tempt little kids to join him instead of scaring the hell out of them too.

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♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

send my muse one of the following… | Accepting

A small quirk that Gabe has, is that he chews on the ends of his hoodie strings. It only really happens when he’s in deep thought, doing paperwork/planning out a mission, but the ends of those strings have long since had the plastic gone from them.

As for a hobby, Gabe loves to dance. Not any traditional dance, but choreography to hip-hop or anything really. What, did you think he got those thighs by the grace of god? Well, kind of. Dancing helped with the rest and on top of that, the injections from the SEP was the cherry on top.


Because I couldn’t not. I’ve written something like this before, but with the reader telling the Company the story of The Hobbit, so this’ll be a bit different.

Word Count: 1048

Songs While Writing: Hamilton Cast Album on shuffle

“So, everything’s ready. Hamilton had been given his command by Washington, and he was leading his battalion towards Yorktown for the final battle of the war. They moved only at night, so that they would not alert the opposing army to their position.”

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UKs hearing their s/o sing to a HSM song while washing the dishes :)

this is the only UKs ask I got and I am crey

Kiyoshi the bae: seeing his partner singing a soft tune while slightly dancing on their spot would bring the goofiest smile on Kiyoshi’s face, but when he realizes they’re actually singing “start of something new”, he’d laugh out loud and hug his lover tightly from behind, scaring and embarassing them in the process. “Don’t stop singing, it’s so cute!” That’d either earn him a shy kiss or a wet slap on the arm.

Reo the bae: like Kiyoshi, he’d fall in love all over again at hearing their lovely singing voice, but as he recognizes the lyrics to “gotta go my own way”, he’s not quick enough to supress the strange mix of a snort and a chuckle, instantly giving himself away to his now thoroughly embarassed partner. After a bit of lighthearted laughter and apologizing, he’d kiss their nose and cheekily compliment both their singing and song choice.

Hayama: he’d immediately recognize the lyrics to “we’re all in this together” and the light dancing of his partner, which he’d find utterly adorable and an invitation to practically glomp them and laugh whole-heartedly, going on and on about how cute they were being and how he also loved hsm and hey they should watch it again sometime! His partner’s exasperated/embarassed look makes him grin and kiss their mouth chastely.

Nebuya: he’d immediately grin to himself and lick his lips as his gaze drifts to his partner’s bum, swinging lightly to a song he doesn’t quite recognize. When they do, however, let a “get'cha head in the game”, he can’t help but let out a booming laugh, finding it so cute and silly at the same time he ends up laughing until his sides hurt. He stops immediately when he sees his partner’s annoyed pout, and sheepishly apologizes for laughing at them.

Hanamiya: simply raises a single eyebrow at his partner’s good mood, but gets momentarily baffled as he immediately recognizes the horrifying rhythm of “bop to the top”. A snicker is out of his mouth before he stops it, and he spends a good two weeks mercilessly teasing/mocking his partner about their music choice. In the deepest corners of his mind, he wonders how it’d be like if they chose to sing a less questionable song.


Ren’s Complexion - For HM - Download @ Nexus

*bursts into the modding scene* I HAVE ARRIVED. YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T WANT ME BUT HERE I AM. 

This is my first mod, so there may be hiccups. If so, please let me know.

Description: Once upon a time I was watching The Force Awakens and saw Kylo Ren and said to myself “Oh. He has interesting skin. I want to make something like that for DAI” and here we are. You’ve got moles, you’ve got light freckles, you’ve got the dark eyes because the inquisitor may need some sleep. I also darkened edited the lip color a bit, because why not. 


  • Replaces hm_hed_inq_d AKA slider numbers 5, 13 & 21
  • Currently only available for HM. I am planning on conversions. If you’re interested in a particular conversion let me know and I’ll move it up in the queue. 
  • Deshined. So it may make trespasser angry, I haven’t been able to test that yet. Shiny version to come. I left a liiittle bit of shine but the complexion doesn’t look like someone sprayed your inquisitor in the face with some water. We aren’t at a beach photo shoot, after all. 
  • Works in the Black Emporium for me but you know how indecisive that shop can be. I rhyme, apparently.


Use mod manager. Tutorial here.

Requires Patch 8+


  • If you use this mod I would love to see it in action! Tag me in your posts @ghostspires or send images to me!
  • Do not claim as your own or redistribute without linking back to this post or the nexus link. 

Eyebrows shown in images are by: Eyebrows4Men by MrJack
Hair Texture: SK Hair Re-Texture