he's the only one im used to drawing


Its so rare to see a chubby/fat anime character. And if there is one theyre usually for comedic relief and have no personality. Thats why Hunk is such an amazing character that not only is funny but also is smart with so many talents and is relatable and is cowardly yet brave JUST SO HUMAN. So i get upset when i see fan art of him thin and muscular like?? Someone can be big and have muscles too?? Let us have this one fat character hes so relatable go draw Lance and his adorable lanky ass leave Hunk alone if he isnt gonna be the perfect chub boy he is now


was trying to practise mikleos hair, drew a few but i only liked one of them so i drew a sorey to match

soreys turned out way cleaner tho since hes easier to draw sorry mikleo…

red vegeta vs saltsuke 

Dorm Rooms ~ Rowaelin NSFW

So I decided to go for just the dorm room AU but im not too sure how it is so let me know.
I can also continue it if yall want but as I said, let me know 😊


Aelin lay face down on her small squeaky dorm bed. Lysandra was out clubbing with Aelins cousin and had offered for her to join but she had refused, all she wanted to do was stay in bed and mope but she was beginning to regret her decision as she lay alone in silence.

Before Aelin could wallow in her thoughts any longer music started blaring from the dorm next door.

Fucking Rowan Whitehorn.

That guy drive her bloody insane and they hate they had for each other was undying. Someone was always having to pull them away frim tearing each ithers throats out.

She pounded on the wall in hopes that he would shut up but just like always the music kept playing. It wouldn’t be so bad if maybe he actually played some decent music for once but apparently that was just too much to ask for.

Aelin slammed her fist against the wall again and even tried kicking it but to no avail. Letting out an angered growl she rolled out of bed, threw open her door and barged straight into the buzzards room without knocking. Rowan spun on his heel and came face to face with a very pissed of Aelin.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing” he roared over the blaring music and Aelin wanted to reply but she was taken aback by the sight in front of her. She had clearly barged into Rowans room just as he got out the shower. His white hair was stuck to his forehead, droplets of water running down his smooth chiselled chest. Damn his chest. His tattoos didn’t stop at his neck but instead ran the full length of his side. His towel hung low on his hips giving Aelin the perfect view of his V-line. But the music screaming in her ears brought her back to the reason she was here in the first place.

“Turn down your god damn music” she roared back which started what had to be their 100th screaming contest of the week.

Aelin tried to skirt around Rowan to turn of the infuriating music but Rowan was quicker and grabbed her by the arm before she could reach it. Heat flared inside her gut at the contact and her breath hitched in her throat, his heat radiating onto her.

She had no idea what came over her but one minute she was furious and ready to smack him across the face and the next she was shoving her lips against the guy she hated most. She expected him to shove her off of him but instead found herself being pushed back against the wall, Rowan taking her free hand in his and pinning them above her head. Aelin made a small noise in the back of her throat as Rowans tongue began exploring her mouth and taking her lip between his teeth. He moved from her lips and began trailing a line of kisses down her jaw and to her collarbone.

“I-I still hate you” she panted as Rowan began sucking on her soft spot “feelings mutual” he replied before biting her neck, Aelin let out a strangled gasp, her body pushing out against Rowans bare chest. She could feel his hardness pressing against her stomach and pulled one of her hands from his grip to reach down and rub her palm against him. Rowan buried his head in the crook of Aelins neck and pushed himself further into Aelins palm. Aelin grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head along with her jeans and then ripped Rowans towel from his hips. Their lips reconnected and Aelin took his firm length in her hand, slowly moving it back and forth as she tried to fight for dominance but failing. Rowan pushed her further against the wall sandwiching her between the hot hard planes of his muscle and the cold surface of the wall.

“Wait” Aelin paused “what about Lorcan?”
“Out-he’s out”

She continued to tug his hardness, slowly speeding up as he started to jerk in her hand. He grabbed her panties but instead of pulling them down her legs he ripped them off and moved his hand to her sensitive spot and began rub his thumb against her bundle of nerves. Her grip tightened on his length as he inserted his middle finger inside her “fuck your wet” he growled into her mouth as he sped up his actions. Aelins movements sped up as Rowan inserted another finger, then another. Her head falling back against the wall, baring her neck to him as her pleasure increased and he nussled his nose into her neck.

Suddenly Rowan removed his fingers from her and pulled out of Aelins grip causing her to let out a small whimper
“what are we doing” he gasped against her smooth skin
“hate sex” was all she could think to reply with “don’t worry, this doesn’t suddenly make us like each other so just fuck me already you buzzard” Rowan grinned before taking off her bra and lifting Aelins legs to wrap around him so he could go back to holding her hands above her head.

Rowan thrust himself inside Aelin and she let out a small squeal, squeezing her eyes shut as he began to move himself inside her letting out a grunt. Their skin was flush against each other, her boobs pressed against his chest. Aelin kissed Rowans neck and he moved his head to the side to allow her better access. She nibbled against the soft exposed skin leaving marks just as he had to her.

Rowan speed started to quicken and Aelins back was hitting against the wall so if Lysandra had made it home by now with her cousin then she was fucked. Literally and figuratively. Moans started making their way from Aelins mouth as Rowan pounded into her over and over again, sweat running down his forehead, his groans becoming louder.

Rowan took both Aelins hands in one and began massaging her breast in his large hand, she let out a whimper and Rowan took the other nipple in his mouth. His tongue swirling around the hard nub and rolling it between his teeth. He pinched the other between his fingers and Aelin tugged on his white hair causing him to look like a wet mess.

Aelin let out a shriek as Rowan hit her in just the right place, her moans becoming louder than the music she had originally come to turn off
“look who’s being loud now” Rowan panted against her
“fuck off”
“I don’t think either of us want that right now” he roared “fuck… im close” but Aelin could only nod in agreement. Rowan pressed his tongue into Aelins mouth drawing one last throaty moan from her before she clenched around him and screamed as she came to her high. Rowan kept thrusting, letting her ride through her orgasm before he too exploded with a roar. Neither of them caring who could hear them through the flimsy dorm room walls.

He pulled out of her with a pop and walked them over to his small dorm bed that he could barely fit on and let her lay half on top of him. Both exhausted from the sex, falling asleep as soon as the covers were up.

♡ Forbidden Fruit ♡ Chapter 3

(credit imbanny)

Chapters: Prologue / 12 /

Character: Jaebum x You

Genre: School!AU, TeacherxStudent

Summary: School never seemed to interest you, that us until a new handsome guy takes over your history lessons

Length: 2100+

A/N: Took me awhile to finally write this one, but hey a ton of drama in this one. Hope you enjoy :)

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Who are your art inspiration :0? (Ur mine btw >_<)

Omg Thank you so much ! Tbh i have a lot but the one that influences me the most are the one from my childhood because back then my only source of entertainment is just comic books and cartoons and they one of the reasons i started drawing lol,
1.fujiko.f.fujio: the creator of doraemon..and you guys know that im crazy about him, I mostly influenced by his art style and the way he drew hands and feet of the character, so cartoony yet it fits so much
2.yoshizaki mine: second because his art style and way of coloring is so pretty, back then i when i was a child i used to redraw some panels from his comic (cries) and he is the one that designed kemono friends characters thats why i started watching it and its one of my fav 2017 series
3.bryan lee o'malley: his stye is heavily stylized yet still anatomically correct and i really like the way he ink his works, he influenced me a lot too
4.ono eriko: i used to go to my friend’s house because she has more comic than i do and she introduced me to eriko’s comic…i really really like her art style its so soft and clean and her comic making me want to start trying to make one myself lol, she came for meet and greet two time already to my country and im unable to attend both event..(cries)

I have more inspos and artists that influenced me but these people are the one that influenced me most so far, i love them….

Okay but think about this…

When Silas and Kamui were separated during their childhood, Silas confronted Xander saying it was unfair that he cant be with his best friend. Xander tells Silas, “Did you expect that the feelings of a noble child to be above the direct command of the King of Nohr?”. Xander, pitying the disheartened Silas, tells him that if he wishes to reunite with Kamui, he must prove his worth, that it is rightful that he should be at Kamui’s side. This gives Silas the determination to become a Nohrian knight so that he may one day become a knight that protects Kamui. Xander is moved by his passion and offers to personally train Silas to become a Nohrian cavalier.

Xander was a gentle yet strict teacher to Silas and he tells him of news about Kamui now and then so that he doesnt feel lonely. Silas looked up to Xander very much and he was always so dilligent in his training.

During the game’s plot, Xander sends Silas to do what he has trained for and go and protect Kamui in his stead.

Their support would start off with Xander telling Silas that he’s grown into a fine knight and he’s proud of what he’s become. Xander opens up to Silas that he trained him to become a knight because he’d want somebody there to protect Kamui in his absence. Since he is prince, in war, many would want him dead and in the event that he does, Silas would be his reassurance that Kamui is safe. Silas feels uncomfortable with the talk of Xander’s own death and pleads Xander to stop talking about his own life so lightly. He promises that he will not use his blade only to protect Kamui but also Xander.

The end. Why dont these two have a support like Silas did with Ryouma. His support with Ryouma was one of the best…

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After reading that headcanon of Newt who an't handle the gorgeous Credence (longer hair and more confident) i'm obsessed with the thought. If you have any more thoughts about it then pls shower us with more. PS: Im actually drawing it.

(I will want a link to that art when it happens omg)

And well. There is only so much one can say about the subject of Credence is Almost Offensively Gorgeous and Newt Can Never Really Deal.

Even after they get together it’s a Problem. But, hilariously, Credence never really figures out that he is living the wizard fantasy aesthetic and is, at all times, 1000% convinced that all these people are secretly after Newt. Because of course they are. Newt is amazing, and one day Newt may get tired of Credence only being amazing because he’s powerful and decide to go with someone better who isn’t a walking risk to life and property.

This is related to Credence looking beautiful because it leads to many instances where someone comes up and tries to chat up Credence. Who quietly and politely explains that he’s with that man over there. Yes, the one trying to break into that shop, we think the niffler got in there you see. Yes, HIM. Why? Why are you asking about him so much? Didn’t you JUST HEAR Credence say he’s with him? wITH. HIM.

And then assuming the crestfallen look is over the revelation that NEWT isn’t single. Which he definitely isn’t so you should move along, you’re sure to find someone just as good. You won’t though, but you can try.

While Newt is overhearing all of this barely keeping himself from dying of laughter. On one hand, good for Credence holding his own in a conversation that well and keeping people off Newt’s back. But some day someone is going to have to explain to Credence that a good 90% of the people trying to get nosy arent trying to scope Newt out.

some of my hcs for the perc'ahlia kids:

their firstborn is a daughter and she grows up to be an insanely good marksman, just like her parents. next are the twins; a boy and a girl which makes everybody in vox machina laugh, especially vex and vax themselves.

after they have the twins, vex suddenly remember percy had like six siblings and puts her foot down and says “percival i love you and i love our kids BUT IM DRAWING THE LINE HERE”

(percy is perfectly happy with that.)

their oldest trains in archery like her mother, but also learns to use a sword just as dangerously. their only boy isn’t actually that interested in combat (although, like his big sister and his parents, he’s a remarkable shot). he spends most of his time reading and researching.

their youngest girl is the one who doesn’t get vex’s darkvision and gets percy’s farsightedness instead. she’s the saltiest quarter elf you’ve ever met.

she also can’t shoot for shit, which frustrates her ENDLESSLY because how can she be her parents’ kid and not be able to shoot? she dabbles in blades with her auntie cass and uncle vax but never really takes a liking to it. then she watches her auntie keyleth cast magic when she’s in town one time and she just INSTANTLY knows that she wants to be like that. (she inherited her mother’s fondness of nature, after all, so vex and percy aren’t sure why they’re surprised when she tells them that she’s studying with keyleth.)

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Hello! I'm sorry for bothering, but firstly I would like to thank you for your amazing work - I just love it to the bones! And secondly, I'm really interested in your Superman AU - what is exactly going on? Will there be any more information about what is going on? Thank you very much!!

You are so nice anon… ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`)

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