he's the only one goofing off

  • Lance: *suave voice & talking to keith on the phone* Hey babe. Wanna... make-out with me on this cool bed when you get home?
  • Keith: Not if the cool bed your speaking of is that red racecar bed you bought from the store when it was on sale.
  • Lance: Come on Keith. It'll really help shift this make-out session into overdrive.
Single Father!Hoseok

So now it is time for our hope, our angel, a real life puppy who just goes around being a lil happy virus and he just wants to make everyone laugh and he makes people happy without even trying he’s so pure, Jung Hoseok aka J-hope aka hobi 

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  • This is gonna feature a bit of youtuber!Hobi (here)
  • To sum youtuber!hobi up, he is part of the One Million Dance Studio but he also has a group channel with the dance line boys where they just post random dance videos or goof off
  • For everyone that hasn’t read father!hobi, he has three kids but for this post, he’s only gonna have his one, his oldest son
  • His son is like his personal ray of sunshine, he’s literally a mini hobi he’s just always making people happy
  • His ex and him break up a lil bit before bby boy is born, if you wanna up the angst, you can use the canon version where his ex leaves him for someone else (idk how could anyone could leave hobi he’s so precious)
  • Hobi is a really sensitive person, it’s actually one of my favorite things about him bc he cares so much about the people around him so going through a breakup is really really really hard on him like I just know that when he falls in love, he falls in l o v e
  • And it does take a while to get over the breakup and feel ready to date again bc he’s a lil bub he needs hugs and kisses
  • He does have bby boy around to make him smile on the days he doesn’t feel like he can and he can always count of his lil bby bub to cheer him up or wipe his tears off for him and he’s so grateful
  • Like bby boy helps hobi out so much in the healing process bc hobi knows that he isn’t alone, he’s surrounded by family and friends that love and adore him and he’s got his very own son that looks up to him and depends on him for everything and they both help each other out
  • Hobi helps bby boy out in the obvious way, he’s raising him and taking care of him but little does bby boy know, he’s actually helping hobi out a lot just by being there and always getting really excited to see hobi in the morning and to get all the kisses and love he gets in a day
  • Bby boy is the reason hobi doesn’t mind getting up at 7 in the morning every day bc sleeping in until 8 is a dream and isn’t happening when there’s a very vocal hungry bby in the house but hobi gets used to it so easily bc that’s his lil bub his mini me his sunshine to shine through all of the clouds
  • Thankfully hobi can easily make videos and teach classes with bby boy around bc there’s so many people in the studio 24/7 and Jimin and/or Jungkook is always there so he can have them watch bby boy for a lil bit while he goes and teaches a class
  • “JUngKoOk”
  • “WhAT”
  • “Where’s the kid”
  • “I thought you were watching him”
  • “Well shit”
  • Besides the few times that they lose bby boy (he’s almost always with May J, sometimes Mina) they’re really good babysitters and bby boy loves them so fucking much bc have you ever seen Jikook they’re literally tall children especially when you add Tae into the mix
  • Hobi would start dating after bby’s first birthday bc like I said he needs time to heal but he also just gets too busy to even think about it, he’s got a newborn, he’s got classes, he’s got the first holidays with the bby
  • You two meet through Yoongi, Yoongi had been in your history class and you two had become friends so he introduced you to hobi bc he knew you two would get along and sure enough yoon was right (spoiler, he never lets either of you forget the fact that it was HIM that got you two together)
  • Hobi, just like yoon, is v v upfront about the fact that he has a son bc he doesn’t wanna be like five months into the relationship and then just be like hey I’ve got a kid surprise he would rather just get it out there that way if it is a deal breaker, you can both just stay friends or something like that
  • But you’re actually kinda excited to meet bby Jung bc if hobi is adorable and sweet and amazing, you can only imagine how wonderful his bby is gonna be
  • Hobi would introduce you two around the four-five months mark, probably closer to five months just to be absolutely sure everything is working out and is good to go
  • It’s pretty much love at first sight bby boy is instantly clung onto you and you’re holding him just as tightly and he doesn’t let you go for the rest of the night
  • Bby boy is hobi’s kid after all so he’s super super friendly and after he sees how affectionate hobi is with you, he knows that you’re a friend and that he can be all cuddly with you bc that’s his favorite thing in the entire world he just loves cuddles
  • There’s this one night after you move in where you all decide to have a movie night and order in food and put your favorite onesies on and just chill out together and have a lil family night bc at that point, you’re already calling him your son and you love him just as much as hobi does
  • He sits right in between you and hobi and he’s s o happy he’s got this cute lil content smile on his face the entire night and the both of you feed him bites of popcorn and whatever you’ve got on your plate and he’s wrapped up in this huge ass blanket to keep him warm bc lil tiny bub cannot get cold mm mm
  • It’s just a major cuddle fest and it’s one of hobi’s favorite nights with you ever bc it’s so cute and sweet and there’s nothing fancy, there’s no elegant wine glass with expensive wine, there’s not three course meals, it’s just some pizza, a shit ton of blankets and animated movies
  • “We should have movie night more often”
  • “I’m so down with that”

Hey, what about a Grogildan ice skating au? Just hear me out, okay. 

Modern AU (although let’s say they’re all still gnomes, half-elves, etc. idk I really like taking the fantasy stuff and making it modern, but anyway) where Grog is a hockey player, and a pretty damn good one at that, but he hasn’t had much luck in terms of teams. 

Pretty much the only person he consistently plays with is Pike (who’s also kick ass at hockey, she has a homemade jersey with “MONSTAH” on the back) She’s the one who’s always telling him that, even when he’s not crashing into people, he’s a pretty good skater. They like to just goof off and try little spins and jumps at the local rink

That’s where they meet Scanlan. He’s coming in early for a time slot he’s reserved for his daughter and watches Grog and Pike actually land some pretty tricky jumps. He introduces himself rather spectacularly (because of course he does) and tells them that he’s got the ring booked again later for some of his friends who are practicing for a figure skating competition. Grog is a little hesitant (What’s the point in a skating competition where you don’t get to punch anyone?) but Pike agrees

So they show up that evening and okay, Grog’s a little impressed when he watched the two pairs out on the ice

Keyleth and Percy are practicing lifts (Keyleth doing the lifting because she’s surprisingly buff and Percy’s a string bean) and jumps and just messing around, but clearly having a great time doing so. And then there’s the twins. They’re so in sync it’s almost scary, sometimes when they pick up speed it’s hard to tell which one’s which (Grog and Pike are also a little blown away at just how pretty everyone is like??? How is that fair????)

So Scanlan introduces Grog and Pike (calling them his new recruits, which they really need to talk about later) And he casually mentions how Vex is looking for a new pairs partner (she and Vax are trying to get better about skating with other people) for the upcoming competition. It takes some convincing, but Grog decides to at least try

He’s not ready for waking up at four in the morning to go to the rink with Pike and the twins, but he adjusts (slightly grudgingly) Vex and Vax trade off practicing with him, arguing that he needs the most time on the ice, which is probably true. He and Vex get long well enough (they even kiss at a few parties here and there because the group has officially adopted him and Pike) but Vax is another matter. Grog is pretty sure Vax isn’t a fan of him skating with his sister, so they start messing with each other (Grog ties Vax’s hair to things while he’s not paying attention, Vax switches Grog’s skates for a pairs that are slightly too small or too big, etc.)

Eventually though, they kinda bond (Vax still seems surprised the first time Grog goes for a real hug) And Vax decides that if Vex has to skate with anyone, it’s okay if it’s Grog. With the competition coming up, they don’t switch out anymore, cause Vex and Grog have to get this down (and Vax definitely doesn’t miss skating with Grog at all)

But then! Vex has an accident, nothing life threatening, but she’s gonna be out of competitions for a while. And the competition is just a few weeks away. And Grog is most disappointed than he wants to be?? He just… he worked really hard on this??? And now it’s just not happening??? Pike’s the one that has to point out the obvious (Why don’t you do the competition with Vax?)

So they start practicing again, and they basically live at the rink for a few weeks (there’s a looooot of time to make up for) And it’s surprisingly not terrible??? When they’re not messing with each other, Vax actually likes hanging out with Grog. He’s funny and easy to talk to and he’s really started caring about the skating thing (and Vax definitely doesn’t think too much about how Grog’s giant hands feel on his hips) 

The competition date arrives and Grog and Vax (dressed as Vex, which is a little weird, but the judges didn’t notice a difference) skate their hearts out and it goes really well. They’re not sure why they’re holding hands as the scores are announced and totaled up, but they’re in first! And Grog goes for a hug, but Vax has other ideas and just plants one on him (he’s not really sure why, it just seems like the thing to do) 

After they get done making out, they watch the other skaters (they end up coming in second, which is still pretty good) They head off to party, totally planning on talking about that kiss later, but then they wake up in bed together the next morning and figure they’ll just work it out as it goes

Just trust me, it would be great okay

band class gothic

- you jump over the unused euphonium case to get to your own instrument. you do this every day. the voices used to tell you to do it, but they have long since silenced. you do this of your own free will, now. perhaps that is a metaphor. 

- the unused euphonium case never moves either. there is another euphonium player that uses it, apparently. you’ve never seen him.

- the percussion section is goofing off. the percussion section is always goofing off. the director tells them off for it, noting gratefully that you are the only percussionist on task. you are not a percussionist, you think, but you don’t question it. the director knows best. the director always knows best.

- you meet someone new one day, in another class. well, you think he is new, but he gets mildly offended when you don’t remember him. he’s in your band class, he says. when you go to class, he is your stand partner. he was not before. your stand partner has been your best friend as long as you can remember. nobody can remember them but you. 

- the band director says he was a percussionist, at your age. yesterday he said he was an alto sax. the day before he was a clarinet. it is different each time he brings it up, but when you ask anyone, it’s always percussion.

- you get the courage to ask the director, one day, what he played. he says percussion. the next day, it is your instrument, and he grins over at you and starts to share a story from when he was young. the story is yours, names and all, but nobody notices. he is still grinning at you, disturbingly less than human. you smile and laugh politely along with your new stand partner, wondering if this is what happened to your old one.

- the brass section floor is lava and the players are fireproof. you stare at them in horror as they walk through the spit covered isle without a care. they cold back at you with cold, dead eyes, and you hurry along to your seat.

- the flute players dissapear one day,  all but one. when you ask, someone cheerfully explains that is a full choir day. you stare down at the empty chair of a flute playing friend. they did not take choir. none of them are back the next day.

- the flutists return, eventually, one by one. they are not the same flutists that went missing. you find yourself staring at what you think to be the only original flutist left during a rest. he turns around and meets your gaze with wide, fearful eyes, and you know he is the original. it is you and the flutist against the word, now.

- you listen to a recording of your performance the day after it. the director asks how you think you did, and the answer everyone gives is that ‘the energy wasn’t right.’ he asks for specifics. the energy wasn’t right, they chorus. the energy wasn’t right.

Dating Peter Hayes Would Include..

Him being really overprotective of you, even though you can handle yourself

Him getting jealous easily

Constantly showing each other off with PDA

Random butt grabs & slaps (not that you mind)

Camping him down when he’s angry

Play fighting

Training together

Goofing off during anything remotely serious

Him being a hard ass in public, but when you’re alone he wants cuddles and attention

Rough sex, especially when he comes home angry

Slow sex, because he’s not always rough

Being the only one that he’ll open up to

Him cheering you up by making you laugh when you’ve had a bad day

Long, deep conversations in the middle of the night when neither of you can sleep

You being the only one he doesn’t care if he gets one upped by

Him distracting you when you’re working because he wants attention

gif not mine an: I could literally write about Peter and the rest of Divergent all day seriously, feel free to request more!

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Can I pls get some high justice with Young!Pharah and Young!Mccree from before Overwatch disbanded pls :3 thank you for reading <3

Oh yes of course! For this, Pharah will be nineteen and McCree will be twenty-four. 

  • Fareeha was rarely at the base anymore, doing her own training and working hard to get into Overwatch on her own accord. This put Ana in a quiet distress, leaving them both arguing and at odds with each other but sometimes they have good days like today. She’s come to spend the day with her mother, but an emergency meeting pulled Ana away, and now its just her and the cowboy.
  • Both know that Overwatch is facing heavy scrutinization right now, something about lies and secrets. Fareeha refuses to believe its true, but McCree can feel the end drawing near. He just knows it was only a matter of time before he lost the one good thing he was a part of. 
  • McCree convinces her to come with her, to goof off, have a little fun. He’s starting to see her as a women now, and wonders why he’s getting a little flustered just speaking to her. 
  • Still remembering her silly crush, Fareeha agrees. Both take off, looking for some fun and maybe a little trouble.
  • They end up at the shooting range, where McCree tries to impress her with his dead eye shots. Watching with an unimpressed expression and a raised eyebrow, Fareeha trades places with the gunslinger. Their fingers brushing together as she takes his peacekeeper. He watches with a smile as she matches all his targets, knowing exactly where she gets her aiming from. 
  • They steal an armful of food from the mess hall, slinking away to the back of the base where they can get a nice view of the ocean. They eat and laugh in the sun, breaking up candy bars to share. Hands often lingering longer then necessary on each other’s skin.  
  • It gets quite after they finish eating, the sun sparkling against the water. Tilting her head up to the sun and closing her eyes, Fareeha lets herself dream of being stationed here. Of making her mother proud. Of seeing McCree more often. 
  • Silently, peeking out from under his hat, he watches her still face. Thinking about how beautiful she is, and how he could spend the rest of his life looking at a women like her.
  • “Do you really think they’re really going to end Overwatch?”
  • Silently taking in her question, McCree ducks his hat lower before answering. 
  • “I plain just don’t know, Fareeha… I haven’t had much faith in it lately, but if anyone could continue on its good intentions, its you.”
  • Her eyes open to his soft grin, and warm eyes. His words touching her heart. Feeling braver then she has before, her hand scoots across the ground to touch his. The glove on his fingers familiar. Focusing on the ocean in front of them, their pinkies slip over each other’s. Curling around the other and holding a silent promise that they’ll only discover years later. 
Vocal Unit Reacts to their S/O Singing Really Well


This angel ugh
Okay so Jeonghan would hear you singing quietly in the early morning, he would still be in bed and you would silently be shuffling around, getting ready for your day, quietly singing “20″ to yourself, when he would sit up on his elbows and harmonize with you, startling you. Jeonghan would get out of bed (wow) and intertwine his hands in yours and smile at you, encouraging you to sing with him in the early morning light, sun rays shining through the open window onto him, so how could you possibly say no to that? 

(oml this is only the first one how am i gonna get thru the rest call 911)


okay our ray of sunshine alright
DK would be goofing off with you and the beagle line and they would want to play Sing It, and you were totally content with just sitting back and watching them have fun, but no, Hoshi had the idea to make a bet on which team would win, You and DK, or him and Seungkwan. You were admittedly hesitant, not having the vocal training that they had, but Sunshine DK reassured you that there was no pressure to do well, since Seungkwan was singing as well.(He chased DK around with a pillow for that.) What wasn’t expected was that you were good. Like, really good. When you first started singing all three boys jaws would drop, and stay there until you were finished. DK would start cheering and would come over and pick you up, spinning you around in a circle when your beautiful vocals caused the two of you to win, and gave you a big kiss, smiling into it when he heard Hoshi and Seungkwan gagging behind you two.


oh no my ultimate bias here we go oh boy howdy I’m gonna die
So. Woozi. This boy. This awkward smol bean. He would be working late late late on a new track, quickly losing steam and inspiration, and would be getting frustrated with himself when he called you to see if you were home, not wanting to go back to the dorm and deal with the rest of the members at that point. Woozi would go home to you, and you would be able to tell just by looking at him that he hadn’t had a great day. You would grab his hand and walk over to the sofa, settling yourselves down in a nice cuddle, him laying his head on your lap, you playing with his hair with one hand, and your other hand intertwined with his. He would absentmindedly be playing with your hand, eyes closed, when you quietly started singing “Simple,” not trying to be super loud or sentimental or anything, but just because it’s a soothing song, and Woozi’s eyes would pop open to meet yours. No words needing to be exchanged, he just had to listen to your sweet voice singing his song and he knew that you were the one for him, for always.
(i was correct I’m dead inside bury me to Mansae.)


this B O Y omg alright
okay so we all know how much of a meme he is with that damn guitar. Joshua would be playing his guitar, just messing around at your apartment when he started to play a song you knew. You would be humming along, reading or playing on your phone or doing homework if you’re a good studious person unlike myself, laying across the couch (partially on him lmao he comfy) when he would stop playing and ask you if you knew the lyrics to it as well. Startled, you would say yes and he would use his phone to pull up the lyric video to it, grabbing your hand and dragging you off the couch, Joshua would ‘force’ you to slow dance with him, softly singing the lyrics to the song with you, as he rested his forehead on yours, looking into your eyes as you swayed to the music.
(the song i had in mind is Livewire by Oh Wonder idk what about it reminds me of Jisoo but it does)


lbr Diva Boo is gonna make a big deal of it if you can sing really well. Showering? duet. Cooking? Duet. Using the bathroom? dUET TIME LADIES.
So Seungkwan would drag you out with the rest of Seventeen to one of those karaoke rooms for his birthday, and y'all would be up there getting turnt and singing your hearts out, Vernon dabbing and everyone being general memes. As the night gets later and people start getting tired, the soulful ballads come out, and you don’t really like singing in front of people, or your boyfriend, and especially not your boyfriend’s professionally trained singer friends. But, the pressure was high and you had no idea what to do for Seungkwan’s birthday present, so you convinced him to go into a Photo Booth and take pictures for his wallet, to go right next to the picture of his mom (lets be real he totally has a picture of his mom in his wallet.) when you would suddenly get a rush of confidence and grab the mic and after some arranging, you and him would start singing a beautiful duet of Shut Up & Groove, shocking him with your vocal power. Not shocked in a bad way of course, but Boo has some pretty impressive high notes so someone who can keep up with him is impressive. He would declare it the best birthday ever, and brag to all the members that he had the most amazing and beautiful girlfriend ever.

It’s like 1:00 am and i am an old woman this is late for me i hate being up this late but I’m gonna be away this weekend and wanted to get this done and it’s shite but here have this it was a struggle for my hoe heart. <3 you!

~admin Hedgehog

Imagine...Being Dr. Crane’s Assistant

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*Not my gifs

Being Dr. Crane’s Assistant Would include:

  • Helping him with paperwork.
  • You defile the rules most days.
  • You help him do his work.
  • You teach him about social media (Facebook, Instagram, Etc.)
  • He doesn’t know anything about today’s social media.
  • You goof off at times and Jonathan wonders how you even got this job.
  • You don’t like working there but you work there cause you like Jonathan.
  • Jonathan always gives you a lecture about your work or he rants about his research.
  • He gets constantly frustrated by your somewhat bubbly and happy - go lucky personality.
  • He teaches you how to make Fear Toxin.
  • He threatens you with Fear Toxin but you threaten him with the police and Batman if he does so.
  • Your boss only gave you your job because no one really cares about Jonathan’s research.
  • You leave water bottles and coffee cups around in your office most days and Jonathan has to clean it up.
  • You install a video game console in your office and you try to teach Jonathan how to play but he doesn’t know and care.
  • You try to act professional at his meetings and speeches. 
  • You call Jonathan a stick in the mud because he’s so boring.
  • Despite being smart, Jonathan doesn’t have any common sense about modern culture.
  • He asks you to put his paperwork in files and folders.
  • You like to color code his work with highlighters even though he specifically asked you not to.
  • “(Y/N). I told you not to color code the paper files.”
  • “Don’t worry about it Jonathan. It’ll help you find things. I even put sticky things on the pages so you can find them easier.”
SEVENTEEN left unattended

S.coups: stops working 

Jeonghan: takes a nap 

Joshua: watch anime 

Jun: practices in front of a mirror 

Hoshi: shoves as much sugar in his face as he can 

Wonwoo: tries to swipe Doogi PD’s credit card to buy himself a lot of stuff online 

Woozi: continues working 

DK: shoves as much sugar as he can into hoshi’s face (HOSHI FIGHTING!!!) 

Mingyu: starts goofing off after everyone else and ends up being the only one that gets in trouble. 

The8: contemplates world domination 

Seungkwan: makes an attempt to kick everyone out and take over all roles in Seventeen starting with hip hop unit 

Vernon: checks his phone to see if he’s gotten an invite to hang out with Amber (from fx) yet…

Dino: contemplates on how to get back at jeonghan (WHOS BABY ARE YOU HYUNG!?!!?)



“Come on Derek! It’s funny!” You giggled as your cousin Stiles continued to tease your boyfriend, “Don’t be such a sour wolf,” you cooed, wrapping an arm around him only for him to brush you off.
“No that’s exactly my point! Am I the only one that cares here?!” Derek had been stressed lately over the recent strings of deaths over Beacon Hills.
“Oh Derek, what’s life if you can’t have a little fun?” You stopped laughing.
“No, you two are always goofing off! You can’t take anything seriously, can you?!” His anger grew stronger as he got up and stormed out of the room.
“I’m gonna go,” Stiles whispered and slipped out.
You made your way to you and Derek’s shared bedroom, where he was sat hunched over on the edge of the bed.
“What was that down there?” You said light heartedly, trying to ease the tension.
“You know what? Go, go hang out with that goofy cousin of yours, you two obviously seem to have a better time together!”
“What are yo-”
You quickly gathered an overnight bag and left, hurrying outside to catch a ride back with Stiles, where you’d spend the rest of the night.


You were startled awake by incessant honking from outside your window. You got threw off the blankets reluctantly and got up from the pull out sofa and made your way to the window, brushing back the curtains and throwing a hand over your face to shield your eyes from the new mornings light.
It was Derek.
You sighed and stomped out the door, “What the hell are you doing?!”
“Hop in!”
“Hop in!”
“Derek I said no! I’m not even dressed!”
“And I said hop in!” You threw your crossed arms down and stomped over to the door he opened for you.
“Where are we going?” You slammed it in reluctance.
“You’ll see,” he winked pulling down his sunglasses.
You knew better than to argue back, it wouldn’t go anywhere.
It was a long drive through the country side, the hills rolled up and flattened out and soon enough you were at a road side diner.
“What are we doing here?” You asked awkwardly.
“Order anything you’d like babe, it’s on me,” he winked. You raced and ordered your favorite dish, the chocolate chip special: one huge chocolate chip pancake covered erratically in whip cream, syrup, sprinkles, cherries, and all sorts of berries so that it looked like a clown- and to your surprise Derek ordered the same.
“What about your oatmeal?”
“This is better. Why not eat the thing that haunts every child’s dreams….it’s cute?” He tried his best to seem jovial and you took his effort to heart.
After that he blind folded you, refusing to let you know where your next stop was.
It was a long time before he finally let you take it off and you found yourself at the gates of a laser tag.
“No way!” You laughed and he raised his eyebrows in response. He ran you inside and you guys put on the gear and got ready.
Surprisingly Derek was really passionate about this, dodging lasers from every turn, dashing lights were soon put out from his little weapon, and he was at the top of the leader board.
You crouched around, stalking your target. Pulling the little trigger you missed and they spotted you. Out of nowhere Derek jumped out and grabbed your hand to dart off. You didn’t make it very far until you tripped over a prop and went crashing down, causing a domino effect with Derek landing on top of you in a fit of laughter. He leaned down to give you a little peck on your nose.
“Aw you’re so cute when you’re vulnerable,” you winked and pointed your gun at his vest releasing the light as his faded out.
“I can’t believe you did that,” he peered seriously down.
“Hey you let your guard down babe, what can I say?”
“You know there’s gonna be payback later right?”
“Oh God….”


Eventually, after a long afternoon, Derek got you guys kicked out of laser tag as he “accidentally” pushed down a seven year old causing him to cry.
“I’m tired, maybe we head back and relax…watch some Netflix,” you tried to sell it.
“No, there’s one more stop.”
“Where?” You held at the word.
“Can’t you just enjoy the ride? God you wine for me to take you places and when I do you just want to go home….”
“You know I don’t mean it like that, Derek.”
“No, I know you’d rather spend time with your dorky cousin than me, that’s alright.”
There was a long pause until you finally tried to confirm your suspicion, “Are you seriously jealous of Stiles?”
He didn’t respond.
Derek finally pulled up to a display of lights and the sound of cheer.
“A carnival? Derek you hate these things.”
He got out silently and opened the door for you. He walked up to the booth and paid for your admittance and cooly walked to the Ferris Wheel expecting you to follow him.
“I can’t go on that, I’m sorry but no,” you stepped back.
“I told you there’d be payback,” he hopped into a seat and patted for you to do the same. Rolling your eyes, you took a deep breath and hopped in.
He still seemed upset as he let out a sigh as the ride began. You shut your eyes tight and your knuckles turned white as you clung on to the safety bar.
“Look, I know you’re all mad but can you please just cut it out as I have a heart attack right now?” A tear slipped from your face as you caught a panicked glimpse down at the shrinking world.
“You’re actually scared of this ride?”
“Derek you know I hate heights!”
“Actually no, you never tell me these kinds of things! Maybe cause you’re too busy gallivanting of with-”
“Derek I swear if you say Stiles-!!” You began, but you’re fear got the best of you and gasped as you reached the top. He put a warm hand on yours and you started to feel relieved. Reaching the bottom again you let out a breath and said, “I don’t know why you’re so jealous of Stiles. Derek he’s my cousin, I’m dating YOU.”
“You just seem more happy with him.”
“That’s not true.”
“Than how come it seems that way?”
“Because you’re so sure that that’s the truth you won’t see it any other way. Derek I love you, the time I’ve spent with you is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life and you’re stupid to think other wise. Now serious if you don’t kiss me right now I’m gonna lose it,” the words flew out of you as you slowly neared the top again.
“I love you too,” he leaned in and crashed is soothing lips into yours, causing the bench to rock. You pulled away quickly and started to shake. You threw your hands to your head trying to gain some focus.
“Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, I got you,” he wrapped an arm around you and squeezed you tight, your panic slowly melting away.
“You owe me.”
“Oh ho ho ho, no I don’t.”
“You better be that cliche boyfriend who wins me a big stuffed animal after this…"you buried your head in his shoulder as he soothingly played with your hair and rubbed your arm in slow circles.
“We’ll see what I can do,” he pecked your head.

You crashed on the drive home, the giant, pink giraffe Derek won you you serving as a pillow.
“Anything for my girl,” he whispered, eyes locked straight on the road as he placed a hand on your knee.
“You’re such a dork,” in a hushed tone you replied, meeting his hand with yours.

Ok I really hope you liked that and it wasn’t all long, confusing, and dry lol thank you so so so so incredibly much for waiting (this one gave me massive writers block) 💖

Drabble - Don’t Play with Your Food

Only one more and I’ll leave everyone alone, I swear. This one is more a family moment rather than a parenting moment. And again, the children belong to @bakapandy

Pairing: Makoto/Haru
Rating: G
Words: 494

As much as Haru loved the sound of his young children giggling, he knew the sound meant no actual eating was taking place. As he finished putting together three bento boxes (one large one for his husband with a healthy appetite and two smaller ones for his children), he didn’t even need to turn to see the kids to know that they were goofing off.

“Umiko, Takumi, finish your breakfast or your Papa won’t be able to walk you to school today.” Haru warned, placing the final touches of vegetables, mostly as garnishment, around the grilled and seasoned mackerel in each box.

Groans from both of the young children were his only answer, followed by a moment of silence. “And don’t you dare switch plates. Umiko, eat your vegetables. Takumi, finish your fish.”

The groans this time were louder, longer, and punctuated by the sound of chopsticks tapping against plates. Haru smiled softly and tied up the finished boxes, the two smaller ones immediately being slid into place into two school bags.

“Kids, listen to your Daddy.” Makoto smiled through his stern instruction as he walked into the kitchen to pack his bento box in his duffel for his workday. He placed a hand on top of each child’s head in greeting and peered down at them. “And don’t play with your food.”

“Yes,” the twins drawled out their polite reply in unison. Each one then stuffed another mouthful of their food into their tiny cheeks, having already been caught by both parents and with no other reason to dawdle.

Haru heard Makoto chuckling at the two of them, knowing that he and his husband were onto their tactics to switch food to avoid eating what they didn’t like. Honestly after the bond they had as kids, along with the experience of handling Makoto’s twin younger siblings as well, they’d have a hard time getting anything past them, at least for a while. “Good! You’ll need to have a good breakfast and good lunch if you want to come visit me at work after school. Don’t you both want to swim in the big pool?”

Happy sounds of agreement around mouthfuls of food were the nonverbal response and Haru felt warmth spread through his chest. These noneventful moments as a family were precious to him. The dark-haired spouse leaned his head up willing to receive a quick kiss from the taller man as he joined him at the counter, probably equally in thanks for his packed lunch as much as a greeting.

“Will you have time today to join us at the pool? Or are you going to be at the café all day?” Makoto asked, one hand lovingly rubbing Haru’s lower back.

Haru couldn’t help but smile just a little bit more than he already was at his husband’s question. “…If I have time.”

Makoto smiled back, his head tilting to the side knowingly. How could he resist a family swim, after all?

Papyrus is a complex character

Personally papyrus is my favourite undertale character, he’s quirky, over excited and as pointed out by Toby Sans younger brother. I don’t see much theories on pap, and the one I do find are mainly based on sans. People like sans because he’s shrouded in mystery, but so is papyrus. Both brothers appear from nowhere and assert themselves. People pass pap off as naive but he’s far from it, he built complex mechanical puzzles and he reads complex Manuel’s. I know he’s goof with the puzzles but pap dose not want to kill you, he’s the only character who dosen’t kill you, even Toriel can kill you. So where did pap get this control? If you spare him after the start of a genicide and go to his room there is a box full of bones, if you click on it there is a strip of dialogue that says ‘your lucky I didn’t use my special attack! If I did you’d be blasted too…’ And then he stops himself and changes to subject to annoying dog stealing his attacks. Also remember Gaster that guy NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER? pap remembers him when you call him before entering the core we get a delicious piece of dialogue that says ‘oh I didn’t realize you were so close to the core…’ Then he hangs up this is a clear indicator of Gasters accident he knew Gaster and he knows what happened to him. Their is a lot more to papyrus then we thought.

You and Justin are sitting on the couch watching a movie when he starts whining about how bored he is and how he wants to do something fun. You tell him that you really want to finish the movie. He sighs and agrees to watch ONLY 15 more minutes. After exactly 15 minutes, he out of nowhere starts singing. At first you think that he sounds really good and you don’t mind but then he starts goofing off. He purposely misses notes and messes up. You hit his shoulder and beg him to stop but he doesn’t listen. He just starts screaming louder. “Justin you sound horrible” you laugh and he eventually stops. His head falls down and he tries to look sad and hurt. After he realizes that you’re not going to say anything he looks back up at you and says *gif* “Even though you’re being really mean, I still love you”

Would you guys be upset if I use this gif again? I got another idea for it as I was writing this.

I feel like Roxy Lalonde is objectively the Best Homestuck character. Not nesecarily the cleerest or funniest or most interesting or important or even favourite (she is one of mine, but not the overall). But of all the characters, she has some of the strongest development. Despite her flaws she never stops trying to improve herself and fight for her friends. Really the only close parrallel i can see is John, but he doesnt have the same spark Roxy does, at least in my opinion? He’s responcible for a lot but only because he had others to guide him, his friends are always hos focus but he’s just as likely to goof off and trick them as help then.

I dont know how to better explain it and i’m sure many people will disagree, but. To me, Roxy is just. The best.

Prickman’s Creek

Alan Prickman desperately needed to pass his physics course if he wanted to graduate from high school. He was stellar in English and History, so-so in maths and chemistry, but on the last test he took for physics, he only got 17 out of 100 questions correct.

“Damnation!” He bit his lip and adjusted his glasses. He had chocolate brown, ducktail styled hair, a long nose, hazel eyes and wore very nice, very clean clothes. He was known for being the nice kid, a little bit of a goof off, but overall smart and willing to help anyone. However, nobody could survive having to retake senior year unless you were a rugby player, so Prickman’s very life depended on getting a good grade. He had one last chance to redeem himself.

“Alright, class. I have assigned your partners for your final physics project.” Mr. Gruber announced to the dunderheads he had to teach. “Remember, this project is worth about 40 per cent of your grade, so don’t be an idiot and screw it up, mkay?”

Prickman twiddled his thumbs. Hopefully he would get Blalock as a partner, or maybe even Eli Michaelson over there. Prickman hated Eli, he was kind of a sexist piece of shit who thought he was on top of the world, but that boy knew his goddamn physics.

“Lily Evans, you are assigned to Linda Freeman.” Lily nodded, Linda only seemed interested in stacking her books evenly and in alphabetical order.

“Phil Allen, you will go with John Gissing.” Gissing seemed to grunt and sigh in response, but that man didn’t like working with anyone.

“Alex Hughes, you’ll work with Stephen Spurrier.” Hughes rolled his eyes. “Why do I have to work with the drunk kid?” He bemoaned.

Prickman was starting to get nervous. Who was he supposed to partner up with? He was running out of classmates.

“Eli Michaelson? You’ll be working with Hilly Kristal.”

“WHAT?!” Prickman thought, completely outraged. Kristal was so obviously eating pot brownies in the back and listening to idiotic rock and roll music, he wasn’t going to pass unless he fucked the goddamn teacher! Why couldn’t Mr. Gruber give Michaleson to someone who deserved to pass senior year?!

However, who did that leave Prickman with?

“Alan Prickman, you’ll work with Keira Black.”

Prickman bit his lip and shook. He nervously turned to Keira, who was sitting in the back with Kristal. She was smoking a cigarette as she turned to Prickman. She took the cigarette out her mouth, and put it out by pressing it into the palm of her hand. She didn’t even flinch. She tossed the cigarette aside and folded her arms, glaring at Prickman as though he were Hitler incarnate.

Maybe retaking senior year wasn’t that bad of a plan at all…


For @thepessimisticasshole
“I hope the piano thing went well!”
Because her icon is precious I couldn’t resist drawing baz.

So I have a theory on how baz got in this situation:

Simon gets really depressed one day (preferably near Halloween) and just sulks all day and Penny gets worried because Simon aka Sunshine Snow isn’t smiling and goofing off so she calls baz in desperation cause he’s the only sensible person she knows, besides herself.
Of course Baz comes to their flat practically in vampire-woosh-running speed. He tries everything but Simon is in one of his gloomy days. He almost gives up. Almost.
Now Simon just feels empty. Baz had came over to make him feel better but Simon just. Feels. So. Bad. And now he’s even more sad because Baz left and he didn’t even tell why.

Then Simon’s room gets kicked open with a loud “thud”. Baz slowly walks in, his hair slicked back and he’s covering his face with some kind of black cape. Simon tilts his head in confusion, much like a puppy in Baz’s opinion. Right when Simon is about to mutter “wtf?” Baz whisks his arms away from his face,


Baz rips open his shirt. Effectively flinging the cape to side of the room. Now if this had happened under normal circumstances Simon would find it attractive, however Baz’s face is painted porcelain white with cheap face paint and he has blood red lipstick on and not to mention he just screamed.

For a moment Simon just stares. Then he cracks a smile but it’s obvious he’s trying to hold it back. He looks like he’s about explode. Then he’s howling with laughter. Giggling. Heaving. Rolling on the floor. A full body explosion of joy. Of course Baz has joined him the moment Simon’s lips started to curl upwards.

By the time they’re finally able to breathe they’re on top of each other. Simon looks down at Baz and bends down to give Baz’s lipstick smeared lips a kiss muttering
“Thank you.”


What the fuck was Leslie doing? She wasn’t drunk enough to actually justify the decision, but maybe it was just a case of her being done. Done with the holidays alone in Tennessee while everyone settled in happily, and she watched Matt goof off with everyone like nothing was happening. Everyone seemed like they were happy, and Leslie had only gotten one or two little kisses, and only because she’d asked. So yes, she did go out while Matt was out anyway. Leslie wasn’t sure exactly where he was, but it didn’t really matter, and soon she was pulling into the inn. She left her car out of view of the road just in case, and when she told the man at the desk who she was, he said her friend was already there, and gave her a key card. She just adjusted coat, undid it as she walked away from the desk and fixed her shirt until she was pretty sure she was actually hot, and not just someone he wanted to have sex with because. She knocked first, and then used her key to open the door. Ryan knew her by now, she wasn’t really worried about what he thought of her jeans and v-neck combination, it was just standard, especially with her jacket over it. “I heard a rumor there was tequila.” Leslie laughed and hung up her coat before she locked the door behind her. 

Probably one of the reasons that Adrien/Chat Noir has such a crush on Ladybug is that she is the only he can be himself around and who actually likes him for who he is. Adrien has to live this life where he is perfect at everything and has a strict father and is famous and everyone is always ogling over him because he is a model and all that stuff. There is no room in there for him to really be himself, since he is always putting on this facade to please audiences. Maybe he goofs off with Nino some, but largely in private, because in public people are always watching.

Then Adrien gets these superpowers, however that happened, and now he is Chat Noir sometimes. There is amount of freedom that Adrien has never had before. No one knows who he is and will not judge him based on expectations of who he is supposed to be. So Adrien gets the chance to be more of the person he has had to repress for most of his life, which is certainly great, not to mention the confidence boost from superpowers and defeating supervillains.

And the person who knows Chat Noir best is Ladybug, since they are partners. She, unlike everyone else, does not adore Chat Noir as a hero that saves Paris, since she is one as well. Ladybug treats Chat Noir as an equal and she does not adore him like everyone adores Adrien. She likes Chat Noir for who he is, not who she thinks he should be. What is more, Ladybug actually likes Chat Noir, even if it is not in the way he likes her. She finds him endearing and funny, and they work well together. 

Adrien as Chat Noir can be himself around Ladybug, ironically. No wonder that a boy who is so controlled in his daily life has fallen for the one girl who actually likes him for who he is.

Cuddling w/Calum

-“babe you forgot the popcorn” “caLUM THE WORLD DOESNT REVOLVE AROUND POPCORN”
-lots and lots of booty taps
-“mine” as he kisses your forehead
-his head in your lap and teasing you about the multiple chins he sees on you
-him casually holding your boob
-“your boobs are nice”
-lots and lots of spooning (and boners)
-“calum I’m not fucking you on a couch”
-goofing off
-him braiding your hair and just generally playing with it
-both of you wanting food but neither of you want to leave the warm company of the couch and one another
-lots of Disney movies
-“Cinderella has nothing on you”
-“you’re my Disney princess”
-heated make out sessions
-you giving in and fucking calum on the couch
-“sitting on this couch is nice but the only thing nicer would be sitting on my face”