he's the one who showed her the future and asked one more time if she was really sure she wanted to take that sword

It Isn’t Love || Seungcheol || Pt. 6

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 3023

Genre: fluff, angst, royalty au, arranged marriage au

Summary: In order to solidify and further prove the alliance of two kingdoms, the Choi Kingdom had decided to arrange a marriage between their kingdom and the Lee Kingdom. It was a great plan! Now, if only the two parties personally involved were willing…

“This is all your men?”

“They’re all I need.”

“This is all you brought?”

“I just came back from war.”

“Your carriage is so small, is it gonna fit us?”

“How big are you?”

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Gency Headcannon

Image by @hage2013 ~ I couldn’t resist using it because they look so cute here <3

Who hogs the duvet 

  • Mercy since she likes to be warm and cuddly. Genji is too nice to even have any resistance to it. Hell, he would even purposefully wrap it all around her like a blanket burrito just to see her all cute and happy.

Who texts/rings to check how the other’s day is going 

  • Genji because unfortunately, Mercy is a bit too busy to remember to call all the time. He’d try to keep track of her schedule/breaks though.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts 

  • Genji. He didn’t have that many girlfriends in the past without knowing all sorts of tricks and ways to win their hearts.

Who gets up first in the morning 

  • Being a doctor definitely, makes Mercy wake up earlier. As for Genji, well he might not need sleep but he probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed instead of cuddling his angel.

Who suggests new things in bed 

  • See “gifts.”

Who cries at movies 

  • Neither of them actually. I don’t think they’re the type to cry at movies. They’ve seen things.

Who gives unprompted massages 

  • Genji because Mercy would often work too hard and focus too much so she might get aches and back pain otherwise.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick 

  • Mercy because she’s worried about how a cyborg could get sick (plus then both her lover’s and doctor’s instinct both kick in). When she’s sick though, Genji ends up having to fuss over her in return because she thinks she’s fine since she’s a doctor.

Who gets jealous easiest

  • Probably Mercy though not too much. Genji was a playboy after all and is still quite attractive. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music 

  • Probably Mercy, whatever her tastes may be (perhaps native songs or relaxing classical music). It’s not the music itself but more that she hums or sings along to them at times without realizing it (though Genji loves it of course).
  • Well, Genji has his weeb music but he’s proud of it.

Who collects something unusual 

  • Genji. For a man who climbs up buildings and wanders all over the place (old habits die hard I guess), he’s bound to find something strange now and then.

Who takes the longest to get ready 

  • Mercy because she gotta make sure she looks good. Genji, well that t-shirt seems to fit him and not dirty so it seems fine. 

Who is the tidiest and most organized 

  • Mercy because she’s used to working in her lab (though her lab itself is sometimes a bit messy). 
  • Genji has his clean habits from back in Japan too, but not his top priority nor did he really have things that he absolutely had to keep track of. As long as he knew where his stuff was in the mess, it was fine.

Who gets most excited about the holidays 

  • Mercy because she wants to make good memories with Genji plus she’s always excited over decorations and festivities (especially when it involved others too).

Who is the big spoon/little spoon 

  • Genji likes to be the big spoon because then he can feel Mercy being all cute and nuzzly against his chest. Plus who would pass up the chance to give that adorable angel headpats?

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports 

  • Genji has his passion and pride in video gaming. He gives her some mercy at times but still tries to win since he didn’t want to seem like he was going easy on her.
  • On the other hand, Mercy is trying pretty hard too. Something tells me that she gets really competitive with tennis despite Genji having reflexes that make it unfairly hard to beat him.

Who starts the most arguments 

  • Neither of them really argue, Mercy is good at communication and keeping in control while Genji has learned a lot through his time with Zenyatta. If anything, Mercy might get stressed occasionally and snap at him, though she’d apologize soon after.

Who suggests that they buy a pet 

  • Genji wants a cat. And a sparrow. And maybe a bunny too. Plus he already has a pet dragon.

What couple traditions they have 

  • First one who wakes up has to wake up the other one with a kiss and breakfast (which encourages Genji to get up early sometimes [see getting up]).

What tv shows they watch together 

  • Grey’s Anatomy because Genji is amused by Mercy fussing over medical things and making commentary about things. Other times they watch Korean/Japanese dramas (especially romance ones).
  • Disney movies too, since Genji like to see Mercy get so involved when her eyes light up at certain scenes and especially when she sings along so adorably (thanks for the idea @cyborgninjacarrot).

What other couples they hang out with how they spend time together as a couple

  • Lucio and D.va for fun! Ah, youth …
  • McCree and Hanzo to keep an eye on them and for more interesting life chats. That and to make sure they don’t kill anyone (including themselves) by drinking too much.

Who made the first move 

  • Genji because he sure knows how to ask a girl out. Mercy would probably feel too conflicted and shy about approaching him. That being said, it would be a while before Genji got his courage back and the confidence to do so.

Who brings flowers home 

  • Genji since he walks through town a lot and sees pretty flowers that might remind him of Mercy. That being said, she might buy them occasionally especially if she came home late or wanted a small gift to surprise him.

Who is the best cook 

  • Genji. See “gifts.” Plus with that skill with his sword, I’m sure he’d make a great sushi chef.

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Movie 21 - The Crimson Love Letter Story Summary

This tuesday, Movie 21 was aired in German cinemas, with Japanese audio and German subtitles and I was able to see it.

Disclaimer: this summary is very long and basically more me narrating and retelling the entire movie. Also, I could only watch it one time, so I left out some details and may be slightly wrong about some scene orders, but overall, this is what the movie was.

Special thanks go out to @yesyunniechan, who after I got tired of typing after the first half yesterday, listened to me ramble about the second half and made helpful notes, from which I today created a coherent second half of the summary.

Are you ready for a 6k word long - Update: 7,5k word long retelling of The Crimson Love Letter? Then you’ll find everything you want under the cut:

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Rise For Your King

TITLE: Rise For Your King
PAIRING: Reader/AU King!Castiel
SUMMARY:  The reader was betrothed to the Prince but when a neighboring King decides to dole out justice to your future father in law, he destroys the royal family, leaving you with the two youngest Princesses. The mage king takes an immediate liking to you, letting you live. What will you do with this opportunity?WORDS: 1,492


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Part Two, Chapter Seven; In the Days Between - Part Three

This chapter explores Julia’s life in the future. Julia (aka Faith) has been separated from Claire in their journey thru the stones and arrives in 2007. A nurse at the hospital she is rushed to quickly takes responsibility for her, accepting her as her own child. Part Three finds us about seven after Julia arrives in the future.

You can find links to previous chapters here.

July 1st, 2014; Between the Campbell-Murray residence and Logan International Airport, Boston Massachusetts
Julia, almost nine years old.

“Can I sit by the window?” I begged, bouncing in my seat. Max groaned beside me and I elbowed him. He poked me in the side, but I knew he didn’t really care who sat where.

Mom looked at me in the rear-view mirror and smiled, “It doesn’t matter to me, you and Max figure it out.”

We were finally leaving for Scotland!

Granny had left a couple weeks ago and we’d meet her there. The last time we went back to Scotland was right after mom and Luke got married, which was two whole years ago. I missed my cousins and aunts and uncles who lived there and could hardly wait to see them all.

My little sister had never been there before, this was her first trip. I wasn’t really sure how she’d do on the long plane ride. It seemed like all she did was eat, sleep, and cry. Oh, and poop. So many dirty diapers. I hoped mom packed enough.

I slipped an earbud in and turned up my iPod. Max looked at the screen, rolling his eyes. “How many times are you going to listen to that?”

“A bajillion!” I declared, sticking out my tongue at him for good measure.

He tipped his head back and began to sing along at the top of his lungs, “Let it goooooooo, let it go! Can’t hold it back any moooooooore!”

“Moooom!” I complained as I shoved Max, making him bump into Fiona’s car seat which made her cry.

“Hey!” Luke called out from the driver seat. “Dull roar back there, you’re making the natives restless.”

This made mom laugh, he could always make mom laugh.

Something caught the corner of my eye and I turned to look out my window. The last thing I saw before the world went dark was a large, blue pickup truck headed straight for us.

Everything hurt. It hurt to move, it hurt to breathe, it hurt to think. So I didn’t. I hovered in empty space, just below consciousness and just above death until a familiar voice broke into my silence.

“Julia? Sweetie, can you hear me?”

It was Luke.

I tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn’t cooperate. I tried to reach for him, but something was holding my arms in place. I fought the feeling of weightlessness and struggled to the surface of reality. Moans of metal, feet scuffling, and a high pitched ring flooded my ears.

“Oh, God,” his voice cracked and I felt his hand brush against my cheek, “It’s ok. You’re ok. Try not to move, sweetie. Just lay still, alright?”

A deafening crunching sound echoed around me as whatever was holding me down shifted. It was easier to breathe now, yet it felt like ten thousand knives where jabbing me in the side every time I did. I tried to turn my face into Luke’s hand, to open my eyes and see him, but I couldn’t.

Why couldn’t I move? What was going on?

Tears burned at the back of my eyes and I heard a strange sound leave my mouth.

Had I made that noise?

I started to float again, even though I fought desperately to stay where I was. The pain was too much. Everything was too loud, the pull too strong.

“Julia!” the sound of Luke’s voice was distant, far out of reach. “Damn it, darling, stay with me!”

September, 2015; Boston, Massachusetts.
Julia, ten years old.

I sat cross legged on the ground in front of mom’s grave and fiddled with the laces of my shoes as I spoke to her, “I have a competition today.”

I’d begged Auntie Tif to stop here before she dropped me off at the dance studio. I had five minutes or we’d be late.

“My Sword Dance is getting really good. Granny said my Highland Fling at the meet last month was the best I’d ever done. I didn’t think so, but maybe you couldn’t see my mistakes from the audience… or she was just being Granny.”

Mom had gotten me started in Highland Dancing when we moved to Boston, sort of a way to keep Scotland with us in America. I liked it a lot and was now in the highest skill level for my age group. Granny hadn’t missed a single competition. She was my biggest fan.

“Oh, and we ordered a new aboyne for next season. The one I’ve got is getting really small. Granny found one that’s similar to the Murray clan tartan. Could you see Luke’s smile when we showed it to him? He’s really excited.”

A cloud of uneasiness swirled around me as I thought of my stepfather. I didn’t call him dad, but he was the only father I had ever known. We got along really well and I loved him to pieces.

“Something’s going on with Luke’s new job with the Navy and no one will tell me what it is. Max says he doesn’t know, but he does. Luke’s been going to D.C. a lot for it and is there more than he is here. I miss him.”

I heard the door of the minivan open and close and I knew my time was up.

Tha gaol agam ort, Mommy,” I whispered.

October 30th, 2017; Boston, Massachusetts
Julia, aged twelve.

“You’re still taking me trick or treating tomorrow, right?” I asked Max as I ran to keep up with his long strides.

He looked down at me in annoyance, “Why don’t you go with Granny and Fiona?”

“Because they’re soooo slow,” I complained. “Besides, who wants to be seen trick or treating with their grandmother and baby sister?”

“You think I want to be seen with you?” He teased.

I glared at him, “Of course you do, I’ve got the best costume in the neighborhood.”

My Wonder Woman costume was a work of art.

“I suppose I should be grateful you’re not making me go as Steve Trevor,” he rolled his eyes.

“That would be gross, you’re my brother.” I pulled a face. “You’re more of a Steve Rogers than Steve Trevor, anyway.”

He laughed as we turned the corner. Beacon Hill Academy was in sight now and we picked up our pace.

Suddenly, a strong hand clamped around my mouth and pulled me off the sidewalk. I heard Max shout for help as I tried to get out of my attacker’s grasp. Biting him hard, I kicked backwards and lunged forwards at the same time.

It worked. I broke free momentarily before another set of arms picked me up off the ground and tossed me thru the open sliding door of a van. I screamed for all I was worth now that my mouth was uncovered.

“Julia!” Max shouted. The first man punched him hard in the stomach before climbing into the van and slamming the door shut.

The man who had grabbed me, I’d dubbed him Jasper, pulled the duct tape off my mouth and warned, “You start all that again and this goes right back on, you hear me?”

I had tried to escape out of the paneled van in every I could think of, earning me a special seat belt of tightly knotted rope. When getting out of this proved to be fruitless, I took a page out of little sister’s play book and started talking nonstop at the top of my lungs. Everything that passed thru my head went out my mouth… and I mean everything.

I insulted them, I mimicked them, I narrated their every move like a sports announcer. When that got boring, I asked questions about anything I could think of. Horace, the other guy, would answer sometimes until the lady driving the van yelled at him to shut up.

The duct tape came out when I started calling her Cruella.

Tears sprang to my eyes involuntarily as a layer of my skin got ripped off with the tape. Blinking fast, I answered, “That depends.”

Jasper looked at me warily, “On what?”

“On if you’re planning to feed me anytime soon,” my stomach growled, adding it’s two cents.

It was well after dinner time and we’d been driving south all day. They’d let me out at a disgusting gas station in New Jersey to use the bathroom when I threatened to go right where I was. I now knew this was a really good bargaining tool with them.

There was food in my backpack, but as my phone was also in there, and they hadn’t discovered I had one yet, I was not willing to unzip it in their presence. Cruella had accompanied me to the bathroom, of course, so I couldn’t send out a distress text. I had felt it vibrate several times in the last eight hours and desperately hoped they could track me even if I didn’t answer it.

Jasper moved to the back of the van from the front passenger seat, commenting menacingly, “You have to answer a few questions first.”

A fist closed around my stomach and I wasn’t sure I was hungry anymore, but I nodded.

“Where is your mother?” He began.

I stared at him blankly, then looked to Horace. My mother?

“Mount Hope Cemetery,” I answered simply, wondering why on earth they would need to kidnap me to figure that out. “Or heaven, depending on how you look at it.”

Horace visibly started in surprise and Jasper’s mouth hung open. “She’s dead?” they asked in unison.

I thought that only happened in movies.

“She’s talking about Campbell, you idiots. Ask her about Fraser,” Cruella screeched from the driver’s seat.

Understanding dawned on Jasper and he nodded, “Yeah, not her. Where’s your other mother?”

“My what?” This was getting ridiculous.

The van swerved as Cruella glared at me thru the rearview mirror. “Claire Fraser. Your birth mother. Where is she?”

My birth parents had abandoned me when I was two and had never contacted me since. The authorities had tried to locate them, but couldn’t figure out who they were, let alone where they were… and that was ten years ago.

“How would I know?” I replied incredulously.

Horace leaned forward and pinched me hard in the thigh, insisting, “Tell us!”

“I have no idea where she is.” I kicked him hard in the shins, “I didn’t even know her name until you just said it!”

“I don’t think she knows, boss.” Jasper muttered over his shoulder.

I could see Cruella shrug and the van lurched again. How we hadn’t crashed yet was beyond me.

“Well, what about the dad? They oughta be together, right?” Horace nudged Jasper, who nodded eagerly.

“Yeah, where’s your dad?”

Looking for me.

“If you’re talking about my birth father, I know as much about him as I do my birth mother.” I glared at them, “My real dad is out looking for me and probably has the entire Navy after you by now. He’s a cop, you know.”

Horace turned slightly pale at this. “I’m not going to jail for some fairy tale, love story nonsense, boss!”

Fairy tale, love story nonsense.


What had she said my birth mother’s name was? Claire, right? As in Queen Claire from Granny’s story?

You have got to be kidding me. I’ve been abducted over a children’s bedtime story. Do they really think I’m some long lost princess?

“No one is going to jail!” Cruella barked, “Crawford didn’t think she knew anything anyway.”

Crawford. He must be the one orchestrating this. These three didn’t have the combined IQ of a goldfish.

“Then why kidnap me if I don’t know anything?” I asked, a heavy feeling forming in the pit of my stomach.

Jasper smiled, his face contorting into a look of sinister delight. “You’re his ticket thru the stones.”

Past Meets Present

At long last, the one shot requested by @ilovesesshomarusama, who wanted to know how Sesshoumaru would react to hot dogs. So here is my take on that, hope you enjoy it! ^^

Kagome stood by the well fidgeting nervously. Beside her, Sesshoumaru towered as intimidating as ever, his sharp cold eyes surveying the well house, his nose twitching imperceptibly.

“Uhm,” Kagome said, twisting her hands into the hem of her shirt. “Once we go outside, it’ll be… different.”

“This Sesshoumaru would certainly hope so,” came his haughty reply. “You humans would surely be pitiful if nothing had changed in five centuries.”

Kagome’s temper spiked. Her cheeks flushed but she bit her lip. Infuriating as he might be, having Sesshoumaru following her was bad enough. An angry Sesshoumaru would be potentially lethal.

“Just don’t freak out. Please.”

Sesshoumaru arched one imperious eyebrow contemptuously at her.

Kagome’s shoulders slumped in defeat and she climbed up the stairs, crossed to the door of the well house and slid it open.

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Hard Mode

Lloyd loved his friends, really. But sometimes he just wished that they would… fight a little smarter? It also didn’t help when the enemies they fought against were actual cheaters.

(Or, a personal experience in playing TOS’ hard mode).

Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Characters: Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Raine Sage, Zelos Wilder, Sheena Fujibayashi
Rating: G
Mirror Links: AO3, FF.net
Notes: A while ago, me and my boyfriend played the Steam version of Tales of Symphonia on hard, and then I remembered how dumb the A.I. was. (guess who we played?) The trick is to just have Raine on a shortcut, at all times. Forever.

Lloyd didn’t understand why Raine had the urge to go near the enemy after every spell she cast.

“Professor!” He ran towards the chimera that she was heading for, trying his best to block its next attack before it could strike his teacher. Raine went over to its side to hit it over the head with her staff, giving no heed to Lloyd. “Do you need to do that? I’ve got it handled.”

“I need to get back my mana, Lloyd. This is the option available to me.”

Lloyd shoved the chimera away with a final slash to ensure its defeat. “Just use an orange gel!”

“Well, Lloyd, as long as you do your job of diverting its attention well, it should be no problem.”

Colette floated up to them once the last enemy was done with, leaving trails of pink sparkles in her flight. “It’s okay, Lloyd. We beat them!”

“Yeah, I guess…” Still, he wished he didn’t have to rush back and forth to make sure no one hit their spell casters, especially when a spell caster went up to their front lines. “You did good, Colette.”


To their side, they heard a groan. There was Genis lying on the ground, kendama lying uselessly along with him.

“What happened to him?” Lloyd asked. Raine was already rushing over.

Colette looked morose. “I guess he must have gotten hit by one of the monsters when he went in.”

A wave of irritation went through Lloyd. Must have been a Sage thing to just go to the frontlines and not learn to stay back…

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Samurai jack season 5 episode 6

Last nights episode was awesome ! This in my opinion has to be the best season of the whole series, because genndy does it again by blowing us away with another great episode. It’s starts off how the preview starts with the zeppelin flying past a dense forest, and we see ashi looking down from it no doubt thinking of jack and where he went.
Then we see two hooded figures which as expected were the woolies in disguise, talking about how she was aku’s bounty hunter and they were sure it was her. They try to catch her which she easily dodges, say they will not let her hurt the samurai of Ashi is confused but tells them she doesn’t intend to hurt them she just wants to find them because she believes he’s in trouble (he definitely was lol) and they proceed to ask her if she’s a friend of his.
That’s when they finally reveal themselves and tell her the story about how jack save them and their people from slavery, which see an awesome flashback of Jack Kickin ass. Of course this shows ashi that jack has also been a good person, and once she finds out from the captain that Jack was last seen over the area that they were flying over, she thanks them for telling there story and proceeds to jump from the zeppelin and free falls in to the forest below…badass moment.
Now this part confused me because she uses a kusarigama to slow down her fall, which was awesome but where did she get a new one ?!? I know it’s not important but her last one broke lol
Then we find out scaramouche is still alive…he’s just a head but still alive lol so as we expected he decides to go tell a girl that Jack has lost his sword.
Moving on, ashi safety lands into the forest and comes across Beetle drones that have been attacked and sees three figures approaching her distance and fires and arrows at her (a pretty damn strong arrow I might add, it pierced through a goddamn tree 😱) asking if she’s a minion of aku they suggest she’d run but if she’s another then reveal herself. Of course she asked the same question to them as well and they lead her to there village they’ve built, which as a pretty awesome monument of jack. They process to tell her the story on how jack saved their lives and destroyed they evil in the well (which is revealed was Akus doing which I don’t think was established but was implied in the past) then she thanks them for telling their story and moves of to finding him.
We go back to scaramouche where he is board a ship and hitches a ride from a rather… peculiar looking person, we get a funny moment of him saying “woah what a freak, looked like a talking penis” still dying from that 😂
Then we go back to Ashi where she here’s a strange noise coming from the woods which we find out are the ravers jack has saved from aku’s evil DJ. We get an insanely cute moment of Ashi dancing with all of them and having fun I might add, she thanks them for telling their story and leaves. Now we come to a part in the episode where it takes a completely dark turn where Ashi is looking down at a pool of water and gets a flashback of when she was a child and the mother forces them to jump in a pit of hot ashes NAKED saying aku is one with the darkness and so should we and pushes ashi in…..now it dawns on me..she’s been naked the entire time ! And that wasn’t an outfit she had on, it was ashes that was almost permanently seared to her skin 😨….I really, really, REEEEALLY want the high priestess to get her ass kicked or worse because that was brutal and uncalled for.
So then she jumps into the pool of water and proceeds to take rocks and starts rubbing them against her skin and removes the ashes which takes the entire night understandably, then we get a rather….sexy shot of her coming out of the water with a behind the back shot through the waterfall… I got one thing to say that…DAMN THEM CURVES 😍❤️
And we see her wet her hair and let dry naturally, realizing she’s still naked of course she makes a new outfit out of the foliage around her and we get a pretty nice shot of her and her new attire. She’s so damn pretty ! She reminds me of a forest goddess or something. The whole scene is of her being reborn as a new person and leaving the past behind her.
And then we go back to Scaramouche where he spots a telephone both on the boat and decide to make a collect call to aku, however he can’t hear him because the dog people are talking too loud (also nice Easter egg of modeling one of them after Astro from the Jetsons) so of course he starts talking shit and thinks he could just go back in and tell aku what’s going on. Of course that doesn’t happen and the dogs throw him overboard forcing him to find another way to get to aku.
Then we cut back to Ashi that where she stumbles upon a bar thats owned by a very familiar face. We find out it’s actually Sam-moo-rai ! And they continue to tell her that Jack is the toughest “S.O.B around” and we get a random and surprising encounter from an old villain demongo ! Who has returned (after being crushed by aku) to look for the souls of powerful warriors but moves on because he sees he’s in the wrong place.
After seeing she wasn’t getting anywhere with them she moves on and finds a short mysterious women (which reminds me of an owl lol) asking if she’s looking for the samurai and tells her to follow A certain path to find him then disappears and ashi rushes off to find him.
Now, who the hell was that ?! I’m really curious, maybe will find out in a future episode ?
Then as ashi follows the path we see the environment and ambience change instantly as she realizes she May or may not be in the realm of the dead or some kind as she comes across a graveyard and fines Jack and sees that something is clearly wrong and the mysterious Warrior on horseback appears again saying “you may witness but may not proceed any further” she of course replies witness what ? “The end” as the Warriors of the past gather around jack who has a sword in front of him as he lifts the up Ashi’s eyes widen when she realizes he’s about to commit seppuku (A ritual in which a samurai kills him self with a sword because he has now honor left) and begs him to stop. Of course the horseman objects and tells her that “it doesn’t concern her and that there is no hope” but she tries to get through to Jack by telling him that he save the lives of countless people and has inspired them. Then we get some pretty emotional dialogue from her saying how he helped her see the light and made her more than what she was and I hope he gave her saved her life… not going to lie it actually made me tear up a bit and I was kind of expecting her to say “and I love you” in the middle of all that but…. hey there still future episodes for her to say it lol
She eventually reveals to him that the children they saved we’re alive and didn’t die, The horseman fed up with her talking goes to attack her but is then blocked by Jack who has snapped back to reality and defend her by seemingly getting rid of the horseman. Once the Warriors the past realize it wasn’t his time the immediately disappeared. Then we get a cute moment with the two where Jack looks behind him and complements Ashi on her hair and dress and she smiles ❤️ I’ll take it as a romance thing ! lol
Then she asks what’s next and Jack says it’s time to finally get his sword back 🤘🏻✊🏻😆

This was a great episode and really wouldn’t be surprised if Ashi’s feelings towards Jack grows and it she realizes she loves him. I’m sure he’ll take Jack a little longer for him to develop feelings but it’ll ultimately happen I believe 😋👍🏻

The pacing of the episode was really good and the return of all the characters from the previous seasons was heartwarming to see even if one of them was demongo lol
Then we get the preview of the next episode which looks like Jack is going through a spiritual journey to get a sword back while Ashi watches over him. Then we see there is an army approaching and she says where do you think you’re going ? and one of the guy says of the mountain to kill the samurai what it to you ? I’m like… dude really of all the things to say in front of Jack’s future wife your gunna say that ? That’s basically asking for your own funeral lol
Then we get a pretty sweet shot of her sucker punching one of them in the face, I’m over here like
“Fuck yea ! Protect your man ashi !”
It’s still unclear whether or not my prediction will be right or not about them kissing in the next episode, I’m hoping they do. What do I do predict though is well Ashi is fending off the army Jack will get his sword back and fight side-by-side with her.

Goddamn I know the episode was last night but damn I want next Saturday to come already lmao The show is literally what is been getting me through each week of work.

So what did you guys think of the episode last night ?

Gray and Juvia

On December 14th, I was asked by an Anon:

“maddyy:) do you ship gruvia hard enough to make an analysis of their bond like u did it with sakura/naruto? only if u have time of course, but I’d love to read your opinion about it!^^”

Anon, this is for you :)

I’ve always felt that Gray and Juvia’s first meeting was highly significant, because it showcased many of the recurring themes of their relationship. It illustrated both the fangirlish/comedic side of Juvia’s feelings for Gray, as well as the serious side where she demonstrates how deep they ran. It showed that Gray genuinely cares for Juvia despite his apparent indifference, and probably most importantly, it introduced the motif of the rain.

Juvia pretty much develops feelings for Gray at first sight, which very much caught her off guard. She wasn’t prepared in the slightest for this turn of events, and you can see this by how flustered she gets:

And although the initial attraction was simply based on his looks, as the fight went on, she learned more and more things about him which only caused her feelings for him to deepen; his kindness, the mercy he showed, his devotion to his comrades, she admired all of those traits greatly:

To the point where she even resigned herself to opting not to attack him any further because she could no longer bring herself to, and instead tried to convince him to join her, because she wanted to protect him:

However, when Gray made a negative comment regarding the rain, Juvia was reminded of individuals who caused her much grief in the past, and they shared similar sentiments towards the rain. She therefore likened Gray to them, and thought that he was no different. Thus, she resumed her attack: 

But at the battle’s conclusion, and following her loss, she was finally able to see the blue sky:

And commented on how beautiful it was; Gray had made the rain stop, and had managed to show her a happier, more beautiful side of that she thought was forever out of her reach. This was huge for Juvia:

And it marked both the solidification of Juvia’s love for Gray, along with the beginning of their relationship, and how they would develop from acquaintances, to arguably the best tag-team in the series: 

Shortly following their battle, Juvia would find it hard to approach Gray directly, so she would instead opt to essentially stalk him from the sidelines: 

Usually just by making comical comments regarding love rivals, or in this case, bringing him a conveniently timed lunch:

It wasn’t until a little while later that she was able to muster up the courage to approach him in person:

And this is where she expressed her desire to join Fairy Tail. She was obviously nervous about revealing this to him, especially when considering their history, and you can tell that by her expression as she tells him. But I think it’s worth highlighting that despite him being the one to fight her, he had no qualms with allowing her to join the guild:

And when they were attacked soon afterwards, Juvia would not hesitate to protect Gray with her own body. At this point, her loyalty was already immense:

I’ve always kinda liked how Juvia’s character can undergo drastic changes at the drop of a hat when it comes to Gray; She can either be that lighthearted and girly dork, or a deadly serious and very dangerous mage. This gives her an interesting dynamic that has caught multiple people by surprise, which I’ll get to a little later.

But another thing about Gray and Juvia’s relationship that I like is that they just tend to do so many things together and spend a lot of time together in general, such as this play that they were together in:

And several guild celebrations where they were seen together:

All these trivial things that they do with one another give their relationship the richness that it needs to clarify that they know each other inside and out, and it gives their bond a more solid foundation.

The following is another example of where they are seen doing trivial things together. It shows that they’re not just around each other when the situation demands it; they’re around each other because they want to be. If Gray was annoyed by her presence, he would have told her so, but he made no such declaration. Furthermore, this was the first of multiple instances where other characters have commented on the romantic nature of their interaction. In this case, they were labeled as “acting all lovey-dovey”:

I highly feel as though these types of comments are an indication of things to come for their relationship.

Later on, when all the Fairy Tail members present on Tenrou Island were ready to defend it from the invaders, Juvia and Erza were approached by Meredy, who ranked her opponents in the order in which she most wanted to kill them. She ranked Juvia 13th. However, upon learning that Meredy wanted to kill Gray the most:

Juvia rose to her feet in a sinister, dissonant rage that unnerved both Meredy and Erza:

And she went on to question who it was that Meredy most wanted to kill, in a very disturbing and menacing manner. As it says on the panel, “The source of her power is her beloved Gray”:

I’ve always really liked the cover for chapter 229, because it symbolizes another highly prominent aspect of Gray and Juvia’s relationship; where Gray is like ice, and Juvia is like water, who watches over and protects him with all of her heart, “Bathing him in kindness”:

Following Meredy’s declaration, Juvia fights with a new found conviction, and easily manages to subdue Meredy: 

This prompts Erza to remark how the current Juvia was utterly unrecognizable to the one she had faced during the test:

And realized that her immense love for Gray and her desire to protect him was the source of Juvia’s unforeseen levels of strength:

I’d also like to touch upon that point I made earlier regarding how Juvia’s demeanour can change very drastically if Gray’s well being is involved. When all is fine, she’s her usual happy-go-lucky self:

However, if Gray’s safety is at stake, she almost becomes a different person:

And this fact was not lost on Meredy, who noted that there was seemingly no end to Juvia’s rise in power, just as there is seemingly no end to the depth of her feelings for Gray:

Eventually, Meredy decided to create a Sensory Link between Juvia and Gray to synchronize their senses, thereby making Gray feel every sensation felt by Juvia, including pain. Thus, with her senses connected with Gray’s, Meredy decided to kill herself in order to end Gray’s life, but Juvia stopped her by breaking her own leg:

Juvia apologised to Gray internally beforehand because she knew he would experience the same pain, but she was left with no alternative. It was a demonstration of the lengths she’d be willing to put herself through in order to save Gray’s life.

Following the removal of the Sensory Link, Ultear finds Juvia and conjures a sword to take her life. But before the execution was carried out, Gray blocked the attack brought Juvia to safety:

He subsequently stated that he figured that she was lying from the beginning. And although Juvia is unconscious, she manages to hear Gray state his will to live with his friends, and she smiled.

Following Grimoire Heart’s defeat, Juvia managed to return to the camp despite her leg injury. She then apologized for letting Zeref get away and comically requested Gray to punish her. Thus, signalling the return of the comedic aspect of their relationship:

At this point, Juvia was completely comfortable with approaching Gray, and this had been the case for a while now. Contrast this to how she was towards the beginning of their relationship, where she had to secretly watch him and hand him lunches while masking her presence. Now, she’d nonchalantly ask him to go on dates with her alone:

This is due to the richness of their relationship, a point I had made earlier. As they had spent so much time doing things together, both trivial and meaningful things, their understanding and comfort towards one another had grown to the point where they no longer had to think about the consequences of their words or actions in regards to each other.

After Lyon had laid eyes on Juvia for the first time, he let his affection for her be known, and would later interrupt Juvia’s above attempt at asking Gray on a date, by giving Gray an ultimatum; that if Lyon should win in the games, Juvia would join him, to which Gray would respond by telling him not to take away a member of his guild. Whether Gray had realized it yet or not, Juvia had become an important person to him. One who he respected enough not to treat like a prize to be traded between the guilds, as demonstrated here where he clarifies that he never agreed to Lyon’s ultimatum:

Juvia was a person capable of making her own decisions, and it wasn’t for them to decide her future. Furthermore, it also signified that Gray simply didn’t want to risk losing Juvia at all, and was therefore unwilling to make the agreement; Juvia was too precious a friend to lose.

At one point during the Grand Magic Games, Gray and Erza had a very telling conversation on a balcony. She tells Gray that surely he must have noticed Juvia’s very strong feelings for him by now, and implied to him that he should give a clear answer. Gray’s response is significant: 

He slightly blushes at Erza’s words. Both this and his expression indicate that he is indeed privy to how Juvia feels about him, but has simply avoided dealing with the situation, and has not given her a clear answer yet:

The reason why is up for debate. My guess is that he had yet to figure out how he truly felt about her, and needed more time before giving her a concrete answer; I feel this makes the most sense because nothing about their previous interactions gave the explicit impression that Gray was harbouring suppressed romantic feelings for her. 

I think Gray was just very comfortable with his relationship with Juvia, and was simply procrastinating from doing the inevitable (which was confronting the situation regarding her feelings), because that would then ruin the comfortable relationship he had established with her. However, I say that the eventual “talk” was inevitable because his feelings towards her had steadily been growing from their initial meeting, and had this trend continued, then he himself wouldn’t have been happy leaving things the way they were. This was proven true in chapter 453 :)

Of course, there’s also the possibility of Gray just not feeling about Juvia that way at all, and he therefore simply avoided the situation all together. But I don’t think this is the case because Gray usually has no qualms with being blunt with people, even Juvia, and we’d see this in the “rejection” later on. Furthermore, if he wasn’t at least conflicted over his feelings, I highly doubt he would have blushed at the mention of making things clear.

You can also see it on Erza’s face; that knowing smirk, as if she’s far more aware of the situation than she lets on. Erza and Gray have known each other for a long time, and I’m sure Erza would know when Gray was troubled over a situation such as this:

I think that it’s clear she advocates the idea of Gray and Juvia becoming an item, but feels that Gray just needs a little bit of a push.

After the battles had begun, one of them featured Juvia fighting with Chelia, which resembled something of a cat fight over their respective love interests. Cheila accused Juvia of seducing Lyon, while Juvia retorted that her heart only belonged to Gray:

Then, as if on cue, the objects of their affections arrived: 

Gray tells Lyon that that he and Juvia will handle them with ease, which caused Juvia’s imagination to comically run wild again. Lyon then remarked how he would make Juvia realize that he was right for her instead, and he said this right in front of poor Chelia, who was visibly hurt by his words:  

After they had been fighting for a while, Gray and Juvia were shown panting and beaten up:

However, Gray would put his hand on Juvia’s shoulder, and she’d immediately return his touch by putting her hand over his, leading to the two of them to hold hands. Gray remarks that Lyon and Chelia’s weakness is their lack of team work, and that him and Juvia are far more capable as a partnership:

This grants Juvia a renewed confidence, and Gray states they will attack and defeat them with their full magic power, to which Juvia agrees:

Gray and Juvia would then go on to demonstrate the reason why I claimed earlier that they were potentially the best tag team of the series. They performed a combination attack against Lyon and Chelia where they combined Gray’s ice geyser with Juvia’s water nebula:

This would send both Lyon and Chelia blasting off in true Team Rocket fashion, but not before both Chelia and Lyon would comment on the romantic nature of their opponent’s partnership, which marked yet another occasion where outside parties have not only noticed how much Gray and Juvia resembled an actual couple, but also where they expressed envy at this fact. Mashima even described it as a “Synchronized ‘love’ attack!”. Lyon would yell at Gray, calling him a bastard for being so affectionate with Juvia. And Chelia was so utterly mesmerized due to Gray and Juvia’s seamless coordination, to the point where she’d label what she was witnessing as “So romantic”, in a very melancholic fashion. You could really see in her expression how much she yearned for such an intimate partnership with Lyon:

Once the attack is over, Gray and Juvia smile at each other while still holding hands. Gray blushes at this, and asks Juvia when she intended to let go of his hand, to which she responded by claiming she’d never let go:

This was probably also symbolic of her intention to love Gray forever :)

A little later on at the Bar Sun, Meredy would come across Juvia, and asked her if she had seen Ultear. They would then both both get saved by Gray from an attack by one of Motherglare’s minions. Gray then tells them both to focus as they were on a battlefield. However, Gray would then approach Juvia to tell her that he needs to tell her something, while wearing a very serious expression. Of course, Juvia becomes flustered at this and her imagination again runs wild. But before Gray can continue, he notices another minion firing an attack from behind Juvia. However, Gray, without hesitation, pushed Juvia out of harm’s way and took the full brunt of the attack, which impaled him straight through his chest:

Yet, the attack wouldn’t stop there. As Gray coughed up blood and began to fall, more enemies appeared and fired multiple shots, all of which directly hit Gray, fatally wounding him:

I can only imagine what was going through Juvia’s head at this moment. She looked positively distraught with tears streaming down her face, as she watched the man she loves get torn apart right in front of her. And it was because he had tried to save her. I’m sure that made it all the more painful for Juvia; to think that she was essentially the reason for this nightmare: 

Thankfully, as Juvia, Lyon, and Meredy continued to mourn Gray’s death, Ultear utilized a spell she learned years ago in order to turn back time, in an attempt to fix the horror that they had just witnessed. Her attempts bore fruit, and despite time only being set back by one minute, this was enough to go back to before Gray was attacked, therefore preventing his demise.

Eventually, all the guilds gathered at a dance banquet. During this, Juvia approached Gray to tell him that she’d entered a new era and had become Juvia 2.0. She then attempted to hug him while professing her love to him directly. However, Gray walked away, saying that he’s entering a new era too; one where he’ll let it be known when he didn’t like something:

This was likely referring to Juvia’s very open and public displays of affection, something which was shown to bother him in the past, such as when she very publicly named one of her special attacks “Gray-sama love!”.

He seemed to have a rather embarrassed reaction:

I highly doubt Gray’s rejection was anything personal or major towards Juvia, especially considering how just 4 chapters earlier, he essentially gave his life to save her. However, following Gray’s words, Juvia does not take them as any form of rejection, and instead continued to blush and comment on how she loved when Gray toyed with her affections:

You can say what you want about Juvia, but no one can deny that she has a resolve of steel :)

It’s also important to note that in the MangaPanda translation, after Juvia tells Gray that she loves him, he responded with “I don’t”, which gave a little bit of a false impression:

However, in the raws, the real text is お断りだ which refers to the fact that Gray still isn’t wholly comfortable with public displays of affection (thanks to @kaizenden for the raw translations), which just serves to further prove my point. This wasn’t him shooting her down or saying he didn’t feel anything towards her; he was simply reiterating that (at the time) he found her public affections a little too excessive because they put him in awkward situations. 

However, this didn’t put a strain on their relationship at all. A little later on as Fairy Tail enjoys a moment of relative peace, Juvia approached Gray having baked some more bread that she wished for him to try. Following Gray’s “rejection”, it was literally as if nothing about their relationship had changed; they were the same as ever: 

While witnessing their interaction, Cana smirked and asked Mira what the deal was, because she thought that Gray had shot Juvia down. But Mira replies that “it’s the same as always”, with knowing smile on her face:

I think this made it rather obvious that Gray’s apparent rejection was not to be taken seriously; Juvia certainly didn’t, and neither should we. I think it’s highly probably that Mashima included this scene just to explicitly tell the readers “Don’t worry, Gruvia is still very much alive” :)

After they had been dispatched to a former Council member’s location, Gray and Juvia ride back to the guild. During the journey, Juvia was clutching Gray around the waist tightly, while expressing her apprehension about the situation, saying that she had a bad feeling:

Gray tried to comfort her by explaining that given the opponent they may be facing, one demonstrated their ability to destroy a town, her fear was understandable. However, Juvia states that it was something different. Gray would then take her hand, saying that he was there for her, and that Fairy Tail would definitely triumph, without fail:

I think it’s important to note here that not only was Gray the one to initiate the hand holding (further evidence that his rejection was just a minor bump on the road), but also that Gray’s words don’t really manage to improve Juvia’s mood in the slightest; she was still very anxious, which just indicates the severity of the situation. Yet, the fact that he’s holding her hand, telling her he’s with her, all while his eyes were hidden, highly signifies the weight of his words; everything he said and did came from the heart. He wanted to let Juvia know that he would be there for her, just like she had always been there for him (as himself would tell her later on), and that they would pull through this difficult predicament together. 

Later on, Fairy Tail attempt to find a breach in Tartarus’s base. They are then ambushed by enemies, resulting in Gray being captured by Silver. During their entire confrontation, the connection between Gray and Juvia is never lost, as Keith continues to feed Juvia information regarding their organisation and Gray. Meanwhile, Gray was seriously struggling against Silver, to the point where he deduced that the Iced Shell was his only alternative; the technique that took the life of his teacher. Silver believed that Gray was bluffing, that he’d never thinking of using the move that caused him such trauma. That was until he saw Gray take up the required position:

He then thinks of all of the important people and the friends he has made in his life thus far, including Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Elfman, Mirajane, Gajeel, Cana, Lyon, and Ur:

However, the final person who flashed through Gray’s mind before he closed his eyes and apologised was Juvia, who he imagined calling his name with all the love and adoration he knew she harboured for him:

This is highly significant because this explicitly illustrated how Gray sincerely viewed Juvia. He didn’t think she was an annoying stalker who wouldn’t stop pestering him; he viewed her as very beautiful, both inside and out, and as someone who truly loved and wanted what was best for him. Furthermore, the fact that she was also the last person he thought of amongst his comrades is very telling; it was as if she had a level of importance not shared by the rest.

As all that was going on with Gray and Silver, Keith labeled humans as unsightly impediment bundles of ego, and swallowed Juvia into his magical barrier particle body. However, Juvia had turned into water, and went on to say that Keith could not sever the bond between humans; and that Gray and his father’s feelings would surely reach each other. She subsequently bursts from his body, screaming that regardless of their form or shape, genuine feelings would always remain in the heart. Because she believed that to be true strength of human love:

Following this, Silver spoke to Juvia once more, expressing his gratitude, because it was due to her efforts that his soul was finally able to rest in peace. He then tells her to take care of Gray, to which she responds by promising that she would, as Gray simultaneously watched his father disappear: 

After the battle, Juvia, feeling immensely guilty for the role she played in Silver’s demise, followed Gray in his travels. She eventually found him sitting in front of a tombstone in the northern continent. As she approached him, she immediately apologised after Gray accused her of following him. However, this was something Juvia felt needed to be said, no matter the cost:

Juvia would then reveal to Gray that she was the one defeated the necromancer that was controlling Silver:

You could really tell how extremely difficult it must have been for Juvia to have been telling this to him. You could see how hesitant she was, how she was shaking, how she was sobbing; she thought that after this revelation, Gray would definitely hate her. Yet, she told him anyway, because she felt that he deserved to know the truth. She was was prioritizing what was best for Gray far above her own wishes to be with him, because above all else, that is what Juvia sincerely wished for; she only ever wanted what was best for Gray. 

She went on to explain that because of her actions, she no longer believed she had the right to love Gray anymore, because she killed his father. Thus, with his eyes hidden, Gray made his way over to Juvia:

However, being overcome with extreme emotion, Gray broke down and rested his head on Juvia’s chest. While in her embrace, Gray allowed his tears to flow, and he thanked her as they were both on their knees:

Gray would then apologize profusely while visibly shaking and holding on to her, while Juvia comments on his warmth:

This was a monumental occurrence for their relationship. It not only showed how much they needed each other, but also how they were able to find genuine comfort in one another. It illustrated the depth of Juvia’s love for Gray, as she was willing to follow him across the world only to tell him something that would likely make him eternally resentful towards her, but that was a risk she knew had to be taken, because she knew Gray needed to know the truth.

Juvia never even budged when Gray menacingly approached her and grabbed her coat, because she felt a though she deserved whatever hatred was coming her way. However this didn’t happen, and instead, Gray let Juvia see him when all his barriers were down, when he was at his most emotionally vulnerable, and she was there to comfort him. She is always there to comfort him, and Gray would later acknowledge this. The entire scene essentially encompasses the message of chapter 229′s cover (which was part of the reason I liked it so much). Gray’s “Ice” had melted, but Juvia was there to bath him in kindness:

It’s also worth noting that Juvia indirectly told Gray that she loves him again, which was a stark contrast to her earlier confession and Gray’s apparent rejection where the whole scene was highly comical. It is uncertain what exactly Gray apologizes for here. Perhaps it was because she had the burden of putting an end to Silver. Perhaps it was for his earlier bluntness towards her. Perhaps it was because she had to see him in this state, or perhaps it was a combination of the 3. Regardless of the reason, it was unprecedented.

A year after the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Lucy had been trying to keep track of everyone. In this endeavour, she would eventually encounter Natsu, Happy, Wendy and later Juvia, who had apparently reverted back to her former “Rain Woman” persona:

Juvia revealed to them what had transpired over the past year. How she had lived with Gray. How they ate together, trained together, did jobs together; did everything together (apart from sleep together! lol), and expressed how happy they were during those times:

But then explained how she started seeing black markings on his body. Gray tells her not to worry about them, but would from that point on go off on his own more frequently, until he eventually stopped coming back altogether.

This would turn out to be a ruse formulated by Gray and Erza in order for him to infiltrate Avatar’s ranks, and I must say, he looked cool:    

Once their ruse had been exposed, Gray joined forces with Ntsu and Lucy to fend off their attackers, and after one of Briar’s clones confessed their love to Gray, Juvia suddenly appeared and seemed livid, likely due to having witnessed the birth of yet another “love rival”. She then hugged Gray and told him she had missed him. But she also mentioned how she had a feeling Gray was in trouble so she came as soon as possible, thus illustrating an unspoken bond that the two of them shared. Following this, Gray looked at her with a guilty expression on his face, and hesitatingly apologized:

However, he’d state that the explanation wpuld have to wait as they were in the middle of a war zone. Juvia understood, and they both stripped their shirts off with perfect synchrony, and prepared for battle, standing side by side:

Yet again showcasing how capable and compatible they were as a duo. This also signifies that during their time together, Juvia had picked up Gray’s habbit of stripping during battle making them even more suited to each other :)

Afterwards just before the battle between Fairy Tail and Alvarez would commence, the members of the guild spent their time leisurely. During this time, Juvia approached Gray, who was standing on a familiar balcony nonchalantly eating a chocolate bar, while offering her some. Then while smiling, he told her how much he appreciated her company:

And he’d then note how she is always by his side. Juvia tried to be modest and not take credit for her devotion. But Gray would persist, and let her know that he’d give her an answer to her feelings once the battle is over:

Juvia blushed in surprise of his words, but she smiles, and knowingly tells him that she’ll let him focus on the battle.

After all this time, Juvia now knew that she was finally going to get an answer from Gray, and at this point how could it be anything but positive :)

Gray and Juvia had definitely come a long way from their initial meeting. The Ice mage would slowly but surely open up to Juvia more and more, and her undying love for him would ultimately create a spot for herself inside Gray’s heart that I’m sure he wasn’t even explicitly aware of until their talk on the balcony.

Their compatibility and loyalty towards each other has been shown to be immense, and I’m sure that on this occasion, Gray isn’t going to lose yet another important person to him; they’re going to survive, and attain the happiness that they both deserve. Gray stopped Juvia’s rain, and in turn, Juvia caused Gray’s ice to melt. Deep stuff :)

Adult Supervision

Summary: One-shot. Jaken’s scheme to find the Inu no Taisho’s tomb takes an unexpected turn when the Unmother brings Izayoi back from the dead. Alive in the demon’s body, Izayoi wants to make amends with Inuyasha by doing what she couldn’t before: being there.

Words: 7k

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A/N: Inuparents Day fic. The story isn’t about their relationship, but it’s often mentioned! 

Dedicated to @wreathoflaurels, who made me love Izayoi. To me, she’s really your character!

“I have come back, Inuyasha… Back from the world of the dead.”

Izayoi was aware of something channeling her, tugging at her spirit—disturbing her peace.

“Stop hurting her!” A man screamed from the outside.

“Your son,” the thing whispered. “The man is your son.”


“Are you okay?” A girl’s voice sounded close by.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” Izayoi asked the darkness.

“I am the Unmother.”

“Kagome, you and her, get out of here!” Inuyasha barked.

“I think not,” Sesshomaru’s voice scorned.

“It’s a trap,” Izayoi realized. She started fighting the demon’s grasp, feeling the strength of the souls which formed it—mothers mourning children who would never come home.

Their intentions weren’t good.

“This place… Where is it?” Inuyasha asked.

“Nowhere!” Izayoi wanted to yell. “It’s an illusion!”

“At the bottom of the spirit world,” the Unmother answered. “I must be crossing over very soon.”

Izayoi would have groaned if she could. Stuck inside the Unmother’s body, she was able to read her like a book.

Inuyasha would die.

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Any chance I can request a Merida/Macintosh fic for your 7k prompts?


Everything is a wee bit of a blur when Merida, thankfully, finally gets back to Dunbroch, post-venturing to the Land Without Magic on the bidding of the Dark One, being tied to a giant metal machine and having her heart taken, forced to nearly kill a woman, being turned into a bear, fighting the mad-arsed bastard who killed her father and threw her in his dungeons (to bloody hell with Arthur, nobody likes him anyway), reckoning with the second bloody Dark One in this whole business, and everything else that has overcome her in these last few months. She imagines she’s now supposed to get to the business of ruling, try to gird herself and get a few normal days (dare she hope for weeks?) under her belt. Nobody else has been turned into bears, thankfully, or rebelled against her, or put her under a spell, or fallen off a cliff and knocked their fool heads on a rock and forgotten their entire life, and she is shocked to find it just that bit boring. Not that she wants it back.

As she’s settling onto the throne, there’s that other thing she’s noticed, nearly as surprising, which is that Macintosh isn’t quite as much a wanker as she first thought. Not that she’s starting to like him or anything; definite three-quarters wanker, aye, him and his annoying comments and silly blue stripes on his arm (does he paint those in his looking-glass every morning? And Danu, he must spend far more time on his hair than she does). But he’s proven actually useful, and surprisingly loyal, and has done a fine job of knocking the heads of those few clansmen remaining who might be inclined to doubt her. And he does something to her insides when he smiles into her eyes.

It’s a pain in her behind, really. Especially when her brothers start teasing her about it. Turn the brats straight back into furballs, she should, but the witch would certainly never be so helpful.

Merida ostentatiously avoids Macintosh for the next several months, sending him on errands hither and yon across Dunbroch and always being too busy to receive him when he gets back. Her mother finally steps in to inform her that she’s not being near as subtle as she thinks. Says it was this way with Fergus and her, at first. She kept him trotting, and he kept trotting right back. Says Merida could do a deal worse. She’s a woman now, a queen. There are other things to think of than merely today. Tomorrow, for instance. The future. An heir.

Merida is horrified at the mere suggestion. But it’s the winter solstice festival tomorrow, and it would offend Clan Macintosh severely if they weren’t given a place of honor at the revels; they might well bugger off and start a rebellion. She can’t give into her own private feelings; she’s a queen now, there’s no such thing. So she ends up seating him at the high table, while the pipes are screaming and the drums are pounding and the drunken galoots of clansmen are dancing between swords and they’ll probably burn the entire hall down, and she barely notices any of it. They don’t take their eyes off each other all night.

He finds her in a dark hall as the party is finally winding down. “Merida,” he says. “Can I finally speak to ye, then?”

“You’re speakin’,” she says, a bit ungraciously. Her back is against the wall, he’s close in the dimness, and her hands are shaking with the need to reach out for him, to feel him against her. “And I’m your queen, man, no just ‘Merida.’ “

He smirks a bit at that. “Your father didna put on airs and graces, eh? Not much for ‘Your Majesty,’ was Fergus.”

As usual, she feels inclined to punch him in his pretty mouth, but his eyes are soft, showing it’s just a jest, he’s no meaning to hurt her. And gods, her eyes are full of him, and how much she’s missed seeing his stupid face, even those fool stripes of his. As he steps in, their mouths following each other’s, as her breath is turning short, and then right bloody there in the hall where anyone could see him, the man kisses her.

Merida nearly jerks away. It’s her first instinct still, to run. But in a moment more she doesn’t want to, she never wants to, she leans into him and fists her hands in his hair and downright drags him closer; the thick-headed gomerel needs a sharp lesson in respect. But it’s hotter and deeper and better and better, and he’s pulling her lip between his teeth, and where did he learn to kiss like that? – she feels a sudden pang of jealousy, as well as a burning desire to find out what, exactly, Macintosh might be wearing beneath his kilt. Or rather, isn’t.

It goes on for a wet, rough, blinding moment more, until she at last pulls away with a terrible effort. “I’ll have ye flogged for that,” she says weakly.

“Sure ye will.” His teeth gleam white at her. He leans closer, just enough to brush their noses. “Happy solstice, my queen.”

And with that, while she’s still gasping, and her not even with her bow and arrow to hand to shoot one right up his insolent wee behind, he leaves.

Royals Pt. 4 (Michael)


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|| in which you are royalty but michael is not.|| 



“Miss, are you alright?”  Lucy asks you, concerned at your well-being because at this point, you had collapsed on the duvet in fear and shock, your face looked like you had just seen a ghost. 

“Lucy, I-” you said trying your best to make the world stop spinning under your feet. Marriage? Why hadn’t your parents told you? 

“Will  I really be married  come a week’s time?” You looked at her. Her face, once excited for you, now looked sullen when she saw your expression. 

“Yes, your highness.”  She says simply. 

So it was true. You felt hot, tears prickling the back of your eyes but you tried your best not to let that show as you blinked them away, determined to remain stoic. 

The only thing you could think of was Michael.  Michael.  What would he think? 

Your thoughts were interrupted with the polite knocking at your door. 

It was one of the guards. 

“Miss,” The guard says poking his head in, “They are requesting your presence at the main ballroom.  The Prince of Wales has just arrived.” 

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i'm really sorry idk why i'm sending this but i'm really sad about robb tonight? and idk if u have any favourite HAPPY facts or headcanons about him that u wouldn't mind sharing maybe? bc i feel like all the content for him on here is red wedding related and that's bumming me out lmao!! if not that's ok :))


You never have to apologize for sending me an ask, and especially not a Robb-related one. I love and miss him so much, too. And you’re right, most of the content is always sad and/or Red Wedding-related. And there is more to Robb than just the way he… died. So yes, absolutely :)) 

I’m gonna separate modern AU and canon universe headcanons, because I have some for both!


  • while in Winterfell, Robb always played games with his younger siblings, mostly to entertain them, but also because he loved spending time with them and feeling a bit less like the future Lord and more like just Robb 
  • he is the sibling to always break up fights and make sure that everyone is okay - not only because he’s the eldest, but also because he’s pretty level-headed and good in a crisis (in this case, crisis means food in Sansa’s hair)
  • Robb’s actual name is Robert, but no one ever uses it for him because a) he’s nothing like King Robert b) it’s too formal and he is just a lot more like a “Robb” than a Robert 
  • he loves to go riding in the woods, and while he loves doing so with his siblings and Theon, he sometimes likes to go all on his own, just to enjoy the quiet
  • he is completely unaware of the fact that some of the young women (and Jeyne Poole) working at Winterfell have a bit of a crush on him, like he has no idea
  • he always manages to cheer his siblings up. he cheers Jon up when he’s called a bastard, he listens to Sansa sob about the sad romance tale she just read, he encourages Arya to do the things she likes instead of the things Septa Mordane insists upon her doing, he encourages Bran with his dreams of being a knight, he carries Rickon around Winterfell, entertaining the little one when he’s bored - and he even listens in when Theon (on very rare occasions) talks about the Iron Islands in a more of a longing kind of way instead of the usual boasting
  • he likes going hawking with Ned, because it’s one of the few occasions on which he actually gets to spend alone time with his father, and they always talk for hours about this and that
  • his favorite thing about being King in the North is not the glory, or the fame, or anything else like that. he loves that he can feel like he’s a part of something, like the men around him trust him and respect him. Robb’s always been very big on loyalty and trust, and he feels that among his troops
  • while at the beginning of his march to save Ned, he tried to keep his (gorgeous) curls at bay somehow, after Ned’s death he just gave up on that and let that beautiful hair do what it will
  • even though he knows that great swords like Ice are very valuable and important to a family name, he never craved Ice for himself, because he recognizes that the weapon isn’t any better than the man wielding it 
  • while Robb has his social side, he also has the quiet side to him, and because of that, sometimes all he wants is to get away from the noise and messiness of being around his men, and to just sit by himself for hours 
  • he likes going into the Godswood, not only because he believes in the Old Gods, but also because it’s something he learned from Ned, and after his passing, it’s something that makes him feel closer to his father
  • ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he fantasized about how it would be: how he could teach the child to walk, to ride horses, to be a good man - or a good woman, he really wouldn’t mind either one 
  • and to end this list of headcanons, he never went to the Twins that night and lived happily ever after, just as he deserved.


  • Robb never got the fuss about taking selfies - he enjoys taking pics of other people, scenery, food, Grey Wind etc a lot more
  • some say he got into the best college because of his parents’ connections, but it’s just because he’s a smarticle who worked harder than anyone else
  • he doesn’t mind drinking, he does it with Jon and Theon every now and then, but even when he gets smashed, he sort of maintains this politeness and never does anything he might later regret (if you don’t count accidentally stumbling into the Stark house at night and knocking over one of Cat’s vases)
  • he often goes jogging in the woods behind the Stark mansion with Grey Wind
  • he loves snow, and often convinces Jon to build a snowman with him whenever there’s enough snow for it - and he likes snowball fights even more
  • when he got his first apartment, he was so excited about getting his own set of keys that Arya decides to play a trick on him and hid the keys for two days 
  • even though continuing the family business (in my headcanon, it’s a lawfirm) had always been something that was sort of expected of Robb, he actually, genuinely wants to be a lawyer and to build the Stark company even further
  • he reads a lot, he’s read most classics, but he also really likes scifi and fantasy books
  • he has an insanely contagious laugh, you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you see him happy
  • Robb really likes men’s fashion and is always well-dressed and dapper
  • he is always nervous on a first date, but luckily for him, always comes off as very adorable while being so
  • he’s a lot more shy than you’d assume 
  • he’s not the best at cooking/baking but he’s determined to get better, and often cooks with his parents and/or Sansa and Bran
  • when he, Jon and Theon go to a party, he (or Jon) is usually the designated driver
  • his apartment is usually clean, that is, until Grey Wind decides it’s a little too clean and runs around a bit, knocking down this and that
  • he always accidentally spoils his favorite shows for himself by innocently googling stuff
  • he takes a lot of notes during lectures, and his hands are always messy with the ink afterwards
  • he is just happy, okay, just as he deserves!!

wow, okay, that’s enough for now! :D thank you SO MUCH for asking, coming up with these made my day <33

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If ur down for that Disney MM AU I wouldn't have any complaints 😉😉 (AS IN I'D BE SO HYPED) But I mean, no pressure man

(a/n i had over 50+ requests to do this but i wasn’t feeling 100% inspired so i apologise in advance but i hope it’s not too bad??)


  • Crossover: Kristoff from Frozen
  • both innocent smalls with weird hobbies and lil weird friends
  • can you guys not see yoosung befriending a snowman and having a pet reindeer called sven is this not him??
  • like kristoff he’s a loner (sorry bby) but has a loving heart, is harmless, innocent and protective
  • hates the spotlight just wants a normal life n stuff get all that away from me
  • but maybe having a girlfriend to cuddle wouldn’t be so bad
  • lives by the quote ’reindeer games are better than people’
  • spends a lot of his time talking to his snowman and making snow angels what even is work does he even care??
  • meets you after you accidentally knock his snowman over
  • he’s about to fight you
  • ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • oh god shit she’s a royal princess
  • (/(エ)\)
  • freezes up because he’s just a small town boy who likes the snow and games too much and you’re a freaking princess bye sven i’m dead now lol
  • but you apologise and help him rebuild olaf and holy shit she’s actually pretty why is my heart racing i’m not tired i’ve barely moved
  • damn it i really need to use that gym membership
  • ends up loving ur quirky self because you’re so down to earth
  • regular secret meetings happen
  • he makes ice sculptures for you because he can’t really give you anything else and he’s always so embarrassed because i should be giving her crystals
  • not an ice sculpture of a fucking ds get ur shit together yoosung
  • but you don’t mind that in the slightest because you’re in love with the innocent smol child who tries his best to make you happy
  • tries his best to be a gentleman ie offering his arm for you hold and gives you his jacket even if you’re already wearing one
  • definitely asks if he can kiss you for the first time
  • then he has a panic attack because shit am i a prince now???
  • wait NO will i turn into a frog omg omg
  • no yoosung thats not how it works
  • reads books with princes in them so he can be more like them
  • fails terribly when he tries to practice sword fighting and overstretches his arm so you gotta send him some medical supplies


  • Crossover: Flynn Rider from Tangled (right RIGHT??)
  • both flynn and zen both dreamed of having an audacious lifestyle in the future after having a pretty plain childhood and both go by different aliases
  • both ventured out on their own to try do what they love (honestly chertiz did u base zen off him)
  • in this crossover though zen is a thief and all he wants is money and freedom far away from everyone and everything
  • even though he’s a thief all the girls still like him can’t blame them though
  • meets you and tries to take ur shit i mean what even is etiquette (and the law)
  • very surprised when someone as cute as you knocks him out with a frying pan shit girl okay damn most people try kiss me or kill me
  • when you first meet him you’re kinda taken aback like why is he so arrogant and an all rounded cunt (… but why is he so cute?)
  • but you decide to escape with him because why the hell NOT
  • makes you help him take down every ‘wanted’ poster of him because it doesn’t really capture him
  • fgs my eyebrows are thicker than this why can’t they just work with me here
  • he definitely does the smoulder look thing that flynn does thinking he looks ‘cute’
  • give me that look one more time and i’ll actually rip out your spleen
  • idk what that is but I’m guessing I probably need it
  • when you save him from getting killed using the saucepan he’s kinda moved oh god someone cares for me??
  • also stares at his reflection in the saucepan
  • overtime he develops feelings for u because you’re so headstrong and I don’t really want to be alone anymore??
  • protects you with his life he doesn’t care about his own you’re the only thing he sees!!
  • gives up his dangerous lifestyle to be with you
  • very very cliche first kiss
  • in which he’s hurt trying to protect you but wakes up sayin a cheesy pickup line and bam he kisses you
  • that saucepan is with you till the day you guys d i e
  • i need to make a whole other post of husband!zen that’s going up too much space can you guys IMAGINE


  • Crossover: Mulan
  • a shy bean before working for jumin then she changes into a persistent headstrong woman (thanks tfk)
  • she isn’t royalty but she might as well be
  • she isn’t boastful but whatever she does she just brushes it off like it was no big deal
  • “oh what i saved China?” “yeah i needed to do that at some point”
  • everyone respects her including you since the camp started accepting girls because of her (YES BITCH)
  • but having the hots for a legend is tiring
  • being expectedly shit at the activities she gives you one to one help in which you almost pass out
  • she’s super serious at first but you swear you can see her lips twitch when you make a lame joke
  • one day you’re being picked on by some male trainees and she literally whoops their ass okay my wife in shining armor but you feel useless because why i can’t i be like jaehee i’m weak
  • the most loving person ever like she only shows her tough side to not disappoint her family
  • she confides in you about her past and how she wasn’t good enough and she didn’t want to let her family down so she did what she wanted and look where she’s at now (a independent strong mf i know)
  • after than day she’s never been the same again around you and you can see her smile a lil more and be a bit of a klutz while training you to be a badass
  • she sighs a LOT while you’re training because wow you’re bad but you’re lucky you’re hella cute mc
  • realising she has feelings for you she’d most likely distance herself from you but still make sure you’re training
  • when you get injured however she becomes a MOM and literally doesn’t stop taking care of you please be safe, please rest please drink be healthy
  • she cares about you a lot - just as much as she cares about her family
  •  your needs come before hers in her mind
  • sneaks extra food in for you but NEVER lets you off any rules
  • first kiss was before you went off to fight and she gives you a kiss for good luck and you may have already died right then and there
  • and she’s blushing crimson too because woah son that was unplanned
  • so you both stare at each other for a while and just slowly move off
  • by the end of your experience at camp you’re that intimidating couple but on weekends just snuggle up watching action movies and she’s criticising the fighting scenes under her breath
  • “ you use the left foot you imbecile”
  • “block the swing with your face - god damn it”
  • “you deserved to die anyway”


  • Crossover: The Beast
  • i literally live for this crossover
  • overprotective closed off cold bear who doesn’t change until he can learn how to love
  • tries to capture your love with fear (his good bad ending) because what are emotions?
  • literally the worst first meeting ever
  • he’s cold closed off and mean and you’re just a smol royal who reads i mean why would you engage with him???
  • you hear stories about him being bitter and negative and he’s SO spoiled (trust fund kid strikes again)
  • he doesn’t talk to anyone and doesn’t smile he’s the scariest yet hottest thing ever?
  • the first time you meet him is when you’re sent there for dinner and you wander off to find books but whoops theres his room
  • he literally gives you the most menacing look and you basically shit yourself and you start crying
  • get OUT
  • smacks himself because that was unintentional i’m sorry i didn’t expect tears no
  • but you’re long gone
  • investigates screaming because shut the hell up I want silence
  • sees you being attacked and he miraculously saves you because remember this is disney
  • brushes off thanks saying that you need to be home before it gets dark
  • but you’re locked in the gardens
  • forced to spend the night outside with him and he doesn’t really talk much as expected but you try your best i guess
  • “I hope you’re okay?”
  • silence
  • “aaalright”
  • you pull out a book to start reading meanwhile he’s confused?
  • he’s made you cry, sent you out at night so you got attacked, ignored you and ur still asking if he's 
  • okay do they ..care about me?? (nods furiously)
  • he feels guilty about earlier so he glances you about a thousand times before muttering a few words under his breath
  • “oh.. i’ve read that book”
  • its the first thing he’s ever said to you and you try not to make a big deal out of it and just encourage him to talk more
  • he talks a bit more but every so often stops himself because he’s scared but damn it feels good to just rant
  • you realise he cowers away from people because he’s full of insecurity and has been neglected :(((
  • the next day when people see you together just talking amongst yourselves they think you’ve drugged him some or some shit where is the real jumin
  • he smiles for the first time infront of everyone and some maids literally choke on their food because wtf when did he have feelings that weren’t anger what whAT
  • over time he opens himself up to you and you become his rock
  • tries his best to care you but is super bad at expressing himself
  • so before your first kiss he’s probably looking at you really coldly and ur a bit like oh shit what have I don-
  • cuts you off and just pins you to the wall before kissing you
  • i didn’t know that was coming but i appreciate mate it thanks

Saeyoung (707)

  • Crossover: Peter Pan
  • they both have the happiest exterior but have really emotional sides to them that they try to bury
  • both dorks who everyone envieS
  • because how? do? you? do? that?
  • he probably pranks everyone (jumin) and flies away super fast because he still wants to live
  • exaggerates his happiness so people don’t have to worry about him :((
  • is in the 'lost boys clubs’ which is for lonely people whom he considers family
  • true meaning of carefree spirit
  • doesn’t grow up physically or mentally
  • flies over your house randomly one day and sees a cute person sleeping (according to the laws of disney this is cute and not creepy)
  • he sees papers on your desk and the crease lines on your forehead and he makes it his mission to cheer you up
  • wakes you up by tapping at your window
  • he falls in love with the fact you’re about to snap his neck damn lil mama feisty
  • normally you’re scared of strangers but he hasred hair and a neon green top and hat on
  • the only crime he’s capable committing is a fashion one
  • not to mention he flies
  • instant friendship over chips n dr pepper yes yes yes
  • makes the most dramatic entrances and exits by flipping in and out every single time like I feel sick watching you
  • after a while you see through his cheery facade and you learn about his past but desperately tries to cover it up
  • Have you ever tried to eat a clock? 
  • It’s very time consuming ahhah h a h      a                h
  • no saeyoung shut up just be serious
  • talk about what no no nothing’s wrong
  • he finally opens up to you after a few dates and confides in you and you meet the real saeyoung
  • convinced you don’t like him anymore no cunt shut up
  • first kiss starts off as innocent
  • like you’re probably playing tag or something and you end up tripping and just smashing your lips against his
  • literally freaks out so much that he topples over the boat or something thank the gods he flies
  • the type to make out with you until you can’t breathe because lol
  • made you wear a green hat instead of a veil and you still want to kill him
  • 50 years later and he’s still flipping around and making jokes like seriously he will never leave ur side 

hope u liked it more than i did (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

What’s Your Name? Chapter Two: A Great First Impression

Finally, chapter two! As always, big thank you to @papanorth for coming up with this AU in the first place. I keep an eye on the asks she receives for the AU and I try to work some of them into the chapters. I used this one in particular for this chapter.

If you haven’t read Chapter One yet, I’d recommend it before reading this one.

Chapter One: What’s Your Name


“We’ve got a few questions we’d like to ask you.”

Tucker didn’t like the tone of voice Carolina was using. It was difficult to tell when she was being serious when they were friends. He didn’t want to know what this Carolina was like.

“You’re not gonna beat it out of me, are you?”


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My Knight in Shining Armor

Based on the song “Unbreakable” by Jamie Scott. Lyrics in italics.

He finds it hard to trust someone,
He’s heard the words cause they’ve all been sung.
He’s the boy in the corner,
He’s the boy nobody loved.
But I can’t, I can’t, can’t stop thinking about you everyday,
And you can’t, you can’t,
you can’t listen to what people say.
They don’t know you baby,
Don’t know that you’re amazing,
But I’m here to stay.

After everything that’s happened and after everything has slowly settled, Baz Pitch is afraid. For once, it’s not about him. He’s not scared for himself, in fact for the first time he’s got some hope. What concerns him is Simon Snow. The boy that he holds hands with every week-end.

Baz is not quite sure who he is to Simon or whether it will end soon. He doesn’t know whether Simon is only using him and as soon as he gets better he will drop Baz and they’ll pretend nothing ever happened. But right now, Baz doesn’t care and all he wishes for is to be there for him.

Baz Pitch is afraid for Simon Snow and he wants to protect him no matter what. Baz is scared that after everything, Simon is broken and incurable. He frets that there are deep scars underneath Simon’s skin where no one can touch him.

Baz is willing to do anything to save his boyfriend. Boyfriend? Maybe not. Friend? Yes. Baz can most certainly be sure about that. They’re friends now. Perhaps more than that. And even though Baz has wanted that for so many years, the best thing about that fact is that it means he has the power to help and support Simon.

The former Chosen One is not scared of him and he doesn’t hate him, which allows Baz to draw a smile on Simon’s face.

Sometimes, Simon looks like he’s drowning in a pit of despair and Baz can understand that because that’s the place where he comes from. It’s a thing that Baz is familiar with. And that’s why he knows that he can under no circumstances tolerate that Simon sinks that deep.

When you lose your way and the fight is gone,
Your heart starts to break
And you need someone around now.
Just close your eyes while I put my arms above you,
And make you unbreakable.
He stands in the rain, just to hide it all.
If you ever turn around,
I won’t let you fall down now.
I swear I’ll find your smile,
And put my arms above you,
And make you unbreakable.
I’ll make you unbreakable.

Baz is scared of the words that are whispered every day in the hallways of Watford. He can hear them clearly every time he passes them even though they try to speak quietly. Nothing stops him from feeling anger when he listens to their hateful words. When they speculate, gossip, guess, assume, blame. They don’t understand that it isn’t Simon’s fault. They don’t get that Simon is a broken soul that needs to be protected. They only accept a truth that makes sense to them and as Baz is clearly aware, humans always need someone to blame. He just wishes they blamed it on him or anyone really other than Simon. It’s impossible to comprehend how they can not see Simon’s innocence. Baz tries his best to stay rational and logical and not to be blind of love. He thinks he is. After all, he fell in love with Simon for a reason. (He used to not be able to admit that reason to himself. Now he thinks about it every day. Simon Snow is by far the most precious human being in the entire world. Okay. Maybe he’s not being so objective after all, but still.)

Why do we have to be broken? What did we do to deserve this fate?

Baz knows the answer. It’s just life, and it’s cruel when it strikes. Life itself has beat him down. When he was five years old it told him with force that nothing is ever fair in this world and that it will never be easy.

So maybe it isn’t easy. Baz sure as hell isn’t going to give up now. Baz will fight. That’s who he is. Someone who doesn’t surrender.

Now he has to fight not only his own demons but Simon’s too. That’s okay. He can take them on, maybe even slash them if he goes lucky. He’d choose to be Simon’s knight any day.

Some days, Simon will look at him so fearful and unsure. Baz will take his hands and caress him carefully. They will stare at each other with loving gazes and somehow, that’s enough for Simon to start smiling.

Some days, Baz would hug him and be his armor, to shield him for all the evil in the world.

“Nothing can break you,” Baz would whisper. “Nothing can break you when I’m with you. I won’t permit it.”

Sometimes, Simon would cling to him like he was drowning. Other days, he’d try and hide in Baz’ arms. But that’s all that Baz can do. He wishes he had some better weapons to fight with and his sword were a little sharper.

Cause he’s the boy that I never had,
He’s the heart that I wanted bad.
The song I heard on the radio
That made me stop and think of him.
And I can’t, I can’t, I can’t concentrate anymore.
And I need, I need,
Need to show him what his heart is for,
It’s been mistreated badly,
Now his world has started falling apart,
Falling apart

Simon’s world has completely broken down. Everything he’s ever believed has been taken away. Baz has no idea what to do about that. He wonders whether his mother would’ve had the solution. Maybe she could’ve done something about it or at least she’d have given him some advice. She was one of the most powerful mages.

And he’s her son. Maybe that means that he can try that spell if he practices enough. There might be something more that he can do for Simon. This is a chance to prove to himself that he’s Natasha Pitch’s daughter and that makes him a fighter.

His heart breaks just thinking about everything Simon has lost. The only purpose he ever served in this gruesome world. The only man he ever considered a father. Magic, the thing he loved most in the world.

Baz is aware that there’s nothing he can do about any of that. He’s never been good at comforting people, most of all Simon Snow. He’s all sneers, and punches, and insults. He’s never been hugs, and hand-holding, and soothing whispers, but now he has to be. He will for Simon Snow. (He’d do anything for Simon.)

When you lose your way and the fight is gone,
Your heart starts to break
And you need someone around now.
Just close your eyes while I put my arms above you,
And make you unbreakable.
He stands in the rain, just to hide it all.
If you ever turn around,
I won’t let you fall down now.
I swear I’ll find your smile,
And put my arms above you,
And make you unbreakable.

Baz is afraid that he will never get better. But his concerns turn out to be for nothing. Every day he manages to make Simon smile a little brighter. Things get better. One day, perhaps, they’ll even be fine. Baz lets himself dream of it. Of a future in which him and Simon are together and happy. He forces himself not to think of the unfortunately real possibility that Simon breaks up with him in a few months.

For now, all that matters is that Simon is happy again. Not that he ever has been, really, but it’s gotten a lot worse since the day he defeated the humdrum.

“I’ll always be there for you” Baz would tell him, even if Simon can’t say it back, because Baz is aware that Simon needs to know. “You are a hero.”

He’d never tell him that he loves him because that is a truth that Simon isn’t ready for. He knows that Simon can’t say it back, and that’s okay, but he doesn’t want to frighten him. In fact, that’s the very last thing he wants.

He’s on his way to fix everything.

“I got you, Simon, it will be alright.”

And Baz thinks that Simon will believe it, hearing it from him. When Simon was a child, there was nobody who loved him. He only found affection in Watford. And he deserves so much more.

Baz will give him all the love he can muster, which is quite a lot. He’ll give Simon whatever he needs. A lot of things have changed. Baz is past caring what his family thinks or the school or anyone, really. He’ll do anything for Simon and he’ll make him happy. It’s his duty.

Simon’s well-being is the only thing that’s important to him.

After years of hatred, Baz gives Simon what he deserves. All the love he has.

You need to know that somebody’s there all the time,
I’d wait in line, and I hope it knows.
I can’t walk away ‘til your heart knows,
That it’s beautiful.
Oh, I hope it knows, it’s beautiful.

It’s night and they’re sitting on the couch, as they always do. A few months have passed by now and things are a lot better. The wounds are healing and it’s okay. Baz’ heart is fluttering in his chest.
His own heart too is healing. There’s no reason for bitterness anymore. There is even a reason for happiness and that reason is right in front of him.
Baz feels like he’s capable of flying right now and that’s how he knows that he can do it.
“Take my hands,” he whispers.
Simon looks at him in confusion, but he doesn’t ask. Simon’s hands feel light in Baz’ and he feels like he’s holding something fragile.
He looks at Simon insecurely and raises an eyebrow, as if he’s asking a silent question. And Simon’s gaze is steady, blue, and loving. These are the eyes that Baz used to dream about when he was in a coffin and his existence nearly over. He can do this. He’s practiced long enough.
I can do this, mom.
He takes a deep breath and the thought of her gives him courage.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
For a moment, it’s like the whole world is shifting or breaking apart. That’s when the stars are appearing. They show up everywhere around the room and Baz squeezes Simon’s hand a little harder because somehow he draws energy from that alone.
He laughs, because it worked, and it’s beautiful. But then all he sees is Simon, who looks around in wonder.
“Baz,” Simon whispers astonished. “You idiot. What have you done?”
And then he is smiling too. They start laughing together and cherishing the moment. It awakens a memory of a time when they were still enemies but somehow at peace.
“That’s all I can give you, Simon,” Baz whispers back. “I’ll fetch the stars from the sky. That’s all the magic I have. It’s for you.”
The question is so ridiculous to Baz, he almost wants to laugh again.
“Because- because there’s so much beauty in your soul that you don’t even know of. And I just wanted to show you- this is my world when you’re around.”

When you lose your way and the fight is gone,
Your heart starts to break
And you need someone around now.
Just close your eyes while I put my arms above you
And make you unbreakable.
He stands in the rain, just to hide it all.
If you ever turn around,
I won’t let you fall down now.
I swear I’ll find your smile,
And put my arms above you,
And make you unbreakable.

“I can’t believe you did this for me,” Simon says. “That spell is so hard, how did you even-?”
Simon’s smile is the most beautiful thing Baz has ever seen and he feels so light. He feels so much love, like his heart is going to burst any minute. For a second, Baz thinks he must have a soul after all, to be capable of such deep emotions. But there’s no way that Simon can feel this too, not so strongly, not for the fucking mess he is.
There’s no bloody way he could ever-
“I love you.”

'Cause I love, I love, I love, I love you darling.
Yes I love, I love, I love, I love you darling.
And I’ll put my arms around you,
And make you unbreakable.

“I love you,” Simon repeats and smiles at him like he’s the world.

“Say that again,” Baz whispers because he can’t believe that it’s true or maybe he has misheard.

“I love you, Baz,” Simon smiles and then he kisses him. “I love you so much.”

Suddenly, Baz’ hearts feels whole again and it seems like the whole universe is at their feet. Together, they can take on anything. They can bring the stars to earth.

They’re infinite. They’re invincible. Nothing can break them as long as they’re together and there’s no fate that can ever tear them apart.

“Sunset on the Water”

(Hello all!  I’m back with another one shot.  This is a future fic, but in my mind, it shouldn’t really be in that distant a future. All of the things that have happened in show canon so far have happened here, but it isn’t too long after the finale, so either Killian or Emma decided not to dawdle any longer and they’re getting married. This one is fluffy – maybe fluffier than we’ll ever really get to see played out, but I hope not!  I still don’t own them, but I would love to hear what you think!   This is will be posted on ffn as well in my “Of Swans and Swords…” collection. Enjoy!)

“Sunset on the Water”

By: TutorGirlml (snowbellewells)

           He could never in his wildest flights of fancy have imagined this day, this woman, this much happiness, coming to him. Killian Jones, dressed in the proud naval finery he had donned so long ago as a bright-eyed, hopeful young lieutenant, stood at the helm of his ship, Swan’s lad at his elbow, minutes from marrying his True Love.  In all those years he’d spent lost in Neverland seeking the weapon to make avenging Milah possible, before that in all his years as a pirate, flouting the crown and taking what he pleased, and even longer ago, in his eternity as a slave to Captain Silver, forgotten and worn, breaking his back and scrubbing floors on his knees, beaten, ridiculed, and abused when he was noticed at all, never could he have dared to hope that he would someday win the favor and the hand of a princess.

           Henry chose that moment to nudge his soon-to-be stepdad’s shoulder, whispering in Killian’s left ear with a certain smile in his voice. “I’m glad you finally asked her, Killian,” and though it sounded as if the young man were teasing him for the hesitance he had felt, knowing that Emma loved him but not sure whether she would want marriage or not, he also heard the sincerity and genuine love in the young man he considered a son’s voice.  “I knew she’d say ‘yes’… You’ve changed her, Killian, for the better. And you both deserve to have this day, before something else goes wrong.”

           A small snort of humorous recognition at the truth in Henry’s words nearly escaped through Killian’s nose, but he managed to hold back as the music swelled and everyone on deck came to their feet at the first strains of the wedding march. In the next moment, his eyes became irrevocably fixed on the bit of movement he saw emerging on stairs up from the cabins.

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What’s the Vibranium For? (Part 2/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 1

“Alright, everyone, stay alert.”  Fury ordered, standing well back from your cryo tube with his weapon drawn, along with the other SHIELD agents that surrounded you.  

“Sir, we have her weapons. Is this really necessary?”

Fury looked at Hill as if she had asked him the most ridiculous question he had ever heard. If you were held like this by HYDRA for so long, you had to be a serious threat and you had to have a purpose for this future time.  “Agent Hill, until I know exactly what we’re dealing with, this is how we will proceed. I’m not above using lethal force.”

“Yes, sir.”

Steam escaped from the pod when the scientist in the white lab coat completed entering the commands to open it.  Nick didn’t realize he was holding his breath until the front of the tube opened quickly and he could actually see all of your form.  He could tell immediately that you had been enhanced, much like Steve; he tightened the grip on his gun as he watched you slowly open your eyes and take a harsh breath of fresh air.

“Ma’am, can you tell us your name?”

You looked at him and then around the room at the people with weapons held in your direction.  You didn’t recognize any of them or the surroundings.  They looked nothing like the building you were held in the last time you were awake. A shine caught your eye; just to your left on a table were your swords, being examined by another man in a lab coat. No one was allowed to handle those.

“Ma’am, do you know who you are?”

“Of course I do,” you whispered, still staring at the man who was studying your weapons.  “Step away from those,” you warned.

He looked up at you then to Fury, not sure if he should do as you commanded or if he should continue. “Sir?”

“I told you to step away,” you repeated, your tone more menacing than before.  “I don’t want to hurt you.”  It was true, you didn’t; this man wasn’t one of your targets, and you never agreed with collateral damage despite HYDRA’s beliefs that innocents didn’t matter.  When he didn’t move fast enough, you extended your hands towards your swords, bringing them through the air to you and into your firm grasp, fully extending the slim blades.

“Put them down,” Fury said, but his words were diminished by the sound of arming weapons and quiet commands through the group.  “Please.”

You closed your eyes for a moment, silently assessing your strength after the long years of sleep. You felt strong enough to get out, but you weren’t sure of your stamina.  There was only one way to find out.  You opened your eyes slowly and looked at Nick, tightening the grip on your swords.

When Nick looked at you this time, your eyes were glowing an angry green, not unlike another green that he was all too familiar with.  He was caught off guard; just long enough for you to build an energy field around yourself and run, deflecting any bullet that connected with it.  He tried to chase after you, but your enhanced speed was no match for him.  There was only one person who could have a shot at catching you.

“Hill, make the call.”


Steve carefully inspected the tube that had held you for so many years, hoping for any clue that might tell him who you were and why you had been held frozen by HYDRA for so long. Bruce was having no better luck, entering codes and trying any command he could think of to get information from it. Given the history that Bucky had with HYDRA and how his mission had been to kill Steve, they weren’t about to take any chances without as much information as possible.

“Cap, take a look at this,” Fury summoned, “most of this casing has been damaged, and I can’t make out what it says, but is there anything familiar to you in it?”

“Zola,” he whispered. Steve took a step back and crossed his arms, over his chest, frustrated that he couldn’t read what else had been carved into the site of the old metal cylinder.  “I’m getting a little tired of this guy showing up all the time.  I’m gonna need to see everything you have from those old SSR files you recovered.  There has to be something in there.”  

He turned to leave the room so that he could call Bucky to come in and help sort out all of the information, hoping that he might have more insight into it.  As he reached the door, he turned back and paused at a flash of thought that crossed his mind; ‘she has two Vibranium swords’.  “How the hell does all this fit together?” he whispered to himself.  

“Fury, I’m gonna need to see the video from her escape.”


Steve never got the chance to put the pieces together.  He was just about to lay the information about you out in front of him to begin when Fury ran by, frantically calling out to him.  

“Rogers, we got her, but she’s in the tower!  We gotta move!”

When the pair arrived with a long line of agents behind them, they met one of the tower guards at the front entrance, waiting for an ambulance to arrive; his arm was bleeding and his partner was lying motionless just inside the entry.  “Sir, she’s after Mr. Barnes.  She ran in, but when we tried to stop her…”

“Go,” Fury told Steve, grabbing the guard and directing him to one of the vehicles.  Steve bolted through the doors and ran up the stairs as fast as he could to get his shield, watching for any signs of movement and listening for any sound that could tell him where you were.

“Cap, talk to me, what are you seeing?”

“Nothing so far,” Steve whispered to Nick, “don’t bring anyone in yet.  Wait for my signal.”

Steve moved silently through the common room and into the lounge, making his way to the lab where Tony should have been.  The door opened, but no one was there.    He moved down the stairs to the robotics lab, and again, no one to be found.  The gym and locker room proved empty as well.

“Fury, no one’s here so far. Have you seen anything from your location?”

“No, nothing…wait…” Nick’s attention was grabbed at the loud scraping sound of one of Tony’s suits, sliding across the hangar bay floor and falling over the side of the building. It crashed to the ground and smashed into pieces, but thankfully Tony wasn’t inside.  “They’re in the hangar!” he yelled and stormed into the building with his team.

Steve broke into a sprint up the stairs to reach them as fast as he could, hoping that he would get there in time to help before anyone was seriously hurt or worse.  He was stopped cold when the door opened and he saw his team held captive, standing in front of Bucky to protect him.  

“Steve, stay back,” Natasha warned.  “Those swords…”

“Are Vibranium.  I know,” he sighed, squaring his shoulders and setting his jaw, ready to fight.  “But so is this.”  He held his shield up and charged ahead towards you.  

You crossed your swords in front of you to deflect his shield and pushed him back onto the ground. He kept the movement going and rolled backwards to push himself back to standing.  You brought your weapons down to your sides and turned them in your hands, taking care to watch his every move.  

“She’s an enhanced too, if you didn’t figure that out.”

“Thanks, Stark, I picked up on that.”

“No, Steve, I don’t think that you do-“

The Captain pitched his shield to bounce from the wall and to you, but you were able to anticipate this; you pulled away the hood that covered your face, allowing you to create a force field to deflect the shield back to him.  “You’re Steve Rogers,” you said with an even tone, not even phased by his efforts.  “I’ve come for you too.”

Nick and his team burst into the room with their weapons drawn, but both Steve and Bucky jumped forward, holding their hands out and blocking their view of you.  “What are you doing?” Fury asked, “we need to neutralize her.”

“No,” Steve panted, “no, don’t.  We know her.” He glanced at Bucky then to you, both men now standing in front of you with their hands up in an attempt to dissuade you from your attack.  “(Y/N), don’t you remember us?  Steve and Bucky?  We were friends…and Peggy.”

“Honey, they took you from us, they took your memories.  They did the same to me, okay?  They gave me this.”  Bucky took a few steps towards you and turned his metal arm so that you could see it. “They’re wrong, (Y/N).  Everything about HYDRA is wrong.”

They were confusing you; their words didn’t make sense, but made sense all at the same time.  When they said their names there was a sharp pain in your head that wouldn’t let go.  “I don’t know you,” you whispered.  You brought your swords in front of you and dropped back into an attack stance.  “You’re my mission.”

You charged forward at the two, but they were able to just barely evade the tips of your weapons every time you came close.  Each time one connected with its Vibranium counterpart in Steve’s hands, the sound resonated through the hangar loud enough to hurt everyone’s ears.  

Steve pushed forward, knocking you back several times, but you quickly recovered without effort.  He threw his shield again, this time successful in knocking one sword from your hand, hurrying forward to distract you from trying to retrieve it.  You stood again and he kept pushing you back and away from his team; he had a determined burst of energy and kept the upper hand as he attacked.  Each time you recovered, he was there again.  You tried to slice at his legs but he jumped onto a table and onto your back, pulling you down and knocking your other sword away.

He was trying to secure your legs with his own and had one of your arms pinned.  You thrust your head back into his face and shocked him enough to free your other arm, attempting to summon your weapons but he kept trying to pull them down.  Pushing with your legs you were able to flip yourself over so that you were on top of Steve, now facing him.  He stared at you for a moment, trying to see into your eyes and to see who you were now.

“Stop it,” you growled, pushing up and away before he could grab you again.  You stumbled back a bit and he took the opportunity to grab you from behind, pinning your arms at your sides.  You swung your head back again but he was able to anticipate and deflect from it.  Pushing back as hard as you could, you tried to spin him around, but you felt your feet slip, your ankle hit something, and then…nothing.


You heard a loud group of voices yelling his name as the two of you went over the side of the launch pad and off the side of the tower.    

Part 3

Why Did I Do That Thing I Did In Tell The Wind and Fire? (Alternate: Why Am I The Way That I Am...)

I received one very kind email about Tell the Wind and Fire recently in which the email writer was like ‘Well, I can’t wait to see how you fix things in the sequel’ and when I said ‘There isn’t, um, going to be a sequel’ she responded with ‘What have you done!’

It has come time to talk about what I have done, under a cut because it contains spoilers for Tell the Wind and Fire, A Tale of Two Cities, the Lynburn Legacy, the Hunger Games, spoilers for your life.

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I’d like to dedicate this massive pile of bull shit to my best friend because this is the product of our weird Skype conversations, so there’s that.  I love you, Bewbie. <3

It all started when I started complaining about muse, and how fickle it can be.  As a writer, I have my ups and downs, and experience various highs and lows depending on muse and whether or not it’s cooperating.  Muse likes to come and go as it pleases.  Ninety percent of the time, I imagine it’s kicking back at the side of a pool somewhere, sipping piña coladas and just generally being a tease.

And then it sashays back over to me like it owns the world and gives me something brilliant, and all I have the ability to do is keysmash the idea down like a drunk with epileptic fingers.  I’ll gush about it, scribble about it in my notebook, and even hashtag the whole summary to friends when talking about it in Skype, which is really… not cool.  But, whatever.  Basically, tonight was one of those nights, and this was too good not to share.  Or in other words, I’m curious to see if others have ever had similar thoughts.

I’ll be blunt.  I ship James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes with Jemma Simmons.  So hard.  So ridiculously hard, it’s not even funny.  I don’t even know how this happened.  Or well, I do, but it happened, and I’m not sorry.  I will, however, blame the asshole who harassed me into shipping Skye with Steve Rogers because I did not see that one coming and it hit me like a truck.  BAM!  I’m hooked.  Both are wonderful, and I will probably be flailing about them for a looooooong time to come.  You know, making gifsets, writing drabbles and fics, and generally embarrassing myself because that’s how I roll.  Fair warning.



Skye just gaming for hours.  And Steve watching her like, “O.O What’s this?”

“It’s called Minecraft.  Wanna play?”

“I’ll just watch you play, if you don’t mind.”

Because if he can’t even work his cell phone properly, I doubt that he’ll know how to play Minecraft or even want to learn, but in my head, Steve enjoys watching Skye play games on her tablet and her laptop and on the wii and on her xbox and any gaming system she gets her hands on.  It’s probably therapeutic for him to just sit there on the couch, curl up next to her, and wind down with tea or coffee or a beer or whatever his poison is.  Him curled up next to her, smiling softly, and getting a kick out of her shenanigans because Skye’s commentary (and colorful vocabulary that puts him to shame) as she’s losing to Tony at Words With Friends is pretty funny, and her cooing at fluffy animals in knitted sweaters and dorky glasses is adorable.  And after having psychotic motherfuckers shooting at you because they want to take over the world every other day, it’s nice to go home and just sit with your girlfriend and watch her kick Clint’s ass at Halo, cackling maniacally as she does so.  It’s love.

And Skye probably makes fun of him 99.9% of the time, but she will not tolerate others talking badly about her boyfriend excepting Tony only sometimes and when she’s feeling generous (or you know, if whatever it was that Stark said is A+++++ material that automatically has her thinking baddum tish, this asshole must have been a comedian in another life)

And that’s how things would go with these two.

The techno geek and the technology-challenged.  A true match made in heaven!

And then there’s Bucky and Jemma.  The lab rat and the scientist.  Excuse me while I swoon.  Words cannot express to you how much I love this pairing.  She’s a sweet, goof of a girl with a love of science and learning, Doctor Who, and tea.  She can be sassy, is a little awkward, cannot lie to save her life, and I basically classify her as a smile – a smile so wide and massive, it can be blinding to those who aren’t expecting it and its intensity.  And I genuinely believe that Jemma Simmons is the heart of Coulson’s team as well as the peacemaker excepting when Fitz and her argue about things.

And then there’s Bucky.  He’s a man who’s been mindfucked for some seventy odd years, has been poked and prodded, lied to, tortured, experimented on, smacked, beaten up, frozen, and the list could go on and on.  Basically, he’s a big ball of trust issues and angst, and whoever ends up trying to sort through all of that is probably a Saint.  And no matter how much Steve probably attaches himself to the man’s hip, I imagine there are things that Bucky will never tell him once he starts regaining his memories and a personality starts to piece itself together.  Because he was once James Buchanan Barnes, and he was forced to become “The Winter Soldier”.  He was Steve’s Bucky, and Natasha’s James.  But what it comes down to is this: he is both, and he will need to find a happy medium between the two.  And I just imagine him needing someone who will love both sides of him, and not look at him and see someone else because he doesn’t want to disappoint.  (That is not to say that Steve and Natasha would be demanding things from Bucky or expecting him to act a certain way, but I imagine that they might be disappointed at times with his behavior and how he chooses to act in learning how to [re]build his personality once more without anyone influencing his behavior.  I just think that Steve and Nat would probably try and influence him, not on purpose or perhaps in Nat’s case… she might do so for her own selfish reasons, and that’s okay.  But, Bucky would finally be free to do what he pleases, and I think he’d be the rebellious sort.)

And he just wants to be himself, the self that he’ll inevitably end up finding while coming to terms with all that he was and all that he’s done and all that he is.  It’ll be his choice on who he will become, regardless of what Steve and Natasha say or think or feel.  Because whoever he chooses to be… Bucky will be the one who will have to live with himself and his choices at the end of the day.  Not Steve.  Not Natasha.  And in my honest opinion, I think Jemma would be the one who would be able to love him, all of him, for his past, his present, and his future.  She wouldn’t look at him with pity.  She wouldn’t think of him as a charity case.  She wouldn’t try and tell him he needed to act as he did in the past – a past he only remembers in his dreams and in his nightmares.  She would tell him to be himself and that she loves him for who he is.  Flaws, mistakes, scars, emotional baggage, and all.  Because she has them too.  She’s just adept at hiding them, and hiding behind her smiles.  (Her smiles pose simultaneously as a shield and a sword.)  And this would be a romance where they share all – where the words are plentiful, but the comfortable silence is sometimes cherished even more so as they cling to each other for warmth, protection, security, understanding, and strength.

I have this headcanon in my head (thanks to a friend) that whenever Jemma gets assigned a mission where she has to go out on the field, Bucky ends up finding out the details and if he’s not busy with Avengers’ business… he probably goes and tails her in the shadows to make sure she’s okay.  Because he knows she can handle herself, but he’s lost so much and he’ll be damned before he loses her.

And she probably knows he follows her, but doesn’t call him out on it unless he intervenes when he really shouldn’t

I mean, if some guy’s waving around his rifle like it’s his lightsaber, and intends on shooting at her for no reason, then by all means – she has no problem with her boyfriend showing up and snapping his neck like it’s a toothpick.

But if some guy is giving her an attitude because she’s small and she’s not as skilled or as graceful with her highkicks as Agent May is or if some douche is giving her trouble, underestimating her because she’s soft and probably doesn’t know how to hold a gun properly… she wants to be the one to shoot the bastard between the eyes.  Granted, it’ll probably be with the Night-Night pistol, but she may or may not make sure she “accidentally” stomps on the asshole’s junk as she walks away.

And refuse to feel guilty about it when Bucky smirks at her (in pride/amusement/love), quirking a brow because apparently, he’s not the only one with anger issues

And also his girlfriend is pretty hot when she’s angry as well as pretty adorable and passionate angry sex is probably going to happen as soon as they get home

And I imagine there are many double dates that occur between Bucky/Jemma and Steve/Skye

But seriously though

Steve working up all the courage to ask Skye out

And her thinking he’s joking

And so she jokingly says something like, “Ahahaha buy me dinner first, Cap.”

“…That’s what I’m trying to do? :’D”

And her like, “Wait. What?” Cue spit-take.

And the Avengers all gathered in one room together to watch the footage Tony totally hacked of the Bus, so they can “catch up” and see what Phil was up to while he was off on his own without letting them know he pulled a Jesus

Them watching the AGENTS OF SHIELD as if it were a show


And all of them freaking out every single “episode”

Steve losing his shit when he sees Quinn shoot Skye twice

Bucky losing his shit when he sees Jemma throw herself from the Bus

Steve and Bucky freaking the fuck out when Ward turns out to be a traitor, pretty much takes Skye hostage, and dumps FitzSimmons into the middle of the ocean

Clint and Natasha playing a jaunty edition of “Let’s See How Many Times We Can Spot Phil Wearing his Captain America Boxers” drinking game

Thor drinking everyone under the table because he has the godly ability to drink like hell

Jane making sure he doesn’t hurt anyone or himself with his hammer because he’s totally the beer muscles type

Clint, Tony, and Sam betting on when May and Coulson are going to just fucking snap and have epic, insane animalistic sex everywhere

And also debating on who tops

And also debating on whether or not the tesseract increased Phil’s libido, as if it were some kind of male enhancement supplement

Cue everyone suddenly staring at Clint suspiciously

Natasha flipping everyone the bird all, “He’s not owning up to anything.”

Everyone just collectively nodding because that about sums things up.

Natasha manipulating Maria Hill to go out on a blind date with Sam Wilson, and then demanding they name their firstborn after her when they hit it off deliciously

Pepper and Tony fluffing it up everywhere and anywhere

Tony taking Fitz under his wing to “show him the ropes” and teach him how to be a genius pimp

Fitz trying out one of Tony’s pick up lines on Darcy Lewis, but ends up getting out-flirted embarrassingly enough by the lovely Miss Lewis, herself

Darcy slipping Fitz her number telling him to call her whenever he wants to get laid with “the love machine” aka what she calls her vagina

Fitz is so done, but is totally taking Darcy up on her offer because who would pass up an offer to fuck “the love machine”?

Tony wiping away his tears because mission accomplished, he’s a proud Papa Bear

Trip hanging with Captain America and Bucky, reminiscing about his grandfather and listening to the Cap and Bucky tell him stories about the Howling Commandos

with Skye probably casually sprawled across Steve’s lap playing Candy Crush

and Jemma sitting at Bucky’s feet with her hand on his knee, and his hand on her hand as she chatters excitedly to Banner about her newest project

May and Coulson conveniently absent from the pow-wow, but that’s just because they’re on a super secret date shhhhhhhhh

Fury totally knows, but then again, Fury knows everything

He’s got his eye on you, bitches