he's the one who showed her the future and asked one more time if she was really sure she wanted to take that sword

Stereotypical [KJI]

↠ jongin x f!reader; 14.5k; he’s not ready to be a king yet, but with some help jongin will rule over everything
 royal!au, mentions of death and stuff like that, jongin is a soft prince that you will love even if he’s innocent n smol

“I mean, I want you to be more than my housecarl,” Jongin tells you, “you’re not my mother’s gift to me. I want you to be my girlfriend. That’s what I want you to be.”

You don’t answer him straight away. The words in your mouth are jumbled and they only become worse when you look Jongin in the eyes. “Girlfriend?”

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♡ suho vers ~ yixing vers. ♡

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anonymous asked:

can you sort the percy Jackson characters into Hogwarts houses?


okay so let’s all remember: Gryffindor- ‘courage, bravery, nerve and chivalry’, Hufflepuff -‘hard work, patience, justice and loyalty’, Ravenclaw- ‘intelligence, creativity, learning and wit’, and Slytherin- ‘ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness’. 

Annabeth Chase- Ravenclaw, she’s definitely one of the easier ones when it comes to this. While she would fit nicely into other houses, her intelligence and wit are almost always what saves her ass. She’s a great fighter but she prefers talking her way out of situations, disarming her enemies with words. Not to mention she had Arachne weave her own trap on the spot, like, come on. 

Thalia Grace- Slytherin. She could definitely fit into Gryffindor, but Thalia’s very ambitious, resourceful as hell, and her fatal flaw is literally being power hungry. She slides into leadership roles automatically and gets enraged when someone tries to question her authority or ability (see: all her fights with Percy, ever). She’s definitely most at home in this house. 

Luke Castellan- Hufflepuff. He’s literally a poster boy for the puffs before he joins Kronos. ‘But wait,’ you say, ‘he should be Slytherin, he was cunning and resourceful and leading Kronos’ army!’ NO HE WASN’T. He was following Kronos’ orders and acting like a mouthpiece 90% of the time! Luke had a strong sense of loyalty- and it was used against him. He had a strong sense of justice- and he felt everyone the gods wronged deserved that. He was a hard worker and crazy patient as a camp counselor and those traits came into play when he was working for Kronos. This boy is a Hufflepuff. He also personally recovered Kronos’ remains, so, like, he’s even a particularly good finder. 

Grover Underwood- Hufflepuff. Honestly I shouldn’t even really have to explain this one, but: there’s a reason Pan chose him as a replacement. Grover puts his literal everything into whatever task he’s given, whether that be searching for pan, restoring the wild, or protecting demigods. Unfailingly loyal, extremely patient with all the ridiculous demigods around him, and always willing to fight for what’s right even if he’s scared. I love my hufflepuff goat boy!!! 

Rachel Elizabeth Dare- Gryffindor. She’d fit in so well in Ravenclaw, to the point where I wanna say ‘fuck it’ and put her there, but like…this girl found out the boy she had almost died around twice was half god and immediately believed him and went Ride Or Die for him. She lead a bunch of potentially crazy strangers through the freaking death trap maze on a hunch that she could. She highjacked a helicopter and flew it into a warzone to help her friend. She let an ancient prophetic spirit posses her body even though she knew the last person who tried lost their mind. She hit the titan lord Kronos in the eye with a plastic hairbrush, and then immediately decided that hairbrush was the only weapon she would ever need to defend herself with, even though everyone else around her has swords or fangs. This girl is batshit crazy impulsive and filled to the brim with nerve, Gryffindor is where she belongs. I love her bye. 

Bianca di Angelo- Gryffindor. She was always a little more hesitant than the others, but when push came to shove she always took risks to do what she thought was right. My baby was brave as hell okay. 

Zoe Nightshade- Slytherin. She was a great leader for centuries, and dreamed big for the future of the hunters even when she knew she was going to die. Was literally one of the most pulled together people in this entire series. Resourceful as shit. She was also very set in the ways of her past, a common trait among slytherins- she just couldn’t bring herself to care about the mortal world outside of when it directly effected her, and often put up a fight when she had to conform to it. Slytherins are also often very loyal to their own, and, well, we all remember how her story ended. She would do anything for Artemis. I’m literally still crying over her okay bye. 

Nico di Angelo- Hufflepuff. I will not stand for all these slytherin Nico posts any longer, guys!!! This boy is a hufflepuff!!!!! Holy shit!! Okay, like, the slytherin traits? He hates leadership, his only ambition is to not have severe depression, and??? cunning??? This fucking loser cunning???? Like, sure, he hid the camps from each other but like…not well. Everyone knew he was hiding something, just no one bothered to press him on it that hard lmao. And he doesn’t do ANYTHING for his own personal gain. He belongs in hufflepuff- Nico is loyal to a fault. He’s been double crossed so many times because it just didn’t occur to him that people would take advantage of him, because he personally would never do that to someone. Nico di Angelo has every reason under the sun to want to betray the gods and he just…doesn’t. He never even considers it for a second, because he has a strong sense of right and wrong, and even if he feels like an outsider at camp that’s still the place where his loyalties lie. Percy, as a narrator, has had moments where he’s been suspicious of Nico’s motives, but he’s never once doubted Nico’s intent. He doesn’t always know if he can trust Nico as a friend but he’s absolutely sure Nico will always be an ally. Nico’s an incredibly hard worker even if he doesn’t let it show to the others, but he’s always pushing himself to his absolute limits to help. And like, again, half the time he doesn’t actually have to work so hard to help, some people never really even expect him to help at all- but he goes out of his way because he knows it the right thing to do. He holds grudges and lashes out in anger because his sense of justice is almost overpowering. This kid is a hufflepuff and I’ll actually fight you on it. 

Ethan Nakamura- Gryffindor. He’s…really hard to place, honestly, but I think this spot fits him better than slytherin. Even if he was misguided, he was very brave and had a lot of nerve. 

Charles Beckendorf- Gryffindor. This boy was literally everything Godric Gryffindor had in mind when he created the house. He’s a Gryffindor wet dream. Had a lot of nerve, was a big brother to basically everyone in camp, and readily sacrificed himself for the greater cause. My brave boy I miss him. 

Silena Beauregard- Hufflepuff. She was extremely loyal, even if she put her faith in the wrong people at points. Sacrificed herself trying to do what she knew was right. Very hardworking and always willing to help anybody. I love her sm. 

Clarisse LaRue- Slytherin. Literally who’s more ambitious and resourceful than Clarisse. Who loves taking charge more than Clarisse. No one. No one at all. This girl is 100% Slytherin and she kicks ass doing it. 

Will Solace- Hufflepuff. He tries so hard to help people!!! Patient enough to help Nico work through his shit!! Unfailingly loyal to his ridiculous father!!! Never shown to be anything other than a sweet guy who just wants to do good in the world. This goofball sunshine is precious. 

Jason Grace- Hufflepuff. Jason often finds himself in positions of power, even though he hates being in power, just because he’s the only one people know they can trust 100%. And he does it without complaining, and does everything he can to make sure everyone he’s working with is doing okay. He acts all stoic to try to make people feel more protected but this fucking dork is always stressed, Ride Or Dies for everyone he knows and if you ask him to describe any of his friends he’ll probably tear up while singing their praises to you. He works SO HARD to make sure everything is going okay, and strongly believes in teamwork. He’s patient enough to deal with, like, everyone he’s ever encountered, and always does what’s in the best interest for others. Speaks up to his father about honoring the forgotten gods because he knows it’s what’s right. A total screaming dork and I love my boy. 

Piper McLean- Gryffindor. Like…half of her character arc is dedicated to her learning to be brave and fighting for what’s right. You need a lot of nerve and power to work charmspeak as well as she does, and she’s always ready to pull some ridiculous stunts. She starts out somewhat panicked and timid, but once she starts to grow she realizes that if anything’s gonna get done, it’s because she has to have the balls to do it herself. Will throw herself into dangerous situations, and is fiercely protective of her loved ones. Literally ran into a temple of fear and terror and??? Completely conquered it and took over and used it to wreck a giant???? This girl is a brave badass and nobody should ever mess with her MY GIRL. 

Leo Valdez- Ravenclaw. He??? Is literally a prodigy child??? Like I’m sorry I’m just so sick of people downplaying Leo’s intelligence. He understood complicated mathematics and basic engineering before he hit double digits. He captured and fixed Festus all by himself, in one night, when his entire cabin had been trying to do that for months. He found out he was a demigod and threw himself into studying ancient greek history. He designed the entire Argo, is the only person who can fly it and fully understands how it works, and is also the sole person who keeps it up and running with repairs. He figured out how the spheres work in record time, he’s always able to work out complicated riddles or problems. Remember that time he was about to crash into the ocean and he??? Taped the sphere to his chest and built a functioning personal helicopter to steer and soften his crash in like…under three minutes? That time he casually strolled into a grocery store and got all the stuff he needed to make a bomb in half an hour? He’s always making really little inventions that seem silly but are actually incredibly helpful? He’s hyper and goofy, sure, but Leo’s literally a genius. He’s incrediblely creative and fast thinking, loves learning and is always excited by new things. Please give my boy the credit he deserves. 

Hazel Levesque- Hufflepuff. Hazel is honestly SO HARD to sort because she’d be a model Gryffindor honestly but like…She didn’t have to sacrifice herself to stop Gaea, but she did anyway because she knew it was the right thing to do. She sacrificed eternal happiness because she knew it wasn’t fair for her mother to suffer. She has a very strong sense of justice and is always willing to fight for it. She’s always giving her 110% when she’s working at anything, be it practicing magic or sword fighting, and it really pays off. She deals with her failures with grace and is unwavering when it comes to the people she loves. Queen. 

Frank Zhang- Gryffindor. Literally his Whole Thing is that he has to be brave because he never knows when he’s gonna die. He’s always going to make sacrifices and fight for the people he cares because he’s set on burning bright. He’s got a lot of nerve, he just needs to be pushed to remember its there. A good leader whether he believes he is or not. Even when he’s not feeling confident, courage and bravery are the traits he admires and values most, and that’s what he wants to shoot for. I miss this teddy bear so much. 

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - Gryffindor. Like…come on. This is one of the easier ones. She’s one of the most courageous people in the series. She has enough inner strength that she can lend it all to an entire army. She found the bravery to stand up to her father in defense of her sister. She survived being captured by pirates. She threw herself on top of a bomb to protect the Athena Parthenos. My girl is a custom made Gryffindor. 

Calypso- Ravenclaw. She loves learning more than anything else, she’s super creative and ingenuitive, and is taking steps to learn magic again. High hopes for this girl I love her. 

Octavian- Slytherin. Doesn’t need much explanation tbh. Very cunning, very ambitious, very power hungry. Willing to do anything to get his way. Remember that time he like, scammed Apollo and then further scammed his camp into basically making him pope??? Wild. I don’t miss him.

Meg McCaffrey- Gryffindor. She’s pretty hard to place but she’s arguably one of the braver characters, even if she doesn’t believe she is. She gets nervous and scared a lot but she’s often able to push past that and stay strong. Back talks everyone under the sun because she barely gives a fuck. At the end of the day she knows what’s right and wrong, and she wants to help. 

Percy Jackson- Ravenclaw. Listen. Let me explain. First of all, Percy is SO HARD to place and I completely understand all the ridiculous discourse over whether he’s Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Slytherin, but I NEVER see cases made for Ravenclaw Percy and I think it’s a travesty, because he’d fit in there quite nicely. So, listen, I know the boy has a bit of a bad rep for being slow, but like…most of the time he really isn’t? It’s just one of those things that got exaggerated. Percy’s a very observant person, he just doesn’t exactly always let the other characters know that. He’s not a straight A student, but we do know he’s not awful- a lot of times there will be moments where he directly goes “hey, I remember learning something like this in school!” and applies whatever it is to the situation. Some of his plans have been crazy or ridiculous, but they are creative, usually have some kind of logic behind them, and do often work out for him- when they had to get off the Thrill Ride O’ Love, when he used Thalia’s shield as a sled for them down a hill, when he pulled a stunt similar to that trying to get to camp Jupiter, when he somehow made a pulley system out of chains and pulled his giant half brother off the ground, stuff like that. Like Annabeth, he’s also very good at talking his way out of situations- he doesn’t always like to, but he can absolutely pull it off when he needs to. He’s a very smart talker, honestly, there are multiple instances of him managing to manipulate others into doing what he wants them to (not just the scene with Bob, which gets the most attention bc it was outside of his pov). He’s incredibly witty, in both definitions of the word, and often times it works to his advantage because other characters downplay his intelligence. He has a good sense for battle strategy, and he’s incredibly perceptive about his surroundings, often times picking up on things the others (even Annabeth!) miss. He has a strong intuition and things usually work out when he follows it. There’s more I can use to back this up but this is already long enough, point is- I think Percy is just an unconventional Ravenclaw. Like, upon meeting him you don’t immediately understand why he’s in that house, but it becomes clearer the more he opens up, like Luna, I guess? Anyway, I love my boy and he’s very smart please give him some credit. 

Feel free to send me your guys’ opinions!!! :) 

Beginning of Something Amazing

Part 1 (Guess Who’s Back) || Part 2 (It’s Our Turn)

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - By a bunch of people asking for a part 3 of the Guess Who’s Back series. I hope you guys enjoy :)

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – Once returning to Auradon, Harry is trying to fit in with the help of his lover, the daughter of Dr. Facilier.

Warning(s) - swearing, sexual hinting

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Crazy Crew


Request - A Hook/Reader fic pleaseeeee where the reader is the daughter of Jack Sparrow? Maybe they were childhood best friends at one point until their fathers began feuding over which of them was more powerful and eventually they were forbidden to see each other? Till one day they get into an altercation at the marketplace and duel it out with a swordbattle and the reader wins, then Harry sweet talks her into dropping her sword so he can kiss her?
Requested by - Anonymous
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 522
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter Of Jack Sparrow)
Warnings - I think i had one half bad word but I can’t remember and a bit of fluff as the ending?
Summary - haha I say summary but its basically my pre authors note… I think I went off a bit but oopsy

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the Defective Uzumaki - Ch. 2

You can start from the beginning here on AO3 if you missed it. Brief catch-up: in this AU, Madara and Hashirama have started Konoha as teenagers due to their fathers’ deaths, Izuna is still alive, and Madara and Hashirama formed arranged political alliance marriages with the Uzumaki sisters–Mito and Sakura. Sakura is only a tween when they start their “marriage”, so while the age gap isn’t that big, it is definitely still a marriage in name only.

@yomi-gaeru allowed me to use her art to illustrate this story which is a good thing because this story is completely inspired by her beautiful art. She is amazing! There is a scene which is based on this comic specifically.

@madasakuweek prompt: get away

Ch. 2: Rabbits and Foxes

Madara thought he had been saddled with a timid little rabbit as a wife. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that was wrong.

The only rabbit-like thing about Sakura was her frequent choice of big red hair bow. She quickly became best friends with two cousins of his about her age and the three of them—two dark heads and one pink one—were soon scrambling all over the nascent Konoha and its environs, sometimes joined by other Uchiha girls of varying ages or even Senju ones. Madara treated Sakura with benign neglect. He was often away, performing missions for funding, while the more diplomatic Hashirama attempted to entice other clans to join their new experiment of a ninja village. Even when he was in the village, he generally only saw her at meals and bedtime, when she would talk his ear off about her training and adventures. He generally only half-listened.

Nobody was more surprised than Madara when he began to miss her chatter when he was away on missions.

She was bossy, and she had a temper, but these were faults he shared and probably indulged in more than she did.

Keeping a wife got more aggravating as she got older.

“I think somebody has a crush.” Izuna’s sing-song voice was pitched irritatingly high.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Madara grunted. “Are we ready to head out?”

“Oh come on, at least give her a little wave. It’s adorable.” Izuna gestured with his eyebrows and a slight shift of the head, and Madara glanced at what he had been avoiding looking at: Sakura, practically radiating hearts and rainbows at them.

She squealed when she noticed she had been noticed. “Danna-sama! Izuna-nii-san! Goodbye! Have a good mission!”

The two girls with her giggled. “Madara-sama! Izuna-sama! Have a safe mission!”

The redness in his ears was due to the heat of the day. Not embarrassment.

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It Isn’t Love || Seungcheol || Pt. 6

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 3023

Genre: fluff, angst, royalty au, arranged marriage au

Summary: In order to solidify and further prove the alliance of two kingdoms, the Choi Kingdom had decided to arrange a marriage between their kingdom and the Lee Kingdom. It was a great plan! Now, if only the two parties personally involved were willing…

“This is all your men?”

“They’re all I need.”

“This is all you brought?”

“I just came back from war.”

“Your carriage is so small, is it gonna fit us?”

“How big are you?”

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anonymous asked:

Ok I know you're only answering emergency asks, but I don't want to forget this ask. I was wondering if you can do some Daddy!Lotor (or him finding out s/o is pregnant) headcannons because I just found out that I'm 3 months pregnant and I'm scared to tell my husband because he doesn't want kids right now. I get it if you feel uncomfortable doing it or if you've already done it with Lotor. You don't have to of course. I'm just trying to make myself less scared and your writing helps me w/that

asdfghjgf omg congrats?! I mean, but idk if I should say congrats?? I know this may not be in my position to say, but I really hope you and your husband will work things out, and may happiness come to you soon 💕

Also, it’s super humbling that my writing gives you comfort and please, feel free to just list this as an emergency ask if you need to next time!

more daddy!Lotor goodness under the cut cause this got looong

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Gency Headcannon

Image by @hage2013 ~ I couldn’t resist using it because they look so cute here <3

Who hogs the duvet 

  • Mercy since she likes to be warm and cuddly. Genji is too nice to even have any resistance to it. Hell, he would even purposefully wrap it all around her like a blanket burrito just to see her all cute and happy.

Who texts/rings to check how the other’s day is going 

  • Genji because unfortunately, Mercy is a bit too busy to remember to call all the time. He’d try to keep track of her schedule/breaks though.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts 

  • Genji. He didn’t have that many girlfriends in the past without knowing all sorts of tricks and ways to win their hearts.

Who gets up first in the morning 

  • Being a doctor definitely, makes Mercy wake up earlier. As for Genji, well he might not need sleep but he probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed instead of cuddling his angel.

Who suggests new things in bed 

  • See “gifts.”

Who cries at movies 

  • Neither of them actually. I don’t think they’re the type to cry at movies. They’ve seen things.

Who gives unprompted massages 

  • Genji because Mercy would often work too hard and focus too much so she might get aches and back pain otherwise.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick 

  • Mercy because she’s worried about how a cyborg could get sick (plus then both her lover’s and doctor’s instinct both kick in). When she’s sick though, Genji ends up having to fuss over her in return because she thinks she’s fine since she’s a doctor.

Who gets jealous easiest

  • Probably Mercy though not too much. Genji was a playboy after all and is still quite attractive. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music 

  • Probably Mercy, whatever her tastes may be (perhaps native songs or relaxing classical music). It’s not the music itself but more that she hums or sings along to them at times without realizing it (though Genji loves it of course).
  • Well, Genji has his weeb music but he’s proud of it.

Who collects something unusual 

  • Genji. For a man who climbs up buildings and wanders all over the place (old habits die hard I guess), he’s bound to find something strange now and then.

Who takes the longest to get ready 

  • Mercy because she gotta make sure she looks good. Genji, well that t-shirt seems to fit him and not dirty so it seems fine. 

Who is the tidiest and most organized 

  • Mercy because she’s used to working in her lab (though her lab itself is sometimes a bit messy). 
  • Genji has his clean habits from back in Japan too, but not his top priority nor did he really have things that he absolutely had to keep track of. As long as he knew where his stuff was in the mess, it was fine.

Who gets most excited about the holidays 

  • Mercy because she wants to make good memories with Genji plus she’s always excited over decorations and festivities (especially when it involved others too).

Who is the big spoon/little spoon 

  • Genji likes to be the big spoon because then he can feel Mercy being all cute and nuzzly against his chest. Plus who would pass up the chance to give that adorable angel headpats?

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports 

  • Genji has his passion and pride in video gaming. He gives her some mercy at times but still tries to win since he didn’t want to seem like he was going easy on her.
  • On the other hand, Mercy is trying pretty hard too. Something tells me that she gets really competitive with tennis despite Genji having reflexes that make it unfairly hard to beat him.

Who starts the most arguments 

  • Neither of them really argue, Mercy is good at communication and keeping in control while Genji has learned a lot through his time with Zenyatta. If anything, Mercy might get stressed occasionally and snap at him, though she’d apologize soon after.

Who suggests that they buy a pet 

  • Genji wants a cat. And a sparrow. And maybe a bunny too. Plus he already has a pet dragon.

What couple traditions they have 

  • First one who wakes up has to wake up the other one with a kiss and breakfast (which encourages Genji to get up early sometimes [see getting up]).

What tv shows they watch together 

  • Grey’s Anatomy because Genji is amused by Mercy fussing over medical things and making commentary about things. Other times they watch Korean/Japanese dramas (especially romance ones).
  • Disney movies too, since Genji like to see Mercy get so involved when her eyes light up at certain scenes and especially when she sings along so adorably (thanks for the idea @cyborgninjacarrot).

What other couples they hang out with how they spend time together as a couple

  • Lucio and D.va for fun! Ah, youth …
  • McCree and Hanzo to keep an eye on them and for more interesting life chats. That and to make sure they don’t kill anyone (including themselves) by drinking too much.

Who made the first move 

  • Genji because he sure knows how to ask a girl out. Mercy would probably feel too conflicted and shy about approaching him. That being said, it would be a while before Genji got his courage back and the confidence to do so.

Who brings flowers home 

  • Genji since he walks through town a lot and sees pretty flowers that might remind him of Mercy. That being said, she might buy them occasionally especially if she came home late or wanted a small gift to surprise him.

Who is the best cook 

  • Genji. See “gifts.” Plus with that skill with his sword, I’m sure he’d make a great sushi chef.

Tell me if you want to see more like this in the future!

In a world of ‘cannot be’s’ (we were meant to be) - V

WTSILY #1 - Prince Taehyung au

Y/N grunted as she sliced through the head of the dummy with her sword, the head falling to the mat with a thud. She moved her right arm at lightning speed, executing sharp and precise movements; her blade slicing through the air swiftly.

It was 2 a.m. and the palace was quiet apart from the sound of knights’ iron footsteps echoing through the brick walls every now and then as they made their nightly rounds. The training room was empty as well, as it should be at this time, considering it was not the time for combat training but sleep.

But Y/N had been bothered all night, unable to close her eyes and find rest; feeling a bubbling frustration deep within her.  She thought perhaps it may have something to do with the ball earlier that evening…

The moment the thought surfaced, she shook her head and let out a growl before slicing through the dummy once more, removing its right arm.

Fighting and training had always made her feel better, which was the probably why she had found herself going to the armoury and training hall in the middle of the night; hoping to cheer herself up. Being one of the kingdom’s top trainers and the only child of the kingdom’s General, Y/N had been born to fight. She had learned how to wield a sword before she could learn to read. She rode horse back when she was only three and mastered the art of jiu-jitsu and archery at age ten. Combat was something she had been trained to do from when she was very young and it had always been something she was just…good at.

However recently, Y/N began to wonder what it would have been like to be trained as a proper lady instead of a fighter. What it would be like if she were to become like those girls in pretty dresses? Attending royal balls and dancing with…

Y/N’s shoulders slumped at the thought of familiar brown eyes, causing her to be off balance and losing her stance instantly. She stood there in the middle of the room, staring down at her hand gripping the sharp blade and wondered if it was ever too late to—

“When they said you slept with a sword at your side, I had thought they were only kidding. I can see now that they were not.”

Y/N jumped at the sound of a deep voice, turning around swiftly with her sword pointed towards the intruder. The first lesson her father ever taught her was to never let your guard down, and she couldn’t believe she had let herself be deaf to the steps of her current visitor.

However, Y/N’s gaze softened and she relaxed the moment she realized who had walked in.

“Sorry, I did not mean to frighten you.” Prince Taehyung stood tall by the entryway with his hands up in surrender, wearing only a white ruffled shirt and dark trousers. His handsome face was a mask of curiosity; dark hair slightly tousled, and feet laced in boots which made Y/N wonder where he had gone to at this time.

“Your highness!” Y/N immediately bowed and lowered her sword. “Forgive me, I did not—“

“What are you doing up so late, Y/N?”

Y/N snapped up at his words, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. It wasn’t the first time the prince had addressed her so casually. In fact, he had called her by her name every chance he got, but Y/N never got used to it. And she wasn’t sure why she lets him do it, considering they weren’t exactly “friends” or in the same tier of the hierarchy to be addressed as such. He was royalty and Y/N, although had an important role in the kingdom and lived within the premises of the royal villa, was but a mere commoner.

A chortle echoed through the room, snapping her from her thoughts, and Y/N realized that the melodious sound came from the prince himself.

“Is Y/N not your name?” He smiled, amused. “You look a little…shocked.”

“Oh. No, I just… I’m sorry, your grace—“

“Taehyung,” he sighed. “I told you, you can just call me Taehyung. If you won’t call me that outside, then perhaps you can oblige my request to address me informally when it’s just…us.”

Y/N felt herself a little breathless at his words, unsure why the mere sound of “just as” made her feel a little woozy.

“As you wish, your—“ she paused when the prince gave her a sharp look. “Taehyung.”

The prince—Taehyung smiled then, that adorable grin (although Y/N wouldn’t admit it out loud) that literally lit up the whole kingdom. Saying his name without the honorifics was still quite foreign to Y/N’s tongue and yet it also felt familiar…and she felt an undeniable longing to say it once more.

Taehyung, she thought. Taehyung.

“So… what are you doing up?” He asked, taking a step further into the room.

“Oh… I… well… I just couldn’t sleep.” She said and Y/N wanted to reprimand herself for stuttering so much. Taehyung must think she was an illiterate.

If he did, he didn’t show it and merely shrugged. “Same. I actually left to go out riding.”

“At this hour, sire?” Y/N exclaimed. “But…Tae! You can’t just waltz out of the palace without guards! You could’ve been mobbed out there; kidnapped or—are you… laughing?” Y/N looked at the prince incredulously, seeing a bright smile on his face. His eyes sparkled against the moonlight that shone through the large windows across the room and Y/N averted her gaze, the sight a little too much for her. “This is no laughing matter, Tae—“

“You called me Tae,” he interrupted, grinning. Y/N stopped, realizing that she had accidentally called him that and immediately blushed.  

“I’m sorry, I—“

“No…no…” Taehyung waved his hand. “I uh,” he cleared his throat, looking away. “Liked it.”

Y/N was speechless at his words and she wasn’t sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her but there was a slight blush coloring his cheeks.

They were silent for a while; just standing there, unsure how to continue the conversation.  When the awkward silence got a little too much, Y/N turned from him and cleared her throat. “Aren’t you tired though? That was some ball this evening…”

Earlier this evening, a grand ball had ensued in celebration of crown Prince Namjoon’s, Taehyung’s older brother, engagement to the princess of the Far-eastern seas. It was a fitting arrangement as the future king had already been acquainted with the princess from back when they were very young and the two of them had grown fond of one another through the years.

Rumors say they might even be in love. Y/N hoped they were, for her mother always told her marriage was a bond between two people who loved each other more than they love themselves. It was the union of two people—an eternal promise. Y/N couldn’t comprehend how anyone could just arrange marriages or how anyone could marry someone and not be in love with them.

At the thought, she hoped Taehyung gets to marry for love. It was least likely with him being a prince, but perhaps not being heir to the throne may give him little more freedom to choose.

Taehyung rubbed at his nape, “Yeah, it was. I’m happy for my brother… Princess Mari seems wonderful. I do not know her that well but Joonie hyung often spoke of her. He likes her very much and is very glad with the arrangement.”

Y/N smiled at that, nodding as she placed the sword back into its casing. “That’s great to hear.”

“I didn’t see you there, though. I’m fairly sure the whole kingdom was invited.”

Y/N paused at his statement, unsure if she should laugh that he had to ask, or feel surprised—grateful—that he had noticed her absence.

“Oh well, you know. Balls…parties…” she chuckled breathlessly. “They’re not really my place…”

“What do you mean?”

This time, Y/N frowned, remembering why she had been upset in the first place…

For in an alternate world where titles and bloodlines didn’t matter, Y/N would have openly admitted her feelings for the young prince standing beside her. Admit to how seeing his smile made her day just a little better after a hard day of training; admit to how his mere presence, standing tall beside his older brother by the throne, takes her breath away… and admit to how his very being inspired her to become the loyal subject that she is to their little kingdom. And that she would gladly lay her life on the line if it meant protecting their beautiful prince.

The prince who cared deeply for his people; the prince who happily dined and laughed with serfs in the server’s kitchen…

The prince who had stolen her heart from the very first day they had met; way back when they were only eight when she had taught him how to ride horseback.

Y/N looked at him, eyes casting downwards to his boots, seeing them stained with mud. She wondered if he even recalled that she was the one who had taught him how to ride.

“Balls are not a place for girls like me,” she murmured, turning from him to fix the weaponry on the table. She remembered the way Taehyung danced with those girls at the balls, how each of them looked fitting in his arms. They were the most gorgeous women she had ever seen in her life and it was like a cold, hard slap in the face being faced with the reality that a man like Taehyung, a man of royalty, could never be with someone like her. A handsome prince had always been meant to be with a beautiful princess…

And Y/N was no princess. An honourable knight perhaps, but that simply wasn’t enough.  Y/N couldn’t bear to see it and fled the ball before she could even begin to enjoy the festivities.

“Girls like what exactly?” Taehyung’s voice sounded closer but Y/N ignored it; busying herself with wiping the array of knives on the table.

“Beautiful girls,” she answered simply, thinking that was the best description for them. A pregnant silence hung over the room and Y/N sighed, thinking how even Taehyung agreed with her.

“I think you’re beautiful.”

It was barely a whisper but in this empty hall where every sound seemed to be suspended into the air, words echoing and bouncing through the walls, Taehyung might as well have shouted in her ear.

Y/N turned and was surprised to find him so close, only a couple of steps away from her. Taehyung’s expression was serious, gaze intent on hers. She wanted turn from him but he had her locked in place, unable to look away.

Before she could speak, Taehyung was already stepping back and she wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

“Thanks you for your company, Y/N. I quite enjoyed it.” He said and bowed towards her. Y/N wanted to tell him that she barely did anything but before she could, Taehyung stopped by the hall’s entrance and looked back at her.

“Oh. And I hope you’ll attend the next ball. Save me a dance, yes?” Y/N was rendered speechless and Taehyung smirked, adding. “Or do I have to give a personal invitation?”

Y/N wanted to say no, he didn’t have to; but Taehyung was already walking towards her once more and before she could stop him, he had knelt down in front of her.

“Your highness!” She exclaimed as she watched him get down on one knee. But her protests died on her lips the moment he looked up at her with those beautiful eyes, rendering her immobile.

“Miss Y/FN. Would you do me the honor of attending the winter ball and…accompanying me through the evening?”

Y/N’s mouth hung open, the answer stuck on her throat. Taehyung, however looked absolutely serious.

Accompanying him meant being on his arm and…The mere thought made Y/N dizzy. Taehyung seemed adamant at getting her to speak up and so he reached out and held her hand.


Y/N tried to ignore how warm his large hand felt around hers. Right then she knew, if she had one wish, she would have wished that he never let go.


The door to the training room suddenly opened revealing Jimin, one of the palace guards and one Y/N considered a friend among the royal guards. The moment he saw the situation in front of him, his eyes widened and he bowed immediately.

“Your highness! I did not know you were here. My sincerest apologies… I did not intend to intrude on this intimate moment.”

Intimate?! Y/N thought incredulously then realized the current position they were in: with Taehyung down on one knee and holding her hand like he was professing his love to her. She tugged on her hand to remove it from his hold, but Taehyung only tightened his grip, looking at her sharply (like he was saying, not so fast).

“No it’s quite alright, Jimin. Actually… come in, I need your help.”

“How can I be of service, your grace?”

“Y/N here is about to give me an answer,” Taehyung told nonchalantly. “And I need a witness.”

Jimin scrunched his eyebrows at the weird request then looked at Y/N for some enlightenment. She gave him a helpless look.

“Your highness—“ she started.

“Taehyung,” the prince corrected immediately and Y/N huffed, his hold on her unyielding.

“T—Taehyung, I…I am honoured by your invitation but…” Y/N paused when she saw the way his face fell; like a kicked puppy. He looked up at her, frowning, eyes shining with disappointment that was hard to ignore and Y/N suddenly couldn’t find the courage to decline.

“O—okay,” she blurted and Taehyung’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“You’ll also dance with me, right?”

Y/N glanced over at Jimin who simply looked amused by the whole thing. She was about to say no when Taehyung added, “The winter ball is also my birthday, just putting it out there…”

Y/N blinked at him, wanting to say that she knew it was. She just couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that the prince—also the love of her life—was asking her to dance at a ball…

“Please Y/N?” he pouted, staring at her intently and Y/N just had about enough; feeling like her heart would combust any moment if he kept looking at her like that.

“Alright! Okay, I’ll dance with you. Can you just…stop looking at me like that?” Y/N huffed, earning a chuckle from the prince. She expected him to let go now, but he didn’t. Instead, Taehyung brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Y/N hoped she didn’t look as red as she felt then.

“I’m looking forward to it, Y/N.” He stood up and bowed to her once more. “Have a good night.”

Taehyung left swiftly right after, leaving Y/N with a racing heart and flushed cheeks. She wasn’t sure if what happened really happened or something she had conjured on her mind. She pinched her arm and winced. She was definitely not dreaming.

“Well, that was interesting.”

Y/N jumped, forgetting that she wasn’t alone. “What?”

Jimin chuckled, “I didn’t know you and the prince were…close.”

“We’re not.”

“Didn’t seem like it,” he teased. “Prince Taehyung wouldn’t just personally invite anyone to his birthday ball. Let alone ask to accompany him…”

“What are you saying, then?” Y/N prodded, her heart drumming against her ribcage.

“I think you already know exactly what I’m saying.” Jimin winked before turning on his heel, leaving Y/N with hope flaring like an open fire in her chest.


I think this will be a cute au to continue someday… keke~ <3 What do you guys think? 

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BTS series: Ways to Say I Love You masterlist

- Kaye Allen

Movie 21 - The Crimson Love Letter Story Summary

This tuesday, Movie 21 was aired in German cinemas, with Japanese audio and German subtitles and I was able to see it.

Disclaimer: this summary is very long and basically more me narrating and retelling the entire movie. Also, I could only watch it one time, so I left out some details and may be slightly wrong about some scene orders, but overall, this is what the movie was.

Special thanks go out to @yesyunniechan, who after I got tired of typing after the first half yesterday, listened to me ramble about the second half and made helpful notes, from which I today created a coherent second half of the summary.

Are you ready for a 6k word long - Update: 7,5k word long retelling of The Crimson Love Letter? Then you’ll find everything you want under the cut:

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Rise For Your King

TITLE: Rise For Your King
PAIRING: Reader/AU King!Castiel
SUMMARY:  The reader was betrothed to the Prince but when a neighboring King decides to dole out justice to your future father in law, he destroys the royal family, leaving you with the two youngest Princesses. The mage king takes an immediate liking to you, letting you live. What will you do with this opportunity?WORDS: 1,492


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Part Two, Chapter Seven; In the Days Between - Part Three

This chapter explores Julia’s life in the future. Julia (aka Faith) has been separated from Claire in their journey thru the stones and arrives in 2007. A nurse at the hospital she is rushed to quickly takes responsibility for her, accepting her as her own child. Part Three finds us about seven after Julia arrives in the future.

You can find links to previous chapters here.

July 1st, 2014; Between the Campbell-Murray residence and Logan International Airport, Boston Massachusetts
Julia, almost nine years old.

“Can I sit by the window?” I begged, bouncing in my seat. Max groaned beside me and I elbowed him. He poked me in the side, but I knew he didn’t really care who sat where.

Mom looked at me in the rear-view mirror and smiled, “It doesn’t matter to me, you and Max figure it out.”

We were finally leaving for Scotland!

Granny had left a couple weeks ago and we’d meet her there. The last time we went back to Scotland was right after mom and Luke got married, which was two whole years ago. I missed my cousins and aunts and uncles who lived there and could hardly wait to see them all.

My little sister had never been there before, this was her first trip. I wasn’t really sure how she’d do on the long plane ride. It seemed like all she did was eat, sleep, and cry. Oh, and poop. So many dirty diapers. I hoped mom packed enough.

I slipped an earbud in and turned up my iPod. Max looked at the screen, rolling his eyes. “How many times are you going to listen to that?”

“A bajillion!” I declared, sticking out my tongue at him for good measure.

He tipped his head back and began to sing along at the top of his lungs, “Let it goooooooo, let it go! Can’t hold it back any moooooooore!”

“Moooom!” I complained as I shoved Max, making him bump into Fiona’s car seat which made her cry.

“Hey!” Luke called out from the driver seat. “Dull roar back there, you’re making the natives restless.”

This made mom laugh, he could always make mom laugh.

Something caught the corner of my eye and I turned to look out my window. The last thing I saw before the world went dark was a large, blue pickup truck headed straight for us.

Everything hurt. It hurt to move, it hurt to breathe, it hurt to think. So I didn’t. I hovered in empty space, just below consciousness and just above death until a familiar voice broke into my silence.

“Julia? Sweetie, can you hear me?”

It was Luke.

I tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn’t cooperate. I tried to reach for him, but something was holding my arms in place. I fought the feeling of weightlessness and struggled to the surface of reality. Moans of metal, feet scuffling, and a high pitched ring flooded my ears.

“Oh, God,” his voice cracked and I felt his hand brush against my cheek, “It’s ok. You’re ok. Try not to move, sweetie. Just lay still, alright?”

A deafening crunching sound echoed around me as whatever was holding me down shifted. It was easier to breathe now, yet it felt like ten thousand knives where jabbing me in the side every time I did. I tried to turn my face into Luke’s hand, to open my eyes and see him, but I couldn’t.

Why couldn’t I move? What was going on?

Tears burned at the back of my eyes and I heard a strange sound leave my mouth.

Had I made that noise?

I started to float again, even though I fought desperately to stay where I was. The pain was too much. Everything was too loud, the pull too strong.

“Julia!” the sound of Luke’s voice was distant, far out of reach. “Damn it, darling, stay with me!”

September, 2015; Boston, Massachusetts.
Julia, ten years old.

I sat cross legged on the ground in front of mom’s grave and fiddled with the laces of my shoes as I spoke to her, “I have a competition today.”

I’d begged Auntie Tif to stop here before she dropped me off at the dance studio. I had five minutes or we’d be late.

“My Sword Dance is getting really good. Granny said my Highland Fling at the meet last month was the best I’d ever done. I didn’t think so, but maybe you couldn’t see my mistakes from the audience… or she was just being Granny.”

Mom had gotten me started in Highland Dancing when we moved to Boston, sort of a way to keep Scotland with us in America. I liked it a lot and was now in the highest skill level for my age group. Granny hadn’t missed a single competition. She was my biggest fan.

“Oh, and we ordered a new aboyne for next season. The one I’ve got is getting really small. Granny found one that’s similar to the Murray clan tartan. Could you see Luke’s smile when we showed it to him? He’s really excited.”

A cloud of uneasiness swirled around me as I thought of my stepfather. I didn’t call him dad, but he was the only father I had ever known. We got along really well and I loved him to pieces.

“Something’s going on with Luke’s new job with the Navy and no one will tell me what it is. Max says he doesn’t know, but he does. Luke’s been going to D.C. a lot for it and is there more than he is here. I miss him.”

I heard the door of the minivan open and close and I knew my time was up.

Tha gaol agam ort, Mommy,” I whispered.

October 30th, 2017; Boston, Massachusetts
Julia, aged twelve.

“You’re still taking me trick or treating tomorrow, right?” I asked Max as I ran to keep up with his long strides.

He looked down at me in annoyance, “Why don’t you go with Granny and Fiona?”

“Because they’re soooo slow,” I complained. “Besides, who wants to be seen trick or treating with their grandmother and baby sister?”

“You think I want to be seen with you?” He teased.

I glared at him, “Of course you do, I’ve got the best costume in the neighborhood.”

My Wonder Woman costume was a work of art.

“I suppose I should be grateful you’re not making me go as Steve Trevor,” he rolled his eyes.

“That would be gross, you’re my brother.” I pulled a face. “You’re more of a Steve Rogers than Steve Trevor, anyway.”

He laughed as we turned the corner. Beacon Hill Academy was in sight now and we picked up our pace.

Suddenly, a strong hand clamped around my mouth and pulled me off the sidewalk. I heard Max shout for help as I tried to get out of my attacker’s grasp. Biting him hard, I kicked backwards and lunged forwards at the same time.

It worked. I broke free momentarily before another set of arms picked me up off the ground and tossed me thru the open sliding door of a van. I screamed for all I was worth now that my mouth was uncovered.

“Julia!” Max shouted. The first man punched him hard in the stomach before climbing into the van and slamming the door shut.

The man who had grabbed me, I’d dubbed him Jasper, pulled the duct tape off my mouth and warned, “You start all that again and this goes right back on, you hear me?”

I had tried to escape out of the paneled van in every I could think of, earning me a special seat belt of tightly knotted rope. When getting out of this proved to be fruitless, I took a page out of little sister’s play book and started talking nonstop at the top of my lungs. Everything that passed thru my head went out my mouth… and I mean everything.

I insulted them, I mimicked them, I narrated their every move like a sports announcer. When that got boring, I asked questions about anything I could think of. Horace, the other guy, would answer sometimes until the lady driving the van yelled at him to shut up.

The duct tape came out when I started calling her Cruella.

Tears sprang to my eyes involuntarily as a layer of my skin got ripped off with the tape. Blinking fast, I answered, “That depends.”

Jasper looked at me warily, “On what?”

“On if you’re planning to feed me anytime soon,” my stomach growled, adding it’s two cents.

It was well after dinner time and we’d been driving south all day. They’d let me out at a disgusting gas station in New Jersey to use the bathroom when I threatened to go right where I was. I now knew this was a really good bargaining tool with them.

There was food in my backpack, but as my phone was also in there, and they hadn’t discovered I had one yet, I was not willing to unzip it in their presence. Cruella had accompanied me to the bathroom, of course, so I couldn’t send out a distress text. I had felt it vibrate several times in the last eight hours and desperately hoped they could track me even if I didn’t answer it.

Jasper moved to the back of the van from the front passenger seat, commenting menacingly, “You have to answer a few questions first.”

A fist closed around my stomach and I wasn’t sure I was hungry anymore, but I nodded.

“Where is your mother?” He began.

I stared at him blankly, then looked to Horace. My mother?

“Mount Hope Cemetery,” I answered simply, wondering why on earth they would need to kidnap me to figure that out. “Or heaven, depending on how you look at it.”

Horace visibly started in surprise and Jasper’s mouth hung open. “She’s dead?” they asked in unison.

I thought that only happened in movies.

“She’s talking about Campbell, you idiots. Ask her about Fraser,” Cruella screeched from the driver’s seat.

Understanding dawned on Jasper and he nodded, “Yeah, not her. Where’s your other mother?”

“My what?” This was getting ridiculous.

The van swerved as Cruella glared at me thru the rearview mirror. “Claire Fraser. Your birth mother. Where is she?”

My birth parents had abandoned me when I was two and had never contacted me since. The authorities had tried to locate them, but couldn’t figure out who they were, let alone where they were… and that was ten years ago.

“How would I know?” I replied incredulously.

Horace leaned forward and pinched me hard in the thigh, insisting, “Tell us!”

“I have no idea where she is.” I kicked him hard in the shins, “I didn’t even know her name until you just said it!”

“I don’t think she knows, boss.” Jasper muttered over his shoulder.

I could see Cruella shrug and the van lurched again. How we hadn’t crashed yet was beyond me.

“Well, what about the dad? They oughta be together, right?” Horace nudged Jasper, who nodded eagerly.

“Yeah, where’s your dad?”

Looking for me.

“If you’re talking about my birth father, I know as much about him as I do my birth mother.” I glared at them, “My real dad is out looking for me and probably has the entire Navy after you by now. He’s a cop, you know.”

Horace turned slightly pale at this. “I’m not going to jail for some fairy tale, love story nonsense, boss!”

Fairy tale, love story nonsense.


What had she said my birth mother’s name was? Claire, right? As in Queen Claire from Granny’s story?

You have got to be kidding me. I’ve been abducted over a children’s bedtime story. Do they really think I’m some long lost princess?

“No one is going to jail!” Cruella barked, “Crawford didn’t think she knew anything anyway.”

Crawford. He must be the one orchestrating this. These three didn’t have the combined IQ of a goldfish.

“Then why kidnap me if I don’t know anything?” I asked, a heavy feeling forming in the pit of my stomach.

Jasper smiled, his face contorting into a look of sinister delight. “You’re his ticket thru the stones.”

'I Don't Need Your Help!'-Hvitserk Ragnarsson x Reader One Shot

Summary: Hvitserk and (Y/N) have recently been married, though not by their own accord. They try to accept this, knowing that they will play an important role in Kattegat’s future. However, (Y/N) finds herself belittled by her new husband (who does not realise this) and becomes frustrated. She does not want to live like this, finally releasing her anger.

Characters: Hvitserk Ragnarsson x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: fighting, shouting and angst


I winced as I flexed my hands. They were blistered from sparring with my friend. It had been a while since I last trained, the wedding planning having taken over everything. Not that I wanted any part in that. Being betrothed always meant that your future was already planned out for you, how you grew up revolved around that. Hvitserk was a good husband, I could not deny that, but I didn’t want to marry him in the first place. Now I was stuck here, always under constant watch, seeing if I would turn out to be a fit princess for Kattegat. Queen Aslaug may have agreed to the arrangement on her son’s behalf, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to suspicious about me.

Resting in a chair, I say by the fireplace, all of my armour removed as well as my boots. I really needed to get back into training if I was to ever go on a raid again. Well, if my husband would even let me. Rolling my eyes at the thought, I relaxed a little more, feeling how tense my muscles were. Only moments later, the door opened, Hvitserk strolling in. He greeted me with a gentle kiss to my head; he always tried to be affectionate, something I was a little glad about.

He gasped slightly.“(Y/N), your hands!” He picked it up gingerly, inspecting the sounds.

I snatched it back.“I am fine. They’re just blisters. I haven’t had to hold a shield in a while and it rubbed on my skin.”

“You’re training again?”

“Well yes, what else do you expect me to do? I need to make sure I am at my best when fighting.”

“I am proud of you for doing that. It is good for a woman to show that she can defend herself.”

We smiled at each other. Yes, we argued quite a bit, though sometimes we could be nice to each other. However, the lovely moment came to an abrupt end when he opened his mouth again.

“But I do not understand why You are so hard on yourself?”

I stood up.“I need to be prepared for the next raid. We don’t know what could come our way.”

“(Y/N), you can’t come on the raids.”

My mouth dropped open. For a moment, I was too shocked for words.

“Why not? You know I’m a skilled fighter!” I raised my voice.

“Yes but raids are very different from just training.”

“You speak as if I have never been on one!”

“You’re not going!”

I raised my voice.“Who are you to tell me what not to do?!”

He got louder than me.“I AM YOUR HUSBAND! YOU DO AS I SAY!”


“It’s too dangerous!”

“Hvitserk, I can handle it.” I started to walk away from him.

“I am trying to protect you.”

Leaning against the wall, I sighed into my hands.“I didn’t ask you to do that. I didn’t ask you to marry me, or be nice to me. Sometimes I wished that you would be an awful husband just so I always had a reason to shout at you.”

His breathing was slightly heavy, I could see him trying to hold back words. Quickly turning on his heel, Hvitserk stormed out of the house, slamming the door harshly. Letting out a frustrated scream, My fingers clutched onto my hair, stamping my feet as if I were a toddler having a tantrum. Who knew when he would be back? I wasn’t going to wait around for him.

After taking a little time to calm myself down, I decided that I should start preparing some food. A part of me thought that I should make something for my husband. He was always eating. No! No, I wasn’t going to do that. He saw me as his little wife, I wasn’t going to act like one.

Luckily we had scraps of meat left over from dinner the night before. It would be enough for me in a stew. My hands started to throb from just fetching the ingredients. Looking down at them, I could see the redness flaring, it felt as if I was holding them over a fire. Ignoring the pain, I started to make the meal, working quickly to avoid irritating the blisters any further.

Realising that I had to fetch water from outside, I let out a groan, internally debating whether I could go a night without food. My body replied with a loud grumble of my stomach. Fetching my cloak, I grabbed a bucket, heading into the fresh spring night. Thank the gods that winter was over.

It was getting harder to grip onto the bucket as I approached the well. Placing the bucket down, I shook my hands, desperately thinking about something else. I had to get this water quickly; the faster, the better. Lowering it in, I peered down to watch it fill with water. As I started to heave it back out, I let out a quiet whimper, the rope burning the skin. Before I could take another moment of this torture, the rope was taken out of my hands.

“Hvitserk, I can do this.” I protested, trying to take back the rope.

He easily kept me away.“You’re in pain. You should put something on it.” within seconds, the bucket was out. He picked it up, heading back home.

“Give it back.” I demanded, reaching for it.


“Would you just-”


I trailed behind him. Why was he doing this to me? I wasn’t some fragile woman who would cry over getting mud on her dress. I wasn’t a woman who didn’t know her way around a sword. I wasn’t weak. He just couldn’t see that.

He set the bucket down by the fire, a cauldron hanging above it. Quickly taking the chance, I attempted to pick it up, spilling some as I poured the water in. Hvitserk rubbed a hand over his face, clearly frustrated by my stubbornness.

“You don’t have to prove anything to me. Stop putting yourself through this.” it almost sounded like begging.

I went back to the ingredients, cutting up the last of the herbs.“Clearly I do it you won’t let me go on the raids.”

“Here we go again-”

I slammed the knife into the table.“I wouldn’t have to go on if you just saw me for who I really was!”

“And that is?”

I marched up to him.“A strong woman who knows her way around various weapons and who is good at fighting. I want this see the world as much as you do. It isn’t fair that I have to stay behind.”

“What if you get hurt? Or and up getting killed?!”

“Then I will heal or be welcomed into Valhalla where I shall be greeted by my ancestors.”

“Do you just not care? Is that it?”

“No. I just don’t care what you think.”

“How are we supposed to start a family if you are fighting beside me?”

“We don’t.”

Walking back to the foods, I started filling up the cauldron. I had shocked myself with that sentence. I really wanted a family, two or three children. But first I had to raid.

“I cannot believe how selfish you are being.”

I couldn’t deal with two things at once when I was this angry. Slamming the cutting board on the floor, I covered my face with my hands, unable to say anything.

“All my life I have been told what I must or must not do. I thought that I may have some sort of freedom in this marriage but it seems that I’m still trapped.”

“(Y/N), you need to start thinking like a princess-”

“No, I need to start thinking for myself!” out of the blue, tears sprang from my eyes.“I am not going to be caged up like an animal, waiting on your every needs or having your children.”

“I have made my decision.”

“Well so have I. And that desicion is that I am not staying here anymore.”


I grabbed my cloak and sword.“I will not spend another minute in this house.”

As I made my way to the door, he tried to reach out for me. I slapped his hands away.

“Don’t you dare touch me again! And don’t come looking for me either, I do not want to see your face.”

Her, part 1

A series of vignettes detailing a certain Saniwa in a certain Citadel. Very self-indulgent, hence, the use of a specific pronoun.

Part 1 - on the matters of beginnings

She was young, younger than any of their former masters, when they first met her. Kashuu remembers being skeptical when he saw her, looking too inexperienced to have the fate of the world’s history resting on her shoulders. He was her first sword, and often, he’d be the subject of her mistakes, constantly apologizing for his wounds.

(“I thought… I thought the troops would come back after they… they… I’m really sorry Kashuu. If I had known before, I definitely would have made a new one for you.”)

Kashuu minds the wounds but learns to not let it bother him much, and eventually revels in it, because always, without fail, she’d personally attend to his repair when all the others would be in the care of the smiths.


She was very different, coming from a different time. She laughs loudly, and Kasen would quickly chastise her unelegant snort. He’d frown disapprovingly at the way she dresses, shabby, uncoordinated, and inappropriately tight.

(She laughed at his blushing face “They’re called pants! It’s very fashionable in my time.” “It can’t be fashionable, surely now Master! It’s very unelegant to show the shape of y-your… your…” She laughs harder. “I’m flattered you find my butt sexy.” “Master!”)

Still, Kasen finds her wild energy charming in its ways. It comes with eager hands taking his, her feet spinning to a tune she hums, sings, and she’d ask in her breathless voice, full of life and happiness, “Come, let us dance some more, my friend.”


Of course, she had her faults, plenty as human nature allows. She was prone to her emotions, weak against the opinions of others and the high pedestal she expects of herself. And instead of facing them head on, she keeps them, bottles it up until she could no longer contain it. She’d shut herself in her room and not even Ishikirimaru’s soft coaxing nor the tantou’s pleas would make her come out. They merely trust she’d come around. She always does, after all.

Everyone except, Yamanbagiri who would sneak into her quarters when everyone already left. He’d find her sitting on the floor and staring at nothing. He’d sit beside her, feel her body lean and rest against his. Then the quiet. Not complete silence, because his ears are sensitive enough to hear her uneven breathing. Sometimes, she’d cry (and he prefers that because she comes around faster when these pent up emotions were poured out through her tears). Sometimes, she’d tug at his cloak and he’d open his arms to let her inside. It made him uncomfortable, at first, for being so close to his Master (he knew his cloak was not the cleanest) when he could not offer any words of comfort. He was always bad when it comes to conversations. But in time he learns that she didn’t need the words, didn’t want it, and only needed his presence and silent empathy.


She was powerful. This was the reason why she was chosen, despite the lack of proper spiritual training. She called many in such a short amount of time. Day by the day, the Citadel turned less quiet, feet pattering constantly, excited chatters around every corner, and often, so often, families reunited.

The latter, she loves the most, as Hachisuka discovers when she made a great deal to find Urashima the moment Hachisuka mentioned his beloved baby brother. He remembers her squeal of delight, shouting his name to quick, quick, your brother is here! Hachisuka! She took his soiled hands (he was on fieldwork duty) and more or less dragged him to the smithing room. Hachisuka doesn’t remember much after that, too overcome with happy emotions as Urashima jumped to his arms, laughing in delight.

(And much later, she brought the fake home, and as much as Hachisuka resents the fake’s very existence, he could not resent his Master, knowing she did it for Urashima)


She likes talking about the future. Or in a sense, her “present,” the past that is the year 2005. It’s only a couple of hundred years and yet, Mutsunokami feels like she was talking about a different world.

There were too many unfamiliar words and new concepts. Often when he jokes around if such things exist, born out of his wildest imagination, she would smile and confirm yes, such things exist.

“You could be an inventor,” she said wistfully one evening.

The breeze was forgiving, cool despite the summer season. She was wearing a ‘sundress,’ one of the modern fashion Kasen vehemently disapproves off. Mutsunokami privately thinks its charming and fit for their Master. He smiles at her idea. “Maybe in another life. I’d like to see the world. Outside Japan, ‘ya know? I bet it’s big.”

“Bigger than anything,” she replies smiling wider. “I would like to travel as well. We could do it after this. Yes, I think we can. It’s a promise.”

Maybe in another life, they would travel the world together. It’s hard not to believe in her, despite how offhandedly she promised it to him. Next to breathing life to him, Mutsunokami is sure his Master can do anything. She holds the future, after all.

Past Meets Present

At long last, the one shot requested by @ilovesesshomarusama, who wanted to know how Sesshoumaru would react to hot dogs. So here is my take on that, hope you enjoy it! ^^

Kagome stood by the well fidgeting nervously. Beside her, Sesshoumaru towered as intimidating as ever, his sharp cold eyes surveying the well house, his nose twitching imperceptibly.

“Uhm,” Kagome said, twisting her hands into the hem of her shirt. “Once we go outside, it’ll be… different.”

“This Sesshoumaru would certainly hope so,” came his haughty reply. “You humans would surely be pitiful if nothing had changed in five centuries.”

Kagome’s temper spiked. Her cheeks flushed but she bit her lip. Infuriating as he might be, having Sesshoumaru following her was bad enough. An angry Sesshoumaru would be potentially lethal.

“Just don’t freak out. Please.”

Sesshoumaru arched one imperious eyebrow contemptuously at her.

Kagome’s shoulders slumped in defeat and she climbed up the stairs, crossed to the door of the well house and slid it open.

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Death was Never Meant to Be Easy

Yesterday morning my aunt lost her battle with cancer so I’ve been feeling all of these different emotions. To help with coping I decided to write this inukag one shot in dedication to her. It turned out a lot longer than intended but either way I hope you like it.

Pairing: Inukag

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3,640

Death wasn’t an unfamiliar enemy in the lives of Kagome and Inuyasha. In fact, when battling Naraku for those two long years, death was seen just about every day. Some days they would stumble upon an entire village razed to the ground, lifeless bodies lying limp in the streets or wherever the demon (and sometimes humans) had discarded them. Other times they themselves had to kill enemies who attacked them. No matter the circumstances it was always an unsightly scene to witness, and half of the time it ended with being covered in demon guts. Right now Kagome would have taken being covered in a pool of slimy, stinking guts than face reality.

Her heart felt like it was tearing itself apart in her chest as the miko sobbed into red cloth, her tears darkening the color. “It’s not fair! It’s not fair!” She cried out, releasing her pain in the form of anger. “He shouldn’t have…h-he can’t be-” her shouts morphed into another round of heart wrenching cries.

“I’m so sorry, Kagome,” Sango told her friend in a soft voice, her own eyes beginning to pool with tears that she refused to shed. “He wouldn’t want you to feel this way, you know that better than anyone.”

Kagome pulled her face out of the fire rat skin long enough to cast a misdirected glare at the brunette. “No, he’s not,” she snapped in a harsh tone, her voice slightly hoarse from her constant cries. “He should still be here.”

Sango flinched slightly but continued. “He’s no longer in pain. We can be grateful for that much at least.”

The grieving woman went to answer with a sharp retort but the hand that rubbed her back appeared to calm her slightly. “Oh, InuYasha…” she whimpered, burying her face into his chest.

“I know, I know, Kagome,” the half demon murmured soothingly into her ear, having not let go of her since they heard the devastating news. It happened when Inuyasha had passed through the well to pick up more ramen at his wife’s request. He had stopped into the Higurashi household to see how everyone was doing (he knew Kagome would ask) when the sounds of crying filled his sensitive ears. He rushed in only to find out that Kagome’s grandfather had passed away that morning. Ramen forgotten, the hanyou awkwardly patted his mother and brother in laws head and brought them over a fresh box of tissues before bolting back to the feudal era to reluctantly give his wife the news. Obviously she wasn’t taking it very well.

“Kagome, please stop crying,” her husband whined not unlike a dog. He kept one arm wrapped securely around her waist while the other shifted from stroking her hair to rubbing circles in her back.

“I-I can’t help it! Grandpa is gone and…and I didn’t even get to say goodbye,” the dark haired girl whimpered, fisting her fingers into his robe tighter.
Inuyasha breathed out through his nose. He knew she’d be emotional but this still took him off guard. The half demon could handle almost anything, including cynical demons but Kagome crying, that was a whole new level of difficult! “He knew you cared for him even if you didn’t get to say your final farewells. You had no way of knowing.” His lips planted a soft kiss to the side of her head, hoping the small gesture of affection would calm her slightly. Unfortunately it did nothing to appease the grief stricken woman.

Kagome let out another cry, pulling away from him slightly so that she could rub her eyes with the long sleeves of her robe.  “Grandpa will never get to meet…” she couldn’t even finish her sentence as she broke into another fit of tears.

“He’ll get to meet her, I swear,” Inuyasha murmured, watching his wife give him a confused look. “Even if your Grandfather is no longer part of this world physically, he will always watch over you. So because of that he will be able to meet her,” he finished, resting his palm on the soft swell of her stomach.

“Do you really believe that, Inuyasha?” The priestess sniffled, her eyes turning towards her abdomen. She wasn’t far along and just began to show but her loose clothes hid that small bump of her tummy. Her pregnancy hormones definitely weren’t helping her in this moment one bit.

“I really do, Kagome,” Inuyasha kept his hand on her stomach where his child grew just beneath his fingertips and rested his forehead against hers, tan skin clashing with creamy white. Her eyes closed but he kept his own open, staring at her beautiful face covered with tears. In that moment his heart ached to see her bright smile again. Someone as wonderful and kind hearted as her never deserved to be so upset. Death wasn’t something he could slay with the sword of his father’s fang. Only Sesshomaru could and even those powers were limited. With her grandfather so old it was likely that if they did manage to convince Sesshomaru he would die soon after from another illness. The whole having to travel through time also posed a bit of a problem.

Her soft request brought him out of his thoughts. “Can you come with me to the future…so that I can say goodbye?”

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Sparring Lessons

Game of Thrones Season 7 Countdown Day 1

Believe it or not, this was only supposed to be a list of headcanons but that’s not what happened. Also written very late at night which is not typically what I try to do but the words kept coming. 

Jonerys, obviously

Up until she saw the first wight, Dany had never given a thought to ever needing to learn self defense. From a young age she was taught that sword fighting was for men; women had other weapons to get ahead in the world. Yes, she’d seen amazing women who could handle a bow and arrow or a sword as easily as a man could but it wasn’t something she was particularly interested in. Jorah, Grey Worm, and Daario (and Ser Barristan, while he had lived) fought her battles on the battlefield while she made alliances behind closed doors before a roaring fire. She trusted her Queensguard with her life and trusted them to defend her should the need arise. 

But when she saw the wight she wasn’t thinking about her Queensguard. When it looked at her for the first time and she saw death in its eyes she didn’t wait for one of her Unsullied to slit its putrefying throat. They seemed miles away-and she felt alone and trapped with this nauseating creature that she was sure would kill her as soon as she turned her back. 

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Hard Mode

Lloyd loved his friends, really. But sometimes he just wished that they would… fight a little smarter? It also didn’t help when the enemies they fought against were actual cheaters.

(Or, a personal experience in playing TOS’ hard mode).

Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Characters: Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Raine Sage, Zelos Wilder, Sheena Fujibayashi
Rating: G
Mirror Links: AO3, FF.net
Notes: A while ago, me and my boyfriend played the Steam version of Tales of Symphonia on hard, and then I remembered how dumb the A.I. was. (guess who we played?) The trick is to just have Raine on a shortcut, at all times. Forever.

Lloyd didn’t understand why Raine had the urge to go near the enemy after every spell she cast.

“Professor!” He ran towards the chimera that she was heading for, trying his best to block its next attack before it could strike his teacher. Raine went over to its side to hit it over the head with her staff, giving no heed to Lloyd. “Do you need to do that? I’ve got it handled.”

“I need to get back my mana, Lloyd. This is the option available to me.”

Lloyd shoved the chimera away with a final slash to ensure its defeat. “Just use an orange gel!”

“Well, Lloyd, as long as you do your job of diverting its attention well, it should be no problem.”

Colette floated up to them once the last enemy was done with, leaving trails of pink sparkles in her flight. “It’s okay, Lloyd. We beat them!”

“Yeah, I guess…” Still, he wished he didn’t have to rush back and forth to make sure no one hit their spell casters, especially when a spell caster went up to their front lines. “You did good, Colette.”


To their side, they heard a groan. There was Genis lying on the ground, kendama lying uselessly along with him.

“What happened to him?” Lloyd asked. Raine was already rushing over.

Colette looked morose. “I guess he must have gotten hit by one of the monsters when he went in.”

A wave of irritation went through Lloyd. Must have been a Sage thing to just go to the frontlines and not learn to stay back…

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Samurai jack season 5 episode 6

Last nights episode was awesome ! This in my opinion has to be the best season of the whole series, because genndy does it again by blowing us away with another great episode. It’s starts off how the preview starts with the zeppelin flying past a dense forest, and we see ashi looking down from it no doubt thinking of jack and where he went.
Then we see two hooded figures which as expected were the woolies in disguise, talking about how she was aku’s bounty hunter and they were sure it was her. They try to catch her which she easily dodges, say they will not let her hurt the samurai of Ashi is confused but tells them she doesn’t intend to hurt them she just wants to find them because she believes he’s in trouble (he definitely was lol) and they proceed to ask her if she’s a friend of his.
That’s when they finally reveal themselves and tell her the story about how jack save them and their people from slavery, which see an awesome flashback of Jack Kickin ass. Of course this shows ashi that jack has also been a good person, and once she finds out from the captain that Jack was last seen over the area that they were flying over, she thanks them for telling there story and proceeds to jump from the zeppelin and free falls in to the forest below…badass moment.
Now this part confused me because she uses a kusarigama to slow down her fall, which was awesome but where did she get a new one ?!? I know it’s not important but her last one broke lol
Then we find out scaramouche is still alive…he’s just a head but still alive lol so as we expected he decides to go tell a girl that Jack has lost his sword.
Moving on, ashi safety lands into the forest and comes across Beetle drones that have been attacked and sees three figures approaching her distance and fires and arrows at her (a pretty damn strong arrow I might add, it pierced through a goddamn tree 😱) asking if she’s a minion of aku they suggest she’d run but if she’s another then reveal herself. Of course she asked the same question to them as well and they lead her to there village they’ve built, which as a pretty awesome monument of jack. They process to tell her the story on how jack saved their lives and destroyed they evil in the well (which is revealed was Akus doing which I don’t think was established but was implied in the past) then she thanks them for telling their story and moves of to finding him.
We go back to scaramouche where he is board a ship and hitches a ride from a rather… peculiar looking person, we get a funny moment of him saying “woah what a freak, looked like a talking penis” still dying from that 😂
Then we go back to Ashi where she here’s a strange noise coming from the woods which we find out are the ravers jack has saved from aku’s evil DJ. We get an insanely cute moment of Ashi dancing with all of them and having fun I might add, she thanks them for telling their story and leaves. Now we come to a part in the episode where it takes a completely dark turn where Ashi is looking down at a pool of water and gets a flashback of when she was a child and the mother forces them to jump in a pit of hot ashes NAKED saying aku is one with the darkness and so should we and pushes ashi in…..now it dawns on me..she’s been naked the entire time ! And that wasn’t an outfit she had on, it was ashes that was almost permanently seared to her skin 😨….I really, really, REEEEALLY want the high priestess to get her ass kicked or worse because that was brutal and uncalled for.
So then she jumps into the pool of water and proceeds to take rocks and starts rubbing them against her skin and removes the ashes which takes the entire night understandably, then we get a rather….sexy shot of her coming out of the water with a behind the back shot through the waterfall… I got one thing to say that…DAMN THEM CURVES 😍❤️
And we see her wet her hair and let dry naturally, realizing she’s still naked of course she makes a new outfit out of the foliage around her and we get a pretty nice shot of her and her new attire. She’s so damn pretty ! She reminds me of a forest goddess or something. The whole scene is of her being reborn as a new person and leaving the past behind her.
And then we go back to Scaramouche where he spots a telephone both on the boat and decide to make a collect call to aku, however he can’t hear him because the dog people are talking too loud (also nice Easter egg of modeling one of them after Astro from the Jetsons) so of course he starts talking shit and thinks he could just go back in and tell aku what’s going on. Of course that doesn’t happen and the dogs throw him overboard forcing him to find another way to get to aku.
Then we cut back to Ashi that where she stumbles upon a bar thats owned by a very familiar face. We find out it’s actually Sam-moo-rai ! And they continue to tell her that Jack is the toughest “S.O.B around” and we get a random and surprising encounter from an old villain demongo ! Who has returned (after being crushed by aku) to look for the souls of powerful warriors but moves on because he sees he’s in the wrong place.
After seeing she wasn’t getting anywhere with them she moves on and finds a short mysterious women (which reminds me of an owl lol) asking if she’s looking for the samurai and tells her to follow A certain path to find him then disappears and ashi rushes off to find him.
Now, who the hell was that ?! I’m really curious, maybe will find out in a future episode ?
Then as ashi follows the path we see the environment and ambience change instantly as she realizes she May or may not be in the realm of the dead or some kind as she comes across a graveyard and fines Jack and sees that something is clearly wrong and the mysterious Warrior on horseback appears again saying “you may witness but may not proceed any further” she of course replies witness what ? “The end” as the Warriors of the past gather around jack who has a sword in front of him as he lifts the up Ashi’s eyes widen when she realizes he’s about to commit seppuku (A ritual in which a samurai kills him self with a sword because he has now honor left) and begs him to stop. Of course the horseman objects and tells her that “it doesn’t concern her and that there is no hope” but she tries to get through to Jack by telling him that he save the lives of countless people and has inspired them. Then we get some pretty emotional dialogue from her saying how he helped her see the light and made her more than what she was and I hope he gave her saved her life… not going to lie it actually made me tear up a bit and I was kind of expecting her to say “and I love you” in the middle of all that but…. hey there still future episodes for her to say it lol
She eventually reveals to him that the children they saved we’re alive and didn’t die, The horseman fed up with her talking goes to attack her but is then blocked by Jack who has snapped back to reality and defend her by seemingly getting rid of the horseman. Once the Warriors the past realize it wasn’t his time the immediately disappeared. Then we get a cute moment with the two where Jack looks behind him and complements Ashi on her hair and dress and she smiles ❤️ I’ll take it as a romance thing ! lol
Then she asks what’s next and Jack says it’s time to finally get his sword back 🤘🏻✊🏻😆

This was a great episode and really wouldn’t be surprised if Ashi’s feelings towards Jack grows and it she realizes she loves him. I’m sure he’ll take Jack a little longer for him to develop feelings but it’ll ultimately happen I believe 😋👍🏻

The pacing of the episode was really good and the return of all the characters from the previous seasons was heartwarming to see even if one of them was demongo lol
Then we get the preview of the next episode which looks like Jack is going through a spiritual journey to get a sword back while Ashi watches over him. Then we see there is an army approaching and she says where do you think you’re going ? and one of the guy says of the mountain to kill the samurai what it to you ? I’m like… dude really of all the things to say in front of Jack’s future wife your gunna say that ? That’s basically asking for your own funeral lol
Then we get a pretty sweet shot of her sucker punching one of them in the face, I’m over here like
“Fuck yea ! Protect your man ashi !”
It’s still unclear whether or not my prediction will be right or not about them kissing in the next episode, I’m hoping they do. What do I do predict though is well Ashi is fending off the army Jack will get his sword back and fight side-by-side with her.

Goddamn I know the episode was last night but damn I want next Saturday to come already lmao The show is literally what is been getting me through each week of work.

So what did you guys think of the episode last night ?

anonymous asked:

i'm really sorry idk why i'm sending this but i'm really sad about robb tonight? and idk if u have any favourite HAPPY facts or headcanons about him that u wouldn't mind sharing maybe? bc i feel like all the content for him on here is red wedding related and that's bumming me out lmao!! if not that's ok :))


You never have to apologize for sending me an ask, and especially not a Robb-related one. I love and miss him so much, too. And you’re right, most of the content is always sad and/or Red Wedding-related. And there is more to Robb than just the way he… died. So yes, absolutely :)) 

I’m gonna separate modern AU and canon universe headcanons, because I have some for both!


  • while in Winterfell, Robb always played games with his younger siblings, mostly to entertain them, but also because he loved spending time with them and feeling a bit less like the future Lord and more like just Robb 
  • he is the sibling to always break up fights and make sure that everyone is okay - not only because he’s the eldest, but also because he’s pretty level-headed and good in a crisis (in this case, crisis means food in Sansa’s hair)
  • Robb’s actual name is Robert, but no one ever uses it for him because a) he’s nothing like King Robert b) it’s too formal and he is just a lot more like a “Robb” than a Robert 
  • he loves to go riding in the woods, and while he loves doing so with his siblings and Theon, he sometimes likes to go all on his own, just to enjoy the quiet
  • he is completely unaware of the fact that some of the young women (and Jeyne Poole) working at Winterfell have a bit of a crush on him, like he has no idea
  • he always manages to cheer his siblings up. he cheers Jon up when he’s called a bastard, he listens to Sansa sob about the sad romance tale she just read, he encourages Arya to do the things she likes instead of the things Septa Mordane insists upon her doing, he encourages Bran with his dreams of being a knight, he carries Rickon around Winterfell, entertaining the little one when he’s bored - and he even listens in when Theon (on very rare occasions) talks about the Iron Islands in a more of a longing kind of way instead of the usual boasting
  • he likes going hawking with Ned, because it’s one of the few occasions on which he actually gets to spend alone time with his father, and they always talk for hours about this and that
  • his favorite thing about being King in the North is not the glory, or the fame, or anything else like that. he loves that he can feel like he’s a part of something, like the men around him trust him and respect him. Robb’s always been very big on loyalty and trust, and he feels that among his troops
  • while at the beginning of his march to save Ned, he tried to keep his (gorgeous) curls at bay somehow, after Ned’s death he just gave up on that and let that beautiful hair do what it will
  • even though he knows that great swords like Ice are very valuable and important to a family name, he never craved Ice for himself, because he recognizes that the weapon isn’t any better than the man wielding it 
  • while Robb has his social side, he also has the quiet side to him, and because of that, sometimes all he wants is to get away from the noise and messiness of being around his men, and to just sit by himself for hours 
  • he likes going into the Godswood, not only because he believes in the Old Gods, but also because it’s something he learned from Ned, and after his passing, it’s something that makes him feel closer to his father
  • ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he fantasized about how it would be: how he could teach the child to walk, to ride horses, to be a good man - or a good woman, he really wouldn’t mind either one 
  • and to end this list of headcanons, he never went to the Twins that night and lived happily ever after, just as he deserved.


  • Robb never got the fuss about taking selfies - he enjoys taking pics of other people, scenery, food, Grey Wind etc a lot more
  • some say he got into the best college because of his parents’ connections, but it’s just because he’s a smarticle who worked harder than anyone else
  • he doesn’t mind drinking, he does it with Jon and Theon every now and then, but even when he gets smashed, he sort of maintains this politeness and never does anything he might later regret (if you don’t count accidentally stumbling into the Stark house at night and knocking over one of Cat’s vases)
  • he often goes jogging in the woods behind the Stark mansion with Grey Wind
  • he loves snow, and often convinces Jon to build a snowman with him whenever there’s enough snow for it - and he likes snowball fights even more
  • when he got his first apartment, he was so excited about getting his own set of keys that Arya decides to play a trick on him and hid the keys for two days 
  • even though continuing the family business (in my headcanon, it’s a lawfirm) had always been something that was sort of expected of Robb, he actually, genuinely wants to be a lawyer and to build the Stark company even further
  • he reads a lot, he’s read most classics, but he also really likes scifi and fantasy books
  • he has an insanely contagious laugh, you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you see him happy
  • Robb really likes men’s fashion and is always well-dressed and dapper
  • he is always nervous on a first date, but luckily for him, always comes off as very adorable while being so
  • he’s a lot more shy than you’d assume 
  • he’s not the best at cooking/baking but he’s determined to get better, and often cooks with his parents and/or Sansa and Bran
  • when he, Jon and Theon go to a party, he (or Jon) is usually the designated driver
  • his apartment is usually clean, that is, until Grey Wind decides it’s a little too clean and runs around a bit, knocking down this and that
  • he always accidentally spoils his favorite shows for himself by innocently googling stuff
  • he takes a lot of notes during lectures, and his hands are always messy with the ink afterwards
  • he is just happy, okay, just as he deserves!!

wow, okay, that’s enough for now! :D thank you SO MUCH for asking, coming up with these made my day <33