he's the one who s supposed to stop her

so in the books at least, voldemort has a protective spell around nagini to stop anyone murdering her, until he kills harry, at which point he releases it as he figures she’s not in any danger

under the assumption, i suppose, that harry was the only one who knew about the horcruxes and that nobody else would want to kill him if harry wasn’t in the picture?

like, this guy does not understand the concepts of friendship and group loyalty at all, does he.

your eyes looked like coming home

adrien and marinette, ten years later 

(or the high school reunion au that literally no one else wanted but me bc i am a whiny child


He can’t stop staring at her.

Which is a problem, because every time he so much as catches a glimpse of the navy blue skirt of her dress, Nino’s words play themselves over in his head, taunting him about his past ten years of obliviousness.

Look, he and Marinette started on the wrong foot, okay? How was he supposed to know that she didn’t actually dislike him, but had a crush on him?

He wasn’t, period.

But the gir- the woman who’s wildly gesticulating as she talks about something with Mlle. Bustier isn’t the Marinette that smiles bashfully at him in his memories; there’s something about her, about the way she holds herself, that’s changed. Eyeing her less subtly, Adrien finds that the room seems somehow smaller around her, like Marinette is too much to contain anymore.

The thought stretches his lips in a dopey grin, and even though it’s been seven years since the last time he saw Plagg, the lingering bad luck (or perhaps his own distraction) causes him to spill a little of his drink on his -thankfully black- shirt. It’s then that he manages to tear his gaze away from his old classmate to embarrassedly go find a napkin.

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Peace Amongst The Noise (Part 2-Joker’s POV)

The noise. It never stops. But living in Gotham you’d think one would get used to the noise. But not that kind of noise. Not sirens or shouting or gunshots, but rather the constant noise in his head. Almost like a deafening static that JUST. NEVER. ENDS. But it can be turned down…


Harleen Quinzel. That pretty little doctor who thought she was so smart. He never counted on her being a challenge. It was never supposed to get this far. She was never supposed to know what she knows now…

She seems to be the only thing that can turn down the noise. Her voice, her touch… Was there a name for something like her? Could she even be simplified enough for that?


That’s not important. There’s too much to do tomorrow. No time for distractions. Just go to sleep

But how could one sleep with that noise? He knew he couldn’t, so he gave in; wrapping his arm around her waist. The feeling of relief washed over him as he felt her fingers tracing the tattoos on his skin. She knows every line by heart. The noise gets quieter as she presses her soft lips against his forehead; her hand running through his hair. Her touch is so delicate and caring, which to him is so…. incredibly unfamiliar.

Gotham’s nightly soundtrack still raged on, but things were quiet now….


If having her for himself is an anomaly of the universe, an injustice made to all those who deserve more than Peter Pan does, he’ll turn his head away from the stars, back into the darkness that granted him his wish. Her love for him isn’t a reward – he deserves none, and never has. It’s an irregularity, something that wasn’t supposed to happen. But he’ll stop questioning it, and simply let her love him. - birdsandmirrors - [insp.]

”Test subjects aren’t supposed to bite their superiors.

Test subjects aren’t supposed to be treated like this, either.

Treated like what? Treated like they’re inferior? He’s treating her like this because she is, because she’s maddening and infuriating and refusing to do what’s been asked—

She’s not because you’re barking mad and—

No, he’s not, he’s not, who are you to judge anyway, you’re just this stupid voice, small and insignificant andannoying—

You’re a bloody moron if you can’t see—

Stop, shut up, shut up, he is NOT a moron, shut up and go away, no one asked you, no one invited you, no one wanted your bloody opinion—

This is wrong, this is horrible, this is—

This is fine.”

Mister Self Detruct by Vargrimar

I realized I never drew the other MSD!Wheats. So I rectified that since I’m free this weekend to draw~   ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Rage Anon

Prompt:  I had one of my units (I think it was either Hinoka or Selena) with a 89% hit chance plus a 27% crit chance and IT FUCKING MISSES. Then the enemy has a 23% hit chance with a 1% crit chance and the enemy GETS THE CRIT and she got killed… Can I request headcanons from the Nohrian royals if they played Awakening or Fates in an AU where video games exist and this happens to them?

Notes: I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS. It happened to Ryoma all the time my game and it’s like ???? No stop.


○ He just kinda freezes and his brow starts twitching

○ Probs sasses the game like ‘I suppose cowards are known for cheating.’

○ Doesn’t even get mad at the character who died what a gentleman

○ Doubles up next time he attacks that unit just in case

○ Literally yells one of his crit lines when he kills that enemy


○ Angry aura appears and she grips her ds so hard anyone around is afraid she might break it

○ Totally targets that unit next round. She just tanks through so she can go in and kill them

○ Overkill to the max. Uses her strongest unit and their strongest weapon to take the enemy out even if they’re not tough at all. (like a 40 damage hit on an enemy with 7hp left kinda deal.)

○ Considers that enemy unit an actual enemy of her like ‘this is what happens to people who get in my way.’ She took it way too seriously.

○ Is extremely happy and satisfied when she does manage to take down the unit - especially if she gets a crit.


○ Is the most angry out of all the royals

○ Straight up starts to rage rant at one of his retainers

○ Also rants about the mathematical element of probability because he’s so mad like he is three seconds from calculating exact numbers and turning it into a fraction in its lowest form

○ Replays the level immediately.

○ The same thing happens to him again and he rage quits RIP Leo


○ Makes the poutiest face ever

○ Effie gets worried because of the way Elise is just kinda staring at her DS and asks if she needs help. Arthur tries to offer assistance but probably trips

○ Her retainers make her laugh and Elise gets over it pretty fast

○ If she’s been playing for a while it’ll probably be enough to get her to take a break though

○ Crits galore for her next round she just gets super fortunate

Kidnapped *void Stiles

Requested. requests are open. 

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Grabbed my hand and pushed me down
Took the words right out my mouth

Can anybody hear me? Am I talking to myself?
Saying, “Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it.”
He’s saying, “Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it.”

It was a short walk, from the small town’s grocer store to your house. Maybe five minutes tops. It was suppose to be a simple trip, key word: Suppose.

You screamed in terror as Stiles, your boyfriend, held a tight grip around your mouth, your arms and legs going wild. “Don’t worry Dove, don’t worry.” He repeated, being unfazed by what he was doing. “Don’t worry Y/n.”

Soon the screaming stopped, your body finally passing out do to lack of air. Nobody saw the demon who took over the sheriff’s son place his girlfriend in the blue jeep. No one saw her fighting for air. It was all unseen.

“Well, well, well,” Stiles began, looking down at you as you fluttered your eyes open. You looked around, you were tied to a chair, only one light keeping the sealed room you were in bright. “Look whose awake. You know,” He began, squatting down in front of you. “You were out so long I thought I must have killed you.” You couldn’t help but glare at him. “Which, in my eyes wouldn’t be such a bad thing.”

“Who the hell are you?” You shouted at him. You knew this couldn’t be Stiles. Stiles would never hurt anyone, even a fly. Only people who hurt the flies. 

‘Stiles’ laughed, his voice coming out dark and sinister. “You can call me Nogitsune.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” You knew you had to stay calm. Scott had lectured, and lectured that if a wolf knew you were scared, you are dead. 

“Because Dove,” He smiled, you had to fight the urge to punch him in his smug smile. “Stiles and the McCall pack care about you. And I just can’t wait to see them suffer.”

okay, let’s just stop for a while and imagine this!!! muse a is from a well-off family and she gets everything that she wants but never really the acknowledgement of her parents because they were too busy with her overachiever older sister so she does this thing where she smokes during dinner, goes home late while she’s pissed drunk, etc, etc. one night, she met this guy, muse b, two years older than her, he’s working at this cafe where she was supposed to meet her boyfriend who stood her up. she was upset over something and decided why not talk to this guy who doesn’t even know me! so they talked, then exchanged numbers, send cutie messages to each other, talk on the phone until it’s midnight. i just want this thing, you know, maybe they eventually got together and she brought him to family dinner and her parents insulted him thinking that he wasn’t enough for their daughter but they don’t see how she changed because of him, she doesn’t go out that much anymore, she gets high grades and shit, he was just the first person to make her feel loved and they want to take it away from her so this is where the secret meetings in the park happens, lying about going out with friends when she was meeting him. 

I just hope Misha won’t read all those hateful comments...

And if he will then I hope he will remember that most people in this fandom are normal, mature and mentally sane, who appreciate his work on set and respect everything he is doing for other people. 

I am from Europe so I could not join the YANA campaign, but as a person who always supports every kind of social movement and who works as a volunteer in her spare time, I know how difficult it is to get people to care and help disinterestedly. 

We live in a corrupted world, where everything is about money and “what-will-I-get-out-of-this” attitude. We came to this point where random kindness and humanity must be encouraged, because it’s not common as it’s supposed to be. It’s just sad. 

Misha on the other hand is one of those, who will always stop and help. He was homeless a handful of times, probably have lost a lot, we know he used to self harm, but he moved on, got successful, and kept helping others. Apparently, he was supposed to kill himself on the spot, because becoming friends with Jensen and Jared is just unacceptable… 

If he’ll ever read all those hateful and totally not true comments about himself, I hope he will also read one of these posts. Not necessarily mine, but he deserves to know he is a wonderful and beautiful human being and a couple of brainless, childish rats don’t really matter :)

So, Misha & normal part of the SPN fandom: 

She’s leaving and you can’t stop her. If you try and stop her you’ll never forgive yourself for being the one who held her back, you’re supposed to let her go experience the world while she’s still so young, you’d be selfish to stop her.“ I knew what he was saying was true, I just didn’t want to hear it, I didn’t want her to go, I loved her. "This is her life, her choices, she didn’t pick you this time, she’s letting you go. Stop being so bitter towards her for leaving you behind and respect her decision, enjoy the time that you have left with her. Don’t spend the rest of your time being mad at each other. Stop being stupid, she loves you too, but right now she needs to go into the world without you. Let her grow up, let her find herself, and then she will come back to you.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #123

French Kiss AU, Part I - manip by me, fic by lala-kate

This wasn’t the plan.

But there’s softness of her dress, how it whispers across his skin like silken magic, how the swell of her hips mold into his as if the two of them were crafted from the same slab of marble. Then there are the contours of her breasts, the faint flush of her cheeks, the small mole on her neck just beneath her left ear, one he is certain must be a mark of immortality, one he imagines tastes like honey and burns like wildfire. She isn’t supposed to affect him like this, reducing him to the status of a beggar staring at a feast he’s forbidden to sample, one that makes his mouth water, his palms sweat and his mouth empty save for an aftertaste of soot and ashes.

Who is the goddess now?

The words had tumbled from his lips before he’d had the sense to stop them when she’d walked out of the bathroom wearing that blue dress, her hair drifting just past her shoulders, her legs bare and perfect, her neck begging for his lips. But it had been her eyes that had done it—how they’d rounded when the texture of his words brushed her cheek, making her smile just so, enlisting him as her servant for the rest of his life.

Their bodies merge together, taking up a dance neither of them will remember initiating but will press into their memories for reasons of their own. It is a dance that will change everything. But for now, it feels like an end.

He’d used her. He’d followed her from Paris to The Cote d’Azur. He’d poked fun at her determination to track down the fiancée who’d dropped her for another woman and force him to see reason. But now he loves her…more than a thief such as he should be allowed to love a woman.  And far more than a woman such as she could ever love him back.


Her voice brushes his heartstrings, thrumming a melody reserved for her alone, one composed of modes both major and minor, a tune his soul can already sing by heart. His hands slide down to the curve of her backside, careful to keep them from straying any lower, even though his fingers now throb from the stifled need to explore her landscapes and memorize her terrain. Her nipples pebble against his chest, and her soft intake of air ensnares him with cords of silver, binding him to her in a fashion she cannot see.


Her eyes hold him captive, her mouth guides his fate, the beat of her heart insistently commanding him to do her bidding, even if it means releasing her into the arms of another man. It takes all of his self-control not to press his mouth onto hers and devour her body and soul.

“Do you…?”

She pauses. So does his heart.


They stand nose to nose, breath to breath, her lips parted and inviting, his heart unwrapped and exposed. He swallows, so does she, and he leans in closer, as close as she’ll let him, and she meets him halfway until he swears he can feel her pulse. Her breath warms his cheek, feathers against his ear, speeds through muscle and bone, igniting a fire that consumes him everywhere at once.

“Do you really think Daniel will want me back?”

He breaks open and collapses yet somehow stays on his feet, swaying with her to the music as his heart unravels around his ankles.

“Of course. How can he resist?”

He thinks she should smile at this. But she doesn’t.

“And you? What do you think?”

He opens his mouth and shuts it again, trying to breathe, trying to think, trying to collect enough moisture in his mouth to formulate an answer.

“I think you’re stunning,” he manages, nearly choking on his honesty. “In every way.”

Does she know, he wonders, when she freezes in his arms? Does she pity him for loving her when she wants another man? Does she sense she is both his life and his ruin, that he’d follow her to hell and back  simply for the chance to hold her like this the rest of the night?

“Well, then,” she hums, averting her eyes from his. “How can I lose?”

“You won’t,” he whispers, bringing her palm to his lips, pouring everything he feels into a mere brush across her skin. “I’ll make certain of that.”

She’s staring at him, and he knows he must either step away or press her to the wall and kiss her with everything he has.

Who is he kidding?  She’d run and never look back.

“I’ll take care of Zelena,” he continues, forcing a smile he hopes looks genuine. “She’ll be feeling hurt, jealous when Daniel realizes his mistake and chooses you over her.” He swallows down images that taste bitter. “And I will…I will comfort her.”

Her face scrunches into itself.

“Don’t look too pleased with your assignment,” she states. “I wouldn’t want you to do anything too unpleasant.” He can’t read her then, hoping what he sees in her eyes is jealousy, resigned to the fact that it’s reserved for another man. A man who doesn’t deserve her, he thinks with more than a fair amount of bitterness. After all, what man in his right mind would walk away from Regina Mills?

“I do it for you,” he assures her. “So you can win back your Daniel. So you can be queen of the castle again.”

She sighs and lays her head on his shoulder. He shatters into a thousand pieces.

How can let her go, this woman he met by chance on a plane, this woman who called him out for using her to smuggle a vine through customs, this woman who knows he stole a necklace to finance a childhood dream fading into oblivion, this woman who for some reason let him join her on a journey he’d once found laughable and childish?

It’s now a journey that burns in his gut and makes him want to scream. It’s a journey that will ultimately taker her away from him forever.

“Just hold me,” she whispers, her hands now colder than they should be. He collects those icy fingers, encompassing them one by one, knowing the imprints from this last dance in the dark will only deepen when he finally has to let her go.

Many thanks to Laura for this lovely prompt! We will have a part 2 coming out soon so be on the look out!


It is THE MOST ADORABLE MANGA/ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN AND IT’S ONLY THREE EPISODES! It’s about a really big guy named Gouda Takeo who is supposed to be ugly and no one likes him and all the girls he falls for like his handsome friend Sunakawa Makoto. He meets this girl named Rinko Yamato on a bus when a guy tries to grope her and he stops him. It’s so romantic and adorable and sweet and hnng my heart! 

This is Takeo

this is Yamato

and this is Makoto

It gets really cute because Takeo thinks she, like all other girls in the past, like Makoto instead of him so he tries to pair them together but later finds out that she really liked him all along. 


You know what I love?

[.gifs by @fandoms-trump-real-life]

Immediately after Daryl says, “You’d do the same thing”, Glenn’s response is, “What are we supposed to tell Carol?”. Not only is Glenn acknowledging that Daryl has a special relationship with Carol, not only is he acknowledging that she means a lot to him and not only is he thinking that the mention of her might convince Daryl to change his mind (which is also on Glenn’s part, to me, acknowledging that Daryl and Carol are more than friends but anyway)…

Glenn is also responding to Daryl’s comment. (In my opinion, at least) Glenn is putting himself in that situation, thinking of that one person who would stop him from leaving with a blood family member – Maggie. 

So then he thinks of the one person who, he believes, might stop Daryl from leaving. And the fact that’s it’s Carol means that Glenn sees that there is something more between them. And that is still important.

based off of this. somewhat?

          the nerve he had to dangle another girl in front of her while they were supposed to be out together. clubbing was their usual thing, their go-to activity because he was the one who never wanted to do anything else. why does carmen go along with it? she loves him, it’s as simple as that. but, this was too much. as her eyes meet the two on the dance floor ( clearly doing more than just dancing with each other ), carmen’s own dancing falls to a stop and chocolate hues suddenly darken, even with all the flashing lights strobing above. once her gaze meets her boyfriend’s own, his next action causes her to almost break down in the middle of the room –– a smirk. he knows what he’s doing, and he knows she’s hurting. soon enough, the brunette is forcing a sob to stay lodged in the back of her throat as she navigates through the crowd to start tugging on her best friend’s arm. ❛ can you take me home? please? ❜ her voice, while almost inaudible against the loud music, is shaky and wavering with every syllable that comes out while she clenches her jaw. ❛ i know i said i had a ride, but i don’t anymore and i just really want to go home. ❜

Don't stop (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompt: Reader joined the Avengers 2 years ago. Steve always liked her. One day he couldn’t take it anymore so he confess his love during a mission

Today was supposed to be your day off. Everyone would sit next to the fireplace even arguing about who’s going to sit next to the big Christmas tree and who next to the fireplace. Wanda often wins. She used her magic to keep everyone away from her favorite sit. Not today. As you were ready to make drinks for the team , Nick Fury wanted every member for one mission. It must be hard. Usually three or five of you went. It only took you a moment to wear your suit and take a sit to the quinjet. You sitted next your friend Steve.

“Hey” You whispered to him. You knew that whispering something to his ear drove him crazy. You liked him. He was perfect in all ways. Handsome, kind, funny.

“Hi ” he whispered back to you. Well that drove you even crazier.“ you look really hot on your new suit. ” he continued. You couldn’t help but blush.

“You don’t look too bad yourself ” You smiled at him. You didn’t know what to say then.

When you reached the point you grabbed your weapons and run outside. You were split in two teams so you can end faster. You led a team followed by clint, sam, James, wanda, Tony and Pietro while Steve got the others. You and your team did good job so you went to help the others. Steve was trying to reach the quinjet. He had injuired quite badly. You grabbed him and dragged him inside but before you could he stopped you.

“Y/n wait! ”

“What is it? Are you hurt?”

“No I just wanted to tell you something ”

“Ok then go on. ”

“Moments like these made me regret some things I didn’t do from a long time ago. I’ve seen you hurt and you me. I was to shy to tell you all these things I feel for you! I- i like you Y/n! More than friends. ” he stopped talking and caught you to a kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his hand travelled down your body stopping at your hips. He pulled back making sure that he’s not putting you in pressure.

“Don’t Stop Rogers, I love you ” You said and continue your actions. You didn’t care by the sound of explosions around you. You were with who you loved.

No but does anyone else remember when Bonnie Bennett had the most glorious interactions with Kai Parker and they kept making eyes at each other and they had so much chemistry it was literally awkward and they were stuck together in 1994 and Kai opened up to Bonnie about his family because he was totally crushing on her but then he stabbed her and left her to die but then he got a conscience and Bonnie came back from the Prison World traumatised and Kai needed to see her because he couldn’t stop thinking about her and then he apologised for hurting her and he was the only one who understood what she’d gone through in 1994 but then Bonnie tricked him to coming to Lily’s Prison World and she stabbed him and left him to die even though he helped them and I literally cried but there was still a glimmer of hope that the ship would sail because TVD is supposed to be a show about redemption and forgiveness against all odds and we were promised a Bonnie love interest in season 6 and Chris Wood and Kat Graham shipped Bonkai so much that they were literally gunning for it at conventions but Julie Plague ruined all of Kai’s beautiful development and killed him because I think about this a lot

Are we going to find out who "A" is?

I find it odd that in the 2 minute preview where “Charles” is about to jump off the roof, no one is shouting their real name?!

For example, Ali is supposed to know who it really is… I know “Charles” is supposed to be their name but surely they’d be calling him/her by the name that they know them by.

If it is Wren, he was once a part of Spencer’s family, surely she’d be screaming his name to stop him jumping?

I don’t know but that scene just looks fishy and it just reminds me of the other frustrating scene at the end of season 4 when he jumped off the roof in New York.

Seth Rollins allegedly cheated on his fiancé.
Was she mature about it: If we are to believe her Facebook, no.

Was she justified: if we believe her Facebook, yes.

Tumblr does this weird thing where they will defend women to an inch of their lives…until it has something to do with one of their borderline unhealthy obsessions with certain males.

For the WWE fandom, it’s the Shield members.

It’s incredibly ironic.

If the messages he sent were real, and he talked about her that way, a woman he was supposed to marry, then I say anything goes. And, please stop being dramatic, he’ll be fine. He’s main eventing RAW as I type this.

The other woman’s career is most likely over before it even began, but Rollins will be a champion, just like Cena, and almost at least half of the roster who’s private dirty dealings became public.

So stop with your moaning that he’s going to be sidelined. He’s not.

I'm So sorry:: Shosh
  • Josh: Josh pounded the steering wheel as he sat in the Starbucks parking lot. He had just left Ashley's house and was in his way home when he needed a second to recoup. If Summer wouldn't have started to cry, would he have actually fucked Ashley right there on the kitchen counter? What was there to stop him? And did he feel bad? Of course he did! He felt awful. How could he do this to Shay? He loved her so much. What was he supposed to do now? Leave his fiance for his ex wife? The one who cheated the one who left him on the day their daughter was born? "Fuck!" He screamed as he slammed on the dashboard. After about twenty minutes, josh decided he was calm enough to head home. He walked in the front door and took a deep breath. "Shay? Baby where are you?" He called out softly, just in case Sawyer was asleep.