he's the one he imagines spending his entire life with

Okay. This comic is great because it shows a lot of ups and downs for various characters, but naturally I’m going to hone in on McCree:

(Not to ignore Sombra being there; I’m fucking thrilled Reaper’s new star student is tailing his old one).

But. Let’s just talk about Jesse. Obviously we’re getting the most hamfisted visual cue imaginable that McCree is sad. The dude’s alone in a bar on Christmas, black-out drunk. Not generally how people spend their holiday.

Fanon has collectively painted McCree as an easy-going doofus, but if you think about it he has to be one of the most miserable, down-trodden heroes in the Overwatch setting. By the age of eighteen all of his major life choices were decided for him. From his conscription to just a few years before Overwatch collapsed his entire existence was Blackwatch. In ten+ years he didn’t venture beyond that. Being a Blackwatch agent was all he ever amounted to, and it was the only good he’d ever accomplished. It was his home and his family. It was the cornerstone of his entire identity. Through it, he thought he’d made up for the mistakes of his adolescence.

Turns out that even his “redemption” was rotten. Anything positive he ever did was washed under the tidal wave of public condemnation for all the wrongs, the manipulations, and the secrets. He can’t even look back on the years he spent atoning with Overwatch and feel proud of it, because everywhere he goes the debate still is whether or not the U.N.’s peacekeeping force was ever anything but a means for the corrupt to hold power. If they’re right, what is Jesse McCree but a man who’s never done anything but fire his gun for the bad guys?

The worst part is McCree is stuck in purgatory. Responsibly, he can’t answer Winston’s recall. This new incarnation of Overwatch is going to have a hard enough time overcoming global criticism and the failures of their predecessors – failings like those of McCree himself. If they want to win back public support then they can’t afford to be taking in wanted fugitives, least of all the former protege of Gabriel Reyes. The best thing McCree can do for them is stay the fuck away. In the meantime he’s got nothing going on save for thwarting occasional robberies and the odd train rescue here and there. He’s got no one he can count on without dragging them into his troubles with the law. There’s nowhere for him to rest his head. He doesn’t even have an identity beyond a “not good, not bad” mercenary who’s simply adrift. 

So here we have one Jesse McCree, drinking himself stupid on Christmas because he’s fucking lonely and he can’t go home. 

Preference: How he kisses you

A/N: hey y'all, I haven’t posted in ages and I feel terrible so here you go. Enjoy! And I’m gonna try to come back so please keep requesting!

Dean has spend his entire life being a Leader; Dominant in a sense. So when he kisses you, It’s slow and passionate. It feels good to finally get some affection from somebody. His childhood was spend experiencing beatings and abuse from his father, which is why he kisses you to calm himself down. He will let you do the work, your tongues moving in perfect harmony in one another’s mouths, and your hands trailing everywhere, trying to feel every inch of his body. You, knowing his past, want to make him feel loved, which he appreciates immensely. When you finish, even if it leads to something more, you will both relax and cuddle into each other, your head on his chest with your fingers tracing up and down the veins on his arms, and his arms wrapped around your waist and his face buried in your hair, wondering how he ever got so lucky.

Sam: It was rare for a make-out session to remain just that. Contrary to Dean, Sam was hungry, rough and demanding with his kisses, them rarely being localized to your mouth. His childhood was spend being a nerd, an outcast, so when he kisses you he feels like it is finally his chance to be in charge. Your hands would trail up his chest in an attempt to wrap them around his neck, but he would quickly grab them and pull them above your head, pinning you to the nearest solid surface. Not that you minded, of course. Afterwards, both your lips would be red raw, as would your necks and jaw lines. As hungry as Sam was when making out with you, he always made sure to cuddle with you afterwards, likely giving you a massage or gently playing with your hair while you fell asleep against his solid frame.

Castiel: When you two had first started dating, he was new to earth. His kisses were apprehensive and short. You two didn’t properly make out until a few months into your relationship, which of course you initiated (although Cas had no hesitation to comply). Knowing your situation, Dean had given Cas some..ahem… “Educational Videos” to watch, which the angel took no hesitation in applying. He was rough yet passionate, climbing on top of you and running his rough hands all over your body, up your shirt slightly and back down your thighs. He would separate your lips to kiss your jaw and nibble lightly on your ear, before hovering above you, biting his lip. “What?” You would say, afraid there was something wrong. “Nothing,” he would reply, “You’re just so damn gorgeous…”

Single Father-Liam Payne Imagine

Bringing a child into the world is a wonderful feeling. Usually, hopefully, you’re having a child with someone you truly love and want a family with. Someone who you know will be a wonderful parent to their child. Liam had found his one, the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. That was you.

The two of you had married into your 20’s, getting pregnant only a year or so later. The two of you were over the moon when you found out you were expecting. He had been so caring throughout the entire pregnancy. He dealt with the mood swings, the cravings, the pains, and whatever else came with the pregnancy. He was wonderful. You were lucky and you knew it.

When you had your little girl, the two of you had fell in love right on the spot. Seeing her big brown eyes lit up your world. Her smile was identical to his. Yet she was a splitting image of you. The three of you were a wonderful little family, perfect if one would say.

But that all ended when they lost you in a tragic accident. For days, he cried, he couldn’t look at her without being reminded of you. He was heartbroken, he felt like he had lost everything. It took a lot of scolding from plenty of people before he realized that he was in the wrong. He couldn’t push his little girl away, she was all he had left of you.

The day of your funeral, he had finally held her for the first time in days. She brought tears to his eyes, but her smile it brought him back. He held her and cried, from that day on he wouldn’t go long without checking on her. He was always constantly making sure she was alright. He was taking care of her the best was her could. He was a great father.

At three years old, she had taken a liking to ballet and begged her dad to let her dance. The glimmer in her eyes when she asked had him already looking into dance studio. Every other day, he would drive her to practice and sit on the sidelines. He would watch her dance, she moved so well and she was a quick learner.

At four, she had started going to preschool, she loved it. ‘Daddy, I got another star’ today she would say every time he picked her up. He would give her a high five and if she got a star every day for the whole week, he would treat her out on Friday’s.

They had a steady routine. He still wore his wedding band, never wanting to let go of you. He saw how much of a reflection she was of you.  She held a lot of your aspects in her. She was a splitting image of you, just as she was when she was born.

“Daddy, tell me about mummy,” she smiled, attempting to climb up onto his all too high bed. He laughed as he watched her little legs jump, only to fail her. She grunted a couple times, letting her face mold into a look of frustration. He kept on watched, wondering if she would get it. But eventually, he crawled to where she was and lifted her up, kissing her cheek before setting her down.
By this time, she was almost six.

“What do you wanna know, pumpkin?” He sat back against his headboard, he pushed all his work away from him and set his laptop on the side table. Even when he wasn’t at work, he was working. That came with the territory of being a head holder at a big company. He motioned for her to lay down, opening up his blankets and setting a pillow down for her.

“I want to know all about her,” she giggled, making him chuckle as he laid down next to her. He opened up his arm and automatically she was moving to get closer to her.

“She was a great person, baby. She gave me you and I couldn’t be more thankful. She was pretty, really pretty, and just like you. She liked to talk a lot, she always made me smile with her never-ending stories. She loved go out and do the weirdest things, our dates weren’t normal. She made me very happy.” He was smiling, thinking about you as he always did.

“Where is mummy, daddy?” she asked, her eyes closed like she was ready to sleep.

“She’s with the angels, darling. She’s watching over you, always. She loved you very much, baby.” By the time he stopped talking, her breathing had steadied, indicating that she had fell asleep on him. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her cheek, whispering an ‘I love you’ before shutting his own eyes.

It was tough, raising her on his own, but he did it. He had help for his parents as well as yours. He had nights where they took her, so that he could have some alone time. Those times were hard for him, but he knew he needed it. As she got older, things only got tougher.

Into her early teenage years, he struggled, but he knew that it was a phase. She became less dependent on him, but he knew that she would always need him. He tried his best to raise her, but sometimes she needed a woman to help her with certain things. So that’s where his and your sister’s would step in.

Eventually, he had met someone new, but she was nothing compared to you. He learned to love again, though he had fought himself on it for so long. Your daughter, she accepted it because she knew that he had to move on and be happy. She knew that he had loved you and that he always would. She had given her stamp of approval and that’s all he could ask for.

Yet every day, he was continuously reminded of you through her. She was the legacy you left behind, the one who would never allow him to forget you. He loved the both of you to the moon.

He was the best father, the best he could be. 

I tried.

Finding the One

Soul mates was such a cliché idea. Dean never for a moment bought into the idea of it. He spent his years enjoying the time he spent with people but he never found himself falling in love with someone. There had been many relationships, many people that he was happy to be there for, but he hadn’t found someone that made his entire world shift. So for the first thirty years of his life he believed that one day he’d settle with someone that he wouldn’t mind spending every day with, if he even settled down at all.

Sam had married Jessica. When Dean asked, he was told that they were hopelessly in love. Sam stated that he could never imagine a world without her by his side. In some parts of his mind Dean was jealous, but others he thought his brother was simply caught up in the moment of being loved.

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