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I don’t play by the rules

Pairing: Peter parker x Stark! reader

Summary: Peter Parker falls hard for the new girl, and while he can’t do anything about it a certain masked hero might.

 word count: 2135

y/bf/n= Your best friend’s name

warnings: slight makeout? 


sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, hope you enjoy it! Please tell me what you thought about it! :) 


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It happened on a Tuesday. A regular day you might say, however it was the day everything changed for Peter Parker. There he was on his chemistry class thinking it was just another boring class, another wasted hour, at least he thought that until the door opened, revealing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Standing in front of the class was Y/n Stark. Everybody knew who you were, your dad was Iron man, for God sake! You came in the classroom with a designer outfit and bag that was probably more expensive than Peter’s whole wardrobe.

Peter continued to watch you as the teacher told you to seat right at the front of the class. Not only were you a really pretty girl, with the brightest smile and the kindest eyes, but you also had to be very intelligent, since this was the Chemistry AP class. Well of course she is intelligent dumbass! Her father is Tony Stark! She has obviously been in his labs before!

After that first time he saw you everything went downhill. He could never gather the courage to talk to you, let alone ask you out, so he settled for watching you from afar. She probably thinks I’m a creeper, Peter thought, however he couldn’t bring himself to care. He could watch as your smile got bigger when someone told you a joke, and how your eyes will get particularly bright whenever you got a good grade at math. He didn’t care about anything else.

Not long after your arrival to the school he got his so-called “stark internship”,  or his role as Spiderman. This didn’t change much for him. He was still a nerd loser and you were still  a popular girl that was way out of his league.

“Seriously dude! how come you’ve never even said a word to her?” Ned asked Peter as they made their way into the gym.

“Is not that easy Ned! She doesn’t even know I exist!”

“But you are like, totally in love with Y/!” Peter quickly muffled Ned’s mouth, stopping the boy from saying anything else.

“Geez Ned! Don’t you want to shout it to the world?!” Peter started lowering his hand and headed towards the group of people exercising. “You can’t just go around saying that! Someone might hear you!”

“I’m sorry but, like, I still can’t believe it! Don’t you see her everyday? in the, you know, Stark Internship?”

Since Ned found out about Peter being Spider Man he had made questions non-stop, pretty ridiculous questions, if you asked Peter.

“Ned I don’t just hang out at the Avenger’s tower you know? I have to be on the streets! Besides, she is totally off limits I mean! She is Mr. Stark’s daughter! He would kill me if-”

“Shhh- SHhhhhh! Peter listen!”

This time he was the one to shut up as both boys listened to a conversation happening at the bleachers across them. It was Y/n, looking as beautiful as she always did, surrounded by her usual crowd.

“Sooo Y/n, you must be surrounded by all those superheroes at your house right? You know, because of your dad?

“Well not all the time, but yeah, they hang out pretty often” She responded, trying to sound chill about the topic. Not everybody noticed, but Peter knew just how tired she felt about having to talk about his dad and the avengers all the time. None of the people that followed her around really knew her. Yes they knew about her life and her family, but besides that no one seemed to take interest in getting to know her for real.

That was kind of the reason why he prefered to hide his identity. Well, that and the possibility of being kidnapped and killed.

“Are you friends with them?”  “Are they nice?” “Are they hot?” “Is Captain America a real blonde?”

A load of questions were asked at you, however one catched Peter’s attention again.

“Are you friends with spiderman? Do you know who he is?”

“I’ve actually never talked to him, he’s never at the tower when I’m there” she replied shrugging her shoulders. She really was clueless to the hero’s identity.

“Seriously Y/n? Weren’t you supposed to be Spiderman #1 fan?” Y/bf/n asked, as she wiggled her eyebrows at Y/n.

A blush spread to the girl’s cheeks as she smiled shyly. Of course she had a tiny crush with Spider Man (even though she didn’t have a clue of who he was), however he never seemed to hang around the tower as the other Avengers. Maybe he liked being alone.

The conversation was quickly dropped after the coach told them all to get back to work, however Ned was not done.

“Dude! She likes you!” You have to talk to her tonight!”

“She doesn’t like me! She likes Spider Man, not Peter, besides-”

“I swear to God that if you don’t make a move on her tonight I will stop being friends with you! You have to promise me you will try! Deal?


Could it be possible that the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on had a thing for him? Even if it was the suit she was in love with Peter couldn’t stop the smile that crept through his face all day and the knot he felt on his stomach every time he looked at Y/n.

And that is exactly why he found himself later that night ready to go talk to the girl of his dreams. He already knew the crew will be out with Mr Stark in some mission he was not allowed, so that cleared the way for him. And anyways he was always welcomed in the tower, at least that what they always told him.

“You can do this Peter, you got this”

Peter tried to give himself a little of motivation before knocking on your door,however he couldn’t find the strength to raise his hand and knock on it, he felt like a bundle of nerves! None of his previous fights or encounters had him feeling this way, he seriously needed to control himself! Peter tried once again to knock on the door only to be stopped when the door opened completely, revealing Y/n in her pj’s and her glasses, apparently ready to go to bed.

Both teenagers looked at each other with complete shook in the faces, one behind his mask of course. The girl was completely speechless, she couldn’t believe the Spider Man was in front of her! And had seen her in just some sweats! She blushed deeply as she realised her appearance.

Peter tried to think of something, anything to say to her, however he couldn’t seem to find the words. After a long silence Y/n finally broke the silence as she leaned against the door.

“I can’t believe Spider Man is at my door! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The girl was trying to keep it together, however she was still freaking out, but she couldn’t let her stupid crush affect her! This was her chance to get to know him! She could feel her flirtier side creeping up, trying to smile wider and lean closer to the boy.

“Well- I umhh- I just wanted to- you know- visit my favorite Stark” Peter said as he tried to recover from his initial shook.

“Then I guess you are looking for my dad, however he is not around”

“I actually meant you, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time now”

The girl was surprised by what the boy had just said. Did he know her? How come they had never met before?

Y/n started moving inside her bedroom once again, looking over her shoulder to continue “Since I’ve got no plans for tonight you might want to hang for a while, you know, to get to know each other and stuff”

Peter did not need to be told twice before he followed her around and into her room. Well, bedroom was an understatement to what her place really looked liked. It seemed more like a apartment of her own, with a big tv are, followed by what appeared to be her studio with a shit ton of books and finally her actual bed. She went into the couch in front the TV as Peter followed her close behind. She finally seated down facing the boy.

“Why are you here with me right now and not saving the world as usual?”

“Can’t a man take a break every once in awhile? Besides, I’m pretty sure your dad is taking care of that at the moment”

“You are probably right, sooo anyways..You said you had wanted to meet me for a long time, so here I am, what is it that you wanna know?”

“Well nothing in particular- it’s just that- you are- you are a really beautiful girl”

The girl felt herself blush at the words of the boy behind the mask. He probably did have a thing for her then? There was only one way to find out the truth.

Y/n leaned closer to Peter, looking into what she supposed were his eyes and took him by the shoulder as she played with the curls in the back of his head.

“So you think I’m a beautiful girl?” She said with a teasing voice, trying to make the boy a little nervous, obviously succeeding.

“The most gorgeous I’ve meet”

Peter could say this without any hesitation. Right in front of him was the most beautiful girl on earth. Her big eyes were looking at him and she was even closer than before, he was getting kind of nervous, but her fingers in his hair kept him just in place, right where she wanted him.

“So if I’m so beautiful, how come you’ve never paid me a visit before?”

She had started talking in mere whispers, now moving her other hand into his chest, playing with the material of his suit.

“I wanted to!- I totally wanted to but- you know your dad’s rules right? I’m not really allowed to”

She started to lift his mask, revealing only his mouth before saying.

“Well Spider-boy, you should already know I don’t play by my father’s rules”

Right after she finished she crashed her lips into Peter’s making the boy let out a surprised gasp. He was kissing her! They were kissing! He couldn’t believe it!

Meanwhile the girl was feeling exactly the same. She didn’t knew where she got the guts to do it, but she was glad she did.

His fingers sanked  into her hair as they continued kissing, Peter finally out of his trance brought his other hand to the girl’s face and cupped it, deepening the kiss further.

He felt himself biting into the girl’s lips, as a quiet moan escaped her lips. Y/n pulled apart only to straddle his hips with her thighs and roll her hips along the way, giving them both a little of the friction they needed, but not enough.

Peter grabbed her waist trying to pull her closer to him, his hand making their way to her legs, touching and stroking her thighs. They were heavy breathing, kissing longer, harder, rougher. Both teenagers tried to take and taste as much as possible, urgent and desperately, fighting for dominance.

He pulled apart and went straight for her neck, sucking and biting, leaving what would sure become hickeys by the morning. His morning somewhat bored with her long legs moved to her hips once again, before sliding under her t-shirt and holding her closer, moving his hand right under her bra.

The soft whimpers that would leave her mouth every time he bite a specific part kept him going. Another movement yet another time they would feel that friction and that need to pull harder at the other.

Y/n as getting pretty tired of that stupid mask getting in the way, so she pulled apart ready to get it off him, however a noise down the kitchen distracted her. She heard her dad’s voice calling for her! The whole team was there already? How had they missed it?

Peter realised the situation as well  as he quickly pull stood up and headed towards the window.

“I really have to get going, I’m sorry!”

“Will I see you again?”

Peter pulled the girl close to him for one last kiss, a long lingering one. A kiss he had dreamed over and over again.

“Sooner than you think”

With this last words the boy pulled his mask down and disappeared through the window, swinging his way from building to building.

Man! He could not wait to tell Ned the good news!

Because I saw the S13 stills

They don’t talk about it, but Dean knows Sam knows he keeps the coat. He knows because Sam frowned a little after digging Cas’s grave, climbing out of the six-foot deep hole only to find his big brother still cradling the lifeless form of an angel wearing a white shirt and a blue tie in his arms—no coat. But Dean had tears dripping from his nose, and his hand shook as he murmured and pleaded and pushed dark hair away from Cas’s brow, and he asked his brother for “ten more minutes, Sammy. He’s gonna come back, you’ll see. Just give him ten more minutes.” Cas smelled like ozone and books.

Twenty minutes later, Sam Winchester coaxed his brother into burying an Angel of the Lord. (“No Hunter’s funeral. If he’s gonna come back, he needs a body.”) 

So Dean knows that Sam knows. But he’s pretty sure Sam doesn’t know the rest of it. He’s pretty sure that Sam doesn’t know he hasn’t washed the thing, and never will. That when things get really bad, he slips on the coat and buries himself under the covers and imagines Cas spooned up against him like they never got to do but had unspoken agreement of both wanting. He keeps it under his pillow, otherwise. It smells like ozone and books. When they’re on hunts, he packs it in the bottom of his duffle just in case they get a call and need to bring it to a resurrected angel.

After a while, the coat no longer smells like ozone and books.

The first time Dean realizes that, he tosses and turns until it’s four am and he’s wearing the damn thing, sitting on his bed with a half-empty bottle of Jack and praying like Cas is gonna flap down at any moment: “Please, just come back…”

He doesn’t come back.

Not when Dean asks nicely, not when he rages, not when he begs. Nothing happens. And, eventually, Dean Winchester hangs up Castiel’s coat in his closet—a little worse for the wear, now—and only touches it occasionally; when he’s getting clothes, or thinks of something Cas would’ve liked. Eventually, it becomes less about not wanting to live without Castiel, and more about enjoying his memory. Still, he vows never to forget the smell of ozone and books.

Dean is the one who opens the door months later. He’s the one whose knees almost buckle when he sees blue eyes. He’s the one who stumbles forward and practically tackles the other to the ground because he can’t believe it. Who smiles, and cries, and laughs, and buries his face in ozonebookscas. He’s the one who vows to never anything happen to the angel ever again.

“I have your coat,” is the first thing he says.

Castiel’s hands hold tight to where they’re gripping Dean’s plaid over-shirt. He nods, and sniffles, and presses a kiss to light hair. His chest moves in staccato, overwhelmed breaths. Dean thinks it’s the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

“Thank you,” Cas eventually answers.

coffee in the morning ;

“I could do that,” he states a minute later, and he nods his heads a few times as if it’s some sort of confirmation as he mulls it over, and you look at him like you’re confused.

“Do what?” You question, and he blinks at you.

“Be your boyfriend,” he says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and it makes your heart beat a bit faster.

“You mean fake boyfriend.”


Harry and Y/N work at a coffee shop and he’s never been a good actor

12k+, fluff, smut, ripping of panties mid-fuck, and just a dash of angst

OKAAAY SO, i’ve been dead around here because i’ve been working on this for a few days now! special shoutout to @mermaidsonships for letting me yell about apple (that’s what we named the girlie in this amongst our texts) and harry as well as bounce ideas off of u! i love u sister! i’ve got a fixation of fake bf harry + harry being rly teasing so if u combine those 2 things u get this big mess of a thing! i hope u enjoy!

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In which Harry is a stripper…

3943 words / Mature

The boy who delivered our drinks was only wearing a flimsy, black apron, which was tied carefully around his waist. With the tray perfectly balanced upon the palm of his hand, he began to pass our drinks out, a huge grin on his face, and his cock just inches from my face.
I turned to the rest of the girls with wide eyes.

“Special occasion?” He asked, a thick Irish accent.

“I’m getting married!” The bride to be piped up, as smug as ever.

“Congratulations!” He beamed. “Sad to see you off the market, Gorgeous.”

All the girls sat around our table let out almighty giggles, swooning and fanning themselves, whereas I was too busy trying not to turn back in his direction and stare at his groin. I figured he was used to it in his line of work, but it still felt a little intrusive.

“What’s your name?” Katie barked at him.

“Niall.” He replied. “I’ll be your waiter for the evening. You need anything, just give me a shout.”

“What about your number?”

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The most important Voltron meta I’ve written:

Shiro: Dog person. Big friendly dogs are the best but there is no such thing as a bad dog. Bury him alive in puppies.

Lance: Dogs and cats are equally good, he will probably say he is more of a cat person because he doesn’t want to make Blue think she’s not his favorite.

Pidge: Dog person, full stop. Cats aren’t bad she’s just allergic to them.

Hunk: Will obstinately talk about lizards every time people bring up dogs vs. cats because he thinks reptiles need more love. Turtles and tortoises are his favorites.

Keith: complete cat person. No social interaction can drag him away from cats. I also feel like he is actually very good at getting along with cats. Has possibly never been scratched in his life, like a very selective Disney Princess.

Allura: Very confused by this whole thing, has to be introduced to Earth animals and the entire concept of dog people and cat people. She probably decides on “dog person” out of those options because she finds out about borzoi and they’re the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. In practice, though, she loves birds. Cockatoos and the big macaws especially.

Coran: See Allura, I have no idea how or why he would find out what they are but I feel like he would adamantly decide on horses as his favorite animal and refuse to choose anything about cats or dogs.

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Making a pillow fort and watching star wars with Peter headcanons?

tHIS is my new favorite idea EVER. it’s a little short but hope it works :)

  • peter being super excited when you agree to come over and watch star wars with him
  • because let’s face it, you and star wars were his two all time favorite things 
  • him running around the apartment anxiously for a good 2 hours before you came over trying to tidy the place up as fast as he can
  • worrying about if there were enough blankets and pillows even though he’s gotten every single one in sight of the apartment
  • him realizing about 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be there that he forgot snacks 
  • him calling ned in a panic to go get you guys food 
  • you running into ned in the elevator as he’s coming back with armfuls of food 
  • “heyy y/n um i just do peter’s grocery shopping now” 
  • “i’m not going to even ask” 
  • meanwhile peter is still frantically running around the apartment bc he’s now changed his shirt 12 different times 
  • hearing you AND ned come in the front door 
  • “nED wow!!1! what are you doing here? what’s all that f-for? what a s-surprise!” 
  • “oh save it parker i already told her” 
  • peter giving ned the look
  • you giggling because it’s starting to hit you that peter is actually super nervous about all of this 
  • “peter we’ve literally been dating for 7 months you don’t need to still be nervous around me” 
  • ned being kicked out by peter despite ned’s protests that he should be included bc a) he brought the snacks b) sTAr wARS 
  • walking into the living room to see the billion pillows and blankets peter rounded up 
  • “AWW PETER” 
  • him blushing aLOT because he really wanted to do something special for you and is really happy you like it
  • he puts on the first episode of star wars and joins you on the couch immediately snuggling next to you
  • you playing w/ his hair obviously 
  • him shooting up suddenly in the middle of the movie 
  • “PiLLOw fORT” 
  • you nodding quickly at the idea and laughing at his sudden burst of excitement
  • he literally jumps off the couch 
  • grabbing all the pillows and blankets and putting them in a pile 
  • trying to strategize where each one should go 
  • peter trying to use his math and engineering smarts to be very technical about it
  • him using a lot of technical vocab
  • “peter we’re building a fort not a rocket” 
  • “so???”
  • the pillow fort falling and collapsing
  • a lot 
  • “guess your brains aren’t that useful”
  • “hEY :(” 
  • “just kidding i love you” 
  • finally making a somewhat stable fort with him
  • by now the first movie is over
  • crawling inside the fort after putting on the next movie 
  • practically laying on peter whilst cuddling
  • him having trouble focusing on the movie with you literally on top of him 
  • but he can’t help that he keeps stealing glances at you because he still swears you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen 
  • “h-hey y/n, you stole my heart like the rebellion stole the death star plans” 
  • “i’m in love with a nerd”  

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Hey you're princess tutu voltron AU is good and all but does this mean Lance dies?


IMMA FUCKING WRITE UP A DAMN GOOD PLOT, like the ones I’ve seen in some Tutu fanfics.

Read this small fic if you dare:

Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch


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Tending to the Fire, part 5.

I love writing alongside my lifelong bestfriend, @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty​, and I also love that you all have been so excited about this fic. Thank you for all the kind words you have sent us! I have continued with Part 5, from Nesta’s POV. Enjoy. :)
part 1-part 2-part 3-part 4

I sat on his bed, a small, light pink box in my trembling hands.

Earlier that night, the atmosphere around the dinner table was strangely uncomfortable.

Cassian kept looking at me, an emotion that I could not quite grasp brewing in his hazel eyes. I hadn’t spoken to him much the last few weeks, after I snuck out of bed with him just before the sun rose. I hadn’t had the courage to. I think he took it personal, and maybe it was. It was nothing against him, though. He was only ever good to me.

That was the issue.

I was the issue.

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I think everyone just kind of forgot that the bleach concept covers exist and I feel this intense need to give you all the highlights bc y’all are missing out

-Ishida covered chu-bura and it’s the funniest thing bc you can either imagine Ishida jamming out to it on a roof or Sasuke singing in the shower 

-Aizen and Momo covered ichirin no hana and I swear to fucking god Aizen has a screamo portion towards the end

-Zaraki covered tonight, tonight, tonight and he sounds like a metal-head trying not to screech into the mike 

-Mayuri and Nemi covered life is like a boat and it’s actually the sweetest thing ever?? Nemu has the most beautiful voice and Mayuri is surprisingly not creepy at all?? Actually he’s singing in english and it’s p good ngl


-Ulquiorra covered anima rossa and he takes the fucking cake this man’s voice is like sex with this cover ok batboy can cover his notes like hot fudge on a cake


-Grimmjow covered echos and it’s really…really…really hot…like…fuck

-Szayel covered alones and you know it’s really good like what the fuck man the Espada are all insanely good at singing what the fuck kind of undercover boyband are they a part of 


long story short pls make the bleach concept covers relevent again (and also the bleach beat collection bc that shit was WILD)

Things I adore about Changkyun
  • His nickname is ‘cave boyx
  • Always apologises for not being able to communicate well but he’s actually really great at speaking, both Korean and English
  • He’s the ‘hawkeye’ x
  • He said one of his positions in the group is to ‘look old’ x
  • Okay LISTEN, he is so good at rapping. I am not being biased, it’s a fact, he is an amazing rapper and when his mixtape comes out it’ll be straight up fire x
  • He is so funny without even trying x x x
  • Once pretended to grab the sun and eat it x
  • He is actually so good looking omg his visuals needs a separate post of appreciation tbh x x
  • Apparently there’s a hierarchy within the group and he rules them all x
  • He actually takes the best selfies, this boy knows angles x
  • That neck grab thing he does in Stuck PLEASE x x
  • That one time in Right Now where he said he wouldn’t have any facial expressions on the Viking ride, but he ended up having the best expression out of all of them x
  • Just watch this video and pray for him x
  • “Be quiet I’m speaking right now okay?!” x
  • Wonho’s second job is to annoy the crap out of him x
  • He’s the true dance king x
  • Okay his opening of this performance got me so SHOOK, English and Chinese, boy was playing with my feelings x
  • “I’m Wonho who is in charge of being the maknae.” x
  • Okay it wouldn’t be an appreciation of Changkyun without talking about his amazing friendship with Jooheon, ugh it’s so pure and beautiful x x x x
  • When he fell down because he missed his chair and got so embarrassed and just sat on the floor looking over the table omg he is so cute x
  • He actually does rule Monsta X I swear, they all adore him so much x x x
  • He is literally Kihyun’s child x x
  • White looks SO good on him x x
  • He has such a beautiful smile x
  • That one time he wore the Nirvana shirt and his hair was parted in the middle and he was cute all day x x
  • He looks so good with glasses x x
  • His vocals got everyone shook x
  • His version of the Amen special clip was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen, those CAT EARS, that LIP BITE x
  • Not only is he cute af he is SO SEXY it’s insane x x x
  • I live for these pictures of him and Shownu x
  • I love how he’s a fighter, he didn’t let being disliked by the others in No Mercy get him down, instead he used that to prove he belonged there and worked so hard and I am so thankful and so grateful that he made it through.

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All this MJ talk, I really think that "Dirty Diana" would make a great theme for a one shot... I know requests are closed... just sayin'

Harry had finally done it.  His first night of his first solo tour.  It was hard to believe the gig was almost over.  One more song and it would be official, Harry Styles had gone solo.  He reached forward to grab the mic stand, his hands a bit squishy from all the sweat after having been up onstage under hot lights for the last hour.  He licked his lips and opened his mouth, ready to introduce the last song of the night when he saw her.  

She was tucked to the side, almost all the way in back.  Maybe the reason he’d seen her was because she was standing near Jeff but he doubted it.  Harry was shocked he hadn’t seen her before.  Every molecule in his body seemed to be screaming out for her the moment her crystal blue eyes met his.

Time seemed to stop.  The fact that there were 2500 other people in the room seemed a moot point.  This girl…well…this girl was special.

“You alright, Buddy?”  He heard Mitch’s voice in his ear, breaking him from his thoughts.

It seemed that in anticipation for his next introduction the entire room had gone almost silent.  Harry cleared his throat,

“Sorry.  This is Sign of the Times.”

Harry did his usual dancing around but his eyes never wandered far away from hers.  By the end of the song he’d sweat twice as much as he had the entire night and the semi he was sporting underneath his glittery gold pants was getting harder by the moment.

He ran a towel down his sweat soaked face and threw it into the crowd.  He told everyone he loved them before turning and hopping off stage.  He grabbed the water bottle Lou was holding for him, barely even acknowledging her existence as he breezed past her to make his way towards the door where he knew Jeff had been.  He hoped and prayed she’d be there still by the time he got to it.

He flung the door open, quickly reminded that half the venue still hadn’t cleared out when a blood curdling scream greeted him.  Harry was quickly pushed back behind the door as it slammed shut.  Jeff squeezed Harry’s shoulders to get his attention,

“What the hell are you doing?  You wanna die?”

Harry swallowed,

“I saw her.  Did you see her?  She was…she was…mouth watering.”

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The Opposite of Loneliness

Requested: the Reader discovers Reid with a book of social cues/making friends so that he can get her to like him.

(Part II)

Spencer gave her a spare key to his apartment a long time ago, when they first became good friends. Living only a few doors down, she is the one he entrusted to take care of his plants and make sure his fish don’t die while he’s away on a case. He’s been away for a few days when she notices the large package waiting for him at the front desk. The man behind the desk is familiar with their arrangement, and allows her to collect Spencer’s mail for him. Careful not to drop anything, she lets herself in and deposits everything on the coffee table in his living room.

It’s then that she notices the books stacked on the couch, and she can’t help but to look at the covers. Spencer never leaves books out like this. How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less; Emotional Intelligence: Socially Awkward No More; Improve Your Social Skills. The last one really strikes her – Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. Is he lonely? Has he been hurting all this time and she never noticed? Next to the books is a ring of index cards, and though she feels bad snooping, she’s worried about him.

Picking them up, she briefly flips through them, expecting to find tips on making friends, or perhaps insights into his emotions. Instead, his messy handwriting has marked each card with short notes.

The Breakfast Club is a movie from the 80’s, directed by John Hughes, not a restaurant.
The phrase “Challenge Accepted” is from a TV show called How I Met Your Mother.
Tumblr is a website where people create customized blogs, not a cup to mix drinks in.
When she talks about Hamilton, she usually means the musical, not the historical canon.
Taylor Swift is not related to Jonathan Swift. She likes the video of Taylor Swift’s song mixed with the screaming baby goat. It makes her laugh.
Her favorite musician is Regina Spektor. Ode To Divorce always makes her cry – it reminds her of her parents. When it does, she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she does want someone to hold her hand.

That card makes her breath hitch in her throat, and stands paralyzed with them in her hands. Every index card is filled with pop culture references, but what’s more, they’re all her favorite things. One by one she flips through them, scanning for anything else, but they’re all her. He’s been taking notes on all the things she likes so that he’ll understand what she’s saying or what she’s referencing.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” The sound of his voice makes her jump, and she turns to see him standing in the doorway of his bedroom. He’s been home this whole time? He must have gotten back late last night, as he always calls her to let her know when he’s returned. When he realizes what she has in her hands, his eyes grow wide, and his mouth falls open. Horror-stricken. “Wh-what… how did – where did you get that?”

“It was on the couch,” she says softly. In sharp contrast, her heart is beating too loudly, so loud she cannot think. It’s hard to breathe. The only thing she can think to do is flee. “Um – I didn’t think you were home. I brought your mail. I’ll just be going, then.”

She starts towards the door, but just before she can open it, something stops her. That title flashes in her mind – Stop Being Lonely. What will he think if she runs away now? So she turns back to look at him, still rooted to floor in the doorway of his bedroom.

“Those index cards- what are they for?”

The sigh he heaves is so deep it seems he’s exhaled his very spirit. He rests his head in his hands and mumbles, “They’re references to pop culture. Things I wanted to learn.”

Fingers shaking, she glances back down at the stack. White paper covered in his messy, scrawling script. “But these things – they’re all about me.

The tentative statement rests in the air, and her heart beats so loudly as she waits for him to respond.

“Yes,” is all he gives her.


“Because…” Spencer looks up at the ceiling, eyes searching for answer that won’t appear for him, no matter how hard he wills it to be so. “Because I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I want to make friends, and I want to understand people. I’m not good at that.”

The books on the couch tell her as much, and it breaks her heart that he’s so achingly lonely, longing for a connection. Still, it hasn’t answered her question. “But why me? Why only the things I like?” She’s not sure why her voice has fallen so soft, but she feels she is treading lightly, afraid to wake up whatever revelation lies sleeping.

Spencer walks over to her and takes the index cards gently from her hands, setting them aside with the self-help books. He gazes down at her, and never did she think that a single look would be able to take her breath away. All she can focus on is the softness in his eyes and how near he is to her.

“Of all the people I want to understand, you mean the most. When we talk, I want to catch all the references you make to books and music. I want to know what movies make you happy and what movies make you cry. I want to be able to read you, as easily as I can read my favorite stories. I want to feel the opposite of loneliness, but I want to feel it with you.”

Like a broken record, she repeats, “Why me?”

He shakes his head, bemused by all her questions. “It had to be you. It’s always been you. Ever since that first day you came racing up the steps and nearly knocked me over. There was so much life in your eyes, and just by proximity to you I felt more alive. I wanted to feel that away every day. Then that night you fell asleep on my couch after we watched The Breakfast Club, and you told me about your parents, something in my heart changed. You changed me, and I’ve never been one to like change, but it’s different with you. I feel better with you. You make me better.”

The air around them feels heavier and she struggles to breathe it in. There are so many words, so many things to process, and she can’t quite wrap her head around the pieces of the puzzle that are falling into place.

“That can’t be right. I’m not anyone special.” There’s no way that someone like her can have changed someone like him – someone so brilliant, so brave.

He takes half a step closer, and she swears that for a moment, the world stops spinning. “You are the most beautiful person I have ever known.” Briefly, his hand cups her cheek, before he pulls away. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I – I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“You haven’t,” she assures him.

“I know I’m weird, and I’m awkward, and I’m not particularly attractive, but I do care about you. Very much. It’s just that I’ve been alone for so long, and I know that doesn’t exactly help, but…” He’s rambling faster than his brain can keep up with, face red and jaw clenched. Anxious. Scared. It’s then that she realizes he’s bracing himself for what he thinks is going to be an inevitable rejection. Apologizing for allowing himself to feel something for her.

“Spencer,” she says, cutting him off. “You don’t need to explain anything. I understand.” Then, she places one hand on his chest, right over his heart. “And you’re not alone. You’re not, okay? I’m right here. I know you, and I don’t care whether or not you know about John Hughes movies or popular songs. None of that changes how I feel about you.” Though she has to admit, she’s overwhelmed by the gesture. Who else would take the time to keep track of all of the things she loved simply because they wanted to make her happy? There is nobody else on the planet like him. This man before her, he’s nothing short of incredible.

“H-how do you feel, exactly?” he asks. She decides not to justify that with words. Instead she pulls him closer, stands on her toes, and presses her lips to his. Once, soft, for just a heartbeat, before pulling away to meet his eyes. When he doesn’t protest, she moves back in, and he responds in kind, kissing her deeply, passionately. His hand in her hair, her arms around his neck. Nothing is left unsaid in the movements between them.

“I don’t want you to be lonely,” she whispers, when they part. “I want to be with you. I want to be by your side. I’ve wanted that for so long.” When he pulls her into a tight embrace, burying his face in her shoulder, she can feel him trembling. That burden of isolation he’s been bearing for so long has finally been set down. The disbelief and shock overtakes him, and it’s all she can do to hold him as he cries. She’s crying too, and she doesn’t know why – only that there is some empty ache within her that has now been filled, a place she didn’t realize had been hollow before.

With time, the books slowly disappear. The spend some much time enveloped in the opposite of loneliness together, and it’s deliriously blissful. He takes her to meet his team, and she can see how much they love him. How much they care.

He needs no book to tell him how to form deep relationships and meaningful connections. All the connections have been there before him, all along. Waiting for him to realize the love he has for them is not one-sided. Waiting for him to accept the love he is more than worthy of.

And when it’s late and they’re lying side by side, all she can think of is how lucky she is that she is the one who gets to give such love to him. And she is the one who is so loved by him.

No, they aren’t alone anymore. This, this is exactly the opposite. An emotion she cannot name, but knows by heart each time he looks her way.

Beautiful Eyes

summary: after more than a few dates stood you up in a quick two months, you have finally chosen to stay away from anything and everything that involves guys. well, that is, until you meet someone with the most beautiful eyes, which then you decide, maybe one more couldn’t hurt.

genre: tiniest bit of angst and a lotta fluff

a/n: my first scenario !!

* you were walking in the cold, all angry, disappointed and in the mood for some drinks
* sadly there was no bar nearby, so you decided to stay in the local cafe
* it was late but thank god it was still open
* you stood by the large, glass door and hurried in, taking in the nice welcoming warmth and coffee aroma
* you were really happy to be out of the snow and into a nice place that didn’t ruin your freshly made hair or new clothes
* you sat at one of the many empty tables surrounding the inside of the cafe, not doing anything and staring into space
* just a few hours earlier, another guy had stood you up
* guys always kept not showing up and you were so done with their crap
* you hated it all and was thinking over the decisions to just not deal with guys anymore
* you just wanted to be loVED WAS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK
* sadly the world didn’t want anyone to love you
* okay so back to the story
* five minutes later you ordered a drink and just sat there, feeling down because you had always picked the wrong guys to be interested in
* about an hour and a half later, the cafe was about to close and you were on your third cup of orange juice
* when suddenly the door opened with a loud sound, and three guys came in loudly
* you groaned at the sight of the boys and looked away, closing your eyes and punching the bridge of your nose
* “seriously…” you hissed, your mood getting worse and worse by the minute
* finally you just decided to leave the cafe, but as you got up
* bOom
* cRasH
* you ended up running into one of the guys who were now sitting in the table diagonal from you
* you rubbed your head in pain
* “jeez dude, was that really necessary?” you snapped at him
* he looked at you and you looked right back, your breath hitching in your throat
* all your anger disappeared
* my oh my
* was he a living god
* the guy you bumped into had the prettiest eyes you had ever seen, and you couldn’t look away
* THATS how gorgeous they were
* after about thirty seconds passed, you both looked away in embarrassment
* you were staring at his maroon sweater because there was no way you could look back at him again
* your cheeks were so red
* his were starting to tint a bit too
* i’m sorry, i wasn’t looking. my name’s woojin.“ he lightly smiled after regaining his composure
* you groaned, rubbing your head again
* “it’s okay, i’m Y/N.”
* woojin helped you up and picked your bag off the ground
* “are you okay? does it hurt bad?”
* your heart starting beating as he rested his hand in your shoulder, looking at you AGAIN with those beautiful eyes that were filled were concern in the moment
* “yes, i’m fine. thank you.” you carried a small grin
* he brought up a wide smile, and you noticed his cute snaggletooth which made him even more adorable
* after that encounter with woojin, you knew that you wanted to see him more
* but it would be hard, because you only knew of his name, nothing else
* of course, in hopes of seeing woojin there, you went back to the cafe many times
* you didn’t see him at all
* it was like he disappeared
* one day, when you finally felt like giving up on trying to find woojin again, fate had somehow brought you two together once again
* you walked into the cafe, the cashier greeting you as you sat at a nearby table so that you could read your book, enjoy orange juice, and maybe even see the one guy who had stolen your heart with just one look
* as you began to scavenge through your bag for your book, a loud noise of many guys erupted throughout the cafe
* interrupting you, you looked up at the group who had just came in
* your eyes bulged out of their sockets, and your heart started to beat faster and faster
* it was woojin
* you ducked your head into your hands, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath
* okay
* i’m fINE
* that’s what you tried to tell yourself
* you were wondering what to do now because you would nOT let this opportunity go to waste, but you were nervous facing him
* you eventually decided to grow a pair and talk to him face to face
* you stood up from your table, slowing walking towards woojin and the other boys
* as you got closer, you noticed that woojin was wearing the same maroon coloured sweater he wore on the day he bumped into you
* it brought a small smile onto your face, as you approached the group
* all eyes were starting to focus on you, and only woojin seemed to understand when he gasped
* “Y/N?” he asked, mouth slightly agape
* you shyly giggled, “hi, woojin.”
* the boys began to holler, making you, once again, look away in embarrassment
* woojin shook his head, standing up and taking your hand, guiding you outside of the cafe
* “wow Y/N, i didn’t think i’d see you again after we first met.” he laughed
* “me either, i tried looking for you-” you paused, internally face palming because you said something that probably would freak him out
* “what?” he looked at you with an unreadable expression, “you did?”
* your cheeks were heating up again, and it was very noticeable, considering you were surrounded by snow
* “…yeah, i just.. i wanted to see you again, for some reason.” you said quietly, looking anywhere but in his direction
* a large smile dawned onto his face, and he grabbed your hand, intertwining it with his
* “me too, actually.”
* you looked up in surprise, “really?”
* he laughed again, and you swear it was like music to your ears
* “yes, really.” he paused, looking at his shoes
* “Y/N, can i take you out sometime?”
* fast forward to after the date
* woojin did eventually ask you to be his girlfriend, and you happily said yes
* he gives you small pecks, many back hugs, and lots dance lessons (lol)
* your favourite thing to do is stare into his beautiful eyes !!

Bottom Louis Receipts

Before we start I’d just like to say that this is my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me on this. But maybe you will after you read this post..

Let’s start with..

Bending over

always showing his bum off.. 


yeahh… yeaaaaah

I am so thankful.

Let’s continue with..


while he’s with eleanor.. NICE


Louis’ Lovely Bum

This is like the most significant reason 

wow. jus- amazing.


I could go on with this forever

the others are aware that louis has a great arse as well..

nice one!

we’ll come to harry later!

louis also really like to swing his hips..

and he’s very good at it too

yeah boy


this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen



bounce bounce bounce

we get it, louis…


YEAH! I wonder why!

To sum it up:

in France 

He just acts/looks like a bottom sometimes.. Let me show you why.


I could add every picture from his twink phase but the post is already long enough


this twitcam was a gift

all spread out over the boys’ laps, nice

And we can’t forget Louis with men now, can we?

hand on thigh..

thank you.


:) :)))))

everyone loves him


He’s such a child


Now we’re going to involve Harry..

He really likes his ass

Really really likes it..

little bit lower…

I wonder what Harry whispers into his ear

It just fits


he’s really protective over his baby

so gentle :,)

claiming your territory, eh?

pat pat pat

okay louis

sorry -

Soo.. do you still think he bottoms?

yeah.. I don’t think so.

I’m open for all type of comments and suggestions here 

Roman x Reader - I’m Leaving.

Request: “having a fight with Roman because you don’t want to be a trophy anymore, but in fact he loves you a lot.”

First of my request posts, I really enjoyed writing this one and I’m definitely going to complete the others I have waiting in my inbox. Remember if you’ve sent one, I am getting to it. I really enjoyed this and I have another one coming later on that I completed tonight as well. If you have a request, feel free to send it in and then just stay tuned!

Happy reading! Feedback is truly appreciated, that way I know to bother writing more. 

Since the beginning, I always had my concerns about how I would be treated within my relationship with Roman. Of course though, time and time again he reassured me that I would be treated like gold, because that’s what I deserved. But as time has gone on, and Roman has become more comfortable around the likeliness of me leaving, he has begun to compromise the way he treats me. When I realised that Roman seemed to care much less about my feelings and the impact his actions and words had on them, I was distraught. Before the first few times he began to hurt me mentally and emotionally, everything was perfect. I was so sure he was going to follow through with his claims at the beginning of our relationship, so trusting in his promises and commitments that it stopped occurring to me that some day, this might change.

Now I find myself sitting alone in our large bedroom, with my back against the door, crying my eyes out over yet another harsh blow of nasty comments and accusations against me, from none other than Roman. I felt heartbroken, completely and utterly lonely, with no way out and no one to blame but myself. Why did I trust him in the first place, I knew better than to believe a word he said once upon a time, if only I hadn’t given in. He seemed so sincere, but then again it wasn’t unlike Roman to lie in order to get what he wanted and this was not an unknown fact.

For weeks, Roman had been distant. Cold and unlike the Roman I knew, within our relationship anyway. I knew what he was capable of, but I was shocked nonetheless because I never thought he was capable of it with me. He had been telling me I meant nothing to him, telling me he didn’t need me anymore and that I was just a distraction. Reminding me that he could have anyone he wanted and making it obvious that I wasn’t good enough. All of these things would be traumatic for anyone to hear, but I loved Roman, I loved him with all of my heart and soul and I truly thought that this was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with, which made it all the more painful to watch everything come crashing down.

By my door I stayed, having my very own pitty party; my eyes were red and sore, cheeks tear stained and puffy. I was exhausted, both emotionally and physically. I got up, locked the door and made my way in to the bath, hoping that a soak amongst some bubbles and a glass of my favourite red would ease my nerves. I sunk into the hot water and allowed myself to float away, thinking of all the reasons I should stay, but mostly all of the reasons I should go.

My bath was soon interrupted by an obnoxiously aggressive knock on the bedroom door. Deciding not to reply, or even acknowledge the existence of whoever was on the other side of the door, I sunk further in to the bath with my ears under the water, enjoying the sound of nothing but my heartbeat.

Before I knew it I was being pulled out of the water and my daydream by a pair of rough hands, that grabbed at my face and called for my attention. “Y/N! Baby?” a very distressed voice shook me to reality, opening my eyes and looking in to Roman’s concerned eyes, I frowned. “What?” I asked coldly, wondering what the hell he was so worried about, I was only having a bath.

“You weren’t answering me, I came in to apologise and you weren’t responding, you look so pale, what’s wrong?” His face was clouded with worry, as he tilted his head at me and awaited an answer. Don’t get me wrong, Roman truly cared about me usually, but more often than not lately, he certainly wasn’t showing it. I had cried so many tears and lost so much sleep over it all, I had become numb to it, careless even. Losing all concern for my own wellbeing, drifting in to a void of depression and isolation. I stared at him blankly, registering his features, admiring his beautiful face. His lips were parted, his eyes scanning mine for anything that told him what was going on, unsuccessfully, so he asked me once again, “you’re scaring me, please tell me what’s happening? I know you’ve been crying, I can see it in your face, you’re not yourself..” he trailed off, growing more worried as I sat in the bath, his hands still wrapped firmly around my shoulders, keeping me above the water as I sat there, a shell of myself, mulling over in my mind what to say.

“Please, I just want to be alone.” I held eye contact, remaining cold and rigid, immune to all feeling in that moment, completely out of tears and heartache, my body too exhausted to respond like I usually would. “Baby… please.” He trailed off, eyes glazing over, worry stricken features contorting at me, becoming so concerned he could barely cope, never having seen me like this before. I sighed, having only asked once but already losing my patience, more so at the situation as a whole. “Y/N, I’m not leaving this fucking bathroom until you tell me what’s happening here.” A tear fell from his eye, out of stress more than anything else, fear as well, probably. It was a common misconception that Roman was completely exempt from feeling, anything at all for that matter. This was un-true, being with him in the way that I have, I learned quickly that this man was no monster, one just lived inside of him. He loved me, I knew that he did, but his ways of showing it had grown weary and I couldn’t cope with the mental abuse any longer, I just would not and could not survive it, plain and simple.

“Roman..” I began, choosing my words carefully as to not repeat myself, “you and I both know that lately you’ve been treating me horribly. Like a possession, a trophy you’ve won through a game I no longer want to play, that I never wanted to play.” I removed his hands from my shoulders, standing and stepping out of the bath and in to my favourite fluffy white bathrobe. “You have made me mentally and emotionally so exhausted, that I feel it physically. In these past few weeks, months even, I have cried myself to sleep constantly, and that’s if I’m lucky. I truly,” I stopped, choking on sobs as I tried my hardest to remain strong, confident and sure of what I was saying. Although truth be told I’m not sure I was, I was scared to say what I know I needed to, and it was because I knew I needed to that I continued through it. “I truly don’t think, that I can go on like this..” His body went rigid, defensive, as he realised the seriousness of my words. “What are you trying to say Y/N.” He grew angry, I guess because it was one of the only ways he knew to react to something he didn’t like.

“I’m saying that I think I need to leave, you’re poisoning me and I’m so tired, I’m tired Roman, you promised me! You promised me you wouldn’t hurt me, and do you wanna know the kicker? I fucking believed you.” My voice became louder as my anger grew, realising that I tolerated this so much longer than I should have. “Please don’t do this Y/N, please don’t leave me.” He fell back on the bed, losing his balance and sitting with his head in his hands, eyes wide with realisation, knowing exactly what I meant with my words, knowing exactly what he had done. “Baby please, I’m sorry. I should never have treated you the way I have been, I’ve lost myself and all of my progress. All of those things I promised you, I meant them, give me a chance to make it up to you, I swear I’ll never mess up again.”

“How could I trust you now? You have no idea the toll this has taken on me, the things you’ve made me feel..” I cried silently, struggling to keep my voice steady and my eyes clear of tears.

He turned and pulled something from his bedside table, walking to me and dropping to his knees in complete defeat, opening a small velvet box to reveal the most beautiful diamond ring I ever had seen. I covered my mouth in disbelief, more tears than I knew I was capable of creating spilling out over my eyes as I watched the man I loved, completely over come with grief at the thought of me leaving, when he clearly had permanent plans to make me a very big part of his life, for the rest of his life.

“I planned on giving this to you next week, I was still planning how to do it.” He sniffed, wiping his eyes and looking up at me, still on his knee, displaying this ring that was intended for me. “I promise to never make you cry for the wrong reasons again, only ever happy tears or none at all. I promise to treat you like you’re meant to be treated, I promise to uphold what I swore to you before you agreed to be with me. I promise to be yours completely, and you mine. I promise to love you every single second of every day, for the rest of my life, and longer.” He had silent tears leaving his eyes, looking up at me with so much sorrow in them that I couldn’t bear but smile softly at him, hearing his words and feeling my heart grow warm for the first time in what felt like forever. I grabbed his hands and pulled him gently to his feet, securing myself against his chest with my arms around his neck.

He pulled me close, his hands on the bottom of my back, our foreheads against one another’s, enjoying the silence. “I promise to love you, every single second of every day, for the rest of my life, and longer.” I said back, smiling against his lips, kissing them passionately.

“I love you so much Y/N, I’m sorry baby.”
“It’s okay, I’m sorry too. Please just be the person I know you truly are, I love that person and I know you do too.”

He placed the ring on my finger, where it would stay, for the rest of our lives, and longer.  

The proposal that wasn’t -  Prince!Dean x Maid!Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, (Y/N), Sam Winchester (mentioned), Castiel, Mary Winchester (mentioned), John Winchester (mentioned), Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff I guess, nothing too much I think

Reader gender: Neutral

Summary: Prince Dean needs (Y/N)’s help with his proposal speech for Lisa Braeden

Word count: 1145

AN: -

Originally posted by frozen-delight

It was a beautiful day, you had to admit. The sun was shining brightly and there were little to no clouds in the sky. It was warm and maybe a bit too hot to work in the garden, yet that’s exactly where you were. In the garden of the royal family between the roses and trees and other plants. You were watering the flowers and trees, secretly wishing it was you who got some water over your head.

“(Y/N)?” A more than familiar voice called out. Soon your eyes met the bright blue ones. They seemed even more ocean blue in the sun light. “(Y/N), I was send to say that your royal highness wants to talk to you.” Castiel said in his low, monotone voice while he send you the smallest smile.

“Which royal highness, Cas? Prince Dean, prince Sam, king John or queen Mary?” You asked him with the same smile on your lips.

“Prince Dean, he needs your help. That’s what he told me at least.” Cas replied. He took the water can from your hands. You gave him a nod and thanked him before you walked quickly towards the prince’s chambers.

“Your majesty?” You asked softly while you knocked on the door of prince Dean. He opened it, wearing nothing but his pants. Your eyes widened when you saw him and you looked away, knowing it wasn’t respectful to look at the half naked prince. “You needed my help?” You mumbled with your eyes casted to the ground. Of course, he knew what effect he had on you, it was more than clear due to your reddening cheeks. “You can look, (Y/N),” He chuckled and looked around before bringing you into his room. “And that is right indeed, I needed your help,” he admitted. You carefully looked up and nodded slowly, “With what can I help, your majesty?” You asked him, receiving a small smirk from Dean. His green eyes seemed to inspect your (E/C) ones as if he seeked out your soul. “I told you, (Y/N), It’s Dean when we’re alone.” He stated and cupped your cheek with one hand. All too soon he pulled away again and walked towards his closet. He grabbed a few files with pictures and descriptions of different women. That’s right, prince Dean was forced to marry one of those women and he seemed content with it. “You’re a girl, you know what other girls might like,” He began explaining while looking through the files and soon he pulled one form out of it. A beautiful dark haired girl was on the picture and she seemed like a sweet woman, “This is Lisa Braeden, she is the one I’m going to marry,” Dean said and handed you the file, “I was just wondering, what is the best way to ask a girl to marry me, I’ve been thinking and if you don’t mind.. Can I practice on you? Maybe you can give me some tips or correct me or something.” Your cheeks reddened a bit more and you nodded, “Of course your- Dean, Of course Dean.” You said, quickly correcting yourself and taking a deep breath while glancing at the form of what apparantly was Lisa Braeden. The next thing you knew was Dean kneeling down in front of you and pulling out the most beautiful ring. It took everything of you to not smile in happiness, it wasn’t for you after all and it broke your heart.

“My dearest (Y/N),” He began, smiling softly, “You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. From inside and out. You make me the happiest man in the universe and I couldn’t imagine a life without you. So, as you probably guessed, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He asked and you swear, it felt so real. So unbelievably real. I closed your eyes for a few seconds before you spoke, trying to joke a bit, “It’s really sweet, but don’t call her (Y/N), I know we’re practising but don’t call her (Y/N).” You menaged to force out a small chuckle while Dean stood up and kept smiling, “I won’t call Lisa (Y/N), I promise, but what is your answer?” he asked you and raised his eyebrows curiously and a bit nervous if he were to be honest. “I’d say yes but-“ “Good,” Dean interrupted and put the ring on your finger, chuckling softly at your shocked face. Your eyes were wide and you were staring at the beautiful ring on your finger, “Dean.. What are you-“ And yet again he interrupted you, “I love you, (Y/N),” He said while cupping your face to look you in the eye, “More than anything, Lisa means nothing to me, but my parents, well.. My father wants me to marry her.” He explained and sighed, kissing your nose, “My heart belongs to you, as cheesy as it may sound, I’ve always wanted it to be you.” He muttered while putting his forehead against yours. “My mother approved the idea of me asking you to marry me.. And even marry you without my father knowing,” You were too shocked to say anything, your hands flat on his chest, ready to push him away if that were necessary, “Dean.. I’d love to, I love you too, but.. What about the kingdom? Doesn’t that come first?” “My mom said she would take care of it, she is busy making you legally a princess. See, she’s been doing research about your family and it appears your family is from a royal bloodline. Your parents were driven away from your country where they were king and queen. They became citizens in our kindom while someone else took the throne in your original country.” Dean explained and lowered his hands to wrap his arms around your waist, “It’ll be sort out by the time we’re married, I promise you.” He added before he lowered his lips to yours and kissed you passionately. The kiss contained loads of love and even more chemistry. The typical fireworks were being fired and the butterflies were buzzing in your stomach. Too soon you pulled away, your eyes still closed, “But.. Dean-“ “No, sweetheart, I love you, you’re going to be my wife, end of story.” He laughed and hugged you, “I love you so much,” he whispered in your hair.

Your journey started there. The day he married you, he father approved too. You turned out to be the princess he was talking about and you lived a happy life. When John died, Dean followed his father’s footsteps. Though he didn’t force his first born son to marry some random girl, he wanted his kids to grow up with happiness, love. It was the perfect life. And you and Dean Winchester lived that life.

some beautiful things about the episode:
  • sorry but robert’s new blue jacket (which is basically the same as aaron’s black one) (husbands with matching jackets) is one of his cutest looks ever
  • robert wanted his son to have a photo of jack. he wanted him to have something that means a lot to him. in that moment he didn’t care he won’t know his face as long as he knows jack’s. robert had such a bad relationship with him, but still thinks he’s a better option than having himself as a dad?? HE HAS NO IDEA HOW AMAZING HE IS
  • aaron trying to say bye to adam without saying bye. those two have the best friendship and my heart broke into a thousand pieces. 
  • danny and ryan’s phenomenal acting. aaron didn’t even say anything in the scene where he went at robert, he literally just shoved the scan at him and walked away and it was SO DAMN POWERFUL
  • when aaron and adam were at the hospital robert was literally stood waiting right by the door of the mill??? and when aaron walked in he immediately started trying to get even closer to him cos he needed to know he’s ok
  • robert’s so desperate to be with aaron he still tried to convince himself they were leaving for dublin even after everything that happened
  • aaron realising that his mental health needs to come before everything and putting himself first for the first time in his life
  • “you love me and this is ridiculous” “I do love you. I’ll always love you”
  • those boys have been through so much shit but aaron pulling that ring off his finger and robert having to watch and accept it will always be one of the worst. I’ve never seen raw heartbreak like I have on their faces in that moment
  • ryan doesn’t even need to speak for his emotions to show on screen, he’s incredible and his facial expressions are fucking magic I swear
  • that kiss is the most bittersweet thing. the way aaron lingered on his cheek and robert’s face scrunched up like he was in pain. like they both know it was the last time they might ever be happy and get to feel each other’s touch

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summary: you want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her.
warnings: swearing
word count: 1111

There are millions upon millions of nerves in your body, and Bucky Barnes knows exactly how to get onto every single one. He’s gruff, always responding with grunts or annoyed huffs, and never once in the time he’s been here has he smiled at you.

You don’t like him. You really don’t. Or at least, you don’t want to. You shouldn’t. He’s still recovering, and that makes him dangerous. Plus, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t like you. When he’s not busy annoying you, he stays as far away as he can. If you smile at him, he glares in return. If you save his fucking life (a common occurrence given your company), somehow you’re the one at fault. All in all, he’s an asshole during the day.

It’s at night when he drops the act. At 3 a.m., when he’s screaming and thrashing in the room across from yours and you can hear the unguarded pain in his voice and you’re rushing into his room with a gun in your hands – that’s when you can see a part of him that Steve always talks about: the stupid but unbelievably caring jerk that’s always had the Captain’s back. You can tell, from the sheen of sweat on his face and the rapid rise and fall of his chest just how scared he is, and just how goddamn broken he is.

So you sit beside him, watching his white-knuckled grip on the sheets slowly loosen. He sees you, and then his eyes are cast down in shame of being seen in such a vulnerable state. You reach out with your own hand and rest it gently on his shoulder, where the metal meets skin. He flinches, and you almost pull back, but then he relaxes. His breathing calms down until the rise and fall of his chest is steady. He looks at you once again, and then his eyes flutter shut.

It becomes a bit of a rhythm from then on. During the day, it’s all glares and eye-rolls and annoyed grunts between the two of you, but at night Bucky’s crawling under your covers while you’re half asleep or you’re rushing out of bed to go wake him up from another nightmare.

The first time you feel something towards him, it’s in the middle of another stupid argument. He’s finished all your favourite cereal and hasn’t even bother to restock it, and you’re yelling at him at 7 a.m. because now there’s no more fucking cereal and what are you going to eat for breakfast and–

He starts laughing. Like full on, face red from laughing so hard. And you’re angry, because he’s completely ignoring the situation at hand.

(But his laugh is also the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard, and god, you realize you could hear it for the rest of your life and never get bored).

“You’re angry because,” he has to pause, because he’s still laughing. “Because I finished the cereal?”

It’s not that funny. You don’t get why he’s still laughing about it because goddamn yes, you’re angry. So you poke a finger to his chest, “I swear to god Barnes, if you finish my cereal next time–“

Your gaze falls from his eyes to his lips, and you only just take in how close you are to him. He arches an eyebrow, looking down at you, and you can feel his breath on your face. You take a step back, then another, and then you’re pushing your way past him and out the front door.

Bucky doesn’t come to your room that night, and with an uncomfortable pang you realize that you miss his presence.

Three weeks later it’s movie night, and everyone’s piled into the living room with blankets and pillows. Bucky’s there too, stuck sharing the two-seater with you because all the other seats had been taken up, and you can tell he’s not happy about it. His omnipresent scowl is deeper today, and his body is pressed up against his end, leaning as far away from you as he can. He’s back to his usual self – no more laughs since the cereal incident.

(And shit, you’d give anything to hear him laugh again.)

“Can you move over?” It’s low and quiet and you almost don’t hear him over the sound of everybody else talking. You roll your eyes, and pull your feet up on the sofa so that you’re sprawled out and taking up even more space than before. You give Bucky a sickeningly sweet smile, and he huffs in response.

“Why isn’t the movie starting?” Clint asks. Natasha smacks him on the back of the head, then–

“We’re waiting for Bucky’s girlfriend”

Your heart stops, and for a moment you think maybe you’ve heard Steve wrong. Bucky has a girlfriend? The jerk has a girlfriend? Surely it can’t be true. But everyone is looking at Bucky, some in surprise and others with a knowing smirk on their face and suddenly you feel like you’re going to puke and you don’t know if it’s because you’re shocked or jealous.

(Actually, you know exactly why, but you couldn’t dare admit it to yourself).

The doorbell rings and Bucky’s stumbling over his feet and his face is lit up with an expression you’ve never seen on him before. He opens the door and he’s fucking smiling, there’s even a pink blush on his cheek and holy shit, you want him to look at you like that.

He invites her in: a girl with long dark hair and the prettiest eyes and fuck, she’s gorgeous. She’s smiling so bright and so genuinely and the two of them sit down on the ground in front of the sofa, right in front of you, and the movie starts but all you can see is the two of them sitting so close and Bucky letting someone other than you touch his metal arm and fuck, fuck, fuck, you have to leave.

You rush to the nearest bathroom and you can’t breathe and everything is a blur of emotions and oh my god. You throw up.

That night, Bucky’s screams echo through hall but when you get up to wake him up, somebody’s already there, with her hand on Bucky’s shoulder the way you’ve always calmed him down and a smile on her face the way you’ve always smiled at him at 3 a.m. Except this time he’s smiling back and then he leans forward and kisses her.

That night, you go to bed alone and staring up at the ceiling you realize that he wants her, he needs her, but god, you’ll never be her.

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Prompt: What would have happened if Mama Bakkoush hadn't interrupted Yousana's goodbye

Yousef had never met anyone who had managed to make his head a mess. Never. No one had looked at him in a way that had made his stomach turn upside down in a way that still managed to feel good, no on had caught his attention in a way that he forgot what he was doing.  And he had always laughed when people talked about that one person that made their world turn upside down, he had shook his head when people seemed to lose their heads when they fell in love.

Yet deep inside, Yousef had wished that he’d have that someday: that feeling, that ache of heart that still made people love even harder. He didn’t quite understand what it meant, but he had been waiting for that one person to make him feel that type of way, that one person to take his world and make it shift with their presence.

And then Yousef had met Sana, and she had taken his world, made it shift to a whole new direction, sent it reeling, turned it upside down, and Yousef was gone. Yousef was so far gone, so far gone for her. And for the first time in his life he understood why people spoke so powerfully about love - but hell, those words did no justice to the true feeling.

Yousef was looking at her, standing on the deserted street, her face illuminated by the street lights, her smile competiting with the stars above their heads. Even in the twilight of the night, slightly shivering from  the cold, she was beautiful. She was so damn beautiful, and Yousef kept losing his train of thought - everything was disoriented, and nothing seemed to make sense in his head. Yousef took a deep breath and shook his head, embarrassment painted all over his features as Sana smiled in an amused manner. But she understood. She always did.

Fuck.. What was I saying again?” Yousef asked, tugging his hands deeper into the pockets of his jacket.  His eyes were locked on Sana’s, and for a moment he forgot that she was probably expecting for him to actually say something. Yousef cleared his throat.

“Listen, uh,” Yousef started, suddenly finding himself nervously fidgeting with the sleeve of his jacket. Sana raised her eyebrows in a dramatic manner, clearly attempting to pull another smile out of Yousef. The boy chuckled, trying to piece his head back together; he shot his gaze into the sky, to the stars above his head, and closed his eyes. Just words. They’re all out there - just put them into an order that makes sense.

Yousef took a deep breath and moved her gaze back to Sana, forcing his thoughts to stay together. “I like you.”

He blurted the words out; fast, unexpectedly and completely to Sana’s surprise. Yousef could feel his hands shaking slightly, and in an obvious attempt to hide his nervousness he tugged his hands back into his pockets. And it took Sana a few seconds to really hear him; she needed those few seconds to process the words, the meaning.

And then she smiled. “I like you too.”

When Yousef heard Sana say those words, he couldn’t stop the smile that was twitching the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t stop the almost relieved sound that left his lungs with his breath. And for a moment all he did was appreciate the moment, appreciate the girl with the bright eyes who turned Yousef’s world upside down with each of her smiles. And in that moment, Yousef could swear she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“That’s chill,” Yousef eventually blurted out with a smile that curved slightly more to the right, and Sana nodded.

“Yeah, it’s chill.” And right then, looking at him, Sana felt her world shift, too.

The Reunion

Where Harry comes back home and Y/N missed him too much for words.

6 months.

That’s how long it had been since you had seen Harry in person. Of course there were the daily calls, texts and face times. But nothing could ever compare to the feeling of seeing him in person. There was something just so magical about his presence, that it made you crave him every second of the day. Whether that be the loving gaze with which he looked at you, or the glint in his eyes that sparkled with love and pure happiness.

At times, you wondered how you had gotten lucky enough to get someone like him. Someone so pure, so mysteriously beautiful. Someone whom you loved with all of your heart, body and soul. And to think that he loved you back all the very same. Harry had never failed to tell you how much he adored you, how every moment spent together was the best of his life. There was never a dull moment between you two. As spontaneous as you both were, there was always one thing or another to talk about. But even when there wasn’t, the silence was very much treasured, with the both of you dwelling in the comfort of the others’ presence.

It was always hard when he left. A lot of the nights were spent awake, wishing you could be in his arms right then. It was hard for him as well, he knew that you had trouble sleeping alone, and he wanted nothing more than to hold you. But the movie was important, and he knew that you would pretty much kill him if he ditched the shooting and came back home for you.

You had always been appreciative of his career, as he had always been of yours. You were a book writer, one of the best of the time. Harry always asked you where your inspiration came from, and once when you replied with “You”, he couldn’t have been more surprised, yet happier than ever. Honestly, he hadn’t expected to be such an important person in your life that you would actually write about him. But it lit him to the core that the love of his life loved him back just as much as he did.

While he was away for his movie, you had been busy with your own book. But successfully, he had completed his movie just as you had gotten done with your book. The book was about a long distance relationship, which was pretty much inspired from your own, and you couldn’t wait for Harry to read it. He had been working hard for his movie, as well. Considering that it was his first, he tried to put his everything in it. As busy as the both of you were, you never failed to think of the other throughout the day. The usual phone calls may have been reduced on the days that were busier than others, but you still managed to make it work.

Today was the day that he was coming back home and you couldn’t have been happier. He didn’t have to do anything for a couple of months now, and you were the same. The two of you made sure to clear your schedules beforehand, so you could fully enjoy each other’s presence.

The trailer for ‘Dunkirk’ was to be released that day as well. Harry was more than excited for you to see it, as he had raved to you about it many times before. You yourself couldn’t wait, so when you woke up that day with your phone blowing with notifications of people freaking out, your first instinct was to click on the link straight away. The short video absolutely blew you away. The movie seemed so fascinating, and you felt immensely proud that your very own love was in it. You couldn’t help but notice just how good he looked. Needless to say, you were bursting with pride. Just as you were going to call him, your phone dinged with a text message:

Getting on my flight back home, love. Can’t wait to see you!

Of course, you had forgotten about the time zone. However, you felt your heartbeat fasten as you read the text. He was coming back home, back to you. You will be seeing him for the first time in months. The trailer definitely hadn’t helped your patience. After wishing him a safe flight, you decided to clean up the house. That got done soon, and you still had around two hours until his plane would land. Therefore, you settled for watching the trailer again. After watching it endlessly (you just couldn’t get enough), you finally decided to get ready to head out to the airport.

You wanted to look good for him, especially now that you were seeing him after such a long time. You settled with blue jeans and a tank top, with a cardigan above. Setting your hair in its usual waves and applying a little makeup, you were good to go. Taking your phone and keys, you headed out to your car. As you arrived at the airport, you were thankful to see no paparazzi around. You went inside, and soon the announcement came that the plane would land in a couple of minutes.

As the time for Harry to come out neared, you felt your heart racing. You didn’t know why you were so nervous. You had been together for a long time, and had been through this many times before. However, there was always this lingering fear of whether you two could fall back into your usual routine again.

That fear was whisked away as soon as you saw him coming out of the luggage department. He looked as good as ever, with a duffle bag in his hands. You were quick to run towards him, calling out his name. That was enough to grab his attention, and he dropped the bag to the floor as soon as he saw you. Spreading out his arms for you to jump in, he couldn’t have been happier. He had waited so long for this moment that he almost wondered how he had been able to go so long without you. His hold on you was tight, as he cherished your presence.

“I’m guessing you missed me, huh love?” he teasingly said with a smirk. That smirk was soon lost though, as he felt your body trembling, he pulled away to look at the tears streaming down your face, with your eyes shut tight. “Hey now, don’t cry sweetheart. I’m here now, ain’t I? Goin’ nowhere, I promise. Jus’ me an’ you now.” 

You nuzzled your face in his neck, still overwhelmed by the fact that he was actually back. Harry felt his own eyes watering, he had missed you just as much. And to see you crying, that was a sight he couldn’t bear watching. He wanted to see you happy, and he wanted to be the one to make you happy. “Baby, please don’t cry. Wanna see you smile. ‘S been so long, hasn’t it.”  You pulled back to look him in the eyes, as he wiped away your tears. 

“I’m sorry, I just missed you so much, can’t believe you’re actually here. It feels like a dream.” You replied, with a tearful smile. “Wouldn’t do this in a dream now, would I?” he said as he smashed his lips with yours. The kiss was slow and passionate, yet filled with impatience and excitement. Every kiss, it felt like the both of you fell in love once again. And all you prayed was that this feeling between the two of you would never die.

As you two pulled away, there were huge smiles etched upon your faces. You leaned closer to him and whispered, “I saw the trailer, Haz. I’m so proud of you, I can’t explain it in words.” He smiled back as he replied, “Thankyou baby, couldn’t have done it without you.” “I love you”, you said, as you held on to him tightly. The two of you had now resorted to a quieter area of the airport so you could have your reunion in private. “I love you too, pet. Missed yeh so much while I was’ away.”

Soon enough, you two headed for home, your hands were intertwined as you drove home. You could feel his gaze burning into your skin, and you turned to the side to face him. “You’re staring.” You stated the obvious. “I am.” He replied with a smirk. “May I ask why?” you questioned, with a smile on your face. “How about no?” he said, at which you let out a laugh. These playful conversations were one of the most cherished things in your relationship, and you missed them a lot while he was away.

“I swear you only get more beautiful every time I see you.” He complimented. Heat rose to your cheeks at the comment. It was strange how even after all the years of being together, he still had the same effect on you as he had on your first date. “Have you completed your book?” he asked, genuinely interested. “I have, yeah. Just need to get the editing done, but that can wait.” You replied. “I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s amazing.” He replied, ever so appreciative of your work. In reply, you raised his hand to kiss it, as you continued driving to your shared home.

That night, you two lay in bed cuddled into each other, just sharing stories and experiences that you had during the time you were apart. He told you about his movie, while you told him about the ideas that you had for new books. You two snuggled deeper into each other with every word. Secret words and promises were shared in the dark, in the solace of your own home. You both cherished your time together, enjoying the blissful time that you had. You were both so caught up in each other, that time became irrelevant. All you two wanted was to just hold each other tight enough that you would become one. And in that moment, you wished for nothing else than to have the beautiful boy next to you, yours forever.