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Your art is unbelievably breathtaking!!! It inspires me so much and I absolutely adore your art style. Question, would ever make a Solangelo angst comic? And do you ship Klance?

Aahhhh gods thank you so much! Your enthusiasm inspires me too keep going when art seems too hard so really I can’t thank you enough.
Solangelo angst? Geez I imagine all the hard core angst would have happened pre ‘Significant Annoyance’. Will must have been the worlds most tolerant creature to keep up with the pint sized thunderstorm in a bottle that is Nico di Angelo. He was the first male and indeed person to be dating someone that everyone previously thought had a hard crush on Annabeth Chase not the mention the fact that Nico was so freshly (and brutally) pushed out of the closet that he was still tripping over coat hangers. So if I ever did do a Angst Solangelo it would be pre relationship. Thing is that romance is not something I usually get behind, probably cause I’m so utterly bored by seen it shoe horned into every narrative I have presented to me, but I do love fun banter filled friendship and Solangelo felt fun and very intuitive and as a result has been one of the very few romances I gave the time of day. I might also add that it felt like a relationship that was there for the good of the characters rather than for straight up entertainment purposes.
Klance… no, I’ve been asked about it a few times but like I said above, with exception to Solangelo, romance is hard for me. I honestly would love it if there wasn’t a single cannon romance in Voltron and think it would actually be better for the show if romance was left to the head canons of it’s fans. I also see Klance everywhere and I’m honestly tired of seen it. However I will give the Klancers out there hope by saying if it becomes cannon I will be very impressed with that social statement and will do a drawing to show my support, till that day I’m really not interested.
(P.S. Sorry that answer was way too long) 😬

the most upsetting part about the alex and her dad scene was the “i did this for you” line

alex already carries the world on her shoulders, she’s said so. we’ve seen it. when karas hurt, lost, gone, injured, etc. thats on her. when eliza is disappointed for some reason, she takes it all in. when the deo has failed missions, you bet your ass she takes it personally. alex brings the worlds problems and makes them her own.

and now, heres the man, she’s idolized, loved, adored. that is her father, and he is telling her that she is the reason, that millions of aliens are in danger. kara is in danger. her family, her friends, they’re all in danger. because she was blindsided because her father is back, and she was so blindsided that she stood by him, while did this horrible, horrible thing

for her

alex danvers is going to have the deepest regret, and a heavy heart when she hears that they took the alien registry. and you know, if kara, lyra, j’onn, any one and everyone gets hurt? that’s on her.

Baekhyun Appreciation Post

Softest Angel

Charismatic Performer

Passionate Vocalist (just look at those veins)

Absolute Dork

Cutest Bunny

Sweetest Smile

Baekhyun has a presence that can light up the stage. His adorable personality and dorkiness captures the hearts of millions of fans. He loves his fellow members and always appreciates and shower them with love especially Yixing (Baekxing for life!). His great sense of variety and amazing vocals are only a few reasons why he’s so talented. I hope Baekhyun will never lose his beautiful smile and laugh. Let’s give him the love he deserves!  We are one!

-the most beautiful smile in the world-

Produce 101 Episode 8 - My Ranking.

I haven’t done this in two weeks but - OH BOY - do I have a lot to say. 

Here is who I believe should be the top 11: 



3. Kim Jonghyun - I actually don’t have a problem that he was 1st he is talented and he will make an amazing leader 

4.  Kim Samuel - The fact that this boy is not in the top 11 is a fucking travesty of international proportions. He is a fucking gift to the world and y’all are too stupid to see it. 

5. Lee Daehwi - I am glad that people like him again, I think he is sweet and adorable.

6. Park Woojin - Great dancer, great personality, adorable face. 

7. Lee Woojin - At this point a long shot, but I will never give up hope.

8. Lai Guanlin - I know, I know. but at this point he is certain to be in the group and, considering the other talent-less kids that everyone loves he is the most tolerable and on occasion can be kinda adorable.

9. Kim Jaehwan - He is a great vocal and has really good charisma on stage. 

10 Kang Dongho - As much as Mnet try to make him into a beast he is like a cuddly teddy bear, plus i wanna see more interactions with him guanlin and daehwi. 

11. Hwang Minhyun - Great vocal. Talent to spare. 

Other notes - 

I am so glad Takada Kenta made it, I know he won’t get into the top 11 but I am happy to be able to see his cute face for a little longer. On the other hand, I can’t stand that Justin didn’t make it, I held out hope till the very last second but no. I hope he debuts soon so I can support him then. 



  • Those 100,000 fucking votes made basically no difference. 
  • How DARE they cut out so many talented trainees just to show the cute ones. 
  • Jihoon, you are cute and I tolerated you because of that but stop being so greedy to be the center. Give the others a go, they don’t have the luxury of having not one BUT TWO identifiers. 
  • The fact that Daniel dropped from 2nd to 8th actually disgusts me to the core. 
  • The fact that Guanlin is 2nd - is not his fault-  but the voters need to stop, he is not ready. 
  • Also, what has Joo Haknyeon done for people to love him so much. I am racking my mind trying to remember a single moment where he was even slightly above average. Or even when he wasn’t whinging about dropping ranks to someone who would be eliminated. 
  • I just can’t ALSO Samuel deserves so much more.

This show frustrates me so much, and I’ve probably missed a lot of stuff I wanted to say but that is all for now.

The Lego Movie - Sentence Starters
  • "Cover your butt."
  • "Oh, now there's a prophecy."
  • "All this is true, because it rhymes."
  • "That was a great, inspiring legend...that you made up."
  • "Good morning, apartment!"
  • "Ah here it is, the instructions to fit in, have everyone like you, and always be happy!"
  • "Wear clothes. Whoops, almost forgot that one!"
  • "Honey, where are my pants?"
  • "What was I just thinking? Ah, I don't care."
  • "Take everything weird and blow it up!"
  • "Who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get craaazyyyy?!"
  • "...I think I heard a whoosh."
  • "I feel like maybe I should touch that."
  • "So you've never heard of the prophecy?"
  • "I watch a lot of cop shows on TV, isn't there also supposed to be a good cop?!"
  • "That guy's not a criminal mastermind."
  • "We all have something that makes us something, and ____ is...nothing."
  • "Am I gonna die?!"
  • "Yes, we've told him he'll live so he doesn't try to escape, but...we're lying to him."
  • "Come with me if you wanna not die."
  • "What are you, a DJ?"
  • "Darn darn darn, darny, darn!"
  • "Oh my g-o-s-h!"
  • "I'm not sure exactly why you'd bring that up."
  • "I never have any ideas."
  • "Blah blah blah, proper name, place name, backstory stuff."
  • "I think I got it. But just in case... Tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening."
  • "How scary can someone's office be?"
  • "This meeting could run a little bit...deadly."
  • "It makes me just want to pick up whoever's standing closest to me and just throw them through this window!"
  • "All I'm asking for is total perfection!"
  • "Howdy guys! Come sit on me!"
  • "I don't think he's ever had an original thought in his life."
  • "Introducing, the double decker couch! So everyone can watch TV together and be buddies!"
  • "That idea is just the worst."
  • "Your mind is so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place."
  • "I'm dark and brooding too! ...Guys, look! A rainbow!"
  • "Any idea is a good idea! Except the not happy ones."
  • "I know what you're thinking: he is the least qualified person in the world to lead us! And you are right!"
  • "You are so disappointing on so many levels."
  • "This is not how Batman dies!"
  • "Somebody get me some markers! Some construction paper! And some glitter glue!"
  • "I'm here to see...your butt."
  • "You're telling me that you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes in surround sound?"
  • "I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs."
  • "I didn't draw that, is that me exploding?!"
  • "Must be weird. One minute, you're the most special person in the universe. The next, you're nobody!"
  • "Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave you here to die."
  • "So I guess running around and screaming is normal."
  • "You don't know me, but I'm on TV, so you can trust me."
  • "What in the world is that? It's adorable."
  • "Do not eat me!"
  • "Why is the dragon on top of the luxury condo development?"
  • "You don't have to be the bad guy."
  • "He's the hero you deserve."
  • "Everything is awesome!"
Monsta x reacts to you kissing their cheek and run away


Hyungwo would smile so much at you thinking you are the most adorable person on this world!! 


Hoseok would start laughing and screaming “JAGYIA WHERE ARE YOU GOING DONT LEAVE ME LIKE THAT” and then he’d run to you. 


The second when you start running away Minhyuk would run after you. He’d hug you from behind and start kissing your all face.


Kihyun would stare at you running and be like “what is this girl doing???” then he’d laugh at you.


He would judge you so hard. He would wonder why you suddenly kissed him and why you runned away after it. 


Jooheon would giggly like a little girl because of you!! Then he’d scream to you “baby come back i want more kisses!!!”


Like Hyungwon, he’d look at you and judge you hard but then he’d smile a little because he’d thought its funny that you runned away after kissing his cheek.

gifs are not mine!!


// zoey xoxo

Lin-Manuel Miranda seems to be one of the most passionate people in this entire world, and he isn’t ashamed of it. And I absolutely adore that quality. Whether it is about the birth of his child, or the personal ties he threw into In The Heights, or the amount of accurate history in Hamilton, or a quick performance by Kelli O'hara, or the death of a young Broadway star, or practically anything else, Lin-Manuel Miranda means everything he says and feels everything so deeply and genuinely. And he just seems to live his life with an unmatchable passion, and that’s so intriguing. Passionate people are the most complex and wonderful people alive.


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Spencer Reid x Reader

For anon who requested - “ I loved the perfect two and if you would make another one with insecure/nervous reid crushing on reader with whatever other things that you want i would read the hell out of that, I just really enjoy those first stages of falling in love yknow”

Spencer POV

It had been over a year since Y/N had joined the BAU. As hard as I tried I could not for the life of me get her out of mind. I couldn’t read with her lingering in my mind constantly. I would start reading a book but when I saw the words “man goes…”, my mind couldn’t help but wander to mangoes which happened to be Y/N’s favorite fruit. I would go to the coffee shop a block away from my apartment and my eyes would wander to the words “bagel” because they were her favorite breakfast food. She was the one thought that got me through jail. This unattainable woman’s likes and dislikes were etched into my mind and for one of the first times in my life, I hated my eidetic memory.

3rd person POV

Spencer Reid had never been the most confident person in the world, especially when it came to women. He had no clue how to even begin to comprehend his feelings towards Y/N. She was a fellow Doctor of the BAU. After Alex Blake had left she became the new resident linguist. She fit in with the team easily. Penelope adored Y/N for her obsession with colorful pens and highlighters. JJ embraced how Y/N would, regardless of how often JJ told her not to, constantly spoil Henry and Michael. Derek enjoyed Y/N’s love for working out and they often hit the gym together. Rossi gleefully accepted another member at the BAU who carried his love for cooking. Hotch appreciated how Y/N was the team’s resident therapist. She would come over regardless of what hour of the day it was to talk to someone who needed it. She helped the team talk through their feelings which helped everyone put their best foot forward every day. And Spencer, he just loved Y/N. She was there for him on odd nights where nightmares of Hankle would plague him. She was there when he found out his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She was even there when he simply couldn’t get out of bed due to being petrified from the vivid nightmares that brought him back to prison. Y/N was everything to him and he thought he was nothing to her.

While Spencer had been in jail, all he could do was think of Y/N. He thought about the fruity smell of her shampoo. He thought about the floral scent of her perfume. He couldn’t stop thinking about those long nights where he would lay down with his head in her lap. She would comb through his hair while reading a book of his choosing. Although often times he chose her favorite books, simply to see Y/N smile.

Spencer never realized that while he dreamed of her she also pined after him. To Y/N, Spencer was the ultimate man. He was kind, caring, intelligent, loving, and selfless. He was the best human being that Y/N had met. To Y/N, Spencer was a hot cup of tea on a rainy evening. A bubble bath after a cruddy day.

One night, after a pretty horrid child abduction case, Spencer and Y/N were performing their night routine. They were both over at his place and drinking some coffee in a peaceful silence.

Spencer looked over at Y/N. She was wearing her glasses and her hair was in a messy bun. She only had on a massively oversized sweatshirt teasing Spencer with her toned legs. Y/N’s foot fell asleep and as she went to move it she accidentally kicked Spencer causing his coffee to spill on his shirt.

“Shit, I’m so sorry Spence” said Y/N before rushing to his kitchen to grab a towel.

On her way back she saw that Spencer had taken off his shirt and she just gaped at him. She knew that he worked out every now and then but she was in awe of how muscular he was. His defined biceps and back muscles tempting her. She handed Spencer the towel before continuing to gape at him, this time at his abdominal muscles.

“Y/N, what are you looking at?” asked Spencer.

“Uh, nothing. I was just um upset about spilling your coffee” mumbled out Y/N.

“Wait, Y/N. Were you looking at me?” questioned Spencer with a grin plastering his face.

“No. I definitely was not” spitted out Y/N.

“Come on Y/N, don’t lie to me. I’m a certified genius” said Spencer grinning.

“Well, it’s not my fault. You’re fucking gorgeous!” exclaimed Y/N.

“Wait, you’re attracted to me?” asked Spencer.

“So what? You’re attracted to me!” defended Y/N.

“Wha- How. How did you know?” stuttered out Spencer.

“It was obvious Spencer. You would smell me when we hugged. You actually hugged me. You would come up with excuses to see me. I just wanted you to build up the courage to tell me yourself. You’re so amazing and I wanted you to see how amazing you are” said Y/N, before leaning up to press a chaste kiss against Spencer’s lips. She looked up at Spencer who had a broad smile on his lips.

Spencer, gaining the confidence he hadn’t realized he needed, grabbed Y/N’s face, pulling her closer with his other arm. He leaned down while his fingers combed through the hair falling out of her bun. He gently pressed his lips down to her coffee stained lips. Y/N eagerly responded allowing his lips to caress hers. Out of breath, the two separated before wasting away the evening with chaste kisses, occasional cuddling, and intimate conversation.

A/N I am so busy with finals and a shit ton of papers coming up! I hope you guys enjoy this and I’ll try to get up my other request this coming week! I love you guys and hope you enjoy!

dating mark!

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- his quiet exterior would probably trick you at first 

- but once you get to know him you would know about how hyper he can really be and how comfortable he is around people he knows

- i could imagine a friends to lovers type situation

- you would immediately hit it off

- however the romance would be a slow burn bc both of you don’t want to ruin things between you because you guys already have a good thing going!!! why ruin it????

- but it would eventually come out as this stuff usually does

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Bts reaction to falling for a staff member


It started with you being his worst nightmare, you were hired to work specifically with him and Namjoon since you capitalized in people who were terrible dancers.
You made Namjoon a better dance, you didn’t make Seokjin a better dancer, in his defense he really tried, but your face was distracting… in a good way. At first he wasn’t sure what to do, should he hide it? There was no ‘101 manual in how to deal with being in love with your dance teacher when both of you were the same age’.
He ended up actually confessing, but it was in a weird way since he could see you were getting frustrated with yourself when he made no progress. You never did manage to teach him dancing, but you taught you a few things about love.

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“In my defense… yeah I got nothing here…”


You were a decently known producer hired to work on a track with BTS, and god you and Yoongi could not seem to get a long at all, you argued about everything, and Jesus Christ Yoongi found it hot.
The thing was he knew that he needed to be a professional, he needed to not… fantasy about sexual intercourse on the couch in the corner… You he failed on that one, so he just kept doing what he did… picking fights with you over trivial things.

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“Arg! Why don’t you listen at all!”


Getting a new dance instructor was always really exciting, Hoseok had known that it was the first time they would have a female instructor. He had expected a person much older than them like they male instructor. Instead you looked around his age if not younger. And you were so pretty.
It was really love on first sight for Hoseok, it didn’t help when he stayed late night to get a choreography down and then ended with you helping him, actually you need to like stop touching him it wasn’t good for his hormones. In the end he didn’t really have it in him to seek you out, so he would stare and sigh from afar, or right behind you during dance practice.

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“uhm… uhm… I like your… I’m sorry Yoongi is calling for me!”


This… didn’t start well, you were technical engineer tasked with fixing all the electronic Namjoon decided to break. This meant that you knew that mans porn preference before anything else.
This is not a good way to meet people. specially when you took to teasing him every time you had to come to the studio to fix whatever technology he had decided was his victim at the time. That was also how he slow fell in love with you, he liked that you could keep up with him mentally and you weren’t afraid of teasing him and hell at this point you probably knew the worst of him.

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“I don’t even know you and you are kink shaming me! How is this my life!?”


You were his stylist, the person in control of making him look as cute as humanly possible, it also meant that you saw him at all the points where he looked his worst. That was why he fell for you after all, cause you didn’t seem to care about stuff like that.
You treated him the same even when he was bared face and you were covering up acne or measuring him. You were always nice to you, it was hard for him to admit it at first, but slowly he grew more and more accepting of the fact and he would end up asking you out.

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“I promise! I am eating! You don’t have to worry about me!”


Taehyung managed to fall for his vocal coach, to be honest he didn’t know what to do about it. Taehyung would be really cute about it tho, trying to always make you laugh and enjoy your lessons together. More or less he would be a little to awkward to actually confess some hopefully you have more guts than him, but he would still do his best to make you fall for him.

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“I really like you hair today, it is really pretty.”


You were Hoseok and Jimin’s personal trainer, which actually made Jungkook a little salty, cause he had specifically asked for you! But apparently you specified in lithe dancer bodies  instead of muscle building. This lead to the most adorable puppy crushing the world had ever seen. Every time you entered the gym he would do his best to not wear a shirt and be slightly sweaty so he looked good! He would stand in awkward positions so his muscles would look good, basically everything to impress you other than you know… actually asking you out.

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“Nono I’m fine, I were just stretching!”

Authors note:

I hope you liked this! 
Got anything specific react you would like to see? Send a request!

- Prussia

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Hello!!!!! I absolutely adore the way you portray McCree *-* I was wondering if you could write some short headcanons what his reaction would be if his short s/o defended him against a scary looking person? Pretty please with a cherry on top? ;3

Here you go, lovely Anon!
(By the way, you absolutely made Admin Macaree’s day with that request, thank you!) 

  • This poor cowboy has never been more confused in his life, ever.
  • His s/o is the most adorable thing in the world, a true cutie, and he is absolutely convinced that they would never harm a fly. He’s always had the urge to protect them because of their size, always trying his best to keep them away from danger.
  • “Woah there, what are ya doin’, sugar?” he asks, incredibly puzzled, as his s/o stood up against a person that he himself would even classify as terrifying.
  • Once he realizes what just happened and that person has been successfully scared away by his s/o, a giant grin forms on his face and he instantly turns into the proudest boyfriend on the planet. 
  • He goes up to them and sneakily hugs them from behind, resting his head on their shoulder. 
  • “Didn’t know ya could be such a badass, darlin’” he whispers into their ear.
  • Let’s be real. He’d be turned on. Like, a lot.
A Little Push And Shove

aaron burr x reader

prompt: Could i request a fic where Burr as a huge crush on the reader but being the awkward man he is, he doesn’t say anything for like a year. But Alex notices and finds out so he tries to get Burr to say something. But when all else fails, Alex resorts into shameless flirting that makes u uncomfortable and he MAKES SURE that Burr notices and Burr gets super mad at Ham, and he just kind of lets his emotions loose and ends up saying he loves the reader.

a/n: as an apology for being a screw up and not completing my hamwriters write-a-thon fics, here’s some burr fluff since i never write any burr fics. i’m leaving for disney on friday and i’m hoping to have a lot of my requests done by the time i leave but we all know that will potentially not happen. 

anyways my requests are open now that the write-a-thon is complete so feel free to request any fics for hamilton characters or hamilcast members for me to write! 

this is also dedicated to @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou because i know how much she loves burr and she deserves it just cause. 


In all the years Alexander Hamilton has been friends with Aaron Burr, he has never witnessed the usually stern and collected man harbor feelings for a girl.

Although Burr is known to be a ladies’ man and not shy when it comes to approaching a girl, Alex has never seen Aaron with a woman by his side during the time they’ve known one another. Alexander knew of Theodosia and the tragic accident that ended her and Aaron’s relationship very quickly due to her passing away, but Hamilton assumed Burr would be able to get over the tragedy and move onto another woman.

For a while, Alexander began to believe that Aaron Burr would never find love once again. 

That was until you walked into his life. 

The moment John Laurens introduced you to Hamilton, he knew you were perfect for Burr. 

You were collected and intelligent. You were always witty and kind and compassionate. Alongside those wonderful things, you were beautiful and a well mannered woman. You were perfect. How could Burr not fall for you? 

Alex not so subtly continued to introduce you to Aaron knowing that their would be an instant connection. Sure enough, he was correct and Burr fell head over heels for you the moment you met. 

It’s been like this for about a year now.

Hamilton, and basically everyone around you and Aaron, were to the point of pulling out your hair in frustration. 

Burr’s helpless school boy infatuation with you was utterly obvious even the most clueless person in the world would be able to see the adoring eyes Burr gave you and how he hung onto every word that left your mouth. It was borderline pathetic how you and Aaron danced around the feelings you had for one another constantly. 

“Alexander.” Burr greeted the immigrant, head held high in hopes you would notice his confidence from across the room. Alex nearly rolled his eyes as he noticed the Burr’s notion, but he was able to keep his composure.

“Aaron Burr, Sir.”

“How is Eliza doing these days?” Aaron questioned, his hands fidgeting as the thought of somebody asking him how you were doing played in his mind. 

“She’s doing quite well, thank you for asking. How is Y/N?” Alexander asked nonchalantly, looking at his nails as if he was uninterested. He really just wanted to see Burr’s reaction.

“I’m sorry, what?” Burr retaliated immediately, his face flushed as he looked at Hamilton with wide eyes.

“How’s Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N, you know her of course. Pretty eyes, kind smile, the girl you’ve had a giant crush on for about a year now?” Hamilton continued to tease as the older man shushed him, appearing almost desperate so you wouldn’t hear Alex’s nagging.

“How do you know?”

“Oh please, the whole Cabinet knows. I bet Washington can see the way you look at the poor girl.” 

Aaron sighed heavily, rubbing his face in a stressed manner as he tried to wrap his head around what Hamilton had just told him.

Everyone could see his feelings for you? If they were so apparent, you had to see them too, right? You’re so intelligent, you probably figured out his feelings the moment you met. You’re so beautiful too.. and wise and caring.

“Burr?” Alex snapped Aaron from his deep thoughts, his dark eyes looking at Burr with concern.

“What do I do now?” Aaron asked desperately.

In all of the years of knowing one another, Aaron never thought he would see the day that he would be practically begging Alexander Hamilton for advice but here he was now. Love really does change a person.

“You’re going to go up to Y/N and ask the hell out of that girl.” 

“What? I can’t do that! She’ll laugh at me for sure. She’s too good for me.” Burr complained in a childish manner, nearly whining at the thought of finally facing his feelings for the girl.

“You need to do this or else you’ll drive yourself crazy!” Alex urged, growing frustrated as he realized what he would have to do.

“I can’t Alexander. Good night.” Burr strode off quickly, his head now hung low.

Alex watched as you finally took notice of his naive friend and reached out to approach him only to receive silence and the slight chill of Burr rushing past you without a single word. 

Hamilton sighed, carding his fingers through his hair as he came to the conclusion that he would have to push and shove at Aaron’s feelings till Burr finally gave in and confessed. Till then he was to come up with a plan on how to get Burr to get to the point of telling you his feelings.

And he knew just how to do it.


To say Alexander was hesitant about going through with what he was about to do for Aaron Burr who has spited him more then once in their careers was an understatement.

You looked simply breathtaking tonight in the deep mauve colored dress you wore. It accentuated your every feature and made you look like you were practically glowing. With your usual bright smile on your face, you truly looked like a radiant princess.

And Burr couldn’t take his eyes off you for a second.

Hamilton was nearly sick on the spot as he watched you and Burr converse, both your eyes so engaged on one another. You looked as though you were a newly wed couple, your attention only focused on each other and the world didn’t matter at all.

Alex knew that what he was about to do could put him in a sticky situation and that Burr owed him big time after this, but he was willing to go through with it if it meant that the two of you would stop eye fucking and finally get together.

After a drink or two, Alexander made his way over to you and Burr, his shoulders held back and his slight buzz adding a swing to his step. 

Upon approaching you, Alex put on a charming smile that made his stomach turn at the thought of Eliza finding out what he was about to. Or even worse, Angelica finding out and taking it in the wrong way. He said a quick prayer before finally speaking to the two of you.

“Lovely evening, isn’t it Miss Y/L/N?” Alexander spoke smoothly, taking your hand in his and dipping down slightly to place a soft kiss upon it, his eyes never leaving yours. “Almost as nearly as yours.”

You blushed immediately at his words, covering your mouth to conceal a giggle as Alex smirked at Burr who was practically fuming at his actions.

“Aaron Burr, Sir. So nice to see you here tonight.” Hamilton continued, making sure to focus on you the whole time. He could feel the daggers Aaron was shooting at him at the moment. If looks could kill, he’d be dead on the floor by the moment he took a step in your general direction.

“Nice to see you too Mr.Hamilton.” Aaron calmly replied, his collected stance never staggering once.

“Y/N, you look beautiful as always. You know, I’ve always found your writings breathtaking. It makes sense that such astonishing words came from the pen held by such a woman.” Alex carried on flirting carelessly, watching your face turn from a flushed state to a slightly uncomfortable look.

“Mr.Hamilton, I’m flattered by your compliments but I’m sure Mrs.Hamilton wouldn’t appreciate them.” You finally spoke, unable to take the onslaught of compliments handed to you by the married man as the man you had a shameful crush on was standing beside you.

“Oh how about we forget about Mrs.Hamilton just this once-”

“Okay, I’ve had enough!” Burr cut Alex off, his face a bright red as he stepped in between you and Alexander.

“Aaron?” You asked softly, placing a hand on his shoulder in attempt to calm his anger.

“No, Y/N! I can’t just sit here aimlessly as he flirts with you as though he isn’t married and he isn’t fully aware that I love you!” Burr confessed in a slew of emotions, his heart practically stopping as he realized what he had just said to you.

There was a moment of silence as you tried to collect the right words to say to Aaron.

Aaron Burr, the man you had fallen for the moment you met, had just confessed that he loves you. Not that he had a crush on you, not that he simply liked you, but he loves you. This was something you never expected that Burr would confess so carelessly.

“I apologize for my outburst. Good night Alexander. Good night Y/N.” Aaron muttered in embarrassment, walking off quickly as he shook his head. 

How could he be so reckless and stupid? Did he really just confess that he loved you right in front of you and Alexander Hamilton? Stupid Hamilton. Pushing him to do something that he would probably regret forever. How could he do this?

“Aaron wait!” Aaron heard you call out to him. As much as he wanted to stop walking and rush back to you, his body had other plans in mind and continued onward towards the door.

You sighed, picking up the heavy skirt of your dress and racing over to Burr so you were in front of him and were able to stop his trek towards the exit.

“Aaron, I love you too.” You confessed, unable to think of better words to summarize the feelings you’ve kept locked away from everyone besides yourself for all this time.

You loved Aaron Burr, and gosh, you were okay with it.

“I-I love you too, Y/N.” Aaron replied almost immediately, a smile growing on his face as you returned the kind gesture.

“I’m so tired of hiding these feelings. I can’t do it anymore.” You pleaded almost desperately, holding onto him as he nodded in agreement.

“We don’t have to anymore. I’m not afraid of telling you now, I promise.” Burr smiled at you, leaning in almost shyly as you wrapped your arms around him and brought him closer for a kiss.

Alexander watched the two of you share a kiss for the first time, smirking a bit as his job well done.

Despite the hell Burr has given him the past few years, Alex knew that only a little push and shove could break the tough man for good.

He would immediately break out into smiles just to please you. He loves it when you say you love him and there’s nothing more that he loves than your smile. You would probably make him the happiest ever. 
Expect all the hugs in the world and non stop butterfly kisses!
“And I love you baby!”

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This smol adorable little bean would definitely start blushing since you would completely catch him off guard with your comment. Cute little giggles would emerge from his gradual smiling lips. He probably wouldn’t know what to say but it wouldn’t matter because his eyes say it all.
“…you’re killing me baby”

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He would look at you and an immediate big grin would come to his face, he would probably get all shy. The only thing come out of his mouth would be “Jagiii~” and sudden bursts of adorable laughter. You would make him as happy as a kid in a candy store! Expect clingy and lovable Tae all day!
“Jagi, you’re so cute!”

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Get ready for that gorgeous dimple to come into view! He would be busy with his own thoughts about Bts until you said that, you would steal his attention away entirely. He’d look at you like you’re the most precious person to him in the world. Smiley Namjoon forever because of you!
“How in the world did I get someone so cute??”

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He would be a little different with his reaction but you could feel the love shooting out of his eyes towards you. He’d have this little smile that would eventually break out into his famous gummy smile. On the inside he was definitely melting with how cute you are. It would take all of his will power to not hug you to death right then and there. 
“Smile for me too baby”

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He would become extremely aware of his face becoming red, “Aigoo” he would gush all over you and give you little kisses everywhere. He loves the fact that you love his smile and he will definitely remember to smile at you every chance he can. 
“You’re too much princess~”

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He would be so shook lol! No but seriously this tall ass baby wouldn’t know how to react. His heart rate would increase and he would give you a shy smile but a big one! He would then hug you tight because even with all the work he had he could always count on you to make him smile and make him happier everyday!
“Don’t be so cute..”

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Boyfriend Yuta
  • omg i really miss doing these
  • and i also miss the members a lot :((
  • but anyways, this idiot is like my third fav and i lOVE HIM
  • but let’s start this k
  • so, how you met
  • you were just walking towards a cafe that was really close from there and yoo were a bit distracted with your own thoughs you know
  • and this loser was probably getting late for practice and was running for his life
  • i mean he knew perfectly that ty was going to kick his ass if he was late again
  • and both of you were going to differents directions and you bumped into each other
  • but it was like violent like you ended up falling
  • “shit! i’m so sorry!”
  • “u-uh no, it’s fine, don’t worry”
  • he would bend and help you to colect all the books and stuff you had in your arms and keep apologising
  • “no, seriously, no need to worry about it, i’m fine”
  • he would offer you his hand to help you stand up and jesus christ can you imagine how soft and warm his hands probably are i want 2 die
  • and when you saw his face you were so shook?? like?? what¿
  • how in the world can someone be so perfect???
  • and he was wearing his training clothes and had 0 makeup but he was looking sO GOOD WTF
  • and he though the same about you, you were so good looking and damnn he wasn’t going to let pass this opportunity you know
  • and you were so embarrassed like you just fell in your butt in front of the most handsome person alive in this world can i delete my life pls
  • you got so flustered and you were blushing?? you couldn’t even talk properly
  • “i-i’m fine”
  • and he smiled so widely at you, you were so adorable to him and your heart was hurting bc he’s so nice and caring??? what
  • “i’m sorry, i was getting late to my dance practice, but, where were you going?”
  • “ah~~ just to the cafe that’s near here”
  • “let me go with you"
  • even if you tried to deny him bc he was getting late he still went with you aND paid your coffe
  • you guys even exchaged phone numbes bc
  • “i’m really sorry that i haveto go now but, what about going back here together tomorrow afternoon?”
  • he literally invited you to a date i’m-
  • you spended the whole day constantly thinking about him and dYING
  • and same for him, he spended the whole day talking about you to the other members lol
  • “why are you so late again, yuta?”
  • c h i l l
  • and the next day you actually had so much fun w him
  • he talked a lot about him and his life in japan, and he listened to you so carefully and asked you a lots of things
  • it was perfection
  • you got lots of dates together and you would text each other a lot
  • but he confessed to you in your fourth or fifth date idk
  • he had shiny eyes and he was smiling at you the whole time
  • he knew you liked him back
  • i mean you were so obvious bc you would always get flustered and shy and all cute
  • so he was feeling really confident in that moment
  • he even grabbed yoru hands and played with your fingers
  • and the way he confessed was so cute and simple
  • “you’re just so amazing, y/n, i couldn’t help but fall for your charms. please~~ be mine y/n, i can make you so happy”
  • omfg
  • he started running and jumping everywhere while laughing like an idiot
  • and your first kiss was like a week later
  • you were cuddling and making each other some questions u know
  • btw he lOVES CUDDLING
  • he would cuddle with you in any chance he has
  • “but do you prefer cuddling with me or with sicheng?”
  • “sicheng, definitely”
  • and you were like :O ??
  • “he lets me kiss him, you don’t”
  • and hellooooo loselose is not going to be better than you
  • so you just.. kiss him? lol
  • you cupped his face and just went for it without even thinking about it
  • he laughed while touching his lips and looked at you
  • and omg his glare let you all shy and blushed
  • you hide your face with your hands, but he grabed them delicately and kissed you again
  • but this time the kiss was so perfect and sweet
  • i want 2 cry my eyes out
  • he’s such an amazing boyfie
  • he’s a really protective boyfriend let me tell you
  • and everytime he gets jealous he’s SO clingy
  • even more than he normally is
  • but a t the same time he cuddles with sicheng while they watch anime and you’re like <l3
  • “I already told you y/n, i’m not dating sicheng he’s just a friend”
  • lmao
  • but he would be the perfect boyfriend that everyone wants
  • i’m rlly soft for him now bYE

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I just saw a buzzfeed post saying that 48% of ppl can't believe that they found 2003 billie hot and wouldnt hook up w him I AM PERSONALLY OFFENDED BILLIE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD EVEN NOW AS A 45 YEAR OLD

are you kidding me 2003 billie was adorable like i don’t think of him that way and i get that people have different tastes, but i have eyeballs and he was a handsome man LOOK AT HIM

Thoughts thoughts thoughty-thoughts

Now I read [this super cool analysis] of chapter 17 by @attackontitantea​ and I think it’s awesome, but here are my thoughts and feelings upon first reading which are not meant to argue with attackontitantea but are just like…here’s just what I think at the same time as them, yeah?

Please note that any insults directed towards Yoonbum are intended to be read as perceptions and thoughts from other characters, not me personally.

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Aurora sat on the tall stool that Raine had brought into the bathroom, her legs swinging as her feet couldn’t touch the ground. It was early morning, and Raine had promised to do Aurora’s hair before leaving for school. 

It was Aurora’s first day of the first grade––so many new beginnings, and she knew that she wanted to look pretty for the start of the new school year. She wanted to look like her mom.

Raine yawned, stretching her arms above her head before running her fingers through Aurora’s soft locks. “Alright. Be good and don’t move, okay, sweetie?”

Aurora nodded. “Okay, Mommy.”

Raine got to work, parting strands of her hair and folding them over the other. Aurora smiled at her reflection as her hair was slicked back out of her face, save for her bangs, as Raine shifted the braid so that it came to rest over her right shoulder as opposed to falling down along her back.

“You look so beautiful, Rory,” Raine beamed, leaning down to kiss her daughter on the cheek.

“I look just like you!” Aurora giggled as Raine’s hands came to rest on her shoulders.

Raine’s eyes met with Aurora’s in the mirror, and she got quiet. Her smile seemed to falter just slightly, a sadness seeping into her eyes that the small girl couldn’t quite pinpoint.

“Mommy?” Aurora asked, her voice quiet. “Are you okay? Did I say something bad?”

“No,” Raine replied immediately, shaking her head slightly. “It’s not that at all. Nothing bad. But…I just…” Raine let out a small sigh, giving Aurora’s shoulders a light squeeze. “Are you still going to love me when you’re all grown up?”

Aurora couldn’t help but tilt her head to the side in confusion. “Of course. How come you have to ask?”

Raine shook her head again, her eyes moving to lock onto the floor. “Because you’re going to get older, and you’re going to go through a lot of changes. We won’t be the same like you are now, Rory. Things will be different and I just need to know that even if you’re mad at me, even if we fight, that deep down, you’ll still love me like how I’ll always love you.”

Aurora spun around on the stool and wrapped her small arms around her mother as best as she could. “Of course, Mommy. I’ll always love you.”

Raine held back tears as Aurora snuggled her face into her stomach. She bent down and kissed her forehead, lifting up her little finger. “Pinky swear?”

Aurora hooked her pinky with her mother’s, and kissed her on the cheek. “I promise.”

As Aurora followed her brother out the door so that they could head off to school together, Raine wandered into the kitchen where Ignis was standing with his cup of Ebony. She came up behind him and hugged him her cheek resting against his shoulder blade.

“My love, are you alright?” Ignis asked, setting his coffee down and turning to wrap his wife up in his warm embrace. “I can sense a strange sadness in you. Is something the matter?”

Raine let out a shaky sigh. “No, it’s alright, I’ll be fine,” she promised. “It’s just that time moves so quickly these days. Our kids are growing up so fast.”

“You know,” Ignis said, running his thumb along Raine’s jawline. “Lucas and Aurora will forever be our children. We’ll always want to protect them and keep them safe from the troubles of the world. But at some point, we’ll have to let them go.”

Ignis could feel the tear leak out from her eye as it hit his skin, and he moved his thumb to wipe it away.

“You don’t have to fret about that now though, my love. Let us appreciate the time we have now, together, as a family. Those children adore you more than anything, and you have been nothing but the perfect wife and the most incredible person I could ever share my soul with.” Ignis tilted his head. “Would you grace my presence once more with your smile?”

Raine couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, her eyes sliding closed as Ignis leaned his forehead against hers.

“There it is,” he said softly, gently pressing a kiss to her lips. “You’re such an incredible mother. Your grandmother and Clara would be so proud of how much you’ve grown.”

Raine lifted her head, unable to hide the tiniest sniffle that escaped her nose. “You think so?”

Ignis kissed her forehead and held her close. “I know it.”