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Columbine Songs
Columbine Songs

Eminem and Columbine

I am an Eminem Fan for years now and when I started to get more and more into True Crime I was surprised to find a lot of his Lyrics mentioning Columbine which I never really realised before. Of course he also mentioned other murderers or events, like Ted Bundy and the Aurora theater shooting but I wanted to start with the Columbine lyrics because there’s a lot of material. So let’s start:

The Way I Am, 2000
When a dude’s getting bullied and shoots up his school
And they blame it on Marilyn and the heroin
Where were the parents at? And look where it’s at!
Middle America, now it’s a tragedy
Now it’s so sad to see, an upper-class city
Havin’ this happening

Marshall states that he thinks that he thinks that not music is the reason for the shooting but bullying and the parents. But as we all know Marilyn Manson was partly blamed for Columbine by the media.
Em is also making fun of the fact that Columbine was the first shooting that people cared this much about although there have been a lot of shootings but now it happened at a “nice” school.

There is an alternative version of this song featuring Marilyn Manson (x)
He performed it live with Manson (x and x)
Manson also appeared in the official video (x)

Remember me, 2000
Came home and somebody musta broke in the back window
And stole two loaded machine guns and both of my trenchcoats
Sick, sick dreams of picnic scenes
Two kids, sixteen, with M-16’s and ten clips each
And them shits reach through six kids each

Em is making fun of the idea that musicians like him are a bad influence because he is not the one who gives these kids their weapons.

And as we all know, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both wore a Trenchcoat when the attack started, that’s why „both of my Trenchcoats“ were stolen. And so he thinks that they were stolen to start another Columbine.
And when you have these „two kids“ with guns that, when you shoot them, „reach through six kids each“ you have 12 dead kids. And as we all know, during the Columbine massacre died 12 kids (and one adult).

By the way, Eminem needed two months to write his whole verse on this song while Sticky Fingaz wrote his verse in one day. 

I’m Back, 2000
I take seven [kids] from [Columbine]
Stand ‘em all in line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a 9
A MAC-11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time

This is probably the most well known Columbine reference made by Eminem.
This album came out one year after the massacre so it was still an sensitive subject. Therefore his label censored these two words (Kids and Columbine), even on the explicit version of the album.
I don’t think I have to explain what exactly this lyric means, it’s pretty clear.
In his book he states this:

“ I was getting shit about the Columbine reference on “I’m Back” and the label was telling me that I wasn’t gonna be able to say it. My whole thing was, what is the big fucking deal? That shit happens all the time. Why is that topic so touchy as opposed to, say a four-year-old kid drowning? Why isn’t that considered a huge tragedy? People die in the city all the time. People get shot, people get stabbed, raped, mugged, killed and all kinds of shit. What the fuck is the big deal with Columbine that makes it separate from any other tragedy in America?”

In 2015 a 15 year-old boy was arrested. He posted these lyrics on Instagram and added “Cause I’m just like shady and just as crazy as the world was over that whole Y2K thing”
The origiginal lyrics are “ ‘Cause (I'mmmm) Shady, they call me as crazy
As the world was over this whole Y2K thing”

When authorities searched the boy’s home they found weaponry and eventually arrested him. He denied any knowledge of the weapons and said he didn’t post this text on Instagram.

White America, 2002
White America, I could be one of your kids
White America, little Eric looks just like this

In this song it’s not only about the Lyrics but also about the music video.
With “little Eric” he mentioned Eric Harris but it was also meant as an example for a typical white kid. He is from middle america because his name is in the middle of amERICa.
The interesting part is, as I said, the video. Where you can see news of an school shooting during “I could be one of your kids”
And during “little Eric looks just like this” you can see one of those typical yearbook pictures and the house of the school shooter. The house looks a bit like the one the Harrises had.

When these lines get repeated you can see a boy full of (probably) blood stepping out of the map of america. On his shirt is written “I am Eric”.

Rap God, 2013
I’ll take seven kids from Columbine
Put ‘em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a 9

This was the first time we could hear the Columbine Line uncensored. Eminem didn’t rap all of the “I’m back” lines because he just wanted to
“See if I get away with it now that I ain’t as big as I was”
As you can hear, he got away with it.

Eminem is one of the few people who openly give their sympathy for the two shooters.
He admitted to be interested in serial killers in this statement:
“I did find myself watching a lot of documentaries on serial killers, I mean, I always had a thing for them. I’ve always been intrigued by them and I found that watching movies about killers sparked something in me.The way a serial killer’s mind works, just the psychology of them is pretty fucking crazy. I was definitely inspired by that, but most of the album’s imagery came from my own mind.”

But Marshall Mathers seems to have an very personal realationship with the whole Columbine Issue.
He himself was bullied on a daily basis during his childhood, often for his race and for always being the new kid. When he was nine years old he got beaten up so bad he was in an coma for several days. I think he is one of the people who is trying to understand what Harris and Klebold were going through.
But I think it is important to mention, that he is the living proof that even when your life is is shitty right now because of some people who have nothing in their life but to terrorize you, that you can still have a better life. And you beat them best when you keep on living.

“That Columbine shit is so fucking touchy. As much sympathy as we give the Columbine shootings, nobody ever looked at it from the fuckin’ point of view of the kids who were bullied—I mean, they took their own fucking life! And it was because they were pushed so far to the fucking edge that they were fucking so mad. I’ve been that mad.

-Marshall Mathers

It’s March 14th 2017, Dan’s Birthday

Today Dan turns 38 years old, and I just want to take a moment to not only say happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet, but to say how grateful I am for him.

Dan has a smile and a giggle unlike anyone else. Looking at him being happy, hearing him laugh just makes you feel so good. When he giggles you giggle back. When he smiles, you smile back.

He’s sweet and cuddly and made of sunshine fluff. There’s just no way you don’t want a huge hug from him.

Dan is sweet and kind and caring. Every time he gives us a message of warmth and love you believe it right down to your core. Because the fact is he does care about us. And he does love us. And he is so very grateful that we’re here and that we love him just as much. That we encourage the stars that have always been in his eyes.

Dan is a man who is inquisitive and trusting, some would say to a fault, but I say just the perfect amount. He loves openly and believes that those close to him wouldn’t do him harm. No matter how many times he’s been proven wrong. He keeps on believing. His will to love and trust is unparalleled.

He’s unbelievably talented, and has always kept the music in his heart, no matter what life has thrown at him. No matter how many times he’s been told no. He never stopped. And he encourages everyone else to keep on trying, too. He is living proof that if you put time and effort and love into your dream, you will see it happen.

Dan is a beautiful, wonderful, amazingly generous and deeply loving individual. He’s everything everyone should aspire to be. He is very near and dear to my heart for every part that makes him up. So happy birthday, Dan. Here’s to 38 fantastic years of you.

…… and also. Well. You know.


N°1 in the Jibcon 2017 edit spam - Friday Panels: Adam Fergus

Louis telling you that he had a girlfriend years ago should have been the only proof you needed that he wasn’t living a lie. Not him having a baby, losing his mum, or getting arrested. His life isn’t a stunt. The only stunt here is the one where you pretend you’re a fan when you’re not.

i spent 5 hours at the library today digging through their Special Collections to find out historic info about my house. my next door neighbor, Old Man Dan, has lived on my street for his entire life, close to 80 years. he’s a little paranoid and exaggerates a lot so i never believe anything he says 100% - there’s an abandoned house next to his house and the owner pays a homeless guy in the neighborhood to mow the lawn and cover up graffiti so it doesn’t look totally decrepit, and OMD is convinced that the homeless guy is a serial killer axe murderer, but i’ve talked to him a bunch and he’s a really normal dude? stuff like that. 

ANYWAY, OMD has always insisted that my house (built in 1922) used to be a brothel. there’s pipes sticking out of the wall in my living room and he said that’s proof because that means there was a sink in the room, and apparently brothels have sinks in every room. i didn’t really believe him but thought it was kind of a cool story. i decided to look up my address in the archives and guess fucking what y’all. my house was a brothel for two fucking decades!!!!! it was technically a residential home, 2 different brothels and then a brothel-like cult church, and then a consignment store, and then a law office, and then a house. there are a ton of articles about it but none of them are available publicly or online which is why i couldn’t find anything about it before. i think it’s so fucking cool!!! i’m trying to track down old pictures of the inside and find out more about the people who built it/owned it/operated it.  wish i could post em here but…..it has my address on it so i can’t lol. 

Nine Months, touken fanfic

Summary: Four different stages of Touka’s pregnancy. Probably shortly after chapter 128. One-shot.

Rating: fluff, romantic, a bit of angst? | Words: 8,125 words | Read on: AO3 // FF.net | If you like it, please reblog!

A/N: many of you wanted a touken pregnancy fic so here it is! i’m very satisfied with the result even if it was a bit hard to finish ;w; and hopefully it’s not too angsty, i’d say it’s quite corny, haha, but we deserve that after so much drama. There was a Touka/Ayato scene that I REALLY wanted to write for this fic but I didn’t have time, so I think I’m going to write it tomorrow and post it as a mini-fic headcanon, like a small excerpt of this story (an ova, lmao). Again, thank you everyone for reading!! feedback is always welcome :’)



He stops, tilting his face to one side to look at her.

“Yes?” he’s still smiling, softly, gently, beautifully.

She decides that this is the last thing she will see before closing her eyes. Kaneki smiling. She doesn’t want to see his face afterward, she doesn’t hold the courage to do so. So she takes a deep breath, closing her eyes, picturing that very same face in her head, holding onto his expression, frowning her brows as she speaks, terrified and quivering.

“I’m pregnant.”


All that she hears is silence.

He’s not even breathing. She can’t even hear his heart beating, she can’t even feel his arms around her, her body is numb, her ears are deaf, her senses are broken.

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kinda maybe late to the tea but if i don't say this i'll explode

i don’t entertain drama and hate BUT… i’ve HAD IT, offically! cause this whole thing with James Charles makes me FURIOUS!!! SO maybe yesterday i saw this thread of people saying “James Charles cuts lines in dragcon” and i was like “who?” the name genuinely didn’t ring a bell so i googled him and i was like “ohh yeah him okay why is he cutting lines tho?” (i had seen him once on Ellen and knew about the covergirl thing and tbh i was 100% supportive of what he does! no tea no shade, i had just forgotten his name) ANYWAY until about 20 minutes ago i had only seen that thread and that’s all BUT i watched this short clip of Latrice’s meet and greet live steam as a proof that he cuts the line and honestly i’m disgusted. he literally comes up to her and goes “can we take a snapchat” and Latrice being the graceful queen she is says “well i have a whole line” meaning “bitch wait for your fucking turn” and this motherfucker has the audacity to say “but i’m James Charles” *face cracks* BOI i don’t care who the fuck you are, you could be Jesus himself you still had to stand in the line like everybody else and be respectful. and as far as i know everyone in the line has a mutherfucking name! and just because you’re verified on twitter that doesn’t make you better than anybody else. FUCK. i just hate when people feel entitled to shit just cause they were noticed by the media for whatever reason. “but i’m James Charles” bitch you ain’t Madonna. the fuck? be respectful be humble and GET A GRIP!!! SO… to everyone who got to go to dragcon this year i hope you A. had a great fucking time B. met your favorite queens C. were not elbowed by a covergirl and D. if you were i hope it didn’t fuck you up. ps i’m high key jealous cause i’m literally thousands of miles away from LA *sobs*

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“Oh my god that video is just tragic. She truly is trying to grab onto him and he keeps squirming his hand away. It reminds me of a five year old who is trying to cross the street without holding onto their Mom’s hand and so they twist and turn it whatever way possible so the Mom can’t get a good grip and then they make a run for it. Fucking yikes.” (Saracha33 tumblr)

Map of the World

Molly can’t understand it.

The bigger her belly gets, the more fascinated Sherlock becomes with it.

The baby was a shock, not something she thought he’d want. When she first told him he’d stared at her for a full five minutes- screen-saver mode, John calls it- and then this beautiful, wide, delighted smile had split his face.

It had almost made him look a different man.

He’d picked her up and spun her around, demented, it seemed, with joy at the thought of her having his child.

He’d dropped to his knees and pressed his ear to her stomach. Listening. Kissing. Crooning. Grinning.

He’d splayed his fingers around her still-flat belly and a love affair had begun. A love affair which grew deeper and more passionate the larger, the rounder she became. 

It seems he loves her bump; the bigger it grows the more it fascinates him.

His devotion is single-minded and ardent- Something which for Molly is both bemusing and surprising in equal measure.

She asks him one night, when she’s sore and tired, and feels the size of a whale, what the big deal is? Why he’s so taken with it, when she often feels it embarrassing and unsightly. When she has to waddle, and she can no longer see her feet, and using the toilet has become a gymnastic event.

For once, he looks at her like she’s mad.

“Your body’s so lovely, Molly,” he tells her. “And now it’s changing, and I get to watch.

What man with sense wouldn’t want to witness that?”

And he leans down, kisses her bare, rounded stomach. Runs his tongue and fingers along the grooves and callouses of her pregnant skin. He calls them rivers and ravines, his tone hushed. Worshipful. They are proof of topography, he says, and of a life lived well. They’re proof that she’s, well, her, and that she’s chosen him.

“My world is here now,” he tells her. “Never doubt it.” He kisses her belly, breathes in her scent. “And you in there, little bean, you never doubt it either.”

Though she feels the size of a planet, Molly can’t help but smile.

So she winds her fingers through his curls and lets his voice lull her to sleep.


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Title: Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,148

Warnings: angst

A/N: This was requested by an anon! It’s based on the song Angel by The Weeknd! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lucifer picked your bloody body up from the floor, a frown etched onto his lips.  How could you still be alive?  You were much stronger than he thought.  He knew this was because of him.  They wanted to go after Lucifer, and instead of coming after him, they went after you.  

He teleported to the bunker, knocking on the door.  He knew this was the last place he should be, but he had no other options.  He was thankful that Castiel decided to answer the door.  At least Castiel was an angel and not a human.  He could trust Castiel more than those cockroach humans.  

“Lucifer what are you doing here,” Castiel asked, instantly on guard.  His eyes quickly moved to you, worry washing over him.  “Is that [Y/N]?”  It was hard to tell because of all the blood and cuts on your body.  He had heard talk of Lucifer finding a soul mate, but he didn’t actually believe it until now.

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No matter how creepy-sounding Higuchi’s theory is, I just can’t help but thinking how Shinnosuke’s existence is amazingly poetic should that theory is proved to be correct.

He has Kikuhiko’s, Miyokichi’s, and Sukeroku’s blood inside him, he is the unification of these three protagonists’ souls, their living legacy, the proof of their existence, and ultimately, the culmination of the entire narrative.

Haruko Kumota, you’re one hell of a storyteller, goddammit.

First Kiss: Jisung


aHHH, the youngest member, Jisung! This idea was super cute but I don’t think I’ve done it any justice and I’m mad at myself some that :-( still, I hope you like it :-)

Originally posted by starnightingle

sorry but i had to include this gif i was going to put a cute one of him but honestly this is so funny aND IM CHOKING BACK THE TEARS

  • Jisung is a baby, so this is very innocent, fairly short and there’s like no kissing becAUSE COOTIES
  • So! Again, the story for this came from @chittaporno who has some hella good ideas literally - tysm!
  • You and Jisung has known each other from birth
  • You grew up together and your parents were close friends
  • And although as you grew up you had different interests, had different groups of friends and attended different schools, you stayed close friends
  • I’m not going into details of what your relationship is like because it’s basically the cliché childhood friends who end up developing crushes on one another etcetera
  • Can you tell this series is draining me lMao? I’m running out of ideas 
  • At least once a month, you’d meet up at one of your houses for an evening of pizza, video games and building pillow forts
  • It was a tradition you never broke, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t upset when that tradition turned from once a week to only once a month
  • Nevertheless, you made the most of your time with him, a budding, fresh-new idol
  • When he first told you that he was a trainee with SM Entertainment, you were afraid for him
  • You were never a big fan of the music industry and the treatment some idols/trainees might receive
  • And you knew he’d never tell you if there was something wrong or unfair
  • He was so young when he joined, and you were scared he’d be forced to grow up too fast
  • Thankfully, things over the years went okay
  • Jisung told you about the other members and trainees, how they were all older and protected him dutifully
  • You were impressed with how well he managed his life too
  • With practices and lessons, you’d never think he’d still have time to fit you into his schedule 
  • You were finally reuniting for the first time after his comeback a couple weeks before, for your monthly tradition
  • He arrived at your house early evening, armed with snacks and games, a wide smile on his face
  • Smiling back, you greeted him opening the door wider so he could enter you house
  • The pair of you set up your pillow fort in the sitting room, you already having brought all the pillows and covers you could find in the house
  • The evening passed as it always did:
  • You two built your fort, which would take up literally the entire room and every pillow you could find
  • Ordered pizza and lots of sides, a treat mostly for Jisung who wasn’t always allowed to indulge in such foods
  • A lot of secrets being exchanged
  • Photos of the weirdest things and memes ofc being laughed at
  • It was like it was usually, and you were so thankfully, so so so thankful, that Jisung hadn’t changed
  • Now, into the late hours of the evening, you two were lying on your fronts, sharing a pair of headphones, you holding a torch and Jisung holding his phone between the pair of you
  • You were watching videos that he had taken of his members, showing you the funniest and weirdest ones
  • He made you promise not to tell them, or anyone in fact, that you had seen these videos, jokingly threatening you that he would “fite” you if you did
  • He had only shown you a couple but you were already crying with laughter, hiccuping and giggling like crazy
  • Jisung could help but watch you fondly as you did so
  • Honestly, for a while now Jisung had been feeling quite shy and flushed around you
  • The other NCT members told him and teased him lmao about his crush on you no matter how many times he protested that he didn’t
  • “It’s part of growing up” they said “admit it”
  • And no, he didn’t admit it bUt he did have one
  • His crush on you was a lot like puppy dog love
  • He thought everything you did and said was adorable and beautiful, and he just wanted to be able to hold your hand and peck your cheek whenever he wanted to
  • Of course your oblivious ass never noticed, blissfully unaware of the effect you had on him
  • As you turned your head towards him, you noticed how he was already staring at you, but then immediately looked away when you caught me
  • Shrugging it off, you continued to laugh, unable to form any words 
  • Jisung’s quiet, still bewildered and embarrassed you had caught him staring
  • This time when you turn your head to look at him, you don’t have the time to even say anything or look at him properly
  • Since Jisung leans forward and gives you a quick peck on the lips
  • It’s was so quick and over so fast you didn’t have time to react
  • Jisung jumps back suddenly, leaving a wide gap between you, unlike before
  • You look at him in shock, fingers touching your lips in surprise
  • Jisung turns him attention back to the videos on his phone, pretending he hadn’t just kissed you suddenly
  • Your mind was racing, as was your heart
  • What had just happened?
  • Eventually you start laughing again, laughing at the awkwardness of the situation and Jisung
  • He looks at you from the corner of his eyes, eyebrows frowning and cheeks flushing in embarrassment
  • “Don’t- don’t laugh at me Y/N…” he whispers, his voice cracking and eyes watering
  • You’ve gotta remember he’s still a baby and probably quite sensitive, so of course he’s gonna be upset
  • Pouting you nudge him playfully in attempt to lighten the mood
  • “Oh come on, Jisung. I’m sorry! I just wasn’t expecting that”
  • “But, you didn’t like it?”
  • “What makes you think that? I was just surprised”
  • Jisung, now being the oblivious one here, tilted his head in confusion, his mouth opening as if to say something 
  • Rolling your eyes, thinking you had made it clear enough already, you do the only thing you could think of and lean in to him to give him a peck on the lips
  • Jisung drops his phone in shock, but this shock quickly turns to happiness, and he’s blushing furiously, smiling at you shyly
  • Your heart melts at the sight - you had always found Jisung adorable and this was living proof he really is
  • Although I’m not going continue with this story anymore, let’s say the evening was full of laughter and giggles and pecks on your cheeks from Jisung
  • he’s adorable just protect him

First Kiss series

Joker’s Daughter Part 4

She doesn’t make it. The doctors say that Y/N coded on the table, that they did everything they possibly could but they couldn’t bring her back. The damage was too extensive. The bullet had clipped her heart, and caused massive internal hemorrhaging.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Joker. There was nothing anyone could have done” The doctor said softly. They had tried to kick Red Hood out but eventually just accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to leave the hospital.

The joker collapse in the vacant chair beside Jason, both men completely in shock. Y/N couldn’t be dead, there had to be some kind of mistake. “She’s dead? My Princess is dead?”

“There has to be some kind of mistake!” Harley shrieked, “You’re lying! You have to be lying!”

Joker shot up out of the chair, “He isn’t lying! You fucking killed her! You killed out daughter!” He whips out a gun, “I’m gonna kill you, bitch. You took her away from me!”

Harley’s eyes are wide in panic, she glanced desperately at Red Hood, who’s just sitting there, “You aren’t going to let him kill me, are ya? You can’t let him kill me! It’s against Batman’s rules!”

“It’s a good thing I’m not Batman then, isn’t it?”

Of course, Joker doesn’t’ manage to kill Harley in the hospital, that would have been too easy. Instead the two have a huge public fight in the middle of Gotham city. Ivy joins Harley’s side, having her plants attack the Joker’s men. Joker uses his entire arsenal against the two, he sends out his men, bombs, Joker gas, everything that he has, the Joker uses.

Jason’s comm beeps, “Hood, I need you downtown, Harley and Joker are at it again”

“I’m busy, B. Just let them kill each other and we’ll be fine”

“You know I can’t do that. Civilians are at risk”

“No there aren’t, B! Joker had his men round everyone up and get them out”

There was a pause, “The Joker has never been concerned with human life. Why would he now?”

“His dead daughter, Y/N, was always concerned about human life. He’s doing it in her memory”

“Is that what all of this is about?” Robin’s voice echoes over the comm. “All of this fighting is about the death of one stupid girl?”

“She wasn’t stupid!” Jason shouts, “I’m going to find a way to bring her back, B. Just you wait”

“We talked about this, Hood. Do you really want her to come back like you? Insane? Angry? Scared?”

“Thanks for that vote of confidence, Batman, but she won’t come back like me. I’ve found something. Something similar to the Lazarus Pit, but it brings people back from the dead. The Pit can’t do that, it can only heal, but it’s sister can do so much more”

“NO!! You can’t bring people back from the dead! It’s isn’t natural, Hood!”

“I’m sorry, B. I’ll see you when I get back”

Jason tosses out the comm off the edge of the roof and turns toward the morgue. He knew that there was a risk, bringing someone back from the dead, he was living proof of that, but he had to do something.

Smuggling a body out of the hospital wasn’t as easy as Jason thought it would be, especially a body that was guarded by the Joker’s men, but Jason managed it. He even managed to steal one of Batman’s jets. He had to keep her body on ice, to make sure that it didn’t start rotting.

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’ll get you back. I’ll get you back and then you can stop this damn war that will tear apart Gotham if we don’t do anything”

Jason gets as close to the League’s compound as he can without being detected. The Lazarus Pit’s sister resides in a cave that is located underneath the compound. Jason isn’t sure how he was going to get Y/N’s body to the pit, but he did know that it wasn’t guarded. So Jason just decided to carry her body there, and hopefully go unnoticed.

The glowing blue light the emanated from the pit filled the cave with light. It was eerie, it reminded Jason a lot of the Lazarus Pit, the one that had driven him mad. He really hoped that the research he had done was enough, that it really would bring Y/N back to life. Jason slowly approaches the edge of the water, takes a breath, and then steps in. Slowly, so slowly, Jason lower’s Y/N into the glowing blue water, submerging her completely.

“Please let this work” he whispered

Suddenly there is movement under Jason’s hands. He immediately yanks her up, bringing her head above the water, but keeping the rest of her submerged. Y/N was struggling against him, her breath is shallow, but slowly getting better as her wounds heal.

“Jay ….” She gasped out, one hand gripping the front of Jason’s shirt, “Wha…?”

“Shh, sweetheart, shh. You’re alright, you’re okay, I got you”

“What happened?” Her eyes are wide, afraid, but she isn’t fighting. The new Pit worked, so far she didn’t have the pit madness, she was alright.

“You were shot. You …” Jason gulped, “you died. Harley shot you, the doctors couldn’t save you, so I had to”

Waking up submerged in a glowing blue pool wasn’t something anyone would want. Waking up to the pain of feeling your internal organs knitting themselves back together is probably worse. But being able to breath clean air for the first time in what feels like forever, is absolute bliss.

You look up and make eye contact with Jason, opening your mouth several times before a sound finally comes out, “Jay …” You reach out, desperate for some kind of contact, “Wha…?”

Even though Jason tries to reassure you, tried to tell you that everything is okay, you have the distinct feeling that it isn’t. You feel like you’re missing something, like there’s a gap in your memory. You don’t know how you got here, where here even is. You want to ask why Jason is crying. “What happened?”

Once you and Jason manage to stumble out of the blue water, he takes you to a jet, Batman’s jet.

“Jason Todd! Did you steal Batman’s jet?”

Jason chuckles, “It was the only way to get out here in a hurry, and he wouldn’t give me the keys!”

You chuckle and strap yourself in, “Are we going back to Gotham?”

“Yes … Y/N listen, your parents are …”

“Let me guess, they’ve started an all-out war in the middle of the city. Daddy blames momma for shooting me and the two are trying to kill each other”

Jason glances at you, surprised, “Um, yeah, actually. How did you …?”

“It just seemed like something they would do. They always said that if they ever lost me the whole city would burn” You shrug, not really seeing the big deal in it. They were your parents, and they were absolutely crazy, but everyone knew that.

“We have to show them that you’re alive. If they see you they might stop fighting. I’m getting really tired of having to clean up after them”

You giggle behind him, unbuckling your seatbelt and wrapping your arms around him, resting your head on his shoulder. “Thank you, Jaybird. For saving me”

You press a kiss to his cheek, “Come on, Princess. I think your knight in shining armor deserves a bit more than a kiss on the cheek, don’t you?”

You laugh, “Well, when you aren’t flying a plane, you can have whatever you want.” Jason leers at you, “But I still want that date, Bird Brain!”

Jason grins, “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Ex-gay man: ‘Homosexuality is just another human brokenness’

Alec not afraid to tell anyone he is living proof that ‘sexual orientation’ can in fact be changed. But he prefers to use the word ‘restored’ rather than ‘changed.’

Alec remembers how from an early age he felt different from other boys. He felt he did not fit in and thought of himself as awkward, out of place. He remembers never feeling treasured or affirmed by his dad who was an alcoholic and who consumed pornography. Alec believes this began a pattern of turning to other males to find the affirmation he never received from his dad.

From here, Alec became preoccupied with images of male nudity and with taking more daring sexual risks with different boys. As he grew older, the sexual acts Alec performed with other boys became as a source of comfort to him, making him believe he was being loved and accepted. But while such acts would make him feel good for a while, he says they were never able to help him overcome the constant theme of emptiness and brokenness he felt inside. The sexual activities quickly became addictive.

When a schoolgirl refused to go on a date with him that seemed to signal to the now-teenage Alec that he was not a normal guy. Then, a few years later, a sexually awkward one-night stand with a woman seemed to confirm to him that he did not have what it took to be a man.

Alec was now a young man in the military. Although in the meantime he had gotten married, he continued to crave male intimacy and experience gripping same-sex attractions. An intimate but non-sexual encounter with a military male friend whom he greatly admired eventually led to explicit homosexual behaviors.

Alec changed his life for the good, and ultimately bring about his deliverance from homosexual attractions. Here with Clary, Alec experienced the love, acceptance, and affirmation he had always craved.

To put it simply, says Alec, he fell in love with Clary. He experienced her and Alec wanted more on this desire, Alec noticed a transformation begin to take place in his sexual desires. The homosexual desires began to decrease. For the first time in his life, Alec began to see himself differently, this time through the eyes of a Savior who — he now realized — loved him unconditionally.

Looking back on his past, Alec says he now sees that he has been brought out of what he calls the “sexual confusion of homosexual behaviors” to a sexual clarity in mind and heart. He has left behind what he calls the “self-defeating environment of my own, very negative self-image”.

“It is merely one of the many evidences of the broken, spiritual condition of our human race,” he tells people.

Alec loves Clary and their love will change the world.

asexual kaz brekker
  • ace kaz who doesn’t know if his asexuality was there from birth or if it is a product of his trauma
  • ace kaz who embraces it all the same
  • ace kaz who is glad of his asexuality because it helps him cope with his extreme touch aversion
  • ace kaz who might be the only boy in ketterdam who can walk through the pleasure districts of the barrel purely on business terms and not care a jot for the the things that go on around him
  • ace kaz who subtly flaunts his asexuality with accents of purple on his usual black & white & grey businessman ensemble (a tie, a handkerchief, polished purple buttons, pURPLE GLOVES??? I’M LIVING) its no coincidence that purple is the color of both asexuality and kruge
  • ace kaz who turns his asexuality, like everything else about him, into a weapon - the guiles that other men fall for have no effect on him
  • ace kaz who finds security in his relationship with inej knowing that she will never ask of him what he cannot give
  • ace kaz who loves inej with unbridled passion; living proof that an asexual relationship is in no way “lesser” to other relationships
  • ace kaz who never loses his virginity  a n d   t h a t ’ s   o k
  • ace kaz
Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Honestly it’s really fucking cute when haters pop up doubting BTS and Yoongi because he’s been calling them out forever now. “Oh oh my haters, curse me some more. Keyboard warriors, please put effort into it. Yeah, just like that keep looking down on me, proving you wrong is my hobby.( We On)” Literally he’s the one who had to choose between eating cheap and walking home or eating even cheaper and riding the bus home. All in the name of music. All so he could work in his studio for no pay and struggle with a feeling of incompetence/depression when he literally performed for only a pair of people. A pair. Like two people. 

That’s why he didn’t think it was wrong to be an idol, because fuck it, some people can barely survive while only doing music. Yet, that’s all Yoongi wanted to do. That was the most important thing for him and he couldn’t imagine giving up music or shoving it the the side for another job. He’s being realistic, he’s making a living while doing something he loves and that path happens to be one of an idol. What did he get in turn for giving up everything else, for leaving home, for dancing at early hours in the morning, for lacking sleep and food and going through rigorous training? What did he gain from finding a median to allow him to keep dreaming? Unwarranted hate.

“You’re idols so even without a listen I can tell it sucks, I don’t like your lyrics even if I don’t see it it’s a video. Since you don’t have much power you must have done some dirty stuff, seeing the things you do you’ll fail soon. (Two!Three!)” You really think that came from nowhere? Of course not. He’s literally been called, to his face with others watching, an “icon” for girls, not “real” hip hop just rap. They called him an “industrialized icon” and not music To. His. Face. And that’s right, he didn’t have power. He sat there listening to these so called, self proclaimed “experts” of hip hop gang up on him.

But the funny thing is BTS and Min Yoongi were bound to gain popularity, they were bound to be recognized, way more than these hip hop experts could ever dream of; why? Because “during that time, at the least, I slept less and moved more.(Agust D)” Also because he’s had truckloads of more experience and because he, as a person, always gives and cares for fans. Being a bling bling “icon” for girls? Fine. Why not? As long as his music was doing what he always wanted it to, giving a voice/ energy/ hope/ warmth to the people who didn’t have it. “I can withstand tiring and harsh trips back and forth from work because my people are watching. Even if my body hurts, i can withstand it because the screams come crashing. The difference between pre and post debut, even while living on a line between rapper and idol my notebook is full of rhymes. Between the waiting room and stage i hold a pen and write lyrics, this is me, in your eyes what has changed? Damn shit i’m the same, I changed? Go and reiterate i didn’t change and guarded my roots i’m still rapperman. (Born singer)” Hard working and a true pinnacle of somebody who does everything for music and to connect with fans. It’s no surprise he got fame, unimaginable fame that shut out all the “real” hip hop haters and made them admit, in shame, they were schooled.

He’s always built a wall because of this, and Yoongi does a good job of hiding it. We’ve never seen Min Yoongi openly cry. He’s always managed to hold back. He’d pat his members on the back, he’d smile at them, he’d hug them, but he’d never cry. Because to those just waiting for their time to pounce back, to them it’s a weakness. “아… 아이돌 다 됐내.” You’re just fully an idol now… that’s exactly how they’d belittle him. But look at him. Finishing tours successfully, breaking records, dominating charts world wide. He spreads more music and leaves more of his legacy in the k-hiphop scene than anybody who’s ever talked ill about him. So yes, he deserved this award. He deserved it so much. Because even if it hurt him inside he knew how harsh reality was, he took the title that was slaughtered and seen through colored lenses and he bore it proudly even if people tried to break his back with it. He made music, he lived his dream and this was the physical proof of his effort. “That’s right, keep (hating) on and on. We’ll be happy by ourselves, good yeah i’m good (Two! Three!)”

That’s why haters are pointless. “Take it away from them? It was stolen from ______? They don’t deserve it?” Give me a fucking break, do yourself a favor and get over it. You can’t steal this glory from him, you can’t for a second downplay it. This was all him. It was all his. (As this is a Yoongi appreciation post i’m using singular nouns) but seriously. The countless doubts and ridicule he faced to produce something that would make a wide audience happy is rewarding him and being recognized. So don’t you dare, ever, not even for a second, argue that he didn’t deserve this. And don’t you dare call him out for finally releasing his emotions because he’s achieved his goal. This is his moment, his year, his prize. 건드리지마 손도 대지마 “Don’t touch it, what’s mine, don’t even put a hand on it.” (Give it to me). Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.