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Columbine Songs
Columbine Songs

Eminem and Columbine

I am an Eminem Fan for years now and when I started to get more and more into True Crime I was surprised to find a lot of his Lyrics mentioning Columbine which I never really realised before. Of course he also mentioned other murderers or events, like Ted Bundy and the Aurora theater shooting but I wanted to start with the Columbine lyrics because there’s a lot of material. So let’s start:

The Way I Am, 2000
When a dude’s getting bullied and shoots up his school
And they blame it on Marilyn and the heroin
Where were the parents at? And look where it’s at!
Middle America, now it’s a tragedy
Now it’s so sad to see, an upper-class city
Havin’ this happening

Marshall states that he thinks that he thinks that not music is the reason for the shooting but bullying and the parents. But as we all know Marilyn Manson was partly blamed for Columbine by the media.
Em is also making fun of the fact that Columbine was the first shooting that people cared this much about although there have been a lot of shootings but now it happened at a “nice” school.

There is an alternative version of this song featuring Marilyn Manson (x)
He performed it live with Manson (x and x)
Manson also appeared in the official video (x)

Remember me, 2000
Came home and somebody musta broke in the back window
And stole two loaded machine guns and both of my trenchcoats
Sick, sick dreams of picnic scenes
Two kids, sixteen, with M-16’s and ten clips each
And them shits reach through six kids each

Em is making fun of the idea that musicians like him are a bad influence because he is not the one who gives these kids their weapons.

And as we all know, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both wore a Trenchcoat when the attack started, that’s why „both of my Trenchcoats“ were stolen. And so he thinks that they were stolen to start another Columbine.
And when you have these „two kids“ with guns that, when you shoot them, „reach through six kids each“ you have 12 dead kids. And as we all know, during the Columbine massacre died 12 kids (and one adult).

By the way, Eminem needed two months to write his whole verse on this song while Sticky Fingaz wrote his verse in one day. 

I’m Back, 2000
I take seven [kids] from [Columbine]
Stand ‘em all in line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a 9
A MAC-11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time

This is probably the most well known Columbine reference made by Eminem.
This album came out one year after the massacre so it was still an sensitive subject. Therefore his label censored these two words (Kids and Columbine), even on the explicit version of the album.
I don’t think I have to explain what exactly this lyric means, it’s pretty clear.
In his book he states this:

“ I was getting shit about the Columbine reference on “I’m Back” and the label was telling me that I wasn’t gonna be able to say it. My whole thing was, what is the big fucking deal? That shit happens all the time. Why is that topic so touchy as opposed to, say a four-year-old kid drowning? Why isn’t that considered a huge tragedy? People die in the city all the time. People get shot, people get stabbed, raped, mugged, killed and all kinds of shit. What the fuck is the big deal with Columbine that makes it separate from any other tragedy in America?”

In 2015 a 15 year-old boy was arrested. He posted these lyrics on Instagram and added “Cause I’m just like shady and just as crazy as the world was over that whole Y2K thing”
The origiginal lyrics are “ ‘Cause (I'mmmm) Shady, they call me as crazy
As the world was over this whole Y2K thing”

When authorities searched the boy’s home they found weaponry and eventually arrested him. He denied any knowledge of the weapons and said he didn’t post this text on Instagram.

White America, 2002
White America, I could be one of your kids
White America, little Eric looks just like this

In this song it’s not only about the Lyrics but also about the music video.
With “little Eric” he mentioned Eric Harris but it was also meant as an example for a typical white kid. He is from middle america because his name is in the middle of amERICa.
The interesting part is, as I said, the video. Where you can see news of an school shooting during “I could be one of your kids”
And during “little Eric looks just like this” you can see one of those typical yearbook pictures and the house of the school shooter. The house looks a bit like the one the Harrises had.

When these lines get repeated you can see a boy full of (probably) blood stepping out of the map of america. On his shirt is written “I am Eric”.

Rap God, 2013
I’ll take seven kids from Columbine
Put ‘em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a 9

This was the first time we could hear the Columbine Line uncensored. Eminem didn’t rap all of the “I’m back” lines because he just wanted to
“See if I get away with it now that I ain’t as big as I was”
As you can hear, he got away with it.

Eminem is one of the few people who openly give their sympathy for the two shooters.
He admitted to be interested in serial killers in this statement:
“I did find myself watching a lot of documentaries on serial killers, I mean, I always had a thing for them. I’ve always been intrigued by them and I found that watching movies about killers sparked something in me.The way a serial killer’s mind works, just the psychology of them is pretty fucking crazy. I was definitely inspired by that, but most of the album’s imagery came from my own mind.”

But Marshall Mathers seems to have an very personal realationship with the whole Columbine Issue.
He himself was bullied on a daily basis during his childhood, often for his race and for always being the new kid. When he was nine years old he got beaten up so bad he was in an coma for several days. I think he is one of the people who is trying to understand what Harris and Klebold were going through.
But I think it is important to mention, that he is the living proof that even when your life is is shitty right now because of some people who have nothing in their life but to terrorize you, that you can still have a better life. And you beat them best when you keep on living.

“That Columbine shit is so fucking touchy. As much sympathy as we give the Columbine shootings, nobody ever looked at it from the fuckin’ point of view of the kids who were bullied—I mean, they took their own fucking life! And it was because they were pushed so far to the fucking edge that they were fucking so mad. I’ve been that mad.

-Marshall Mathers

43 Reasons to Love Misha Collins

1. He is kind 
2. He is selfless
3. He is flawed
4. He is sarcastic
5. He’s seen the worst that the world and humanity can give and became the opposite
6. He loves freely and openly
7. He is passionate
8. He is messy
9. He is genuine
10. “Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world”
11. He is bright
12. He is intelligent
13. He is witty
14. He is sharp
15. When he realized how much of an impact he had, he founded a non profit charity that promotes small random acts of kindness and created a scavenger hunt that fosters creativity to raise funds for that charity
16. He is an incredible actor
17. He is the father every child needs
18. He is an attentive husband
19. He is a loving friend
20. “I want to live in a world where the word ‘normal’ is an insult”
21. He is real about life sometimes being complicated and confusing
22. He fights hatred with kindness
23. He is present
24. He doesn’t take himself too seriously
25. He wakes up early to hand out coffee at ComicCon, stays up late to serve dinner, because he gives love in spades
26. He values family
27. He supports everyone at once without ever knowing it
28. He recognizes and owns his mistakes and learns from them
29. He believes that people can grow
30. “Do what you love and the 'good’ will follow”
31. He believes in the power of one person
32. He is proof of that power
33. He helps people living in the dark see the light
34. He allows people to love themselves, quirks and all
35. He understands things on a deeper level than most; he seems to immediately comprehend the meaning behind words and empathize with the experience even if he lacks a personal frame of reference
36. He stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves
37. He fights on behalf of all
38. He sees beyond himself
39. He is vocal about injustice
40. “I am passionate about tea, running, the idea that we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations, and maple syrup”
41. The way his smile lights up a room
42. The way his laugh is contagious  
43. The way he is unapologetically himself and in doing so, helps others do the same


“Everything would be alright” - Steve Harrington

Request: “Can I please have a Steve(stranger things) x reader where she was like eleven and got tested on and maybe can read peoples minds? Thanks”

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

Steve hadn’t been the same since the destruction of the Demogorgon. It took him a good few months before he even could comprehend what happened. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The disappearance of Eleven and Y/N hit him the hardest. Well, more specifically the disappearance of Y/N. 

Every time he closed his eyes he saw you. He remembered seeing you for the first time when he was still going after Nancy. You were stunning and from that moment he was absolutely hooked. It wasn’t until he arrived atJonathan’s house that he learned who you really were. 

It was like there was a connection between the two of you, that neither understood but also didn’t question. He felt a pull towards you and when you sacrificed yourself to save the rest of them, his heart broke. He didn’t even know it was possible to form feelings for someone you almost didn’t know but he was living proof. The last words you spoke or rather used telepathy to convey, he swore he could still hear like you were right next to him. “Goodbye, Steve.” Your eyes spoke of the same heartbreak. He hadn’t even realised that he was screaming at the time or that tears were steadily flowing. His only thoughts were of you and that you were gone. 

He was just as lost as Mike and while Nancy tried to help she only got in the way. He longed to hear your voice again and often spent hours in bed just trying to communicate with you. After finding out Mike used a walkie-talkie to talk to El, he even bought one; it was an unsuccessful attempt.

When Dustin told him that a Demogorgon was back, it was both a welcome distraction and painful reminder of you. He did realise that the reality of you still being out there was slim but he also couldn’t help but hope. He did everything in his power to keep the kids safe, not wanting to go through another loss. 

They were currently all trying to figure out what to do after the escaping the lab filled with the Demo-dogs. Talking with Will had helped them but the phone ringing destroyed that idea. Now they were all standing around, most of them holding some sort of weapon waiting for the inevitable Demo-dogs to rush in. 

Loud noises came from the outside but there was still no sign of the Demo-dogs. “What are they doing?” Nancy asked. More noises could be heard including what sounded like a painful scream. Then it went silent before the Demo-dog came crashing in through the window. They all screamed and moved back before looking at the dead Demo-dog. Hopper pushed to it with his foot before a sound from the door broke their concentration. 

The locks turned and the door opened slowly before revealing two people. Time stood still as the people inside realised who was standing in front of them. Mike stepped forward in shock and they all watched as he and Eleven shared their sweet reunion. Steve, however, didn’t even see the two of them; all he had eyes for was you. 

He walked towards you slowly as if he was afraid you would disappear. “Y/N,” he whispered eyes welling up. You bit your lips hesitant about he would react to you being back. It was only when he smiled you felt relieved enough to smile yourself. “Steve.” The pull between you grew stronger and suddenly the two of you were hugging tightly. 

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he said, “I tried to contact you for-”

“353 days. I know” you interrupted. He looked pale at the revelation, “Then why didn’t you answer?”

“For your safety, Steve.” you answered sadly, “I did it for you,” you looked down at your feet embarrassed. He swallowed hard at your words. “I’m glad you’re back,” he said, fingers moving your chin back up so he could look in your eyes. His hand moved up to caress your cheek as you spoke: “I’m glad, too.” 

Everything looked brighter and he felt hope, a feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long time. You both moved closer until your lips were less than a centimetre away from each other. You both stopped searching for confirmation in each other’s eyes, and when he heard you in his mind saying, “Kiss me.” he closed the distance. Your lips met in desperation and longing showing every emotion the two of you felt the last year before slowing down and becoming soft and full of love. You were both gasping for air as you pulled away. He rested his forehead against yours as you regained your breath. You were both starting to feel hopeful for the future. If you had each other, everything would be alright. 

It’s March 14th 2017, Dan’s Birthday

Today Dan turns 38 years old, and I just want to take a moment to not only say happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet, but to say how grateful I am for him.

Dan has a smile and a giggle unlike anyone else. Looking at him being happy, hearing him laugh just makes you feel so good. When he giggles you giggle back. When he smiles, you smile back.

He’s sweet and cuddly and made of sunshine fluff. There’s just no way you don’t want a huge hug from him.

Dan is sweet and kind and caring. Every time he gives us a message of warmth and love you believe it right down to your core. Because the fact is he does care about us. And he does love us. And he is so very grateful that we’re here and that we love him just as much. That we encourage the stars that have always been in his eyes.

Dan is a man who is inquisitive and trusting, some would say to a fault, but I say just the perfect amount. He loves openly and believes that those close to him wouldn’t do him harm. No matter how many times he’s been proven wrong. He keeps on believing. His will to love and trust is unparalleled.

He’s unbelievably talented, and has always kept the music in his heart, no matter what life has thrown at him. No matter how many times he’s been told no. He never stopped. And he encourages everyone else to keep on trying, too. He is living proof that if you put time and effort and love into your dream, you will see it happen.

Dan is a beautiful, wonderful, amazingly generous and deeply loving individual. He’s everything everyone should aspire to be. He is very near and dear to my heart for every part that makes him up. So happy birthday, Dan. Here’s to 38 fantastic years of you.

…… and also. Well. You know.

Louis telling you that he had a girlfriend years ago should have been the only proof you needed that he wasn’t living a lie. Not him having a baby, losing his mum, or getting arrested. His life isn’t a stunt. The only stunt here is the one where you pretend you’re a fan when you’re not.

Kid Cudi is the epitome of strength. He’s living proof that you can be Black, with mental illness, and STILL be as successful as you want. Tried to take his life many times. All the rehab and fights with his demons. Since he was a young Black kid who was always lonely and felt like no one gave a fuck about him. He still goes through SO much. Yet he continues on to make art, inspire and spread love to millions of people all over the world to let them know he cares and that they aren’t alone. He does it especially for the Black kids with mentall illness. And for those who feel like they’re never understood. For the ones who feel like they don’t belong. For the ones who feel like they aren’t worth anything. How much more perfect can a human being be?

He is of light.

So as you may know, that much-quoted Ohba statement that L and Light would “work together” if the Death Note never fell is a mistranslation.
The actual statement is “they would work on the same level”.

And I do feel like they would be more likely to engage in a kind of ‘detective’ war of their own, rather than cooperate.
Light, without the notebook, would be inclined to work within the law to fulfill his moral goals and L, who exists outside of the law largely but has immense illegal influence (and can essentially blackmail word police), would  bother him a lot.

If anything, I think Light would have it his pet project to gather evidence in order to have have L imprisoned for his crimes. After all, Light could consider himself living proof that L is absolutely not necessary - he himself can do work of the same quality within legal organizations after all.

A world without the Death Note might be a total reversal of roles.

kinda maybe late to the tea but if i don't say this i'll explode

i don’t entertain drama and hate BUT… i’ve HAD IT, offically! cause this whole thing with James Charles makes me FURIOUS!!! SO maybe yesterday i saw this thread of people saying “James Charles cuts lines in dragcon” and i was like “who?” the name genuinely didn’t ring a bell so i googled him and i was like “ohh yeah him okay why is he cutting lines tho?” (i had seen him once on Ellen and knew about the covergirl thing and tbh i was 100% supportive of what he does! no tea no shade, i had just forgotten his name) ANYWAY until about 20 minutes ago i had only seen that thread and that’s all BUT i watched this short clip of Latrice’s meet and greet live steam as a proof that he cuts the line and honestly i’m disgusted. he literally comes up to her and goes “can we take a snapchat” and Latrice being the graceful queen she is says “well i have a whole line” meaning “bitch wait for your fucking turn” and this motherfucker has the audacity to say “but i’m James Charles” *face cracks* BOI i don’t care who the fuck you are, you could be Jesus himself you still had to stand in the line like everybody else and be respectful. and as far as i know everyone in the line has a mutherfucking name! and just because you’re verified on twitter that doesn’t make you better than anybody else. FUCK. i just hate when people feel entitled to shit just cause they were noticed by the media for whatever reason. “but i’m James Charles” bitch you ain’t Madonna. the fuck? be respectful be humble and GET A GRIP!!! SO… to everyone who got to go to dragcon this year i hope you A. had a great fucking time B. met your favorite queens C. were not elbowed by a covergirl and D. if you were i hope it didn’t fuck you up. ps i’m high key jealous cause i’m literally thousands of miles away from LA *sobs*

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i spent 5 hours at the library today digging through their Special Collections to find out historic info about my house. my next door neighbor, Old Man Dan, has lived on my street for his entire life, close to 80 years. he’s a little paranoid and exaggerates a lot so i never believe anything he says 100% - there’s an abandoned house next to his house and the owner pays a homeless guy in the neighborhood to mow the lawn and cover up graffiti so it doesn’t look totally decrepit, and OMD is convinced that the homeless guy is a serial killer axe murderer, but i’ve talked to him a bunch and he’s a really normal dude? stuff like that. 

ANYWAY, OMD has always insisted that my house (built in 1922) used to be a brothel. there’s pipes sticking out of the wall in my living room and he said that’s proof because that means there was a sink in the room, and apparently brothels have sinks in every room. i didn’t really believe him but thought it was kind of a cool story. i decided to look up my address in the archives and guess fucking what y’all. my house was a brothel for two fucking decades!!!!! it was technically a residential home, 2 different brothels and then a brothel-like cult church, and then a consignment store, and then a law office, and then a house. there are a ton of articles about it but none of them are available publicly or online which is why i couldn’t find anything about it before. i think it’s so fucking cool!!! i’m trying to track down old pictures of the inside and find out more about the people who built it/owned it/operated it.  wish i could post em here but…..it has my address on it so i can’t lol. 

Nine Months, touken fanfic

Summary: Four different stages of Touka’s pregnancy. Probably shortly after chapter 128. One-shot.

Rating: fluff, romantic, a bit of angst? | Words: 8,125 words | Read on: AO3 // FF.net | If you like it, please reblog!

A/N: many of you wanted a touken pregnancy fic so here it is! i’m very satisfied with the result even if it was a bit hard to finish ;w; and hopefully it’s not too angsty, i’d say it’s quite corny, haha, but we deserve that after so much drama. There was a Touka/Ayato scene that I REALLY wanted to write for this fic but I didn’t have time, so I think I’m going to write it tomorrow and post it as a mini-fic headcanon, like a small excerpt of this story (an ova, lmao). Again, thank you everyone for reading!! feedback is always welcome :’)



He stops, tilting his face to one side to look at her.

“Yes?” he’s still smiling, softly, gently, beautifully.

She decides that this is the last thing she will see before closing her eyes. Kaneki smiling. She doesn’t want to see his face afterward, she doesn’t hold the courage to do so. So she takes a deep breath, closing her eyes, picturing that very same face in her head, holding onto his expression, frowning her brows as she speaks, terrified and quivering.

“I’m pregnant.”


All that she hears is silence.

He’s not even breathing. She can’t even hear his heart beating, she can’t even feel his arms around her, her body is numb, her ears are deaf, her senses are broken.

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“Like you said a long time ago, I had to open my mind to the possibilities. Bumi, you’re a mad genius.”

Of all my years watching ATLA, I never noticed this small detail… Aang is actually crying tears of joy. The lighting sucks so you can’t really see it but if you watch the scene, you can see it. Or if you move your laptop/phone, you can see the details of his tears.

Since the beginning, he was in denial of what happened to his people. “Just because nobody has seen an airbender, doesn’t mean the Fire Nation killed them all”. He didn’t want to believe he’d been gone for 100 years nor did he want to believe his entire culture was ripped from him. I mean who would, right? But then he found the proof. He found out he’s the last living airbender and had been gone for 100 years. If you think about it, for Aang, it’s only been an instant that this happened. One moment he has all his loved ones surrounding him and the next, he’s all alone in a world where he knows nothing and understands nothing.

So here we are in the city of Omashu where his good friend Bumi used to live; someone he visted 100 years ago. But what’s the possibility of Bumi still being alive? What’s the possibility that someone from Aang’s past is still here? He mentioned Bumi in the beginning but he really didn’t have any hope that he’d see him again. He already accepted everyone he knew and loved were gone…. until this moment.

I mentioned how I think Bumi felt when he saw Aang but what about Aang when he found out it was Bumi? Look at his face. From his home, to his people and his culture (and even his time), this young child had everything taken from him. But now he has found Bumi, his childhood friend. Even though Aang loves Katara and Sokka as his new family, they will never compare to Bumi for he is the only thing/person in Aang’s life that neither time or the Fire Nation could take away.

The whole package


Pairing: Lane Tucker x plus size!reader

Warnings: There’s partial nudity but it’s not gonna hurt you. For a Lance Tucker fic, this is surprisingly safe.

Word count: 1.789

Summary: One more tournament and Lance is ready to settle down and quit professional gymnastics. He loves Y/N and has been thinking about their future for a while now. But Lance isn’t very good at planning and one lazy Saturday morning, when he’s chilling in bed with his girl, he makes an impromptu decision.

A/N: I’ve posted a masterlist with all upcoming plus size!reader fics. I keep getting new ideas, so this masterlist will be updated as the ideas come and go. There will always be an announcement post. If you want on the tag list, please comment on the announcement post of send me an ask!

This is the sequel to Good at worshipping (Lance Tucker x plus size!reader)

Inspired by this post by @thatawkwardtinyperson and by a conversation I had earlier with @winterboobaer. This one’s for you, @hollycornish!

All plus size fics can be found here

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“Oh my god that video is just tragic. She truly is trying to grab onto him and he keeps squirming his hand away. It reminds me of a five year old who is trying to cross the street without holding onto their Mom’s hand and so they twist and turn it whatever way possible so the Mom can’t get a good grip and then they make a run for it. Fucking yikes.” (Saracha33 tumblr)


gif is not mine

Title: Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,148

Warnings: angst

A/N: This was requested by an anon! It’s based on the song Angel by The Weeknd! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lucifer picked your bloody body up from the floor, a frown etched onto his lips.  How could you still be alive?  You were much stronger than he thought.  He knew this was because of him.  They wanted to go after Lucifer, and instead of coming after him, they went after you.  

He teleported to the bunker, knocking on the door.  He knew this was the last place he should be, but he had no other options.  He was thankful that Castiel decided to answer the door.  At least Castiel was an angel and not a human.  He could trust Castiel more than those cockroach humans.  

“Lucifer what are you doing here,” Castiel asked, instantly on guard.  His eyes quickly moved to you, worry washing over him.  “Is that [Y/N]?”  It was hard to tell because of all the blood and cuts on your body.  He had heard talk of Lucifer finding a soul mate, but he didn’t actually believe it until now.

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Pleasurable Pain (Lucifer x Reader)

A/N: Hello Reader-chans! As promised, here is my Luci x Reader smut! Criticism is helpful and welcomed! Also, notes, reposts, and your comments give me life! Anyway, hope you enjoy!~

Rating: M

Word Count: 5,387

Warnings: smut! mentions of a car crash, oral (female recieving), light!dom!Lucifer, virgin!reader (because why not).

Originally posted by magnificent-winged-beast

“Pants, moans, and a series of occasional groans echoed throughout the room, covering up the sound of skin slapping upon skin. He had set out a hard pace, driving you absolutely insane. His grip on your hips was tight and painful, liable to leave bruises of his hands for days to come. Slowly, he pressed your chest into his, dropping his face into the hollow of your neck. You let out a tiny gasp at the feel of his stubble against your clavicle, moving your hands up to card your fingers through his hair. In response, he breathily moaned against your neck and scraped his teeth along the top of your shoulder, slowly biting down and adding pressure. He thrusts became more brutal at that, soft growls making themselves more audible. Your small gasps and mewls became louder and you gripped his hair tighter, pulling on it. You were too much in a bliss to worry about ripping the strands from his head. And then you felt it coming. Your first real orgasm. The coil you felt in your belly only got tighter and tighter as you became louder. He let out a guttural groan at your tugging, his grip becoming impossibly tighter-”

You awoke in a cold sweat for the seventh day in a row, panting. The wetness dripping out from your beyond soaked panties reminded you that you’ve yet again had that dream. Letting out an unsatisfied and frustrated sigh, you lifted yourself out of your own sweat-soaked sheets, walking/waddling over to the bathroom in your room with a new pair of underwear and a clean towel. As you cleaned and dried yourself off, your mind wandered back to the recurring dream. Or nightmare. You weren’t sure yet. You didn’t even know who was the male within it. It was mostly a blur with many intense new feelings. But you were completely sure it was just hormones. After you threw yourself into the hunting life at the age of 14, you’d left everyone you had ever known and never really…popped the cherry. You were now the age of 22 and it just wasn’t really much of a concern to you as was killing all the abominations that poisoned the world.

You slipped on the clean undergarment, sighing in relief. They were boring old white panties. You didn’t see a problem since there was no one to impress. Your wardrobe mainly consisted of the white underwear with the acceptance of one set of lingerie. Beside that, it was loose fitting shirts and pants, flannels and one black tank top with a pair of overly sized sweatpants. Basically, anything that wasn’t too tight fitting so you could still be your agile self in them. You hated feeling constrained. It just wasn’t you.

Yawning, you checked the time. 12:05 A.M. Pretty sure the Winchesters wouldn’t appreciate you barging in their precious bunker with an equally shitty excuse. Ah, Sam and Dean Winchester. You had met the boys alongside a hunt against a Djinn and they were less than pleased when you managed to get yourself captured. There, you met their angel Castiel. He was quite the interesting individual. Also living proof that angels and demons existed. Hooray.

They rescued you and brought you to their bunker, helping you regain your health. You didn’t wish to be touched by the angel and they weren’t going to bring you to a hospital. So there at the bunker, you had figured out that you absolutely sucked at socializing. There was at least a stutter to every sentence you spoke and a blush as red as cherries that filled your entire face, including your ears. You were an embarrassment to yourself. You could just picture Dean’s shit-eating grin. He thought it was funny you couldn’t  communicate around them all. Narcissistic bastard. Sam was better at it though, giving you a sympathetic smile and patience. Castiel only tilted his head and furrowed his brow, as if he was trying to figure out what was wrong with you. Even you didn’t know. As you resided there, they told you some interesting stories, like how their dad introduced them to hunting and how they met Castiel. Then there was the stories of Lucifer. Those always caught your attention.

The way they described him captivated your interest. Maybe it was because Satan was real and it horrified you. Or maybe it was  because in some ways, you understood him. Cast out by your father, called nasty names by people. You listened to the brothers’ painful struggle with the Devil, mentally taking notes on his character and influence. Strangely though, the way they described his actions flickered a sense of vague familiarity. Although you really did feel bad for Sam, you couldn’t help but wonder what he was like in person. What did he look like? Er- his vessel anyways. You were still new to the whole “angel-human vessel” thing. You suppose the stories were supposed to intimidate and terrify you, but they only made you curious. And your curiosity always lead you into trouble.


That was two weeks ago. Today is just another lonely day. You were packing your bags, getting ready to leave. You’d finally concluded your hunt against the werewolves down in Topeka, Kansas. You checked the clock again. It’s 5:34 P.M. It would take you roughly two hours and fifty-five minutes to drive to the Winchesters’ location in Lebanon, Kansas. Deciding it’d be nice to go check in with them, you threw your shit into the trunk of your truck and got in, making a quick pit stop to grab some snacks for the road. Afterwards, you were off to Lebanon.


You were having trouble staying awake. ‘C’mon Y/N, just a few more minutes.’ You had tried not to sleep as much during the weeks for fear of the dream coming back to you. It had worked, but now you were having trouble staying awake when you needed to most. Your fingers loosened on the steering wheel as you slowly nod off yet again. Sleep was calling to you…and you were slowly answering to its call.

‘…Y/N…’ A voice sang.

You struggled to keep your eyes open.

‘…Y/N…come to me…’ It said again in that tune. It lured you…like bugs to a light. The honking of a horn sounded from a distance.

You jolted with a gasp, seeing the lights of the vehicle a second too late. You swerved your car to the side, screaming internally. You managed to spin off the road, the right frontside of your car hitting a tree, which sent you flying. You couldn’t scream. Only watch with wide eyes as you and your car came closer and closer to the ground. As soon as you made contact with it, your life flashed before your eyes. First hunt…first kill…first injury. You felt your head hitting all over and your body jolting around as your seatbelt clung to you. The airbag in your steering wheel came to life like a punch to the face, knocking your head back. Your first legal gun…first FBI badge. Your car barrel rolled deeper into the forest until it hit a tree, stopping your jostling.

Your vision was dizzying and your pain was extreme. You were disoriented, fumbling for your seatbelt. A pain became evident in your head. You groaned, black spots adorning your already failing vision. Slowly, your movements lessened, your body becoming limp as the blackness took over, rendering you unconscious.


You woke up with a gasp, sitting up completely straight. Panicking, you look around. You were in a room, laid on a bed…wait a minute. You were just in a car crash…where the hell were you?! This wasn’t the bunker as the layout and style of the room were so different. Besides that, the brothers didn’t know you were coming. You slowly got up, investigating the detail of the apartment. It was way fancier than the typical shit hole apartments you stayed in. It was clean, no sign of mold, insects or deteriorating of any furniture or wood. You silently crept around, searching for the door. You needed to get out of here. You realized then you were in perfect shape as well. You could’ve sworn you broke a couple things back there. Your heart rate increases, nervous energy beginning to swarm you. You’ve been kidnapped. If so…then where was the kidnapper-

“Oh. Isn’t this a surprise? I didn’t expect you to be awake for ehhh…say a few more hours. But humans. Ever the stupidly stubborn ones. Especially you hunters.” A male voice echoed throughout the room. He sounded impressed. Or annoyed. Maybe both?

Squeaking in surprise, your vision flied about, trying to find the source of the voice. Strangely though, the speaker sounded vaguely familiar…

You felt a hand grab your shoulder. A particularly cold hand at that.

“Caught you.” The voice said. You could feel the smirk upon your captor’s face. Slowly, you raised your head, to come face to face with a…chest. You slowly raised your head higher, heartbeat thudding against your ribcage. Finally, you caught the face of a man. He was smiling…and wasn’t too hard on the eyes. He had his light tan hair spiked up in no particular direction. Beautiful ice blue eyes…No. You shake your head. ‘Now’s not the time Y/N damn.’

“Hiya there.” The man greets, the smile unfading and the hand on your shoulder not leaving. With every word he spoke, that sense of vague familiarity continued to radiate in your mind. Coming back to your senses, you immediately uppercutted the guy, stepping away from him and running to where you assumed the exit was. You need get out of there, call the Winchesters for help- you quickly skid to a stop. Needless to say, there was only one thing blocking your way from the exit.

The man chuckles, rubbing his unshaven chin and jaw. Blood coated his teeth. “Heh…you’ve got a hell of a swing Y/N.” His eyes glow red for a second and the blood disappears. Your eyes widen at the mention of your name. You didn’t give him your name. Also his eyes…they glowed red. Wait…no…he couldn’t possibly be. You could’ve sworn the brothers said they locked him back away. He smiles again, stepping towards you slowly, arms waving about. You back up at his pace, heart beating unbelievably fast and a blush rising quickly on your face. His smile widens and his index finger points at you, steps unfaltering. “You have an idea to who I am…don’t you?” You swallow. One person came to mind. “Y-You’re Lucifer, aren’t you?” You stuttered, continuing to step away from him.

An arrogant smile makes way onto his face, arms opening up in acknowledgement and his chest seemingly puffing in pride. “In the flesh.” It was then your back hit a wall. Your eyes widen and your breathing increases, blush darkening. It was then his steps stop as well. He was only a few feet in front of you, predatory smile set on his face and his arms now crossed comfortably at his sides. He had you trapped. With no one in knowledge of where you were. ‘Fuck.’ “Now,” His eyes flicker elsewhere and his fingertips connect together as his body faces yours. There was no escape. “Let’s try this again. I am, in fact, Lucifer. Otherwise known as an Archangel, Satan, the Devil, King of-” “I don’t care.” You quickly interrupt, surprising even yourself. His cold, ice blue eyes, which had previously wandered to a place somewhere on another wall, snapped back your terrified ones. His smile drops for a second. You gulp.

Lucifer’s eyes narrow and his mouth slowly turns up in a warning smile. “Excuse me?” His tone was threatening, making your heart rate skyrocket. The atmosphere dramatically shifts from playful to dangerous, the reality of the situation finally dawning on you. You’re in the same room with Lucifer, the actual Devil, who’s standing not a few feet away from you with a predatory look in his eyes. Oh and he could kill you with the simple snap of his fingers. You press yourself into the wall, eyes betraying you. “I-I’m sorry! P-please don’t k-kill me-” A snort breaks its way through the tension after you manage to stutter a sentence. You look at Lucifer, who was chuckling at you. He thought your fear was funny. “And you’re supposedly a hunter…” He begins to move again, walking slowly to the right of you, an index finger pressed on his smiling lips. His eyes bore into yours, as if he’s looking straight into your soul. Like every romantic story cliche. Expect this situation was far from romantic. Try terrifying. His eyes then proceed to drag over your body, examining you.

“Now then…I’m not going to…peel the muscle off your bone and nail it to my wall…no…that’s not why I’ve brought you here,” He says, eyes annoyingly staying glued to your shaking hips. “Although you have quite the mouth on you,” He raises his eyebrows, eyes flicking back up to yours, nothing but sexual intent in them. He rubs his bottom lip with his finger and stops walking. You noticed his smile was gone too. “I’ve brought you here because…well…” He was suddenly inches away from you, chiseled features right in your face. You flinch. He continues to stare you down, no more playful nature in his being. “I keep getting visions of you,” His hands slam into the wall next you your head, his arms both caging you in and scaring you. “ And I have no idea how or why but they’re really affecting my plans- scratch that. Greatly affecting them.” You stare up into his eyes, calming a bit as you realize he had no intent to kill you. He really was a beautiful creature…that you couldn’t deny it even if it was wrong. His eyes narrow again, as if he was suspecting you of something. The blush continues to stain your face at his close proximity. You couldn’t help your virgin ways. Even if it is Lucifer…dammit. Attention was attention.

He licks his lips, the movement slow. Your eyes immediately flick down to them. He continues to speak. You note how his voice drops an octave and there’s a certain huskiness to it. “And somehow…I suspect you’ve had them too.” His cold breath fans your cheeks. Suddenly, the dots connected. With a widen of your eyes and a sudden intake of air, you finally figure out who was the male within your dream. That dream. You become frightfully aware of the blush burning your cheeks, but it’s beat by the searing gaze Lucifer sends you. He smiles then, nothing but lustfully. “I don’t hear a no…and judging by your not-so-obvious reaction, I’m going to assume I’m correct. Not that I’m always wrong.” He moves closer, nose brushing against yours. His eyes dropped for your lips for second before flicking back up to your eyes. He whispers now. “You’re making my ears bleed from how much you’re talking Y/N.”

You lick your lips, looking up at him. He’s watching you, as if he’s expecting another escape attempt. You swallow your fear. “I…I have nothing to say.” You manage to blurt out. He chuckles dryly, looking down at the ground. “See now, I find that hard to believe considering how vocal you were during all those…phantasms.” Lucifer smirks, raising his eyebrows suggestively and looking you back in the eyes. You glare, face flaming again. You turn your head away from his gaze. You were unsure how this situation was going to end, but you hoped it did with the brothers and their angel somehow busting in and saving your ass a second time. But you know that isn’t going to happen. Because you didn’t want that to happen. Because you knew, deep down, you instead wanted this. You just didn’t have the confidence nor time to actually make it happen. At the same time though…he’s the fucking Devil. And that’s just so fucking wrong.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about?” Lucifer pipes up, looking at you with a suspicious gaze. You look at him, rolling your bottom lip between your teeth. “Consequences.” You deadpan. His eyes narrow, looking as if he’s offended. “If you’re thinking about the Winchesters-” “That’s exactly what I was considering-” “Oh for fuck’s sake-” He was quick to grab you by the back of the neck with both of his cold hands and press his lips to yours rather roughly. It definitely shut you up and dispelled any doubt in your mind like that. You were unsure what to do with your hands as they clench up at your sides. Lucifer seems to notice, taking your forearms and lifting them to his shoulders without breaking the kiss. You quickly got onto what he was doing, wrapping your arms around his neck as he wraps his around your waist. He presses your chest to his, coaxing a kiss from your lips. It sent a jolt straight to your core.

Eventually, you got the idea of it and timidly kissed back, questioning if you’d done it right. Lucifer hums in approval, kissing your lips one last time before pulling back, looking at you.

“I don’t think you know what those visions do to me…” He whispers, intensely staring into your E/C eyes. You muster up the courage to conjure up what you hope is a sexy voice. “No…I don’t think I do.” You say, looking up at at him with half-lidded eyes. ‘Was that ok?’ You hope it was. Lucifer moves so his mouth is against your ear. He chuckles lowly. It sent another jolt to your core. A weird sensation began to boil in your belly. “Guess I’ll just have to show you then…” With that, he rolls his hips into yours, driving you back against the wall. You let out a gasp that turned into a shuddering moan, clawing his back through his shirt. You felt his arousal rub against your jean covered core, making you yet more turned on. He groans into your ear, nibbling it. You elicit a mewl of some sort, scratching the back of his neck now.

“Mmm I want to hear you make more noises like that…it’s a good thing we have all night.” Lucifer mumbles into your neck, lifting you up by the back of your thighs. You squeak, tightening  your grasp around his neck. He chuckles, catching your lips fiercely. “I’ll make you forget. Who the Winchesters. And my brother are. After I’m finished. With you.” He says between kisses, carrying you to the bedroom. You giggle. “Promise?” He drops you onto the bed, licking his lips. “Write it down if you must sweetheart.” You squeal, giggling as you crawl back on the bed to give Lucifer some room. You kick off your boots and socks along the way. They tumble randomly on the floor somewhere. He quickly crawls over to you, lustful look in his eyes. He then grabs you by your calves, yanking you towards him impatiently. Taken by surprise you yelp, putting your hands on his shoulders. He chuckles, kissing you yet again. As he massages his lips against yours, he manages to unbutton your pants, tugging at them. Your eyes open in fear, not quite ready for that yet. You bite his bottom lip, hoping it would get him to stop. It did. He pulls away, licking his lip. His eyes seem to darken a little more.

You look up at Lucifer, showing your fear. He sits up on his knees. “What?” He asks, holding back the need to fuck you into the bed. “I…I-I’m…” You were unsure how to tell him. Your cheeks flame up in embarrassment and shame. You couldn’t tell Satan you still had your innocence…hilarious. He tilts his head, waiting for you to continue. He keeps shifting from his obvious discomfort. You try not to stare. Taking a deep breath, you gather any dignity you have left. “I’m still a virgin.” You blurt, flushing up in shame. ‘Could you have said it more bluntly Y/N?’ You look away, feeling a little self conscious. You hear a snort and a shift in the bed as Lucifer places himself over you, face in your neck. He kisses it softly, slowly moving up to your jaw, nipping along the way. You make noises you never thought you could make. Noises of undeniable, pure pleasure. Small noises, but new sounds at that. You could feel yourself slowly soaking through your clothing, and that strange but not unwelcome sensation churning deep in your belly. He kisses up to your ear, nibbling on it again. He whispers softly. “I know. It’s plainly obvious sweetheart. Anyone doesn’t notice is an idiot.” He looks back into your eyes to gauge your reaction. Well that kind of hurt. You narrow your eyes at him, pouting your lips. You know he was right. He crawls up farther, getting his hips snug between yours. “I’ll try my best to be slow. No promises.” You nod, licking your lips. “I’m going to take off your shirt, mkay?” You nod again, swallowing.

So slowly, intimately, Lucifer lifts your shirt over your head, dragging his fingertips across your skin intentionally. With each inch, you felt more and more exposed. With each inch of revealed skin, he planted a kiss, staring deeply into your eyes. Strangely, it calmed you a little. The way he was treating this- you- as you might break. He eventually got the shirt over your head, throwing it somewhere random. It left you with your upper half exposed in only a boring white bra. ‘How sexy.’ You look down. You didn’t really know this was going to happen. You felt a finger on your chin, lifting your head up. Lucifer stares into your eyes. His are clouded with lust. You’re sure yours are the same, with hints of nervousness and embarrassment here and there. “Y’know…I always thought lingerie was a bit overrated anyway. So I don’t care.” You smile a little. That comforted you a bit. “Besides…white brings out the stains far more than any other color.” He smiles devilishly and captures your lips in a quick kiss. You blush, kissing him back. He wasn’t too bad. He breaks it, reaching his hand around to the clip of your bra. It floats there, waiting for your consent. You bite your lip, slowly nodding. He swiftly unclips the bra in a single-handedly practiced motion. You do the rest, slowly taking off your bra to expose your breasts. You look down, arms twitching at your sides as you fight the urge to cover your chest. Lucifer fondles them a little, giving them both a quick peck before taking off his clothes. A shiver runs down your spine. All of them. With a single snap of his fingers. He tilts his head back, sighing in relief as his arousal is released from its confines.You, on the other hand, were blushing like a mad woman, eyes nearly bulging from out of their sockets. Why didn’t he do that to you? He looks back at you, smiling proudly and licking his lips, winking. Well, you weren’t expecting that. You couldn’t stop staring at it. Would it even fit? ‘Doubt it.’

Lucifer moves back in, tugging at your pants. He looks at you, asking permission. You swallow nervously, nodding your head. He then puts a hand on your lower back, lifting it. You flinch at how cold his touch is. He’s silently asking you to raise your hips. So you do. Then yet again, repeating what he did as his slid off your shirt, he slowly took off your pants, planting kisses which each inch of exposed skin. His gaze bore into yours. It was getting increasingly more difficult to hold himself back as you writhed and moaned at the sensations. When your pants were off, he threw them carelessly elsewhere. His hands smoothed up your legs, which were slightly stubbly. He didn’t seem to care, placing his hands on your hips. He lays comfortably on his stomach, shifting time to time. He lifts your lower half, laying your thighs on his shoulders. His face right in your soaked through white underwear. The only barrier between his eyes and your untouched flower. You swallow, your nerves getting to you. Lucifer stares at the wet stain apparent on your underwear and some of the glistening juices that seeped onto your thighs. He groans a bit at the sight. “So Y/N…I’m gonna have to make you cum a few times. Just to make sure you’re prepared before the big stuff,” He chuckles, winking. “Pun totally intended.” You snort, rolling your eyes. He lightens the mood a little, making you feel a bit better and less nervous. “That means I’ll have to touch you. Is that ok?”  You take a deep breath, calming yourself a bit. Your heart thuds against your ribcage. You’re about to expose your honey pot to Lucifer himself. And you’ve never shown it to anyone before, let alone allow anyone to touch it other than yourself. Lucifer only watches your internal struggle, fingers lightly tracing the band of your panties. ‘This is your chance to finally become a woman Y/N.’

Finally, with a deep sigh, you nod to him, giving your approval. He watches you steadily, dragging his teeth across one of your hipbones before slowly sliding off your soaked underwear, throwing it in a random direction. You bite your lip, looking at him. You feel exposed and self conscious. “Hm…” He runs his fingers through the prim curls there, feeling them.  He looks intrigued. ‘Is that gross? Is it bad I don’t shave down there? Does he not like that?’ A series of insecure thoughts crossed your mind, lowering your self-confidence by the second. He smiles like a child who’s introduced to a new toy. “Not what I’m used to, but I like it.” You smile a bit, feeling better about yourself. That however, changes quickly. “So no one’s touched you…here?” He somehow magically found your clitoris, placing an index finger on it, slowly adding pressure. You let out an embarrassingly loud moan, your hips lifting a bit. All your insecurities disappeared with a simple touch. ‘Fuck.’ One of your hands ran its way through his hair, gripping it. He groans, shifting his hips a bit. “You like that doll?” You nod, biting your lip. His eyes darken. Another shiver rolls down your spine. More of your juices come flowing out, staining the sheets below. “Mm…you’re so fucking wet for me.” He murmurs mainly to himself, dragging a finger across your slit. You moan at the touch, arching your back to it. You tug on his hair a bit. He groans again, grinding into the bed.

You honestly never expected for this to happen. You didn’t think you’d be tainted by anybody. Yet here you are, the Devil between your thighs. Lucifer stares intensely into your eyes, placing one long languid lick to your pussy. You moan, gripping his hair in one hand and massaging a breast with the other. He continues to lick at you. You feel him shiver underneath you slightly, groaning against you. “So fucking good…” He mumbles. You groan softly, petting his hair. He was doing pretty good at keeping it slow. You feel him insert a finger inside you. The feeling was so foreign but it felt so good. You mewl, lifting your hips off the bed. He slowly pumps the finger back and forth, gaze varying between you and the digit. He seemed enamored with the way it disappeared inside you. You felt him shudder again at the way your inner walls squeezed his finger. The strange feeling in your stomach that you had felt earlier came back stronger, seeming to tighten up. You moan as he steadily gets faster, adding in another. A small pain became evident as his fingers strained your walls. Though the stretch hurt only for a second before it was drowned out by the pleasurable sensation. You let out noises you never had before, flushing up from the simulation. You were a little embarrassed at how vocal you were. Lucifer simply watches, grinding into the bed to relieve himself a bit. Eventually, you got up to three digits pumping in and out, your toes curling and your thighs shaking. You felt something coming, your voice raising an octave. He suddenly presses his mouth to your clit, giving it a suck. The feeling in your belly seems to explode and you let out a loud, long shuddering moan, shaking as your eyes rolled to back of your head, your orgasm rolling through you. Lucifer catches his lips on your folds, lapping up all you have to offer. You pant as you finish, stroking your fingers through his hair. He lifts his head back up, licking his lips. Your fluids coated his lips and dribbled down his chin. You blush a bit at the sight. His gaze is in riddled with lust and want. He sits up, wiping your moisture off his face with his wrist. “I can’t wait any longer.” He growls, pulling you towards him.

You squeak, although it’s followed by a moan as he rubs his thick member against your core, coating it in your slick. He grips your hips. “Think you’re ready for this Y/N?”  He groans, looking down at you as he continues to gently stimulate your clit. You pant, looking back up at him through half-lidded eyes. “I was born ready.” You breathed, laying your back against the bed and grinding against him. He grunts, readying himself. You close your eyes, waiting. Without hesitation, Lucifer swiftly thrusts into you, stilling after. In one full swoop, your virginity was gone and a sharp pain took its place. You yelp in pain, tensing up. He groans at your sudden tightness, crushing your hips in his grasp. There will be bruises. You’re sure of it. “Sh-Shit Y/N. Relax.” He pants, his eyes squinted slightly in pleasure. You whimper in pain, nails digging into his shoulders. “I sh-should’ve made you cum a few times more…Sorry doll.” He pulls out gently, slowly thrusting in. You let out a choked groan, gripping his shoulders tighter. That one didn’t hurt as much. But he’s just so fucking big. “Mmpf…you’re so warm.” He groans, gritting his teeth as he thrusts back in slowly again. You mewl, clawing a bit. He kisses you then, reaching between your bodies and rubbing your clit with his free hand. You moan into his mouth, loosening your grip a bit. He fit. The pain slowly subsided and was quickly replaced with an overwhelming sensation of pleasure. You moan, squeal and mewl, gripping at his neck and shoulders. Lucifer starts slow, making sure you’re ok and not harmed too much. Your walls flutter around him as you writhe in pleasure, opening up to him more. He groans and moans occasionally, speeding up a bit and pushing you further into the bed. You mewl, rolling a nipple in your fingers. It added more to the pleasure. He adds more pressure to your clit, driving you crazy. Eventually, your first orgasm hits you hard, leaving you screaming his name. He simply moans in response, kissing you passionately. He continues to pound into you though, prolonging your orgasm. Soon, a second one follows. Then a third. You lose count of how many times you orgasm, just taking time to enjoy this bliss. Lucifer hadn’t cummed yet, but he wasn’t complaining…much. He finally gets to fucking you into the bed at inhuman speeds like he wanted. You were hollering mess at this point, jostling around like a ragdoll. His thrusts are irregular and desperate. He was close. He leans over to your ear. “I want you to scream my name again as I cum.” He growls, breathing heavily. You squeal in response, carding your fingers through his hair. Lucifer speeds up, moans and growls becoming more audible. Your voice slowly raises as well, hands gripping his hair tightly. It came closer and closer. Until it hits you both surprisingly at the same time. He bites down on your neck as he cums and pulls out as you scream his name in pure pleasure for the umpteenth time. He cums all over your stomach and chest, flopping over to your side. You pant, trying to catch your breath as you lay there post-orgasm. After he recovers, Lucifer gets a nice warm cloth for you to clean yourself off with. You thank him and do so. Afterwards, you both lay in silence, relaying the moment. He’s softly running his fingers through your hair, spooning you.

“I still remember their names.” You suddenly say, looking to Lucifer. He looks back at you, confused. “What?” “You said you’d make me forget Sam, Dean and Castiel’s names once you were through with me.” You giggle. A wicked grin finds its way to his face. “I did, didn’t I?” “Yep.” He rolls back on top of you. “Then I guess I have to keep fucking you until I do.”


Look at this cutie. Look at how compact in height he is. You know what’s great about him? This guy is living, breathing proof that you don’t have to look sexy and flawless to a J2 level to be attractive. Yes, he’s short, he doesn’t have a six pack, and is sometimes made fun of for having an overbite. You know what? Screw those people. He isn’t short, he’s travel size. He isn’t a small name, he’s humble, and he sure as hell ain’t ugly; he’s adorable. Richard Speight Jr is a machine with over thousands of witty comebacks and clever jokes inside him. He can play the guitar and do a freaking Russian leg dance with ease. He’ll only accept a role if he likes the character, not the size of the paycheck. He’s a gifted actor, director, and singer writer. Hey, so he isn’t an A list name, and if he’s content with what he has, why try to be the next Johnny Depp? Power to this man for winning hearts because he is clever, funny, smart, talented, and was able to do it without chiseled features and flawless skin.