he's the living proof

“Oh my god that video is just tragic. She truly is trying to grab onto him and he keeps squirming his hand away. It reminds me of a five year old who is trying to cross the street without holding onto their Mom’s hand and so they twist and turn it whatever way possible so the Mom can’t get a good grip and then they make a run for it. Fucking yikes.” (Saracha33 tumblr)


While this event won’t be for several more months, I do like to get things ready early because this event will be lasting an entire month and anyone who wishes to have something ready daily for the event should have time to work on and complete it before March comes around. It also gives me more time to work everything out so this event will be fun and enjoyable for anyone participating.

Since it is an entire month, I thought it would be easier on all of us if I gave a weekly theme for each week and participants could either just make one thing for the week or make something each day of the week with this theme in mind. If you guys would prefer a prompt a day for each theme please let me know ahead of time and give me any of your suggestions.

Week One: Parallel Fiddleford 

PF didn’t get a lot of focus in the journal but he’s still a very important addition, if Ford had better aim, he would have helped in bringing down Bill. He’s living proof the portal could have been stabilized and used for good. He’s a stronger version of Fidds willing to go on adventures and works at the university he helped found with Ford. There’s a lot of missing pieces when it comes to him and his character and arc going from someone terrified of the supernatural to someone who works with it daily so there’s lots of untapped potential to easily fill up an entire week here.

Week Two: Memories/Recovery  

Fidds lost a lot of memories, some he probably wished he didn’t regain but he probably also regained lots of happy memories from college or his childhood or even Tate’s childhood.

While I specifically had old Fidds recovering in mind, you can broaden this one to be about younger Fidds recovering from any of his traumas or PF finding the courage to recover early instead of using the memory gun or even using Ciphford abuse if you like.

Interpret this one how ever you like and any of the GF AUs can be used here such as Mystery Trio or Relativity Falls Fidds sharing his summer memories for example.

Week Three: Society Of The Blind Eye 

This one is self explanatory, the founding of the blind eye is a story we only got snippets of and we don’t know entirely how it ended with Fidds lying on the museum steps with no memory of how he got there.

Week Four: Friendship/family

Closing this month off strong with the most important thing to Fidds, the people in his life. You may draw/write about him bonding with Tate, Ford, Mabel, Dipper, Ivan, Stan or anyone else from the town.

You may use any of the Fiddleford ships for any of the weeks if you like but please remember this is a month long celebration of Fidds as a character so I would like most of the content to be gen.

Please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions or suggestions for the event!

So like… I rewatched the true colors scene for the millionth time and like

We’ve discussed that greyness, or rather, perpetual greyness (because trolls have dimmed when they were upset, but never stayed that way like Branch did) is tied to self hatred, and a lot of critics of this movie didn’t like that Branch just suddenly jumped out of his greyness as if he suddenly was no longer depressed… 

and rewatching that scene… that doesn’t seem to be what happens.

If perpetual greyness is tied to self loathing, it kind of makes sense why Branch got his colors back in that scene, most importantly, why he got them back only after Poppy regained her colors.

Branch spent around two decades thinking he couldn’t do any good, and yet, now, because he doesn’t want Poppy to feel the same way, has managed to make someone else happy. He’s managed to do good, to bring her colors back, and it makes him hate himself less because he’s got living, breathing proof that he’s capable of doing something good. People have already pointed out that, while Poppy’s colors returned in the reverse order that they disappeared (feet first as opposed to head first), as does everyone else, Branch, who also lost his colors head first, instead gets his colors back starting where Poppy is touching him, and then spreading across his body. He’s getting his happiness from making her happy. 

That’s what makes the quote “Happiness is inside of all of us, you just need someone to help you find it” so meaningful. Poppy didn’t help Branch find his happiness by forcing him to do things that all the other trolls love, she helped him find happiness (and open up to things that other trolls love) by showing him that he isn’t a bad person, that he isn’t someone worth hating, because he can do good things, and he’s done good things. Branch wouldn’t have been able to do that alone. 

Be Happy Today!

Happiness | H.O.T / Super Junior

First iteration: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Jun, Hoshi, Mingyu, Vernon, Seungkwan, Samuel

Second iteration: With Seungkwan. (If anyone needs proof that he can sing the song live)

They do like this song a lot.

You should be happy too!!

HP AU where Voldemort’s arrogance gets the best of him

he doesn’t think a child could hurt him
but he sends Fenrir Greyback after them, just in case
he kills Lily and James and has already bitten Harry once before Sirius shows up and kills him on the spot
when Hagrid shows up Sirius tells him there’s no way in hell that those muggles will be raising his godson
especially considering how equipped Remus is to raise a werewolf
Sirius leaves on his motorcycle for his and Re’s place with Harry
and they spend the night weeping over the death of their two best friends, and Peter’s betrayal
the order uses Voldemort’s shock to their advantage and hella weaken him
everyone thinks he’s goneso Harry experiences his first moon with Padfoot curled up on one side and Mooney on the other

and he grows up learning about his parents and the war, bisexuality from Sirius and demisexuality from Remus
he settles on pansexual the summer before Hogwarts
just in time to meet a certain hot, blonde Slytherin
his dads (mostly Sirius) had “warned” him about Malfoys (Remus reminded him that he was living proof that children did not always exemplify their parents, but had told Harry to be wary anyhow)
he did NOT expect THIS
Draco introduces himself so formally that harry finds it hard not to laugh
“I think I can tell that for myself, thanks. I would like to be friends, though, if that’s what you meant.”

imagine their (especially Draco’s) disappointment when they are sorted into enemy houses
“But,” Harry thinks, “if a Malfoy and a Potter can be friends, what do our houses matter anyway? So what if he’s in Gryffindor and I’m in Slytherin?”
Harry comforts Draco when Lucius sends a howler threatening to disown Draco if Dumbledore doesn’t resort him into Slytherin
suddenly harry worries that his dads will be upset at  his placement
they aren’t. Sirius goes on about how wonderful green robes must look with Harry’s eyes
and Remus has always been for interhouse cooperation
Sirius is… less thrilled about Draco, but his fears are eased when harry brings Draco home for Christmas
and Sirius sees how they look at each other

and he just knows
that he did have a son in Gryffindor after all

It’s annoying knowing that Stelena were the ones that were meant to end up together if Nina hadn’t left the show. 

I dont blame Nina for wanting to leave honestly you could see that the show was wearing her down but imagining how the show could have ended up so different is so sad.

Stefan a person who had suicidal tendencies from the very first season and so much self-loathe and such a sense of low self-worth wouldn’t have had to die thinking he was not the better man and the only way he could have some self-worth is by dying. 

And Elena would have ended up with the person who she continuously said had saved her and made her feel alive again and the person who knew her better than anyone. 

Stefan and Elena are two people that compliment each other so well, when she feels dead inside he’s the one to make her feel alive, and when he feels so much self-loathe for himself she’s living proof that his presence brings so much joy in to people’s lives. 

They would have ended up having that perfect life they saw with the happy marriage and kids and a peaceful after life together with her family. 

This is the happy ending we deserved.

SKs proving once again that they understand NOTHING from thia entire Manga.

Isn’t it OBVIOUS what Sasuke meant while saying that?

Through that, he stated that Sarada is the LIVING PROOF of him and Sakura being connected, thus basically stating that she is the living proof of the love he and Sakura have for each other, NOT THE REASON.

If he and Sakura hadn’t loved each other, Sarada wouldn’t have existed. THIS is what he meant. But she EXISTS and this simply shows how much her parents love each other.

Should I also mention how the Uchiha clan is known to treasure love THE MOST? :3

And should I ALSO mention how the last lines from the last panel of the entire Naruto Manga are referring to the fact that the love between Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada is THE REAL DEAL? c:

This extreme lack of reading comprehension amuses me so much. x"D

Weak: Kylo Ren imagine

(Y/s/n) was was your pride and joy. He was the living proof of the love between you and Kylo. Your son looked so much like Kylo, from his dark slightly wavy hair, his warm brown eyes, to the small little freckles that spotted fragments of his skin. The only thing your son got from you was your bright smile.

The young boy was hardly six years and Kylo already had him training with the force. Kylo was a good father, he loved you and his son. But he had his doubts. Doubts about love, about being a good father, and about the child’s future.

(Y/s/n) came running in your room with hot tears boiling down his red cheeks. Quickly, without hesitation, you picked up the boy in your arms. He wrapped his arms around you as his face was buried away in your neck.

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