he's the cutest thing in the world I swear


tag yourself im Kai bringing up Sehun 4 times while having a casual conversation at his birthday party

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Hi I love your blog! And I was wondering if I could get some more random headcannons About the 104# squad?

Hello! I’m so glad that you enjoy the blog! And you can certainly have some more random headcanons

  • It’s super rare for either Marco, Bertholdt, or Christa to swear. When it happens, the culprit freaks out and everyone else thinks it’s the cutest/funniest thing in the world. Some how, no one questions it when Armin curses.
  • Connie is like everyone’s little brother.
  • Many of the 104th trainees would go to Armin when they needed someone to talk to.
  • Marco was voted to give the best hugs because he meant every single one, Reiner was second for similar reasons, and Bertholdt came in third because he’s so tall.
  • Reiner thinks he is hilarious, and only Annie and Ymir think he isn’t.
  • Whenever someone was in the infirmary, the rest of the squad would take turns keeping them company and telling them made up stories. Together, they created a large cast of characters and a pretty interesting, intricate plot. Armin kept notes on it all. 
  • Annie resents how tall both Reiner and Bertholdt are. She thinks about this more than she’ll ever admit, and often curses them for being so vertically inclined. However, she does secretly like it because they envelop her on the rare occasion that she hugs them or falls asleep cuddling them
  • One time, Jean got Connie to lick a pole in the middle of winter (but to be fair, Connie was kind of asking for it.) The punishment he received for that was worth it.
  • Ymir generally sits in chairs the wrong way. Take that as you well. She’ll also sit on desks/tables instead of chairs if she can. 
  • Marco sings in the shower. No one minds.
  • Reiner liked to passively flirt with his fellow cadets as a way to keep them from getting too serious.
  • It was nearly impossible for only one member of the 104th division to get sick at a time. They’re too close for that. 
  • Sasha doesn’t like wearing shoes, but knows she has to because it’s socially unacceptable not to as well as dangerous not to in the Survey Corps.
  • Marco doesn’t understand dirty jokes. Neither does Connie. 
  • Christa is not as innocent as everyone thinks, and has a decently dirty mind. She’s just not very prone to share that with others. Ymir just about dies whenever Christa deems it necessary to share one of her thoughts with her. 
  • Mikasa and Marco were surprisingly close during training. They found each other’s presence very comforting.    
  • Shadis says he didn’t pick favorites, but if he had to choose, he would’ve picked Reiner from the 104th
My fic recs :3c

I’ve been reading like a ton of fics lately, and figured I’d share some of my favorites! Honestly, I will probably end up making several of these lists because I had a real hard time narrowing it down to just a few haha.

****Disclaimer: mostly Klance uwu;

Keith who has never really had a favorite color. Then one day at the Garrison he catches a glimpse of Lance’s eyes and it stops him in his tracks for that moment.
“That’s it?” He realizes, “That’s my favorite color,”
It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. It turns into a crush - something he’s never had - and suddenly every shade of blue reminds him of Lance. It ends with love, something deep and turbulent, really he never stood a chance.

I’m a hecking sucker for pining Keith, first of all. Second of all, it was just generally a nice change to not have his favorite color be red for once lol. This fic is so cute and sweet and I’m love it

This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.

Wow can I just like.. this fic was so good. It resonated really strongly with me, as I am basically Keith from this story lmao. Easily in my top five Klance fics ever of all time. Bls read it

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.
Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

Ongoing, amazing fic where Lance and Keith are both traveling and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Features Japanese Broganes, Pidge speaking Italian, and Lance poledancing on the Eiffel Tower. Seriously like a really great story, I love it so much, and I always get so excited when I see the notifications of chapters in my email. :3

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”
“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

A real cute Shatt fic. Pining Shiro is the cutest thing ever, I swear.

It’s just a sore throat. It’s really not that big a deal. But the rest of team Voltron doesn’t really see it that way - and Shiro’s taking a day off whether he likes it or not.

So cute. I love everybody taking care of their Space Dad. Great family moments all around, honestly, it’s freaking adorable.

“How far are you willing to go?”
“I don’t know,” he said, shrugging helplessly and feeling sick – at himself, at his mother, at the world in general.
How far was he willing to go for somebody he’d never met? Yet, or ever?
AKA Lance is ace and full of love, Keith dives headfirst into office shenanigans, things are suspended in Jell-O, coffee is a gift, and the office mascot is a domesticated goat named Annihilator.

I am 100% in love with everything about this fic. As someone who is ace, I literally cannot even express how much this amazing story means to me. Everything about it is great. There’s also some drabbles, and a followup from Keith’s POV. (..also I just like recommend bwyn in general??? read all of their fics pls, their writing is so good)

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What would it be like to become the mother (or a close babysitter) for the UT UF and SF Babybones?

I’m going to choose babysitter because I headcanon that the skeles don’t have a mom. 



Easiest and chillest baby you will ever babysit in your entire life. If you’re watching tv, he seems content with just watching with you and sometimes, he even falls asleep on you, which is the cutest thing in the entire world….until he drools on your lap. You could swear that the does this on purpose, but he’s just a smol marshmallow that you don’t care. Even as a child, he’s someone you could talk about your problems to (age appropriate, non heavy problems, like how they ran out of your favorite ice cream at the store. Never dump adult heavy stuff on babies, they are very impressionable), and Sans will look at you with big understanding eyes, shrug, and cuddle with you until he falls asleep. 


Paps is the a really hyper baby that is constantly moving around, but he’s very well behaved, you just have to watch him. Though even as a kid, he’s very lonely. He’s that “weird” kid, that tries to be friends with everyone, but is turned away from every group, yet keeps his optimism. He’s so naive, that the meaner kids will always take advantage of, like inviting him to “play” hide and seek, make him count, then completely ditch him, yet Paps would never catch this and will continue looking for his “friends”. At home, he likes to color, and even though he doesn’t draw within the lines nor does he get the colors right, he will always show it to you with a bright smile. To put him to bed, all you have to do is read a him a bedtime story and give him his favorite stuffed animal to sleep with. 



Red is a grouchy baby that gives you a difficult time for the sake of being difficult. He scream constantly and throw tantrums when you two are out in public too long, he likes to stay at home in a familiar environment. He doesn’t like to be pushed out of his comfort zone which is at home napping or playing with his toys. But he has his sweet moments like when you tuck him into bed and he’s clinging onto your thumb with his small hands as he falls asleep. Or when, no matter how he seems to hate you, you’re the familiar face that he trusts whenever you two are out in public, so he clings onto you tightly. You’re one of the few people that he trusts and even though he would never say it, he loves you and is grateful for you. 


Honestly, Fell is a little shit, but he’s not the worst. We’ll get to that in a minute. He’s completely autonomous, and will not listen to you no matter what you say. He wants a slice of cake before dinner? He’s getting that slice. You won’t buy him that toy at the supermarket? He’ll hide it under his shirt and steal it. His relationship with you is like Lilo and her sister from Lilo and Stitch. Even when you try to be patient and understanding, there will be screaming matches from time to time. Fell never cries during the screaming matches, but he will hide in his room away from you to cry. To comfort him, you have to let him come to you. After he’s finished feeling sorry for himself, he’ll make dinner on his own and set aside a plate for you. That’s his way of apologizing. 



Now Black. Black is the worst babybones to take care of. He’s demanding, things have to go his way, and he must be kept on a routine at all times. Even when the slightest thing goes wrong, he’s screaming at the top of his lungs like he’s being murdered. He’s extremely picky about what he eats and has a bit of a sweet tooth, so he’s always wanting candy at the store. The only way to calm him down is to give into his tantrums because that kid is stubborn as hell. Yet despite all that, he’s a fierce protector of you, even as a kid. If another parent or babysitter is giving you crap about how you take care of him, he will step in and roast the shit out of them and stand up for you. Afterwards, he’ll pretend that he’s only protecting his pride. He hates bedtime, but he falls asleep quickly while you hold his hand as you sing him a lullaby.  


Rus is just the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet, enough to give you a cavity. He’s thoughtful and empathetic, never giving you any trouble. If he’s old enough, he’ll help you cook, and if he’s not, he’ll sit on the chair and point out various vegetables and meats you’re cooking. He’s the type of kid who will always puts his own toys away and afterwards, he’ll help others put their toys away too. He’ll say please and thank you and is always polite. When he senses that you’re having a bad day, he’ll try to cheer you up by drawing you a picture or hug you until you feel better. But despite all that, Rus is very critical about himself. If he does a small thing wrong, he’ll break down and beat himself over it. He’s sensitive when it comes to his self esteem and and gets nervous around crowds. It’s your job to teach him that it’s okay to make mistakes and not to be so hard on himself. 

Before the War. // Draco x Reader

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Title: Before the war.

Requested: Hello, darling. I was wondering if you can write me something, Draco x Reader, or Fred x Reader? Just something cute, I think. Lots of fluff, right before the Battle of Hogwarts, perhaps? Thanks a lot, love. 

Paring: Draco x Reader. 

Warning(s):  None lol

A/N: All of my files except two have deleted themselves and now im really upset. But this is kind of based off of the prompt “Person A is braiding person B’s hair while they talk.” 

I sat on the stairs looking out on the dark sky. Draco and I had snuck out earlier so I could get fresh air. “Love, are you okay?” he asked, I looked up at him nodding. “I’m always alright.” I smiled at him.

 “What do you thinks going to happen?” I questioned looking at my dark mark, “I mean, when the Dark Lord takes over?” I looked up at him, his eyes where a light grey in the moon light, “Whatever happen, as long as we’re together, we’ll be okay.” He kissed my forehead, I giggled slightly. He started messing with my hair, making me blush. He started braiding my hair in little pieces before taking them apart, then doing more. 

“It’s a bit chilly don’t you think?” I asked, my eyes were fixated on the bright moon. “What if we don’t make it?” I asked looking down at my promise ring, “We’ll make it, don’t think like that.” He muttered, I knew he thought about what would happen if we don’t make it. “You think about it all the time.” I whispered. 

“I don’t when I’m with you,” he kissed my forehead, I turned around. “I love you,” he muttered, I nodded. “I love you too.”

“You better.” He giggled; this was the first time I’ve heard him giggle. I swear it was the cutest thing in the world. He looked down at me, kissing my nose; I scrunched it up before hearing a noise. “Draco we need to go,” I whispered, “Let them catch us,” his lips curled up slightly and I shook my head, before getting my wand, having us back in the common room with a unspoken spell. 

“Let me sleep in your room.” I stated, not really asking. He nodded grabbing my hand, pulling me to his room. He laid me down on his bed wrapping his arms around me. “I love you,” he says, “I love you too love.”

Bts reaction to you being shy at first but once you’re comfortable you’re a walking meme

such a creative title I know

Request: Yoooo can I get a bts and Exo reaction to u being really shy and awkward at first but then once they get to know u ur actually a walking meme

A/N: I relate to this on a personal level omg, I hope you enjoy xD


He’d put up an annoyed facade, but on the inside he finds it adorable

-rolls eyes- “I already have to put up with Jungkook, now you?”

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He’d find it hilarious, but if he tried to keep up with you he’d get tired pretty quickly

“How can you even have so much energy? You’re still cute, though.”

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He’d find you to be absolutely hysterical, laughing at even the lamest of jokes you tell

“What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator!? HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY Y/N”

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He’d be pretty indifferent, liking both your shy and memey side equally. He would try and make you laugh all the time, though, considering you always manage to put a smile on his face.

“Hey, hey Y/n, look at me”

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namjoon…. wyd….


Jimin would find you to be the actual cutest thing on this planet. When you start spazzing out when it gets late, he wouldn’t be able to keep his squeaky laugh in.

“You’re so freaking adorable stahhppp itttt”

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He’d think your cringy jokes were the best thing in the world. Loosing his shit every single time - no matter how terrible.

“How do you come up with such funny jokes????”

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This boy is the exact same way. He would use you to help and annoy his hyung’s with your shared meme ways.

“I swear, we and I could be siblings”

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A/N: I hope this is what you meant! The Exo version will be up soon~

-Admin Yeonie

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i once saw a video and this top had his bottom tied to the coffee table and was edging him over and over again and each time he'd get him on the brink, he'd start tickling him all over and the poor little thing was a sobbing, giggling mess and it lasted forever until finally he showed him mercy and let him come, only to tickle him right after his orgasm before pressing soft kisses all over him and i swear to god it was the hottest and yet somehow cutest thing ever.


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I'm just getting into exo so could you do what u did for Monsta X and give me an introduction on them? Thank you!

I sure can anon. [Sorry this took so long, I was at school]. I had to put this as a read more because it was so long.


Keep reading

Not Much of a Looker (Part 3)

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Not Much of a Looker (Part 3)

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can you do a part 3 for “Not Much of a Looker” where maybe the team (+ reader because she still has powers that can help) goes on a mission and during the fight, the reader gets hit on the back of the head and somehow gets her sight back? I need the happy ending.

Note: Awwwwwwww yaaaaaaaaas

Warnings: None?

Part 1: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/145272330699/not-much-of-a-looker

Part 2: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/145321959987/not-much-of-a-looker-part-2

“All right, this isn’t going as planned.” Raven shook her head. “Nightcrawler! Echo! Get in there!”

“Me?” You asked, sitting up in your seat in the jet. You didn’t get much action, mostly because you couldn’t see, and without someone there to guide you, you couldn’t really use your sonic screams without risking the safety of your other teammates.

“Like we practiced,” Raven nodded. “Kurt, stay with her. Aim her.”

“Got it.” Kurt nodded. He *bamf*ed beside you and then out of the jet, onto the battlefield.

“Tell me when,” you told him.

“Okay,” Kurt scanned the battlefield, turning your shoulders. “Now,”

You screamed. Sonic waves tore through the air, leaving your mouth in rings. It took out the robot that was attacking Scott, and seemed to faze the rest of them.

“Good,” Kurt told you. You stopped, nodding. He turned you again, this time at the attacker that was focused on Jubilee. “Again,” You screamed another earsplitting scream, easily taking out the attacker. “Stop.” You closed your mouth. “Zhat vas zhe best you’ve ever done!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you,” you smiled.

“Kurt! (Y/N)! Watch out!” shouted Jean from across the battlefield. Before you could react, you were both brought to the ground, tackled by something. You felt a stinging pain in the back of your head. Hot fresh tears of pain streamed from your eyes. Scott took out the machine with his laser vision. It was the last of the robot attackers.

“Are you all right? Vhat’s wrong?” Kurt asked with concern, kneeling in front of you. You were sitting on your knees, your eyes squeezed shut and hiding behind your hands. They stung worse than anything you had ever felt.

“I don’t think so. Something is seriously wrong with my eyes.” You shook your head, trying to blink and roll them and do anything to make them feel better.

“Well yeah there’s something wrong with your eyes,” Peter sped over, stopping in beside you and Kurt where the rest of the group was gathering. “You’re blind.”

“I know, but…It stings so, so bad,” You rubbed them, more tears forming.

“Are you going to be okay?” Kurt asked, his hands on your shoulders. You nodded, the pain finally starting to subside.

“Oh…Ouch…” You blinked, and you swore for even a second, it felt bright. You opened your eyes and were bombarded with color and bright lights. It took a while, but slowly, everything dimmed. “Kurt,” You stated, looking at his face.

“Vhat?” He asked, looking at you. Your eyes were fixed on his face, taking in the sight of him for the first time in months. He stared at you, confused. He hadn’t quite realized you could see him. You took off your sunglasses and looked at him.

“Kurt.” You stated again, your eyes meeting his. He paused, eyes flicking from one of yours to the other.

“You can see me?” he asked, finally understanding what had happened. You nodded, cupping your hands on his cheeks. He was amazed, confused, but amazed nonetheless. “How?”

“I-I don’t know,” you had shaky hands. “I don’t know what happened, but-”

“Zhis is amazing!” Kurt helped you to your feet. He engulfed you in his arms, his tail snaking around your waist. “Do you zhink it’s permanent?”

“I’m not sure,” you looked at him, memorizing all of the intricate designs of his face. You traced them gently. “I never noticed these.” You whispered gently. He blushed, his cheeks tinting a deeper purple color.

“I…Zhey’re…” Kurt started to explain.

“Guys, this is great and all, but we kind of have to get back.” Scott pointed back to the jet. You nodded, clinging to Kurt. He *bamf*ed you back into the jet, sitting in the seat beside you.

“What happened?” asked Hank, looking back at you and the others.

“Something amazing.” You replied, a smile finding its way onto your face.


You sat on the grass hill during the sunset, Kurt’s arms around your waist and his head resting on your shoulder. You rested against him, leaning back against his chest.

“I had almost forgotten what sunsets looked like,” you whispered, watching the amazing colors in awe. It’s easy to take things for granted when you see them every day, but once you go a while without being able to see something, that’s when you can truly appreciate it.

“Did you almost forget me, Liebling?” Kurt asked, his voice very soft.

“I could never forget you, Kurt,” you told him, smiling when you felt his soft lips on your cheek.

“Ich liebe dich.”

“Ich liebe dich auch,” you replied. He laughed.

“In all of my days in zhe circus, I never imagined someone could love me, looking zhe vay I do. And yet here you are, mein liebe.”

“You are the cutest thing on earth, I swear.” You laughed, leaning back to kiss his cheek. “Even if I hadn’t been blind when we met, we would still be together now. I have no doubt.”


“Really.” You nodded. He hugged you tighter. His eyes watched the sun as it sank below the horizon. While the world might judge Kurt for his odd appearance, he knew you wouldn’t, and that was all that really mattered.

i find the fact that jaspers sleeps to be the cutest thing in the world and he sleeps in the weirdest positions. i just saw him nestled behind his coconut shelter and he wasnt moving and his gills were pale. i was worried he might have gotten himself stuck so i wiggled my finger in front of his face and he woke up and gave me an annoyed look like “the fuck do u want”

February 6, 2016
12:30 AM

Let me tell you about the boy I fell in love with. I’m not going to tell you his name or his age or where he lives or what he likes to do with his free time, but rather, I’ll tell you about his anatomy; I’ll tell you about the things that make him who he is. I’ve fallen in love with every part of him; entranced by his freckes, bewitched by his laugh, and captured by the bones underneath his skin. I could study him all day; sometimes I even do. I could create disorderly constellations by connecting his freckles for infinite lifetimes and never get bored. Sometimes I start with the freckle perfectly placed on the bottom of his sternum, and other times I’ll start with the freckle on his chin. The prominence of his collarbones never cease to entice my curiosity. I only wish I could trace them from their beginning and ultimately to their end. I am often restless during the night because thoughts of the way his neck looks when he swallows or when he throws his head back in laughter preoccupies my mind. Speaking of his laugh, I could listen to that sweet sound for the rest of my existence. The waves of his laugh crash upon my ear drums and serenity fills my entire body. How could I ever become distraught with a laugh like his constantly reminding me of how incredible life is? To be completely honest, his voice in general is the very thing that my ears crave to hear on a daily basis. He has many different voices. However, if I had to pick and choose just one of his voices to be my favorite, I would choose his morning voice. With just the simple sound of his voice in the morning, you would be able to envision his puffy eyes and messy hair. God, his messy hair. To be able to run my fingers through that soft, brown hair would be the ultimate pleasure. I imagine it’s soft, anyway, considering it looks as if it is. I often think about his skin; I dream about the way it would feel on my fingertips if they danced across it. I would trace every crevice and bone there is to trace on his skin. My fingers’ route would at some point meet with his fingers, also. I could talk about his fingers for hours. The way they move, the way they touch, the way they look. I wonder if his hands are gentle or aggressive. His hands are the only hands I desire to hold; his fingers are the only fingers I desire to intertwine with mine. I’ve fallen in love with his shoulders. When he sits lazily slumped over and his shoulders droop, I swear my breathing staggers. And when he moves in a certain way and I see his muscles move underneath his skin, my heart stops. I could watch his muscles until the end of time. And when he smiles, my eyes focus on the little chip in his front tooth. His flaws are the most beautiful flaws. His lips perfectly exemplify how beautiful his flaws are. His lips are often chapped because of his allergies and I couldn’t be more blown away by the perfection within that imperfection. When he smiles and when he talks, I watch his lips. I watch and wonder what their texture is like. I’ve fallen in love with his scruff and his messy yet clean eyebrows and his ear piercings. The way he walks gives me goosebumps and his pants often hang low on his hips which makes me stumble. His nose is the cutest nose out of all noses and his eyes are not to be messed with; you could get lost in that sea of brown for ages. When he clenches his jaw and makes that stupidly beautiful face he always makes, I swear you will be convinced that there is no evil in this world. All of these little things, like his cheeks and his eyelashes, are what he’s made up of and I am irrevocably in love with every single one. Each detail is another one of the reasons I feel the way I feel about him. I could talk about him for infinite measures of time because there is not one thing that I do not notice about him. This incredibly ethereal human being has worked his way under my skin and into my veins and I’ve never been more willing to be intoxicated. This is the boy I fell in love with.

What I learned from the exomentary broadcasts

1. Sehun is better at dog tricks than his actual dog (vivi is my spirit animal though)
2. Suho is savage and clumsy af but creates the most beautiful cakes in history (that thing needs to be put in a museum)
3. Kai is adorable and needs to be protected from the world (ft cute supportive Suho helping him feel less nervous)
4. Chanyeol… Is talented af but also an overexcited baby that needs to watch his profanity (jk him swearing made my life)
5. Lay is also adorable and needs to be protected from the world ( he’s also random af and seems to love Baek a lot)
6. Kyungsoo is the cutest thing to bless the world with his cuteness even if he might not think he’s cute (he should also have his own cooking show because that shit was amazing)
7. Chen and xiumin are literally excited puppy’s 24/7 (they also give great advice…)
8. Baekhyun has no chill whatsoever… (he’s also a gorgeous nerd but I love it)

In the end they’re all adorable puppy’s who need to be protected and if anyone hates on them they can come and fight me

  • Gryffindor!Gally patrolling the halls as a prefect
  • Hufflepuff!Newt falling asleep in the library after cramming for his O.W.L.s
  • Ravenclaw!Minho sleeping through class because he stayed up too late reading about the theories of the universe
  • Slytherin!Thomas sneaking in to the Forbidden Forest late at night because he wanted to see if the rumors were true
  • All four being on their house Quidditch teams - Beater!Gally, Chaser!Minho, Chaser!Newt, and Seeker!Thomas
  • Minho and Gally getting very competitive on the pitch, but laughing about it together after the match
  • Newt helping Minho out in Potions, because Minho has no fucking clue what he’s doing and Newt finished his like 10 years ago
  • Thomas and Minho pulling stupid pranks on the first years while Newt and Gally roll their eyes in the background
  • Thomas being very protective of Muggle-born Slytherins and jumping to their defense 24/7
  • Newt being a cute little dork whenever he starts talking about herbology or magical creatures
  • But, imagine them asking you to the Yule Ball - they’d be super nervous (although Minho would swear to the others that he wasn’t) and it would be the cutest thing in the world!


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Bts reaction when their girlfriend fall asleep while giving them a kiss. 😆

Sure thing! Thank you for the request!

Jin: Jin would be a bit surprised and worried as he noticed you had stopped kissing him back. Once he pulls away and sees you are asleep, he would simply smile and chuckle at how cute you were. “Sleep well princess.”

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Suga: Yoongi would probably be just as sleepy as you. As you kiss him goodnight, he would kiss you back lightly. Yoongi would notice that you had stopped kissing him but he would figure you fell asleep. He would fall asleep right after you.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would be a bit sad as he noticed you falling asleep while he is wide awake. Either way, he would let you fall asleep. Before you do though, he would give you a light kiss. When you fall asleep half way through the kiss, he would pull away and laugh softly so he doesn’t wake you. “I have the cutest girlfriend in the world.”

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Rapmon: Namjoon would want you to stay awake with him as he discussed some things that were on his mind. As he noticed you were falling asleep, he would try to wake you by giving you a few kisses. When he noticed you had fallen asleep anyway, he would pull away and shake his head, smiling lightly as he looked at you. “This girl, I swear.”

Originally posted by y--oko

Jimin: Jimin would be similar to Namjoon. He would want you to stay awake with him for as long as possible. When he sees you falling asleep, he would pout cutely. “Jagi? Are you sleeping yet?” He would ask. As you shake your head he would grin some and kiss you deeply, hoping it would wake you up some. When you fell asleep during the kiss, he would huff in defeat. “Aish, just wait until morning Jagi…”

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V: Taehyung wouldn’t mind if you were tired and wanted to sleep, so long as he could cuddle you as you slept. He didn’t realize just how tired you were as he kissed you, only coming to the realization when you fell asleep during the kiss. He would pull away and smile, chuckling to himself. “Yah, you are too cute jagi.” Be prepared for when you wake up though, he will most likely be teasing you for what happened.

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Jungkook: Similar to Tae, he wouldn’t mind you taking a nap or falling asleep while you two were together. As you leaned up to give him a small kiss, since you were tired, he held you closer to him and kissed you back. He would be concerned as you suddenly stopped kissing back, pulling away and shaking you lightly. As he quickly figured out you fell asleep, he would just hold you. Be really prepared when you wake though, he will be teasing you so much for what happened.

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(This is my first time doing one of these. I hope I did alright.) Feel free to send in another request if you want! <3

~Admin TaeTae


seriously look at this guy:

hes just the cutest thing

wait a little bit of fetus messi

remember when he had pretty long hair?


can we talk about his thighs?
messi is tired of ur shit

oh and let’s not forget his dimples

is ur dimple game that strong?

and have you seen this guy in suits?

i hope you’re still breathing

oh and not many people are aware of his hot body

dont faint just yet cuz i aint done

oh look thiago

did i mention that he can cook as well?

let’s not forget his struggles

i swear hes the best player in the world

messi on his way to steal ur wives

his oh so glorious tongue:

let’s talk about his awards:

and i swear in that moment we all wanted to be that ball

i could go on but i tell u that awards list doesn’t have an end

he has the most adorable kid, okay ur argument is invalid

hes the best, man, everything about him screams perfection


if you’re still not in love with messi, you should go consult a doctor and take a good look at ur life choices


You shot up, your heart beating so fast that it felt like it was about to come out. You looked over to your sleeping boyfriend and his beautiful brown back was facing at you. How he managed to sleepy so peacefully without a problem just blew your mind. You felt a tear slip from your cheek, and you began to shake. You just had a nightmare about Calum breaking up with you for some supermodel; although he always told you it would never happen it felt so real. Your chest began to hurt more; you grabbed you knees and pulled them into your chest. Trying so hard not to fight back the tears, you let out a small whimper and sniffle and Calum shifted in his spot. You coughed quietly and wiped your nose; and Calum moved again. Looking back down at the brown boy next to you, his eyes slowly cracked open and his smile instantly changed when he saw yours tears. He removed the covers from his body and sat up next to you. Pulling you into his side running his calloused fingertips up and down the side of your arm. “Everything alright darling?” He asked hoping this time you would tell him. “No…” From the way his movements stopped you knew he was worried. “You want to talk about it? You’ve been waking up a lot like this. I’m about for you.” You let out a sigh and wiped your eyes, removing yourself from Calum’s grip you pulled your knees back to your face. “I just-I had a dream that someday you would leave me for someone better.” His facial expression said it all; it looked like his heart just completely broke. He just shook his head and held onto you. “Listen to me y/n, for me there is no one better than you. Everything about you is absolutely flawless, better than everyone else In the world. Your personality is the cutest thing so don’t even fight me on that one because I fell in love with you for a reason. You gave me access to your heart and I swear on my life that I want to be the only one allowed that. We may be young and dumb right now but I swear on my life I will marry you. Because fuck-your just incredible. To me there is no one better. And someday I want make you mine forever.” Calum glanced over to the top drawer on the dresser, and looked back at you kissing your forehead. “Baby just don’t think I’ll leave you. Because your the one I want.” Looking into his dark eyes, they lit up like he was about to cry; but it felt like a whole weight has been lifted from your shoulders. “I love you so much Calum…” “And I love you y/n.” He said pulling you up for a kiss. “Now let’s go back to bed.” He laid you back down and your head naturally found its way to his chest. His warm body and the sound of his heartbeat; with the feeling of his calloused finger tips running up and down under your shirt made everything feel right. Calum began to hum the tune to an unfamiliar song, resting your chin to look at him you decided to ask. “What song was that?” You asked him out of pure curiosity. “Just something; you’ll hear it one day.” He kissed the top of your head and you laid back down. “Asshole.” You shot at him, Calum let out a small chuckle and continued to hum; and soon enough you were back fast asleep.

so one boy, let’s call him A, was sad about something so another boy, B, just kissed him. Like. Right there in the playground, just planted one on him. A went bright red and giggled and B was grinning so proudly for making him happy again and then A told literally everyone. Ran around the playground telling everyone B kissed him. I was standing right there the whole time and he was still all “MISS DID YOU SEE? B JUST KISSED ME DID YOU SEE????” all bright red and grinning and i swear to god it was the cutest thing i have ever seen

imagine your otp tbh