he's the cutest thing ever i swear

Massive Compilation of the Jungkook Pout

As I promised, here is the compilation of Jungkookie pouting (the cutest thing ever). Please enjoy~ Also, try not to die form the cuteness. Pictures credits to their owners. 

External image
External image

Baby TAT Why am I already crying????

He’s so incredibly cute I can’t even.


Look at this sulky baby bun. How can you resist? The answer is you can’t. Example: The hyungs

Dope Era + Pout = The Best Thing Ever! Look how pretty he is.

I swear, this is like one of his signature selca poses…


Ft. Jimin

When he doesn’t get the attention he wants. 

Ft. Jimin AND Yoongi

Ft. Taehyung

Ft. Eat Jin!

Ft. Manager Sejin

See what I mean? It’s his signature, patented pouty face…

Bless War of Hormone Era tbh.

It’s so natural for him.



Pouting over food, Same Kookie same

These precious moments

Why must you be like this child?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who died because of this.

Okaayyyyy, this is getting extreme. Relax, you’ll hurt yourself Kookie. 

External image


The feeling when you eat too much ramen…

Okay, this is way too long so I’ll cut it here. But, you see my point right? Why are you pouting so much baby? You’re hyungs give you whatever you want anyway.

Arghhhh... matey
Arghhhh... matey


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Top 6 anything (scenes/moments/storyline) flash season 1

Oh god.

That is like the hardest thing ever. Why would you do this to me, Anon???

Okay, this is not ranked, and this is legit off the top of my head, but here are my TOP 6 fav things in season 1 of The Flash:

1) “It’s still beating.” WA 1x01 reunion
2) “I have not been able to stop thinking about you” + WA 1x15 kiss (rly that whole episode was phenomenal)
3) “My suit went ‘kaboom’.” -Cisco (1x05, I think)
4) 1x14 - the whole ep was so full of snowstorm goodness, I CRY.
5) 1x23 - Barry saying goodbye to his mom - I CRY.
6) 1x17 - Barry revealing to Henry that he’s the Flash (one of his cutest smiles ever, I swear) + any Henry/Barry scene, esp the ones at the jail. They make me cry every time.

There are so many other things I LOVE, but these were the first six that popped into my head, so they must be the top ones. 😂

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!!!!!! sometimes nico will throw random german into his english to catch nolan off guard. Nolan pretends to get mad abt it bc he knows nico doesn't it to ruffle his feathers, but secretly he thinks it's so cool and kind of cute? it's nice to see nico share just that little bit of his home with him, even if they haven't known each other all that long? sometimes when nico gets drowsy he'll babble sleepily in german and nolan almost DIES bc it's the cutest thing he has actually ever seen, EVER

lkknjkjnlknlkn that’s cute, I wonder how many languages Nolan speaks? Probably only English. Nico swears in German, and sometimes he uses French when he’s really trying to impress Nolan. Nolan thinks that is very admirable and also very cute. He also thinks Nico’s distinctly German grammatical structure (when he’s speaking English) is adorable

i came up with youtuber!crime sorciere headcanons because i’m trash

  • midnight often falls asleep in the middle of videos. His subscribers think it’s the cutest thing ever. The day angel stops laughing over the fact that 80% of the comments on his last video said “such a cinnamon rollxD” will be the day meredy swears off sweets in favor of tomatoes and cobra stops teasing jellal
  • okay but midnight is actually really adorable in his videos??? like wtf??? when did this happen??? no one understands
  • it’s probably the fact he does his videos while his six cats are in the background tbh
  • meredy has two channels, one’s a comedy channel and one’s a gaming channel where there has NEVER been a game played that does not involve cupcakes, rainbows, or a combination of both
  • kirby is her god
  • cobra and angel live together and crash each other’s videos on a regular basis, it’s actually rarer that you don’t hear one of them yelling at the other from the background
  • racer’s ENTIRE channel is him playing racing games, he did a collab with meredy one time and she literally hacked the game code so she could play with a rainbow car
  • the comments on jellal’s videos are either “omg he’s S O hot” or “how does this child live in the world #savehim” there is no in between
  • i mean his most popular video is the one where he attempted to bake cookies and accidentally clicked one more zero on the timer and they burned terribly because jellal would do that
  • hoteye’s mustache rules the internet
  •  everyone is in the mustache fandom
  • everyone

Kingsley’s snapchat story is the actual cutest thing ever


            ❝ Moooooooom, his voice is dangerously close to plaintive and his eyes are wide and he’s doing his best I’m an angel and have done nothing wrong ever impression. Within STANDARD SITUATIONS he would never employ such tactics but. Listen. The cat in his arms is the cutest thing and he’s allowed to be a little whiny with his mom, right? Right. Totally right. ( gotta be as innocent as possible so that vein in her head doesn’t pop up !! )  ❝ I swear this isn’t at all what it looks like. Honestly.

I’ve wanted to draw this for so long… one of my favourite episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou <3 HE LOOKED ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Natsume dressed up as Houzukigami was probably the cutest thing ever <3 

(this show is the sweetest thing ever… I swear all the feels are killing me and Natsume is the purest little cinnamon roll, far too pure.) Plus I just wanted to draw him in cute pink frillies and cherry blossoms all over~

some of my favorite things about voltron: legendary defender are, but are not limited to: 

  • hunk’s recurring role as a leg/the legs in the most diverse occasions; 
  • hunk. just. hunk. his existence must be appreciated. 
  • no but seriously he’s really smart and perceptive, and even though he’s easily one of (if not the) character with most comic relief scenes/lines, his characterization is not limited to that and i love it so much. so damn much. 
  • pigde and shiro being the cutest friends/siblings ever (shiro basically adopted pidge do not contradict me i swear will fight you on this. this is really important to me.);
  • also, pidge being tiny and absolutely fucking brutal;
  • pidge in general;
  • the whole team in general tbh, i love all of them;
  • the designs for all the alien species omg seriously the balmerans are gorgeous and frankly refreshing as a species design (the arusians and those green lion planet sloths are really cute too) 
  • speaking of aliens: 
  • allura being not only a beautifully well-rounded character but also an absolute badass and an actual goddess; 
  • on the subject of strenght, have you seen hunk’s arms? Ripped. the boy is ripped. like, yes, he’s fat, but also clearly very healthy and really freaking strong? this is so good, seriously. when do we ever see that kind of thing? almost never, that’s when; 
  • on that note, how different everyone’s body type is, even with most of them being thin/fit; 
  • keith just. jumping into action and everyone yelling after him;
  • keith not remembering new names; 
  • keith not really getting jokes/being overall pretty awkward but still sassing the shit out of lance; 
  • following up on that other one, keith talking about having bonded with lance and cradled him in his arms like that’s there’s nothing weird at all with his word choice; 
  • lance thinking he’s hot shit and everyone just rolling their eyes; 
  • lance being overall obnoxious but also very sweet and caring a lot about his team?? i love this ridiculous kid??? so much???? 
  • also the fact that lance seems to be the most homesick of them all? it’s so sad  :( ? 
  • back to keith, “I AM YOUR PALADIN. I’M BONDING WITH YOU. HEY!”
  • “Good kitty,” like what the fuck keith where is your brain-to-mouth filter why do you just up and say weird stuff like that, like, do you know what that does to me;
  • talking about lions and bonds: that fucking twist at the season finale hagfsahjsfgkjsdhkk wtf no my heart omg i was not expecting that, holy shit, 
  • the fact that the druids tortured poor shiro but for some god-forsaken reason apparently were considerate enough to heep his undercut pristine;
  • on the subject of shiro: his eyeliner
  • shiro basically parenting a bunch of teens who are probably only about six or so years younger  (at least i think so? idk anyone’s age and that bothers me like hell tbh)
  • also, anything coran says or does at any given moment ever;
  • coran’s moustache; 

so one boy, let’s call him A, was sad about something so another boy, B, just kissed him. Like. Right there in the playground, just planted one on him. A went bright red and giggled and B was grinning so proudly for making him happy again and then A told literally everyone. Ran around the playground telling everyone B kissed him. I was standing right there the whole time and he was still all “MISS DID YOU SEE? B JUST KISSED ME DID YOU SEE????” all bright red and grinning and i swear to god it was the cutest thing i have ever seen

imagine your otp tbh