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cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Tweek Tweak headcanons

  • He’s got a really mousy face, you know the kind, lil button nose
  • Hazel eyes
  • Pretty short and chubby- has a huge sweet tooth and an expert at sneaking treats from the coffee shop
  • Rediculously pale and littered from head to toe with freckles. He hates hot days/sun bc he burns so easily. Catch him with 50 layers of sunblock on
  • His tiny face isn’t helped by the fact he’s got p big ears……….baby new year,
  • He’s got baby-fine, somewhat curly hair that goes close to his shoulders. He just brushes it out weirdly so it’s a hot mess all over the place. It’s white-blonde in childhood but as he gets older it starts to shift to be more like his mom’s hair color and it loses its curl
  • When he’s not freaking out he has a worse case of resting bitch face than Craig does…..it’s how he instills fear into his enemies
  • However when he smiles he gets the lil eye scrunch and he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • When he smiles he also does the lil tongue bite
  • Uses his hands a lot while talking watch how close you’re standing or you get whacked in the face
  • Is a build-destroy sort of kid. Likes toys that have instructions to follow and then the freedom to wreck it when he’s finished

I think that’s about it,,

What dating Jooheon would be like
  • im so soft for this man i swear
  • like he’s not even my bias but still
  • ok leggo

  • this boy has the biggest noona kink ever to exist in this universe
  • like he would call you noona 24/8  - more often than your name actually (even if you weren’t older than him; it doesn’t matter)

  • also holy fuck he loves cold fingers
  • like not necessarily cold hands?
  • but just the thought of your grazing your cold fingers over his thighs gets him harder than my exams
  • ok do not even get me started on those thighsss (he knows u love ok. das why hes such a fuckin tease about them)
  • and because he knows you probably could get off just by staring at those meaty gifts from heaven, he likes to pretty much base your sex life on them
  • he asks for you to sit on his lap all day every day
  • thigh riding
  • sitting blowjobs (so u can grab on and better see those legs (⌐□_□) )
  • you got it all
  • the cutest thing is that he even likes to include them in aftercare?
  • like he loves to hugs your legs with his own
  • also
  • pet names are 1000% his thang (i know yall thinkin abt daddy and oppa n wtv nasties)
  • but for you, he loves like disgustingly sweet nicknames lol

  • he loves to smile during sex?? 
  • like you just fucking and he just realises “holy shit Y/N is the cutest lil thing i am so lucky wow how tf did this happen did i won the partner lottery or smth”
  • then you can see his gorgeous dimples
  • oh god his dimples are life
  • but believe me
  • his face isn’t the only place where he has dimples
  • jooheon isn’t a fan of his back dimples (but ofc you love them BC THEYRE SO CAYOOT)
  • also
  • imagine him just coming out of the shower with his back still wet
  • and little droplets of water getting stuck on his back dimples ayayaya

  • his favorite part of you is probably your waist or your cheeks
  • he would pinch your cheeks ever so lightly before kissing you omg
  • while walking downtown or something, his fav form of PDA would definetely be more verbal than physical?
  • like he would just adore to whisper something really dirty and watch your face turn bright red just before he looks into your eyes and give you that signature dimpled smile
  • what a lil shit
  • Is Lee Jooheon a sub or dom?”
  • I ask myself that quite a lot - and althought im  a complete softie for sub Joohonie, I really feel like he would like to switch between one and the other
  • like he would have his sub days and dom days, I feel.

Overall, I feel like he would be pretty flirty and playfull on the outside -  he would love to let others know that you’re his, and his only - he would often show it in more intimate moments. But he would also show his more caring and softer side, especially in the aftercare and such.

EXO Reaction: You have a slight stutter and someone makes fun of it

Hey hey! Just gotta say that I love you blog!! Could I please have a EXO scenario where the reader has a slight stutter (since I have one myself) and how they would like act of someone like made fun of it please?? Thank you xx


Sehun will secretly adore your stutter, in fact whenever he goes on tour that’s one of the first things he’ll miss about you. The two of you had been together for a long enough time that he didn’t even notice your stutter anymore, that is until a rude teenager who recognized Sehun decided to make fun of you for it. Let me tell you, Sehun would be livid. He won’t show any mercy on the person as his sass came out he said how a person’s way of speaking or how their body works isn’t something that can be changed or should ever be made fun of. Sehun would transition into how much he loved and would just be yelling how great you are at the teen. After the whole ordeal he’d turn to you and make sure you’re okay; cradling your head to his chest.

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Baek fell completely head-over-heels for your stutter, and found it extremely endearing. He’d always compliment how cute you are, and on days when you’re more hard on yourself he’ll always say how any “imperfections” can always be beautiful, and you certainly are beautiful. One day, the two of you were sitting in a coffee shop, when the table across from the two of you heard you talking. It was a group of greasy boys, one of them standing up and making a shrewd comment about your stutter, to which the others laughed and encouraged him to continue. However, Beakhyun didn’t let them finish, as he stood up and made his way over to their table. 

“You need to apologize to her/him.” He’d demand, trying desperately to keep his cool. Once they were scared into submission by his aura, he took you by the hand and lead you two home. The rest of the day was spent with him complimenting you and doing everything he could to make you happy. 

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you guys remember this interview right? at 14:23 the interviewer calls one of tom’s portrayals in legend sexy and he just does this lil shy half smile & its the cutest thing in the world,he’s so cute, ok

anyway thank u that’s all have a good nite