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IH: why are you like this?

Me an Ichiruki:

Amestris’s Finest

“Excuse me, sir, have you seen anyone matching this description…?”

“Yes, we’re looking for a fugitive, a teenage alchemist.”

“Hey, hey you, have you seen anyone in a red coat with braided hair?

“Yes, Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. Have you seen anyone you think could be him?”

“Have you seen him, ma’am? He’s described as being wearing a red coat, blond braided hair, and short.”

“Yes, that’s right, a short blond teenager. Have you seen him?”

“How short? I’m not sure. He is a kid after all. The description we have just says short.”

“Have seen anyone suspicious around this area? Perhaps someone who looked like he might be an alchemist?”

“Yes, we’re looking for a short blond boy in a red coat.”

“He might be traveling with other men. He’s an alchemist, and it’s important that we find him quickly.”

“Have you seen Edward Elric the State Alchemist?”

“Hey you, blond kid! Hey, stop a minute, we need to ask you something.”

“We’re looking for a fugitive, the Fullmetal Alchemist.”

“He’s short and blond like you…although probably not quite as short, I mean he is a famous State Alchemist after all.”

“And I’m sure he’s much more intimidating.”

“He wears his hair in a braid and a red coat.”

“The coat and braid are very important.”

“God knows, that if anyone is crafty enough to change their clothes and hairstyle in Amestris, we’re lucky if we ever find them.”

“So have you seen him, kid? This short alchemist?”

“Or anyone who might match this description? I mean, besides you.”

“Well, obviously besides, you. You couldn’t possibly be a famous State Alchemist! Just look at you…”

“Have you seen Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist?”


Titled: Eighteen 

Warnings: very minor language maybe none at all, nothing too bad for the first part, I want to reel you in fast but break all of your hearts slowly.

Word Count: 1,503

Cast of characters: Y/N, Leonard McCoy, Kirk, and Spock.

A/N: I just started writing a little piece and it turned into this! 

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Your neck and shoulders ached. It had to be due to the position you rested on . Nothing a few morning stretches can’t fix. You quietly went about getting yourself ready for your day in your quarters. You had to be at your station on time or you would receive a tardy. You were aware that it sounded kind of juvenile but that was Star Fleet. 

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anonymous asked:

What are some headcanons for Erwin, Levi, Hanji, and Mike having a child in the military?


-This wasn’t planned, at all. He’s far too busy to even think about children.
-However, if his s/o does end up becoming pregnant, he’s happy!
-He’s always wanted to be a father and now’s his chance!
-Of course, there are some complications. He does still have to be the Commander of an army after all.
-But, whenever he has the time, you know he’s going to be ten times more affectionate and loving!
-Lord knows there’s no way in hell his s/o is stepping foot on a battlefield.


-He’s very adamant about not wanting children. He doesn’t want to be a father and he’s convinced he’d be a terrible one.
-So, when he’s s/o tells him they’re pregnant, it doesn’t go over well.
-He’s not mad about it, he’s just not happy.
-He doesn’t like the idea of being a child into this world, but it’s not like he has much choice now.
-He’s not going to leave his s/o alone, not when it’s partially his fault. 
-So, they raise a child together. Over time, he grows to love being a father, even in this hellish world.


-She’s super excited, even though she didn’t plan this. Of course, she’s upset that she can’t work for the time that she’s pregnant, but she’s still hyped!
-She’s discussed names with her s/o serveral times. She likes Swaney and Bean. Her s/o, does not.
-She’s done so much research on it, it’s ridiculous. She knows exactly what to do to make sure the baby is in prime condition when it’s born.


-He’s the only one who has this planned somewhat. He’s knows he wants to be a father and have a family, and he’s going to get it. He’s determined!
-When his s/o becomes pregnant, he’s beyond happy.
-He gets 1,000 times more affectionate and he makes even more time for his s/o.
-He makes sure they have everything they need to make sure the baby and they are in perfect health.

Standard Procedure 1/3

For Trek Fest 2017

Characters and Pairings: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Prompt: Is there a chance to get a new McCoy x reader story? <3 A soft story, where McCoy realizes, that he is in love with the reader. ;) (from @alternative-nerdgirl, Thanks!!)

Summary: McCoy thought he was married to the job. But when he meets you, he can’t seem get you out of his head. And oddly enough, you can’t seem to stop thinking about him either.

Word count: 2113 

Triggers: description of a wound/accident

A/N: So this is a reader insert, technically, but I’ve tried to focus on Leonard’s POV more in order to better address the request. I think it worked? Also, I have no medical experience, and it’s been years since I’ve worked in a lab (and even then, I was running tests on plant stems and roots, not blood or whatnot). I just kind ad-libbed the lab stuff based on my own lab experience.

Also, this got completely out of control (please send help), so there will be a Part 2 tomorrow, which I will queue up for 12:30 CST.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Summary: Becoming the newest tailor in the First Order, you find yourself becoming friends with someone you never expected to.

A/N: It’s been two weeks since I’ve done a request, sorry my friends! Although this isn’t a request, it is an idea I had for a while. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 4.4K+

Warning: None

A smile grew across your face as you found yourself sewing up the last few pieces of the outfit you had created. It had been a good few weeks since you first started working alongside the Order as one of their clothing designers. Although you were allowed to design outfits and uniforms for everyone, you were specifically assigned for one person who tended to ruin things he was in. You could easily remember your first day on board the Finalizer as if it had just happened. Little did you know you’d end up becoming good–great–friends with the one person no one wanted to be close to.

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Return - Part 10 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you play backseat driver.

Warnings: none

A/N: they’re called starships for a reason, captain. my favorite part so far

Though the floor of the Franklin was covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, you sat against it with your back pressed to the wall dividing the transporter pad from the console. You figured your comfort was more important than concerning yourself with the potential for a filthy uniform.

You rested your head on the wall, your eyes sliding shut for a moment before Scotty asked, “You’re not still angry at me, are you, lassie?”

You opened one eye halfway. “About what?”

“Telling Jim about the artifact— snitchin’ on you, as you called it.”

You craned your sore neck, stretching the skin that was painted purple, red, and yellow wherever Krall had gripped onto you. You looked over Scotty’s features, his forehead creased and his nose bunched over a deep frown.

You sighed and shook your head, answering honestly, “I was never mad about that.”

He pointed his nose down towards you. The confusion over his face was clear. “Really?”

“You did the right thing. I respect you for it— you’re a great Starfleet officer.”

“You’re not pullin’ my leg, are you?”

You snorted. “Scotty, I was only ever angry about you telling Bones that I was refusing medical care for a burn. And even that anger lasted five minutes, tops.” You sighed again. “It’s hard to be angry at a fundamentally good person.”

“Aye,” he replied, staring at the console again. “S’why we all forgave you so easily.”

“I’m not a fundamentally good person, Mr. Scott,” you laughed humorlessly, rolling your eyes as you tipped your nose towards the ship’s ceiling. “I stole that artifact, I lied to all of you, I—”

“So you made a few mistakes,” he shrugged. “You accepted your punishment without protest and have done nothing but help us all since you came aboard. S’quite honorable, eh, Chekov?”

Chekov nodded and leaned over the console to catch your eye. “You make the captain happy, too.”

You scoffed, tipping your nose down again so you could narrow your eyes at the bandage wrapped around your wrist. There was a tingling at the tip of your nose, a stinging in your eyes, and a pinching in your throat as you listened to what they told you. You couldn’t bring yourself to accept it.

“I think your captain might disagree.”

“With the way he’s been looking at you, I beg to differ,” Scotty chuckled. “That’s a man in love, lassie, dinnae let anyone make you think differently.”

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Look, I live for young!McCree pinning after his superiors, but what I really want is a Jack Morrison pinning after Jesse AU!

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itsmaffi  asked:

I know you already covered the kissing thing. But how about the companions getting asked to give Sole a 10/10 movielike kiss? Just found your blog and I am already in love with it! You get their personalities so well! <3

Thank you! This is my first ask, and it made my day. I translated it into Companions kissing Sole, sorry if its not what you meant. Peace <3.


Cait: “About time!” She crawls over to them and kisses them as roughly as she can. She then smirks the proudest smirk, and gives a mocking look at the other jealous companions.

Codsworth: “I’m afraid I don’t have lips…or a human body for that matter!”

Curie: She freezes for a good minute, and then she shyly asks for Sole to do the move. When they do, she is too afraid to kiss back, and just pulls away, lightly touching her lips in surprise.

Danse: He blushes deeply and says “L-let’s g-get this over with…” He gets way too nervous and takes too long to long to finally kiss them. Sole has to pull him by the shirt and kiss him, which stunned him. There goes his first kiss!

Deacon: “Nahhh, I’m not the kissing type…” He got called a pussy and Sole called him adorable… soooo, he simply showed them who’s boss. “There you go, now you are blessed!” He got a little awkward afterwards.

Dogmeat: Sole gave him the dare as a command. After hearing the word “Kiss”, he started licking them all over the face.

Hancock: “Mm I’ve been waiting for this” he asks Sole many times if they are okay with it. After they reassure him many times, he gives them a long passionate kiss, with a short “Mm I love your taste”

Macready: He is surprised and secretly thanks ‘itsmaffi’(asker) in his thoughts. He nervously says “Ugh, stupid dares!” He hesitates before giving them a short stiff kiss, and trying hard to hide his smile.

Nick: He shakes his head. He knew it was coming. “I’m sorry kid…” He gives them a short dry kiss, you could tell he isn’t used to kissing people as a Synth.

Piper: Gasps and blushes. “What’s with these questions” She hesitates before she places a shy kiss on Sole’s lips. When Sole kisses back, she slaps them…

Preston: “Woah! I guess I’m lucky!” He laughs and kisses Sole, trying to make it last as much as possible. He didn’t want it to end!

Strong: He gets angry from hearing the word ‘kiss’ too many times “WHAT MEANS KISS?!” When the others explain that it’s when humans touch lips to show ‘respect’ (they obviously wanted to mess with both of them), he said “Strong respect human” and touched his lips on Sole’s. Not really a kiss… Aaand he did headbutt them by mistake… oh well!

X6-88: He was annoyed by the dare, he just doesn’t kiss people. But since they are the future of the institute… he makes an exception. He pecks them and says “ It would help if I didn’t know you were Fathers parent…”

Maxson: He tries to keep a straight face. He grabs Sole by the shoulders and gives them a rough kiss with some bite action as well. After it’s done, he clears his throat, “…this was strictly only for the dare”

“Do not fear me.”

He is glorious, surrounded by brightness that causes evil to shudder. He towers over you, glittering in the sunlight. His arm is extended, welcoming you into his protection. Although he’s not one to be feared, you’re still scared. This being is incredibly powerful; what if he turns against his command? 

But how could he, he is a guardian angel after all - your guardian angel.

“Take my hand, and you will be safe. No harm will ever dare touch you.”

that one time Cor got blown up

@pferdegirl111 asked me for NyxCor sickfic a few days ago, and then this happened:

“What,” Nyx asked, grinning as he leaned back on his chair, “not up for it?”’

“That’s not what I said,” Cor muttered back, in that tell-tale annoyed tone of his that meant he had said exactly that. “Ah,” he added, in an entirely different tone, “shit.”

Nyx wanted to ask him what he meant by that, but then the line went dead around the same time an explosion rocked the Citadel all the way up to Nyx’s floor.

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Eruri Fic: Payback

I’m a day late (again) but here’s a reblog for Canon Eruri Week Day 5 prompt: Formal Attire/Funding Parties.

Erwin sighs in frustration and runs his fingers through his hair. Elbows propped on the desk, he places his head in his hands, and presses the heel of his palms into his temples. Levi is sitting on the couch on the far side of his office, legs crossed, arms folded, the very embodiment of stubbornness. For the last hour Erwin has been trying, without success, to persuade his lance corporal to attend the gala in the capital. Their funding is increasingly precarious and the questions being asked about their recent lack of success are becoming harder to avoid. If the Survey Corps is to survive, they need more funding and the only way to get it right now is to court the nobles and politicians. Erwin does not enjoy these events, far from it, but he knows it’s part of the job, a necessary evil, and he can swallow his pride and turn on the charm when necessary. Levi, on the other hand, makes no attempt to disguise his contempt for politicking. He openly despises the upper classes and his sharp tongue has a tendency to become poisonous in their presence. Still, for all that, he is one of the Survey Corps few notable assets. Erwin knows that many of the nobles are burning with curiosity about the enigmatic Captain Levi, the underground thug turned saviour of humanity, and he is not above exploiting their fascination, even if it means being on the receiving end of Levi’s notorious temper. It’s a small price to pay for the survival of the Survey Corps.

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#3. Satin Possessions (M)

drabble. | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6

genre: mentions of smut

characters: sugardaddy!jimin in all his glory

word count: 1118 words

You were utterly beautiful that night – and unfortunately for the males with prying eyes and glittering smiles, you were already taken by the one and only Park Jimin.

a/n: third drabble for my collab with @noir0neko <3 this drabble also features a special someone aha ;)

Originally posted by my-eccentric-mind

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inkstranger  asked:

How about Cody walking into Obi-Wan crying? Obi-Wan, as Jedi, can't deal with so much death. He tries to be strong in front of his troops but crashes when he's alone, and then Cody sees him? Bonus for first kiss!

Thanks! I was so bored t-t.

Just as the sun began to set on Courscant, Cody had finished up the last of his reports and found himself treading down the hallway of the Jedi Temple. It was late and many of the clones and Jedi had retreated to their bearings, despite that Cody thought it wise to meet with Obi-Wan and go over the mission’s statistics.  Obi-Wan was no stranger to staying up past hours and like Cody, he was most likely awake, diligently looking through his own reports and statistics.

Cody continued his journey down the corridor through the familiar pathway until he reached his general’s door.

He did not have to knock; after coming here many times in the late hours of the night, going over mission reports and strategies his company was expected, sometimes need Obi-Wan would tell him, usually hidden behind a smile.

“General Kenobi,” Cody slid open the door and stepped over the threshold, entering a dimly lit room. “I have the reports for…”

He stopped suddenly, looking ahead at the desk sitting on the other side of the room and the man in the chair in front of it. Obi-Wan normally sat straight with his back rarely slouched when he looked over his work, but that night, something was different. He was leaned forward, his chair pulled out a bit as his head rested in his hands. His shoulders and back both trembled lightly as if he was laughing or…

The first sob heard was quiet, and if Cody had not been listening well enough he could have missed it. The second sob however, and those following were louder yet not loud enough for a spectator outside to hear. Nonetheless, Cody heard it all. Every breathless and heart wrenching cry from his general.

He was not sure what to do, or if Obi-Wan had even noticed him. What could he do? He pondered turning around and leaving, as Obi-Wan had not yet noticed him. It would, after all save both of them the embarrassment. Yet, ignoring that thought, Cody took a deep breath and walked over toward where Obi-Wan was.

“General Kenobi,” He began, reaching the distressed jedi and placing a hand on his shoulder. “Is everything alright?”

Obi-Wan gasped, obviously shocked at the sudden intrusion. He quickly stood, turned and faced Cody, making a quick effort to wipe the tears from his face.

“Commander Cody!” He croaked, forcing a smile upon his lips. “I didn’t expect you tonight! I’m assuming you want to go over some reports with me!” He made an effort to sound enthusiastic, to look refreshed but Cody was not fooled.

“Sir, I think you should sit down.” Cody suggested and again asked, “Is everything alright?”

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Surprise gift ch.14

Knotting your brows you watched as your husband ordered another bottle of his favorite alcohol, the fifth one of the night. He was past drunk as he leaned back against the private booth the two of you were now in. You had known when he asked for the back booth with a curtain that something was wrong. As soon as the bot brought him the bottle he tipped it back, swallowing a little over a third in one go. Placing it on the table he leaned back against the wall. His face held nothing but sorrow and remorse, something the ravager captain never showed to anyone but you. When his eyes tightened you moved to straddle his lap. “Yondu…” you said in a soft and caring voice.

He flinched at the contact at first, ready to fight if necessary but when he smelt the familiar smell of his mate he calmed and just moved his hand to rub over her back. Hearing her say his name he had to swallow the knot in his throat. “Theys all dead…all of them…” he said in a deep voice. He felt as she gave a sigh and moved to place gentle kisses on his throat. “… and it’s my fault…” he choked out, trying to hide it by taking another gulp of the yellow liquid. 

Looking up you saw as a single tear rolled down the side of his face, disappearing into the scars that covered his cheek. “No.. no baby. It’s not your fault.” you started but he just shook his head.

“It is… I’s the one that took em’ to im’.” he cried.

Cupping his cheeks you looked into his red eyes and saw a deep sadness you had never seen. “You didn’t know. You couldn’t have…”

“But I’s did. I knew somethin’ was up but I’s didn’t say anythin’…I… I took those kids ta be slaughtered. And now..now Annos is punishin’ me.. I sent those kids ta their death an’ now cause of that I can’t give ya a baby…” he said in a hoarse voice. 

Feeling as tears of your own filled your eyes you pulled him towards you and felt as he buried his face into your neck. You held him as he sobbed into your hair, rubbing your hands gently over his faux crest and down the scar where his actual crest had been cut off. Not in the five years since you had been with him had you ever seen your alpha so vulnerable. Moving your lips to his neck you kissed lightly over the thin skin. Licking over his pulse point gently you gave soft purrs. You knew he was sad but you also knew he was an alpha. You knew how to ease your mate’s troubled mind. Nipping at his ear you heard him suck in a breath. Continuing to plant small kisses and licks over his blue skin you soon felt the all to familiar bulge between his legs harden. When he bit down on you shoulder you let out a small cry, feeling as in his drunken state he broke the skin with his sharp teeth. Swallowing hard you pushed away your pain and focused again on pleasing your alpha. 

Sliding off his lap, you settled on your knees on the floor between his legs. You felt his hand petting your head as you moved to unbutton his pants and pull out his hard member. Looking over the dark blue and purple cock you felt your heart rate pick up. Gripping the large shaft in your hand you slowly moved your hand up and down on it. The first time you had ever touched him, Yondu had told you what to do, how to please him. Over the years you had taken him like this many times, both as punishment when you would disobey him and out of pure desire to taste your mate. Sometimes he was gentle, letting you go at your own pace. Other times he was rough, fucking your mouth till you were teary eyed and gagging. When you felt him tug on your hair you knew this was going to be one of those times. 

Leaning forward you wrapped your lips around the head, tasting the small amount of pre-cum that leaked out. Closing your eyes you slowly moved to take him deeper into your mouth. When his fist tightened into your locks you gave a small whimper but it was quickly muffled by him pushing your head down. Swallowing the saliva in your mouth you tightened your eyes shut and felt as they watered. Gagging slightly he let up and you took in a much needed breath. Licking up the large vein that went up the underside of his cock you felt it twitch and knew he was close. Opening your mouth when he tapped it against your lips you bobbed your head up and down. Moaning around his member you felt his thighs tense up, his grip in your hair becoming painful. When he began to grunt and growl you soon felt as he slammed your head down, shoving his cock deep in your throat. Your hands went to his legs as your air was completely cut off as he spilled himself into your mouth. He grunted and groaned, his body going tense before finally relaxing. His hand in your hair loosened giving you permission to pull off him.

Pulling back you glanced up at him through your lashes to see him looking down at you. Knowing what he was waiting for you swallowed the salty seed, feeling it settle in your belly. The first time you had ever pleased him with your mouth was because you had disobeyed him and went off on one of the missions by yourself, even back talking him when he confronted you about it. After everything was all said in done, he had commanded everyone to leave the temple you were in and forced you to your knees. He yelled at you, telling you how worried he was. Pulling his belt from his pants he bound your hands behind your back and you watched in confusion as he pulled out his member and held it to your mouth. “Suck.” he had told you. Doing as he said it ended with him  finishing in your mouth. When you went to spit out the salty warm cum he gave a growl “Swallow.” he commanded. Ever since then you had known better than to even think about spitting it out. When he saw you drink down his seed you heard him purr and laid your head in his lap. Feeling him tuck his limp member back in his pants before moving his hand to your neck, you closed your eyes as his fingers gently trailed up and down your fin. Letting out a soft sigh you stayed like that until soon his fingers came to a stop. Looking up you saw his eyes closed and his breathing deep. Lifting your head, his hand fell to the side. Taking it you placed a soft kiss on his knuckles before standing and peeking out of the curtain. Seeing Kraglin you waved him over. Pulling out the pad you ordered with you grabbed Yondu’s wallet and swiped his card, paying for a room for the night. As soon as the first mate was there he gave a sigh before grabbing Yondu’s arm and throwing it over his shoulder. Pulling him up he waited until you took the other side before helping you get your husband up to the room you had paid for. 

On the way up to the room you lost your footing and bumped into a man standing at one of the high top tables. Before you could register what was happening the man had back handed you across the face. Letting out a small yelp you fell the the floor and covered your burning cheek with your hand. 

“Stupid whore! Watch where yer goin’!” the scaly faced man barked, making the men at his table laugh. 

Standing back up you gave a small growl before kneeing the man in the groin. To your mistake it only angered the man further. Grabbing you by your throat he lifted you into the air. As soon as he did there were dozens of guns pointed at him. Gasping for air you clawed at his hand. 

“Let er’ go!” Kraglin said, holding his Captain with one hand and a gun in the other. Meeting the man’s eyes he saw him snarl. Throwing y/n to the floor he heard her gasp in air. 

“Tell him when he wakes up to make sure he keeps his bitch on a shorter leash or next time she’ll be my bitch.” He snarled before exiting the bar with the rest of his men.

Feeling tears come to your eyes you quickly whipped them away and went back to help Kraglin with Yondu. Laying him on the bed you turned back around, “Thank you Kraglin.” you said in a soft voice. 

“Ya ain’t gotta thank me y/n/n. He’s my friend and so are you. I know he’s takin’ the news hard but I’ll always be here to look after ya when he can’t.” The zandarian said.

Nodding you let out a sigh, “Does anybody else know?…about the kids?” you asked.

“Some, most don’t care, all they care about is the units.” he admitted.

Nodding again you gave him a small smile and watched as he made his way to the door. “Night.”



 Yondu gave a groan when he woke up the next morning. Opening his eyes he noticed he wasn’t in his bedroom and quickly sat up. Not seeing y/n beside him he began to panic. He knew theses rooms well having spent many nights in them before Stakar had given him y/n, he was still in he brothel. He noticed his shoes were taken off and his jacket but other than that he was still fully dressed. “Y/n?” he called out and heard a voice from the bathroom. He instantly felt himself relax when he heard her voice. Walking over to the door he went to open it but found it locked, she never locked the door, he had made sure of that. "Open the door.“ he said.

"I’ll be out in a minute.” she responded.

Growling he pulled on it again, “Open the door now y/n.” he commanded. There was a slight pause before the door unlocked and he opened the door. Looking inside he saw her pulling on her pants, her hair wet from the shower. Looking her over he noticed she was acting strange, favoring one side. “What’s wrong?” he asked when she wouldn’t look at him. 

“It’s nothing.” you said softly.

“if it ain’t nothin’ then look at me.” he said, grabbing her arm but she only tugged to get out of his grip. Giving a growl he snatched her body towards him and saw as she looked at the ground. Putting his hand finger under her chin he raised her eyes to meet his. As soon as he saw the dark blue and purple bruise on her cheek and around her eye he felt his blood boil. She tried to avoid his gaze but it only angered him more. Looking he saw a clear hand print around her throat.  Moving his hand to her shirt he lifted up the black material to see another dark bruise on her ribs. A low growl rumbled in his chest as he stomped back into the room and began pulling on his boots. “WHO DID IT?!” he snarled. When she didn’t answer he glared back up at her. “Come ere’!” he commanded and saw as she slowly made her way over to stand in front of him. Grabbing her arms he looked up to her eyes. “Who?” he asked, his voice deep.

“I don’t know his name…"you whispered.

"It happen ere’?” he asked and saw her nod. Letting out a deep breath he grabbed her hand and threw his coat over his arm before making his way down stairs. The brothel was mostly empty, only men waking up to leave. Going straight for the office he didn’t knock as he opened the door and saw the woman inside jump. 

“Mr. Udonta? How can I help you this morning?” she asked, fear coating her voice. 

“I wanna see the cameras from las’ night. See what fuck put their ands’ on me wife.” he growled. Seeing the woman glance around him to look at his mate before looking back at him. 

The woman quickly nodded when she saw the Centaurian’s glowing fin and eyes. Everyone knew of Yondu Udonta, knew he was not a man to be crossed, especially when it came to his female. Pulling up the tape from last night she turned the monitor towards the man. 

Yondu grit his teeth and felt his temper flare as he watched the tape. He was mad that he had gotten so drunk that his first mate and wife had to carry him up to a room. When he saw the man hit y/n he snarled. Seeing him lift her by her throat, he was proud when his men defended his wife. But when he heard the man’s threat, heard him mention y/n being his bitch that’s when he lost it. “WHO IS E’!” he asked the woman making her flinch. He watched as she quickly jotted down the man’s information and handed it to him. Turning around he held y/n tightly to his side and went to leave.

“Mr. Udonta… I do hope this will not stop you from returning…” the woman called out. She watched as he stopped for only a moment before exiting.


Tracking the man down he wasn’t surprised to find him in one of the other brothels. Kicking open the door he looked in to see the man busy fucking one of the sexbots, quickly turning when he heard the door bust open. Growling at the man he gently pulled his omega forward to stand beside him. Placing one of his arms over her shoulders he pulled her to him and looked down. Noticing the man go for his gun when he broke his gaze Yondu gave a whistle, sending the arrow through the man’s hand making the man scream in pain. “I wouldn’t do that if I’s were ya.” he warned before looking back down at his female. He saw her looking at the floor, adverting her eyes from the nude man in the room. “That im’ darlin’?” he asked and watched as her eyes quickly looked at him before darting back to look into his eyes and nod. Stroking the cheek that wasn’t bruised with his thumb he kissed her forehead. 

“You’re that bitch from last night! Didn’t learn your lesson then?!” the man yelled.

Snarling loudly at the man’s words towards his mate Yondu he marched over to him and grabbed him by the throat. Balling up his fist he brought it down on the man’s face again and again. When he heard his cheek bone crack he stopped to see the man’s face covered in green blood. Looking into his droopy eyes he felt his fin glowing. “That theres me mate yer talkin’ to. She ain’t me bitch she’s my wife! She ain’t ever gonna be nobody’s but mine and yous made a mistake touchin’ er’! Without warning he threw the man through the large window. Hearing people screaming he pulled y/n outside with him. Getting to where the man had landed in the snow he stood over him. He was barely conscious but it didn’t stop Yondu from kicking his side with his boot. "Ya ever gonna touch er’ again?” he asked and saw the man shake his head. “I see ya round ere’ again and ya won’t be seein’ anythin’ ever again.” he growled. Stomping on the man’s face he grabbed y/n and lifted her into his arms, carrying her back to his ship. 


 Getting back on the ship he carried his mate to their chambers and sat her on the bed. Kneeling he started taking off her shoes and pants. When he wen to pull her shirt over her head he had to go slow and help pull her arm out. Looking over her bruised body he felt angry at himself. This was his fault he had been too drunk to watch over his wife. Going into the bathroom he looked in the cabinet before grabbing the jar of salve and going back to her side. Unscrewing the lid he took a glob into his hand and gently began rubbing it into her side and face. Rubbing in small circles he moved her hair out of the way and furrowed his brows when he noticed a bite mark on her shoulder. 

Sensing his change you smiled softly, “That would be from you." 

He only grunted in response and continued rubbing the numbing cream into her neck. Once he was done he went ot wash his fingers that had gone numb as well. Looking over at the bed he saw her laying back with her knees bent up. Smirking he went to kneel at the end of the bed. Grabbing her thighs he snatched her to him making her let out a surprised yelp. 

"What are you doin’?” you asked as you saw him looking over your sex with hunger in his eyes.

“Returnin’ the favor.” he said in a low growl as he licked up her slit. Hearing her cry out and arch her back he threw an arm over her to hold her still. Slipping a finger into her sex he looked to see her hands gripping the sheets and her head thrown back. “Mmm naughty girl, suckin’ yer alpha’s cock in public.” he growled as he thrusted his fingers in and out of her. She moaned and withered with his touch and he could feel himself becoming hard but this was about her. Bending back down he lapped at her sex, sucking her clit into his mouth. “Ya taste so good princess.” he groaned.  

Panting you held onto the sheets for dear life. When you desired for more contact you pulled on his arm and gave a whine, “Yondu please… I need you.” you whimpered and he only looked at you for a second before standing and quickly stripping out of his clothes. Crawling up your body he thrusted in and your back arched off the bed. “Oh.. Yon..du.” you cried out and heard him growl.

He made quick hard snaps of his hips, leaning more to one side to make sure he didn’t hit her injured side. Trailing kisses over her chest he suckled on one of her nipples and heard her cry out. Biting on the nub he felt her flutter around his cock. Angling his hips in just the right way he heard her scream and spasm under him. When she clammed down on his shaft he was pushed into his own climax, spilling himself inside of her. Catching his breath he peppered kisses to her throat and jaw. Kissing her lips softly before sitting up. 

You watched as he got dressed, contempt with laying in bed. When he sat on the bed to put his shoes on you rolled over to look up at his face, absent mindfully tracing the lash marks on his back. “Where we headed now Captain?” you asked sweetly.

Smiling at her calling him Captain he laced his boots and bent down to peck her lips. “Terra.” he said and felt her stiffen. 

“Terra?!” you gasped.

Standing he put on his coat on gave a hum. 

You just laid there shocked for a moment before letting out a groan and falling back on the pillows, “We’re gonna get strapped to a table and cut up inta little pieces.” you fake whined. 

Yondu only chuckled as he headed to the door, shaking his head.

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Sun is out verse- Cor’s pov of coming across Nyx & Prompto at that haven and subsequent road trip?

Cor fancies himself someone who’s not very easily surprised. After all, he survived being part of Regis’ retinue, and all the carefully controlled chaos that entitled, and then he’s moved on and become something of a living legend - thanks, Regis, really, thanks for that - that sometimes feels a bit too large or heavy on his shoulders, and which coincidentally means most people come to him for all the weirdest, crappiest shit they can imagine. So he’s not exactly expecting to find anything extraordinary in the wild outlands of Nilfheim.

The one thing Cor is, above all else, is loyal. To his King. To his friends. To his subordinates. No one questioned him when he decided to take off and check on Lyra, simply because she was taking too long for his liking, to make her way back. Cor likes Lyra, she’s vicious and petty and has the worst snorting cackle in the world, but she’s always done everything he’s ever asked of her, without question. It was Lyra who helped him built the Crownsguard into what it is today, allowing him to take over the more straightforward, military side of it, while also retaining the underhanded, secret bits that were crucial for survival of the war.

Cor does not worry about her - he doesn’t worry about anyone, anymore - because she knows what she’s doing better than he does. He doesn’t worry even if he knows Drautos is a traitor - somewhere deep beneath his skin, a fury rages that he can’t articulate - and he knows Drautos pushed so hard to try and get Lyra and her people transferred from the Crownsguard under Cor’s command, to the Kingsglaive under his. Cor declined the request out of petty spite, at the time, but now he is glad he did so, in light of the revelations that came with his disappearance.

But he’s not worried about Lyra. The same way he’s not personally angry about Drautos. Concern and betrayal are far away things, because they get you killed, and Cor’s made it a brand promise of his, to never get killed.

He finds Ulric, at the end of the road, green and young and feral, and the haunted, broken look in his eyes as he clutches the child to him is a sharp reminder why Cor keeps his distance, always. That’s what betrayal will do to you, if you let it.

Cor considers killing him, right there and then, and he’s not sure it wouldn’t be a mercy, given the half-mad glint in his eyes.

But Cor considers killing a good many people he meets, on a daily basis. It comes with the ease of killing and the certainty he could get away with it, if he wanted. He is the Voice of the King, after all, anything he does and anything he commands, it is as if the King himself had done it. He is jury, judge and executioner, in Regis’ name. So Cor does not actually murder every idiot he meets, nor does he euthanize every sad story that wanders before him, because Regis wouldn’t.

Cor studies the boy - and the baby - and he’s not surprised, not really. Not about his story. Not about Drautos’ death. Not about Lyra’s. He’s rarely surprised by anything, these days.

It would be easier, he realizes, watching them sleep in a tiny ball curled up by the fire, if he killed them. It’d tie up all the loose ends. It’d weight on his conscience, but then, everything does and he’s been procrastinating thinking about it for more than a decade now.

It would be easier, yes, but in the end Cor puts his sword away and sets out to help, instead, because he’s never done things the easy way, before.

Can't Do You Like I Can.

I sat next to Neymar, my feet propped in his lap as we laughed at something yet another time. We had been holed up in my loft for a few hours just watching movies and snacking on different foods. It felt good to have him around to just hang out. It was difficult having a boyfriend with the lack of time like he had but today was one of the few days we had together to just relax.

“You want me to beat you in FIFA again?” he proposed while he grabbed for the controller I had tossed to the floor earlier in fake frustration. I held out my hand and took it quickly into my grasp. “No. I don’t want to play anymore.”
At that moment, the door of the loft swung open revealing Justin walking in fresh from work, staring down at his phone until he spotted me and Neymar on the couch.

I knew he wouldn’t speak to Ney. They secretly hated each other though they never exactly verbally confessed to such to each other but I just knew. Neymar would never admit to him that he felt insecure just by his presence and the fact we lived in the same home. Justin was my roommate. Though we were just friends, telling that to Ney didn’t ease his worries. In his mind whenever I was home and Justin was as well I was pouncing on Justin and ignoring his text messages or calls.

It was the furthest thing from the truth but it was hard to get my boyfriend on board with believing me. He didn’t trust Justin.

At all.

And it kind of made sense. Just looking at Justin today showed why Neymar feared what may be happening in this home. The man had on a salmon colored button up, a pair of dark navy blue pants and a glistening gold watch decorated his wrist. His pale blue eyes behind his fashionable black rimmed glasses and the blonde hair atop of his head that was styled perfectly with gel gained the attention of many women. Except mine.

I had Neymar. There was nothing better than that to me but tell that to my boyfriend and it was a for sure lie. The glare he threw Justin’s way as he walked further inside and smiled in my direction showed that. “Hey, Y/N. Thanks for the brownie last night. They saved my life,” he chuckled, still continuing to walk past us as he talked.

“No problem!” I smiled back. I had made a large batch of brownies and knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat them alone, I set out a few for Justin. It was normal for us to share things or for me to share things I cooked. Neymar didn’t like that.
Justin smiled and continued his journey upstairs to his room, shutting the door behind him. I looked to Ney who had a scowl on his face. “What?” I giggled, somewhat enjoying his jealous behavior.

“Nothing,” he scoffed. But it wasn’t really ‘nothing’ and when a few more moments passed, he spoke up again. “When are you moving out? I really don’t like you living here.”

“Awww. Is the poor boyfriend jealous?” I playfully took his cheek between my fingers, pinching them lightly which only made Ney push my hands down unamused at my playfulness. “I’m serious. Even if you don’t want to move in with me at this point I’d buy you your own place.”

But I felt comfortable where I lived and I wasn’t looking to change that just because my boyfriend felt uncomfortable with the fact my roommate looked like a model for GQ instead of an unattractive eye sore. “No thanks. Get over it.” I stuck out my tongue but it only caused Neymar to roll his eyes to the ceiling in annoyance.

“Now what do you wanna do?” I questioned but Neymar didn’t respond, instead just standing to his feet and heading up the stairs urging me to follow.

I moved a few steps behind him as he led the way to my bedroom, stealing a glance to the closed door of Justin’s room before he walked into mine. I watched as he plopped down onto the edge of my bed and motioned me over with his hands.

I walked closer and once I was within reach, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down into his lap. His lips fell onto mine, deepening the kiss with the addition of his tongue languidly moving against mine. The remnants of sugar on his tongue from the sweets we just finished delighted my taste buds.
Too engaged in the kiss to break it, Neymar simply rolled over to put himself on top, beginning to unclasp the top button of my jeans. He fumbled with the zipper for a moment as his eyes were too busy closed to glance down for a better view. Eventually I shed the material and he next removed my shirt to leave me in only my bra and underwear. His eyes ravished over me. Ney quickly discarded of his clothing and lowered himself between my legs.

The bulge of his member lowering to my love made me grow even wetter than I already was, my body aching for the feel of him inside of my close confines. His soft lips puckered against my neck, dragging and tracing his territory on my skin with his tongue while he directed his member inside of me.

A sharp gasp left my lips with his first pump inside of me. He started off slow before beginning to move his hips back and forth quicker to eventually leave me breathless. Neymar wanted nothing more than to have my moans ringing out throughout the entire home and he wouldn’t stop until he accomplished his goal.

I could barely think straight with the pleasure emitting through me but with my eyes dancing through the room, I noticed the door of my room still wide open. I couldn’t react the way I wanted. I really wanted to jump up from under Ney and close my door but with the way he was slamming his hips into me, causing my eyes to roll back, there was no way I was stopping this.

“N-Ney? I have to close…fuuuuck.” At the moment I was trying to get my words out, he found my most pleasurable spot. And he knew exactly what he was doing.

“Shhh,” he urged. His pace quickened drawing out a string of moans from lips at a high volume. It turned Neymar on, a smirk now decorating his face. He lowered his lips near my ear, lust tracing every word he pronounced. “Say my name.”

He didn’t have to beg or ask again. His cool hands met my hips for better control while I sang out his name in delight. “Neymar.”

“Louder,” he commanded.

“Fuck, Neymar!”

He was purposely going after all of the right spots, at all of the right speeds to get me to be as loud as possible. I hadn’t even heard Justin exit his room until I saw him now standing at the door, an annoyed look on his face. “Keep it down,” he commanded before slamming the door shut behind him.

Embarrassed, my cheeks turned red. “Ney!” I hit his arm but he only stopped his strokes and laughed in response. The last thing I wanted was to be caught having sex with my boyfriend. Thankfully I still had my bra on and was covered by a hovering Neymar.

“What? You think he enjoyed the show?” My lips pursed as he continued to joke about the incident. I pushed him off and slid from under him but he just grabbed me back closer by my waist.

“You’re so sneaky.” I wanted to keep my mean look going but the look on his face made me crack a smile. “Can we continue this?” he asked.

“Yes but with the door closed and me being quiet.”

“I can do with the door closed but I don’t know about keeping you quiet.” I giggled while Neymar grabbed me closer, ready to finish pleasuring me to purposely piss off my male roommate.

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Prompt: AU where clones killed Obi-Wan. Force hiccup leads to padawan Kenobi being spat into the middle of the group once they get the chips out. He's traumatized from his last mission. They're like, second chance! Basically, overprotective clones for the win.

Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi staggered to his feet when all he really wanted to do was throw up.  Whatever that surge in the Force was, it had left him dizzy and nauseous.  But he was surrounded, and he needed to figure out what had happened.

He had barely managed to get upright before his stomach would not be denied, and he leaned back over and threw up.

The shocked shouts quickly turned to concern as hands grabbed him and helped him avoid collapsing in his own mess.  He forced his eyes open, but all he saw were white blurs. “Commander… sir, please, just relax. We’re safe, I promise,” someone was babbling in his ear.

“Not… not…” Obi-Wan couldn’t get anything else out. His reserves were shot, he couldn’t feel his master, the Force felt weird, and these people seemed to want to help him.

He closed his eyes and allowed the world to go away for a while.


Cody paced as he watched the commander- a Padawan commander, after all these years!  The boy was no older than Commander Tano had been when she left them, so he’d probably been a new Padawan when… when the Order happened.  Their medic, Bandages, was still fussing over him.  Apparently, the little commander had been through some very tough times lately. 

No one had been surprised at that news. 

Bandages stopped suddenly as he checked another readout. He looked to the side, then fiddled with another device.  “Oh,” he said softly.  “Oh, Commander, come look at this!”

Cody returned to the bedside.  He leaned over and looked at… a genetics readout?  “What is this?”

“His genome,” Bandages said.  “It’s… there’s only one explanation.  He’s our General’s own little brother.”

Cody froze and stared at the boy.  Yes.  He could see it.  If he imagined the boy 15-20 years older, with a beard… he could see it.

He smiled.  It was a chance.  The Commander wasn’t their General, but…

It was a second chance.  They’d keep their general’s little brother safe, no matter what.


Ok, so the clones think Obi-Wan was cloned, because who would think “time travel”?  That’ll be fun, and I expect that Obi-Wan will be adopting the name Ben soon enough. He’s not really their General, after all, and it’s a good way to keep them separate, even if he does convince them he’s actually Obi-Wan Kenobi, just a lot younger.  I suspect the clones are going to think he was flash-trained to think that.  And that… they’ll hate that.  So, the 212th is going to be striking out with a Padawan Commander to lead them.

Though, poor Obi-Wan!  He’s got a lot to learn about the galaxy as it now is.